"Friendly knowledgeable staff."
- Teresa Murray
02/14/2021 17:27:22
"I’m pleased with the care provided to my cat. As an elderly cat she needs more attention, and I think you provide that."
- Gaye Feuer
02/11/2021 23:42:13
"Our three four legged children love the technicians and Dr Lee. They are always excited when we pull into the parking lot. I don’t know what you do, but keep doing it. "
- Jeff Samuels
02/07/2021 21:05:51
"Dr Lee And staff the are excellent "
- Ray Rahimi
02/04/2021 22:05:43
"My dog has always received the best of care from Dames Point. That is why I have been a client for almost 22 years. They are the best as far as I am concerned. I have recommended many frieneds and neighbors and they hae also een very satisfied."
- Linda Kienker
01/22/2021 22:27:30
"We love everyone at Dames Point!!!’"
- Pat Tomford
01/21/2021 17:18:49
"Staff is always professional and takes such good care of our fur baby!"
- Valerie Huelster
01/20/2021 00:56:22
"Communication is excellent. "
- Rona Revels
01/08/2021 20:02:31
"Everything went great as always! We love Dr Lee & Staff!"
- Leah Vollberg
01/08/2021 17:23:27
"My dog has been a patient of Dr. Lee for eight years. He has also been going to day care for eight years. I continue to have my dog treated by Dr. Lee and Lindsey, kennel technician, due to Dr. Lee's superior medical expertise and Lindsey's compassionate care for all the dogs in her card. I would highly recommend Dr. Lee. She is an excellent veterinarian, highly skilled and has great expertise."
- Patricia Cappiello
12/14/2020 21:42:02
"The experience was great as always. The dogs always become excited when we pull onto you parking lot. I never worry when leaving the dogs. "
- Jeff Samuels
12/10/2020 18:31:35
"I was very impressed with staff and how well they tested Zoey. Dr. Lee was very informative and gave great advice regarding Doggie Daycare. We look forward to getting to know everyone and the pack at Dame's Point Animal Hospital! "
- Christina Carlisle
12/03/2020 17:13:44
"I wouldn’t trust anyone else with the care of my fur baby. I will just be glad when we are allowed in with them again."
- Deborah Ward
12/01/2020 17:30:10
"Excellent staff, excellent service. Very caring about pet."
- Teresa Murray
11/25/2020 23:54:44
"All the staff are always very courteous and informative. Dr. Lee is the best Vet in Jacksonville!!"
- John Long
11/25/2020 13:44:46
"The staff is very cordial and pleasant. A great easy feeling of trust from the staff. They e hit their jobs and it shows. Dr. Lee is great and they all exude great personalities. "
- Melanie Miller
11/21/2020 20:24:14
"We love these people, and would never dream of taking my guys anywhere else. From the front desk all the way to the Dr. they treat us all with kindness, and respect. They are the GREATEST."
- Randall King
11/13/2020 00:52:32
"Excellent. friendly service, as usual!"
- Margie Fleming
11/12/2020 00:44:39
"Dames Point Pet Hospital has always been professional and courteous, yet at the same time provides a comforting and warm atmosphere for both pet and owner"
- Jacob Carpenter
11/11/2020 06:30:39
"In the midst of Covid, your practice has continued to provide excellent service. I actually like the curbside option for my pets care"
- Ken Mixon
11/10/2020 16:30:40
"Very nice people. I would highly recommend Dames Point to anyone needing a veterinarian for their pet(s)."
- Thomas Skinner
11/04/2020 23:01:09
"I appreciate this vet office greatly and it's staff. They are accommodating, friendly, and helpful. Always get dogs in when it's an emergency and are informative. "
- Jennifer Nondorf
10/26/2020 12:51:59
"Excellent staff knowledgeable and also great doctor Dr. Lee"
- Antonella Leatherwood
10/19/2020 21:29:59
"You took such good care of her and got her well. Thank you."
- Shelton Armour
10/16/2020 22:40:27
"The staff does treat our pet like family. The doctors know the pets as well. I cannot think of any better place to have my pet taken care of. I left one place years ago and never looked back. Dames Point is the one for our pet. "
- Celeste D. Donaldson
10/16/2020 18:12:31
"From the first phone call to when I pick my pet up after, I could not be more pleased. I know my pet is going to be taken care of. Dr Lee not only cares for my pet, she takes care of me as a client. I am always kept informed as to what needs to be done, but also what care my pet needs going forward. I am not charged for unnecessary tests, or for something that can wait till another day, and as a senior that is great for my budget. I always get a phone call to let me know any problems that have been found with my pet, and always get a follow up after to see how my pet is doing. I wouldn't go anywhere else."
- Dee Waller
10/15/2020 12:46:17
"Dr. Lee and staff are excellent! I have been a customer for over 10 years with all of my pets, cats and dogs. I have not been disappointed. The comparison and professionalism are always the first thing a" pet parent" notices."
- Anny Whispel
10/13/2020 18:28:48
"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE everyone here & so does my Fur babies..."
- Leia Lesesne Morris
10/06/2020 18:33:56
"I look forward to face to face visits, but you guys are doing great under the COVID-19 crisis. You have always been there when I have needed something or Percy has had an urgent need for care, and the routine visits. "
- Carol Lee
09/30/2020 16:09:10
"Going to miss this vet clinic. Sadly, military is moving us and though we would like to, we cannot uproot Dr Lee and her staff to come to our new location. "
- Jillian Knight
09/19/2020 17:32:02
"Your facility and staff have been top notch in every aspect when it comes to taking care of Mia. We are extremely happy with your services and professionalism. "
- Jamie Jones
09/04/2020 14:49:18
"Always the absolute best service! I'd been to a half dozen other vets before landing here and was never satisfied with the level of service I received. Dames Point is leaps and bounds above the rest!"
- Jacob Shacter
08/26/2020 23:58:14
"Staff and Dr. Lee are all professional and caring for the animals. Friendly and a pleasure to deal with, too. Thanks!!"
- Maureen Reiter
08/07/2020 20:31:58
"Everything was perfect, it was my first time visiting this facility and they were very informative through out the entire appointment, and the staff was super friendly. "
- Hailey Bopp
08/03/2020 02:59:49
"I am glad Bella and I are glad to make the change. You gave great person service. we are look forward to the up coming visits."
- Gloria Hansen
08/01/2020 08:40:30
"For our current situation during the pandemic, I feel you have developed a very workable process. The curbside pickup was easy."
- Ken Mixon
07/26/2020 20:50:20
"You guys are doing great! Jaxie is 12 years old so we sometimes have a lot of questions as we want to make sure we are on top of her health. You guys always give us thorough answers and make us feel reassured! Keep up the great work! "
- Tommy Bailey
07/15/2020 18:36:10
"Doing great with my little Barley. Great techs know their jobs well. "
- Charles Dunham
07/11/2020 22:29:04
"Very professional staff and Dr. Lee is a wonderful vet. She is patient, caring and explains everything regarding her treatment. "
- Joy Weeks
07/10/2020 22:09:29
"We love Dr Lee and her staff! They take amazing care of our fur babies"
- Ellie Crosby
07/07/2020 17:01:39
"Everything is absolutely great with the care my pets recieve"
- Raeshawn Phelps
07/04/2020 18:57:28
"You treat Roxy so we'll. You are patient with her quirks. You care for her like she was a show dog and I appreciate that very much."
- Shelton Armour
06/16/2020 20:13:24
"Taking good care of credo and treasure as if they were your own. They come home happy and healthy every time."
- Melissa Andriesse
06/14/2020 14:49:33
"You provide excellent professional care to all our pets. You and your staff are totally professional and extremely compassionate with our pets. I cannot imagine taking my pets anywhere else for their care."
- Corey Wolf
05/31/2020 15:22:55
"Lucy always loves her visits when we go out of town."
- Richard Foxwell
02/18/2020 23:37:06
- Thomas Skinner
02/18/2020 03:45:54
"I am very satisfied with Dr. Lee and her staff, particularly Eleece and Lindsey. Since I have been a loyal patron for eight years, they have continued to give expert service and state of the art expertise."
- Patricia Cappiello
02/17/2020 22:53:54
"Everyone is amazing!! My kids love going to you which makes me happy as a parent. I appreciate all you do. It's nice to be recognized by name and my kids names every visit. Keep up the great work"
- Kimberly Corbett
02/13/2020 23:53:40
"Doing great"
- Pam Chavous
02/13/2020 19:29:18
"Very pleased with everything. Support staff is excellent and take care of my questions and concerns. Liebs enjoys her visits-except for the recent tooth extraction!"
- Margie Fleming
02/13/2020 04:33:15
"The staff take care of Hershey very well"
- Karen Gant
02/12/2020 00:39:22
"As always excellent care. Answered all my questions. Very professional, caring doctor, staff."
- Melissa Kimball
01/28/2020 15:23:55
"Great people great care for my dog"
- Mark Langford
01/26/2020 21:39:04
"You take such good care of Roxy and you care about her. Your wait times are, more often than not, been small and wait times in the exam room are small also. You take good care of Roxy's 'dad', too. I appreciate that you work so hard to be good on times."
- Shelton Armour
01/25/2020 23:12:09
"Staff is super friendly and they love my fur baby!"
- Valerie Huelster
01/23/2020 01:39:26
"I trust them to take care of my best buddy , Bear a Black Labrador. Always helpful."
- Ron Eldred
01/16/2020 00:17:09
"Always receive a nice welcome and great care. "
- Hayden Malone
01/15/2020 20:26:35
"Excellent and attentive care team. I didn't have to wait at all to be put into a room and everything was done very efficiently and thoroughly. People are very kind and easy to talk to. I feel very good about bringing my cat and any future pets to this office. I know they will receive the very best care."
- Erin Wagner
01/15/2020 18:05:55
"The care that you provide our babies is amazing. Completely professional and compassionate. "
- Corey Wolf
01/03/2020 20:04:00
"Great job"
- David White
12/25/2019 17:24:22
- Joy Weeks
12/22/2019 23:57:49
"Great job thank you "
- Antonella Leatherwood
12/20/2019 00:40:05
"Daisy is getting very good care at Dames Point Animal Hospital. "
- Gaye Feuer
12/19/2019 01:56:53
"I sincerely believe you are doing an excellent job caring for my pets. The staff are outstanding! "
- Patricia Cappiello
12/16/2019 19:26:04
"As always, we were able to get an appointment quickly to update Bandit's medical needs (refills, nail trim, etc.). You might want to have a staff member check the email portal more frequently but other than that, I receive your email/text notices just fine. I've been missed a couple of times when I made an appointment request through the portal. This could be staff vacays as we get through the holidays!"
- Dianne Fair
12/16/2019 18:57:33
"nothing is broken...…….. nothing to fix...…..."
- David Kudley
12/16/2019 18:46:23
"The staff is friendly and loving to all pets that come in. They are always helpful and friendly to the pet owners. They take their job seriously. They are just as concerned about my pet as I am. "
- Celeste D. Donaldson
12/12/2019 18:46:27
"Love Lindsay and Elise and Brittany :)"
- Ellie Crosby
10/22/2019 16:07:44
"The best in the business saved Jacks leg and just a wonderful staff Dr Lee is the only one who said she could save his leg and she did. If you have a animal it needs to be seen at Dames Point animal ONLY"
- Mark Langford
07/16/2018 21:27:55
"We thoroughly enjoy our visits to Dames Point. The staff is welcoming and accommmodating, and love our pets. The care and time they provide to us is a blessing. My dog,son, pet, Samson, is happy there. Please continue to keep staff that love us as much as we love you. "
- Celeste D. Donaldson
07/12/2018 00:23:02
"Dr. Lee and her staff are always very caring and professional. Toby has rec'd great care since he was a kitten...ten years ago."
- Gail Norton
07/11/2018 21:05:57
"This is the greatest place. Everyone is so compassionate and loving towards my dog and I am sure every other one. I wouldn't change a thing. Dr. Lee is exceptional. Not only kind and sweet but so professional and makes us so comfortable. Thank you all."
- Willie Theus
05/18/2018 03:10:53
"Best experience ever! I truly felt that everyone cared about Jake’s well being!! Thank you"
- Ellen Wallace
03/30/2018 13:35:57
"I enjoy all the services I receive. Everybody who works at Dames Point Animal Hospital, are always friendly and treat you as family"
- David Seymour
03/27/2018 15:27:56