"Very happy with all aspects of our visit. Very friendly staff. Our Dr was very nice and explained all the options available to us. Thank you Terry and Jax."
- Terry Bowersmith
01/15/2018 06:28:44
"A very efficient operation"
- Kathy Knudsen
01/10/2018 01:20:26
"Arroyo Veterinary Clique you guys are doing fine just the way you are! "
- Nellie Maselli
01/08/2018 23:50:03
"From calling in for an appointment and getting one the next day to the exam all went very well with no complaints...."
- Sallie Enderlin
01/05/2018 18:41:38
"Friendly staff as always! "
- Susan Wan
12/29/2017 20:29:46
"I felt comfortable with the staff and doctors treatment. Your office and rooms clean and pleasant, however I’m not to thrilled with fallow up fee for reinspection if all looks ok . I do not like comparing offices but at my last veterinary the fallow up was free unless further treatment was needed . Other than that like doctor and staff . "
- Ralph Fernandez
12/29/2017 20:06:38
"The girls are always friendly and courteous. "
- Robert Cooper
12/29/2017 19:00:35
"You guys are always great!!! "
- Ines Kaney
12/26/2017 03:32:11
"Staff treats our dogs like their own. "
- Rachael/Timothy Higgins
12/21/2017 18:04:12
"Prompt service, friendly receptionist"
- Linda Quan
12/20/2017 01:02:41
"I was very pleased with the care my sassy received. It was her first visit, and we will be back."
- Teresa Dull
12/19/2017 19:47:04
" I loved that when I entered the hospital you had my dogs name on a chalkboard. That made me feel very welcome. "
- Janiece Nieto
12/16/2017 03:50:54
"Keep up the great work!"
- Carmen Moreland
12/15/2017 02:21:39
"You all are such an amazing team very friendly, helpful and work well together."
- Rose Castillo
12/11/2017 21:35:43
"The staff and doctors are friendly, courteous, professional, and you can tell they really care about the well-being of your pets."
- Rory Duncan
12/11/2017 15:25:24
"Very helpful, always friendly and pleasant. "
- Cindy Know
12/07/2017 18:13:27
"very pleasant staff and pleasant experiences."
- Rose Leyvas
12/04/2017 20:28:46
"You have treated both my girls with nothing but love & kindness. Dr. Mava is great Forgive my spelling."
- Suzie Getman
12/03/2017 22:44:38
"Great friendly, professional and courteous service"
- Cecilia Robinson
12/03/2017 18:53:01
"Dr. Mavi and his team genuinely care for your pet! It's a great environment! The best Vet we've been to!"
- Ed & Karen Santos
12/02/2017 18:25:57
"I am admittedly blown away and humbled by the kindness, helpfulness, and patience that has been shown to my pet and myself considering how much I have yet to learn as a first-time pet owner. My partner and I are so appreciative of the staff for taking care of our sweet, little Cooper cat and for giving him such a warm welcome to Arroyo Vet Clinic. Thank you!!!"
- Carla Esteves
12/01/2017 23:54:30
"Always more then happy with front office and love Dr Mavi."
- Pat Crum
11/29/2017 23:37:39
"As always, the staff was excellent. I got there just after they closed for Thanksgiving but when they saw me they let me in and took care of my request."
- Tom & Kathi Grajeda
11/23/2017 21:37:41
"All is good!!"
- Dennis Traille
11/23/2017 18:23:44
"Always a great experience for me and my dogs.......and you all take very good care of us!"
- Vickie Perreira
11/21/2017 18:24:04
"Everything was great"
- Natasha Joiner
11/21/2017 18:07:33
"Always a good experience "
- Harold Beckham
11/21/2017 18:01:00
"I have no complains...i know how sincere and very caring for all the animals that come in your office...i know this because on how u guys cares for Kobe (RIP KOBE)...n i know you will do the same for Bella and thats what matters the most..."
- Melissa Aniciete
11/18/2017 19:34:51
"I have yet to have a bad experience at Arroyo Vet. When I walk Rowdy near the office, he always wants to drop in. They have helped me out with emergency care and routine care."
- Neil Resico
11/18/2017 18:02:16
"Love the vibe and the knowledge of the whole office. Thanks for everything!"
- Ame/Landon Garrucho
11/16/2017 18:22:02
"Honestly this has been the best Veterinary Clinic have ever been to. You are open at various time for people that work, your staff is so friendly and caring. I love the white board with the names of the patients for the day. The place is clean and updated. I have only seen one vet but she was caring and we had a good out come. I think you guys are doing great. "
- Shelley Ward
11/13/2017 16:44:15
"Very good care and follow up. The doctor and office staff were very nice and friendly. You can really tell they love the animals. And Bernie the dog is great. Love to see Bernie. "
- Patricia Flores
11/11/2017 22:36:46
"I love, love, love the quality care and excellent customer service at your office. The vets are such kind, caring people, and the office staff is professional, yet at the same time, like a family. Thank you for taking such great care of my cat. Sincerely, Roxanne May "
- Roxanne May
11/08/2017 01:46:43
"Great service. Not only great service but the folks that work here make our visits so pleasent that my dog is usually happy to come in! They treat him so well and you can tell they care."
- Alejandra Villa
11/05/2017 19:29:17
"Your staff was very efficient and attentive"
- Kathy Knudsen
11/03/2017 23:17:01
"Both receptionist welcomed us with open arms and made us feel special right away! The tech was super sweet and professional. The doctor we met with was absolutely amazing and knew so much about allergy dogs and really wanted to help our Milo! We will definitely be back and have decided to make Arroyo our permanent vet! Thank you all for an amazing experience!!! "
- Serena Trueman
11/01/2017 11:40:35
"good job"
- Kris & Mike Gonsalves
10/27/2017 20:20:34
"Its always an excellent & plesant experience @Arroyo vet clinic everyone is friendly &attentive.Guapitas appt. was on wednesday 10/25, however initially her appt was scheduled for the wednesdsy the week prior & i thought it odd when i didnt receive a call the evening prior for a reminder &last minute instructions, but i didnt get too concerned. but The surprise was when we showed up for the aapt. Ithad not been recorded on the schedule, someone completely forgot , &because my daughter was by my side when i made the aapt. It was not my error in date. But i understand we must make room for human error so i didnt let itbother me to much but other than that having been the 1st error expeerienced you all are wonderful &doing GREAT!!! KEEP IT UP!!"
- Carmen Gomez
10/27/2017 02:42:39
"I have always had positive experiences when going to Arroyo Vet Clinic and would recommend it to anyone in the area with a pet."
- Shirley Silveira
10/24/2017 16:01:44
"Excellent service from intake to coming and picking up my pet. "
- Earl Rice
10/21/2017 14:21:41
"Excellent "
- Dante Dial
10/21/2017 01:16:28
"I always have a good experience when visiting the office. The last few have just been in and out and so there's not much interaction and so maybe I'm not greeted in person right away by everyone before being told to fill out something. "
- Chanavie Bun
10/20/2017 23:36:27
"All is well. I have started the OTC antihistamine recommended by the vet. Happy to say Kaiser pharmacy had the generic cheep. Thank you Dr. for giving me the generic equivalent, saved me a bunch. Sweet people, I can see they care. They referred to my 2 dogs as "your Babies" I know they understand."
- Mary Taber
10/20/2017 19:47:01
"well, you could rub my feet when I bring the animals in. an expresso machine or a chilled martini shaker full would be nice. better magazine in the rest room. you do a good job and explain what is wrong with my animals...I have no complaints on the service"
- Bob Luebbert
10/20/2017 19:09:19
"I am so pleased with the very obvious love and care given to my Charlie and me! That's why I will keep bringing my babies back even tho I moved to Livermore "
- Jeanne Tedder
10/20/2017 13:40:31
"I love everyone at Arroyo Veterinary! They take good care of us and really show they care. "
- Margie & Chuck Westbrook
10/18/2017 04:38:08
"You guys are awesome. I feel confident every time we bring in out girls to be seen. Thank you so much for all the love and attention you guys offer. Both the doctor and staff are very professional. "
- Marie Villalobos
10/17/2017 20:27:20
"At Arroyo, the moment you arrive, you are greeted warmly and feel that warmth is transferred to your pet when it's taken in to be seen. I have always be extremely satisfied with the care provided for my pet and the explanation of the treatment given. "
- Al Trevino
10/17/2017 13:00:38
"Budley Dude has had the best care at Arroyo, and they treat him like a member of their family. I trust them with the care of my special boy."
- Robin Wilkie
10/12/2017 00:42:19
"I love how the staff is suoer friendly and thorough. I really like that everyone makes an effort to schedule and it feels like they really care about our pets and are honest animal lovers."
- Mariana Aboyme
10/11/2017 17:00:41
"We love all the staff. "
- Joye Garcia
10/06/2017 19:54:42
"You guys are the best!"
- Deborah Patten
10/06/2017 02:27:39
"The visit is and was absolutely excellent. The only thing is it often takes a long time to get scripts printed out,etc and to pay. Actually leaving regularly takes quite a while. Everything else is wonderful. Also this time I got to experience your new vet, She was really wonderful. I now feel comfortable with whichever vet I get whereas in the past i was adamant about having only Dr Mavi."
- Juli Rose
10/03/2017 23:26:59
"Hi Everyone!! My visit are handle in a timely manner by professionals that know their job and care. . The staff is always there to assist and get questions answered. The care is top notch for me. It takes special people to love animals and you do. Keep up the good consistent work and keep striving to be better. I will share any concerns or issues with you. I just don't have any at this tune. Thank you from the kitties. 😺Charlie 😺Chamlie 🐾Coco🙂"
- Traci Becerra
10/03/2017 04:12:10
"Always greeted with the most professional and friendly staff. Bubba has the best care and everyone makes us feel as if he is the most important patient they have. We appreciate Arroyo Vet with the love and support they show for our Bubba."
- JoAnne / Lenny Freitas
10/02/2017 20:26:37
"Thank you Dr. Mavvy, for taking care of my kittens... and my previous cat, Roxie...and Blacky... the cats are/were comfortable around you and your staff... "
- Krystal Thorne-Edwards
10/02/2017 20:13:12
"good people. long wait sometimes though.but very good doctors and the best animal attendence girls that make me and fiona feel special thanks again for your good advice and directions."
- Nina Marks
09/30/2017 23:30:11
- Tammy Negrette
09/30/2017 17:51:56
"I'm glad I changed the previous vet hospital for Arroyo Veterinary. I noticed the care provided is excellent and they really care for each pet as much as their owners which makes us out pets are in great care. Thank you all "
- Louis Juarez
09/29/2017 05:56:21
"Looking forward to the follow-up with the doctor on Saturday. Everyone was so nice to us and to Bunny."
- Albert Valencia
09/27/2017 05:57:26
"Best vet around, hands down"
- Michelle Haynes
09/26/2017 18:58:41
"Staff is friendly, and caring, and great with our pets, they like coming there. Doctors are excellent, knowledgeable and detailed care. It is sometimes hard to get appointments as it seems Doctors are booked up or not there every day. Wait for checkout process can be long"
- Richard Pavan
09/26/2017 17:10:13
"As always you are all are awesome! (Try saying that 3 times fast LOL) Very caring and fun staff dogs and I always feel welcome! Dr. Mavi does a great job answering my questions and discussing any and all treatment options. Thank you and keep up the good work"
- Phyllis Larson
09/25/2017 20:54:38
"Woof Woof ... Meow Meow Thank you ... you guys are great "
- Rob Quinlan
09/24/2017 20:12:08
" Keep up the great work "
- Carmelo Riyel Santo-Tomas
09/24/2017 04:49:14
"There to pick up Kobe's meds. The team is always helpful and friendly!!"
- Ed & Karen Santos
09/23/2017 19:56:10
"I could not ask for better people to take care of my 13yr old Lab. She's been going there all her life."
- Kurt Humburg
09/23/2017 03:35:15
"I have nothing but LOVE for everything "Arroyo Vet! It's been 10 years and 2 furbabies and I tell anyone asking for veterinary opinions that you are the Best! Staff has come and go obviously over 10 years, but always feel comfortable and well taken care of. I've brought in a random stray dog to be scanned, and felt so welcome, but of course he's an Arroyo Vet baby too! Love Dr. Mavi, can't find a more helpful, caring and excellent Caregiver to both Tahoe who passed, and my new side kick Baxter. Thank you for always being here for us!"
- Donna & Jeff Wilson
09/23/2017 03:13:21
"Always taken care of promptly and caringly. I know the staff cares about my "baby". Dr Mavi is the best."
- Pat Crum
09/22/2017 22:59:38
"Very good"
- Harold Beckham
09/22/2017 20:46:43
- Oscar Delgadillo
09/22/2017 19:47:40