"Everything was fine. Was taken to an examining room as soon as I arrived. Dr. Neate took all the time needed to answer all my questions. "
- Jeff & Virginia Fisher
04/19/2021 01:07:44
"The veterinarians are so kind and helpful and the staff is amazing"
- Sandi Asazawa
04/18/2021 16:18:02
" So far, so good. I was greeted in a friendly manner and found Dr. Stephanie to be cordial and answered my questions. She advised me of the next step for my kitten, Twigs' treatment. I am happy I found Kirtland Veterinary Hospital."
- Christine Hansen
04/16/2021 20:57:13
"Staff was pleasant. Appreciated not having a long wait. Also appreciated the suggestion of anxiety medication for Biscotti. My only constructive feedback is that I received a postcard in the mail with an offer for a free mail trim or fecal sample. It wasn’t applied at biscotti’s 2nd last visit - when I had it with me. I didn’t have it at the most recent visit so it couldn’t be applied. I’m not sure I have it anymore so that’s a bummer."
- Mary Sverko
04/16/2021 20:39:45
"We are so glad you are Zoeys new vet. Love the time you take to explain everything and follow up. Grace your receptionist is top notch too!"
- Melissa Grinstead
04/16/2021 16:58:05
"No problems"
- Lois Hosmer
04/16/2021 00:46:05
"We will follow Dr Neate wherever he goes---has been our vet for our last 8 Labs"
- Bill Downing
04/15/2021 16:23:33
"I was disappointed that in your reception area, not all of your staff was wearing their masks properly- covering their mouth and nose. I find that disrespectful. However my vet and especially her assistant (young man) were professional and very sweet. "
- Susan & Phil Lettrich
04/15/2021 07:21:26
"Amazing service! So nice and never felt rushed. Was very glad that I was able to bring max in the same day I called!! Also very convenient that laser therapy is provided."
- Priscilla Richardson
04/14/2021 21:35:31
"Although today was just to pick up meds. I was very pleased with how I’ve been treated and how Ollie has been treated in the past. Everyone from the young lady at the front desk to the Vets and assistants have been very nice and knowledgeable. Ollie is not a year old yet, but I don’t see him going anywhere else in the future. "
- Michelle & Santino Ricco
04/14/2021 01:23:32
"Dr. Stephanie is the best! She is always willing to answer questions and give me her full attention no matter how long it takes. My four-legged babies are lucky to know her. "
- Marcia Merritt
04/13/2021 19:20:13
"Our vet changed to this office."
- Angela & David Trench
04/13/2021 08:13:53
"I wasn’t sure if the practice/vet would even consider seeing me since my dog was not a current patient AND experiencing an issue with his ears. We planned on looking for a vet after my dog got fixed because we were not really happy with his current veterinarian, but we were able to get an appointment and actually switched our appointment to get our dog fixed with the Kirtland practice with Dr. Eric because I was so impressed. I thought everyone from the receptionist on the phone to Dr. Eric and his assistant were all great and I’m so excited to be a new patient at this practice."
- Melissa & Rich Davis
04/11/2021 20:58:11
"Everyone was so nice and friendly. "
- Amy & Richard Bolton
04/11/2021 19:06:47
"Great, affordable and kind service. "
- Andrew Luptak
04/11/2021 16:20:57
"I found out where our pets veterinarian went. "
- Pat & Jim Somrak
04/11/2021 13:29:42
"This was the best vet I have ever seen. He took time, explained everything, continued to search until.we found answers and he cared. Very honest and empathetic. I appreciate the time he took with us."
- Angelique Velna
04/10/2021 22:05:04
"Thank you! You fixed Frodo’s tummy ache right up!"
- Kim Porter
04/10/2021 00:10:12
"Excellent care, everyone was extremely nice and helpful."
- Linda & Dan Goodell
04/09/2021 20:19:54
"Everyone was friendly and answered our questions "
- Jackie & John Morris
04/08/2021 22:21:53
"Front desk needs to be more attentive with patients. And get things together quicker then sitting at the front desk while going through questions. "
- Naomi Stimburys
04/08/2021 21:50:21
"I appreciate the friendliness of the front staff especially. They always greet you immediately and I very seldom have to wait for service. Of course, the Vet and assistants that care for Thor are exceptional, and I am most pleased with the kindness and care they extend to him during each visit. I am always informed about the facts of his visit, any next steps to his care, which really helps build confidence that, indeed, I have chosen the best place for my beloved cat. During checkout, they always ask if I have any last minute questions, schedule follow-up visits needed, and add that to my receipt so I can't forget. Finally, I always get a reminder email or text about my appointment a day ahead. I am very grateful for Kirtland Veterinary Hospital and the entire staff."
- Maris Whetstone
04/08/2021 17:30:11
"Nothing to say at this time."
- Rebecca Grasser
04/08/2021 12:25:53
"For some reason the office has a hard time reaching me by phone (call) which has caused some confusion and less than ideal follow up. I can get texts and emails without difficulty but I usually end up calling the office if I don’t hear back."
- Ann Owens
04/07/2021 22:24:32
"Too expensive"
- Ruth Decurtis
04/07/2021 12:53:05
"being able to come in with our pets is the best"
- Cheryl Sacerich
04/07/2021 03:07:20
"Service was good."
- Miriam Skerl
04/05/2021 23:05:14
"I am very appreciative you were able to get our dog in right away even though you had never seen her before. For us, she is our baby and we were very worried. The staf is very friendly and welcoming. The doctor is friendly and goes in depth regarding my pet and the issues that are curretly going on. The waiting area is bright, cheerful, clean, welcoming, and does not smell. I like the fact that there are TVs in waiting room so there is something to look at while waiting. I have and will continue to recommend."
- Cheryl & John Murphy
04/05/2021 21:56:49
"During Covid, I was not able to get into my regular vet, Kirtland Veterinary Hospital helped when no one else would. It is a clean and organized facility. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I have had very good experiences both times I have had to come in. This facility is now our regular vet!! Thank you for all you do for our babies. Thanks! Karen Braccia "
- Karen & Frank Braccia
04/05/2021 16:29:46
"Overall good the girl who answered your phone was abrupt. "
- Patricia Crowley
04/04/2021 20:43:57
"Good experience from start to finish"
- Joanne Schneider
04/03/2021 23:15:24
"We liked the facility, the front staff, the tech, the vet, and the price !"
- Diane Waganek
04/02/2021 22:24:39
"My experience soo far is amazing! The staff is wonderful! Catherine Soucy"
- Catherine & Rob Soucy
03/31/2021 20:52:42
"Roxy’s surgery went very well. I was a nervous wreck dropping her off . Her Dr assured me she was going to be fine. He called me after surgery to assure me she was ok and OK/ that’s HUGE. I was worried. He even called the next day to see how she was !!!! That’s AWESOME service!! My old vet would NEVER have been so concerned !!! Love this place !"
- Jennifer Dinardo
03/31/2021 20:06:47
"all excellent when you deal with Grace and Dr. Stephanie!"
- Janet & Gary Mietty
03/31/2021 19:34:41
"No bad. Facility clean and all staff efficient and friendly. Made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Stephanie very nice and clearly loves what she does"
- Gerry Parish
03/31/2021 00:36:06
"Very satisfied with the care"
- Joseph & Rosina Horvath
03/30/2021 22:54:46
"Excellent care. Everyone was kind and welcoming. The wait to finish was a little lengthy and there were only 1 or 2 people visible in the waiting area."
- Jan Devenny
03/30/2021 20:02:25
"Friendly, knowledgeable staff! Thank you!"
- Kim & Pat Bruckman
03/30/2021 19:10:53
- Darlane Baker
03/30/2021 00:08:42
"I do not agree with scruffing cats the way your clinic does. I have been at plenty of other practices that are fear free that do not need to do this. My extremely friendly cat was panting at the end of her visit from stress. I will not be bringing her back until new cat handling practices are implemented. https://fearfreepets.com/individual-certification/"
- Erin Brady
03/29/2021 18:56:11
"Very good experience for our first visit. We adore following dr. Neet."
- Don & Cathy Rendulic
03/28/2021 13:28:59
"I absolutely love the care we have gotten, we are newer to the practice. I think that we should not be charged for more than one exam per year unless there is a specific issue being assessed. My dog needed a heart worm test, and did not have a stool sample for his prior annual exam, so I came in to do that in addition to his allergy shot, unfortunately I was charged for another exam, please look at this policy. I think if my dog is not having any acute issues, maybe this policy can be re evaluated to help with keeping cost down. Thank You!!"
- Jennifer Waiters
03/28/2021 13:11:27
"Always great customer service!"
- Melissa Wallace
03/26/2021 10:34:13
"You took very good care of my babies!"
- Judy Graehling
03/26/2021 02:05:43
"Everyone was excellent ! "
- Darlene Mutschler
03/25/2021 19:24:13
"I honestly much preferred the staff of the practice before it expanded. Since the new building is farther away from my home and I feel much less attached to the practice, I’ve been considering looking for another clinic. "
- Kathleen Cornachione
03/25/2021 00:36:16
"I brought Chester in for his shots and an exam. Dr. Stephanie was very gentle with him. I was given a Prescription for Revolution since I knew I could find it less expensive. They were very willing to give me the script. "
- Janice Gilchrist
03/24/2021 21:16:33
"We really like your operation. Staff friendly, we feel confident. We have recommended you a few times. "
- Kathy & Matthew Fadorsen
03/24/2021 17:09:28
"Came from big creek. This was my first visit. Very thorough and calming. Dr took time. Didn’t feel rushed. Nice staff "
- Sue Zgonc
03/24/2021 16:17:34
"I had been calling several vets in the area and was frustrated with not being able to get my dog in. Finally called here and the lady on the phone was very helpful and nice which was a relief. My mom took my dog in for me and said everyone was very nice and it was easy finding the place. My dog has seen Dr. Neate prior and I felt relieved as I am a crazy dog mom and want the best care for him and I know Dr. Neate has been helpful in the past. "
- Jessica Spangler
03/24/2021 00:58:16
"I called with a concern over my pet. I was able to come right in and get test results right away. Thank you for making this dog mom feel better and making sure Baker was okay. "
- Sabrina Dill
03/24/2021 00:14:21
"Friendly staff"
- Tammy Webb
03/23/2021 16:09:31
"When Danielle is at from desk it feels so very welcoming and attentive ! When she’s absent it is good but there lacks that “ happy” factor "
- Christine & Tim Egensperger
03/23/2021 10:36:22
"Dr. Neate and his staff have always been professional and caring. "
- Susan & Richard England
03/22/2021 19:38:14
"Excellent, appointment on time, clean facility and caring team."
- Margaret & Kurt Faymon
03/21/2021 14:35:37
"Great Doctor! Compassionate , knowledgeable. Took great care of my exotic shorthairs. "
- Sandi & James Simler
03/20/2021 21:11:06
"Everything was good! It could only be better if there were maybe one more person up front. The two girls working were super busy doing everything (running to back, answering phones, helping customers) while patrons waited."
- Karen Mehollin
03/20/2021 19:24:39
"I was in a treatment room waiting for at least 20 min before anyone came in for my 10:00 AM appointment. Other than wait time, my experience was very good! "
- Callie Flensburg
03/20/2021 19:18:01
"Jessica was very helpful with a smile. She gave me a coupon to for my dog food. Great place to take your pets."
- Gloria Boyd
03/20/2021 16:37:05
"No wait time- courteous employees!"
- Ann Chandler
03/20/2021 07:48:58
"Very nice meeting the new doctor. Chloe was comfortable during the entire exam. Room clean"
- Karen Hurley
03/20/2021 00:34:32
"Wonderful care"
- Paula Borgert
03/19/2021 20:50:45
"Have just been in to pick up med refills. But you were very quick a getting records transferred from Big Creek. Have been seeing Dr. Neate for years. Lillie will be happy to see him next week. "
- Terri Herbert
03/19/2021 13:35:16
"So far so good, thanks"
- Robert Potts
03/19/2021 00:28:29
"I’m very hapy"
- Judy & Joe Began
03/18/2021 18:21:49
"The whole team has been exceptionally responsive to questions/concerns raised between visits and accommodating for urgent needs. It is a huge relief to know how much Dr. Stephanie cares about my dog and is in our corner helping us navigate some of our tougher health care decisions."
- Amanda Day
03/17/2021 12:25:25
"The appointment today was easy to get. They let me stay in the room with my dog. "
- Sue Panich
03/17/2021 11:23:32
"I follow Dr Neate , and staff so far is GREAT"
- Ron Dellinger
03/16/2021 22:06:58
"Very friendly and helpful staff."
- James & Mary Lyn Princic
03/14/2021 16:19:00
"Great experience. That being said, I do feel like the office visit charge is unnecessary each time I bring a pet in solely for a vaccination. "
- Heather & Pat Corcoran
03/12/2021 23:45:54
"The vets and vet techs are so wonderful, but the front desk staff are not friendly or inviting. "
- Maria Price
03/11/2021 21:05:47
"I like the place because is very clean and the doctor was very nice "
- John Tousel
03/11/2021 01:51:48
"So far we have not been disappointed in any appointment we have had at Kirtland. Staff are great and friendly. Veterinarians have been patient and informative. "
- Lori & Jack Beckwith
03/10/2021 23:33:00
"We have had great experiences each time we have come! Dr. Stephanie and all the rest of the staff Ev are very kind and caring, all our questions answered honestly and we feel very confident with our dogs care! Will refer our friends and family !"
- Jana & Jamie Brindley
03/10/2021 22:19:23
"Dr.Neat is the best! He has taken such great care of my cats! The staff is amazing also. Emily at the front desk is the sweetest "
- Holly Belt
03/10/2021 20:38:04
"I think you guys are going a great job. Love all the staff and the compassion they have for our 4 legged fur babies"
- Amy Marsh
03/10/2021 17:52:03
"We decided to come to Kirkland because of Dr. Neate. He helped us with our dog when he was sick. And forever grateful for him! We loved our experience at this vet"
- Marie & Vic Reynolds
03/10/2021 17:17:55
"I’ve been seeing Dr Neate at Big Creek in Concord, for years. I followed him to Kirtland Vet when he bought it out. Everything was great. "
- Michelle & Steve Swiniarski
03/10/2021 15:25:47
"Dr. Stephanie, Dr. Jaccie and Grace are the best. My experience has always been great and they go above and beyond then what’s expected. "
- Cheryl & Joe Coleman
03/09/2021 01:02:16
"This was the best vet experience I’ve had. Everyone was so kind and helpful. I could tell that Remy felt it too! She was so calm and comfortable and that made me feel calm and comfortable too! So grateful to have found you. "
- Camille & Brandon Eberlin
03/07/2021 21:30:34
"Excellent experience on our first visit! "
- Nicole Longhitano
03/06/2021 19:26:54
- Mary C. Gullo
03/05/2021 21:50:36
"The facility is spotless, open and airy The staff is very friendly and welcoming Dr. Neate took his time with me and my dog and I felt very reassured that Mariska was in good hands!"
- JoAnne Jurgensen
03/05/2021 20:16:21
"I’m so pleased with the staff and service my pet and I received! I tell everyone how fabulous my experience was especially because my dog was a barking maniac and no one seemed annoyed. I felt like the staff actually cared, thank you!!"
- Annette & Robert Hodge
03/05/2021 01:03:40
"It was good . I caught and asked about a billing mistake and the lady took care of it. "
- Sue & Mike Swiger
03/03/2021 19:11:14
"Good communication and courteous service."
- Tom Matowitz
03/02/2021 21:21:09
"No problems. Quick and prompt appointment. Great follow up call. No issues"
- Teri & Chuck Hare
03/02/2021 21:09:43
"really miss Dr Mike! Bring him back!"
- Marge Zebrowski
03/02/2021 20:09:27
"I called to order meds and it was a good experience. I was greeted at the door when I came in and was taken care of right away. The young lady that helped me double checked the medicines to make sure everything was correct, as I was picking up 2 types of medications for my 3 dogs. "
- Samantha & Eric Griff
03/02/2021 18:01:33
"Great service, friendly staff!"
- Heather & Carl Schumaker
03/02/2021 11:36:06
"I am very happy with the care Willoughby receives. The staff is caring and friendly. "
- Jerry Cook
02/28/2021 18:06:33
"Bailey was taken care with much care and concern. I was able to get Bailey in to see a vet very quickly. I couldn't ask for better care for my two goldens 🐶"
- Debbie Hill
02/27/2021 22:22:28
"Friendly staff and reasonable prices "
- Clay Smalley
02/27/2021 20:30:04
"Doing a great job keep up the good work "
- Gary Strelou
02/26/2021 19:34:20
"Very friendly staff and they answered all our questions while making sure they were providing the correct information. "
- Tony & Kerri Setlock
02/26/2021 08:44:46
"I can't think of anything bad about this visit and you have a beautiful new place. Maybe charge a bit too much for nail trimming. There is a lady that comes to the house and lives in Kirtland and she charges $10. She came to my house but we couldn't catch Norton, he got under the couch."
- Jean Fisher
02/25/2021 22:24:51
" I am 75 and on limited funds. I really question if I should find another vet facility for my dog. Over $100 for a 10, 15 max visit is more than I am comfortable with. "
- Marylou Kaufman
02/25/2021 15:01:06
"We love it here. Both Dr Stephanie and Dr Mike are fabulous. "
- Sara Campbell
02/24/2021 17:18:04
"Wonderful experience besides the long wait! My appointment was at 3:00 and did not see the vet until 3:45. While it is completely understandable that things get behind waiting 45 min is excessive. Other than that however everything else was great, staff was kind and did a great job with my extremely nervous dog. "
- Kristy & Joe Elsing
02/24/2021 13:46:20