"I always receive excellent care, and have been coming to your office since it opened. I particularly appreciate the protections you've put into place during the pandemic."
- Kristen Strawhun
01/08/2021 22:45:13
"Appreciate all the good care you have given us. For a not so great situation you have made it very easy, thank you!"
- Sarah Salton
01/08/2021 15:22:13
"We love Stacia and how she always take such good care of our babies. I'm very glad we were able to find technicians and vets that cares about cats which help us cat parents feel more comfortable when certain procedures needs to be done."
- Natalie Menato
01/06/2021 20:17:31
"Always a great experience dealing with you! Very stress free and we love Hector!"
- Jody Shropshire
12/31/2020 17:22:30
"We were so impressed and could not have been happier with the service we received. There were no appointments available but because of the seriousness of the issue you were able to squeeze an appointment in and care for my dog. Everyone was so helpful and so friendly and answered all of our questions! Best service ever. "
- Melanie Greig
12/17/2020 20:23:01
"I really appreciate how seemlessly we were able to go from treatment at the emergency vet to being treated by Dr. Berman. Our dog Mikey is generally pretty excitable but is always treated with care and compassion when we visit."
- Tom Boston
12/17/2020 18:13:53
"Short wait time once I called to say I was in the parking lot. Pleasant staff. Just look forward to the day when we can come inside."
- Amy Norman
12/04/2020 14:34:10
"Very amazing with everything you do ! Always soo pleased to come here and know that my animals are always in good hands. "
- Katy Schumacher
12/04/2020 12:15:45
"We changed veterinarians because Ruffin and Blu missed Dr. Whitlark. We were going to Dilworth Animal Hospital and it’s not the same without her, so Blu searched Google with his paws to find her again. She is simply the best. "
- Timothy Sheriff
12/02/2020 21:40:21
"Always cheerful and caring staff that is attentive and thorough "
- James Sisk
12/02/2020 18:13:32
"Great communication. The love and care shown towards my dog was fantastic! "
- Aubrey Kennedy
12/01/2020 17:25:05
"Comprehensive care very much appreciated. Keep doing what you are doing. "
- Robert Cooley
11/30/2020 17:12:14
"Oscar, as always was thrilled to spend time with all his friends at Quail Hollow Vet. Even though Oscar no longer had a limp on the day of his visit, Dr. Whitlark discovered the cause of the initial limp and gave us clear instructions on medications that will resolve his fungal infection between his toes. We look forward to our follow up check in two weeks. Dr. W. and her team are very experienced and caring to both pets and their owners."
- Phoebe Levine
11/25/2020 20:13:10
"We absolutely love how well you guys take care of our little Kevin! He loves seeing you all and gets very excited every time he needs to come back"
- Anthony Collura
11/24/2020 16:30:59
"All was great for Elsa.. the staff is very helpful, caring and so considerate.....the care is the BEST!"
- Sherri Neff
11/21/2020 15:55:10
"Although I certainly wish we could have had a face to face experience, I was very pleased with the compassion of both the vet tech and Dr Berman and with the thoroughness of Emma’s condition was explained "
- Sharon Iannuzzo
11/19/2020 21:46:37
"No complaints - I love that you are our vet! "
- Madison Francis
11/16/2020 14:16:39
"It was very nice & easy to drop off and wait. We were very pleased with the procedure. "
- Wesley Reas
11/09/2020 23:07:05
"I asked for references for a vet, and you had SO many votes. Everyone that mentioned you said how much you genuinely cared. That’s exactly what I saw. I’m so happy to have found Banksy a place to go where I feel confident that he will receive great care. :) "
- Amanda Lackey
11/09/2020 22:46:52
"No complaints, staff is great, informative and responsive. "
- Clayton Grindle
11/09/2020 21:05:53
"Wonderful care and personal service. Very happy we changed our pet care to Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital. "
- Laura Winkler
11/02/2020 01:44:56
"Very thorough, great explanations, very nice follow up email summary. "
- Jennifer Golynsky
10/31/2020 16:03:16
"Thanks for making drop off and pick up so easy. My kitty seems quite settled when she comes home. That means you showed her love."
- Sandy Andrews
10/30/2020 17:16:31
"This was Scribble’s first visit and he came out happy not scared so it seems like they took care of him and the doctor was very nice to answer any of my questions"
- Pam Lackey
10/28/2020 20:21:33
"Great to see the care Tilly is getting and the level of detail Dr. Witlark gives. "
- Caroline Smart
10/28/2020 18:15:24
"Thank you for being so sweet with our puppy and so informative with us being first time puppy parents. Not only did you make our puppy happy and comfortable in a new place but us as well."
- Victoria Cobden
10/27/2020 20:37:30
"Very friendly staff! Easy to work with!"
- Kristine Schmidt
10/27/2020 17:11:50
"We can't express how thankful we are with finding such a great vet! Poor Kemba is always sick and you all just show him so much love! We understand that the vet ahs become scary for him and you all do everything to make him feel so comfortable... by all the treats! Everyone at the front desk is so pleasant to speak with. It's so great to know we're in good hands! We really appreciate the whole staff, but most importantly Dr. Berman, Whitlark, Heather, Naomi, Tanya, and Stacia (especially Kemba! Stacia is Kemba's favorite person)! We always highly recommend you to everyone! "
- Ashley Helmus
10/27/2020 16:17:27
"Everybody working there is super friendly and truly cares about pets!"
- Peter Metz
10/26/2020 00:15:20
"Very pleased "
- Mark Wisniewski
10/21/2020 14:32:58
"Y’all are doing awesome!!"
- Lisa McGinley
10/19/2020 03:07:03
"Looking forward to meeting you in person once the pandemic is behind us. I completely understand the precautions being taken to keep everyone safe."
- Debbie Wearn
10/16/2020 17:46:59
"The staff was helpful and kind as always. Our dog's visit the vet tech was quick and the price was right for vaccines and a nail trim!"
- Ashley Swistak
10/16/2020 16:02:30
"We love Quail Hollow - the vets, vet techs, and receptionists are all wonderful!"
- Bailey Straughn
10/15/2020 16:24:51
"This was my first time at Quail Hollow Vet. It was a pleasant first experience with my new dog Gunnar. The vet tech who took Gunnar to and from the car was extremely friendly and they made a note in his file for a female to handle him as Gunnar tends to be scared around males he does not know. The vet I spoke to on the phone was really friendly and went over all the findings from his first exam and answered all my questions. "
- Livia Fabian
10/15/2020 13:51:17
"Needed the doctor to examine cat due to sudden changes that arose after she went on an unexcused absence from home for several days. Office staff was able to schedule an appt for the same day, and allowed me to have a consult with the doctor rather than waiting outdoors. I felt Dr. Berman was honest, helpful, and offered great suggestions for getting her healthy again."
- Sandie LeBlanc
10/09/2020 22:16:08
"The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. The office was very clean and organized. Excellent customer service. We’re happy we found this vet for our dog. "
- Camille Crespin
10/08/2020 20:01:18
"Excellent, friendly. "
- Kyle Hamilton
10/08/2020 19:40:22
"Took care of our dog and settled our concerns. Doctor called me and fully explained what was going on. Thank you QHVH."
- Stephen Coen
10/05/2020 21:19:59
"Thank you guys for being very thorough"
- Gabriel Soler
10/03/2020 18:23:12
"I had a great first visit. I was really nervous and everyone was patient and answered all of my questions. "
- Maria Falcioni
10/03/2020 18:08:11
"I called upon my arrival and vet tech came out to my car (due to COVID-19). We discussed any issues or concerns I had about Piper (we were there for ‘senior checkup’ and vaccinations) and she took Piper inside. About 35 minutes later, Dr Berman called. We talked about results and answered any questions. I paid bill over phone and vet tech brought Piper out to my car! Easy! I could have stayed in my pj’s! :)"
- Shirley Wheeler
09/12/2020 22:24:31
"Great experience. Dr. Culberson took the time to look over all records and was very knowledgeable with my senior dog. "
- Jordan Ellis
09/09/2020 18:44:35
"Great staff and excellent service/care. Everything from calling for appointment or questions to thorough exam with detailed explanations. They also follow up every visit with a call the next day to be sure all is well. We are very happy with the care our dog Piper has received since we adopted her this year!"
- Lorrie Miller
09/07/2020 22:28:26
"We normally live in NY and have been in NC due to Covid for the past 4 months. The best thing about our 4 months has been finding Dr. Berman and Quail Hollow Vet Hospital. We wish you were in NY so we could have you as our permanent doctor! "
- Duygu Dexter
08/13/2020 14:55:23
"The experience is always great! The staff is so friendly with my pets and the doctor always answers all of my questions. I love that you always follow up to make sure the pets are doing well the next day. "
- Chelsea Kaufman
08/13/2020 14:30:12
"We love and appreciate the care you give our babies! Thank you!!!"
- Elise Colomer-Cheadle
07/26/2020 19:13:24
"I had a wonderful experience at Quail Hollow (again!) my sweet cat is getting older, and I always worry about bringing him to the vet, but everyone is so kind and gentle with him. So thankful for Quail hollow and all of the great service you do!"
- taylor gladstone
07/25/2020 14:27:53
"Dr. Berman and staff are very kind and caring. I truly appreciate all they do."
- Kathryn Samra
07/25/2020 00:29:52
"Everyone was so friendly and informative. My dog will be having surgery there next week. While I am a bit anxious, I feel that she'll be in good hands."
- Kristine Schmidt
07/22/2020 20:22:13
"It was my first time there. EVERYONE was so nice, helpful and professional, and the facility was clean and smelled clean. They were so good with Archie, even though he had cheese all over his mouth when they were done 😂😂😂 My visit over all was a BIG 5. Judy Reed"
- Judy Reed
07/21/2020 19:21:41
"Staff is great"
- Linda Rowe
07/19/2020 19:27:45
"My dog actually loves going to the vet, and the customer service is always exceptional. "
- Nicole Stevens
07/19/2020 18:02:29
"Curbside service went well - Hector greeted us nicely and Dr. Whitlark provided us with a nice update at the end of the appointment. Gus Loves Dr. Whitlark! "
- Kathryn Meyer
07/16/2020 19:39:25
"As a first time puppy owner I couldn't be more pleased. EVERYONE is friendly, informative, and efficient. "
- Sara Porrata
07/16/2020 17:23:38
"I haven't had a bad experience. I appreciate the good yet gentle care Reagan gets from all of you. "
- Sally Almason
07/15/2020 13:51:58
"Cannot thank you enough for your patience with our dogs; they are a handful behaviorally but you see through that to their sweetness. We're trying to get more calm and thanks for being part of that process."
- Tom Boston
07/14/2020 16:44:24
"Highly recommend Dr. Berman! Excellent staff! A+++"
- Christine Sabato
07/12/2020 15:47:45
"Great experience as a first time appointment. Tanya spent a great deal of time on the phone with me prior to our appointment as I had a long list of questions. On the day of the appointment, even with all the restrictions of covid, I waited outside and Dr Berman called me after exam of my dog Piper. He was very prompt and extremely thorough explaining her issues, meds, recommendations and was very patient answering ALL my questions. We are very excited to have a great veterinarian so close to our home. I will definitely recommend to others!!! Thanks so much, Lorrie Miller"
- Lorrie Miller
07/09/2020 19:33:35
"You always take great care of Henry, and get us in when we need it! Thank you!"
- Tara Warrens
07/09/2020 14:39:00
"Excellent. All of you are very helpful and caring of my pets and ME."
- Sherri Neff
07/08/2020 14:16:04
"Y’all are amazing! I love Dr. Whitkark and everyone that works there! You always take such great care of my dog, Ace. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!!"
- Liz Dawson
07/07/2020 18:56:53
"I have been to the vet a lot lately (with my Mom for get dog who had an ear hematoma). The vet called us out in the car after every visit and before discharge and I think that is a good way to wrap up a visit. It takes time but since face to face isn’t happening I think it is important. "
- Laurie Howell
07/07/2020 16:58:58
"I've had great experiences with both of my dogs at Quail Hollow Vet. Your team has done a great job adjusting to the crazy times with Covid, which makes me feel safe when I bring them for appointments. "
- Kevin Plate
07/06/2020 18:17:58
"Because of our stay-at-home mandate, I couldn't bring Mia myself but your very wonderful Tanya offered to pick her up and deliver her back to me. That was SUCH a help. She deserves a medal for willingness and determination to help!"
- Janet Haack
07/03/2020 15:52:38
"I love the service my pets get here. They have been well taken care of for almost a decade at this location. They've also adapted to covid and made a lot of interaction seamless. Thank you!"
- Kristen Gurney
07/02/2020 14:24:24
"All the personnel are so friendly & personable. Yes, that includes the Dr's! The office is run so very well and is so efficient. I love it when I call & who ever answers the phone knows who I am & that I have more than one pet. I am not a number & I love that. You are doing a great job & I have full confidence in the Dr's (&staff!)."
- Norma Miller
07/01/2020 19:29:27
"Our experience was top notch! Everyone from the receptionist, technician, and doctor were great! It was our first visit after moving to the area; due to the kindness from the vet tech and Dr. shown to Frankie it was the most relaxed she’s ever been at the vet. They answered any and all questions and were super attentive! Thank you so much!"
- Alyssa Hamill
06/29/2020 01:15:42
"The staff goes to great lengths to treat my pets and their owners with great care and a gentle touch. We all TRUST you! I greatly appreciated your efforts in sanitizing, masking, social distancing in order to keep us safe. "
- Henry Ford
06/26/2020 21:38:18
"We love you guys! Love Rafael "
- Andrew Neldeberg
06/24/2020 16:22:58
"We love the curbside service. Thanks for making care so easy for us!"
- Caitlin Horne
06/23/2020 19:16:38
"Whole experience was excellent. Hector was a great start and was very good at explaining what was going to be done and super friendly. Dr. Berman spent a lot of time on the conversation after the exam and gave some very good tips and guidelines."
- Jody Shropshire
06/04/2020 17:29:50
"Our family recently moved to Charlotte from Winston Salem. I researched online and found your office and have been very happy with the transition. In the first month you have taken care of Charlie through a surgery and dental cleaning and the care of him has provided me the level of trust I needed from the start! Thank you to Dr. Whitlark for her outreach and thorough follow up after Charlies surgery and the compassion for our animals. The entire team is wonderful too! "
- Stephanie Faidley
06/03/2020 12:25:06
"We always have a wonderful experience when we come in. We always get follow up calls to check in even for the smallest visits. We appreciate the thoroughness of each exam and how dedicated the vets are to providing the best care for our pets!"
- Bethany Swift
05/24/2020 19:49:35
"I arrived during a storm that left your office without power. Yet you came out to my car and carried my dog inside to be checked. I was SO appreciative and thankful to receive medicine for her ear infections. You are wonderful - Thank you!"
- Sara Long
05/24/2020 16:02:19
"We had a wonderful experience at Quail Hollow Vet Hospital! Everyone was so pleasant. Dr. Berman was incredibly clear in explaining Lokum's knee situation to me, and was so kind to include an article about the diagnosis. I also very much appreciated getting a call the next day to check on Lokum even though he only had one shot. I have absolutely no negative comments! Thank you so much! "
- Duygu Dexter
05/19/2020 17:55:59
"We had a big scare with our giant baby Nash, and they were quick to see him and thorough to make sure he was going to be Ok - even though it was a Saturday right before closing!! So thankful. "
- Cortney Guido
05/17/2020 14:42:57
"You're all doing a fantastic job! "
- Andrea Giannini
03/29/2020 15:39:30
"The entire staff is attentive and caring"
- Gay-Ann Goodman
03/28/2020 23:20:19
"Everyone was great and very professional, especially Hector. I really appreciate all of the extra precautions your staff have taken during the Coronavirus crisis. Our cat Max was sell taken care of and very clean when we got him home. Thank you so much."
- Ryan Walsh
03/26/2020 17:28:05
"Reagan and I just had our 1st visit, and I can't be more pleased with my decision. We were there on Saturday March 7th and thanks to your helpful tips on "tough love" he has spent the last three nights in his crate. We found a dog anxiety playlist on amazon and it puts us both right to sleep! "
- Sally Almason
03/10/2020 13:52:53
"Everyone is so nice and helpful! Dr Berman is very easy going and informative. You can tell everyone who works there really enjoys animals and they have great customer service. Love it!"
- Morgan Lanier
02/11/2020 01:10:14
"I walked in as a new customer to set the appointment. Very nicely greeted at front desk. At appointment both Hector and Dr Whitlark were very personable and easy with my cat. Very happy to have found a new vet office Thank all the staff for being great"
- Gay-Ann Goodman
01/29/2020 01:33:22
"The staff and Dr Whitlark are professional and courteous. Very attentive to my dog during the physical and appreciate the recommendations for improving his health"
- Elizabeth Liliensteins
01/28/2020 21:21:24
"We are so very pleased to be bringing Paisley to Dr Whitlark. She was sick and we had been to her original vet twice and just didn't feel like he was concerned or cared that our pet, such an important part of our family to us, was sick. Dr. Whitlark was very thorough and caring with her. We could tell she wasn't going to give up without knowing what was going on with her and give her some relief. We left with some medicine that helped her to feel better and start acting like her normal playful puppy self again. "
- Amie Bailey
01/15/2020 18:50:34
"the staff is wonderful, from the front desk. to the technicians, to the veterinarians. "
- Sue Gibbs
01/02/2020 14:21:16
"Fantastic groomer and customer service experience. Dr. Berman and his team always provide us with honest and professional care. "
- Chantal Otelsberg
04/01/2019 17:06:01
"Both of my dogs LOVE coming here! You guys are great!"
- Alison Hux
03/31/2019 20:46:40
"The vet (oops, forgot her name) was great! She went nose to nose with Tucker with him on the exam table and her on the stool. He loved it and just rubbed against her to be petted. She gave him treats and he was so interested in those, he didn't even acknowledge that rabies vaccine!"
- Julie Harris
03/29/2019 01:23:26
"I took my precious baby Luna in for her yearly check up and vaccinations and I feel like the staff and the Dr. Treated Luna like she was their own pet. She was handled with great care and love "
- Teresa Clemo
03/23/2019 18:01:47
"Grooming always does a great job. Plus I love that the grooming and veterinary services are all in same location. Staff are wonderful. Bobby especially goes out of his way to answer any questions. Additionally, he makes sure my Diego’s appointments work around my schedule and I couldn’t ask for better care for my dog"
- Kenny Pennington
03/23/2019 07:23:47
"After 20 years in Huntersville, Lakecross Veterinary was home for my pets and wonderful doctors, I thought I would have a hard time finding such great care elsewhere.We moved to charlotte and found you. You guys have now filled out some very big shoes in an excellent manner! I am happy to have found you and believe my pets will still receive the excellent care they are used to. Thank you!"
- Fiorella Wiktorin
03/22/2019 15:23:21
"Friendly and knowledgeable as soon as I open the door!"
- Amy McNelis
03/20/2019 20:37:15
"My experience was excellent, everyone was extremely friendly"
- Julia Sandy
03/20/2019 18:02:58
"I had a great visit. Everyone was helpful and explained things to me. "
- Laura Kamstra
03/13/2019 16:46:40
"You guys always do a great job for John Paul! He was injured over the weekend and the staff worked him in to the schedule on Monday to check him out. Thank you! "
- Joy Widener
03/12/2019 18:15:20
"My two cats (and their completely different personalities) get very calm, personal care here, and they are both made to feel as comfortable as they can for a vet visit. I don't feel pressured to do more than necessary, but I also feel if the vet makes a suggestion, they give an explanation of why they believe it is the best choice and a time frame to complete the steps in. "
- Kristen Gurney
03/11/2019 14:20:53
"Scout, our dog went in for a dental cleaning (very important for your pet). The staff was gentle and caring about her. Kept me updated and gave me all the post procedure info I needed. Followed up next day with a phone call. Great place to take your pet."
- Stephen Coen
03/07/2019 19:38:28
"Check in was fast and easy, everyone was friendly and happy to answer our questions. The space was clean and new. Thank you for taking time with us on our first visit."
- Andrea Dephillips
03/06/2019 19:51:22
"I always appreciate your interaction with me when it comes to Gwens care. I always feel well informed and feel welcome to ask any questions that I may have about her care."
- Kristy Brown
03/05/2019 17:27:13