"i always receive excellent service for my pet's visit. Everyone is always friendly and courteous. "
- Chiawatha Dunlap
03/22/2024 17:22:02
"Empathy, excellent information, friendliness, time given"
- Beth Hillard
03/22/2024 13:31:43
"We have never had a bad experience so far. We know how our cat is and think Arroyo Veterinary Clinic staff is wonderful with him. "
- Andy Anderson
03/21/2024 23:28:05
"Recommended by Colleen Hess and she was right! Great vet and staff"
- Dee Gonzales
03/13/2024 13:14:19
"I was extremely happy with the time, care, and advice we received. "
- Teresa Rivera
03/08/2024 15:50:45
"We needed a container for a stool sample and went yo reception to obtain one. The receptionist looked up our pet, saw her history and was very courteous and professional. We returned later to pay for the upcoming test and was treated in the same manner. The next day the vet tech called and again we received detailed information and advise in a kind manner. Bonus - we got to see Melissa who took time out of her lunch to come to our car and say hi to waffles short stack - who absolutely loves her. We are thrilled with Melissa who goes above and beyond We are thrilled with the entire staff who makes us feel welcome , comfortable abd that they all care about our pet as much as we do. Kudos for getting ever single employee to be the best. We love it here. So does waffles and that’s what counts. Great job to everyone. Thank you! "
- Audrey Curbo
03/08/2024 14:39:42
"Very professional"
- Bob Elliott
03/08/2024 12:10:02
"Great care and attention, along with taking time to explain health plans for my cat."
- Yanira Bruno Rivas - Bruno
03/08/2024 04:00:07
"I love Arroyo & alllll their staff. My fur babies are ALWAYS in good hands 🙌🏼 "
- Jessie Rae Schexnayder
03/02/2024 21:58:49
"Everything has a charge and always expensive. So is it that unreasonable if I spend upwards of $1000 dollars a nail trim couldn’t be complimentary or maybe another service. Even if I spend half that. Pets are your business but how they and their owners feel after visit can spread positive or negative feedback."
- Lisa & Keith Medeiros
03/02/2024 19:22:26
"The staff is always amazing. "
- Michelle Persoff
03/02/2024 15:11:22
"I was a very traumatized dog mama. Dr Mavi & Jordan made me feel very comfortable listening to what was going on with my 12 year old poodle mix Sally. By the time I left I was so much better than when I arrived. I received a phone several hours later from Jordan checking on Sally. 🙂"
- Jan Davis
02/29/2024 23:22:27
"Everyone is so nice & welcoming, the service from both the vet assistant & the doctor were great even though they have a lot of patients they called and kept me updated at all times. "
- Merlyn Rodriguez
02/29/2024 12:57:30
"Great friendly staff. A calm environment helps my pet be calm. Doctor was gentle and knowledgeable. "
- Leslie Damian
02/28/2024 15:43:32
"My technician Jordan took his time while examining my dog. Asked all the right questions and passed the information on to Dr. Mavi. When Dr. Mavi came in he took his time during the exam and I never felt rushed. Always the best care in a comfortable environment."
- Jodi Montevago
02/27/2024 15:59:10
"I feel so very fortunate to have found arroyo veterinary. Myself and my pets are treated so very well . "
- Jeanne Knabe
02/25/2024 02:00:49
"We got there at almost closing time in need of flea protection for Maggie and Buttons. They were so gracious and helpful and filled our need perfectly!!! Thank you so much for everything!!!!"
- Connie Nabonne
02/24/2024 18:10:42
"Thank you to the technician who helped us! Ans sorry for trying to leave before Milo was done with his appointment :) "
- Stephanie Montez
02/24/2024 04:01:50
"Very GOOD!! People at the front desk and on the phone are always very polite and friendly and are very compatible with each other and knowledgeable in their job performances. This is also true of your vet assistances and your professional doctors as well! Good job to all of you!! Gary Spedowfski (Gracie and Lilly, also)"
- Heidi & Gary Spedowfski
02/23/2024 22:56:31
"So happy I made the switch to this office. Staff is absolutely wonderful and I feel comfortable bringing my dog here for care. You can tell they genuinely care about the animals. Thank you! "
- Denise Monarrez
02/22/2024 17:19:38
"The most loving, caring, motivated, and supportive staff ever. No complaints at all."
- Grant Brown
02/22/2024 11:24:47
"The office has the wrong phone number for Kappy. I left the correct number twice on the answering machine but they called a different number and I didn’t get the message until 2 days later. "
- Nancy O'Connell
02/21/2024 15:57:03
"We have been to many veterinarians since Dr Bonish passed. We finally came to Dr. Mavi and felt we were home again. Thanks for all the great care."
- Pat & Jeff Gilmour
02/21/2024 01:41:12
"This clinic will be my go to for my two dogs ! I loved how kind everyone was and how my dog and I were attended :) "
- Melanie Alvarez
02/20/2024 18:32:35
"Care seems a little expenseive"
- Dennis Morn
02/18/2024 20:14:14
"Always had great interactions when going to arroyo vet.excellent service."
- Harold Barnes
02/18/2024 03:22:05
"Our cat had his monthly appointment to receive his arthritis shot. The day before his appointment he had vomited and the morning of his appointment he vomited again and was showing signs of possible constipation. When we took him in for his shot I asked the front desk I told them my worries about the cat and if they could squeeze him in for an appointment. Front desk person turned it over to a tech. Tech told us they could take him in as a drop-off and Dr. Mavi would examine him during his lunch break. We received phone calls throughout the day giving us updates. By the end of the day blood tests had been drawn, x-ray taken and we had a diagnosis. This was a Friday, I didn't want to have to wait over the weekend or be sent to VCA emergency or Sage. I'm so appreciative that Arroyo took him in and gave him the attention that was needed. Entire staff was supportive and good natured from start to finish."
- Brenda Gianni
02/18/2024 00:46:57
"Everyone has been very helpful when I bring Dahlia in for an appointment. I use a walker and sometimes it can be tricky when Dahlia is overly excited. The staff is always eager to assist me. And Dahlia is very well treated."
- Mikayla Pratt
02/17/2024 11:58:24
"Great. We are very pleased with the attention and care our Family receives each and every time."
- David Little
02/16/2024 13:39:38
"I didn’t have to wait long The techs and doctor were very kind to Molly."
- David Brunetto
02/15/2024 23:03:42
"The care and treatment by the entire staff is exceptional. Also appreciate how you work with a person’s budget."
- Katherine Wilson
02/14/2024 20:19:57
"This was my first visit to your facility. I was greeted by friendly staff and after the veterinarian examined my dog and gave me his recommendations for treatment, I felt that I came to the right place!! I will take this survey further after seeing the results of the treatment. Thank you"
- Philip Stewart
02/14/2024 17:05:11
"Didn't feel like I was offered any solutions but to spend more money. I don't feel like I should have to only buy a prescription dog food in order for my dog to lose weight. That expensive dog food should not be the only option. "
- Rebecca Garcia
02/14/2024 04:43:35
"Everyone at Arroyo Veterinary Clinic is very nice and professional."
- Bruce Collett
02/13/2024 16:49:47
"Staff was extremely helpful with the transport of my pet as I am not in the best of health. They explained exactly what was beening done that day and also on future visits "
- Tim Rooney
02/13/2024 11:16:56
"Excellent as always. I appreciate someone explaining more than one treatment option. I was able to choose to bring Goldie back in a week for more ear medicine rather than me put drops in at home daily for 10days. Considering I have 2 cats dealing with dental issues I did not want to add on to my home medication routine."
- Merika Goolsby
02/12/2024 18:15:37
- Sonya Capelli
02/11/2024 14:40:16
"Eric says Jessica was a sweetheart"
- Renée Coker
02/11/2024 04:30:23
"First appointment I setup with your clinic I had on my calendar for 9:00am, but got a reminder call on voicemail saying it was at 8:30am. Same thing happened on this second visit. Made appointment for 1:45pm, got a reminder call on voicemail saying it was at 2:00pm. Your system might be buggy and that's an easy fix, but I really would not appreciate it if your staff are changing appointment times without calling me first. The times were not too different from the initial, but I'd rather be asked to shift the time if you need to shuffle other appointments around. I understand that sometimes need to happen, but I just want to be a part of that conversation. Thanks."
- Andrea Kuftin
02/11/2024 03:21:44
"Everyone that we have encountered has been truly caring, especially Catherine and Dr Andre."
- Beverly Kral
02/11/2024 02:34:13
"I appreciated how staff made their best efforts to help us feel welcomed and comfortable there throughout the visit and definitely accommodating our needs (from scheduling appt to hearing our concerns and being sensitive to all of our anxieties!). Everyone was so friendly and kind and our entire experience felt really personable and warm. We are happy to have picked Arroyo Veterinary Clinic for our pet’s care. "
- Aya Sato
02/10/2024 16:04:21
"Dr Mavi was wonderful I’ve been looking for a vet to help with my dogs allergies. He explained a lot I didn’t know and is working with me and Tugz to find the problem and make him more comfortable. "
- Mary Medeiros
02/09/2024 16:17:19
"The dentist examination wasn't much of an examination and I didn't appreciate the Dr petting my dog's face near his eye surgery site (as a vet why would he even risk touching around the area?). My dog wasn't at a height/in a position to have his mouth looked at. The Dr. tried to use/stick wooden tongue depressors in my dog's mouth which he chewed and got wood pieces in his mouth. I came in for piece of mind and felt like I wasted my time and risked my healing pet."
- Nathan Andora
02/09/2024 15:51:18
"I absolutely love Arroyo"
- Jessica Lacey
02/08/2024 14:47:51
"The care for my dog Drax was good. I feel he was helped and will be back to his normal self soon. He had a hot spot and scratched at it making a superficial wound. He was treated well but it took quite some time. Also prices kept changing and the bill was more than expected. I was updated on all the new pricing but it seemed a bit excessive. I'm glad he was taken care of but hopefully in the future the prices can be a but more affordable."
- Preston Usher
02/07/2024 16:33:30
"We called because we had concerns with our dog and they were able to get us right in. They did tests then took the time to explain what was going on and outlined several different treatment plans. They were kind and caring and very helpful."
- Kathy Hughes
02/07/2024 15:36:21
"Only good. All very caring pet people at Arroyo :)"
- Nicole Clausen
02/07/2024 13:33:47
"I have always had good service and good experiences with the vets at Arroyo and have recommended them to others"
- Douglas Walsh
02/06/2024 23:02:50
"I am always very happy with the service and care I receive for my kitties. Everyone is extremely efficient, kind and Dr Andres, well if I could I would give her 10 stars instead of 5. This veterinarian clinic is top of the line and even though we live in Oakland, Corvus it is worthwhile cto come to San Lorenzo. "
- Anna & Jim Baldi - Regan
02/06/2024 22:58:27
"I so appreciate that the office pays attention to my schedule as well as your schedule and tries to accommodate. The care is always excellent and every single person there is a delight to work with. Best vets and best office staff!"
- Joan Edelstein
02/06/2024 22:48:23
"Doing great"
- Susan & Herman Howell
02/06/2024 20:51:01
"One of the freindlyist and knowledgeable staffs that i have come to know"
- David Garello
02/06/2024 19:51:43
"Wish that in addition to your late weekday hours you were also open on Saturday "
- Irene & Jordan Maxwell
12/23/2023 20:52:08
"We are so very glad we found arroyo veterinary"
- Jeanne Knabe
12/22/2023 19:36:07
"Impressed with the professionalism of the entire staff."
- Robert Caruso
12/21/2023 16:27:08
"Good: I have been a customer of Arroyo Veterinary Clinic for 30 years. I have always received the highest service and courtesy. When my 18 year old dog Aztec needed to be put to sleep the staff held him and gave him their last goodbyes. Questionable: I see the plans for the new building but only thing I see as a inconvenience. If you come from San Lorenzo Village area on Washington Ave you would need to go all the way to Llewelling Blvd before you can make a u-turn to come all the way back to get into the new parking lot."
- Barbara Tavares
12/20/2023 17:13:03
"I am not sure what “Next Visit” means; if it means picking up the medication yesterday, that is not what I am referring to. I’m referring to my last visit for the annual check up; I felt rushed. I felt as if no one was familiar with my cat’s background. It just did not measure up to past visits. I am relatively new to the practice, when I first started with Arroyo, I was very pleased with my experience. I have recommended the practice to many others, hopefully we’ll receive better care in the future."
- Jane Wilcox
12/20/2023 15:36:26
"You are all wonderful and caring. We need help with Uno's Mother, Tara. The SPCA is not taking any appts. We need a low cost spaying and shots and being seen by a Vet. She is inside and safe but still won't let us touch her. She has worms and won't eat the pill in food. We tried. "
- Genelle Longenbohn
12/19/2023 18:23:45
"Stephanie was great with the cats, so was the Doctor! "
- Jason Cawthorne
12/19/2023 16:54:30
"Your staff is extremely kind and professional!,ty! "
- Kimberly Culver
12/19/2023 15:07:43
"Office and examination room were very clean. Benitos technician was so kind and treated him so cute. Doctor was excellent. Thank you for excellent service."
- Rene Mohoff
12/19/2023 14:44:31
"As a new client so far I am pretty happy with your services and your team of professional staff. No complaints from me. "
- Brenda Baumgartner
12/15/2023 14:48:30
"I think you guys are doing great! The staff is always nice to talk to and everyone always knows what to do for every situation that has come up for me and my pet."
- Sam Yuen
12/15/2023 11:44:20
"Everything has been great. I have no complaints or concerns."
- Merika Goolsby
12/14/2023 19:15:18
"I love the time that the dr. gives me - the diagnosis process is very rational and conservative and we are not rushed in our meeting. The entire staff is really kind and it helps that my dog is so awesome. I am really glad to have moved to Arroyo vet. I have 3 other dogs that will be coming over as their needs come up. "
- Amy Neuman-Rangel
12/14/2023 01:08:18
"Sara was very informative and answer all our questions"
- David Torres
12/12/2023 17:59:20
"Max and our family want to thank everyone for the great service and care 🙂"
- Steven Becraft
12/12/2023 17:25:54
"Always a pleasure !"
- Beba Sanchez
12/09/2023 12:32:56
"The technicians are amazing. After dealing with VEG and OakVet it is clear your technicians are stellar and really care about animals. They always go above and beyond to answer all my stupid questions and Udaci is always calm around them, even though they have to deal with cutting his nails :) "
- Wiliam Moot
12/08/2023 16:19:28
"I appreciated the thorough explanation on how to care for my little one, after her dental procedure. "
- Virginia Adams
12/07/2023 15:23:54
"Arroyo has an all around excellent staff, always warm and welcoming, and top notch veterinary care! I feel listened to, any concerns I may have regarding my pets are addressed right away, and if more information is needed, my pets veterinarians have reached out to specialists and/or done research on their own and let me know. Animals can't speak for themselves and knowing the high level of care my pets receive from the moment we walk through the door brings peace of mind. Thank you Arroyo Vet Clinic :) "
- Julie Ramirez
12/06/2023 17:42:41
"We have been very pleased with service and care from everyone. It makes you feel part of the family when they know us and our pets by name With a recent visit we received an e-mail recap of our visit! This was so nice to receive and I hope to see it continue "
- Jan Miller
12/04/2023 15:52:33
"Dr. VanGilder was amazing. "
- Michelle And Aaron Stewart
12/02/2023 22:51:17
"I love the personalized care I receive - genuine concern for our pets is always there!"
- Pam Ben Rached
12/02/2023 14:54:46
"At first and during Covid to call and have someone come outside to get my little one was great. Now it isn’t ok my little was very scared, shaking and even passed out, I insist on coming in with her. Her gets very nervous and stressed when I’m not there with her. I prefer bringing her in. Thank you!"
- Nancy Neves
11/30/2023 18:18:30
"Excelente estan asiendo buen trabajo"
- Ada Aracely Aguilera
11/30/2023 13:43:18
"I don’t have any complaints "
- Marisol Ugas
11/29/2023 14:31:41
"Your office staff, particularly the manager is unprofessional, has little compassion and a condescending demeanor at best. Your vet clinic used to provide excellent customers service and care..not so much anymore. We will not be returning. "
- Shannon Tsanos
11/27/2023 12:03:06
"Every one is kind, gentle and attentive "
- Dawn Olson
11/25/2023 13:56:15
"Just had my first appointment for my kitten and I felt comfortable and left confident that my kitten will be getting the best care. "
- Navidh Torres
11/22/2023 16:30:53
"I love arroyo Vet! You guys have been awesome with Paquito’s care!"
- Jennifer Reyes
11/20/2023 03:11:33
"Everyone at Arroyo clinic is very caring and thoughtful. We had a little scare after our appointment yesterday (11/15/23) and the ladies at the front desk called us later that evening to check in on our pup. That was greatly appreciated and very thoughtful. Thank you Arroyo Clinic!"
- Jocelyn Ayala-Castro
11/16/2023 16:05:45
"I am blessed with Arroyo Veterinary. Great doctors and awesome staff. They are the best. "
- Dee Gonzales
11/16/2023 13:50:02
"The space is created for so much care, from the open space, gentle approach, doors that can be open above, lots of treat, and toys. Everyone was kind, gentle, and helpful. We enjoy our visits. "
- Nga Mai
11/15/2023 01:16:36
"Fast and Easy. They took my pet early. Didn't have to leave my car as he got his monthly injection. The nurse was extremely pleasant and friendly."
- Tim Rooney
11/14/2023 23:24:40
"Your staff are very friendly, kind yet professional The important thing that stands out the most is the treatment of my cat, they were very sweet to my old lady even when she got sassy and tried to bite! They understood and were kind to her"
- Annette Harrison
11/14/2023 16:59:26
"Our appointment was supposed to be with Dr. Royalty but we did not get the appointment with her. I did not feel like my dog got a full exam. She is 12 and eyes & ears were not checked. The office staff & Jordan were great but I was disappointed I did not get the appointment with the doctor I scheduled for."
- Anna Juarez
11/14/2023 16:06:53
"The overall care was great. the staff truly care. I did not like the upsell of pet meds, overdone."
- Lisa Marshall
11/14/2023 15:19:04
"I really like this clinic. People are always nice and friendly. Dr Mavi is the best."
- Joe Gerace
11/11/2023 14:38:24
"I was attended quickly when I arrived and had very little waiting which I appreciated! I had Dr. Mavi this time and he has really helpful in addressing any and all concerns I had with my dog. His experience and suggestions from having his own dog made the recommendations a little more personal in my opinion! It was nice to hear that what we were planning for my dog is something he is actively practicing with his own dog. It was also nice that he checked in a few days later to see how my dog was doing which is another reason why I love Arroyo Vet so much! The quality of care is just amazing!"
- Itzel Garcia
11/10/2023 23:23:07
"The experience was beyond my expectations! I finally found the vet clinic I will definitely stay with! You all took so much time and care with my dog and gave us all the information and care that was needed! "
- M'Liss Marasco
11/10/2023 17:32:59
"The doctor's explanation was very comprehensive, and he was truthful about my pets' status. "
- Flora Errico
11/04/2023 20:26:21
"JoJo’s first visit exceeded all expectations…the staff was so great with him. Everyone there was patient and gentle with him since he’s never been handled by human hands before… thank you so much."
- Marta Foglia
11/02/2023 19:36:59
"Portia was happy with visiting "
- Dianne Richmond
11/02/2023 17:54:30
"The new patient appointment for my dog was very thorough and she was very well treated. Treatment suggestions were made concerning vaccinations and also for bringing her weight down a bit. The doctor and staff are friendly and obviously love what they do for a living."
- Mikayla Pratt
10/31/2023 14:43:12
"I've been coming here for over 10 years. The entire staff has always been amazing, always taking care of my dogs even though one may not be the easiest patient. Even though I've moved out of the area and drive past by over 10 vets on my way to Arroyo Vet, it's never crossed my mind to look elsewhere. The team here truly cares!"
- Wayland Mok
10/30/2023 22:42:25
"You all are great"
- Karen Enos
10/30/2023 20:21:43
"Staff was very sweet about helping me get the dental treats I needed because I procrastinated in calling sooner! Thank you so much!"
- Heather Maich
10/29/2023 15:45:55
"Turbo has had several visits here now. I feel that he has been well taken care of. Every person who has helped us have been friendly, caring and knowledgeable. "
- Jackie Ve'e
10/29/2023 15:34:43
"You're doing great.."
- Gene De Gennaro
10/27/2023 15:14:19