"Arroyo has the best team. They always take care of you and especially your pet! Wouldn't go anywhere else!"
- Ed & Karen Santos
04/19/2021 18:36:01
"You guys are amazing! Your phone staff are wonderful and super helpful. Wait times are reasonable and you guys handle both my pups with care and are super informational. Love you guys!"
- Shiloh Niemela
04/16/2021 16:15:17
"Everyone is extremely kind and helpful. There are vets closer to my home but making the drive is so worth it. Thank you all for the love and care you give to all of my dogs and to me. "
- Jenny Little
04/15/2021 02:13:24
"Great service "
- Bernardo Palonares
04/13/2021 19:17:50
"I love coming there because everyone is so so nice. The receptionists are so kind and friendly. The techs listen to all of my concerns and don’t make me feel dumb, they make me feel heard. They take care of my babies with such love and care. The vet doctors are amazing and always answer all my questions! "
- Gemma Lira
04/13/2021 17:25:12
"Good job guys!"
- Terri Williamson
04/13/2021 16:18:55
"Great service. I was informed every step of the way while waiting outside in my car and the dr and customer service answered all my questions "
- Christina Zamudio
04/12/2021 00:34:25
- Bhalinder Pandher
04/11/2021 17:33:03
"Very hard to rate the clinic Preformance due to not interacting with vet, while waiting in car due to covid. Also the rewards points should be added after every visit and shouldn’t have to be brought up by customer."
- Ruben Garcia
04/11/2021 16:21:18
"We really appreciate the great customer service and the ease in getting appointments."
- Stacy Blom
04/09/2021 01:44:04
"I’ve been bringing our dogs to Arroyo for 17 years! Thanks all of you for your smiles and wonderful service’"
- Robert Hansen
04/08/2021 04:52:29
"Always great service! "
- Cathlin OConnor
04/07/2021 19:37:45
"Keep up the great work! "
- Jennifer Chung
04/07/2021 17:29:24
"Great service and very helpful and clear instructions!"
- Renee Huang-Wilson
04/06/2021 20:43:22
"Accommodating and friendly "
- Charles Pamatmat
04/06/2021 20:11:07
"Apparently I wrote down wrong appt. time 1:30pm. Appt. was 5:30 you said BUT thank god you did still help us and take Bonnie in for her shot. I will be glad when we are at a new-normal and can come in with our animals. Wish your prices were not so high., Sincerely , Lin Petterson "
- Dennis & Linda Petterson
04/06/2021 17:27:41
"Dr, Mavi's phone calls re Bobbie's health this year were very impressive. He was thorough. The staff is particularly good to me, as I have no cell phone. When I come to pick her or a prescription, they are always accommodating.Thank you. BTW, this is Bobbie's grandma...Sheila Bickerton...Bobbie's mom is Laurie Linse. "
- Laurie Linse
04/05/2021 20:07:10
"Keep loving my baby. "
- Heather Maich
04/05/2021 16:37:19
"I needed a vet and Arroyo Veterinary was able to see my dog in a timely manner. They cared for my dog as if she had been a patient for years. Thank you for caring."
- Chiawatha Dunlap
04/04/2021 02:10:09
"The staff is very helpful and assist with your animal needs. Thank you Joe , Shirley Of course Blondie Ps Dr. MAVI, IS FANTASTIC, "
- Shirley Dazhan
04/02/2021 21:56:27
"I don’t like that you can’t go in but understand that it’s to keep everyone safe due to COVID-19. I did like that the Dr. didn’t push for more test. She was very kind dealing with my husband cause he can be difficult I agree with her diagnosis and it was what I was thinking but husband wouldn’t listen to me. Lol It was a very nice visit. "
- Lora Campbell
04/02/2021 19:09:27
"Always courteous and helpful. Everyone knows there job well. Love it there."
- Janis/Bill Barbaria
04/01/2021 21:05:30
"We are very satisfied with overall service. So far we haven’t experience anything bad on all services."
- Rex Guevarra
04/01/2021 16:47:58
"We are moving 4/3/2021 to Humboldt County so won't be coming into Arroyo anymore. Thank you for the excellent past service!"
- Allison Martin
03/30/2021 21:06:54
"Everything went fine considering the circumstances of times we are going through. "
- Bob Elliott
03/30/2021 19:59:27
"Putting in note to file on an account on conversations or topics mentioned. About 10 months ago I asked about RHDV - (2). I have been watching it but this last email was a very generic on the details. I would have expected greater details. Not a fault, just a recommendation. "
- Shawn Ashkenasy
03/30/2021 19:04:08
"Wish you guys would be more attentive to well my dog "
- Cecil Gomez
03/30/2021 17:02:51
"The communication is getting better, but still acks a little follow through. I shouldn't have to call to get an update on meds, office staff should keep me in the loop, at least once a week until medication is in."
- Dawna Smylie
03/29/2021 22:22:11
"Your entire clinic is the best we've ever been to. Veterinarians are excellent, informative, caring, and have been wonderful with our cats. The technicians go way above to treat our pets and us to the best service and care. I trust them with my beloved pets, knowing that they will receive care in a professional manner and loving care. We couldn't be more pleased."
- Nicole Blackshere
03/27/2021 23:56:59
"no complaints. Service and people are great."
- Joe Gerace
03/27/2021 22:37:11
"The staff here are so so nice! The doctor is very good and knowledgeable and nice as well."
- Gabriel Chavez
03/26/2021 20:01:08
"The level of service I experienced was amazing. The young lady that retrieved Marshall from me and handled collecting info, etc. was extremely thorough, courteous, and professional. I appreciate that there information is shared in a genuine and transparent way. Care suggestions come with explanations for the services in a way that I can understand the full benefit and degree of necessity for my pet. This allows me to make decisions about the level of care I want for my pet. I am grateful that there aren't any high pressure tactics to perform specific services and I wasn't made to feel bad, that I chose to bypass certain items. Each pet owner has a different level of dedication to their animals and some will go to extraordinary lengths for their pets. I do not happen to be one of those people. I want to make sure I take care of the basics and maybe slightly more than that, but don't want to be made to feel bad for my decision. It's personal. "
- Trina Walker
03/26/2021 19:31:20
"You guys are the best!!!"
- Deborah Patten
03/26/2021 18:59:18
"I am a new pet owner, so have a lot of questions, everyone has been very kind and I don't feel rushed. Kulfi seems to love it also. I truly appreciate that the phone calls are answered. "
- Mona Vimal
03/24/2021 22:33:01
"We always get great service and care. It would be nice if you could update your outgoing voice-mail to say that you're closed for lunch on Saturdays. More than once we've called, listened to the VM which says you're open, and shown up to pick up meds only to find that you're closed. "
- Danielle Wilson
03/21/2021 20:32:41
"This was my very first visit and I can honestly say it was outstanding. Mr. Black will back me on this one. I felt my cat was safe and I was well informed of all procedures by Haley and Dr. VanGilder. Yep Mr. Black, we found a good one. Thank you from us. "
- Colleen Hess
03/20/2021 21:43:52
"I came to pick up Charlie food.Didn’t wait to long. Thank you so much for all your help ."
- Mirna Selva
03/20/2021 13:40:04
"Boomer is an anxious guy and I'm glad your staff can deal with him! Can you please update my info: John is no longer one of Boomer's owners , so plese remove him from email and files. Thank you, Tami Hammerton"
- Tami Hammerton
03/17/2021 23:04:11
"Love the walk up/drive up service. The tech who helped me was very kind and explained everything. Peanut was in good hands. Thank you again!"
- Tom Brown
03/17/2021 21:14:05
"That Tina lady is amazing , her customer service voice definitely went to Harvard :)"
- Erendira Aceves
03/17/2021 16:41:10
"The staff and care team are great and always friendly. It is hard to go to the vet during the pandemic since we cannot be in the room with our pets. The team always ensures that they are taken care of which puts me at ease. Thank you Haley and Dr. Mavi."
- Corrine Lee
03/17/2021 16:22:33
"Excellent care"
- Sandra Kurita
03/12/2021 20:02:01
"I found everyone to be very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you for taking such good care of my baby. "
- Sara Sparks
03/11/2021 22:36:56
"Tried calling one morning and the voice message was fuller "
- Charlene Atkinson
03/10/2021 13:53:58
"You guys are great. Keep doing exactly what you do."
- Kimberly Wilkinson
03/10/2021 00:49:39
"Really hated covid sit. with no face to face and not being present for the exam. A lot! Tech and phone people are excellent (my opinion) at how they greeted and treated both myself and Chuck. Very kind and enthusiastic w Chuck, he was interest in them and had no fear. Sad to hear dental needs were costly but understand. Upon sharing your report w the RESCUE they will take him to their vet for treatment, shots and the other tests recommended. Overall the visit was well worth it. Thank you for your service and kindness. "
- Terri Antener
03/06/2021 21:02:34
" were extremely organized and followed good safety procedures because of covid. I like being told what exactly was being done to my pet at the time and you were quick to give me the results of all required tests. It was a very pleasurable experience."
- Tim Rooney
03/04/2021 16:28:05
"Twice in two days, the phone was not answered and the mailbox was full. When it was answered, they answered very professionally and apologized. I would not bring my pets anywhere else. Thank you for the great care."
- Lisa & Keith Medeiros
03/03/2021 20:30:46
"Excellent job, especially now during the pandemic. The care and love for my pets shows through."
- Debbie Kersting
03/02/2021 19:10:00
"Dr. Mavi and his staff are always professional and courteous. I never feel rushed when asking questions. My pet always receives the very best care. "
- Jodi Montevago
03/02/2021 17:51:47
"Drs and staff are very caring about your animals, the care is thorough and I really appreciate the explanations that are given. I always like to know the background on situations"
- Richard Pavan
02/28/2021 18:54:40
"I love Arroyo Veterinary. My concerns are always addressed and all the staff treat the animals like valued family members!!"
- John Green
02/27/2021 20:34:01
"I have gone to Arroyo Vet for many years and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. Dr Mavi, the other doctors, and the entire staff are totally competent and caring. My pets have been - and still are - lucky to have them !"
- Josephine Diaz
02/27/2021 17:46:24
"My pet has been here a couple of times and coming from another veterinarian, you guys are super !"
- Monica Ferrel
02/26/2021 23:21:30
"Tina at the front desk is awesome she can squeeze you in even when they’re booked. The team worked so well together,you can tell they put in the extra effort besides extra love in every little patient they deal with. Love the doctors also."
- Janiece Nieto
02/24/2021 23:53:37
"We appreciate the expertise and advice of Dr.'s VanGilder, Kornfeld and all the staff at Arroyo Vet, most especially the care given to our dog, Coco Lee during the unprecedented time of COVID-19. Thank you!"
- Doris Okano
02/23/2021 23:24:18
"I’ve only been here a couple times but the staff has been amazing and has put me at ease when they have a dog in their hands. "
- Hannah Ericson
02/23/2021 19:57:39
"Overall, great practice. The amount of sedation used yesterday was too much though. Archer couldn’t move or even hold his head up for hours after he got home and he peed on my lap. "
- Todd Jarvis
02/23/2021 19:08:32
"Under covid restrictions, Arroyo Vet still maintains their level of professionalism and good care. "
- Rita & Steven Gordon
02/15/2021 02:10:16
"One of the best hospital, The best people working on front desk But Tina is the best one:)"
- Dalvira Redzic
02/14/2021 00:04:12
"Wonderful staff!"
- Linda Wilson
02/14/2021 00:01:30
"Always cordial, professional, accommodating upon scheduling and caring. Your pet is treated with such loving care as if it was one of there very own. "
- Al Trevino
02/13/2021 06:31:16
"Thank you for your quick and responsive care! Dr Mavi is always so caring and compassionate. Also a shout out to Erin. She too has been responsive to my calls and questions.... and her follow up- (patient check up call) was so appreciative!"
- Jan Miller
02/12/2021 20:44:44
- Sonia Estrada
02/09/2021 20:37:26
"I only had. to pick up meds for Ralphie but I alway have an amazing experience with the staff."
- Joye Garcia
02/06/2021 20:14:06
"Every thing was great "
- Albert & Beni-Lee Annunzio
02/06/2021 07:37:37
"Very compassionate and comforting as I had a bad experience at my last Vet."
- Donna James
02/05/2021 20:16:44
"My very young puppy had an eye injury and the staff were amazing. So great full."
- Mary Peoples
02/04/2021 17:29:18
"Satisfied with the service and the friendliness of everyone. Price is high."
- Lucinda Yuen
02/03/2021 03:43:51
"We’re really glad we made the decision to leave our previous vet and give Arroyo a try. The care provided to both dogs has been/was great. It makes me feel good to know I’m dropping my dog off to people who truly care. 💜"
- Nicole Kelly
01/30/2021 18:29:20
"The staff was attentive and understanding. Dr. Mavi is very good, he explained everything thoroughly and answered all my questions."
- Margaret Takeda
01/29/2021 19:10:08
"The care seems to be going well. Dr Pavi is so nice and informative. However, every time I show up for an appointment, I end up waiting for nearly an hour for my pet to be returned to me no matter the service and how quick some visit should be "
- Dasha Pawlik
01/27/2021 17:30:22
"You charged me for stool disposal when you didn’t even do a parasite test. I called ahead and you weren’t sure if zoey needed it. I brought a stool and it wasn’t done. You could have given it back to me, but instead charged me a disposal fee"
- Dean Reimer
01/26/2021 17:58:19
"The receptionist, techs and vet is sooo nice and kind and patient. "
- Gemma Lira
01/26/2021 17:23:35
"Very courteous and caring people work here. They're always very helpful and gentle with our pet."
- William Schleis
01/23/2021 16:27:48
"With the drop off situation due to the pandemic the staff at Arroyo is great. My dog Rosie is so happy to go with the receptionist/ tech who comes out to get her. I am pleased with that they listen to my concerns and gives advice. Thank you."
- Susan Bennett
01/22/2021 23:10:15
"Prices are higher than when I started coming here with my previous dog (Tugg). But the service & care is still excellent."
- Paul Simpson
01/22/2021 19:13:49
"just came in to pick up some prescription dog food. But as usual everyone is very nice and professional and efficient at their jobs."
- Joe Gerace
01/22/2021 00:52:15
"All good with what’s going on take be safe "
- Judith Nerio
01/20/2021 18:23:54
"Staff is VERY personable and helpful explaining my puppy’s care."
- Tamra Briggs
01/20/2021 00:27:57
"I'm glad that Dr. Mavi was able to talk with me directly in the parking lot. Tamara was excellent and listened well to my concerns and helped me try to meet them. I believe and feel that there is a high commitment, knowledge and ability to deliver excellent and timely pet care."
- John Payne
01/16/2021 17:24:15
"All staff members are always very friendly and helpful either on the phone or outside due to current pandemic. I do miss one on one with the Vet, though. Keep up the good work! Gary Spedowfski (Gracie and Lillie, the kitty cats)"
- Heidi & Gary Spedowfski
01/11/2021 04:43:22
"The vet that saw the cats was a little rude . One other time we brought our animal to see him he was rude then to. I would prefer to have them see another vet there . The other ones they have seen the past were much nicer . Thankyou"
- Melinda Soto
01/10/2021 19:14:29
"I cannot speak highly enough of Arroyo Veterinary Clinic. It means a lot to my family that you found a way to vaccinate our floppy eared boy, Crumpet. Nightwing, our cat, also received a high level of care during his last visit. He is normally very nervous and poops every time in the car ride home. No poops this time -which is amazing. We also appreciate your staffs willingness to listen to our concerns and the quick response time. Thank you again!"
- Richard Timpson
01/10/2021 05:45:12
"Great service and care for my pet. Appreciate everyone who works here, great team and clinic. "
- Emily Richter
01/09/2021 18:23:25
"Awesome from start to finish, very professional service and great communication throughout. "
- Adan Franco
01/06/2021 21:39:06
"My only feedback would be to try to get the pet in at the time of the scheduled appointment. "
- Dana Santos
01/05/2021 18:45:51
"You guys are amazing!"
- Bianca Guzman
01/01/2021 17:22:42
"Keep doing the great service "
- Rex Guevarra
12/31/2020 19:48:04
"I called at the last minute to get a prescription for my dog and the staff was courteous and accommodating. Every time I called, they were professional and pleasant to speak with. It made me feel very comfortable. Thank you"
- Stacy Blom
12/31/2020 02:52:59
"I'm always impressed with the superior customer service and genuine caring from the staff! Every visit is a good experience. Thank you so much Arroyo Vet!"
- Suzanne Pickens
12/30/2020 17:57:46
"Arroyo Vet was very caring & understading to my cat’s needs & care."
- Paul Wright
12/30/2020 15:20:19
"My boys get the best care"
- Dianne Starr
12/30/2020 00:31:36
"Very efficient and a pleasure to do business with "
- Anne & Jim Krysiak
12/24/2020 17:42:27
"I just did a survey recently and my remarks remain the same. I am satisfied with the care my dog has been getting. The staff is friendly and I appreciate the reminder calls. I'm happy they found a safe way to stay open and be there for my pet if he needs care."
- Debra Jackson
12/23/2020 06:29:56
"We called as soon as we arrived at the parking lot but I had to call again in order to have someone come out. Maybe there was an emergency but the technician just never said. The hardest part is waiting."
- Anne Gracia
12/22/2020 19:04:34
"As always super nice exlente service "
- Roberto Garcia
12/22/2020 17:35:39
"Great job"
- Bryan Wright
12/22/2020 17:34:46
"We are very happy with the service. Even though we can’t be with our dog inside (and haven’t been able to meet Dr. Vangilder in person) we can tell he is in good and careful hands. Our dog gets nervous sometimes but I could tell he was comfortable with the vet tech so that really put us at ease. The tech was very friendly and showed us helpful tips for handling our dog. All staff were very open and receptive to our concerns and made us feel like there were no stupid questions. As first-time dog owners this is much appreciated."
- Stephanie Reeves
12/20/2020 18:59:53
"Took extra time to watch pup after vaccine for reactions as she had in past. Discounted amount for puppy appointment was a shock, normally it's over $50 for appointment but this time was less than half. "
- Christina Tadiarca
12/18/2020 18:24:16