"I really appreciate for what you guys have done for my luna I thank you for all your attention to help luna through her illness you guys are very appreciated for all your hard work. Thank u again.😊"
- Ashley Torres
09/30/2022 17:36:34
"Amazing thanks "
- Ana Paula Martins-Borges
09/27/2022 00:32:17
"There is no reason why the facility needs to maintain covid protocol."
- Steve Stroble
09/26/2022 21:30:29
"I really like there service when I take Vida my puppy. Thank you "
- Maria Campos
09/23/2022 19:26:34
"Would prefer not leaving my pets when they are getting vaccines I understood during Covid but seems like we should be able to remain with our pets for short visits"
- Lori Grigg
09/19/2022 18:14:33
"we were not able to wait in the exam room due to the Covid 19 guidelines..."
- Cassandra Holman
09/19/2022 00:03:29
"Please learn how to read & understand dog body language more accurately instead of immediately resorting to suggesting a muzzle. Wasn't even necessary at all if you understood the dog correctly. Thank you"
- Michael Cisek
09/16/2022 19:55:59
"The parking is the only draw back "
- Margaret Woosley
09/16/2022 04:59:04
"I actually had my dog for a teeth cleaning procedure. I didn’t really meet the Doctor. She did however call me to get my consent about an extraction that was needed."
- JoAnn Landin
09/15/2022 17:48:30
"Love the front staff! Very friendly and helpful. "
- Emily Pinkowski
09/13/2022 17:34:12
"Loved how understanding and accommodating to my fear aggressive German Shepard. While she did not become aggressive the potential was there and staff took all the precautions as well as keeping her comfort in mind, including letting me come in the exam room with her. "
- Sandra Plumer
09/12/2022 16:50:41
"We love coming to atlas for all our pets! We appreciate the whole team lots and thank you all (:"
- Victor & Yvette Gomez-Velasquez
09/07/2022 22:12:59
"The people here are awesome!!! They took excellent care of Bella. I can't thank them enough!"
- Ida Hamilton
09/06/2022 00:29:59
"It was a good experience good customer service very happy"
- Marleen Rodriguez
09/04/2022 21:39:00
"1st time here and for a trauma injury. Everyone here was wonderful and made our fur baby comfortable. We even received next day follow up check up. 5 stars."
- Donald Tatich
09/02/2022 22:10:52
"Staff appeared to really enjoy their job. "
- Dolores McInnes
09/01/2022 16:44:26
"Thank you for accommodating my dog needs. Greatly appreciate!! Kind regards, Josh and Goku"
08/31/2022 20:59:58
"Excellent, caring service for pets and owners! Sincere compassion for individual needs and support to achieve best health outcomes - thank you all!"
- Kathleen Bratby
08/31/2022 18:12:21
"I always have a good experience when I go in and my dog loves the employees! "
- Emmalee Whaley
08/31/2022 16:34:01
"I would prefer to have a break down of what is the cost and additional medical offers for my pet before I leave the hospital/clinic. I received a call 5 minutes after I left the hospital while I was driving and was asked if I wanted any other vaccinations and services."
- Lana Daludado
08/26/2022 20:16:19
"Would love to be able to meet with Doctor in exam. Hopefully the drop off only will end before too much longer. The two things I was a bit disappointed in was I had asked for an estimate of charges for a procedure. The reception area was busy so the offer was made to e mail. Never received. Called and was told it would be sent. Never received 3rd request same result. Finally got a cost over the phone and turned out to be well under what the final bill was. Just try to follow up with promises and give a little more accurate estimates. The high side would be better than guessing low. That all being said however, I do appreciate the overall care you all give Thank You"
- Richard Clem
08/25/2022 00:24:42
"Excellent service, and I really appreciate taking me and my pet without having an appointment. Thanks and Salam to both Drs Hanna and E. Ehab Ismail."
- Ehab Ismail
08/22/2022 03:30:59
"Great experience, thank you"
- Tim Raymond
08/17/2022 12:35:11
"My experience post spade surgery. This is very direct but is meant to be helpful for growth in the future. 1. The technician delivering Cali (to the exterior blue door in the parking lot) clearly was uninformed. His directions for Cali’s health care and he stated, “when you get home remove the IV stunt from her leg by pulling it out gently”. At that moment I asked him to take Cali from my arms and go back into the the building and ask the doctor to remove anything from her leg. This was unacceptable. He did as I asked and apologized when he returned her to my care. 2. When providing take home medication to the client, directions should be consistent on the box of the medication with the directions on the sirenge bag. If there are additional directions to administer medication, the dozage amounts of medication given should be consistent. Example, the box reads .5 ml. & the seringe bag reads .2 ml. of amoxicillin. Confusing. 3. I was not instructed if Cali will need a follow up appointment to remove stitches. 4. As a suggestion, the doctors may consider keeping the patient over night the first night to ensure the patient is recovering well. This is a wonderful way to build a level of trust & care with the family. 5. Would it be possible for the pick up of the patient to be done in the office? Picking up the patient at an exterior door feels unwelcoming & lacking a genuine feeling of care. Remarks…… Please train staff on policies & procedures. As a professional veterinarian office operating a practice servicing the community, one would prefer 5 stars on a google or yelp review I would imagine. "
- Beverli Vosburgh
08/15/2022 12:15:02
"I really appreciate the help of your staff. It was very quick and responsive. My fur baby is doing much better."
- Melissa Robinson
08/13/2022 05:23:59
"A friend of mine recommended me here. I’m glad he did 👍🏼"
- Juan Gomez
08/12/2022 01:29:19
"I love that the final bill has always been within the estimate. Every other vet I've had experience with the bills have been double the estimate "
- David Allred
08/10/2022 22:51:53
"Your staff is awesome, thank you for always taking care of our babies!"
- Michael Gatchalian
08/10/2022 16:25:42
"Love this vets office, the staff is the best! Doctors are amazing!"
- Robin Gannon
08/06/2022 20:49:09
"I believe his name is Paul. He’s the vet tech that helped us on Saturday and he is beyond awesome! Not only he is professional, he is also knowledgeable, genuine and patient with our pup Lex. I have not met the vet myself due to the Covid protocol but Our interaction with Paul gave me the confidence to switch our primary care to Atlas! "
- Bess Ng
08/01/2022 19:43:53
"Atlas is the only pet hospital that has taken our pets same day when we have an emergency. Even if they are not doing anymore surgeries for the day, if you come in with a pet in need they will work late to help your pet. "
- Megan James
07/31/2022 20:22:31
"The service, knowledge, and compassion I experienced at Atlas was more than I could have ever hoped for. I cannot thank all the staff enough for their professionalism and support. They went above and beyond to ensure my PollyAnn received the care she needed. "
- Lora Lubin
07/30/2022 21:35:00
"I never spoke to the vet at all on my last visit with my three dogs. I dropped my dogs off and then heard only from a vet tech who called me to go over the treatments the vet was suggesting. I am really getting tired of never seeing the vet and dealing only with receptionists and techs, and I ended up having to pay $397 for the visit. This is ridiculous, I cannot afford this. They were all in for another appt a month ago and it cost me $500 and I have yet to actually see the actual vet who saw my dogs. At this point I am trying to find another vet clinic who will allow me to go into the exam room and who will talk to me. I am not happy with the Atlas has become."
- Sheila Meyer
07/30/2022 04:11:27
"Very helpful and willing to help "
- Yazmin Gonzalez
07/29/2022 20:43:29
"I was home with COVID and my son came and brought my dog in. The car was amazing . I was called on the phone and updated on her the entire time. This is not the first time I have been given care like this from you. Thank you so much."
- Deanna Caldera
07/29/2022 19:16:34
"I like everyone. They’re very helpful and friendly. Thank you."
- Ellen Le
07/28/2022 21:00:32
- Luis Romero
07/27/2022 19:26:11
"The staff and Doctors was wonderful. They accept me on the spot when My primary vet couldn’t see my baby. They doctor and staff was on top of things."
- Angie Lim
07/26/2022 00:43:04
"Staff was very friendly and helpful"
- Margaret Woosley
07/23/2022 03:07:02
"I was pleased with the all-around personnel and help and I had a pleasant surprise when they called a day later to check on my pet dog Puma"
- Arthur Loera
07/23/2022 01:13:33
"Because you are still utilizing to Covin 19 procedure the questions asked in regards to waiting room time spent I was waiting in my car"
- Luevina Henry
07/21/2022 18:51:36
"I appreciate the call back the following day to check on the animals. I would’ve like more discharge information from the doctor"
- Liz Evans
07/19/2022 15:26:57
"Everything that i read online was absolutely spot on for your animal hospital. Our regular vet could not get us in and you have always been one of my back ups. I wouldn't hesitate at all to bring my dog back anytime. Thank you so much."
- Amanda Bush
07/18/2022 01:31:28
"Due to COVID protocol we didn't go into the exam room with our dog. She was taken in by the staff. The doctor came out quickly to give us an update on our dog's condition and how she would like to proceed. The doctor and techs updated us and checked in with us frequently in the hour that we were there. Everything was explained and discussed thoroughly with us. The doctor was accommodating and helpful. The techs were kind and professional."
- Kirk and Diane McCard
07/17/2022 15:17:15
"very good vet. services, customer care excellent,"
- Joaquin Garcia
07/16/2022 21:32:30
"Last question has no answer. I have never see the exam room and have actually seen or spoken with Doctor 3 times My very first visit once on the phone and once in the Parking lot as we were leaving"
- Richard Clem
07/15/2022 03:09:48
"Thank you for taking such good care of Daisy "
- Rosalie and Joseph Policicchio
07/15/2022 01:18:25
"Hopefully in the near future we will be able to go into the exam room with our pets. That was the only thing I found disappointing about my experience "
- Nena Cantillo
07/14/2022 23:54:29
"I cannot express the gratitude I feel for the entire staff at Atlas Hospital!! My rescue, Axe, is aggressive and I had a horrible time trying to find a veterinarian to treat him. I was ready to give up. I made one last call (should have been my first call) to Atlas and they took him in right away. He received the best treatment with staff that exhumed the greatest bedside manner which made our experience stress free. I even received a phone call the next day asking how my Axe was feeling!! Thank you everyone for listening, understanding my dogs temperament, and giving us the best care!! "
- Wendy Richard
07/14/2022 21:06:38
"Very friendly and fast,"
- James Ball
07/11/2022 15:09:31
"Would’ve like to be able to talk to the vet personally to ask questions or advice!!"
- Lucia Hutado
07/10/2022 02:31:35
"I left Curly there and came home so I wasn't really waiting in the exam room. The doctor was very nice and informative."
- Shari Hilditch
07/09/2022 19:45:10
"thats a lot more then 3 questions next time i wont reply"
- Mary Krueger
07/09/2022 17:53:10
"Appears that staff really liked their job & dogs….great experience "
- Dolores McInnes
07/09/2022 17:02:25
"EXCELLENT!!! I wish that you can re-open your day care again "
- Maria Fajardo
07/08/2022 23:50:55
"I am so happy I started going here again the doctors and staff members has always been very kind respectful and most of all they’re very gentle with my fur baby."
- Lina Vargas
07/03/2022 18:19:07
"If you are going to continue to only allow one client inside at a time, there needs to be better outdoor seating not in the sun. "
- Suzanne Seariac
06/30/2022 03:38:21
"Very efficient and pleasant staff. Very good service. "
- Tony and Joann Wright
06/29/2022 20:51:30
"Making your customers wait out in the parking lot in the hot sun, was bad. I don't want to sit in my truck while its running for 45 min with A/C on with gas a $7 bucks. It Especially tough waiting to pickup your dog or waiting for consultation. Its also really bad to not let you talk to the Dr before the examination and more importantly not be able to be with the dr while you pet is being examined so you can ask questions or see the actual office exam. All the other businesses and vets in he Norco area has dropped the Covid protocol. You should also. The good new is the price was reasonable and my dog is getting better, so it was worth it. Thank you. "
- Jeremy Corselli
06/27/2022 16:08:20
"Great Staff Members. DR. E is the best!!"
- Steven Long
06/26/2022 12:43:48
"Parking is horrible; waiting outside with my pet in 95 degree temperature is not good and blacktop is too hot for a dogs feet in the summer! I understand the drop off procedure that you are using but I should not have to call for updates every hour as I did not hear back from you and I had an appt! And how do you run an office without paper for you to print a receipt or prescription?? Unprofessional to say the least"
- Lori Riley
06/23/2022 16:48:31
"We didn’t wait in an exam room like we have in the past. Might be because of Covid? However, we were able to run some errands while waiting for a call back. Also, a vet never spoke with us regarding Dolly’s assessment or plan of care. We were contacted by a technician. Nonetheless, the instructions were easy to follow. Also, we appreciate that Dolly was able to be seen on short notice & received the care she needed. Thank you! "
- Lupe Cetina
06/21/2022 03:26:16
"great care and compassion was given to our boy...unfortunately he did succumb to his illness. "
- Micheal Tucker
06/19/2022 15:29:53
"My experience was good and I will definable come back. Thank you so much!"
- Susan Nelson
06/18/2022 14:27:42
"A very "welcoming " staff. Everyone gave me the impression that they cared for pets and their owners. This eased the stress of visits for anykind of Medical visits. The doctor explained everything well and answered all my questions completely. Was great to receive a " follow up" the next day Simply ask how everything was going. Great group of staff you have rhere. "
- Daniel Alfstad
06/17/2022 20:54:45
"It will be nice when Covid is over to be able to accompany my dog in the examine room with them . It will be more comfortable for my dog and me to be able to both met with the Droctor."
- Frank & Judi Stump
06/13/2022 21:37:50
"i just came to get medicine, i was told it was ready and to come to the desk. I had to wait out side because you had a customer in the waiting room. that took about 10 minutes then once i came inside ti took another 15 mins to get my meds I don't know why. I love the Drs they are awesome but the front office needs some help . You a bit over board with the masks and waiting outside. "
- Victoria Leonard
06/10/2022 18:05:58
"I was extremely happy with the service I got for my cat. I am very grateful."
- Shawn Castellon
06/09/2022 16:04:09
"Dropped off cats. Talked to doctor over phone. Cats are doing better.. was ok with speaking to her. Will use them again if needed. Staff was friendly."
- Carol Nunez
06/09/2022 00:16:10
- Andrea Young
06/08/2022 20:09:33
"I was very pleased with the care my Foxy received for she is very special to our family."
- Betty Soto
06/07/2022 03:21:50
"It’s my first time taking my pet there and I was very pleased with the service and how organized they were. I will definitely continue to take my dog there. "
- Diana Ramos
06/05/2022 18:12:46
"The staff is very friendly along with the doctor caring and respectful they’re there to help you anyway they can answer all my questions . I appreciate for the receptionist to call the next day and check about my furry baby "
- Lina Vargas
06/05/2022 00:36:49
"The dog was taken back immediately, i left. So waiting was no applicable. I ask the price of an operation, and did not get an answer."
- Gary Frederic
06/04/2022 17:59:33
"My dog Lacey is a very hyper and neurotic dog. She’s a 65 pound seven-month-old puppy. She had two surgeries and three different procedures over a 5 week period while having to wear a horrible cone! and had all the reason in the world to fear the vet, but I can tell that you guys treat my puppy with love and gentle hands because she was not afraid to go with the staff even though she didn’t want to be there at all. And knowing that there was certain trauma ahead of her, she still was able to go with all of your staff. Thank you for being so loving to our precious puppy in the scariest time we’ve had with her!"
- Mandy McElhinney
05/31/2022 21:35:40
"Thank you for make my pet more comfortable "
- Nora Jackson
05/31/2022 00:40:25
"Vets need to stop with making pet parents wait outside (due to COVID Protocol still) and not be with their pets while doing check ins and evaluations. It's extremely hard on both the pet (to be in the unknown while in pain and scared), as well as on the parent. "
- Katherine Morrison
05/30/2022 18:34:25
"Everything was really great during our visit. I brought them a difficult problem with my pet that was referred from another vet. So the care is still ongoing, but I'm confident that it will be resolved in the end pending the results of the x-rays and/or biopsy. Looking forward to working with you guys. "
- Phillip & Trinidad Kowal
05/29/2022 22:34:43
"Although your customer service skills are on point by everyone we interacted with at the facility, the procedure to come in and out of the office is inefficient. One person in lobby at a time making people wait outside, masks are required to go in as well. I appreciate the sympathy your office extends for a worried cat mom. I also appreciate that your office doesn't smell like a pet restroom and the follow up calls to ask about my baby and her treatment. "
- Gabriela Barragan-Ibarra
05/28/2022 00:45:01
"Staff is friendly and caring. Dr. E. is knowledgeable and took the time to explain things to us."
- Marianne Sadek
05/26/2022 22:50:49
"I live in Menifee and had an emergency with my cat. I searched everywhere around and no one had appointments or could take in my cat without a very long wait and even without the promise to treat her. I reached out to Atlas Pet hospital all the way in Norco and they told me they could take her in right away. I drove 30 minutes and I barely had to wait before my baby was taken in and the doctor came outside to talk to me. Everyone was nice and caring and she was treated right away. They did all the necessary testing and gave her medication. She is doing great thanks to their quick action!"
- Monica Christiansen
05/21/2022 20:13:21
"First time there and felt comfortable leaving Dante there. Maria was very courteous"
- Juanita Cuenca
05/19/2022 20:29:03
"Took dog to have teeth cleaning doctor did great job doctor really cares about your pets "
- Lupe Tovar
05/19/2022 01:19:42
- Anthony Hardaway
05/11/2022 21:14:00
"Great service and staff. Appreciate being able to accommodated same day for a last minute appointment and the service hours were really convenient. "
- Gabriel Almaraz
05/11/2022 03:49:22
"Service is ok. But its better if we can see and talk to an actual doctor instead of just dropping off and picking up our pets. It better to have someone to ask about your concerns. "
- Ethel Salvador
05/10/2022 23:10:32
"Wearing a mask and only one person in the lobby was pretty ridiculous. Poor communication between the receptionist and vet. The receptionist was going to have me leave even though my dog was ready to be picked up."
- Jennifer Binkowski
05/10/2022 21:11:03
"I just love dr H and Dr E they are so caring and Very thorough"
- Victoria Leonard
05/09/2022 20:47:25
"Like Atlas PET Hospital, my dogs are part of my family. However since he was a puppy, we did not know how he was going to react. Well he took to the Atlas staff very well and did not show any fear. When my dogs are happy and well I feel the same. Thank you for caring for Clyde with Love. -Connie Hoppie"
- Connie Hoppie
05/09/2022 08:10:02
"Cali is my judge she was happy so the staff treated her well I can tell. If her tail is down which it wasn't then life's good. She is a friendly dog. Thank You. Biggie was treated well when he was there months back. Thank You. Also same day appointment she is an older dog who needs more care. Thank You"
- Greg Zembal
05/08/2022 19:24:09
"They were thorough with exams and care for my boy. I'm glad we chose this hospital!"
- Janice Hirvela
05/04/2022 02:48:25
"Reception was great and they took good care of our fur baby. "
- Robyn Perry
05/01/2022 22:28:36
"Really wish we could go back to waiting with our pets in exam room, it’s hard handing over a new pup……it’s one thing I dislike. Otherwise always happy with Dr Hannah’s care."
- Casey Crabtree
05/01/2022 21:00:53
"We have only visited the clinic once with Eg(egg). Dropped him off and picked up approximately one hour later. So far we are satisfied with the service. "
- Paul Ryder
04/28/2022 23:01:09
"A lot of new people there. But we’re friendly "
- Amanda Guzman
04/28/2022 02:58:18
"After I called back the next day to speak to the actual vet I felt a lot better. The vet tech made it feel like giardia was extremely contagious to humans and I was overly worried, when I got home I saw different information from akc website that the vet confirmed (tech may have been confused with a different puppy) . I'm very happy he's getting treatment and I'm looking forward to a better experience next time. I'm hoping to be able to stay with my puppy instead of dropping off, 4 hours seems a little too long for a puppy. I would've been happier receiving the update from the vet instead of a tech but I'm sure I can request that next time. Other than the unessesary stress that little hiccup caused, I need to say that everyone was very nice and professional. Great customer service. Thank you"
- Cristina Pena
04/20/2022 19:43:38
"I had an appointment but when I got there the receptionist informed me that it would be a two hour wait due to emergencies that came in. I totally understand the emergency situation,and didn’t mind waiting to be seen. I just would have appreciated a phone call prior to driving down. "
- Dawn Woronets
04/18/2022 23:40:51
"On the phone I was told the price of my dogs was $18 and when I picked it up it was $32"
- Trish Mcleod
04/18/2022 19:56:05
"Everything was perfect except the fact that covid precautions are still in place so I cannot be in the exam room with my dog, I don't get to meet the veterinarian and therefore I do not get to ask questions. "
- Amanda Casagranda
04/18/2022 18:01:36
- Joaquin Garcia
04/18/2022 17:21:08