"Thanks A lot for all your help, my kitten Nala is happy and jumping around like a normal kitty again. 😊"
- Joanna Serrano
07/14/2015 10:43:09
"Our experience at NCVEC was beyond expectation. Our stress & worry about our little furry family member was great & the staff & Dr. Bochowski put us at ease. They also kept our Roxy calm & treated her in the same gentle loving way we do. We were totally pleased & thankful for the service we received."
- Kathleen Johnson
07/13/2015 15:07:36
"The Doctor took great care of our hound. She made us feel at ease and I knew that Luther would be in good hands. We appreciated the communication when our wait was delayed due to a couple of critical cases that came in. This was our second visit and we will return if another emergency arises."
- Julie Certa
07/13/2015 09:39:23
"The staff was pleasant and knowledgeable. I have nothing but good things to say about North Central Veterinary Hospital. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who has a pet in need of veterinary care. Thank you!"
- Teresa Jacobson
07/13/2015 09:00:15
"While walking my son's beagles a pit bull attacked one of the dogs. I immediately took her to NCVEC. The wait was about 5 minutes. The vet carefully examined her and discovered a bite wound on the left medial elbow. She cleaned the wound and gave her medication. I was very satisfied with the prompt care. NCVEC is open 24 hours a day."
- Helen Clark
07/11/2015 18:36:24
"Sparky (our cat) was very please with the care at NCVE!"
- Pam Springer
07/10/2015 10:29:12
"I'm very thankful for everyone at North Central who helped treat Baylor. Everyone was very friendly, as well as knowledgable and the fees were surprisingly reasonable. I appreciate everything. Thanks again. "
- Melissa Rucker
07/10/2015 09:46:31
"Treated professionally, efficiently, and with courtesy. All tests and possible causes of my dogs problems were explained fully as were the estimated cost of tests and treatment. Would not hesitate to return should the need be necessary."
- Michael Berman
07/09/2015 16:31:50
"The Center is a valuable asset to the community. The care and treatment of our cat was excellent."
- Anthony Adaschik
07/09/2015 13:50:24
"I had to bring my pet in over the holiday weekend. I was expecting long waits and possibly frustration. However, the staff and Dr. were amazing. The facility was spotless. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. And I even got a follow-up phone call to see how my kitty was doing several days later. Highly recommend!"
- Patty Ballantyne
07/08/2015 21:53:24
"I was very happy that this place is there when my dog started showing anxiety and blood in her urine while we were on vacation 500 miles from our regular vet. Everyone was so nice, and even though the wait was long, the staff checked on us frequently and kept us informed of everything that was going on. I really did not mind waiting to make my dog feel comfortable again. She is fine now, and I am very grateful for everyone we encountered at North Central Vet emergency center. Dr. Hawthorne was wonderful. "
- Tara Lohman
07/08/2015 13:34:42
" The staff was wonderful and great with our dog Gertie. The cost was higher than our normal vet, but we were happy she was able to be seen by a vet on Sunday and started on medication that night. We were there for 3 1/2 hrs, which is long. However, we were impressed that her doctor called us the next afternoon to see how she was doing. In an emergency, I would go there again."
- Kitty Maurer
07/05/2015 13:28:18
"I have had both of my dogs to NCVEC and each and every time I have been amazed and thoroughly satisfied with the service and treatment the dogs have received. Service is extremely professional. The love and care the staff shows for the animals is heartwarming. "
- Judith Olen
07/03/2015 15:18:50
"We found the staff at North Central Veterinary Center very helpful and accommodating and the cost for the great service our precious pet was given was very minimal for all that they did for him. "
- Terry Riley
07/01/2015 22:27:01
"Everyone was very nice. They did a very good job working with my cat. She can be very difficult to deal with especially when giving her medicine."
- Denise Pruden
07/01/2015 21:02:23
"Doctor Mink and Doctor Sharp were very helpful in answering any questions we had. Very polite and friendly. Agatha too, and the Vet tech too, didn't catch her name. Such a clean, friendly waiting room."
- Laurel Mink
07/01/2015 21:00:59
"The cleanliness of the facility always is outstanding."
- Barbara Adams-Smith
07/01/2015 18:11:08
"I love Dr. Stiles she is wonderful. The girls up front could stand to be a little nicer. Thanks "
- Tessa Handy
07/01/2015 11:42:16
"Outstanding service and support for an emergency in the middle of the night. Dr. Hawthorne and the entire staff explained things clearly and provided excellent medical care. Great follow up the next day!"
- Veronica Miler
07/01/2015 05:52:09
"They staff was very caring and quick to help when we arrived. They explained her injuries and after care well. It was a relief to know we could get her medical care immediately and eleveate our fears of serious injury. "
- Jeff Chandler
06/30/2015 20:34:00
"They we so nice to me and my sick Dog Andy. They treated he like they cared why he wasn't feeling good, I will come back."
- Vicki VanDenburgh
06/22/2015 13:37:42
"My wait time was longer as 2 emergencies came in. My dog was there as I was worried she was having something going on in her rear end, but she was doing good other than that. When the emergencies came in the doctor had to leave to check on the patient. It is good to know that they will take a look at a critical patient and then come back to me. Each time I have been here everyone has been very understanding."
- Theresa Kish
06/22/2015 08:55:42
"They took great care of my cat during his time of need"
- Barbara Etter
06/18/2015 14:46:00
"After our dog experienced some worrisome symptoms during a weekend trip, we found North Central Veterinary Emergency Center through some Google searches. We took our dog in, and we were all treated exceptionally well by the center's staff and our pup's problems were resolved with some minor medical attention. Highly recommend!"
- Louise Packard
06/16/2015 14:26:30
"The staff explained completely the risk/benefit/cost of the treatment they gave my dog. Knowing all the factors allowed me to make the best decision for my dog and my family. The treatment was successful and I look forward to many more years with muffy!"
- Walter Coffman
06/16/2015 11:30:36
"Great staff working at both locations. We have visited both of your locations with 2 different pets for 2 different surgery procedures. The service and treatment we received was very friendly, professional and passionate. I would and will recommend either of these facilities to anyone needed medical attention for their pet(s). Todd Ryan"
- Todd Ryan
06/15/2015 10:08:12
"Thank you for your "middle of the night" service with my boy, Ace! It's great to know there is place nearby in case of emergencies! "
- Leslie Martinez
06/12/2015 14:08:28
"I was very happy with the care my dog received. After all, he is part of my family. Everything they did was explained to me. They answered all my questions and showed a very caring attitude. I will go there again if needed and I will tell all my friends to take their pets there if needed."
- Elizabeth Bianchi
06/11/2015 22:00:23
"The visit was helpful in easing my mind about Dixie. I got a follow up call which was appreciated. The only thing I had a problem with was the testing (culture) I had done as I never received a call with the results (which were negative-so no big deal)."
- Kim Torres
06/09/2015 19:48:49
"No wait time when I brought in my dog. Asked thorough questions followed by a complete exam based on concerns. My dog & myself were very well taken care of during a time of pain & fear. "
- Ashley Harrison
06/09/2015 10:15:01
"Nice facility, good service"
- Pete Gerike
06/08/2015 13:46:01
"I was greeted immediately and my dog was taken into the Doctor as soon as I walked in. The staff was extremely concerned and totally helpful. Dr. Klemens is absolutely the best and spent a good amount of time going over his examination of my dog and what I needed to do to follow up and answered all of my questions. I was so worried about my dog and when I left felt a sense of relief. A Tech even made me a cup of tea. It is just great to know that there is someplace to come after hours and on the weekends. Thanks to all of you."
- Ginny Scott
06/07/2015 20:09:26
"We were so grateful for the TLC you provided for us and our 15 y.o. cat. Thankfully, her issues turned out to be minor!"
- Kristin Hughes
06/04/2015 10:08:19
"We wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of our dog, Loki! The staff could not have been any nicer, and they reassured us that he was in great hands. The office was very clean, and had a welcoming environment. It is so nice to know that we can feel comfortable leaving him somewhere and know he is going to be well taken care of. Thank you again. "
- James Tidd
06/02/2015 15:44:10
"Thought the wait was longer than we expected it was for valid reasons. Our dog, while injured, was appropriately triaged and was NOT in immediate threat. We were content with the service we received, though of course I do think that the cost was a bit high, even for emergency care. The staff was wonderful and was sure to check on us during our wait. Our girl received wonderful care. Our only complaint is that you don't have MORE offices in the area! :)"
- Andrea Archuleta
06/02/2015 13:06:09
"I greatly appreciated your service and I'm likely to go back if need be. "
- Tatiana Lopez
06/01/2015 13:06:04
"Our Bella is a 7 year old rescue German Shepard mix with DLE Lupus. She suffers significant nose bleeds during a Lupus flare. The doctors and staff at the clinic have been wonderful in treating Bella and stopping the bleeding when we can't at home. This will be a life-long problem for Bella, but with the support of our regular vet, Dr. Scott Baldwin, who recommended the clinic, and the excellent care of the doctors and staff at the clinic, we can manage Bella's medical needs and provide her with a happy and comfortable life. There is no better facility in NW Indiana to care for animals with difficult medical needs."
- Paul Leonard
05/28/2015 10:23:42
"Dr. Kliemn (sp) was very informative and did a great exam on Carl our cat who was injured in a altercation with a feral cat that showed up in our yard. the assistants were very kind and informative. "
- Gail Kuiper
05/27/2015 22:59:38
"It would be nice if more attention was given by the vet. My primary interactions were with the vet tech and for the amount of money paid, the vet could have been more present and friendly. "
- Tiffany Davis
05/27/2015 13:39:15
"I was very happy with the professional care and compassion given to Maple during our emergency visit. Dr.s Ilie (sp?) and Klemmons were very compassionate and explained things thoroughly and provided excellent care during her stay. I knew she was in very capable and caring hands. "
- Linda Orlowski-Smith
05/27/2015 11:35:53
"We were in a bit of shock since our dog had quickly gone downhill. All of the care and communication was EXCELLENT except one small improvement. At several times during our visit we were left alone in the examining room and had thought of another quick question or our primary vet had called on our cell phone and wanted to speak with the Dr. and when we would poke our head out of the examining room, we could not find anyone. We stayed put since we knew we weren't supposed to wander around the back halls but when we called out or went to the front desk, we couldn't find anyone. This would be for 10 minutes at a time, which is a long time to try to get someone's attention. Other then that very small issue, everyone was wonderful. Thank you for such compassionate care at such a sad time. "
- Anne Vonk
05/27/2015 10:03:43
"reasonable prices for emergency care....VERY thankful they were open and waiting for our emergency visit "
- Susan Denny
05/27/2015 08:42:26
"I've had pets in my family my entire 37 years and this is the first clinic I have ever been that actually treats the pets the same way a human ER would. I brought my dog in with extreme difficulty breathing and they rushed a tech out to us. She was kind and talked to us for a few minutes to get an idea of what his symptoms were and she rushed him into the hospital. Only after the dogs was in their care did they have us fill out the usual 'new client' forms. It was maybe an hour until we saw the vet, and we received some devastating news, but she was very compassionate and answered all of our questions quite thoroughly. They were able to successfully stabilize him, and we are now experiencing some quality time with him at home. This hospital is 65 miles from my house and I would absolutely make the drive again. This is the single best ER facility in the area."
- Shane Griffin
05/26/2015 12:44:39
"Nice service. My questions were answered with quick responses. "
- Jesse Corona
05/25/2015 14:38:53
"I just found out about North Central Veterinary Emergency Center - my dog was not acting like herself and wouldn't eat her breakfast which isn't like her - I call my vet but they were booked solid and told me I had 2 options, I could bring her in and leave her and they would look at her the 1st chance we get or take her to NCV Emergency Center. I asked Penny what she thought I should do and she recommended me taking her to the Emergency Center - they are open 24 hrs. and they could see my little pup right away. The Dr. on duty was very sweet, nice and gentle with Chynna. I already recommended NCV to a friend in case her dog needed to be seen right away."
- Cindy Cosmo
05/24/2015 12:29:08
"This was my first visit. My pet has eve problems. Something like pink eye, I think. It was a relief for me to see the right doctor. My pet is a 12 year old Yorkie. He bone structure is large bu,t he is 100 per cent Yorkshire terrior. I wish to thank Dr. Jean Stiles for her kind and gentle care of Misho. I will be back to see her in three weeks as a follow up. Thank you Mrs. Cora Farrenkopf"
- Cora Farrenkopf
05/24/2015 11:12:41
"The doctor and staff are very caring about their furry pets. The staff is very knowledgeable and work well as a team."
- Linda Garces
05/24/2015 10:19:12
"I was told the whole process would take only an hour. I was there for over two and a half hours!"
- Kaitlyn Whiting
05/23/2015 17:43:30
"very helpful and my dog is fine just like the vet said she would be thanks "
- Sharon Olszewski
05/20/2015 16:08:09
"The vet was very nice and sympathetic. Thanks for caring for our pets!"
- Michael Gomez
05/19/2015 00:39:37
"Dr. Ross and Staff were absolutely amazing!! They started working on my kitten as soon as I walked in and everything was handled in a very efficient way. Great Emergency Care!! THANK YOU for all you do!! "
- Sarah Meinert
05/18/2015 04:14:11
"Our communities, and our pets are extremely fortunate to have PNC Veterinary Emergency Clinic. Over the years, we have come to depend on this clinic for after hours vet care and always received excellent care for our pets. Thank you for being there! Don & Sue Babcock Michigan City, IN"
- Sue Babcock
05/17/2015 16:27:52
"Dr. Townsend was so gentle and caring with our little Gracie. We really appreciated this level of care."
- Cheryl Nagel
05/17/2015 13:42:29
"The Dr and staff were all so friendly and kind. Explained and help us understand about our pets treatment before discharge. I will definitely be recommending your office to all I know , in their time if need of a vetenarian:)"
- Susan Carmam
05/16/2015 17:46:54
"I have been doing dog rescue for the last 15 years. I have had as many as 8 dogs at a time, that equals lots of trips to the Vet. I have never be as impressed with the quality of care I and my dog received during our first visit. The staff was warm and caring and helped decrease my anxiety. My little 12 pound Malty mix picked a fight with a pit mix. Sparkey lost. The care was quick and efficient. The Doctor was warm and empathetic. Sparkey was given great care! I was so worried about him. Doctor went over the X-rays with me explained his injuries and put me at ease. Sparkey had X-rays anesthesia, antibiotics and pain medication, I think we were done in less than an hour. I got to take Sparey home with very good post care instructions. Happy to say he is doing great thanks to the great and thoughtful care he received. I will recommend them to anyone who has a pet. Thank you a million times and keep up the superb work you do"
- Romona Cetnar
05/15/2015 13:52:34
"Everyone staffed at this facility while my dog was there is amazing! All of my questions were answered in a timely and educated manner. All of the staff treated my dog, Riot just like their own baby. I owe them everything for making sure he was okay and taking care of him overnight while monitoring him. I would definitely recommend this facility to everyone! 5 stars!"
- Loretta Ward
05/15/2015 11:24:33
"Tonto, my cat, needed surgery after several urinary tract blockages. The procedure was quick. The emergency center handled transport to/fro another facility where a specific surgeon was available, and North Central kept Tonto an extra 1.5 days because I wouldn't have anyone to keep an eye on him at home during his recovery. He's now recovering rapidly and I'm grateful for the care and expertise he received. And the total expense was less than I expected, which was a nice surprise."
- David Moline
05/13/2015 21:31:35
"The staff was very compassionate and caring. They treated my dog as though he were their own. Both the assistant and the doctor were very professional and kind. My wife and I both wished we could use them as our primary care veterinarian. "
- Edward Moore
05/08/2015 18:00:13
"Thank you for taking care of my coonhound, Elvis, after he ate a sock. I was so worried about him and I am so happy that everything turned out to be ok and my little guy didn't need surgery. Thanks for doing what you do!"
- Beverly Sausaman
05/08/2015 09:06:38
"Everyone at North Central is the best! My dog was seen immediately and his case was given their full attention and all aspects of his condition were discussed. I am glad to report he is recovering and I'm grateful for the care he received at North Central. "
- Karen Ackoff
05/05/2015 09:47:30
"I was very pleased with the immediate attention for Daisy. All staff were very caring and that meant a lot to me. "
- Pam Lang
05/04/2015 18:02:10
"Outstanding service, staff and reasonable pricing for pet care"
- Mikki Sinn
05/02/2015 16:32:28
"The doctor and staff here are just wonderful! Very knowledgable and caring and friendly. They saved my yorkie's life in December, and helped when my vet was closed and my Pekingese was sick. I highly value their services."
- Catherine Weiss
05/02/2015 03:07:46
"everyone was super friendly & explained everything they were planning on doing before it was done. then after , all options, results were discussed with us. "
- Gayle Kordas
04/29/2015 16:03:19
"we have used the clinic several times over the years--and always with a good result. "
- Robert Franey
04/29/2015 06:37:39
"Very happy to have this center available for us when our regular vet was closed. Staff was knowledgeable and helped ease our minds. We were in and out but didn't feel rushed through."
- Michele Zeiters
04/28/2015 20:51:57
"you took very good care of my dog after his surgery & I appreciate that you were concerned how he was doing after we took him home thank you for that."
- Natalie Rosinski
04/27/2015 14:53:01
"A great place to take your pet for Vet care..always open....and you always know that your pet is getting the best care they can receive. "
- Cheryl Voss
04/26/2015 18:04:05
"I couldn't be happier with the care, professionalism and expertise"
- Sharon Wheeland
04/23/2015 10:00:21
"The staff is wonderful!! Dr Ross is amazing!! I had been to Westville a,few years ago with another dog and they were wonderful. So glad Highland opened cause I live in Merrillville. I have been telling everyone about your clinic and how wonderful you are!!!"
- Linda Smith
04/22/2015 21:09:54
"We brought our Standard Poodle Lacee in due to respiratory distress. We rescued her 5 years ago from a labadoodle breeding farm. She had breast cancer earlier which was removed. We found out she had multiple tumors in her lung area metastasized from her BC cancer. The staff was very supportive and understand of our grief. We can not sat enough good about them. God bless them. "
- William Pool
04/21/2015 13:15:12