"Very efficiently handled medical diagnosis and treatment. My cat purrs every time I mention Caring Hands!"
- Mario Lew
04/10/2019 23:22:20
"Every visit it’s a pleasure. They truly love pets and the place it’s supper clean."
- Sheila Borodowski
06/12/2018 12:08:34
"Excellent service! Exceptionally caring. Best veterinary care ever."
- Michelle Huot
05/13/2018 12:03:31
"Your team walked me through my panic attack and calmed me down. You helped me keep it together for my baby. "
- Keisha Lloyd
05/06/2018 03:37:39
"Great first visit! Thank you "
- Geoff Hogue
05/04/2018 14:43:10
"They are off to a great start"
- Dorceena Douglass
05/01/2018 14:32:56
"My puppy was very sick when I brought him to the hospital Dr Madden checked him out and sent me home with the right medicine and now my puppy is back eating drinking and playing ... Thank You Dr.Madden"
- Rena Scott
04/30/2018 22:40:53
"Our pet felt cared and loved at all times.The staff were very gentle and showed a high level of professionalism.I enjoyed the office visit and will keep coming for check ups."
- Felipe Escobar
04/19/2018 01:38:53
"Office is clean and modern. Service was wonderful."
- Connie Perez
03/26/2018 21:03:43
"beautiful facility and friendly staff"
- Florins Martinez
03/21/2018 17:51:42
"The place is clean, the staff is professional and caring and well organized . I am happy to have found such a place for my puppy."
- Evelyne Hadjadj
03/15/2018 13:22:30
"The staff were very helpful and happy to help to make everything easy. Thf facilities are super!"
- Maria Ramirez
03/02/2018 07:54:32
"I would highly recommend your service to others..."
- Rita Finley
02/28/2018 22:26:35
"I was really pleased with my visit. I will definitely return and recommend your clinic to my peers. "
- Alex Soroosh
02/24/2018 04:22:46
"Caring Hands is by far one of the best vets that I have ever been too. Dr. Madden and his team and been amazing and very helpful. My dog Oliver has many health issues and it has been extremely hard to find someone that I trust and I will always trust caring hands for my pup. "
- Samantha Greenfield
01/28/2018 18:06:27
"All of the staff were great and we are so glad we found you. We will definitely be switching over to your practice. Thank you!"
- Lindsay Segawa
01/14/2018 13:55:23