"I've always had a wonderful experience coming to Rialto Vet. It's really unlike all other vet offices i've experienced. please don't change!!"
- Amrita Rai
06/11/2017 11:28:29
"My appt was for the next I went on the wrong day. The staff was great to accomadate us and take us in. They were very gracious "
- Sally Enriquez
06/10/2017 11:40:36
"Thank you having a walk- in vet visit time. Assistants and Dr. Scott very professional and friendly, helpful. I plan on moving my other 2 dogs to RAH in future. "
- Andrea Street
06/01/2017 14:54:02
"Thank you for caring for our pet after a trauma. He's doing well."
- Olivia Rosales
05/25/2017 23:04:30
"I was very satisfied with the service I received. "
- Alexis Ford
05/20/2017 15:16:50
"Words can't begin to express our gratitude to our family at this very solemn time for us. We are still very grief stricken, but I can't thank you all enough for your display of compassion and care. William was extraordinary and we thank God for his service. He was attentive, compassionate, yet professional. Our family has been hit hard with death, but it's places and people like you that makes the healing process easy to approach. Thank you all"
- Kameshia Duncan
05/19/2017 12:01:39
"We were very impressed. I established my puppy at a new vet because mine retired after my being with him 45 years. My friend Chelsea Reid knows I'm not a pushover & suggested I'd love your service, facility & staff at RAH. You are more expensive, true, but we don't mind paying more when we are receiving more. My man said, "You get that these people really care about their customers and the pets". Oh, and thank you for fitting us in without an appointment. "
- Torran Brown
05/17/2017 13:06:44
"I love bringing my pets to Rialto Animal Hospital. I think Dr Cresswell is the best."
- Ethel Mc Afee
05/16/2017 13:47:19
"Met Dr. Scott C. For the first time. Would see him again! It's apparent that all staff take pride in what they do from the moment you walk in to finalizing payment. They are truly wonderful and out pets love going there. No anxiety whatsoever !"
- Sergio Ramos
05/10/2017 08:56:53
"Ramses enjoyed his stay! Thank you so much for caring for Ramses while I was away. I will definitely bring him back for future boarding. "
- Arah Parker
05/09/2017 12:25:23
"The staff was extremely friendly, and the hospital was very clean, thank you very much, I will bring Max back."
- Michelle Martinez
05/07/2017 02:39:23
"Leslie was extremely helpful and very courteous. She gave me a sense of ease leaving Zoey in her hands and the hands of the doctor. Excellent staff. "
- Paul Morales
05/06/2017 12:08:56
"Everything was excellent great service."
- Lupe Mendez
05/03/2017 15:57:20
"My husband and I found Dr. Creswell many years ago for our pets and felt it was a blessing. He is truly kind and caring toward animals. The doctors that see my boy King now are truly amazing and I can tell my boy King loves them. Everyone who works at Rialto Animal Hospital are real Angels. Thank you for a wonderful experience for our pets."
- Judy Stemen
04/25/2017 20:23:50
"My pet and I also other members of my family like to come to this clinic for our pet needs. The staff and the vets are very good at what they do, knowledgeable and compassionate and give value for service."
- Belen Duffy
04/21/2017 13:57:08
"Keep doing a great job! Thank you for taking care of my Taz."
- Sabrina Alvarado
04/18/2017 16:35:02
"I have been going to Dr. Cresswell since about 1984. I moved twice and live in Grand Terrace now. But I drive my 3 dogs and 3 cats to North Risotto because I do not trust my babies to any other vet."
- Cathy Messinger
04/15/2017 12:56:16
"Rialto Animal Hospital is the best! Keep up the great work."
- Deletta Barnett
04/14/2017 09:59:15
"Just want to say Thank You to the entire staff. "
- Kent Beal
04/09/2017 13:31:39
"As usual, great service and professional personnel. Never any complaints and great people. Thanks. "
- John Young
04/07/2017 13:44:48
"Thank all of you for caring, I know my pet can be annoying with his barking, but you take it in stride. Thank You and your staff. "
- Sarah Hartman
04/05/2017 12:12:20
"You all are doing a great job there, thank you all! "
- Johnny Cervantes
04/03/2017 10:55:14
"We love you guys !!! Thank You for all of your Support!!!"
- Carmella Martinez
03/28/2017 15:39:46
"Dr Juarez is an excellent and compassionate Dr that we hope never leaves your clinic. She is very calm, knowledgeable, compassionate, and a wonderful listener to all our concerns. Front desk personnel is wonderful too. We had an emergency at the end of the day and they got us in and took good care of us!"
- Kiyomi and Dwight Waldo
03/25/2017 16:25:11
"Teddy came home clean and relaxed. He's a very nervous dog in new situations so I would like to know what I can do to make him settle down at home. "
- James Chatman
03/23/2017 14:04:59
"Have been bringing our pets here for about 25+ years. Always great service, always great care, always did what was best fur my pet. "
- Jody Koston
03/22/2017 13:40:10
"Thank-you for setting up an appointment easy and quick. Your staff is always kind and professional. The office is always nice and clean and pleasant. The outside patios and walking track is a nice touch. Especially for pets who need "quiet time." I would recommend Rialto Animal Hospital. Thanks again, God Bless"
- Carmel Oustad
03/18/2017 13:29:33
"Everyone is allways courteous and professional and pleasant."
- Cari Miller
03/16/2017 15:56:04
"I greatly appreciate your patience with me :) and your kind care towards my pet. thank you!"
- Sylvia Palacios
03/14/2017 11:25:59
"I've been bringing my dogs here for almost seven years, and I've always left feeling confident that my precious pets received the care they needed. Thank you for caring so much about animals, and being patient with us humans. :)"
- Cynthia Cardenas
03/10/2017 18:14:12
"I have taken many pets here over the years and have almost always had great visits! I am very thankful to have this Vet office close by my house."
- Johanna Otto
03/07/2017 20:19:23
"Thanks for the amazing service and knowledgeable staff. My pets are like family to me and I will continue to trust you for all my pets needs."
- Brent Rosen
03/04/2017 18:17:33
"Happy I went there with you guys."
- Janet Nawrocki
03/02/2017 12:01:00
"I appreciate all you did for my granddaughter's cat, Binx. I'm glad he received such excellent and compassionate care. My granddaughter lost her black cat, Ebony so it was very important to have Binx surgery. He is doing very well. No matter how hard we try, Binx will jump up in my bed and isn't bothered by his hind leg. He keeps escaping and we have to run him down just to put him back in his room. My granddaughter is very happy! Thanx!M!"
- Mary Williams
02/27/2017 16:09:54
"None, thanks for great service!! "
- Andrew Karol
02/25/2017 12:01:10
"For over 15 years, I have utilized the services for all my dogs at Rialto Animal Hospital. I have recommended the hospital to all my friends and will continue to do so. I do say that its cost is a little pricey, but worth the care and commitment and the friendly, caring nature of both doctors and staff. One staff member met me at my home when my dog suddenly went to doggy heaven, she cried with me. She helped me carry him to the hospital van and took him to be cremated. The remains are in a cedar box, and to this day stays next to my bed. Thank you."
- Charlene Williams
02/24/2017 04:27:20
"I have known Dr. Creswell, since I was a young man, I put my trust in him, and his entire staff."
- Randy McFarland
02/23/2017 06:44:46
"Thank you for extending your hours"
- Lucille Gonzales
02/22/2017 15:27:30
"As always, your entire office has done an amazing job at making me feel as if my pets and I are family. Thanks!"
- Caroline Amberson
02/19/2017 16:15:26
"The doctor was very informative and the assistant in the room as well as doctor was very compasionate for my pet as well as to me. "
- Sherry Roybal
02/12/2017 23:05:12
"Every body was wonderfull I plan to take all my dogs there from now on"
- James Beach
02/12/2017 22:13:46
"I am extremely satisfied with the staff. And the service. I will return."
- Ethel Mc Afee
02/12/2017 11:48:41
"Wonderful place!"
- Brian Aispuro
02/11/2017 10:07:42
"This was one of the absolute best vet experiences I've ever had. Granted, it was kind of an emergency and unplanned trip.. But the way my dog and I were treated was too notch! Everything was broken down and explained perfectly!!"
- Amanda Wilson
02/10/2017 19:47:34
"Thank you for taking such great care of Emma."
- Terry Crowe
02/10/2017 18:13:10
"just brought in a stool sample for parasite check up for the year. gina called Saturday and said test was fine no parasites. YEAH!!"
- Jo Herndon
01/30/2017 15:44:01
"The staff was wonderful..best vet clinic experience I have ever had..great work y'all"
- Rosa Serna
01/27/2017 00:27:04
"Thank you so much for helping my Shadow and working with us on the payment plan. We have been to many animal hospitals around the country and in Europe but your deep love for animals and high costumer service are the BEST!!! You can feel the very special atmosphere of love for animals as soon as you walk through the door. "
- David Day
01/25/2017 18:14:02
"My pets seemed happy to be home. No stress"
- George Thompson
01/24/2017 22:00:36
"Thank you for all that you do! My pets (Daisy & Ramses) love you all! "
- Arah Parker
01/22/2017 12:49:01
"Everyone was courteous & very professional. I will definitely refer Rialto Animal Hospital to my family & friends."
- Carlos Flores
01/21/2017 14:15:55
"Everyone in the hospital is great. Very friendly and very compassionate towards my dog Hunter. Thanks very much for taking care of him ."
- Joseph Davila
01/21/2017 13:19:24
"Courteous staff professional veterinarian clean Hospital"
- Mark Shaurette
01/20/2017 16:44:49
"They are very kind and friendly towards our pets. Appointments always on time "
- Teresa R. Lorette
01/17/2017 13:42:25
"I called for an appointment and was told it was "walk in clinic" hours - I was told that there was 1 person waiting at the time so the wait at that time was not too long -- I came right over (I'm 5 minutes away) and was told what I just stated upon my arrival -- I did not wait but just a few minutes....... The staff is great and the care for my pet was awesome!!! THANK YOU!!!"
- Evan Koster
01/16/2017 14:30:58
"very happy with everything"
- Regina Zane
01/16/2017 13:30:48
"Thank you for your happy and positive service towards my dog and i."
- Sheri Diamond
01/11/2017 07:02:50
"I will definitely be coming back if I need vet services again :) "
- Megan Ruiz
01/05/2017 14:59:43
"Absolutely outstanding staff. Everyone was extremely friendly and professional. I have never had the experience of touring a veterinary facility before and it was really a nice touch. I really could not have asked for a better veterinary experience. Thank you all and I'm looking forward to many years of a healthy experience for my dog Jacoby. Have a great new year. "
- John Young
01/03/2017 13:30:55
"None. Always great!!!"
- Jennifer Reese
01/03/2017 12:39:35
"Been with them for the last 9 years and always felt good taking my dogs. "
- Oj Sifuentes
01/03/2017 12:35:29
"Samuel is always cared for extremely well! We feel very confident leaving him there and we are grateful for all the staff!"
- Louis Bravo
12/31/2016 14:45:10
"Great first experience, look forward to having Rialto animal hospital take care of our dogs future medical needs. "
- Michael Mineck
12/30/2016 14:45:16
"I came in expecting to put my dog down, but you saved her life and gave me hope for her recovery. Thank you & GOD bless you. Your AWESOME! Scale of 1-10 ="15""
- Joseph Garrett
12/30/2016 13:43:13
"Dr. Wolf was outstanding. Two puppies, 3 kids plus my wife and I and the room was still comfortable and Dr. Wolf was happy, upbeat and explained everything. This is why we pass several other vets to go to Rialto Animal Hospital. Always a great experience. We were thrilled with Dr. Wolf's kindness and the tech in the room was great as well. Don't remember her name. Sorry. "
- Ron Alfonso
12/29/2016 20:13:58
"I have been coming to Rialto Animal Hospital for 3 yrs and 7 months and my predecessors have been seeing Dr. Creswell for what seems forever. My master tells me that during that time and my time Dr. Cresewell and his staff, who ever they were at the time, are AA+ and that goes for me also. The greeting and attention I receive when I come in is undescriable. Thank you for treating me as a Royal Poodle (which I am). (wink) JAKE "
- Paul Lucido
12/28/2016 15:54:11
"The lady who took us to our room and checked us out was awesome. She not only put my parents dog at ease but she managed to calm my 80 year old father as well. She was a delight and a pleasure to be around. Thank You!!"
- Kaory Fielder
12/28/2016 14:37:08
"We really appreciated the doctor calling to give us the results of our dog's lab work. She thoroughly explained all the results and explained the actions we needed to take to insure our dog's health."
- Steve Meza
12/21/2016 20:44:42
"My experience here was amazing. I have brought my other dog here a few times in the past and I have accompanied my brother with his dog to almost all of his appointments. During this appointment I brought in my one year old female puppy who is very weary of strangers. I previously took her to the humane society and they refused to vaccinate her because she was "too aggressive" and the only way they could vaccinate her was to "sedate her, provide vaccines, then fix her at the same time", that was not an option for me as I do not want her to be fixed. The staff at your hospital took very well to my dog Harper, they acknowledged that she was scared and gave her some time to adjust. Your staff successfully gave her the rabies vaccination that she needed. Although I do know that I need to get her into classes or better socialize her your staff made me feel accepted and made it clear that they would love to have Harper come back for anything that she needs. I felt great about my experience and will definitely bring her back! "
- Melissa McDermott
12/14/2016 19:47:23
"Thank you Dr. Jurarez for working us into your busy schedule on Wednesday Dec 7. Colonel is feeling better and eating more each day. We are still transitioning him to the prescription food and are hopeful that he will continue to get stronger and begin to enjoy his new food."
- Christy Forsythe
12/13/2016 08:59:20
"You guys are wonderful and I wish you treated people too. "
- Charlene Smith
12/09/2016 16:34:29
"What can I say? Dr. Creswell is the best. I'll continue to drive 75 miles each way and work around his schedule because he's so great. My family started with Dr. Childs in the fifties, and these are the only two doctors we've ever used. I hope Dr. Creswell will continue to work part-time for many more years. There are few veterinarians as wonderful and compassionate as he is. Sincerely, Karen Frantz "
- Karen Frantz
11/17/2016 13:25:56
"The staff is very friendly and helpfully."
- Michael McNeil
11/11/2016 22:07:42
"Great experience, and wonderful staff. Helped out me and my fiancé without an appointment, doctor was wonderful. I felt that the vet was giving the best care possible to our dog."
- Matt Lawson
11/08/2016 20:33:43
"Dr. Wolf is amazing with my cats! She also has great patience with me. Everyone there is so helpful, positive, helpful, etc. I wouldn't take my babies anywhere else! Thank you for being there for our babies."
- Donna Urena-Jones
11/06/2016 20:31:34
"Possum is always given the best care possible at the Rialto Animal Hospital! I wouldn't want him to board or be treated anywhere else!!!"
- Adolfo Porras
11/04/2016 22:17:47
"Very happy with Rialto Animal Hospital for over 15 years. "
- Mark Lambert
11/03/2016 09:59:19
"As a person who has had pets all her life and values animal companions it is nice to have a vet such as Rialto Animal Hospital who also values animals as well. Thank you Rialto Animal Hospital for all your caring service."
- Judy Stemen
10/26/2016 20:33:12
"Taking Parker to the vet is like taking him to see family, the kind of family you want! Everyone is friendly and polite at all times and caring. Its not just a business but a place I feel very comfortable to take my loved one too!"
- Matilda Aker
10/24/2016 19:43:21
"The staff at this hospital are very kind and respectful. I'm glad that we now use bringing our cat there."
- Jack Goss
10/21/2016 20:44:17
"I was so very pleased! From the first phone call to make an appt. to paying for the visit when I was done. I am so glad I found you! I look forward to bringing Mitzi Rose in for years to come! "
- Nancy Lowrie
10/21/2016 19:45:03
"As always clean, beautiful, fablous staff and drs,everyone loves harlie. Shes a ball of energy when shes out and about. We love rialto animal hospital😍🐺"
- Jo Herndon
10/21/2016 18:19:46
"I have been using this vet for many years. No complaints."
- Jean Shaw
06/01/2016 08:14:27
"You were awesome"
- Melvin & Paula Calloway
05/29/2016 02:40:46
"We love Dr. Jeff......was pleasantly surprised to see his son Scott has joined him. Time does go by fast."
- Rudy Jackson
05/28/2016 14:43:46
"Great service, super friendly staff took excellent care of my dog Spartacus. Highly recommend this place!!!"
- Mark James
05/26/2016 19:41:39
"I appreciate everything that is done and I know my fur babies are well taken care of."
- Lori King
05/25/2016 11:09:39
"Great service! Great staff, thank you all very much I appreciate the help you all have given me and my pup, Phife, so far. Thanks :)"
- Johnny Cervantes
05/19/2016 21:28:01
"Gayle made our visit very pleasant. She should be given an award."
- EDWARD & BETTY Melendrez
05/18/2016 22:14:57
"Luv our vet always nice and does her job extremely well. Her assistant was nice too!"
- Ralph Sanders
05/18/2016 13:57:56
"Since it was my first visit I will definitely take Brownie there on a regular doctor visit."
- Jeanette Moreno
05/18/2016 13:20:07
"Everyone was very friendly, helpful and informative. "
- Steven Nicoles
05/16/2016 16:37:55
"I received wonderful service. I love this vet and am changing all my pets to come here. Thank you for always making me feel welcome and appreciated. "
- Jennifer Breitigan
05/15/2016 20:55:37
"The best animal hospital we have ever experienced."
- Robert Kilborn
05/14/2016 13:05:56
"Thank you so much for being so warm and friendly. I loved how neat and clean the environment was. I thought the service was wonderful, and the prices were not bad at all. I can't wait to bring my puppy back again! "
- Channeal Payton
05/13/2016 17:47:10
"This is the best The staff is awesome "
- Bob Nielsen
05/08/2016 18:10:16
"Very professional, great coffee! We were in and out which is good for Jakey."
- Michael Kuebler
05/01/2016 13:49:24
"I really liked the doctor and the staff they were concern about my pet it was nice and clean"
- Sue Slayton
04/25/2016 05:49:22
"I would recommend Rialto Animal Hospital to anyone who truly loves their pet and wants the best of care!"
- Dawn Gordon-Perine
04/23/2016 19:25:47
- Tom & Jo Masucci
04/23/2016 18:42:45