"Always a pleasure !"
- Beba Sanchez
12/09/2023 12:32:56
"The technicians are amazing. After dealing with VEG and OakVet it is clear your technicians are stellar and really care about animals. They always go above and beyond to answer all my stupid questions and Udaci is always calm around them, even though they have to deal with cutting his nails :) "
- Wiliam Moot
12/08/2023 16:19:28
"I appreciated the thorough explanation on how to care for my little one, after her dental procedure. "
- Virginia Adams
12/07/2023 15:23:54
"Arroyo has an all around excellent staff, always warm and welcoming, and top notch veterinary care! I feel listened to, any concerns I may have regarding my pets are addressed right away, and if more information is needed, my pets veterinarians have reached out to specialists and/or done research on their own and let me know. Animals can't speak for themselves and knowing the high level of care my pets receive from the moment we walk through the door brings peace of mind. Thank you Arroyo Vet Clinic :) "
- Julie Ramirez
12/06/2023 17:42:41
"We have been very pleased with service and care from everyone. It makes you feel part of the family when they know us and our pets by name With a recent visit we received an e-mail recap of our visit! This was so nice to receive and I hope to see it continue "
- Jan Miller
12/04/2023 15:52:33
"Dr. VanGilder was amazing. "
- Michelle And Aaron Stewart
12/02/2023 22:51:17
"I love the personalized care I receive - genuine concern for our pets is always there!"
- Pam Ben Rached
12/02/2023 14:54:46
"At first and during Covid to call and have someone come outside to get my little one was great. Now it isn’t ok my little was very scared, shaking and even passed out, I insist on coming in with her. Her gets very nervous and stressed when I’m not there with her. I prefer bringing her in. Thank you!"
- Nancy Neves
11/30/2023 18:18:30
"Excelente estan asiendo buen trabajo"
- Ada Aracely Aguilera
11/30/2023 13:43:18
"I don’t have any complaints "
- Marisol Ugas
11/29/2023 14:31:41
"Your office staff, particularly the manager is unprofessional, has little compassion and a condescending demeanor at best. Your vet clinic used to provide excellent customers service and care..not so much anymore. We will not be returning. "
- Shannon Tsanos
11/27/2023 12:03:06
"Every one is kind, gentle and attentive "
- Dawn Olson
11/25/2023 13:56:15
"Just had my first appointment for my kitten and I felt comfortable and left confident that my kitten will be getting the best care. "
- Navidh Torres
11/22/2023 16:30:53
"I love arroyo Vet! You guys have been awesome with Paquito’s care!"
- Jennifer Reyes
11/20/2023 03:11:33
"Everyone at Arroyo clinic is very caring and thoughtful. We had a little scare after our appointment yesterday (11/15/23) and the ladies at the front desk called us later that evening to check in on our pup. That was greatly appreciated and very thoughtful. Thank you Arroyo Clinic!"
- Jocelyn Ayala-Castro
11/16/2023 16:05:45
"I am blessed with Arroyo Veterinary. Great doctors and awesome staff. They are the best. "
- Dee Gonzales
11/16/2023 13:50:02
"The space is created for so much care, from the open space, gentle approach, doors that can be open above, lots of treat, and toys. Everyone was kind, gentle, and helpful. We enjoy our visits. "
- Nga Mai
11/15/2023 01:16:36
"Fast and Easy. They took my pet early. Didn't have to leave my car as he got his monthly injection. The nurse was extremely pleasant and friendly."
- Tim Rooney
11/14/2023 23:24:40
"Your staff are very friendly, kind yet professional The important thing that stands out the most is the treatment of my cat, they were very sweet to my old lady even when she got sassy and tried to bite! They understood and were kind to her"
- Annette Harrison
11/14/2023 16:59:26
"Our appointment was supposed to be with Dr. Royalty but we did not get the appointment with her. I did not feel like my dog got a full exam. She is 12 and eyes & ears were not checked. The office staff & Jordan were great but I was disappointed I did not get the appointment with the doctor I scheduled for."
- Anna Juarez
11/14/2023 16:06:53
"The overall care was great. the staff truly care. I did not like the upsell of pet meds, overdone."
- Lisa Marshall
11/14/2023 15:19:04
"I really like this clinic. People are always nice and friendly. Dr Mavi is the best."
- Joe Gerace
11/11/2023 14:38:24
"I was attended quickly when I arrived and had very little waiting which I appreciated! I had Dr. Mavi this time and he has really helpful in addressing any and all concerns I had with my dog. His experience and suggestions from having his own dog made the recommendations a little more personal in my opinion! It was nice to hear that what we were planning for my dog is something he is actively practicing with his own dog. It was also nice that he checked in a few days later to see how my dog was doing which is another reason why I love Arroyo Vet so much! The quality of care is just amazing!"
- Itzel Garcia
11/10/2023 23:23:07
"The experience was beyond my expectations! I finally found the vet clinic I will definitely stay with! You all took so much time and care with my dog and gave us all the information and care that was needed! "
- M'Liss Marasco
11/10/2023 17:32:59
"The doctor's explanation was very comprehensive, and he was truthful about my pets' status. "
- Flora Errico
11/04/2023 20:26:21
"JoJo’s first visit exceeded all expectations…the staff was so great with him. Everyone there was patient and gentle with him since he’s never been handled by human hands before… thank you so much."
- Marta Foglia
11/02/2023 19:36:59
"Portia was happy with visiting "
- Dianne Richmond
11/02/2023 17:54:30
"The new patient appointment for my dog was very thorough and she was very well treated. Treatment suggestions were made concerning vaccinations and also for bringing her weight down a bit. The doctor and staff are friendly and obviously love what they do for a living."
- Mikayla Pratt
10/31/2023 14:43:12
"I've been coming here for over 10 years. The entire staff has always been amazing, always taking care of my dogs even though one may not be the easiest patient. Even though I've moved out of the area and drive past by over 10 vets on my way to Arroyo Vet, it's never crossed my mind to look elsewhere. The team here truly cares!"
- Wayland Mok
10/30/2023 22:42:25
"You all are great"
- Karen Enos
10/30/2023 20:21:43
"Staff was very sweet about helping me get the dental treats I needed because I procrastinated in calling sooner! Thank you so much!"
- Heather Maich
10/29/2023 15:45:55
"Turbo has had several visits here now. I feel that he has been well taken care of. Every person who has helped us have been friendly, caring and knowledgeable. "
- Jackie Ve'e
10/29/2023 15:34:43
"You're doing great.."
- Gene De Gennaro
10/27/2023 15:14:19
"Very efficient throughout the visit with explanation diagnosis and solution."
- Jensen Cheng
10/26/2023 19:59:02
"Scheduling, cost breakdown, service and explanation is great."
- Hamilton/Hope Nguyen
10/26/2023 16:44:15
"Last appt was supposed to be with my dogs Dr Mavi, I specifically chose date and time the he was there but had a different dr for some reason, she was nice but not a good fit for me or my dog. Disappointed but the tech noticed and advised she would note to only schedule with dr Mavi from now on. All other experiences have been very good and staff / techs are wonderful! "
- Sue Coelho
10/20/2023 03:20:44
"Always a great experience from start to finish for my pets and mr! Thank you."
- Vickie Perreira
10/19/2023 15:30:02
"I was honestly satisfied with taking my fur baby here for the first time. They really took the time to make sure everything was okay with her and give me honest feedback on what I should do to make sure she is okay. "
- Arianna Carrasco
10/18/2023 17:31:26
"Dr Andre was amazing and Tamara was so good with Sherlock. I was super impressed. "
- Ginger Hohm
10/18/2023 14:41:03
"Dr. VanGilder was great with Boomer, who is an anxious guy. She came up with a plan to help him be more comfortable and get around better. Everyone is very nice and patient with him. Much appreciated!"
- Tami Hammerton
10/17/2023 22:37:01
"Great first experience! Very professional staff "
- Kathy & Allison DeLima - Treloar
10/17/2023 17:03:52
"Rolo and I had a fabulous first visit. Thank you for making us feel so welcome and heard. "
- Christina Meeks
10/17/2023 14:10:36
"You all do such a great job of caring for our fur babies!!! We have total faith in you!!!! "
- Connie Nabonne
10/14/2023 16:48:36
"Our cat has always had the best care from the doctors, technicians, front office staff. The whole staff has explained to us humans procedures, concerns in a patient respectful supportive manner. Front office staff is always cheerful and efficient."
- Brenda Gianni
10/14/2023 16:31:06
"The good is the exaime and the attention my dog gets at his visits. I like the updates and suggestions along with the option of service I can afford to get. The staff is friendly and always try to give my dog a treat. The prices are pretty hig however, I was told that I can download the ap on my phone and get credits of 100.00 off after a number of visits which will help. "
- Debra Jackson
10/14/2023 01:50:44
"The personal are nice "
- Mary Jose Buenrostro
10/13/2023 18:41:18
"I have been taking my pets to Arroyo for ten years. I know most of the girls in the office by name and I always feel taken care of anytime I call. Thanks you for taking such good care of my fur babies. "
- Shirley Silveira
10/13/2023 15:31:18
"We thought that it was refreshing to be given options in regards for the tests and cutting our cats nails. We know that he can be feisty at times. The fact that we were given so many options to better serve our cat and financially was a better experience for us. Extremely different from our last vet. Thank you for continuing to care."
- Andy Anderson
10/13/2023 11:49:13
"Have been using Arroyo for years. Brought quite a few feral, plus our own cats for care. "
- Howard Rees
10/12/2023 21:33:28
"Staff is polite however many recomendations for treatment and prices are high. "
- Leticia Gonzalez
10/12/2023 21:33:08
"I am extremely happy with service."
- David Bradley
10/12/2023 17:32:32
"Always give several rate options for care"
- Doug Kugler
10/12/2023 14:19:53
"Excellent care and the staff is wonderful!"
- Kristine Sobrero
10/10/2023 15:40:04
"I started with Arroyo around five years ago or so and absolutely loved the service and care. Lately, however, there seems to have been a change and it does not feel as genuine and personal. There is one Dr. in particular who I would not like to visit with again as she seems to just be money hungry and rude. I feel like Dr. Andre must receive a commission for her sales because she does anything she can to add a charge when and where she can, even when it doesn't make sense. Also, she seems to get upset if you do not choose to follow through on all of her recommendations which is very uncomfortable. I am sad that the the vibe has changed but hopefully if/when I come back, I can see Dr. Van Gilderor or Mauve again and visit with somebody who I trust to handle my girls. The front desk is still nice and polite. "
- Clayton Cutter
10/09/2023 22:15:03
"My dog is very reactive when at the vet so I was nervous how the staff would react to his behavior. Everyone was so understanding and kind and it made this whole experience better than I ever imagined. "
- Sabrina Javier
10/06/2023 14:06:09
"No complaints"
- Susan & Herman Howell
10/06/2023 13:48:47
"I can truly say I have never been treated in such a way that my pet Jaxson and I were treated during this visit. The Dr. was clearly not prepared for this visit. Our visit there was to address unusual bumps that were on my cat’s body, unusual breathing and overall behaviors my cat was exhibiting, and a question regarding how and if to test for drugs in my cat’s body (suspicious activity happening around my home). When Dr. Andre walked into the room she immediately gave a basic exam, proceeded to condescend me for my cat being overweight and having a few flea debris, tried shoving multiple flea products down my throat (obviously an expression) using terminology such as highly recommended, a must, etc. She told me that taking my cat to a groomer was unnecessary, offered to give me options to put my cat on a diet but then described how he could potentially succumb to liver failure all in the same rude condescending breath. The technician (super awesome woman!) then redirected the Dr. to the real issues at hand aka the reason why I was there. The Dr. checked the bumps, confirmed that they were unusual but then refused to give my cat antibiotics because she could not confirm whether or not they were cysts or tumors, she told me that it was not medically necessary (although she used different words), told me to keep an eye on them which I clearly had been, hence the reason I was there. She then walked out and then came right back in to address the breathing which I thought could be pneumonia, she then prescribed antibiotics for that. Besides being prescribed the antibiotics for the pneumonia which again she stated may or may not be effective the visit was a complete waste of my time and my cat’s time. She lost credibility the moment she started to push product instead of addressing the issues with my cat first. Her approach was completely condescending, inappropriate, disrespectful, all with a disregardful attitude. On top of all that she assumed I had multiple cat’s. I’m not sure where this woman was getting her information from but I definitely will not be making any appointments with her again. "
- Arcadia Alatorre
10/04/2023 02:49:21
"Everybody is always friendly courteous and very good at explaining things"
- Kathleen Truitt
10/03/2023 20:05:27
"Everyone works as a team, talks to one another effectively, and is very courteous, even when they are extremely busy. I am very satisfied, and everyone goes above and beyond to help my pet and me."
- Marilyn Tribble
09/30/2023 21:48:36
"Recently I’ve felt that the clinic is losing its neighborhood veterinarian feel. It seems that the focus is on business & money, not on relationships. "
- Kathy Huemoeller
09/30/2023 14:28:19
"Everyone is extremely friendly courteous, and I feel like I’m with family. I’ve been taking my pets to you for many many years and have recommended you numerous times. I want to thank everyone for always being there and also Reggie sends a big thank you."
- Milly Canessa
09/29/2023 13:53:46
"We have been too many veterinarians, Doctor Mavi is very caring. He listened to our concerns, addressing every question. We feel like we have a home for out fur babies medical needs. Thank you to staff and doctors"
- Pat & Jeff Gilmour
09/27/2023 13:26:55
"Love the people who work at Arroyo Vet - all very friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. VanGilder is absolutely amazing!"
- Susan Wagoner
09/26/2023 17:52:08
"Both Bell and Sincere are great! I’ve been at Arroyo for over 19 years now. Although the staff has changed, the care seems to stay consistent with a few new specialties. I love that they handle my fur babies with love and compassion. "
- Latonya Thompson
09/24/2023 14:52:25
"Excellent service & information received. My dogs and I had a great positive appointment."
- Candida Yvette Carr
09/22/2023 23:35:33
"Staff was professional and courteous. We appreciate the way our cats were treated gently. Thank you for the wonderful service!"
- Haro Kagemoto
09/21/2023 13:20:07
"When I called for an emergency, the receptionist was not very helpful, and I called around and other vets actually were more helpful in giving me referrals. When I came back for follow up care the receptionist was courteous and more helpful. I am still considering moving vets as I did not like my first visit when they separated me from my dog to give him his shots without telling me what was happening. If the policy is to separate pets from the owner for any minor procedures, then I will be moving to a new vet as I prefer to be with my dog when he gets his vaccinations."
- Melinda Masters
09/20/2023 04:58:06
"Dr. Andre was Bella’s first vet. We have followed her, and we’re happy to find she is now so near our home. We have found the staff to be friendly and efficient and Dr. Andre and the other doctors to be caring and competent."
- Sandra Anderson
09/18/2023 17:40:25
"For mine & my husbands 1st experience it was good! Every1 seems soo caring & thoughtful. My Best friend that moved used to go here & that’s how I knew of Arroyo Vet. I needed a Vet since ours closed & I’m soo grateful to you All!!"
- David & Christine Longnickel
09/18/2023 09:06:53
"I am pleased with our visit(s). I am a little worried that KiKi wasnt given treatment for the rash on her stomach but I am old and dont remember if there was a reason no cream, meds or solution offered. (Im sure there was a reason given.) I appreciate you getting her in quickly. Your office professionals, techs and vets are impressive, sweet and kind and very much appreciated."
- Jay Long
09/15/2023 15:45:52
"You took care of my dog & eased my anxiety. Thank you sooo much."
- Lisa Marshall
09/15/2023 14:01:49
"They are all so concerned for the well being of my dog Karl when I bring him in for his visit. They all come by and ask how he’s doing. They do not rush you through an appointment. Dr Sara and staff are the best. Thank you"
- Lewie & Linda Hamly
09/14/2023 02:56:31
"We love our new fur care team at Arroyo Vet and will be slowly integrating all of our babies here!"
- Tabitha Kahn
09/13/2023 16:14:48
"I'm happy................please don't change a thing"
- Debi A Parker
09/13/2023 16:14:43
"Everyone is great. The difficult thing is not always being able to get care unexpectedly from your trusted vet and getting referred elsewhere but I’m not sure much can be done about that. "
- Irene & Jordan Maxwell
09/13/2023 15:42:25
"Nothing substantial to complain about, staff were friendly and accommodating with treatment as much as possible. e.g. allowing vaccine shots and drawing blood in the same room as owner. I would recommend listing prices (high and low prices) on your website for common procedures (vaccines, neuter, etc)."
- Vincent Huang
09/12/2023 20:48:19
"You guys are doing great! "
- Sam Yuen
09/12/2023 18:01:53
"Medicine is too expensive "
- Joanna Veloria
09/12/2023 15:02:21
"Had excellent service from the minute I called to make an appointment to the luxury of selecting a vet of my choice. Our first appointment was with a vet tech Jessica who was amazing. She took the time to explain everything in detail and all options. Our vet that day was Dr Royalty and she was kind, professional and caring. "
- Audrey Curbo
09/10/2023 04:12:47
"Stephanie and Dr Andre are the BEST. Arroyo is one of the best vet clinics we have been to. Everyone is so nice and helpful. "
- Robert Blante
09/09/2023 16:55:40
"I had the best service with the front staff and the Doctor. My fur baby was treated with the utmost care. "
- Angel Hollinger
09/09/2023 07:44:24
"I can’t say how much we are thankful on how Arroyo Vet Clinic was so helpful in providing us same day services for our dog Louie. We had tickets for a baseball game ‘bark at the park’ and didn’t realize his rabies and other shots were expired. We wouldn’t have been able to get him in if it wasn’t for the Arroyo team squeezing us in, they even provided virtual and physical copies of his medical record for us. Thank you! "
- Alejandra & Kevin Garica McCarthy
09/06/2023 15:24:13
"You’re doing fabulous. The two young ladies who did Dexter s nails were professional and adorable. I learned a lot."
- Thomas Wagner
09/06/2023 12:29:05
- Krystal Thorne-Edwards
08/31/2023 19:51:34
"Great visit. Professional staff . "
- Francisco Ramirez
08/31/2023 13:45:43
"Turbo and I felt very welcomed to your practice. The staff is very nice. "
- Jackie Ve'e
08/30/2023 14:35:57
"Stephanie was great! Helpful and got a snack for Tango who was hungry. Doctor was also good on giving options and reviewing Tango's conditions."
- Jason Cawthorne
08/29/2023 15:16:54
"The vet was multitasking with other techs discussing other animals. I feel she gave the attention needed to my pet but I felt maybe the office over booked. The tech we had was very nice and explained things well. "
- Richard Babb
08/27/2023 12:52:02
"What a lovely experience! First time ever my cat has been relaxed and cooperative at a vet's. I also appreciated the thorough explanations and care about his health. Thank-you, thank-you"
- Carolyn Price
08/25/2023 15:06:55
"All staff are so nice , they welcomed my fur baby . They gave me all the information given . Overall satisfied with the first visit :)"
- Jessica Lupian
08/24/2023 03:07:12
"ALL of your staff is amazing, as well as the 2 Vet Techs who took care of Lucy.. Super sweet and genuinely kind."
- Kimberly Culver
08/24/2023 02:18:14
"Great job and service impressed when staff and quality keep it up "
- Laini Tsang
08/23/2023 15:24:38
"Really appreciates the cares from the Clinic! All staffs shows great cares ! ❤️👍🥰🌈🎉😊"
- Ken Ho
08/22/2023 20:33:43
"Having had poor experience with previous vet(s) with my last cat, I was very cautious in finding one for Rascal. Visited a few offices, but when interviewing, had a very "blah" feeling. Decided to check with Arroyo for whom I had done a lot of online research, when personally checked in with office to evaluate, staff not only gave me good feeling, but was able to answer questions knowledgeably and arrange a first appointment. Dr Andre was friendly, and gave a good exam and recommendations for Rascal. Stephanie was friendly and more than helpful with all aspects of the visit - she is a great asset to your practice. Lastly, it was so helpful to have someone both bring in the carrier and out as I have a walking problem. Check-out procedure was very smooth and friendly. Thank you for making this a pleasant and helpful visit not only for myself but more importantly, Rascal. I look forward to continuing with Arroyo clinic. "
- Carol Price
08/22/2023 16:10:40
"I called for my pet’s monthly medications— one was in stock, and one was not. When the out of stock medication came in, no one called to tell me, I had to call and remind the staff that I’d requested a refill almost 2 weeks earlier. When I picked up the meds, I was only given a 1 month supply— usually I get a 3 month supply. "
- Gabriel Flores
08/19/2023 15:52:40
"I have noticed my last few visits and even more so at the last visit that the office was clean and fresh. Often, I would leave feeling dander in my nose but not lately. "
- Emerenciana Amen
08/19/2023 15:13:58
"My experience was great. I’ve already posted about it in the fb group where I got a recommendation for AVC. I will definitely refer friends. I particularly appreciated being heard and given time to describe the problems without interruption as well as the understanding care given Fiji, who was very afraid."
- Corinne Lamata
08/17/2023 15:56:26
"Everyone at this office is amazing"
- Michelle Haynes
08/16/2023 23:20:24
"I really appreciate all the time that went into caring for Milo. Catherine and Dr. Royalty were able to knowledgably answer all questions and I especially appreciate the thought that went into getting Milo on a plan to manage his weight. My only piece of feedback for improvement is with respect to the preventative blood, fecal, and urine testing. I was unable to figure out what blood testing Milo had done at his ER visit earlier in the year even though I think this information was sent from the pet ER to Arroyo. I chose not to go ahead with the comprehensive testing because I wasn't sure if we would be duplicating bloodwork that had been done only 2 months prior. "
- Jennifer Cristiano
08/16/2023 16:47:15
"We feel we are getting the best care with both Hana and JJ when we come to Arroyo. Your staff has always been excellent and caring."
- Genelle Longenbohn
08/15/2023 17:24:45