"Took dog to have teeth cleaning doctor did great job doctor really cares about your pets "
- Lupe Tovar
05/19/2022 01:19:42
- Anthony Hardaway
05/11/2022 21:14:00
"Great service and staff. Appreciate being able to accommodated same day for a last minute appointment and the service hours were really convenient. "
- Gabriel Almaraz
05/11/2022 03:49:22
"Service is ok. But its better if we can see and talk to an actual doctor instead of just dropping off and picking up our pets. It better to have someone to ask about your concerns. "
- Ethel Salvador
05/10/2022 23:10:32
"Wearing a mask and only one person in the lobby was pretty ridiculous. Poor communication between the receptionist and vet. The receptionist was going to have me leave even though my dog was ready to be picked up."
- Jennifer Binkowski
05/10/2022 21:11:03
"I just love dr H and Dr E they are so caring and Very thorough"
- Victoria Leonard
05/09/2022 20:47:25
"Like Atlas PET Hospital, my dogs are part of my family. However since he was a puppy, we did not know how he was going to react. Well he took to the Atlas staff very well and did not show any fear. When my dogs are happy and well I feel the same. Thank you for caring for Clyde with Love. -Connie Hoppie"
- Connie Hoppie
05/09/2022 08:10:02
"Cali is my judge she was happy so the staff treated her well I can tell. If her tail is down which it wasn't then life's good. She is a friendly dog. Thank You. Biggie was treated well when he was there months back. Thank You. Also same day appointment she is an older dog who needs more care. Thank You"
- Greg Zembo
05/08/2022 19:24:09
"They were thorough with exams and care for my boy. I'm glad we chose this hospital!"
- Janice Hirvela
05/04/2022 02:48:25
"Reception was great and they took good care of our fur baby. "
- Robyn Perry
05/01/2022 22:28:36
"Really wish we could go back to waiting with our pets in exam room, it’s hard handing over a new pup……it’s one thing I dislike. Otherwise always happy with Dr Hannah’s care."
- Casey Crabtree
05/01/2022 21:00:53
"We have only visited the clinic once with Eg(egg). Dropped him off and picked up approximately one hour later. So far we are satisfied with the service. "
- Paul Ryder
04/28/2022 23:01:09
"A lot of new people there. But we’re friendly "
- Amanda Guzman
04/28/2022 02:58:18
"After I called back the next day to speak to the actual vet I felt a lot better. The vet tech made it feel like giardia was extremely contagious to humans and I was overly worried, when I got home I saw different information from akc website that the vet confirmed (tech may have been confused with a different puppy) . I'm very happy he's getting treatment and I'm looking forward to a better experience next time. I'm hoping to be able to stay with my puppy instead of dropping off, 4 hours seems a little too long for a puppy. I would've been happier receiving the update from the vet instead of a tech but I'm sure I can request that next time. Other than the unessesary stress that little hiccup caused, I need to say that everyone was very nice and professional. Great customer service. Thank you"
- Cristina Pena
04/20/2022 19:43:38
"I had an appointment but when I got there the receptionist informed me that it would be a two hour wait due to emergencies that came in. I totally understand the emergency situation,and didn’t mind waiting to be seen. I just would have appreciated a phone call prior to driving down. "
- Dawn Woronets
04/18/2022 23:40:51
"On the phone I was told the price of my dogs was $18 and when I picked it up it was $32"
- Trish Mcleod
04/18/2022 19:56:05
"Everything was perfect except the fact that covid precautions are still in place so I cannot be in the exam room with my dog, I don't get to meet the veterinarian and therefore I do not get to ask questions. "
- Amanda Casagranda
04/18/2022 18:01:36
- Joaquin Garcia
04/18/2022 17:21:08
"Staff was friendly and professional. Did not like the Covid restrictions that did not allow us to go to the exam room with our pet. .We did not like the excessive wait outside at the back door to receive our pet. The pet odor in the reception area could be eliminated with a proper air purifier."
- Cynthia Wilson
04/17/2022 01:25:26
"Hard to give better answers with the drop off situation It would be nice to be in with the doctor when questions come up. Over all you guys are great "
- Richard Clem
04/16/2022 19:19:17
"This was our first experience at Atlas. I didn't understand why we were asked to wait outside. It was so cold and windy, and we were worried about our dog. I had my kids with me, and they were nervous about our dog's well being. He had gotten attacked by 3 other dogs and we were coming to pick him up. We waited over half an hour to see him. Atlas was busy that night, and I didn't expect that long of a wait. We didn't even get to eat dinner that evening because by the time we got home it was after 9 pm, which is bed time for our family. What I expected was to get there before 8pm, pick up the dog, and go through a drive thru on the way home. It didn't work out that way. I wish they would have told us how long we were going to have to wait. We would have fed the kids dinner while we waited. Other than that, we were happy with the way they patched up our pup. However, I did notice that there were a few other spots on him that didn't seem to be treated. They were not deep cuts, but they were not shaved so it was hard to determine if they needed treatment. I do appreciate that we were able to get him in almost immediately when we arrived for emergency. It was very stressful, and being our first time visiting, it was more worrisome not knowing what we didn't know. "
- Sandra Correia
04/16/2022 18:29:40
"Great visit! "
- Luis Vega
04/15/2022 23:41:01
"very happy that they treated Lady quickly. other vet hospitals would not see lady after I told them she had a nail growing into her skin and infected."
- Carol Nunez
04/14/2022 20:14:09
"Girls answering phones have no clue what they're doing! Waited an hour on the phone just to see if they received my consent form. Very unorganized with no communication between them. I have spent alot of money here and I need to go somewhere where they are professional and take care of me. "
04/13/2022 17:01:38
"I would like to have access to my dogs records in a portal."
- Terrence McCauley
04/11/2022 03:42:07
- Connie Washburn
04/09/2022 17:51:06
"prior to coming in, we were told that the exam fee is $39 but when we got there, the exam fee was $45. That was not a pleasant surprise. But we are overall happy with the dental work Snow has received. The only thing is that Snow's cough is getting worse. We will call in tomorrow if her cough does not get better. "
- Susan Lin
04/06/2022 20:55:46
"This is definitely my girls' new vet. I brought my dog in for an emergency because they were close by but the care my dog received as well as the care we received (I lose my mind when anything happens to my babies) from all of the staff was amazing. The vet worked with us to make sure we weren't being charged for anything we didn't need and she was very honest and upfront. That helped tremendously and meant the world to us. My baby made a quick recovery and was back to her normal self in no time. She is also very nervous and they were very patient with her. Thank you atlas pet hospital!"
- Briana Valverde
04/06/2022 19:34:41
"I’ve been taking my dogs here for a few years now and they take very good care of my dogs."
- Tony Pagan
04/05/2022 21:35:02
"I was told when my dog was delivered to me outside that his ears needs to be cleaned and I thought we’ll gosh why didn’t you offer to do that while he was there they said it was $45 well I forgot after I waited for a half an hour for him to be released to me for a allergy shot they should’ve asked me if they could’ve done as yours anyway I just feel disappointed in that other than that the doctors are fabulous I love atlas"
- Victoria Leonard
04/03/2022 23:02:18
"Good service."
- Irma DeWeese
04/02/2022 21:39:50
"My biggest complaint is how the front desk is run. Julia and Christina are the best but the others never seem to know what Zoe is coming in for therefore, I would like to only work with Julia and Christina.....They are amazing and always get everything right about Zoe's Visit and what she is there for. Dr. E is the best and to be honest if it was not for her and Christina and Julia I would not come back. Good job ladies 5 stars for my and Zoe's girls.......Christina ,Julia, and Dr E. "
- Julie Kelsey
04/02/2022 00:13:53
"The not at all answer is incorrect due to fat fingers"
- Gary Rodger
04/01/2022 18:51:45
"Awesome doctors with great compassion. 👍 "
- Rosemarie Palmer
03/30/2022 17:32:48
"Thank you for making my dog feel at ease as this can be a very traumatic experience. "
- Theresa Worth
03/30/2022 03:27:56
"Friendly staff. Thank you for always working within my budget. "
03/28/2022 22:38:48
"Still awaiting to hear from Vet regarding Heizenburg X-ray status week 2..."
- Cathy Carrasco
03/28/2022 16:07:26
"Just picked up medication refill. "
03/21/2022 19:22:05
"My only dissatisfaction was the lack of explanation with what was going on with my dog. No one told me what was wrong with him or how I can prevent whatever issue this was. I was told to just give him some pills and he will be fine. Otherwise the staff was very nice and quick with their service."
- Thomas Skaggs
03/21/2022 05:18:06
"Dr Hanna is an amazing vet . She is very professional and knowledgeable. Her staff are so helpful and friendly. I would recommend this office for all friends and family . Thank you again Dr. Hanna "
- Sameh Awad
03/20/2022 05:26:54
"I’m an established patient and Don’t feel that I should be filling out paperwork each time I visit. That specifically bothered me as it’s unnecessary waste of time. "
- Nancy Davalos
03/18/2022 12:38:23
"I use to always go to centennial animal hospital but they were always crowded with long waits atlas seems more personable less hectic"
- Mark Johnson
03/17/2022 20:36:52
"I like to go in with my pets I have a 7 year old that has anxiety and a new puppy. Covid is over now, so you should let the owners in with the pets instead of having them wait outside or come back later for pick up. "
- Sheryl Vanderlinden
03/16/2022 16:32:00
"Great staff (friendly, reliable, efficient); have lots of confidence in the doctors who have cared for my cat...."
03/16/2022 02:26:53
"Never spoke to Dr - only Technician. Too much upselling .. Thanks "
- Joan Hellick
03/12/2022 19:17:08
"Great customer service!! Very friendly and helpful "
- Darri-Jean Guzman
03/10/2022 14:21:32
"I don’t like that it’s very expensive. Before I was told what was wrong with my dog, I received a plethora of prescriptions and prices. It all added up to be very expensive and unnecessary. What happened to courtesy treatment simply due to my paid exam? A courtesy ointment and bandage would have been nice. I think I need to start finding another doctor."
- Javier Cossio
03/07/2022 17:12:21
"Good job"
- Lonzo Cotton
03/05/2022 14:54:41
"I am so grateful for helping my fur-baby Osito. I am on social security and barely make it every month. The Vet was considerate with my situation. That you."
- Norma Sanchez
03/04/2022 20:37:35
"I had an 8 am appt and whiskey was taken back immediately. I dropped Whiskey off and I will say that within a reasonable amount of time Dr Hanna was calling back with recommendations and Whiskey was available immediately for pickup. Unfortunately, I wasn't ready for Whiskey so he hung out there for a couple of hours and staff was so nice to him and making him comfortable"
- Joe Conklin
03/02/2022 17:37:17
"We were not able to go into the exam room at this time"
- Cassandra Holman
03/01/2022 01:29:44
"we were not in the waiting room so those questions are N/A"
- Marie Moore
02/28/2022 20:06:26
"I visited your site becuase we had an emergency with our pet. Your vet was able to stablize the dog and offered health and service advise as well as sharing x-rays and records via email. This was most appreciated. Your office also called for follow up on health status. Thank you. Everything happened so fast and I don't remember if we were told a head of time how much we were going to owe for services before they were provided. This was my only concern because the cost we paid was only to stabilize the dog (calm her down to breath) and give a status of the problem and did not fix her problem. "
- Lisa Garcia
02/26/2022 19:51:46
"Overall satisfied "
- Glen Phillips
02/23/2022 00:24:50
"They took my pet last minute which I greatly appreciated and were informative and friendly. "
- Alana Murillo
02/21/2022 20:17:23
"I brought my Boxer in for an ear ache and they took great care of him! Had to take him back the next day for a follow up and his tail was wagging and he went back with the girls with no bad memory of the day before. All of the girls were so friendly and helpful and answered my questions the best they could and if they didnt know, they called me back to provide an answer. I would recommend Atlas to anyone who needs special attention for their furry friends. "
- Megan Whieldon
02/18/2022 20:57:27
"Another was at 10a, they did not see cat till after 11a"
- Bob Knight
02/18/2022 14:59:23
"I know you love our pets as much as we do. Thank you for helping to take care of them. "
- Gina Barron
02/16/2022 21:44:54
"I understand that you are probably understaffed, but a quick call or text would have been great. I got really worried something had happened to Harley because I was told it would be a couple of hours and it ended up being almost 6. Also, isn’t checking the ears part of an exam? My son found wax build up and I wasn’t told by any of your staff. I also had to ask how his exam had turned out. But my dog was taken care of. I believe his teeth couldn’t be finished because he was just anxious about being there so long. Last year all his teeth were completed because he was only there for two hours."
- Maria Gottuso
02/16/2022 19:58:57
"Amy is my 7 month old Cat, that I brought in to have evaluated, and cared for. Amy is a Very Precious rescue Kitty, that was rescued from the wild. She was the only one that survived in her family. She is a Kitty that is full of love, And has been well taken care of by Atlas Pet Hospital. After getting a History of where Amy came from, the Doctor knew exactly what Amy needed to have done. Atlas made money saving suggestions for Amy’s future much needed care, which saved me money on my last visit, and will save even more money on Amy’s future visits, that Amy will need to have for her full recovery. They provided me with Amy’s Rabies Certificate, along with a Tag for Amy’s collar, that shows Amy has been vaccinated. The Doctor was very knowledgeable and provided me with proper home care instructions, for Amy. I Thank Atlas, And Amy Thanks Atlas for Her Care."
- William Kuhn
02/14/2022 06:00:38
"My dog had Parvo. Went to other vet wanted to charge me $90 emergency fee and I was still waiting for hours. Called Atlas they had an appt available and got me in. Initially gave me an overnight care plan I couldn’t afford. They then gave me home care plan. Then they checked on my puppy the next day. She was not getting much better. Didn’t eat the food they gave nor drink water. So I googled remedy and purchased pedialyte and have been giving my puppy this every few hours. It seems to be helping along with the medication they gave me."
- Nataki Davis
02/11/2022 18:25:43
"Very friendly, very efficient and treated myself and my furry friends with great respect and empathy. "
02/10/2022 19:59:24
"I thought everything was great. The Dr came and talked to me. The front receptionist I believe her name was Christina was so sweet and kind. The tech Christian explained in detail how to use the medications. My follow up appointment was automatically sent to me. The cost of the visit I feel was a fair cost. I have already referred someone to your clinic. I definitely felt such a relief after Jorgie was seen and got help. "
02/09/2022 23:13:04
"Very happy with the care provided at Atlas pet clinic. "
- Abbey Daniel
02/07/2022 06:01:35
"Front desk ladies were super friendly. Vet tech Christian was extremely informative and explained everything clearly so I could understand. "
02/07/2022 03:49:26
"They take very good care of your animals "
- Gail Colasurdo
02/05/2022 21:21:39
"Thank you for taking good care of our cat and finding her problem quickly. We appreciated the phone call next day to check how she was doing. That extra touch means a lot to pet owners. "
- Kelly Phares
01/29/2022 00:45:58
"Fees are a bit high but overall good service"
- Elsie Gonzales
01/28/2022 21:23:30
"It is such a hassle and inconvenience that I have to submit an insurance claim myself. I can deal with it if you would send me ecopies of invoices and related documents. It took you guys over two months to get documents emailed too me for a $1400 claim. This is the 21st Century and paper is dated."
- Julie Kelsey
01/28/2022 00:30:12
"We take all our furbabies here and have never had an issue. Glad they are in our town."
- Kim Hawkins
01/27/2022 17:30:07
"Excellent service I am confident on Atlas Hospital Services Thank you all of you at Atlas Pet Hospital"
- Joaquin Garcia
01/25/2022 20:31:07
"Honestly the best vet and staff around. You always take care of our fur babies as if they were your own. So thank you for all your work. "
- Daniel Pierson
01/23/2022 18:21:45
"Bane received a thorough exam and all of my questions were answered. All of the recommendations and treatment was provided by the tech upon leaving. I received a follow up call the next day to check on how he was doing and that really impressed me. I have had animals require care over the course of 20 plus years and have never received a follow up call. Glad we found our local vet. "
01/23/2022 18:08:09
"Everything was fine. Would have liked to meet the vet but im sure they are busy. "
- Amerisa Obeid
01/21/2022 02:50:17
"Didn’t see a doctor, was called with treatment plan"
- Iris Coumparoules
01/15/2022 17:34:06
"Very good visit,gave me hope for saving my dog."
- Gary Rodger
01/06/2022 19:06:04
"The waiting area rules should apply to everyone or no one. I was asked to wait outside while two other people were inside. Your sign clearly says ONE guest in the lobby. Mind you, it was pouring outside at the time I came to pick up my dog. I was also charged an extra $124 above what I was told it would be and was not asked to authorize the added charge. "
- Jon Garcia
12/30/2021 23:23:12
"Excellent customer service from Christine....She help us inmediately and did give us the best possible options for our pets to be treate Thanks a lot for your support on critical times"
- Joaquin Garcia
12/26/2021 02:58:08
"Didn’t wait in the exam room. Waited in the car but the survey wouldn’t let me go to the next without an answer. The tech was very kind and clear with her report of the exam. "
- Marianne Gonzales
12/25/2021 14:12:02
"Thank so much Atlas pet Hospital "
- Carmen Mercado
12/25/2021 02:20:42
"The price is alot . It would be better if you could come down on prices . Because I have 6dogs and 2Cats"
- Daniel LaliBerte
12/21/2021 01:07:02
"There's no reason to make an appt for anal glands. Also, why would I need to fill out paperwork for anal glands, especially since we come every month for anal glands. This was the fourth time I've asked about getting "No Scoot", and have yet to hear from the vet. The girl who did her glands the previous two times recommended it to me, but no one is getting my dog help. I can & have purchased it off Amazon, but there has been complaints that it's not the genuine product, so I've decided to wait on you guys. This is getting ridiculous!"
- Cori Ornelas
12/19/2021 18:36:18
"As far as the wait time… Because of Covid and the restrictions of one person in the office at a time it’s not a fair assessment of the wait time… However I do feel the overly abundance of caution is a little extreme… However I don’t recall ever talking to the vet it was whoever was on the phone I never had a face-to-face… I didn’t appreciate getting quoted one price for a shampoo and then when I went to pay was advised they didn’t have that size and it wasn’t until I asked that I was told… However the next day the office called to check up on Taylor… And for the first time in a year my dog has stopped scratching… They gave me good suggestions… The visit was overall OK but the care and treatment my pet received was very satisfactory"
- Tigger Porter
12/17/2021 05:49:58
"I had an overall great experience and I appreciated the follow up call! If my pets ever need to see a vet, I’ll be bringing them here Thank you!"
- Kassandra Munoz
12/12/2021 20:16:51
"Wouldnt trust the health of my pedigree dogs anywhere else. "
- Stephen Baker
12/12/2021 03:13:47
"Extremely good service. Thank you! "
- Annie Redmond
12/05/2021 19:10:17
"Hard to answer honestly on wait time and care questions since I am not allowed in with Doctor or in the waiting room. Totally understand and respect the E.R. situations That being said you should be more accurate on wait times since we have to call in ahead A little surprised at a 3 1/2 hour wait time for a scheduled appointment Other than that you all seem very kind and caring and honest about treatments"
- Richard Clem
12/03/2021 01:08:19
"Doctors are top notch front desk people not so much "
- Ray Lynch
12/01/2021 01:58:39
"I was very thankful that Atlas Pet Hospital was able to see my dog right away after she had been bit by another dog. Doctor and staff were very friendly. Was able to be seen right away and was in and out withing 45 minutes. I appreciated how the doctor came out several times as she was helping my dog to explain everything to me. "
- Megan James
11/28/2021 20:20:10
"Medical doctor did an excellent job of treating my dog "
- Ray Lynch
11/15/2021 02:09:23
"None at this time.."
- Clyde Nelson
11/12/2021 20:50:20
"* please modify questions to reflect did not see a doctor "
- Iris Coumparoules
11/10/2021 19:27:28
"Your exams and treatment are always extremely thorough and I think your followup phonecalls make you unique in the field of veterinary care. It's always obvious, no matter who I speak with at Atlas, that you really care about the patients and their caretakers. Pet owners are always as concerned over their pets' injuries and health as they are with their own children, sometimes even moreso since pets can't tell you how they feel, where they hurt, or describe symptoms that can't be seen even with testing."
- Alana Carson
11/09/2021 23:49:08
"I was very satisfied on what the doctor did for my dog Milo, with all the medication that he’s been taking his well to recovery thank you so much for the staff and Dr."
- Lina Harris
11/09/2021 21:12:32
"Didn’t see the dr. just went to purchase meds. Front staff is not friendly. Unfortunately, I may be switching vets because of that. Front office staff is the face of your practice, if they’re going to be rude they will chase away your clients. "
- Jeannie Liu
11/09/2021 18:08:11
"Very happy with everything "
- Rasoalie Policicchio
11/08/2021 15:19:09
"Great care "
- Nighat Chawla
11/06/2021 19:43:59
"Excellent customer service ! Technicians and Dr. Are very profesional and friendly...they do anything possible to accomodate my pets any time I did called or visit in person... "
- Joaquin Garcia
11/06/2021 18:54:20
"Thank you for giving my dog great care"
- Maryann Creager
11/04/2021 22:53:06
"The drop process went extremely fast from drop off to visit being complete."
- Frank Lopez
11/03/2021 16:29:27