"i have been so pleased with every visit I have had. All the employees are warm and patient with me and my questions. Each vet is very informative. I am so glad I found your practice! I also love how really clean your office is ,"
- Kathryn Bjerk
09/27/2017 00:00:40
"I just love the clinic and staff"
- Cynthia Neubecker
09/25/2017 15:46:04
"A little upset with Sydneys care, she was seen yesterday for labored breathing no appetite and loose stool. Today we called to say she's not any better and now you want to charge me more money because you didn't take the correct X-rays πŸ˜•πŸ˜•"
- Julie Glover
09/22/2017 22:24:28
"We just like the service I have received from you over many years. I have tried other clinics and always end back to you. You have adjusted services for my fur babies so that I could afford their care even in difficult times. Thank you, Mrs. Wendy Pettit-Wojtas"
- Wendy Wojtas
09/22/2017 18:33:38
"I want to thank Dr Schroeder and all the staff at Cherry Hill Animal Clinic for your compassionate and professional care of my kitten Bear . She is doing great after her surgery on wednesday."
- Sandra Howell
09/22/2017 16:37:21
"Everything was great!"
- Brian & Tanya Spry
09/21/2017 14:51:30
- Larry Doolin
09/19/2017 16:25:01
"Overall, no complaints. Have been going to CHAC for 9 years and have always been happy with the care they have given our boy! Only note would be wait time sometimes but again, overall, very pleased."
- Bob Kleffman
09/19/2017 01:43:34
"No doubt the best Veterinary Clinic I have ever used. Absolutely no complaints. Jake gets excellent care."
- Linda Adkins
09/17/2017 14:34:40
"There is nothing bad to say about your clinic."
- Doreen McEvilly
09/16/2017 20:49:52
"Iddy Bitt is a new patient and my first experience was wonderful dr. Dunlap was cheerful you could tell she loved pets the staff was wonderful they are pet people I hope I feel this way after my other visits"
- Cindy Ferrary
09/15/2017 19:57:40
"had a very good experiance"
- Constance Adams
09/13/2017 20:07:52
"We love you guys!"
- Carol Taylor
09/13/2017 14:24:34
"You are doing great. Everyone was friendly and thorough. The vet (dr. Zarish) was very open with explaing things with her knowledge that other vets haven't taken moments to do. Your facility was very neat and clean and maiseys bandage is very well wrapped and set in place. "
- Gregory Nizio
09/12/2017 19:24:05
"Everyone was so nice to me and my cat (Luke). It really made my day that everyone was so friendly to me. Look forward to seeing you again. Would definitely recommend your business "
- Marie Sokol
09/12/2017 00:50:44
"I had a long wait, but my visit was last minute and unscheduled.As usual the care was excellent."
- Pat Robertson
09/10/2017 16:11:37
"It's all great"
- Judy Pyko
09/08/2017 20:24:48
"Great! We enjoy the clinic, very clean and friendly. "
- Heather Schoeneman
09/08/2017 17:41:41
- Nicole Woodward
09/08/2017 16:53:29
"I'm always happy with the care Prissy receives. Everyone is friendly and helpful. "
- Gail Michael
09/08/2017 16:03:21
"Everyone was great! You were running behind, staff kept me informed, which I liked. I will be back! Thank you"
- Denise Novack
09/08/2017 00:37:21
"Great customer service!! Staff is so nice to my dog at every visit :) "
- Melisa Smith
09/07/2017 03:00:02
"Doing great,"
- Robert Kaluzny
09/06/2017 15:46:18
"You have been nothing but great for me and our animals all 5 of them and some that have passed on. The only I would ask is maybe a little more seating. Some times when the bigger dogs who are older don't really like the younger and smaller size ones and if its a busy day it can a little scary for all. But that has only happen once and both parents took it well. So Love you guys."
- Renee Johnson
09/05/2017 21:54:37
"Always a good experience! "
- Holly Evans
09/05/2017 19:26:26
"Overall, I have had great experiences no matter which vet or tech has seen to our needs"
- Jack Guinn
09/02/2017 01:53:23
"I love Dr. Dunlap and all the staff!! They are so helpful and so good with my puppy! Dr. Dunlap was very kind and compassionate when we had to have our last dog put to sleep. "
- Debbie Bumgardner
08/31/2017 23:47:50
"Doing great. E-Mails help to remind me of appointments"
- Anton Borowski
08/28/2017 14:30:13
"I have been coming to Dr.Zarish for over 25 years. I have brought three dogs and two cats over the years to her for health care. They all lived to be 14-15 for the dogs and 20 years for the cat. I appreciated her honest professional opinion on my pets health. Since most of us are not doctors, this has been invaluable when my pets have been in their geriatric years. Sometimes it is hard to hear that our pets have reached a point that we need to consider what is best for them.....not us. It is a decision that is based on knowledge not just emotion when the vet helps you along with the reality of the situation. Some vets do not do this.....they would rather have you waste your money. And if that is your choice than so be it, but I appreciate the reality, not false hope."
- Kathleen Kopczyk
08/27/2017 20:31:01
"We are very happy with your vet clinic. We had to put 2 dogs down at the same time due to their age and health and was so painful, your vet team was so compassionate and helpful during such an awful ordeal. Your very competent and quality of service is excellent "
- Ken/Elaine Urban
08/26/2017 22:06:32
"He got excellent care, as usual."
- Kim Dowidait
08/26/2017 21:03:24
"Very caring and we really like the doctor."
- Adrienne Spontack
08/25/2017 17:21:27
"Wonderful visit! The staff are so friendly and the doctor was so kind to my pet. They are always great and I appreciate the clinic so much for taking my puppy in at the last minute for an examination. Thank you "
- Diana Shirkey
08/24/2017 12:57:47
"Everyone is always very friendly. The staff seems to care about every pet. I always have a nice experience whenever I'm there. "
- Sue Wilson
08/23/2017 23:02:57
"everything was fine"
- Jim Francis
08/23/2017 11:03:55
"very happy with the concern and time spent on Dasey thank you "
- Alfreda Kasper
08/21/2017 01:27:21
"Don't have any complaints at this time. Everyone seems to genuinely care about the patients care. Makes me feel good about bringing my dog in."
- Michelle RePass
08/21/2017 01:21:15
"I have to special order dog food and both girls at the front desk are very good and very kind"
- Kristie Ceci
08/20/2017 16:58:15
"I love the care we get for my pets. I am very happy with the clinic. Only suggestion, some sort of payment plan for those of us experiencing financial difficulties. My carecredit line is very limited. And, with 4 dogs and a terminally ill husband, it is not easy."
- Margie Wisniewski
08/20/2017 16:22:49
- David Lilienthal
08/19/2017 22:35:04
"Love Cherry Hill Vet. Friendly, through and I think fairly priced! Alway good with my crazy dogs :)"
- Donna Olweean
08/19/2017 01:14:50
"I always have a positive experience when I bring my dog in. Never a wait to be seen and always good care."
- Danielle Rogosch
08/18/2017 23:58:37
"I am happy with you all."
- Denise Krazel
08/18/2017 19:36:42
"Waited 40 minutes to be seen after appointment time."
- Lauren/Bil Weilnau/Siviter
08/18/2017 17:20:12
"Excellent staff there"
- Vicki Johnson
08/17/2017 17:16:43
"Very friendly and helpful"
- Katherine Kilijanek
08/17/2017 17:16:34
"Always happy with visits to Cherry Hill Animal Clinic. The staff is friendly and helpful. Jack is always treated good. We love Dr. Schroeder! "
- Tim Karsnick
08/16/2017 18:35:11
"So happy you are here"
- Susan Schaaf
08/16/2017 03:17:05
"I loved bringing jingle to your care. I felt very comfortable having his first vet visit at your clinic :)"
- Emmamay Hartford
08/16/2017 03:12:51
"Hi, Just wanted to let you know that Susan and I our pleased with the team. Thank you "
- Bob Hyde
08/16/2017 01:14:53
"Staff very nice & professional. Prices are little high."
- Mito Idunate
08/16/2017 00:48:22
"Nothing but good experiences at your clinic."
- Nancy McNally
08/15/2017 23:05:06
"We love you guys! Always trying to fit us in when we need to. Treat our girls like family. "
- Shannon Denton
08/15/2017 22:31:26
"doing very well at this time ,thank you"
- Mary Rehbein
08/15/2017 22:01:29
- Janice & John Sebastian
08/15/2017 21:33:19
"I have three Cairns, not two...Lucy should be included with Timex and Wind-D. I have been with Dr Zarish since she started her clinic on Cherryhill and Henry Ruff....she is very thorough and has a gentle hand with the dogs. She has a common sense approach to medicine...not brain surgery when a band aid will do. I have referred many people to her and will continue to do so. Everyone is extremely pleased with the care received from Dr Zarish."
- Sue Tafelski
08/15/2017 20:36:24
"Whether it is picking up meds or an actual visit for the pup - your staff, especially the the gals at the front - are amazing, I cannot say enough good things about them honestly. Thank you so much for all you do."
- Mark Merlo
08/15/2017 19:14:59
"I don't have any complaints"
- Jill M Chagnon
08/15/2017 18:28:07
"Very friendly, but professional "
- Anna Buczek-Vergona
08/15/2017 18:24:44
"I think you are doing good, especially with us, we had 2 dogs that we had to but down in a relatively short amount of time. all of the employees were very professional and caring through the whole ordeal, including sending us a personal sympathy card signed by all of you. Very touching. "
- Pat & Dawn Bartrum
08/15/2017 18:14:12
"We absolutely love Dr Schroeder!!!"
- Christina Eyers
08/15/2017 18:01:48
"I wish I could remember who saw my cat our last visit, but they were the first person to trust her and take her without a carrier! I thought that was really sweet, since I know she can be a hissy kitty! It put me at ease since I sometimes dread bringing her because I fear everyone thinks she will bite. I have always had great visits with your office :) thanks for taking care of my fur kid! "
- Rachel Ayres
08/15/2017 17:49:53
"It was my first time bringing my pet here, and it was an excellent experience! I plan to switch our other dog to this vet in the near future! Great people and great services here at the Cherry Hill Animal Clinic. "
- Michelle Tumpkins
08/10/2017 13:41:25
"Wait time was a little too long."
- Lynn Behta
08/10/2017 12:20:14
"Always the best!"
- Bob Byars
08/10/2017 01:41:29
"Great job!!"
- Odelia Pechman
08/09/2017 20:41:46
"While this trip was simply to pick up food and meds for our dog we love Cherry Hill Animal Clinic. From the front desk staff to the techs to our favorite vet, Dr. Zarish, we are always 100% sure our dog is getting the best care from loving and caring professionals. "
- Robert Jaime
08/09/2017 17:20:49
"We love how caring and informational"
- Rebecca Robak
08/09/2017 02:10:49
"all is good"
- Debbie Grabowski
08/09/2017 00:37:03
"I love the care and the staff here at cherry hill animal clinic. I don't think I would change anything except maybe lower prices. But I'm on a fixed income and it's tough sometimes "
- Erin Sheahan
08/08/2017 21:06:20
"Love Dr Schroeder "
- Jayson Dettore
08/08/2017 19:09:45
"I'm always satisfied with Dr. Zarich and the personnel working there. "
- Carmen Hortal
08/06/2017 21:13:15
"It had been my experience that the front desk gets rather busy and there is no help for whoever is there during busy times. Also if someone DID come up to assist, there is only one machine for accepting payment so it is no help to the busy desk person anyway. I just feel bad because many clients are rude to the desk folks (I've witnessed it) and there's nothing else they can do as it's not their fault. "
- Marcy Schultz
08/05/2017 01:51:08
"Dr.Schroeder is very good we trust her. The staff are very helpful always friendly,and know what they are doing. "
- Dennis Boguslaw
08/04/2017 23:41:18
"Best visit ever. Dr explain everything show me the x-rays and what was going on. Was very through very satisfied."
- Joseph Pachota
08/04/2017 23:27:21
"No complaints! Staff, vet techs, and vets (especially Dr. Z) are fabulous and so reassuring! "
- Kelly M. Lange
08/04/2017 19:02:06
"Everyone is fantastic!! There have been a few times that one of my dogs has had an emergency and needed to get in asap. Each time you've found a way to work me/us into the schedule. I'm so grateful that everyone cares as much as me about our four legged children. I drive 30-35 min to come to the office but because everyone is so kind and wonderful I don't plan to change anytime soon. Thank you to everyone for caring so much!!! Debbie :)"
- Deborah Wasil
08/04/2017 18:52:18
"No compaints."
- Keith Bates
08/04/2017 18:51:29
"Had a very good experience...all people that I encountered were caring and professional.."
- Gary Opoka
08/04/2017 17:59:10
"I was exceedingly please with the responses from the vet. The fact that she handled my dog's problem immediately was not only what I wanted but it was kind. He has been in pain for some time."
- Marlene Landry
08/04/2017 17:06:04
"Love Dr Zarish, she is the best!!!! Everyone that works there is friendly and helpful."
- Eudell Johnson
08/04/2017 15:18:38
"Cherry Hill Animal Clinic has always done an excellent job for me and my pets. The staff makes all the difference and each person at the clinic has always been professional, kind and caring."
- Jean Peedle
08/03/2017 11:05:13
"I think that you all are great. I have never had a bad experience at your clinic. Keep up the great work."
- Lisa Rowe
08/02/2017 21:14:31
"A A A"
- Greg Willins
08/02/2017 20:57:46
"I would like to spend less time in the waiting room since my anxious dog was desperate to get out "
- Karen Jaskolski
08/02/2017 16:59:13
" Every time that I go to Cherry Hill animal clinic, I am greeted at the door with a warm welcome and a smile. They are very timely and prompt to get you checked in and taken back for your animals appointment. Dr. Zarish and Dr. Schroeder have been nothing less than exceptional vets for my two pups. I recommend this clinic to anyone with an animal of their own. "
- Austin Hartford
08/02/2017 16:42:02
"Very friendly, and compassionate. Sometimes there's a wait but it's worth it."
- Sandra Crummey
08/02/2017 09:42:06
"Everyone is always very friendly and personal when we visit. It's nice to meet new staff but always feels good to chat with those I've met before. On this particular visit, the office was running behind so we were there much longer than usual. "
- Mary Kaunelis
08/02/2017 02:23:21
"Love the staff, friendly and hard workers."
- Dennis Johnson
08/02/2017 02:14:19
"Your doing great the only thing I wish you guys had was a payment plan like Banfield so I could afford all of my pets needs. "
- Andrea Hallock
08/01/2017 20:42:51
"Very pleased with every aspect of Bootsy's care and treatment. This team is doing a wonderful job. "
- Gerald DeShong
08/01/2017 18:31:44
"Everyone is very friendly, helpful and informative. They take the time to address any concerns thoroughly. It's obvious everyone enjoys their job and the animals!! "
- Terri Lynn Beauchamp
08/01/2017 18:07:55
"I think you are doing a great job. My dog has always been treated excellent and the whole staff is friendly and considerate. I'm reaching here I know but maybe a more warm and welcoming waiting room... Sorry that's the only negative I can think of. Maybe some funny cat and dog pictures or inspirational animal pictures. ☺️"
- Dave Bolton
08/01/2017 17:57:36
"I do not have any complaints the staff is very friendly "
- Kathy Manuszak
08/01/2017 17:48:05
"Excellent customer service Extremely caring Most professional veterinary team I have ever experienced Clean office "
- Susan Bronson
08/01/2017 07:30:18
"I have nothing bad to say. The staff is amazing and friendly, the vets are wonderful, and both dogs love to go there. George and Fred are just an added bonus!"
- Greg Combs
07/31/2017 22:45:48
"We are always treated with respect and I feel like my dogs get the best care here. I feel like I can always call and ask questions, which is very important to me. I have many other vets near my house and I still drive past them all to see the drs at Cherry Hill Animal Clinic. "
- Stacy Paine
07/31/2017 16:21:37
"I never had a bad experience. Very caring Vets and staff and very clean office and rooms. I am go glad I decided to switch over to Cherry Hill Animal Clinic. Luci and Ozzie are Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- Alice Adamczak
07/30/2017 11:19:50
"I have always had a good experience with all the staff. My only concern is we never see the same doctor . It's just a continuity of care. "
- Kellie McGlone
07/29/2017 09:14:50
"everyone is so pleasant and helpful"
- Eileen Davis
07/29/2017 08:03:57