"Totally professional staff and DVM's. Very clean facility. DVM answered every question. Staff were very kind to us and our pet. "
- Suzette Takacs
06/30/2018 00:50:30
"Had a very good experience and staff was very nice."
- Steve Borremans
05/20/2018 18:59:42
"My pet is treated very well. With the up most of care ."
- Robert Eboli
05/17/2018 12:32:43
"Caring, compassionate, professional vet techs. We were very pleased. "
- Debbie McGlothlin
05/17/2018 10:40:11
"Everyone has been wonderful to us and Luna. We are so glad that we have all of you there for us. Being new grandparents touna this has been a new and interesting experience that you all have made us feel great and that we can be successful as Luna's stand in parents. Thank you!"
- Mary Jane Stanley
05/16/2018 19:32:01
"Love the staff. I always feel comforted leaving my dog knowing the staff is caring. "
- Lori Dowd
05/15/2018 13:48:54
"Staff was extremely friendly and efficient. Fees were reasonable and I've already recommended you guys to people I know."
- Michael Youmans
05/15/2018 09:54:31
"I love bringing my dog here as he is always taken care of very well. The staff is so nice and I have never had an issue. Will continue to bring Loki back"
- Ann Kotte
05/14/2018 16:47:20
"Everyone was very nice and answered all of my questions. I am very happy with all of my service there! Thank you so much."
- Nancy Robinson
05/14/2018 16:36:41
"I was very pleased with whole experience. I am so glad that I received a recommendation. New to Florida "
- Marlene Winn
05/14/2018 15:03:29
"All staff were kind, considerate and professional."
- Paul Lonsbury
05/14/2018 14:05:43
"Alwsys excellent care, professional, caring and friendly. "
- Ellen Seto
04/23/2018 17:23:40
"my last visit was only to pick up trifexa for my tigger. but the last time I brought tigger in for his nails to be trimmed, the tech did an excellent job. I don't know his name but i will request him again and again. thanks."
- Eileen Strickland
04/21/2018 03:25:34
"I am always greeted warmly by the staff, and the techs and doctors are very professional."
- Lisa Saari
04/20/2018 19:01:17
"Your staff and facility were thorough, comforting and highly professional. I hope not to need you for any urgent medical care for Grady (my cat) but will be back for all maintenance medical needs and care. Thank you for such wonderful service."
- Susan Magaj
04/14/2018 20:52:11
"Glad to know Dr. B is still there! Harley likes all the Vets there but does really well with Dr. B. I love the way she gets down on his level and acts like she is petting and playing with him while she is examining him. It's a win win for all. I'm happy she didn't suggest the cortisone and antibiotics with Harley and his skin irritation. She suggested giving him an allergy shot an a bath twice a week with medicated shampoo. Within 24 hours his skin irritations has greatly diminished. Harley is one happy Frenchie again! Thanks Dr. B! "
- Linda Pennington
04/12/2018 20:07:55
"Great customer service employees are very friendly. "
- Robert Zadrowski
04/12/2018 18:26:35
"The staff was very friendly and nice kind and respectful I would telll all my friends about this place"
- John Eichmann
04/12/2018 16:48:10
"The staff and doctors have always treated my dogs and me with incredible kindness and consideration, regardless of the reason of our visit. Many thanks to each and everyone working there. You are all very appreciated by me."
- Vicki Robison
04/10/2018 14:40:33
"Very friendly and informative on our puppy's care."
- Gil Mackert
04/09/2018 11:54:34
"I love this place. I feel very confident that my little Isabella is in the best of hands always. Highly recommend!"
- Freddie Traister
04/08/2018 13:50:19
"Everyone was very nice and took great care of my dog."
- Brenda Cunningham
04/06/2018 03:35:57
"The staff is wonderful and they take very good care of my dog when she does for daycare. We are planning on boarding her when we take our next vacation."
- Laura Mannino
04/01/2018 17:15:20
"Excellent and professional service as always. The doctors and staff are very caring and knowledgeable. I'd not trust Eva's and Bolo's veterinary care to nobody else. Keep up the good work!!"
- Michelle Whiting
04/01/2018 13:04:40
"Nothing bad to say at all. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming."
- Natalia Santiago
03/31/2018 00:00:02
"I love Dunedin Animal Med Center! It's fantastic to know when I leave my fur baby there he will be well taken care of. Danny & Jennifer give amazing customer service and anytime someone mentions needing a vet or boarding facility I recommend you guys!"
- Jennifer Turner
03/30/2018 13:40:20
"Very pleased with the boarding."
- Karen Zwissler
03/27/2018 08:14:45
"We have been coming for almost 4 yrs since I had to put our sweet little Bella Chihuahua down (broke our hearts) but the staff was incredibly kind & I believe it was Dr.Delgado who basically cried with us & gave us so much time to say good bye..we have 4 new ones & the staff is patient kind extremely helpful. we love you guys!! Thank you Bebe "
- Bebe Sinadinos
03/26/2018 21:27:33
"Tyson was well cared for while we were gone. When we picked him up, we received personal information about his stay like how much he ate and his demeanor while there. That has never happened at any other boarding place he’s been to. It was a nice touch. It felt like you actually paid attention to him while he was there. Much appreciated and we will definately be back. "
- Tracey Tran
03/26/2018 20:49:45
"Never have i loved a vet office as much as i love you all. "
- Tami Donaldson
03/26/2018 20:38:26
"I was so happy that when I called I could bring my dog in right away. Very pleased she is a patient with you."
- Christine Sullivan
03/26/2018 15:15:35
"All of the staff was very friendly and and showed genuine affection for my dog. I am very happy I stopped in and now you are my dog's forever vet. Thank you"
- Susan Lacey
03/26/2018 12:53:08
"Everyone here is the absolute sweetest and there is nobody else that I would want to take care of my babies besides you guys !!! "
- Rhonda Poole
03/25/2018 06:44:05
"We're happy with everyone involved at DAMC, and the great work they do to keep our furkids healthy, comfortable and feeling safe when being treated."
- Cheryl Cummings
03/23/2018 12:10:40
"Great staff, great care for our fur-baby."
- Roy Johnson
03/23/2018 08:57:22
"Everyone was great!! Thanks so much!"
- Mio Lopez
03/23/2018 04:37:37
"I would recommend boarding to my friends."
- Cathy Kirstein
03/11/2018 02:09:24
"As always visit was good from start to finish. "
- Cynthia Needham
03/09/2018 21:14:53
"You guys are the best!"
- Robert Rummel
03/09/2018 12:17:21
"Incredibly nice staff. It was surprising how pleasant, friendly and caring everyone was. The tech seemed very knowledgeable and the Dr was professional and kind."
- Juli Halifax
03/07/2018 02:47:47
"The staff is very friendly and attentive. They really make the visit easy and fun GOOD JOB !"
- Toula Ameres
03/06/2018 23:58:52
"Always friendly and helpful staff."
- Sharon Fekete
03/06/2018 22:57:53
"As always, the visit was wonderful. "
- Ashlee Carrasquillo
03/06/2018 20:44:44
"Thank you so much for letting me have Whiskers' thyroid medication and pay for it a couple of days later when my Social Security check came in. That meant the world to me, and I'm tearing up now just thinking about it. If you ever need volunteer help with anything, please call me. 💜. Dena Clark 727-420-2424"
- Dena Clark
03/01/2018 19:09:13
"I have been very pleased with the personal care that Jasmine receives while boarding at the Animal Medical Center. The cat area is very clean and the cages are spacious. I especially like that she gets to see outside, which is what she loves to do at home. "
- Brenda Hanson
03/01/2018 18:37:55
"MY dog is a senior lab. The doctors always treat him with dignity and respect and even if he is having blood drawn or getting a shot he does mind being there and is always comfortable enough to lie down and wait patiently during examines. i am always given a complete list of what he needs and my budget is taken into consideration, i appreciate everyone from the vets to the front desk people!"
- Marcia Cagwin
03/01/2018 17:31:32
"Thank you so much for working with Elmer at his old age. I really appreciate it!"
- Celeste Carney
03/01/2018 17:28:21
"Our visit was excellent. "
- Victor Fantauzzi
03/01/2018 17:12:05
"I have never had a bad experience with Dunedin Animal. They have gone out of their way to be the best they can be. It’s the only place I take my dog and cat now. "
- Taffar Cifalia
02/27/2018 21:39:23
"Warm and friendly staff made our first visit a pleasant experience!"
- Rhonda Bergoffen
02/21/2018 14:52:54
"Staff is professional excellent service and the dog is very pleased"
- Robert Eboli
02/20/2018 01:59:30
"Kaylee was there for day boarding and to have her nails clipped. Your staff is exceptional and I appreciate the great service. I only board my little dog when I come to Florida so I can visit relatives while there. I highly recommend your services. Thank you."
- Freda Smith
02/19/2018 17:29:22
"The staff was very good with Wilbur very caring and explained everything that need to be done. Very happy with the visit "
- Kari Brown
02/15/2018 19:30:46
"Love the time the vet and the tech took to spend with me to answer all my questions and concerns."
- Krystle Egan
02/14/2018 14:44:44
"My husband and I LOVE Dunedin Animal Medical Center for the care of our fur-kid, Tootsie. The staff and Dr. Branham are knowledgeable, compassionate, caring, thorough and never alarmists. We appreciate that."
- Joanne Forsythe
02/13/2018 00:28:06
"Dr Branham listened and provided options to treat Raider’s geriatric anxiety. We came up with a plan and I will let her know how it works. "
- Gloria Chase
02/11/2018 03:55:09
"Friendly but professional staff. Very short wait time. Gentle handling of pet."
- Jeanette Palazzo
02/08/2018 00:13:56
"The tech and dr were absolutely amazing with Calvin! This was actually the most pleasant visit we’ve ever had at a vets office! I am very impressed with the staff and will recommend your office to friends and acquaintances "
- Dana Smith
01/31/2018 22:11:21
"Your staff was exceptional and I really enjoyed bringing my dog here for the first time. I am so happy to have found a awesome local vet with a great atmosphere. I will be bringing my other pets here as well. Thanks!"
- Melanie Noe
01/31/2018 14:29:56
"Everyone was so Great ! Even called the next day to check on Smokey, I was at work and could not answer my cell. Smokey did great and no problems. Thank you for your caring staff. Esp Liz, Nichole, Sam & the Dr. Thanks Again! Samuel &. Smokey Childress "
- Samuel Childress
01/28/2018 14:10:31
"The staff was very nice and informative. "
- Tyann Countryman
01/23/2018 03:28:17
"You are ALL amazing. Thank you very much for your care, and for always going beyond to make our visits comfortable! "
- Janet Vineberg
01/22/2018 17:28:17
"I was only in for a shot for Annie but was out the door 5 minutes after my appointment time. Very efficient check in/out process"
- Sue Laluzerne
01/22/2018 12:13:17
"Thank you for your great care in my babies. Always the best "
- Bernie Millheim
01/21/2018 03:29:39
"I was looking for flea medication and got 'the right stuff' as within hours I saw dead fleas. Thank you for the information for this new product that I had not used before."
- Nancy Rizzitano
01/20/2018 18:42:04
"Very happy when I can bring in my cat for a nail rim without having to make an appointment and be waited on so quickly."
- Lesia Booker
01/19/2018 20:10:37
"Staff is AMAZING!! Always greeted with a smile! Happy I found this gem!"
- Sara Sabine
01/18/2018 16:21:44
"Great place, they always take good care of the dogs. "
- Dennis Alspaugh
01/17/2018 12:30:36
"Everyone is kind. Thankyou for that. "
- Geri Jacker
01/17/2018 11:41:45
"I was very happy to get my dog, Bosco in on a Sunday especially since I'd never been here before. I'm visiting Florida and was very impressed with the Vet clinic. The vet tech was very helpful, the Dr. explained what was happening and Bosco is doing great. Thank you so much. "
- Carol Garber
01/16/2018 23:14:31
"Our encounters were with Hillary, Dr. Delgado, and then followed up with Danny when we picked our fur babies up. All were better than EXCELLENT in their care and handling our babies, as well as explaining and answering any questions we may have had. Thanks guys! 😍 Terry Anzaldi and Stan Forman"
- Terrance Anzaldi
01/16/2018 14:13:05
"Everyone we interacted with was professional and pleasant. All questions were answered to my satisfaction. Your staff went the extra mile!!! Thanks..."
- Reggie Clausen
01/16/2018 01:11:22
"We have always had excellent service from the staff. Looking for a kennel is like looking for daycare for a child, not a quick or easy decision. From the greeting we received upon walking in to the tour of the facility, everything was great. Definitely will and do recommend."
- Yvette Poth
01/15/2018 23:28:04
"The staff is always so nice. Jennifer at the front desk was wonderful. She took my dog to get her test done and she was very understanding of Kiwi’s timidness and fear. Kiwi did better than I expected with Jennifer!"
- Jessica Bell
01/14/2018 12:03:40
"Very professional and friendly. The best vet there is ! "
- Barbara Pukas
01/12/2018 19:47:47
"Excellent in every way!"
- Linda Lange
01/09/2018 16:10:13
"Keep up the good work! "
- Yolanda Carrasquillo
01/06/2018 03:13:18
"Everyone was great from the front office to the back office "
- Lydia Brajevich
01/06/2018 02:08:06
"Danny is great! He goes above and beyond!!"
- Aubrey Carter
01/05/2018 12:57:14
"We love everything about your medical center. Sammie and I couldn't be happier. Gerry Berman"
- Gerry Berman
01/03/2018 18:30:24
"I don't know if I can express just how much I appreciate everything that you do to make Honey and me feel welcome. We absolutely love DAMC and I feel great knowing that everyone on staff seems to know/love Honey. Thank you for wonderful service! "
- Deborah Dahlgren
01/03/2018 16:37:44
"This is the third time we have boarded Maggie. We keep coming back because you take excellent care of Maggie."
- Claudia Biel
01/03/2018 13:41:58
"Although I hate leaving him, I feel at ease knowing my dog will be well cared for. "
- Lori Dowd
01/03/2018 00:52:17
"As always, the staff is kind to our skiddish kitty. She needs patience & a soothing voice & soft touch which is always given. She’s nervous going in but is never scared when coming back to me. We haven’t had a bad visit ☺️"
- Ashlee Carrasquillo
01/02/2018 20:46:08
"Staff was very friendly and informative!"
- Lisa Kidwell
01/02/2018 20:33:20
"excellent place to bring your pet"
- Natalie O'Donnell
01/01/2018 21:56:42
"The staff is very helpful and answer all of our questions' that were asked. The check in and check out were done with expediency. I would recommend boarding and any Vet needs' to our friends'. "
- Marsha Pusatier
12/31/2017 01:32:10
"Excellent facility,and staff!!"
- Rick Dundas
12/30/2017 19:12:13
"Love the flexibility of appointment times."
- Kathryn Stubleski
12/30/2017 13:13:38
"I have complete confidence in trusting Wilbur to stay with you when the need arises. Thanks to the wonderful & caring staff."
- Susan Najour
12/30/2017 01:36:41
"Always greeted by friendly staff and they take great care of my two dogs "
- Anna Reneau
12/30/2017 00:00:43
"Thank you for taking such good care of Chubbs and staying a little later so we could bring him home on the 27th."
- Kathleen Grimes
12/29/2017 20:33:28
"It was a wonderful experience coming to your office I will recommend you to call my friends who have it was a wonderful experience coming to New York office I will recommend you to call my friends who have pets"
- Mary Brown
12/24/2017 17:27:51
"I board my puppies and am satisfied with the service."
- Cathy Kirstein
12/23/2017 02:40:55
"The young man at the counter is a joy!!"
- Joan Fund
12/22/2017 02:34:51
"Love Dunedin Animal Medical Center!"
- Kim Barker
12/22/2017 01:35:59
"Our girls love staying there. It is great and the staff is always nice. "
- Linda Chivari
12/21/2017 22:53:22
"Thanks for being the excellent facility that you are......you're all the best!! ....... Happy Holidays.......Greg, Cheryl, Duckie and Java Cummings"
- Cheryl Cummings
12/21/2017 20:06:15
"Allways a pleasure to deal with the staff"
- Robert Eboli
12/19/2017 18:10:05
"Staff is extremely helpful and curteous. Spencer really enjoyed his stay.. "
- Maria Burrows
12/15/2017 17:34:37