"Kali and I have always received such wonderful care and customer service during our visits at your clinic! Thank you!"
- Sonia Dhillon
05/23/2019 20:15:27
"I admire that they make my dog feel at home. Keep it up."
- Dan De Dios
05/21/2019 15:22:14
"We have great trust in Doctor Suzanne! She has exceeded our expectations for a good veterinarian for Chanci. We have great confidence in her care and treatment of Chanci. We hope she will always be the one who will treat our dog. Doctor Suzanne is in her element as she shows great knowledge as well as great empathy for both pets and owners. "
- Grace Hinman
05/16/2019 19:04:28
"When our dog had a medical issue, we were given an immediate appointment, met by the wonderful clinic professionals, given treatment and follow up advice. It is wonderful to have the Tamarack vet clinic on our side."
- Brenda Fefferman
04/19/2019 17:31:00
"We are new to Tamarack Vet Climic. Very happy with our visits so far with our new puppy and our older Lab. The Staff seem to genuinely care about the animals, refreshing after feeling like just another client at other clinics. "
- David Nogue
04/07/2019 15:08:11
"The staff at Tamarack Vet Clinic is always so friendly to deal with. Whether it is over the phone or when we bring our dog in, they are always a pleasure when caring for us. I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking for quality care and customer service. "
- Jessica Juravinski
03/27/2019 17:29:25
"Penny has only known being sick since birth. The staff at Tamarack have gone above and beyond, to make sure she is taken care of medically, and comfortable. Without the determination of the vets, she could have slipped through the cracks. They have given us every option available and have always gone out of the way to keep us in the loop. I appreciate them more than words can express. Thank you. I also have to mention they spoil penny with cookies and treat mats, so she is always happy and overly excited to visit. "
- Kerri Randolph
03/19/2019 12:45:44
"You staff are wonderful! Thank you for taking care of pets."
- Sue Chappelle
03/18/2019 14:22:24
"Very friendly and well knowledge staff and clean facility. They are also very helpful over the phone if you have any concerns or questions about anything. Would highly recommend! "
- Jesse Smart
03/17/2019 19:23:34
"From the moment we walked in the door , right until we left , we felt welcome and relaxed . The staff are very friendly and obviously love animals. Dr. Suzanne was amazing . Very knowledgeable , personable and very clearly an animal lover. Their force free methods are great ! My Hazel didn't even realize she was getting vaccinations . We know that our next visit to the vet will be a pleasant one . Absolutely stress free! "
- Erica Story
03/12/2019 14:42:49
"Kind people. "
- Kim Taylor
03/05/2019 02:26:30
"I cannot say enough about the compassionate care I received from all the staff at Tamarack Vet Clinic this week as I had to make a heart-wrenching decision. From my initial emotional phone call for 'information' to the followup visit, the professionalism and compassion equated to top-notch service. I cannot thank you enough for your help. "
- Twyla Guenette-Wachno
03/04/2019 00:03:31
"You gave us a outstanding service and a excellent helping out hand with our cat luna."
- Kourtny Holowaychuk
03/03/2019 16:35:10
"Nice facility, Nice, friendly and knowledgeble staff. "
- Lucie Gagnon
02/26/2019 01:51:53
"We transfer to Tamarack Vet due to it being close to home. Never could I imagine my dog being so excited to go see the vet. All the staff are super patient, kind and will do whatever they can to make sure your pet is in healthy. I am so glad we transferred and I highly recommend going here. "
- Brett Johnston
02/07/2019 17:42:09
"Amazing service, got in the same day of our call and the staff and Vet was so gentle with our puppy. The amount of time spent and the care is bar none to anything I have seen at any other Vet. I would 100% recommend Tamarak Vet Clinic to anyone looking for a caring close to home clinic for their small loved ones."
- Larissa Doram
02/06/2019 19:43:02
"Everyone is really friendly and professional, I always know my pets will be treated right. I never imagined having a dog that's excited to go to the vet, but his reaction is a testament to the quality of service we receive. "
- Jilene/Jesse Malbeuf
02/06/2019 17:32:26
"Everyone at Tamarack Veterinary Clinic went out of their way to provide quick, professional and loving care to our dog when she had an unexpected health issue. We are so appreciative of this wonderful team!"
- Brenda Fefferman
01/10/2019 15:14:00
"These guys are amazing! They always do their best to make sure your pet feels comfortable and safe while they are there and really care about your pet's well being. Thank you for all that you do :)"
- Jessica Reitzel
01/09/2019 22:22:58
"Love the clinic, very compassionate, their goal is always in the best interest of the animal. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who love their fur babies tremendously! My Luna is a very nervous cat, they will go above and behond to make sure she has the least stress possible at her visits. Thank you Tamarack Vet for all you do to our fur baby! "
- Lynn/Justin Mayers
01/05/2019 13:59:58
"The service was excellent, was greeted with a smile."
- Margaret Bjornstad
12/25/2018 00:56:12
"As new dog owners we rely on the advice and care of our veterinarian and vet trchnicians to guide us as we learn about our pet. Tamarack Veterinary Clinic is a wonderful clinic. They have provided us with constant contact, support and clear explanations of all things related to the health and wellness of our dog. The clinic even called on Christmas Eve to check on our dog post visit. All of the staff have been nothing short of friendly and caring towards us and our pet. "
- Lindsay Ballance
12/24/2018 19:44:35
"The most caring and trusting Vet Clinic!!! I will travel the km's I do, to go here!!!"
- Melinda Hillgardner Farm/Bedford
12/22/2018 18:16:24
"You have the best staff I've ever dealt with. I am so glad I brought Princess in to your clinic. She went from being an underweight, unhealthy cat to acting like a young kitten again thanks to your diagnosis of diebetes, Although Princess is 15 almost 16 she is back to playing with her toys and running around again. I am so thankful for what you have done for my baby. "
- Cheryl Lorenz
12/22/2018 16:01:20
"The team members at Tamarack Vet Clinic are all so dedicated to the health and welfare of the animals they care for. You can tell by their interactions with not only the animals, but with their human guardians as well, that their work is not just a job, it is their passion. I appreciate the thorough and professional care my pets receive at Tamarack, and the guidance, knowledge, and compassion that they always give me. I am also very impressed by all of the medical care, medications and procedures they provide at little cost or no cost to a number of animal rescue organizations around Edmonton. Thank you for all that you do. The staff at Tamarack Vet Clinic are true advocates for animals and their care."
- Sherri Violette
12/22/2018 01:10:39
"Friendly and knowledgable staff. "
- Gary Valeriano
12/21/2018 21:43:28
"Dr. Vanessa did a fantastic job of spaying our dog. The staff took excellent care of her while she was at the clinic and fully explained her after care. She was stress free when we picked her up and settled down at home like nothing happened! Thank you for the awesome care! "
- Silvia Lee
12/20/2018 14:31:08
"I recently brought my kitten, Blue in twice for his first shots, check-up and chip. He wasn’t exactly happy about the shots, but the staff handled my feisty kitten with gentle hands and even a soft food snack. I definitely will be returning with Blue. "
- Dominique Riddell
12/18/2018 04:05:08
"Friendly and Caring staff. "
- Blake Giles
12/17/2018 22:30:01
"Ebby loves to come and visit the clinic, I cannot get the door open fast enough. The staff is gentle with her and loves them all."
- Sue Noppers
12/03/2018 22:00:13
" High-quality compassionate timely care. Excellent communications before during and after procedures and visit us."
- Kathleen McCabe
12/01/2018 20:49:04
"We absolutely love Dr. Suzanne! She can handle our Snickers like no one else we know. You can feel her love for animals. We gott some meds for our dog that are working wonders for him and we've learned to never, ever give him a human low dose aspirin ever again. Thank you!"
- Bernice Hall
11/29/2018 04:26:40
"I really appreciated that you called me before proceeding with treatment and that you called again to let me know how my baby was doing after treatment. Thank you so much for taking care of Pi. "
- Carrie Sawatsky
11/28/2018 03:23:05
"All services were explained and the vet called me to discuss the need for extra sedation drugs. I appreciated that. "
- Carla Chalifoux
11/09/2018 05:45:44
"My husband and I have been nothing but pleased with the care that our girls get at your clinic. We have experience with both of your veterinarians and are always left reassured and calm. Thank you also to your amazing front office staff. Everyone is very friendly and accommodating. I work in the medical field myself, so I really appreciate this kind of care. Thanks so much!"
- Carrie-Ann Purcell
11/07/2018 19:25:10
"You are awesome!"
- Leona Huber
10/17/2018 15:47:44
"We brought our dog in for his bloodwork, and he was very nervous. I really appreciated that the Clinic let me come into the back and comfort him while they took the blood. "
- Kimberly Wawryk
10/14/2018 03:54:16
"The ladies here are very professional and knowledgeable. I never feel rushed and they always give me excellent advice. Whether you are chatting with them over the phone or in person, you will receive excellent customer service! Thank you. "
- Charlotte Woloschuk
10/12/2018 11:40:21
"Staff are very friendly and helpful."
- Rita McInroy
10/05/2018 11:32:32
"Excellent service. We always feel like you all take such good care of our dogs on each visit. Thank you for taking the extra time to suggest a good non irritating shampoo...Layla looks nice and fluffy and already less itchy!"
- Allyson Bravo-Cooper
10/03/2018 19:56:17
"When our 16 year old chihuahua suddenly took a turn for the worse, the Tamarack staff shuffled things around and got us an appointment that day. Later that day it became clear that it was time for our little guy to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Again, they found us an appointment and were so patient and caring throughout the process. When we are ready to have another dog in our lives, we will be coming back to this clinic. "
- Kasia Simpson
10/02/2018 16:58:04
"Very friendly and knowledgeable. "
- Rachell Fortier
10/02/2018 02:57:37
"The staff is very helpful and caring and knowledgeable. The office is always clean and it's a pleasure to visit the office whenever necessary."
- Beryl Schwab
09/25/2018 14:19:49
"Wyllis always feels comfortable a nd at ease when at the clinic. Which makes it very easy to leave him when having necessary procedures. Thankyou for the kind and compassionate care you give him (and us)."
- Crystal Degenhardt
09/25/2018 03:26:45
"The staff are so friendly and supportive and treat us and our fur babies with such respect 💕🐶"
- Shelda Kakoschke
09/24/2018 21:03:41
"Staff were very nice, accomodating, and knowledgeable. Dr. Suzanne was awesome,funny, and excellent! We learned a lot of helpful infos from our visit since it's our first time to own a pet cat. Looking forward to see them again, hopefully not because our pet is sick.😊 Keep it up!"
- Evangeline Gino
09/21/2018 01:24:15
"It was great. Staff treated Daisy like she was one of theirs. Showed true care and compassion. Made for a very stress free visit. "
- Chris Taylor
09/17/2018 19:06:49
"Thank you so much for your gentle care of my pup, Yuna. It was a very stressful time for us, but you were patient, kind, and thorough. Yuna has never been so calm during an exam. Thank you!"
- Sarah Hennessey
09/12/2018 05:07:44
"Our new puppy is a sensitive, nervous type but the staff and Dr. Vanessa made her feel comfortable and at home. "
- Silvia Lee
09/10/2018 17:02:01
"Our dog is usually very anxious when vet visits are necessary. Our appointment was on time ( less anxious waiting ) and Dr. Suzanne was amazing. The furry lady was even reluctant to leave."
- Lyn Kligman
09/07/2018 16:07:13
"Tamarack Veterinary Clinic is the only place I would entrust the care of my pet. They are professional, caring and committed to giving the best care possible while explaining exactly what they are doing and why."
- Brenda Fefferman
08/30/2018 19:16:56
"It is rare to find a veterinary clinic's staff that truly has not only your beloved pet's best interests at heart, but also strive to build an exceptional relationship with their owners. I believe I have found this at Tamarack."
- Nina Powell
08/28/2018 19:20:06
"I am 100% absolutely satisfied with Tamarack Veterinary Clinic. They went above and beyond to save our little Chewie from death (he was only six months old went in for dental removal and neutering). They continue to care so very much for Chewie and all animals that I see visiting the clinic. The staff are all very pleasant, hard working and as dedicated as I have ever seen. I will not take Chewie anywhere else. "
- Richard Flierl
08/20/2018 19:19:44
"Thank you so much for truly and honestly putting the animal first. You are by far the best vet clinic in Edmonton I can definitely leave my Luna with you without worry. You are a very compassionate clinic. Thank you again for all your service. "
- Lynn/Justin Mayers
08/18/2018 12:46:24
"The staff and the vets are wonderful. Princess was well looked after and is feeling much better. They are so caring and gentle. It shows in how they handled Princess and how she trusted them. Thank you for caring. "
- Cheryl Lorenz
08/16/2018 14:18:36
"I am very happy and satisfied a great clean place and very good doctors."
- Sharalyn Adelman
08/14/2018 21:35:00
"The staff are completely amazing here. Super friendly, and I especially loved the "Welcome to the Family" card that they all signed. It was a really nice personal touch. They all remember Helen's name which is nice!"
- Denise Jennings
07/31/2018 21:50:40
"We liked the friendly atmosphere, answered all our questions. "
- Shannon Hillaby
07/26/2018 13:25:42
"The whole team really cares about my dog!"
- Courtney Albrecht
07/25/2018 19:05:16
"All the staff from the Dr to front office genuinely cared for my dogs wellbeing. I felt like all aspects of the treatment were explained very well. The subsequent follow up calls to see how treatment was going were very much appreciated. "
- Louise Butler
07/18/2018 14:31:21
"We love the care and concern shown to our dog! "
- John/Christine Tucker
07/13/2018 21:11:53
"The staff were extremely friendly! The clinic is clean, bright and very welcoming. Our plan was to bring our new puppy to the clinic and keep our other pets at the original clinic that we had attended, but after our first visit, we now want to bring our entire pet family to this clinic!"
- Derek Stefura
07/12/2018 18:02:29
"It was our visit at Tamarack Vet clinic. The staff were friendly and we did not have to wait to be seen. The Vet was easy to speak with and was very caring. "
- Beryl Schwab
07/09/2018 14:20:02
"Our first visit to the vet was stress free. Everyone was personable, and made us feel like we made the right choice picking their clinic"
- Ann Le
07/08/2018 02:47:32
"My puppy has severe anxiety around strangers, the team asked me to come back to help take his blood so he would feel safe."
- Kim Villeneuve
07/05/2018 20:47:42
"Polite , nice people "
- Kirby Jendruck
06/26/2018 11:13:58
"I was referred to Tamarack vet by a large group of people who all had wonderful reviews for the clinic. My dog had just finished whelping and we were having a problem with one of the babies umbilical cords. I phoned ahead before coming in and the staff were absolutely wonderful and knowledgeable . We saw them the next day for puppy checkups and were treated like gold. This is our new vet clinic! "
- Rachell Fortier
06/25/2018 15:20:01
"Everyone at this clinic is amazing! We've been working together to help my cat Oscar lose weight, and with their help and support, he has! Would recommend this clinic to all."
- Marla Stevens
06/24/2018 21:28:27
"Staff was friendly, very helpful and made my dog feel comfortable and relaxed."
- Rita McInroy
06/23/2018 10:35:24
"Tamarack Vet clinic is more than a clinic with staff, it’s a group of people who care about their patients. It was evident the moment I walked into the clinic. My cat calmed down quickly in the exam room, I think it’s because ewere in a dedicated cat room that was washed down before I walked in so she felt comfortable. She had a picture window to look out, a tree and a ledge. Dr. Misiaszek was confident in her diagnosis and provided a reasonable care plan for my cat. I’m glad I moved to Tamarack. "
- Kathy Summerfelt
06/16/2018 15:39:56
"Tamarack Vet is always so willing and helpful when it comes to my pets' care. They give me options and educate me about the care of my pets. Thank you!"
- Evelina Warchol
06/14/2018 20:50:34
"I had decided to try the clinic after reading the reviews on Google. The staff were AMAZING. They made us feel so welcome and comfortable. Dr M gave us her undivided attention, took a full history, and answered all my questions. She was very honest and pleasant and incredibly professional. She presented me with options when they were available, and let me know what to expect on a go forth basis. Every single staff member there was just wonderful. "
- Melissa Sexauer
06/02/2018 03:24:58
"Staff were all super friendly and great with our timid dogs. The student who came in to check the dogs out first was great, let my kids listen to the dogs heart beats and was informative."
- Angela Johnson
05/29/2018 02:46:01
"Friendly staff that care about animals"
- Sandy Friesen
05/22/2018 03:58:28
"I love your follow up with patients post appointment and the reminders before hand. It really shows your dedication. The communication lines are very clear. "
- Chantel Woodroofe
04/06/2018 01:30:20
"The staff were very friendly from booking Loki in for his first appointment, to the appointment itself where my little man Loki seemed perfectly comfortable. They gave me a wealth of information for reference as a first time puppy owner. They will be seeing Loki again, that is for sure!"
- Bill George
04/03/2018 13:22:19
"The staff at Tamarack is so friendly and welcoming. They make sure that the animal is 100% comfortable and not stressed. They are true professionals and do their job amazingly. "
- Alysha Blackburn
03/28/2018 03:14:43
"Everyone was friendly, kind and professional. "
- Glenda Cornelius
03/27/2018 14:58:02
"We've been taking our dog to Tamarack Vet Clinic since we rescued her in December of 2017. We've been back and forth a few times and we absolutely love the care and service our dogs receives as well as the care we receive as her owners. We are met with kindness and a friendly smile every time we arrive. Dr.Suzanne has been nothing short of amazing. We trust her completely. She is extremely thorough and takes her time when we bring our dog in. From the vet herself, to the technicians, we put our full trust in their hands and have yet to be disappointed."
- Jessica Juravinski
03/26/2018 16:35:05
"All the staff are kind and gentle with my Dog. They call to see how she is doing and they explain things to me so that I can understand how to improve my dog's life. "
- Lori MacDonald
03/12/2018 15:12:37
"Thank you so much for fitting us in last minute when we called with our concern. I appreciate that the team is always so friendly and everyone takes care care of our pups as if they were their own. "
- Allyson Bravo-Cooper
03/09/2018 21:30:10
"My cat is extremely anxious so we were immediately brought into a quiet room to help her relax. The vet and techs worked very carefully with her and addressed all my concerns about her health thoroughly and patiently. They ran tests that they agreed would be beneficial to a diagnosis but were gracious enough to let me know that a few of the tests I asked for could wait and may not be needed at all. They also went above and beyond by providing several tips for helping reduce my cat's anxiety while at home. "
- Jacqueline Zohar
03/08/2018 00:58:13
"Amazing experience at this clinic!! I was so worried about the well-being of my kitten, and the staff did such an amazing job making me and my pet comfortable!! Was so happy with the experience, I will definitely return, and recommend this clinic to others! "
- Chelsea Bartel
03/07/2018 16:20:28
"The staff at Tamarack truly care about the animals and the people that walk through their doors. They have a commitment to force free handling, which is important to me and the rescue I volunteer with. As a result, our animals are at ease during and after their appointments. Tamarack Veterinary Clinic has generously donated their time, services, and even supplies to some of Paws in Need’s most delicate cases. We truly appreciate the work that the staff puts into caring for pets in our community, their professionalism and compassion."
- Amanda Pike Paws in Need 2018
03/06/2018 23:32:11
"Dr Suzanne and the entire Staff at Tamarack Vet are the absolute best. Your pet in number 1! I have and will always refer here!!"
- Melinda Hillgardner Farm/Bedford
03/02/2018 12:40:45
"The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. They explain everything very clearly about my pet’s treatment. You can tell they really care about the well being of their patients. A+"
- Lynne Lowe
03/01/2018 16:32:46
"My dog was severely overweight, they didn’t make me feel embarrassed or anything about it. I explained her what food she was on and they switched her to a metabolic one which I’m happy to say is working. I love this vet office. They are super friendly and very accommodating. "
- Kimberly Navas
02/27/2018 23:58:19
"We are so happy with our new addition to the family and the chance to work with the great staff at Tamarack! The initial visit was a very positive experience and everyone is very kind and caring."
- John/Christine Tucker
02/22/2018 17:49:49
"We appreciate the kind heartfelt care and attention 💕🐶"
- Shelda Kakoschke
02/03/2018 05:44:44
"The service and care was beyond what i hoped for. They made myself and my dog feel welcomed and comfortable. Very friendly staff!"
- Wendy Kincaid
01/31/2018 18:55:47
"All the staff at Tamarack Veterinary Clinic are so awesome, very accommodating, friendly. I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family who have pets. Thank you for the awesome services you provided me and my pet."
- Margaret Bjornstad
01/28/2018 03:01:03
"I felt like all the ladies at the clinic liked and cared about my dog and made us feel comfortable "
- Jacklyn Blades
01/28/2018 02:51:20
" The atmosphere made us feel welcome and relaxed , even our dog relaxed in a short time being there they answered all our concerns , they took care of our puppy but him on a good program , and already he is doing good. We are very satisfied , and we will go this clinic again. (Thank- You)"
- Abby/Keith Pippy
01/23/2018 22:51:18
"Super friendly staff and amazing with the animals. "
- Kory Depaoli
01/21/2018 02:53:26
"You were very gentle with our dog and gave us great advice. You went above and beyond by providing websites and pamphlets forbus to review. "
- Janna Klyne
01/20/2018 01:00:09
"Top class veterinary care. I fully trust the care provided by this clinic. "
- Karmen Kerby
01/17/2018 21:44:51
"Our visit was treated with caring and respect. Time was taken to get to know us and our puppy and we felt very comfortable . We especially are impressed with the pet centred , no stress for either owner or pet, approach to caring for our puppy.From the moment we entered the office until we left everyone centerd on us our needs and all was done with smiles and upbeat atmosphere. "
- Lila/John Hardwick
01/16/2018 23:21:56
"Took my furr baby in for an emergency visit and Dr. Suzanne and staff were very professional. They know how to handle scared dogs in tough situation which I've never witnessed in a different vet place. I'll definitely switch here! "
- Erika Lasig
01/14/2018 17:52:01
"From our first visit to Tamarack Vet Clinic, we were blown away by the kindness and professionalism received from the staff. They are very accommodating, excited to welcome you and treat you and your pet with respect. Dr.Suzanne is amazing. She takes the time to explain everything in detail and we feel completely comfortable asking Any questions. I feel that if we have Any concerns at all, that we can give them a call and we will be taken care of. We love the quality of service we receive from this clinic. We will continue to take our dog here, even though it's Not the closest clinic to our home. That's how awesome you guys are!"
- Jessica Juravinski
01/12/2018 18:02:34
"To start with, we had a great drop off experience with no other animals or customers. Missy finds going to the vet stressful, so we really appreciated the quiet drop off. I was very happy with how they handled Missy when she arrived and that I got to go with her to put her into her kennel for the day. I got several phone calls updating me on her progress during surgery, and was always apprised of any change to the quote ahead of time-while not necessary it was very thoughtful. Discharge instructions were very clear (they often aren't!) and there was a lot of time spent with us to ensure we had all the information we needed. "
- Lesley Caragannis
01/06/2018 03:38:31