"Love the Dunedin Animal Medical Center. The doctors and staff are always helpful and easy to talk with about any concern's or needs of our pet. "
- Faith Cowart
06/08/2021 21:17:12
"Such a joy to see the staff love my furbabies as much as I do. I feel confident when they are in their care that they will treat them as their own. Much appreciation for taking appointments so quickly. "
- Cindie Frappollo
06/08/2021 16:08:03
"Ashley was very professional and upbeat both on the phone and in person when she brought out the medications for my dog. The medical center was able to help me out with a same day medication request which I greatly appreciate! "
- Lauren Roy
06/03/2021 17:22:33
"Have used your services since we moved to Dunedin 5 years ago. very happy with service and treatment. Your questions assume the lobby is open."
- Jim Grant
06/01/2021 19:06:13
"Dr. Destefano and Nicole were amazing! Very thorough and took the time to talk to me and answer all of my questions."
- Erin Bethea
06/01/2021 18:53:12
"Jen is such an asset to DAMC. She always loves on Duke and reassures all the love he’ll receive when he’s at boarding. She is also our “go-to” for nail trims since our fur baby does not like nail trims as she always knows how to calm him. Even gives him cheese whiz to help! He loves her and so do we!"
- Paul Kovacik
06/01/2021 12:57:08
"Always professional and so sweet"
- Lisa Frisby
05/26/2021 15:51:30
"Very pleased with everything. Pleasant staff and good communication "
- Bonnie Saulsgiver
05/20/2021 16:23:41
"This facility and the entire staff are all wonderful. Thank you for all the spectacular care for my fur baby. "
- Heidi Fletcher
05/08/2021 19:50:11
"We love Dunedin Animal Center! We recently moved over a hour away and still bring all three of our dogs here because they do such an amazing job, are reasonably priced, and go above and beyond for our fur babies."
- Kristen Brundage
05/07/2021 11:28:53
"Very happy with treatment here. The doctor phoned me next day with results from bloodwork. Very kind and helpful team."
- Kathleen Williams
02/13/2021 00:09:56
"Ashley is sooo pleasant and helpful! Great customer service! Thank you!"
- Becky Darwish
02/11/2021 18:12:45
"Everyone is very kind and caring "
- Jeannie Capen
02/10/2021 00:44:01
"Very happy with your clinic."
- Charles Daniels
02/09/2021 17:17:00
"Always feel that your staff is great ! Our pups are staying healthy as they grow older, thank you for your staff and doctors."
- Barbara Pukas
02/07/2021 01:52:43
"I am always impressed with the kindness given to the owners and the pet. From the initial call until checkout, the staff are remarkable! Always caring and wonderful listeners. The staff is very professional and explains everything. Every visit is a pleasure for my pet and for us. I appreciate that the fees are affordable as well Everyone is so eager to help! Thank you for making the visit as stress free as possible!🐶❤️"
- Tony Scarselli
02/02/2021 20:37:48
"Our cat Sophie was taken care of in a very professional manner."
- Paul Rohrer
02/02/2021 13:28:44
"Excellent staff and care"
- Rosemary Mongeau
01/30/2021 22:57:18
"Thanks for taking care of my fur baby "
- Gloria Lewis
01/29/2021 21:33:46
"Great COVID protocol and friendly. staff"
- Cynthia Zozaya
01/27/2021 22:35:02
"I'm very happy with the service my pet and I received. It all went like clockwork, my pet was well cared for and all my questions were answered. I particularly appreciate your recommendation for the book. It's already been a big help. Thanks!"
- Deborah Hall
01/27/2021 20:14:11
"Caring, professional, competent staff. I appreciate the follow up calls and suggestions for at-home care."
- Yvette Guzman
01/26/2021 22:31:47
"A great place!!! Great staff!!!! "
- Diane Theiben
01/25/2021 13:52:18
"I was so extremely happy with the service these girls provided, they answered my questions and were so courteous and very reassuring. When I had called to check in on the girls they were very helpful and told me how they were eating what they were doing. I had an emergency and had to keep them overnight could not have asked for a better experience!!!! Thank you so so very much you girls are the best!"
- Linda Steinruck
01/25/2021 00:18:41
"I want to thank the staff at Dunedin Animal Medical Center for taking Bailey so quickly. Thank you so much for caring so much!!"
- Patricia Colby
01/23/2021 04:28:11
"I love the team they're great they're always great to my dog Remi"
- Anthony Pagan
01/22/2021 17:13:43
"Once again - extremely satisfied with care and service received . Staff is wonderful and friendly !!"
- Alexia Tiliakos
01/18/2021 18:22:00
"Extremely efficient and thorough. Staff was professional and friendly. Follow up phone call was much appreciated."
- Richard Hartrey
01/13/2021 20:58:31
"I know that the curbside service is due to Covid precautions but it really makes the entire process run so much smoother. I hope you continue this even post Covid!"
- Jennifer Ricottilli
01/11/2021 18:49:48
"Staff is always so friendly and loving towards the animals. "
- Stacey Chalmers
01/10/2021 18:32:47
"I have a senior dog with trust issues. I appreciate the care, kindness, and skill of the staff when they handle and treat him. Thanks. "
- Robin Peacock
01/10/2021 18:05:08
"Very happy with your services over past many years. "
- Lorene Berkes
01/09/2021 18:52:35
"Thank you for your professionalism as well as your compassion regarding our dog Daisy. Your whole staff was phenomenal from the young lady at the other end of the phone, to when we arrived outside because of Covid The Vet who explained everything and the staff person who brought her back to us. Thank you for your services!! Thank you for taking care of Daisy she is doing good 👍 "
- Vicky McKinley
12/18/2020 19:57:00
"Due to Covid my visit was different, but great communication. You have put a great process in place. Thank you"
- Darleen Hackman
12/14/2020 14:59:07
"My contact person who received & returned Sophie was AMAZING & had a wonderful disposition!"
- Gloria Yeary
12/12/2020 20:51:41
"Always professional and caring ."
- Dawn Imperatore
12/11/2020 03:19:50
"I am SOOOO appreciative of the staff and the care they provide for my pup Mosi. He is an old stubborn boy that tends to be grumpy and when sedated he is alot to handle :) They made both he and I feel batter about the hand off at the door and we got results the next day. I am on top of the world about the entire staff at your clinic! THANK YOU!!!!"
- Derek Kreidler
12/09/2020 20:30:53
"Thank you for the free adoption exam! "
- Marie Dillinger
12/07/2020 00:30:00
"Wonderful staff w Dr DiStefano as always👏👏"
- Maria Segovia
11/25/2020 21:24:01
"Excellent facility for my pet. Just a suggestion for your survey questions, one of the choices should be N/A because I just picked up meds and was not able to bypass the question about seeing the Dr."
- Karen Cox
11/25/2020 19:07:44
"You have been very kind to several family members pets who referred me. Every single person was wonderful to me and my kitty especially with the sensitive nature of his prognosis. If I get another pet I will definitely be back. Thank you all for your kindness "
- Valerie Reese
11/24/2020 18:42:56
"Great service as always!!"
- Roy Johnson
11/22/2020 21:58:57
"Overall good experience "
- David Bledsoe
11/19/2020 19:33:29
"Everyone is always so nice!!!"
- Jane Ogle
11/16/2020 18:29:57
"Thank you so much for the beautiful way you took us as an emergency situation. Your kind hearted nature and love of animals was overwhelmingly apparent. You helped my darling Lulu move on... the rainbow bridge will keep her happy until another sad/hurting soul needs her to help them live their best lives. I will miss her but I’m blessed her transition was merciful and in an office like yours. Forever grateful, Lisa Kass and Famiy. Forever Lulu’s mommy🌈💕😢"
- Lisa Kass
11/16/2020 06:15:37
"Everything was great! "
- Kelly McCabe
11/12/2020 15:38:06
- Rosalie Shepherd
11/11/2020 22:00:12
"Everyone at Dunedin Animal Medical Center has always treated my dogs and I in a professional manner with kindness and care! You guys rock!"
- Robert Driggs
11/09/2020 23:54:01
"Always excellent service"
- Diana Raymond
11/05/2020 15:36:48
"I have been going to Dunedin Animal almost 4. Yesrs and ws are satisfied with the care my dog is receiving. "
- Robert Eboli
10/25/2020 16:23:20
"Thankyou for taking care of my Brianna.Shes getting old a d can be grouchy sometimes."
- Pat Peizer
10/23/2020 15:59:40
"Even during Covid this clinic goes the extra mile. I feel they know my dog. Love Dr. De Stefano!"
- Victoria Krueger
10/21/2020 18:33:59
"Wonderful and reasonable care for my sweet dog Abby!"
- Jackie Webber
10/15/2020 16:32:40
"NICOLE IS AWESOME!!! She is extremely helpful and so kind. The whole staff is overwhelming friendly! "
- Nicole Cupello
10/14/2020 19:32:16
"Thank you for the excellent service!"
- Diane Jones
10/10/2020 17:23:33
"There has never been a time I’ve called and needed something or just had questions that they weren’t completely happy to help with. They’re always genuine and when I bring my pup in for visits or even just to pick up his medication they call the next day just make sure he is doing well. "
- Jennifer Sprenger
10/05/2020 15:05:16
"Never disappointed and always good care is given. We only come here and I recommend you always and on FB. It seems that all employed are very compassionate. Thankyou. "
- Geri Jacker
10/01/2020 18:54:12
"I remain very pleased with your services."
- Walter Melvin
09/30/2020 19:55:56
"Brenden B was our technician. He made me feel that he was truly interested in the care of my dog. He is an asset to your business!!"
- Nikki Atchison
09/30/2020 18:39:43
"Extremely nice that the Dr. called on a Saturday to let me know the bloodwork came back good ! And he gave us a prescription for Food for my overweight pup! thank you for being excited to see him loose weight ! Ann Horvath "
- Anna Horvath
09/26/2020 22:54:00
"We are very comfortable and confident with the care that Tootsie receives and the communication we receive from DAMC which is why we have stayed with them even though we have moved nearly an hour away."
- Joanne Forsythe
09/24/2020 15:09:28
"A good experience as always"
- Will Schweitzer
09/23/2020 23:29:47
"You had no appointments and I was squeezed in for emergency appointment in the afternoon and I like the fact that your staff called back the next day to see how Kaya was doing. All my questions and concerns were answered"
- Kathy Moro
09/16/2020 10:04:23
"Your staff is always friendly, helpful and quick. Just as important as wait time in person, when you call DAMC the staff gets you an answer within minutes. If they say they will call back, it is always done quickly. Little things like this go a long way and make a trip to the vet less stressful for both furry friend and owner. ☺️"
- Julia Pappacoda
09/15/2020 17:29:36
"I always have a good experience when I take my pet here. Today was no different. I called to set up an appointment, and was able to get one to accommodate my schedule. The doctor explained the treatment plan and options to me clearly. Overall I was satisfied with my visit."
- Jackie Deveaux
09/15/2020 16:52:42
"First visit with my pup. Could not have been more satisfied with the treatment, care and concern that I and my pup received. Very thorough in explanation of findings, the course of treatment, cost etc. Highly recommended for your loved ones"
- Gail Jones
09/13/2020 19:33:25
"Dr DeStephano and Jennifer Davis are absolutely amazing! The front office ladies are also great!"
- Mark Pistillo
09/11/2020 19:10:26
"Fabulous team who are truly committed to the health and well being of my pups!!❤️🐾"
- Michele Monroe
09/11/2020 18:13:02
"Thank you very much"
- Michael Brady
09/10/2020 21:55:28
"Always excellent service"
- Diana Raymond
09/02/2020 19:39:20
"I am always pleased when I come to you guys. Keep up the good work."
- Natalie Wilson
09/02/2020 16:06:27
"The staff and doctors have always been wonderful. They were wonderful with our boy Dresden and they have been wonderful with the stray we found and brought in so that he could be checked out. I have complete confidence in the staff at Dunedin Animal Medical Center and I recommend them to all of my friends in the area who have pets. As long as we have animals, they will be treated at Dunedin Animal Medical Center. "
- Eric Barton
08/27/2020 02:34:54
"I really liked waiting in the car so I didn't have to go through the stress of the waiting room! And I'm very glad you suggested medication for my dog."
- Deborah Sylvis
08/26/2020 18:49:30
"The questions I answered weren’t all exactly relevant to the experience -however all my dealings with the facility, staff and correspondence were absolutely awesome. Courteous, professional and all very protective for clients and our precious fur babies the best of our knowledge. Thank you so much!!!"
- Glenda Workman
08/26/2020 18:16:19
"Love this vet. So glad we switched "
- Elizabeth Matthews
08/26/2020 16:42:22
"This is a WONDERFUL hospital. So convenient."
- Judith Smith
08/26/2020 16:03:11
"Everyone is so warm and friendly but Jen is absolutely amazing. She is such an asset and one of the reasons we have brought our dog there for the past 7 years "
- Paul Kovacik
08/16/2020 15:49:43
"Very friendly and professional."
- Charles Daniels
08/10/2020 14:36:14
"Covid 19 prevented admittance. I assume all went well inside. Staff answered all my concerns. My pet is scheduled for dental procedure."
- Karon Mann
08/07/2020 00:12:19
"I drive from holiday because you take such great care of my baby thank you"
- Carole McGaughey
08/05/2020 19:31:29
"Excellent service and care was provided by Dr. DiStefano, Megan, Nicole, Jennifer, Liz and the entire staff at DAMC!!! Thank you all for always taking such good care of Benson!!! "
- Marisol Rodarte
08/04/2020 16:51:41
"Very pleased the way you treat us and our animals. "
- Wilbur Burt
07/31/2020 18:02:59
"Although I could not go in the building due to COVID, the staff was very helpful, explained charges. Most importantly, Dr. DeStefano called me after he examined my pup and explained Gus’s symptoms and the recommended treatment thoroughly. I was thrilled that Dr. DeStefano took the time to educate me about Gus’s allergies. "
- Suzanne Cimbal
07/26/2020 23:51:10
"Love the staff and doctors. So patient with questions. Trust you guys completely. Emails don’t get answered that quickly. "
- Dawn Uebersetzig
07/25/2020 02:50:59
"Tootsie gets excellent care from the Vet Techs and the Vets, Dr. Delgado and Dr. Brenham. They truly care for her and are interested in how she is doing with diabetes, her glucose curves, liver enzymes and dental disease. She is 14 and let's face it, aging is not pleasant no matter what you are. Her care at DAMC is so good that when we moved to Land O Lakes, we chose to NOT change to another vet. We know one another, our needs, and work well together for Tootsie's best interest. ~Joanne"
- Joanne Forsythe
07/24/2020 15:39:18
"You're doing great - especially with all of the required changes with the pandemic. Keep up the awesome work and service. Thanks for taking such good care of my babies."
- Laura Westley
07/21/2020 20:27:02
"Service and price are excellent. The Covid process needs to be streamlined though. There were 4 phone calls during the visit and that could be reduced although everyone was pleasant and helpful during the calls"
- John Walsh
07/21/2020 19:41:38
"Tacoma went in for shots only so did not see any Doctor. Jennifer and Liz are the best - don't let them go"
- Kathleen Sands Martin
07/21/2020 14:16:14
"Just came in for a quick pickup on Heartguard for my pups. Called beforehand and was done in less than 5 minutes. There’s a reason we drive from 30 minutes away to DAMC."
- Robert Cherry
07/18/2020 17:24:07
"Didn't see the inside but I answered that question as very clean because it has been in the past. I was initially confused about the new protocol due to COVID. But I finally understood what was expected."
- Karen Dickson
07/16/2020 18:12:51
"We are very pleased with the Doctors' and Staff. We have been going there for 16 years'. They know what they're doing and that is very important to us. The Hospital is very clean and well staffed. The boarding is very good. They have staff that are well trained in handling the animals' while they are being boarded, Our three dogs' love the Staff. No complaints' here!"
- Marsha Pusatier
07/15/2020 06:32:34
"Great doctors and excellent staff!"
- Mark Pistillo
07/13/2020 18:15:31
"I have always been pleased with the care and with the reception area. The person dealing over phone with my animals concerns was VERY thorough...and repeated back to me everything we discuss on the phone to relay to the doctor for me. Was totally impressed on professionalism of the Staff. Everything you say is important and your animal gets spoiled by staff🤗🐈. My animal was a feral kitten about 8 weeks old"
- Judy Koch
07/13/2020 00:20:24
"Everything was great!!!!"
- Leslie Scott
07/06/2020 15:38:45
"First time at DAMC and will definitely return. Staff was very friendly professional and helpful with directions on how to administer medications."
- Mary Segui
07/04/2020 18:13:25
"Marlin is taken care of very well when we board him, I know he can be a handful but he is treated very well. Everyone is very helpful and we feel he is in good hands when we leave him their."
- Mark Loper
07/03/2020 18:55:24
"Appreciate your attitude towards the corona virus. So many in Dunedin don't"
- Steve Colbridge
07/02/2020 21:27:04
"The ladies at your front desk are always so nice and make me feel welcomed."
- Jane Ogle
07/02/2020 17:51:32
"During this difficult time I can’t say thank you enough for the staff. You all are so amazing and so appreciated. There’s a reason I drive an hour and a half for such amazing care!!! Thank you so much for loving my babies like I do!! "
- Angel Matherly
06/29/2020 18:40:56
"Thanks "
- Matthew Pantin
06/28/2020 11:23:24