"the vet was very understanding and answered my questions and treated us very well"
- Kathy Clayton
01/21/2017 12:18:43
"Everyone was amazing! My dog is extremely anxious and I was amazed that a vet who has a doctorate and graduated with honors was willing to sit on the floor just to make Todd feel more comfortable. It meant the entire world to me! The receptionists and vet techs went out of their way to make sure I was able to be there for my anxious dog and try to make him more comfortable. My questions and concerns were all heard and addressed above and beyond what I needed! "
- Chelsea Koester
11/26/2016 13:23:09
"The vet tech that assisted was very nice and gentle with Milo. The vet was honest and was able to establish a trust for the well-being of my dog."
- Mandy Spillers
11/22/2016 09:23:48
"All the staff were friendly and helpful. You can tell its more than just a job for them. They truly are cat friendly."
- Stephen Latta
09/03/2016 17:20:55
"The vet tech was good, but I don't remember her name. Dr. Lucero was very good and personable with both my dog and me. She patiently and thoroughly answered all of my questions and concerns regarding my dog's health care, and made reasonable recommendations."
- Sacha Economides-Weeks
09/02/2016 09:15:35
"We were thoroughly pleased with our visit yesterday! We decided to come to Babcock Hills Vet because of the good reviews we read online. Every person we encountered was very nice and helpful, specifically Pam, Summer and Dr. Zapalac. We will definitely continue to bring our furry family members here! "
- Joseph Guijarro
08/18/2016 16:55:56
"My dog, Bruno, always responds very well with Ashley---I am, also, always pleased when seeing Laura, Pam, Carol, Heather, and Vanessa upon arriving---they have always done an excellent job for as long as I've been coming to your facility"
- Sara Hernandez
08/11/2016 20:34:56
"Everyone has been wonderful. I have never been made to feel unwelcomed. It is obvious that the owner of Babcock Hills Hospital has great instinct when hiring personnel. Thank you for all you do for the little creatures that make us laugh, make us cry and give us unconditional love."
- Gloria Romero
08/05/2016 10:34:39
"Dr Zapalac did an EXCELLENT job with my senior cat's needs. She addressed every concern about the cat's healthcare needs and took the time to gather past information to form a game plan for future long term treatment. When a different local veterinary clinic's attitude (two days prior) was to unjustly euthanize my animal, Dr Zapalac had a more positive approach with other long term care options for treating the feline kidney disease/weight issues. It means a lot to have a veterinarian who will work with the owner in the best interest of the pet. My only regret is that this was my first visit and I didn't find the clinic sooner! All the employees that I encountered were very professional and nice. I absolutely love you guys, thank you! "
- Michelle Laroe
08/02/2016 13:38:57
"Pam, in the front office, has always been extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and professonal. "
- Sally Day
07/27/2016 08:55:09
"Hogie loves Sierra and she is able to clip his nails easily whereas he did not easily let another technician touch his feet in April. This was the 2nd time Sierra clipped Hogie's nails, as this time I requested her specifically. He walked out so happy. I will always request Sierra for Hogie's nail trims."
- Cynthia (Cyndy) Schatz
07/25/2016 11:42:11
"Dr. Gomes did an excellant job on Lexie' bleeding foot.! She explained everything very well. The receptionist was very helpfull in getting Lexie into exam room quickley. Great staff!!!!"
- Michael Baker
07/16/2016 19:06:49
"A special thanks to Pam and Carol who are always so wonderfully kind and helpful and willing to answer all my questions by phone or during an office visit. The Doctors and staff are exceptional and with each visit, provide the best care for my furry boy, Gunny, Thanks to everyone at Babcock Hills.....I am always happy to recommend you to friends and family."
- Carol Deel
07/16/2016 16:06:53
"Dr. Lucero is awesome. Love her! I can tell she really cares about her clients. "
- Carrie George
07/11/2016 09:37:04
"The techs are all sweet and the front desk was better than ever! I've always been impressed with your facility! Bravo to all!!!👏"
- Linda Luduena
07/10/2016 09:53:30
"Everyone is always very nice. Dr. Gomes was very attentive and showed such compassion for my new puppy. I don't recall the techs name. She was also so kind. She made my pup feel safe. I've referred both of my sisters over. They each have new pups aswell. We're a Babcock family. Wooop!!!"
- Diana Maldonado
07/09/2016 12:22:40
"Ursi, the boarding supervisor, is and has always been outstanding. As long as she is there looking after my dogs and cats, I am relaxed and happy knowing that they will get outstanding care. I love the comments on their report cards when it is not a holiday. Of course, the cats don't like leaving the house, but the dogs always enjoy coming to Babcock Hills!"
- Martha Confray
07/07/2016 07:32:33
"Dr. Pena was very good and helpful"
- Rose Lebeda
06/29/2016 23:32:16
"Dr. Lucero is amazing doctor. She goes above and beyond for the care of my pets. I know when I take my furry family members, they are in excellent hands. I have full trust in the Babcock Hills team. Especially when my little miss Daisy got sick and I had to let her go. It was the hardest thing I've done it my life. I cannot thank everyone there enough for the compassion you showed me through that very difficult time. Also for making an incredibly kind donation in Daisy's honor to Texas A&M. Thank you again for everything. "
- Linda Nees
06/25/2016 16:15:23
"i love babcock hills and especially Dr. Lane, who has always treated me and my pets with amazing respect and care. theres not a single thing i could recommend for improvement in terms of service and care. The one thing i could mention is the app - i tried using the app a few months ago, and it was not a good experience; the loyalty stamps dont save or transfer and the app itself was unstable. i will try it again if it has changed, but i dont think it was quite ready for prime time at launch. "
- Marisa Preciado
06/25/2016 09:21:09
"I had no problems with anyone on staff. I am grateful that during the time to euthanize our pet Muffin, that Dr. Zapalac was not only available, but very personable and sensitive to what was going on with our pet. It was an extremely difficult time for us and we hated to let Muffin go but as we did love her, it was for her best interest. We hoped so much that the Chemo Therapy would work and give her a year or two to be with us but it just was not to be. It will take some time for our hearts to heal then perhaps we can get another puppy. We truly want to thank everyone during Muffin's crisis and their respect to us as well."
- Bonnie Phillips
06/11/2016 18:41:27
"Everyone that helped with my new puppy was extremely helpful. I was able to have all of my questions answered by the Dr. and staff. Pam was especially helpful when I needed to call back with further questions about my puppies diagnosis. She was able to get all of my follow-up questions answered by the Dr. and returned my call promptly. I already have scheduled another appointment for my other pups. We have absolutely found our vet clinic!"
- Adam Christopherson
06/07/2016 13:20:34
"Rhonda Lane was very good with my cat. She was very knowledgeable and confident in the information she provided. She made sure to only give us what he needed and cut out things he didn't need right away. i could tell she really cared about my cat's well-being"
- Shalynne Benke
05/11/2016 15:55:23
"I don't remember anyone's names, but the assistants to the vet were very kind and gentle with Sasha, which I appreciated. Thank you "
- Jane Hevezi
04/17/2016 13:46:38
"The tech was excellent. Dr Lanier was very open to treatment options and cost for an additional problem found during examination."
- Tom McMillan
04/16/2016 16:04:40
"staff and doctors the best they care !"
- Thelma Hernandez
01/10/2016 11:52:51
"I love this clinic, from the very friendly and knowledgable front desk staff, vet techs, and my vet Dr. Lanier. My family has been bringing my pets here for many, many years. Thank you!"
- Amy Yanaway
01/02/2016 12:35:15
"As I said previously, we love Babcock Hills and ADORE Dr. Lucero, she is Sweet, caring,knowledgeable,easy to communicate with-A TREASURE!"
- China Moran
01/02/2016 11:49:19
"I always receive excellent services from all staff members at Babcock Hills. My overall customer satisfaction is - completely satisfied especially with the expertise of the veterinarians -i.e. Dr. Zapalac. She recently communicated with me in a voicemail when I was out of town and my dog became ill. She also obtained an immediate referral to an excellent, board certified ophthalmologist which was needed to save my dog's vision."
- Marsha Polk
12/31/2015 18:39:51
"We are always pleased with the high level of service we receive as well as the friendly staff who always makes us feel welcome."
- Richard Doll
12/27/2015 20:42:58
"Very satisfied. I have been bringing my pet here for about 6 years. I love this place and the staff. "
- Anita Bazan
12/23/2015 14:29:24
"We received the same professional, caring, high quality care we have received for 25 years. I feel like I am coming to see friends who love my dogs at each appointment."
- Robyn Myers
10/25/2015 13:07:10
"We bring you all the cats we own and some we find along the way. You always make us feel like our furry family gets the best of care."
- Tracy Lott
09/30/2015 19:26:29
"I have always been happy with the care we receive at Babcock Hills. Everyone is so friendly, accommodating and kind to my big, goofy dog. "
- Heather Gomez
09/15/2015 16:07:46
"Had a great experience. I have been bringing my cat in yearly since 2011 and have always had a good experience. "
- Stephanie Pearson
09/14/2015 13:21:08
"The entire staff is very courteous and professional. I would enjoy going there, if I didn't have to bring my cranky animals with me."
- Cynthia Kubicek
09/12/2015 13:35:07
"Dr.Lucero and staff are warm, welcoming, caring. Very happy to have you as my little dog's health care professionals. Thanks! Jackie Gholson"
- Jacqueline Gholson
09/12/2015 13:16:04
"Perfect visit - Dr Lucero is extremely patient and explains everything very well. Always feel like the only patient here!"
- Karen Bowers
09/12/2015 13:08:34
"We appreciate the knowledge that your staff member have regarding medical issues."
- Chris Mills
09/12/2015 08:51:09
"Client of 15 years"
- Nathan Titus
09/11/2015 13:39:11
"I am very satisfied with your clinic. My dog and myself have always been treated kindly and everyone has always been very helpful."
- Georgia Wall
09/08/2015 09:56:49
"Awesome, personalities, cheerful partner's (employees) even on Mondays. I am most elated at the fact that everyone makes my son, myself and our puppy feel important. It definitely a 5 Star treatment. They proactively helped us to getting registered and started on the portal. Everyone actively helps each other. "
- Paul Rodriguez
09/03/2015 20:18:59
"Thank you for providing exceptional service and care for my pets over the past several years and for the many years to come."
- Susan Whitley
09/02/2015 15:17:23
"The doctors and staff are wonderful. My babies are well cared for here - better than at any other veterinarian we have taken them to in any state. Please continue to do what you are doing."
- Lisa Spadavecchia
08/28/2015 12:50:29
"You guys always meet and over exceed my satisfaction. Thank you for the recent surgery of Hank, he is doing so much better. So many thanks to all of you at Babcock Hills! Without you my puppies would not be living a happy life. Millions of thank you's!!! "
- Caprina Y. Guillen
08/27/2015 18:57:00
"I want to say how much I like bringing my dog here. we came in recently because my dog was throwing up one afternoon and we saw Dr. Z. She called to check on him the next day which was a very pleasant surprise. "
- Patricia Catlett
08/26/2015 08:51:58
"Always excellent service. Only place my four legged kids will ever be taken to for medical care."
- Michael Martinez
06/09/2015 11:56:28
"We trust all the staff at Babcock Hills and wouldn't go anywhere else."
- Coleen Carswell
06/07/2015 20:07:14
"The staff are all very friendly and extremely caring towards both my pets and me. Much appreciated. I know my babies are in good hands here."
- Lisa Spadavecchia
06/02/2015 15:41:50
"I was very satisfied with the level of service and treatment from Babcock Hills. The technicians were kind in handling my pet, and the doctor called and gave plenty of information after the exam. The process didn't feel rushed at all, and the level of care definitely showed and was appreciated."
- Christina Ramirez
05/26/2015 12:15:08
"Everyone does a terrific job in caring for their patients! I have always been very pleased and happy at Babcock Hills Vet. Thanks for all the Wonderful care you have given our furry children!!!"
- Bonnie Phillips
05/25/2015 12:47:45
"We always feel that our dog receives excellent care at Babcock Hills. The technicians and vets are friendly and very knowedgeable ."
- Ann Toscano
05/25/2015 08:00:09
"We have been very pleased with Dr Lucero, and when she is unavailable, Drs Lanier and Lane have been most helpful and professional. We really like the exam room check out procedure."
- Andi Mc Donald
04/27/2015 13:22:11
"Babcock Hills has always been my and Sugar's favorite. Everyone is always so kind and helpful. Even in our recent car accident, Sugar was made a priority and this makes me extremely happy. She is my baby and she is always treated like a princess with you all. As we are moving soon, I know Sugar and I will miss you all tremendously. Thank you Babcock Hills for loving and taking care of my baby. Already missing everyone, Shalanda and Sugar!"
- Shalanda Gordon
04/24/2015 13:07:32
"Everything was easy to set up, drop off and pick up was quick and convenient. Our dog seemed to do well, and interact well with the staff. Overall no complaints, everything met expectations. "
- Travis Eliason
04/23/2015 16:46:17
"The staff was very friendly and helpful, the doctor was excellent. The place was clean, no complaints at all. "
- Hasan Tharwani
11/30/2014 13:51:20
"We were treated with compassion and respect. They were patient with answering our questions."
- Preston Walker
11/30/2014 12:32:07
"Both of our experiences (Bella and myself) at Babcock Hills hospital was outstanding, from the front desk receptionist, to the tech that assisted with my initial briefing to how she handled Bella while the doctor did her examination. The doctor was very forth coming with the information I needed, it was just a great experience all around!"
- Janice Phillips
11/25/2014 18:12:29
"Don't change a thing! Your staffs willingness to assist via e-mail, phone and in person is amazing, I wouldn't ever think of going to a diffrent vet at this point. "
- Scott Howard
10/20/2014 10:14:32