"You guys are wonderful. Thank you for all you do"
- Shananda Kempf
09/23/2021 01:24:46
"The front staff are always so sweet and helpful. "
- Patricia Murdock
09/21/2021 16:15:43
"My dog is given the best treatment possible. I’m treated great. I feel that I have a good relationship with the vet and staff. "
- Michael Shilo
08/31/2021 22:13:22
"We appreciate and are pleased with the care our animals receive from your vet services,"
- Patrick Harrington
08/29/2021 17:05:03
"I love bringing my cats there. It’s a pretty calm atmosphere which helps keep them calm. The staff is great and Dr Read is very nice and caring. "
- Stacie Schmidt
08/19/2021 21:45:19
"Very good.Im happy Elvis has a Doctor,I can trust."
- Anette Cooper
08/13/2021 13:40:55
"The office was clean. Very nice staff. "
- Gianna Burchfield
08/10/2021 23:10:56
"Our visit went smoothly. I did not have to wait, my 2 fur babies were seen by Dr. Read in no time. The receptionist was friendly and helpful."
- Telecia Lightfoot
07/21/2021 06:52:29
"Everything was good!! Keep up the good work."
- Jaqueline Ardoin
07/16/2021 17:20:41
"Great team of people that truly care "
- Larry Moncrief
07/13/2021 19:29:16
"Staff does a great job. Very responsive. "
- Patricia Murdock
07/03/2021 23:46:45
"I love the care given to mu furbaby! "
- Antramese Monroe
07/02/2021 21:24:34
"The staff are very helpful and friendly. "
- Laken Lopez
07/02/2021 20:24:55
"Very pleased with treatment . My cat was very sick and they saw her on the same day I called. Baby is doing great now. "
- Yvonne Davis
06/30/2021 15:48:04
"You're doing a great job"
- George Nedd
06/29/2021 18:07:02
"I have always a great experience. The stuff is extremely helpful. They all are like my second family "
- Mary Coe
06/18/2021 00:53:04
"So far Maggie is doing good she ate her soft dog food this morning! She doesn’t seem to be in any pain so thankful for that we just want our baby girl well!"
- Lorene Wright
06/16/2021 21:20:09
"You always give us fast and great service."
- Edwin Bearb
06/16/2021 14:29:42
"No complaints! Always going above and beyond."
- Victoria Baker
06/02/2021 18:34:15
"Your Staff Is Awesome ...!!!! Thanks a Million for having the patience to care for so many pets, especially mine. "
- Quince Holman
05/20/2021 03:50:05
"Doing great, even when very busy (slammed)."
- James DeHart
05/18/2021 22:32:02
"Everyone is always friendly and I witnessed the ladies taking extra care to watch out for me when I came in because there was a very big, strong dog that was checking out and they were careful that he was handled correctly."
- Scott Barnes
05/11/2021 15:21:29
"Love you guys!"
- Laura Dodd
05/06/2021 14:18:53
"It was a good experiece thank you."
- Domingo Torres
05/03/2021 14:57:03
"I think you all do a good job professionally, I would highly recommend my friends and family to bring their animals to yall. I was very pleased with the love and care you gave both of my dogs so far. Thank you"
- Susan Gallow
04/27/2021 22:20:43
"I really appreciate that you were able to fit Lannie in on a busy hectic day. Thank you!"
- Sheila Hebert
04/22/2021 23:54:15
"The staff is very pleasant and I trust you all with both of my fur babies... Thanks for all you do"
- Faye Davis
04/12/2021 02:43:29
"Thanks for getting him in so quick "
- Wayne Barefield
04/11/2021 17:20:09
"As always, the care of our pets is excellent. We appreciate the staff and the professional attention to our pets."
- Patrick Harrington
04/09/2021 20:44:40
"The kindness showed to me and my Fur Babies will be the reason I return"
- Bessie Bluiett
03/25/2021 16:26:35
"Service and representation of staff are great 😊 "
- Michael Shilo
03/21/2021 00:08:26
"Good "
- Jimmie Johnson
03/06/2021 20:22:21
"best there is! "
- Kathy Hendon
03/06/2021 03:54:21
"Yall are so careing. Not only for the animal but the owner too. Y'all explained everything to where I could understand. Very passionate about carding for animals."
- Rene Holmes
03/06/2021 00:41:36
"Excellent "
- Magan Wallace
03/05/2021 01:01:14
"Very profesdional and attentive.Answered all my questions.Treated my babies awesome."
- Betty Faye Weaver
03/04/2021 07:27:01
"I feel comfortable bring my dog to this vet and valuable the time, knowledge and experience they offer."
- Rene Henson
02/25/2021 20:13:34
"Excellent care from Dr Read and the front office staff are extremely nice and helpful. "
- Patricia Murdock
01/28/2021 19:48:16
"Dr Read and his entire staff are amazing. They got my cat in immediately and took care of her needs with great care. I would absolutely recommend Dr Read to everyone! "
- Stacie Schmidt
01/24/2021 19:01:08
"Ace was well taken care of, as is all of our fur babies that ya'll see. Thank you"
- Richard Tatar
01/14/2021 22:06:52
"Really appreciate the fact that you guys took my dog in with love"
- Michael Guillory
01/13/2021 17:32:34
"Very good thank y'all 😊"
- Maria Verada
12/19/2020 20:50:01
"Keep up the awesome and amazing work"
- Addie Kimbrough
12/18/2020 22:43:02
"Always so great and helps my sweet boy :)"
- Holly Little
12/17/2020 17:23:56
"Very impressed with my dog care."
- Rebecca Davila
12/17/2020 03:48:25
"I love how nice everyone is. Thank you!"
- Katherine Heartfield
12/10/2020 20:19:40
"To say it was our first visit we were treated like we had been patients for years.I love the atmosphere and the staff was super super nice.You all have us for life.I will never use another vet.Thanks a million from the bottom of my heart."
- Erik Miller
12/10/2020 15:15:01
"The front desk staff was very friendly and helpful. I understand due to COVID that dogs see the vet on their own. I would have liked to have met the vet since it was my first time at the clinic. I know I will be back."
- Leslie Fain
12/06/2020 01:10:25
"Great team!"
- Larry Moncrief
12/05/2020 19:50:49
"You guys are always so accommodating to us and it is surely appreciated. "
- Elbert Fontenot
12/04/2020 23:57:19
"We have put our trust in your office to take care of our fur babies, and y'all have ALWAYS exceeded our expectations. Especially since one of our dog's has diabetes. "
- Mark Bryant
11/30/2020 20:27:21
"Everyone there is friendly, knowledgeable and caring. "
- Marilyn Mouton
11/28/2020 00:42:48
- Tasha Ragsdale
11/26/2020 23:41:55
"Happy with everything"
- Charlie Mabry
11/25/2020 01:07:00
"Everything went very well. Fast and efficient service."
- Brittany Dolford
11/24/2020 21:21:49
"Excellent care for our dog. The staff up front are very friendly and helpful. "
- Patricia Murdock
11/21/2020 23:11:49
"Great, caring service"
- James DeHart
11/18/2020 19:00:12
"Love all of the service and consideration and the excellent care. Dr. Read and staff are fantastic. So very glad I found y'all @"
- Victoria Baker
11/10/2020 23:56:10
"Thanks to the whole team I love how you handle Drakko. I have no complaints. Thanks, Faye "
- Faye Davis
11/09/2020 22:54:29
"I have used this vet for at least 15 years or more & I absolutely love, love the staff & vet! They are personable, attentive to my pets & their needs. I wholeheartedly recommend them if you are looking for a vet."
- Peggy Hebert- Smith
11/09/2020 21:30:04
"Great Service "
- John Wycoff
11/06/2020 01:24:23
"There is nothing bad that I can say about this place. I have been bringing my dog here since she was 6 weeks old. All of the staff has always been very kind and very good with my dog, Phoebe. I also love how easy it is to get a last minute appointment and how fast the visits are. The wait time is extremely low, which I absolutely love. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a great veterinarian. "
- Debra Mack
11/06/2020 00:35:50
"Always a good experience. Dr. Read and staff are the best. My golden retriever is comfortable around them."
- Kyle Maywald
11/05/2020 15:28:49
"Always enjoy all staff, their treatment toward my fur baby and never have to wait!"
- Bill Coffey
11/04/2020 19:19:18
"You have taken care of three of my pets over the years ...completely satisfied!!"
- Kristina Mitchell
11/04/2020 00:28:59
"The Animal Medical and Surgical hospital is family oriented and provide knowledgeable information to care for my dog."
- Rene Henson
10/24/2020 21:33:57
"Thanks for taking such good care of our "babies." We appreciate your attention to their well being. "
- Patrick Harrington
10/23/2020 16:31:23
"Great "
- Diane Whittenburg
10/20/2020 18:09:44
- Shirley Chatham
10/15/2020 17:16:18
"Simply the best!"
- Chris Read
10/14/2020 03:17:34
"I have no complaints. I have always had the best treatment at your establishment."
- Sharon Kozlowski
10/13/2020 22:55:31
"My family has been bringing all their pets here for years. I got a puppy and decided to give him a try. Pleased overall. He’s been in the business for a long time . Will continue to use DrRead"
- Tayanna Raven
10/09/2020 17:41:33
"Doc and Melissa did a great job"
- Larry Moncrief
09/27/2020 01:13:00
"Addie Mae has always been taken care of well and prompt reminders on the care that is due periodically for her. I'm so glad yall were able to help with Harris due to he has been through troubled times during hurricane. He is doing well after his surgery. I've used the vet since the 90's for various animals through my lifetime. Thank you ❣"
- Beth Wheat
09/26/2020 12:30:42
"A friendly environment"
- Gloria Cooper
09/25/2020 15:57:52
"Your the best in communication & getting the job done 😇"
- Octavia Shaw
09/24/2020 14:35:21
"The front desk workers are so sweet and helpful. I was so pleased that they called to check on LuLu after her surgery. "
- Patricia Murdock
09/22/2020 22:53:51
"wonderful place"
- Bessie Bluiett
09/16/2020 18:31:37
"Each staff member are quite friendly and professional. Visits are always informative and pleasant. "
- Michael Shilo
09/15/2020 19:50:28
"Absolutely no complaints. Very informative in all things. Appreciate you so much."
- Victoria Baker
09/11/2020 22:24:21
"Wouldn't change a thing! The best!"
- Kathy Hendon
09/10/2020 22:50:29
"Excellent care, even with my Khloe being a bit difficult at times, the entire staff is amazing"
- Barry Burns
09/05/2020 20:53:31
"I’m very please with how your team take care of my dog "
- Faye Davis
08/26/2020 21:35:59
"Always courteous, friendly, helpful. "
- James DeHart
08/20/2020 22:37:50
"I love this team. They care about the animals brought in and are always polite. I've been bringing our furry babies here for years and will continue to do so. "
- Samantha Mroziencz
08/16/2020 15:34:11
"Considering that we’re still experiencing the pandemic of COVID-19... Everything is going well with the services that you guys provide !! "
- Kayla Bridges
08/13/2020 04:03:14
"U’all did real good with my girl Juno, I arrived as a client , address my problem with itch, requested help . Very professional explain what would need 2 b done before a prescription can b given. Being a new patient exam will b required with shots up date. U’all set me appointment and give paperwork 2 home prepare, with a appt. date"
- Joseph LeDay
08/10/2020 15:41:31
"Ya'll have been wonderful with Harley. He is doing much better."
- Richard Tatar
08/04/2020 15:25:23
"You Guys are the best EVER...... You take care of all of Doggie Family Needs.... ALWAYS WITH A SMILE!!!!! Thanks Dr Read &Staff"
- Quince Holman
08/02/2020 00:38:29
"With The Covid-19 social distancing and the CDC's recommendations for facial covering I'd say you folks at Animal Surgical Hospital are on top of your Game! Thank You for helping keep Rex healthy, He really likes you!"
- Glen Casteel
07/25/2020 16:27:32
- Shirley Chatham
07/23/2020 03:27:53
"Enjoy working with Dr. Read and his staff. Very caring and capable Veterinarian."
- Mary Harris
07/22/2020 22:30:59
"Dr. Reade and his staff are always professional and courtesy."
- Telecia Lightfoot
07/22/2020 09:38:04
"Doing a great job. Always quick, easy, and pleasant appointments."
- Bill Coffey
07/13/2020 01:50:34
"Beth and Melissa listens to the pets family; especially what the family can afford to do and at the same time get the animal on the way to recovery. Thank the staff and Dr Read. Sandy Siau"
- Sandra Siau
07/08/2020 21:12:16
"Excellent always super nice and caring."
- Francis Ramirez
07/07/2020 22:15:44
"I initially called and made the appointment thru Melissa. She was extremely kind, compassionate and helpful. She demonstated exceptional customer service and is a tremendous asset to your clinic."
- Bob Wilson
07/04/2020 23:38:23
"Beth is awesome!!"
- Larry Moncrief
07/04/2020 22:59:33
"I have been bringing Phoebe here since she was a puppy. The entire staff is always pleasant and kind. The doctor seems to really love his job as well as all of his pet patients. I would highly recommend bringing your pets here for all of their medical and health needs. "
- Debra Mack
07/04/2020 17:20:14
"I have all been pleased with your service.Good job. Thanks. "
- Arthur Jenkins
07/03/2020 20:12:41