"Once again i have nothing bad to say about dunedin animal center the staff are wonderful and my dog buzz loves being there i am very comfortable and trust everyone there thank you guys see you soon "
- Amedeo Palmieri
08/09/2017 21:14:11
"All good, very happy!!!!!!"
- Bob Stevens
08/09/2017 16:46:11
"Dr. Branham and staff have been excellent! Thank you"
- Randy Yingling
08/09/2017 11:56:10
"I appreciate how friendly the entire staff is and know my fur baby is well cared for."
- Marcia Hanlon
08/08/2017 23:27:04
"I really like your facility and most importantly,I trust what you tell me.I drive over 20 miles because of that trust."
- Kat Morse
08/08/2017 20:04:57
"Our dog always comes back from boarding so happy and full of life. He has struggled before at other places that we have boarded him, so we are extremely grateful for the care that you provide to him and will remain customers as long as we live here."
- Adam Pritchard
08/08/2017 18:22:22
"I recommend you all the time. Both I and my Katie love you all 😊"
- Patrick McPhail
08/08/2017 18:11:19
"Heartfelt thanks to EVERYONE at Dunedin Animal Medical Center! Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude for all you do from day to day. I strongly recommend this facility to anyone looking for the BEST care for their animals. THANK YOU!"
- Janet Vineberg
08/07/2017 17:51:52
"Thank you for always taking care of Laci!"
- Christina Stafford
08/03/2017 11:24:06
"Everyone was so pleasant and kind even with me calling to check on Jack several times. Thank you for taking such good care of my fur baby. "
- Yvette Poth
08/01/2017 18:32:09
"My Sadie Mae always seems to have a good experience when I check her in and out. Myself as well. Thank you!"
- Jody Sandberg
08/01/2017 15:11:57
"Amazing staff!"
- Crystal Rodriguez
07/10/2017 12:52:48
"My experience with Dunedin Animal Medical Center has always been wonderful. Everyone is friendly and the care is excellent. "
- Deborah Dahlgren
06/11/2017 14:06:44
"The people who work here are great! My son found a dog, and we hadn't been able to locate the owners. After a few days, we decided to get her shots since we didn't know her history and she was in our house with our dog. Joanne was there when we brought her in right after he found her to check for a chip. When I called to schedule for the shots, even though they were booked, she remembered us from a few days before and squeezed us in. That's why the wait was longer than expected. Always happy with the people and the quality of care here."
- Julie Brooks
06/10/2017 14:46:29
"Always very pleased when I visit. The staff is not only professional but extremely friendly, also makes me feel very welcomed. They seem to really care about my pets its like my pets are as important to them as they are to me. I like that even if I choose a less expensive option they are still professional and understanding that costs are sometimes just to high. As long as I have pets I will be a repeat customer."
- Debbie Owens
06/09/2017 20:21:18
"Pretty certain we will be shifting all our vet care to you. thanks"
- James Wolfgram
06/04/2017 16:25:09
"Tootsie was very reticent to let us trim her nails. The Vet Tech listened to what I had to say and took her back to the tech room. She had heard what I said so when Tootsie was a little reticent with her, she had another Vet Tech come and talk to Toots while she trimmed. It worked like a charm and Tootsie came trotting out like nothing had happened. She was not traumatized at all!"
- Joanne Forsythe
05/30/2017 17:53:10
"Dr. Domico is very knowledgeable about cats and has always been open to discussing how to treat rather than unnecessary tests. I appreciate his honesty and how he handles my animals."
- Melissa Monreal
05/29/2017 15:18:59
"We always feel confident bringing our pups to you. Everyone genuinely cares!"
- Diane Cushman
05/27/2017 17:45:08
"The staff is very friendly and caring. I know lilo is well taken care of while I enjoy my vacation. "
- Melanie Sideleau
05/27/2017 08:32:53
"Everyone always friendly and welcoming, I have the upmost confidence in the care my little Charlie recieves."
- Patricia Shaben
05/24/2017 17:21:46
"I came for the light laser treatment so will be coming back two more times. "
- Ann Brooks
05/23/2017 16:10:50
"The staff has taken care of Liara since we found her in a bush. They recognized her and was excited to see her."
- Chris Lockhart
05/23/2017 14:53:04
"Danny is always so polite and cheerful. All of the ladies are so helpful and friendly as well."
- Kay Lawrence
05/22/2017 19:25:29
"Courteous staff as always. "
- Debbie Burridge
05/19/2017 18:39:45
"Every one is friendly and knowledge "
- Donna Delf
05/18/2017 07:53:45
"Great place"
- Carole Curcio
05/13/2017 20:55:01
"love the extended hours."
- Nancy Donahoo
05/10/2017 17:15:36
"4th time boarding at the kennel, staff very willing to meet my request"
- Duane Wright
05/10/2017 15:01:47
"Thank you for being so patient with my skittish, difficult to examine dog. Also thank you for performing the exam and bloodwork/vaccines in the room with me instead of taking my dog away. "
- Whitney Macomber
05/09/2017 14:48:38
"Employees are always cheerful, smiling and very accommodating and always doing their best to be helpful or answer any questions."
- Monique Kans
05/09/2017 14:47:02
"We boarded JESSE AND BRODY They were happy,we were happy!thank you very much!see u soon."
- Andrew Newell
05/08/2017 22:28:34
"You guys are great, thanks again!"
- Justin Borchardt
05/08/2017 08:36:51
"DVM Richard D'Amico and the clinic staff took their time with us and answered all questions. The DVM has a quick wit and is a pleasure to meet. I would recommend our experience with this clinic to anyone. "
- Sherryl Florko
05/07/2017 14:47:33
"Prompt response and care. "
- Robert Eboli
05/07/2017 11:53:07
"Your open hours are so convenient. I have had the same vey for years, but everytime my cats need something it is after hours. Thanks for your hours of operation. "
- Marcy Martori
05/07/2017 11:49:29
"The young man at the front desk is always very helpful and very pleasant."
- Sue Martin
05/04/2017 12:24:10
"Everyone is helpful and caring."
- Michele Caputo
05/03/2017 12:02:46
"My boyfriend picked up Winnie, but when I got home she was noticeably soft. I don't know if someone gave her a bath, but if so, thank you!! πŸ™‚ Very thankful for your services, I never worry about her when I'm out of town. "
- Elizabeth McAlister
05/02/2017 15:17:37
"This hospital is the best !!!!!"
- Susan Brereton
04/26/2017 17:34:37
"Thank you so much for caring so much about my baby! He was in great hands and is feeling so much better!!"
- Dorothy Powers
04/25/2017 13:45:13
"Everyone was very friendly and nice. I was given great ideas to try to help my fearful little boy. I am very thankful to each of them."
- Sheryl Faulkner
04/24/2017 22:49:24
"Very nice staff Took great care with my dog"
- Patricia Hassett
04/23/2017 20:43:16
"Everyone was very kind and understanding. We felt good about our visit."
- Helen Dennison
04/22/2017 20:31:52
"Our visit was really a consultation on a problem we are having with Anna. We were very comfortable with Dr Delgado. We are still deciding what the next step to take is to be. "
- Margaret (Peggy) Babst
04/22/2017 19:09:56
"Love all the staff. Everyone is friendly and truest seem like they love animals. It's very difficult to leave my dog but I do gave confidence leaving him with you."
- Lori Dowd
04/22/2017 18:23:18
"The entire staff was very curteous and helpful"
- Don Moore
04/21/2017 16:11:16
"Harley seemed well cared for, I checked in with staff to make sure he was eating and doing well. They assured me he was. "
- Jan Brown
04/21/2017 15:47:41
"Excellent quality service as usual. Danny is always a pleasure to work with. "
- James Smith
04/21/2017 15:32:21
"Always a pleasure! Thank you! "
- Sara Gordils
04/21/2017 12:47:51
"Reliable and good place to take your pet for all there needs."
- Pat Bourey
04/21/2017 03:54:45
"we have been long time clients & appreciate the warmth & kindness of everyone on the staff..especially Dr . Delgado. Shes wonderful & si great with our whole family of pups! We will always recommend your services! Thank u so much!!!!"
- Bebe Sinadinos
04/20/2017 14:54:16
"Always very attentive and professional ! The staff is great and very helpful and caring. Excellent service!!"
- Guillermo Ortiz
04/18/2017 16:05:23
"Danny is so nice, he did a great job making me feel comfortable! The staff was also wonderful!! Skittles didn't want to leave, lol! "
- Patty Osborne
04/17/2017 12:38:24
"The staff is always very friendly and the Drs are wonderful."
- Kathy Dunn
04/17/2017 03:09:43
"Jessica helped straighten out my account since your practice was so very kind to agree with what I thought I heard when we had to put our elderly cat down. I paid the small difference, bought the cat food, all was good, even had a couple of laughs. Thank you for being patience with us during that difficult time and then straightening out the account due to my error."
- Judy Wedekind
04/15/2017 11:46:57
"Very one treats Tacoma like a princess. The staff keeps us informed on what the visit will entail. Highly recommend"
- Kathleen Sands Martin
04/15/2017 03:07:37
"After a horrible weekend from my dogs injury and other factors,Audrey(i believe her name was) and staff including the front desk,were extremely cordial and comforting to my other half,myself,and my buddy Dino. Thank you for the ease of mind,his health is improving rapidly."
- James Minyo
04/10/2017 11:42:27
"Way to go - - - prompt, professional, and friendly."
- Bill Sharpe
04/08/2017 19:16:25
"We always trust you with Zosia. Thanks again."
- Robyn Miller
04/08/2017 15:16:41
"The staff is great! We are so fortunate to have found such a wonderful vet for our pets since we recently moved to the area! Thank you for spending such quality time with our furry babies..."
- Kelly Sobolewski
04/05/2017 18:50:06
"I've met several differnt staff during the time my dog Eliza and cat Buddy have been patients. From the front desk to the vet techs and drs everyone has been exceptional. Thank you for having flexible hours and an amazing staff!! We're movong to another state and I hope I find another vet as wonderful as you all are!"
- Deborah Wade
04/05/2017 14:15:50
"Everyone was great with greeting and service"
- Jody Sandberg
04/04/2017 17:14:43
"Just : Thank You"
- Robert Ammann
04/02/2017 17:57:54
"This appointment was a "meet and greet" for our family unit to register Tootsie prior to any services being needed. We could not have been happier with every staff member, the vet and the facility. "
- Joanne Forsythe
03/31/2017 16:25:44
"Even though we're from out of state, they were able to see our dog quickly, and didn't require a lot of paperwork. Great people- if we ever buy a place here, we would definitely choose them for our future needs. "
- Diana Scott
03/31/2017 14:17:50
"Friendly pet loving staff. Explained every thing well. Jazz was pleased πŸ•πŸΊπŸ•πŸΊπŸ˜ƒ"
- Richard Scott
03/29/2017 14:48:32
"The staff are very understanding and attentive to my dogs special needs. They had us in and out in a 1/2 hour to keep her stress level to a minimum. "
- Sharon Grace
03/27/2017 11:56:17
"The young lady who helped us and the Dr. were both knowledgeable, kind and patient. We love this place."
- Juliette Pikul
03/25/2017 13:45:40
"I am very pleased with the service and the staff. I walked in nervous and immediately felt welcomed and calm. Thank you for your attention and thoroughness in regards to Diego my dog."
- Magda Pagan
03/24/2017 11:30:18
"New Dunedin residents. Very much appreciated that the vet and tech got down on the floor with our dog. Very happy with everything."
- Janine Keller
03/17/2017 13:33:48
"The girls were all wonderful and showed so much love to my bun sons! Special thanks to Audrey for referring me to facilities that neuter bunnies! Bunbun and Nugget are extremely pleased with their mani/pedis :-)"
- Courtney Kelly
03/15/2017 12:56:19
"The staff is always helpful and friendly however, Danny stands out. He always makes you feel like he really cares about my puppy. Thank you Danny! :)"
- Adrienne Brown
03/13/2017 17:18:17
"For a few years now, our kitty has stayed at your facility every time we go out of town, and you guys always do such a good job in taking good care of him! Thanks again!"
- Renee Bleisch
03/13/2017 12:16:32
"Great staff and Dr. Was amazing, I will drive the 1 hr just to have them service my pets... :) Happy Customer Crystal Rodriguez"
- Crystal Rodriguez
03/13/2017 11:30:52
"Very friendly and helpful staff. Glad we brought Nick in to see you all. "
- Grace Cox
03/12/2017 15:29:15
"This was our first visit, now our vet for life! Very impressed."
- Kathy Miranda
03/09/2017 12:41:57
"Thank you for taking excellent care of our girl. She is much better today. I appreciate that you gave me your honest opinions and several choices that were relevant to our emergency situation. We value your work as much as you value our furry family members as your patients. "
- Erin Beliveau
03/08/2017 18:32:31
"I am glad my sister referred me & my cat to this vet clinic. Our first visit was very good and the fees were reasonable"
- Marie Cheney
03/08/2017 14:57:34
"I was very happy with the way the staff treated my dog Winnie as well as myself. Unfortunately I don't remember her name, but the staff member that signed Winnie up for boarding was amazing. She understood that I was super nervous and sad to leave Winnie due to a bad experience with a previous pet. And Winnie came home happy and healthy and the price was insanely good for the piece of mind they gave me. I'll definitely board my pets here from now on. I also love that you have a vet available in case of emergencies. I didn't worry at all while I was gone."
- Elizabeth McAlister
02/27/2017 13:18:06
"Will be coming back for a long time! This place is excellent!!"
- Laura Gehring
02/26/2017 10:26:34
"I've been a pet mom all of my life & veterinary bills have been extremely expensive. The doctors, many times have been cold & in a hurry. Dunedin is it for me!! The staff & doc's are wonderful. They really have love for my girl Genesis. My cats are coming soon too! Love you all bunches. Thank you for your time and care. Just terrific!!"
- Diane Ullman
02/26/2017 03:02:39
"Very pleasant experience"
- Lesia Booker
02/22/2017 14:15:43
"Every one was friendly and professional, and we felt very comfortable that our cat would be well taken care of."
- Virginia Lamboley
02/21/2017 23:55:43
"The tech who saw Riley in our visit on Monday was so sweet and very knowledgeable. Dr Delgado was so sweet and answered all my questions as well. I absolutely love this practice and feel like everyone is extremely competent and compassionate at the same time! Thanks for everything you all do. "
- Monica Mares
02/14/2017 20:39:46
"Danny always so helpful!"
- Patricia Shaben
02/14/2017 19:11:42
"Techs are well educated in dog situations, problems and general info. Staff are friendly, efficient and care about the animals."
- Cindy Andrews
02/13/2017 14:28:34
"No..keep up the great work!!!"
- Elaine Perry
02/12/2017 11:22:34
"Staff is very nice and Pleasant and professional"
- Robert Eboli
02/11/2017 13:53:42
"I have used your day boarding several times and have been very satisfied. I rarely board Kaylee so nice to feel she is in a very safe place. Thank you."
- Freda Smith
02/11/2017 06:18:29
"The vets have always kept me well informed of my dog's ailments and offered reasonably priced solutions. The desk is always very friendly and I never have to wait long to be addressed. They are all doing a great job!"
- Josh Loosli
02/10/2017 19:34:47
"We just adopted a puppy and this was her first visit to the Vets. Everyone was extremely nice and professional. Very good with the animals. I researched all the vets in the Dunedin and Dunedin Animal Medical Center was by far the best one. After one visit I tend to agree."
- Kathleen Sands Martin
02/10/2017 15:48:17
"You guys have been great. Kelly had issues forever and had been to a number of vets with no resolution until we landed here. Thank you! The receptionists are always AWESOME."
- Shelia Collins
02/10/2017 08:13:04
"Well done - great staff and care for my sweet cat. Thank you!"
- Gwen Smith
02/09/2017 09:18:02
"Very nice people who work there and very good to our dog"
- Margaret Twist
02/01/2017 10:57:23
"The staff are always wonderful and accommodating whenever we have an issue, this time was no different. "
- Christina Pilat
01/31/2017 17:02:02
"Everyone was so wonderful! I have been going to another local vet, but after our recent visit, i will definitely be switching to you for taishes care! Thank you!"
- Susan Acebo
01/30/2017 16:26:37
"Great service & staff are very nice."
- Millie Yu
01/28/2017 11:42:23
"From the moment Christie arranged my appointment to Amber's professional fact gathering and dr. Boyajan's expert examination of Sushi - the services and support exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this facility for Petcare "
- April Caluori
01/25/2017 21:35:43
"The Dunedin Animal Hospital will always be my first choice for my felines. .Thank you for all that you do."
- Diane Kelly
01/25/2017 18:33:32