"All the staff and veterinarians are very passionate about their jobs and take really good care of the pets they care for. I was told when my Dexter was in for his neutering that he was barely in his cage as everyone wanted to cuddle with him! Then we get a follow-up phone call a couple of weeks later asking how he was doing. My previous vet did not do this nor did he seem interested much in the pets' interests. Definitely happy I switched!"
- Terri Perry
04/06/2018 13:49:22
"I appreciated being greeted as soon as I arrived especially considering the last time I was at Wilson’s was to put down my dog Milo. An assistant then came forward and promptly weighed Lola my new dog and showed us to a room. It was a short time before Dr Young came in and I did not know him from prior visits with Milo. He was kind, gentle, approachable and given that Lola is a recent rescue from Mexico, I very much appreciated his patience in answering my questions. I would highly recommend Wilson’s whether it’s the compassion they showed at the end of precious Milo’s life or welcoming my next dachsie Lola. There is no better group of veterinarians. Debbie Twomey Brown "
- Debbie Brown
04/06/2018 02:39:36
"We have taken our family pets to Wilsons for more than 15 years. They continue to offer amazing compassionate service during every visit! The staff is always kind and welcoming, we have never been disappointed in the slightest. "
- Doloris & Todd Jasmin
04/05/2018 15:08:52
"Service was prompt which I appreciated. I was disappointed that I didn’t get an opportunity to discuss tranquilizers for Willow with a vet."
- David Jordan
04/05/2018 02:29:21
" I stopped in to pick up Joey‘s flea meds. As usual your staff was courteous and efficient once again thank you Wilsons animal hospital for taking care of my pets needs."
- Betty Stockwell
04/05/2018 02:11:53
"Always friendly, courteous and knowledgable staff."
- Dawne Levasseur
04/04/2018 10:36:10
"All the staff and Vets have great personality and care about the animals and people that walk through their doors. I have been going there for abouts 8 years with numerous cats and dogs I have owned and have never had anything but good experiences. I will keep going back."
- Gail Merrick
03/30/2018 12:30:52
"Always have been gentle, caring and kind to our dog. I know our dog would rather be at the park..... you make her feel as comfortable as possible. Very thorough and appreciate keeping us informed every step of the way. Very satisfied. Debbie, Jeff and Tia "
- Debbie Wignall
03/28/2018 14:58:44
"We have been coming here for years.They are more like friends and always treat us and our pets with care and compassion.The staff are always very professional and friendly.We are very happy to bring "Abby" here for all her medical needs."
- Frank Boniferro
03/28/2018 14:15:02
"Dr. Young has been taking care of my dogs for 20 years . He is a great vet and my fur babies love him . Words to live by -" If my dog doesn't like you than neither do I ! " Kim is the first person you see when you walk in the door and she is awesome ! I wouldn't trust anyone else to take care of my fur babies . Wilson's is the best ! "
- Lisa & Doug Young
03/27/2018 23:46:55
"Somehow Dr. Paula manages to blend her impeccable veterinary skills and knowledge with true compassion. She has cared for our three of lovely dogs over the course of many years and we would not consider consulting any other vet."
- David & Joyce Maddocks
03/23/2018 17:28:13
"Very good with my pup. She is skiddish and they were patient with her! Very informative. New to being a single dog mom so it was nice to have information!"
- Kala Bogle
03/21/2018 21:17:33
"Shamus was well treated as usual and any questions or concerns were answered so we could understand. We have been going to Wilson’s for about 30 years and never ever had an issue. "
- Jim & Debbie Williams
03/20/2018 15:07:46
"We have always had our furbabies treated at Wilson's. I have been a client since the 60's and completely trust all the vets here. Dr. David shows such compassion for the animals as do all the vets. Kim is a ray of sunshine and truly shines at her job!! Drs. David, Paula and Zach you're all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- Mieke Mazachowsky
03/12/2018 12:45:31
"We have taken our pets to Wilson's for several years, and have always been treated with respect and compassion. From the helpful and cheerful Reception, to the gentle and knowledgable Veterinary Assistants, and the Veterinarians themselves, the staff work as a team. My experiences there have always been positive, and I would not hesitate to recommend them."
- Carol Hoare
03/08/2018 03:34:42
"The staff at Wilson's are welcoming and very professional. They take the time to explain things and are sensitive to my concerns, which is great considering they are taking care of my 'little man'.When it comes to your best friend, you want the best team taking care of them. "
- Rebecca Farnsworth
02/20/2018 13:50:19
"It is so assuring to know that when we bring our Daisy in she will always get the best care from your staff. You people truly are the best. I'm thinking Daisy is even starting to like visiting Wilson's Animal Hospital LOL! Thank You so much again. Will see you soon."
- Gary & Wanda Ketler
02/17/2018 20:41:38
"I brought my new puppy in yesterday and we had the most wonderful experience. From the minute we met Auntie Kim, I knew I made the right choice. The reception and wait area was bright, clean and very warm and inviting. We were early for our appointment so we did not wait to see Dr. Young. He was very thorough and did not rush with Raven. He gave me great information and advice and answered all my questions honestly. Raven was very comfortable with him even when she was getting her booster shot. I don't think she even felt it!! I would recommend Wilson's to everyone. "
- Lesa Culp
02/14/2018 13:05:34
"Nala had terrific care while we were on vacation. Dr Paula Wilson updated us on her health, test results and dietary recommendations. The vet technicians are great and caring. Thank you and also Kim the frontline person who is aleays efficient.we lost our Bella cat in Oct which was sad after an illness of kidney disease. the whole team was supportive ,compassionate and caring at this time. She was a family member. We loved her. dr Wilson was there for us at the end. Thank you."
- Kirsti Langston
02/11/2018 13:06:59
"Extremely clean reception area and very friendly staff. The examination rooms were spotless! Vet was incredible with information on puppybtraining in winter. Highly highly recommended! Andrew Clarke "
- Diane & Andrew Clarke
02/10/2018 13:48:47
"We always receive great, friendly service from everyone at Wilson’s Animal Hospital. The facility is always clean and everyone is extremely helpful and honest. "
- Brad Thibeault
01/26/2018 15:50:29
"I am so happy to know that Wilson’s Animal Hospital is there for me and my dog. Yesterday I had an emergency when I noticed blood clots in my golden retriever’s urine. I rushed over to Wilson’s and Dr. Nichols took the time to speak to me about it. I felt reassured that my girl was in excellent hands."
- Dawn Bergemann
01/25/2018 12:18:51
"I have been using your services for many many years. Some visits simply routine and others very difficult. Whatever the reason, my furkids always received the best care from compassionate gentle Drs and technicians. Kim greets all patients by name and helps to ease their anxiety with hugs and cuddles. "
- Claudia Makinson
01/23/2018 14:31:52
"All Staff are kind, compassionate, and take their time with you. There is never a sense of rushing one through an appointment. Questions are welcomed, and answers are provided. Alternatives suggested as well with medical treatments. Receptionist also does her utmost to fit their patients in esp when knowing it is an emergency. "
- Lynda Gordon
01/21/2018 22:25:27
"Daisy says Thankyou Woof! Woof ! For your tender care. Keep up the good work. Madeleine and “Daisy Duque”"
- Madeleine Duquemin
01/20/2018 21:43:39
"Every time I have an appointment for my dog Bentley I always have a great experience. Wilson’s has great customer service and takes the time to answer any questions I may have. They treat Bentley so well and he gets very excited to be there. Even when I have a question when I’m at home I have called them and asked and they are more then happy to answer or to wait for the vet to find the answer and call me back. I have highly recommended Wilson’s It’s nice to know my fur baby gets great care "
- Lindsay Bandurka
01/16/2018 13:35:10
"Everyone was very polite and my kitten Obama was treated with care. Obama definitely found his vet for life. Thank you!"
- Tara Nicholson
01/10/2018 01:21:32
"Hi, this is Fay. I have had custody of Hurley for over 4 years. My experience at Wilson's Animal Hospital is always positive; the staff are great to my dog; friendly and helpful to me and I would never take her anywhere else. Hurley is excited to go to visit her friends at the clinic, whether it's for shots or surgery; she never is afraid to go there and that is very important to me!"
- Mike Ley
01/09/2018 01:14:23
"I love going to Wilson's the staff is always so friendly and they treat your pets as if they owned them with all the love and affection you give them. I have been going to Wilson's for around 50 years now and have always recieved the same quality of care. I have to say thank you to all the staff at Wilson's for such great care of all my animals"
- Valerie Terryberry
01/08/2018 13:24:32
"The Doctor that examined my pet was extremely gentle and attentive. He did a thorough exam, answered all the questions I had and did not pressure me into trying to buy anything. I completely trust the Doctors at Wilson's."
- Elena Cannatelli
01/03/2018 02:38:13
"I am extremely happy with the doctors and staff at Wilsons. We are always well taken care of when we come. All my questions no matter how small are always answered to my satisfaction. My grandmother always took her animals here when I was growing up and I will continue to do so. Everyone there is so kind. "
- Wendy Nunn
01/02/2018 18:45:20
"Dave always goes above and beyond for my Neeva. No matter how small the issue he takes his time to explain everything and i never feel rushed. Thank you for taking care of my sweet girl!"
- Kim Bradley
01/02/2018 16:57:32
"I do not feel rushed when my pets are in with the Doctors. Am able to get an appointment on short notice,which is appreciated since things suddenly pop up with pets. Staff at front desk are very nice and considerate. Am satisfied that I have made the choice to go to Wilson's."
- Shelley Hernder
01/02/2018 16:43:43
"I am always very pleased when I call to have my Standard Poodle (Mercedes) looked at by Dr. Zac. The girls at the front desk are very accommodating and helpful. Once there they are friendly, caring and patient. Zac is the Dr. that looks after Mercedes and is extremely loving and patient with her. He is very attentive and takes his time with her she adores him which is extremely important to us. He never tries to push unnecessary treatments on us and always gives us many choices to choose from in hopes of keeping the pricing at a minimum if possible. This is a great place and highly recommend it to all pet lovers!!! You will not be disappointed. Tanya Petti "
- Tanya Petti
12/29/2017 22:07:12
"Dr. Nichols is compassionate, kind, and thorough with his explanations, taking the time to assuage any fears I’ve had as a pet owner. Any time that I have brought my cats to him, I’ve felt completely reassured that they are receiving the best possible care. Kim is absolutely lovely to deal with at the desk, and I couldn’t recommend Wilson’s more highly. "
- Samantha Green
12/29/2017 18:53:02
"We really feel like everyone at Wilson's has a personal interest in our dog, Sadie. We appreciate the great communication with the veterinarians, whether it be in person, on the phone or by email. Thank you for giving us peace of mind when it come to our pet. Brenda and Peter"
- Brenda Erwin
12/22/2017 15:24:14
"I appreciated Dr. Wilson listening to my concerns and working with me in addressing my dogs current condition. Although it is important to be proactive in analyzing certain illnesses I as an owner assess the severity of my dogs problem based on appetite behaviour lethargy etc. Dr. Wilson took these issues into consideration and is working with me in treating her current ailment. "
- Susan & Bill Hamilton
12/20/2017 15:41:51
"Wilson's Animal Hospital has looked after Mackayla for just under 3 years now. Mackayla developed a pretty bad case of bladder stones and had a terrible time holding her urine. Wilson's properly diagnosed the problem, removed the stones and immediately put her on proper dog food. It's been 2 years since her operation and she's much better. Thankyou Dr Wilson, Dr Nichols and Dr Young."
- Don Weaver
12/19/2017 23:07:10
"Every staff member is truly dedicated to their work. You can feel free to ask them anything, even if you just call for some advice. I have been a client for over 20 years, and I would highly recommend their services. They are the BEST!! :)"
- Simone Doucette
12/12/2017 12:31:30
"We bring our 3 dogs in to see Dr. Derek Nichols for their yearly checkup, shots, and any health concerns, he is always so helpful and caring. Whenever we call we are always treated so well by Kim, nothing is too much trouble. I have 100% confidence in the care given by Wilsons' Animal Hospital."
- Debbie Bryan
12/07/2017 21:01:11
"I began to use Wilson's when Stuart and Jim were the Doctors. I have remained with Wilson's for many many years and they have done everything they could each and every animal I have needed them to care for. They have treated each of my Pet's with efficiency and kindness. Unfortunately they do not accept people as clients"
- Peter Siegel
12/06/2017 20:06:06
"Wilson's animal hospital is great. As soon as I walked in with my cat I was brought to an exam room where Kim plugged in a pheromone diffuser to help keep my cat calm. The vet was in shortly after and was very kind and gentle with my cat. I know he did well because my cat didn't growl at him once, which he normally does with males. Overall everything was great."
- Kathleen Jabs
12/02/2017 20:26:49
"Many thanks to Dr. Paula for her care, concern and treatment of our cats. Much appreciated. Also thanks to Dr. Young for being thorough with Sam the other day, he did relieve some concerns we had. "
- Dan & Corrina Coburn
12/01/2017 18:00:33
" I find all the staff knowladgeable and try to explain the best way we can keep our dog healthy and happy. Thanks for the friendship and the guidance you have given us. Andy, Bette and Sammy Vasko"
- Bette Vasko
11/26/2017 04:23:30
"We are very happy we chose Wilson's Animal Hospital. There was considerable time spent with us going over our dogs chart and educating us on the ticks in this region. We're very pleased that Dr. Wilson was recommended and know Cooper will receive quality care here."
- Val McGuire
11/23/2017 23:13:53
"Dr, Young is a very kind and passionate man with his work. Very gentle to my pets and considerate to their needs. Highly recommend. There is another younger vet there too (sorry I forgot your name!) and also a very nice and kind person to the animals. "
- Terri Perry
11/22/2017 03:01:33
"Dr. Nicolls was recommended to us as we needed a new Vet for our dog and cat. We were very happy with our first visit meeting him and the subsequent visits since. The support staff are very friendly and accommodating. We would not hesitate to recommend Wilson's Animal Hospital."
- Sharon Bennett
11/21/2017 15:43:00
"on my last visit KIM assisted me Very Nice person and very helpful on my questions and concerns ...overall great experience and would recommend anyone to become a client at Wilson's . "
- Constance Van Schyndel
11/20/2017 16:41:08
"Great all around service. Friendly staff. "
- Jeff Wiebe
11/19/2017 13:39:34
"Friendly staff, great service!"
- Kevin & Francine Lipischak
11/17/2017 17:07:35
"We have been with Wilson's Animal Hospital since we got our first Standard Poodle James. He was looked after EXTREMELY well and we have continued with our second senior Standard Poodle Lyric. I am always impressed with the care and compassion from ALL the staff! "
- Larry O'Hearn
11/14/2017 18:35:05
"Wilson's Animal Hospital is a professional, caring, qualified group who have taken excellent care of our beloved pet. I cannot imagine taking our animal to any other clinic. From front desk reception to veterinary attention, these folks deliver a level of service that makes our own, human medical facilities pale, in comparison. It's a dog's life, indeed! :)"
- Colleen Jasnich
11/14/2017 17:50:47
"Dr. Young explains everything in a clear and concise manner. He is so gentle with our furry friends. I love how he gets down on the floor to examine his patients, a no stress approach. Kim does a wonderful job at the front desk. She is a very professional member of business. I would not consider any other Veterinary service."
- Ellen Fowler
11/14/2017 00:00:40
"Always met with a cheerful greeting and the service is excellent- long time client of Zak Young"
- Linda Levitt
11/11/2017 00:20:42
"I have been taking my animals to Wilson's Animal Hospital for over 40 years. The staff has been great and I know that my animals are safe in there hands and receive they care from the staff that they deserve. I have the utmost confidence that they will be treated as if they were their own animal's. I highly recommend Wilson's Animal Hospital if you are looking for a vet to take care of your pets."
- Roger Jenkins
11/08/2017 18:28:13
"As a first time pet owner, I was so nervous to get my kitten spade. Thankfully, the wonderful team at Wilson's Animal Hospital were able to walk me through the entire process, answering my various questions. I'm thankful that I received an update ensuring my kitten made it through the process and was resting. The team clearly shows their care for animals and their owners! "
- Kelsey Cirone
11/03/2017 15:36:10
"My family has been bringing our animals to Wilsons for about 40 years now, four generations !!! Great service, fast appointment times and knowledgeable and friendly staff, i wouldn`t go anywhere else. Thank you!"
- Beatrice Lines
11/03/2017 13:39:54
"I have gone to Wilson's Animal Hospital for a number of years and trust them completely with the care of our precious pets. The vets and staff have always been caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. They have always put our pets first. They have been there when our pets have been very ill and needed their care the most. I would never go any place else, and greatly appreciate all the help they have given us all over the years. Thank you."
- Linda Phillips
10/30/2017 16:59:46
"Thank you very much Wilsons Animal Hospital for the genuine care and concern from Dr Derek and Kim. Champ has the best Vet that you could wish for."
- David Cowan
10/24/2017 16:45:50
"Thank you very much to all the great and trusting staff for the newest wee member of my family. Our little kitten Mila is the joy to our lives and I was very happy with all the treatment she received at Wilsons animal hospital. Dr. Nichols was very gentle and knowledgable to help me feel at ease during her surgery. Thank you so much for taking super care of our unreplacanle but loving little friend."🙂 Sincerely, Karen Denbesten"
- Karen DenBesten
10/21/2017 11:55:29
"After see Dr. Young and giving Jimmy his med. Jimmy has stopped licking his paws and the redness is fading. Looks like the diagnosis was spot on!"
- Ray & Ron Ring
10/20/2017 15:26:57
"Your bookings for appointments makes it great. Your waiting room is bot filled with other animals waiting to be seen, this causes less animosity between animals like at other vets. You arrive for appointment and there is no waiting."
- Kathleen Thamas
10/17/2017 16:35:59
"Barry had to bring Bogey in and will be again on Friday a.m. I had to be elsewhere. I was extremely happy to have Bogey get in the morning that we called. I/we always appreciate Zack's care of Bogey. Margo"
- Margo McNaughton
10/11/2017 22:38:11
"My husband Joey and I were absolutely thrilled with the service we received upon arrival to Wilson's animal hospital. The staff at reception were warm and inviting and Dr. Derek was completely calm and fun. He was patient and let us ask so many questions. When it was time for Magpie ( our wirehaired pointer ) to receive her annual vaccinations, Dr. Derek took an approach where both my husband and I supported our dog and he injected her annual vaccinations from behind her. It was a brilliant technique and he was so gentle and generous in his time with us. We have previously loved the care of Dr. Terry Boston, who retired this past summer so we were unsure about where to seek vet support. We did a novice obedience training this summer with Tracey and Cheryl from Sit and Stay and they recommended Wilson's. We are so pleased!"
- Michelle Balducci
10/11/2017 12:52:32
"Wilson's takes great care of your fur buddy. they fully explain what is going on with your animal in great detail and making sure you understand what they are saying. Put it in simple layman's terms. they also allow you to ask questions and take all the time you need to make sure you leave their office feeling better about your fur buddy and fully informed."
- Jenn Birnie
10/09/2017 16:46:45
"I was very happy with the clinic and Vet Derek was extremely helpful with my new pup. Also felt like my concerns were heard and accepted This is the first time in my experience with Vets and clinics that nothing was pushed on me ."
- Myra Wedemire
10/05/2017 23:50:26
"I phoned in the morning and had an appointment right away. Dr. Young checked Ellie out and it was not as bad as I thought. It made me feel better right away. Thanks a lot."
- Bruce Merritt
10/04/2017 13:07:37
"I have been dealing continuously with Wilson's Animal Hospital since 1978 when we bought our first Boxer Heyou, then there was Sassy and now we have Lucy who is now 8 years old. No matter the health issue of the dogs, Wilson's has always been there for us. They truly care about animals and it is always a pleasure to see Kim's smile. She never fails to greet and hug the dog! Whether we see a Veterinarian or a Technician, they are superb! I will not go anywhere else! Tom Laing"
- Tom Laing
09/28/2017 17:55:56
"I was thrilled that they took the time to brush my squirmy Shih Tzu Molly after her dental cleaning was complete. And her teeth of course look beautiful. Thank you Wilson's for top notch friendly service at an affordable price."
- Jason Cheshire
09/28/2017 00:48:54
"I got there just before closing and there was a gentleman who wanted so much information, and wanted to impart SO much information. The receptionist was so very patient with him and handled it all beautifully. Weekend receptionist. Young lady Sorry do not know her name."
- Nora Dupuis
09/20/2017 00:45:21
"Dr. Paula was very caring and gentle when examining my Cat, who was not doing very well. I appreciated all of her information that she was able to share and the options that I was offered to get my Friend better and healthier. Thank you Wilson's Animal Hospital for offering consistent, exceptional service from the person who answers my call to the time that I leave. "
- Susan Olah
09/19/2017 23:01:53
"We took Pepper in for her annual checkup and shots. There was no wait time. We got to see the veternarian right away, which was great as Pepper really doesn't like the visit. Despite Pepper hissing and growling, the doctor was patient and efficient. We thoroughly approve of the way our kitty is handled and the simple explanations of the procedures and what is being checked for. Thank you."
- Crystal Armbrust
09/14/2017 01:23:57
"I was so impressed with the entire team at Wilson's Animal Hospital. Although new to the city, we were able to be seen promptly when our dog was in a medical crisis. They gave him a work up that day and were able to quickly diagnose his disease. We received updates daily on our dogs status while he was receiving care, which was so appreciated while we were at work. We are continuously grateful for the compassionate care we received during a very stressful time for us and our dog. "
- Pamela McConnell
09/13/2017 19:59:41
"We always know 100% that when any of our boys (doggies) need to see the vet, the staff at Wilson's will deliver wonderful, professional and caring service. They always work to help educate us and give options for care that are budget friendly and the health of our fur babies!"
- Mike Cheliak
09/13/2017 17:35:52
"I trust that when I leave Zoe with you, you are going to look after her. This is very important to me, as I worry that she will be okay. Thank you for your care. Dale"
- Dale Rosewarne
09/08/2017 22:48:32
"I have taken my pets to dr.young for years. He is a very kind, patient and compassionate man. He has a way with pets that make them feel at ease. And it wouldn't be a visit if Kim wasn't there to greet you. Kim is always smiling, is very knowledgeable and is an asset to this clinic. "
- Monika Henderson
09/07/2017 22:43:59
"Always a pleasant environment with staff who show compassion and are thorough with explanation of medical diagnosis. Love how the animals are treated with utmost care and talked to while giving them a check up."
- Lynda Gordon
08/26/2017 21:49:28
"We love Dr.Nichols. He's been so great with our two cats and two dogs. We love how calm and patient he is with our four legged family members. I never feel rushed when I have questions and am always thouroghly aware of all my options when it comes to treating my pets. Thanks again for all your patience, knowledge and care when it comes to our pets. - Billie"
- Billie Horvath
08/26/2017 20:38:03
"Last visit was only to pick up meds for my best friend Joey, Kim made the visit enjoyable and efficient. Always have a good laugh and an enjoyable visit with Kim."
- Joe Galway
08/25/2017 19:05:56
"My father and mother used Wilson's when i was really young.This is going back when the 2 brothers ran the business. The service that was provided then was excellent.I have had my own dogs for between 50 & 60 years and still use Wilson's and will as long as i own pets.The excellent service has carried on over the many years .The care and dedication shown at Wilson's is beyond excellent and 2nd to none.I applaud you,keep up the good work "
- R. Saxton
08/19/2017 18:40:55
"Wilson's Animal Hospital has been our vet for over 20 years. . David and is staff truly know how important our furbabies are to our families. This vet office is the best.... the care is excellent and our dog loves to go there to see Kim and David we would recommend this practice to everyone!!!! Mieke, Joe and Troy (the furbaby)"
- Mieke Mazachowsky
08/17/2017 17:44:09
"My husband and I brought our very sick dog into Wilson's Animal hospital thinking of course the absolute worst. Dr. Paula Wilson reassured my husband and I that given the proper medications that our dog would probably recover from his gastrointestinal concerns. At that time, Dr. Wilson suggested a change in dietary and it has made all the difference in the world. We are truly happy with our visit and continue to be happy through the years of service received at Wilson's."
- Maryann & Scott Bradley
07/29/2017 09:34:41
"The vet was so attentive and patient with our dog. He is a really anxious rescue and will not enter small rooms. We had a hard time getting him on the scale but the assistant was so patient. Once he was weighed we had no problem with him in the room and he even gave the vet a hug and kiss near te end of the visit. "
- Coral Sobschak
07/25/2017 11:23:28
"Had a great appointment with Dr. Wilson. I never felt rushed and she explained everything clearly and confidently. I was asked my opinion on running further tests instead of having them pushed on us and I really appreciated that. Thank you for taking such good care of my Bella-Bean!"
- Brooke Hernder
07/14/2017 14:39:30
"Kim is a piller of Wilson's. Our family has used Wilson's for over 30 years and all staff love our pets as if they were their own. Kim's voice on the phone and facial expresion on entery, sets our confidence in Wilson's. Kim is a true professional. Howard and Tessa Webb"
- Howard Webb
07/09/2017 08:40:07
"We have been clients of Wilson's for over 30 years and have never had an issue with staff or how they performed their duties. We have had several cats in that period of time (most have passed away now) and my hubby and I have always found all staff to be compassionate, patient and understanding with our furry friends...and us. We have 1 cat now and all of her care is done at Wilson's, just like the others. We appreciate how they have cared for our animals and would not go anywhere else. "
- Larry Deslaurier
07/03/2017 17:00:25
"I train Springer spaniels for field trial competitions across North America. My dog, Creena, shut down and stopped eating for three days. Dr. Young took over and thru assessment along with my input, we determined her right treatment and care. Within a day. Creena's appetite returned. My experience with Dr. Young was most positive. I did not feel pressured into running numerous tests , etc. Instead we worked a Team to establish the best care for Creena. "
- Ian Magee
07/02/2017 19:02:20
"Very friendly staff A+++++ Helped me choose hart prevention , to suit my small income . My dog absolutely loves visiting !! Did not feel pushed to do what I could not afford at the time and willing to book times until everything was good !!"
- Christal Serif
06/30/2017 22:21:24
"It was a super pleasant visit staff was very nice and I didn't feel like you guys were taking advantage of the owner living their pet thing great job guys "
- Kimberley Sider
06/30/2017 19:06:56
"I brought my little dog in to Wilsons for care and the Doctors that look after him are professional and caring and explain anything that is troubling and what can be done for my little guy. The girl at reception is very friendly and kind. Unfortunately, I will be moving and hope that I can find a clinic comparable to this one."
- Elaine Payne
06/17/2017 19:20:50
"I could not be more pleased with the care and kindness Dr. Young had for my dog, Shiva. I transferred from another clinic but have known Zack for many years from a previous clinic. He has always been a very caring and compassionate vet with the biggest and best heart for animals. Also Kim the receptionist is the best. She knows every patient by name, both two legged and four legged and greets everyone with the biggest smile. you guys are the best. Love from Shiva."
- Joyce Ashley
06/15/2017 13:18:31
"Staff have been great about info on helping us get food that our special cat, Brady will eat to combat his kidney disease. He is so special to us that we appreciate Dr. Nichols and the staff for making sure we are looked after every time we visit or call. We would certainly recommend them to anyone who wants quality care for their pets. "
- Sharon Bennett
06/10/2017 10:34:22
"I just came in to inquire about revolution and K9AdvantixII, I talks to Kim and she helped me to decide which option was better for me. She is very welcoming and knowledgeable. She understands each patients needs. so thanks a lot Kim. Will be seeing you again soon. Wilson's is a great place and all the doctors are great!!"
- Jenn Birnie
06/08/2017 10:51:04
"We were very happy with the Doctor and staff on how Daisy was treated. We apologize for Daisy's growling we will work on that. Daisy said she feels more comfortable here to. We all want to say thank you very much and she really enjoyed her treats "
- Gary & Wanda Ketler
06/03/2017 18:30:51
"Never have a problem with the Wilson family...my family has been with your family since I was in kindergarten when we got our first dog...I am now 54...so it has been a while...keep doing what your doing. Thank you for always being professional.😃"
- Cindy Davidson
06/02/2017 15:48:18
"Have NEVER left your office this past 30 years not completely satisfied. We have had three Shi-Tzu dogs and two cats in that time and all enjoyed their visits to your office. Thank you to all the staff that handled them very well."
- Isobel Kennedy
05/31/2017 13:48:30
"Dr. Young has cared for our pets for the past fifteen years. We love the new location and trust Wilson's to love and take care of all our fur babies."
- Doug & Nancy Arseneault
05/29/2017 18:17:17
"I feel that Dr. Paula Wilson is very thorough in her examinations of my dog, Maggie. She is very pleasant, helpful and I feel that she answers all of my questions professionally. I feel a lot better knowing that I can count on good advice from all the doctors plus reception at Wilson's Animal Hospital."
- Marlene Barr
05/28/2017 00:00:15
"We have thoroughly enjoyed coming to Wilson's for pet care. We're always greeted with a smile and we feel the care our dog receives is from professionals who genuinely care about his well being. Many thanks"
- Rebecca Farnsworth
05/25/2017 19:51:00
"We were very satisfied. When we arrived with our dogs Kim welcomed us despite the difficulties she was experiencing with the loss of internet access. Dexter and Diesel are very comfortable with Dr. Young and do not hesitate when he takes the boys to the back to examine them. There have been a few instances when one or the other has not been well, Kim managed to fit them in. On these occasions, Dr. Young gave thorough examinations and then took his time to explain what was happening and next steps for care. The care and kindness towards our dogs is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!"
- Christine Bobko
05/25/2017 19:47:15