"Friendly service where everyone knows your and your animal' s name"
- Sally Newell
10/04/2017 23:32:59
"Always a pleasant experience. Thank you!"
- Lynne Hanley
10/03/2017 17:19:40
"Can't think of a better place to take him. "
- Eleanor (Rusty) Potter
10/01/2017 20:04:42
"You guys were awesome. Thank you for make me and Kodiak feel right at home! "
- Caitlin Searles
09/29/2017 16:27:42
"Lucy and I will be relocating in November to Cumberland. I hope to find another vet who has been as sincere, accommodating and understanding as the staff at At Home Vet Care. "
- Pat Cobb
09/26/2017 21:21:54
"Thank you all for the care you have given to our animals and our family. A special Thank you to Dr. Heather(can never remember how to spell her last name), and Pat for the love and care you've shown to my beloved Bouncer. Thank you from the bottom of my heartπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ"
- Timothy Moore
09/25/2017 22:40:59
"Outstanding service and staff."
- Steven Foard
09/23/2017 16:58:14
"We appreciate your seeing our pet even though your not our regular vet. We were happy with our pets treatment, and the promptness of seeing her. Thank you."
- Sarah Smith
09/23/2017 00:44:52
"Your at home care is an invaluable service to the area. Being a multi pet home (5 cats and 2 dogs) I can say it was relieving to have the Vet come to us. Both he and the assistant were extremely professional and pleasant. They clearly enjoy their work. Thank you!"
- Lynne Doucette
09/22/2017 22:17:46
" I recommend you guys to everyone!! There is always a smiling face to greet us and I love how you treat my pup as one of your own. A wonderful clinic full of helpful people and great hours!! Thank you all for all you do for the Fur babies!!"
- Jenni Prue
09/22/2017 16:38:39
"Thank you to all of you at (At Home Veterinary Care) for always taking such excellent care of Jasper! I always know that I can count on Dr. Flowers to give me the best advice to care for my precious Jasper at home because of his extreme knowledge in veterinary medicine. Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you!!! Keep up the excellent work because I refer you to all I meet! I always say your the BEST !"
- Laurie Randall
09/22/2017 13:13:14
"Very satisfied with the care and people at the vet clinic."
- Ken Potter
09/22/2017 00:06:22
"Dr. Cris Pell was excellent with Teddy and explained our options and costs. She was very thorough in her exam. We always request Dr Flowers but he was busy and couldn't see Teddy that day. We are glad we chose to see Dr Pell. "
- Tony VanDenBossche
09/20/2017 21:00:39
"I love the staff and drs they take excellent care in my dog. "
- Tracey Brown-Gysi
09/20/2017 07:42:42
"I love you peeps!!!"
- Melissa Libby
09/16/2017 21:02:37
"Our family loves At Home Veterinary Care!"
- Charles & Suzanne Callahan
09/16/2017 02:35:52
"True concern for my animal and had a lot of good suggestions for her health conditions. "
- Joan Nichols
09/15/2017 21:03:57
"The staff was very helpful and courteous even though I stopped unexpectedly during an obviously busy time."
- Valerie Berger
09/12/2017 20:07:27
"Everyone took excellent care of our new pup and all our answers were addressed. Thank you very much "
- Claudette Larrabee
09/11/2017 22:37:43
"It was a very rough August for me and my pet family. At Home staff was there with support and love. When my new puppy arrived, they were as thrilled as I was. I couldn't find a better staff anywhere. They are family. Amy Gove"
- Amy Gove
09/11/2017 20:43:38
"This was our first visit to your clinic after switching from another local one. I like how we received emailed notes from our visit, that's not something we ever got at our previous clinic. I also like how you take photos of the "patients" aka pets for their charts! Will be making appointments for our other pets at later times."
- Heather Goodwin Leach
09/11/2017 19:43:17
"I appreciate the way you gave me prices and alternatives so I could weigh cost vs need. It's nice to have a vet that cares but understands that cost and quality of life are issues with no judgment. "
- Amy Hawkes
09/11/2017 17:41:43
"Dr. Osborn is so good with my little dog. He is compassionate and caring. We are very happy that he is Julie's Doctor."
- Else Crosman
09/10/2017 18:04:33
"I enjoyed the visit more than my cat. "
- Rita Young
09/08/2017 18:18:18
"You folks took very good care of Rufus.... Rufus's Dad...."
- Faith Bailey
09/07/2017 22:09:49
"Excellent service by caring staff. I will definitely return. Services seemed seemed somewhat expensive though. This would not prevent me from returning."
- Ronald Swing
09/06/2017 11:49:08
"Love At Home Vets"
- Sharlene Maschino
09/06/2017 10:43:54
"It is always hard to make appointments between 5 to 6 when I just want to have nails trimmed for my cats. I travel from Bath and do not get back into town till 4:45. "
- Charlene Rosina
09/05/2017 22:42:55
"I recommend AHVC to all my friends & family!"
- Tammy Bailey
09/01/2017 03:01:17
"Love At Home!!!!!"
- Peter & Wendy McKinnon
08/30/2017 11:46:53
"Excellent service and care as usual."
- Cindy White
08/29/2017 22:59:57
"I am confident that my pet was given the most competent and knowledgeable care possible - At Home Veterinary Care is a warm and kind environment and I couldn't be happier."
- Taryn Love
08/28/2017 12:24:13
"I always feel like the doctors and technicians and receptionists truly care about my cat's health and about making sure I understand what is going on. I like getting check-up results via e-mail, and it's great that the vet himself calls to discuss bloodwork results."
- Rick Dale
08/27/2017 17:10:31
"We have nothing but great comments to offer about the care we received from Dr. Crispell and Amy. Even though it's been a year since we brought our very special kitty to your practice, Dr. Crispell remembered every detail! She and Amy were so kind, knowledgeable, and personable...like old friends! We are so grateful to have access to such an excellent veterinary practice. Thank you!"
- Richard Smith
08/26/2017 23:28:43
"The urine sample kit was offered in a way which gave me the impression it was free, and only the cost to analyze would cost money (if I decided to bring in a sample for testing). When I saw the bill I was surprised to see I was charged $11 for it (a tiny little baggie of plastic pellets that I'll probably never use). It's only $11 so I didn't say anything, but it felt a little sneaky. You should let customers know any costs involved when you offer to "give" them something to bring home. You didn't give me anything, you sold me something. There's an important distinction there."
- Eric Hartford
08/26/2017 18:53:28
"Thank you for hwlping with Winston"
- Logan Campbell
08/24/2017 14:13:31
"Continue doing what you are doing. "
- G. Don Marson
08/23/2017 23:17:03
"Great as usual. Worth the 40 min drive."
- Frank Edmands
08/23/2017 21:42:46
"We feel "AT HOME' when we come for a visit. We especially love Pat and Dr. Flowers. There are others too, I just can't remember their names! Thank you for taking such good care of my dog Gus~"
- Rick Larrabee
08/23/2017 17:01:12
"Keep doing what you are doing because it works."
- Mark and Janet Blythe
08/22/2017 20:25:54
"All Good!"
- Donna & Harold Pelletier
08/22/2017 20:13:58
"I love that with an appointment/visit we don't feel like we need to RUSH out! You are always great to expain things if we have questions and your time is much appreciated!"
- Kim Abbott
08/22/2017 17:47:45
"This appointment was for a wellness checkup and we were not forced or persuaded to get any procedure or vaccine. We appreciated the free samples of dental chews and supplies. Great appointment and always treats our cats with sincere kindest and affection and listens to and heeds our concerns and wishes. "
- Susan Shortall
08/22/2017 17:01:26
"I trust the care my pets get at At Home, as much as i do my home vet in fl. i would not take them anywhere other then At Home Veterinary Care! thanks for caring for my 3 scotties! kathy curtis"
- Kathy Curtis
08/20/2017 13:10:28
"Dr. Flowers gave an exorbitant amount of time to check my Toby cat. I liked his friendliness and choices he had to offer for my pet."
- Nancy Rigdon
08/19/2017 19:40:38
"I found At Home to a great establishment, everyone made me as well as Zeke "at home"! I will be bringing him back for all our vet needs!"
- Staciey Oliveira
08/19/2017 00:20:53
" Incredible service as always. Thank you for taking such great care of my baby girl ❀"
- Jo - Ann Baker
08/18/2017 17:25:37
"everyone was very nice the ladies (young lady) even was kind enough to help me with a rebate on my comp. I had trouble with she offered to do it for me. very nice!"
- Leanne Choate
08/18/2017 01:14:06
"The care for Cruiser, who is far from a social cat, was exceptional. The care to make her feel comfortable and as stress free as she could be was great."
- Katrina Tong
08/16/2017 01:26:46
"First impression that I had was that the Doctors and staff were very pleasant and professional. It is very clear that you make your patients a priority. Thank you."
- Stuart Burns
08/15/2017 19:04:21
"I felt as if the vet that examined my dog was truly interested in him and gave him a thorough exam. Very helpful with her suggestions and I'm in hopes that I have her every time!"
- Deborah Diamond
08/14/2017 09:40:56
"I appreciate how you treat each of my pets like an individual and you understand they are important members of our family!"
- Melanie Nickless
08/13/2017 19:36:24
"missy is doing good "
- Chester Hinckley
08/10/2017 12:53:24
"I used Dr John years ago when I had 3 & 4 cats and was a coward to try to take them to any vet by my car; so when I saw an ad for a vet with a van that did house calls, it was the beginning of a very great experience with At Home. This last visit I was pleased to be able ask for Dr John to see me & my Wyley. Very classy touch & unique for a veterinary Dr & veterinary service. Many thanx Art"
- Arthur Ray
08/10/2017 00:26:08
"We recommend you to everyone we know with fur babies!"
- Amanda Woodbury
08/08/2017 22:11:23
"My visit was exceptional. I felt relaxed not rushed and was able to have all my concerns addressed. I left feeling satisfied with a plan and excited to get started! Thank you. "
- Terry Knox
08/08/2017 19:29:12
"Very happy with our visit."
- Pamela Connor
08/08/2017 02:09:06
"My dog loves coming to the vets. You always have a cookie for her and she's never scared when she's there. My cat is very happy too. I'm beyond impressed with each of our visits, I'd never go anywhere else :) "
- Ashley Conrad
08/07/2017 13:20:44
"Very happy "
- John Paradis
08/06/2017 13:48:04