"I will never bring Cooper anywhere else and I thank God my sister sent me to you. We were shown more concern, compassion and skill than I could ever have hoped for after his neutering went awry with severe hemorrhaging. Cooper is healed now and I have all of you to thank for saving my precious boy. We start obedience class June 11th thanks to your team. "
- Beth Millar
05/20/2018 03:20:26
"Called for a problem. Was given an appt right away. My pet was seen immediately. Very satisfied with the vets and staff at ABE. "
- Darlene Klovach
05/16/2018 22:27:48
"Wendy and Dr. Pinola were so great! Our first visit with Fred could not have been any better. "
- Iliarias Bonilla
05/07/2018 13:38:13
"The best vet in the Lehigh valley! "
- Dominick Morasco Jr.
04/26/2018 14:59:44
"A very positive experience for both me & my dog! Thank you for your patience with him - he didn't mind his shots at all!"
- Patricia Taylor
04/20/2018 23:12:16
"This is the best animal hospital anyone can ask for IF YOU LOVE YOUR PET YOU WILL LOVE ABE"
- Patricia Adams
04/04/2018 16:17:54
"Best! Better than all the rest !❤️ Everyone is so friendly and compassionate ❤️ "
- Linda Miller
03/27/2018 14:44:27
"I always recommend ABE to all my friends!"
- Gail Zydyk
03/21/2018 14:53:17
"Everyone I've ever interacted with at your practice has been wonderful. The love and care my dog gets from all of you is second to none."
- Sarah McDonald
03/20/2018 20:45:56
"Our dogs always have been in good hands with ABE."
- William White
03/13/2018 14:45:54
"I think everyone at ABE is amazing, we always have a great experience when bringing our dogs in for visits. Everyone at ABE genuinely cares and I will continue to recommend you."
- Sara Ingle
03/09/2018 20:53:59
"I have been a customer for over 20 years now. I am always happy with the attention and service my dog and I receive. Because of how I feel about the practice, when my parents moved back home to Allentown, they wouldn't even think of going anywhere else. We all thank you so much for all that you do."
- Michelle Diehl
03/03/2018 01:12:52
"very friendly practice. they also understand that sometimes people cannot afford all the needs that their animals have."
- Pat DeGinto
03/01/2018 20:54:32
"I've been coming here since my first dog, which has been almost 30 years..."
- Gerald Badesso
02/25/2018 01:10:48
"Everyone treats us like a beloved friend each and every time we come in. Our dog is not always the easiest to handle but they take of her so lovingly. Dr. Fusselman is the bomb! We love her so much - she is truly one of those people “called” to taking care of our fur babies!!!"
- Nancy Homlish
02/23/2018 11:23:33
"Love the staff!"
- Georgiann Moniak
02/23/2018 01:42:07
"I have been going to ABE Vet for almost 30 years. I would never take them anywhere else. I trust the doctors and staff with the care of my pets. "
- Terrie Graczyk
02/21/2018 17:41:33
"Thank you for your extreme kindness with Colonel last May. Because of your wonderful care, he lived another four happy and healthy years. Scampi is another story - we will all have to tread lightly and learn new ways to help her deal with the world. Not quite sure if any of us is truly ready :))"
- Linda Vanim
02/20/2018 18:10:07
"We love it at ABE Veterinary Hospital! The staff is always cheerful, courteous, and kind to us and to our dog Porkchop! Porky is a little nervous when it comes to the vet, but Dr. Fusselman and the staff do an outstanding job at making him feel at ease and giving him lots of smiles and lots of treats! We are so happy that we chose you guys to take care of Porky's health needs. Thank you so much! - Alyssa, Derrick, & Porky :) "
- Alyssa Beekman
02/20/2018 16:30:44
"Very friendly ..good experience..they show they care"
- Eileen Arrendale
02/15/2018 19:43:59
"Dr. Fusselman & all office staff are always courteous, and take time to answer any concerns regarding our pets."
- Donna Sandutch
02/13/2018 19:48:42
"Excellent friendly service"
- Astrid Pitre
02/12/2018 06:09:51
"First of all we called in the morning to see if we could get in and they made room for us. Then it was a snow day so everything was running late. The staff kept the patients informed of what was going on and apologized profusely even though it was Mother Nature and not them. We saw the newest vet in the clinic whom we have not seen before. She was as wonderful as the other two!!! I go to ABE because the vets and staff all have great bedside manners!"
- Martha Stevenson
02/08/2018 17:53:53
"We found out the cat was a male and the home I took it to, the little girl named him Spirit. I would definitely bring my pet here if I could have one in my apartment. My friend Donna has worked here for a long time and I value her opinions."
- Carol Mann
02/08/2018 03:39:42
"I have been coming to ABE for over 20 years and love how everyone cares about the well being of our furry family members!"
- Maria Bartkavage
01/28/2018 23:24:01
"Thank you for your kindness, genuine interest in our dog, and medical professionalism."
- Daniel Wilson
01/28/2018 01:26:32
"All of the staff are absolutely wonderful. Abby is so happy coming there. It starts at the front door the way that we are greeted, until we are leaving and everything in between. We just love Dr Pineola. "
- Kathy Bernhard
01/27/2018 18:17:39
"The staff was welcoming from the start. Dr. Pinola was very caring and knowledgeable and really took her time explaining what could be going on with our Tootsie and our options and she had a nice bed side manner about her. Donna was excellent in keeping our Tootsie girl calmed and contained, while remaining friendly to us. And we loved Megan's sunny attitude when she came in to assist. We were anxious and nervous and everyone put us at ease while caring for our pet. I would highly recommend ABE to anyone and will definately be back for Tootsie's future care. "
- Josephine Romano
01/25/2018 15:04:58
"The staff is very caring and compassionate. They don't just treat you like you are just another customer. They try to go above and beyond."
- Robert Rhode
01/25/2018 13:29:36
"Always a great experience at ABE. I couldn’t imagine taking my cat anywhere else. The staff is very friendly & willing to work with pet parents to reach the best outcome for our furry companions."
- Heather Hacker
01/25/2018 03:51:18
"Dr Fusselman is awesome! She is always wonderful! Always a pleasure! And so is Dr Scarola, very confident that my babies are in great hands!"
- Gail Zydyk
01/19/2018 23:20:02
"I’m extremely happy with ABE, the front desk personnel, the vet techs and the doctors are terrific!!! My dogs get top notch treatment when they come in!"
- Jacquie Smith
01/06/2018 02:14:12
"Always a good experience and the people are professional and friendly. They are excellent with our cat, Diana, and always put her at ease when examining/treating her. Dr. Scarola is always thorough and clearly explains all activity surrounding Diana's care. We are very happy with the level of service at ABE."
- Sharon McGrath
01/03/2018 22:50:04
"The care received was excellent, and even more important, the staff is incredably sympathetic and helpful - kind to an extreme. You all go overboard to help the animals and the owners. Thank you so much for all you do!"
- Carol Closson
01/03/2018 18:23:09
"Love you all!"
- Margaret Hauser
12/30/2017 06:07:36
"The vets & all the staff give my pets exceptional care, and I have several very difficult pets that they handle with ease. Over the years I've had many pet emergencies & the ABE staff turn themselves inside out to meet my pets' needs. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Before ABE I had gone to many other vets in the Lehigh Valley & ABE is the best, especially since Drs. Fusselman & Scarola joined the practice. And I'm getting to know Dr Pinola and she looks great too."
- Barbara Miller
12/30/2017 03:54:31
"Everyone is extremely nice, professional, and knowledgeable. "
- Dara Patton
12/30/2017 03:32:38
"Everyone who works there is very friendly."
- Mark Strauss
12/15/2017 00:43:20
"I love it there and I'm proud to say that we've been coming there for close to 30 years. Precious and I liked out big time with her doctor. We both love her doctor a lot. I wouldn't want to change or see any other doctors then the one that she has. Then you have the staff. OMG! What can I say about the staff other then both Precious and I loving them just as much. They are so kind and friendly ( just like her doctor ). They keep everything so nice and clean. Take as much time with you if you would have any questions, concerns or wood need anything ( just like her doctor ). We wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year. Mark, Val, Precious and Bear."
- Valerie Roth
12/14/2017 19:35:05
"As always ABE 's staff has always been Gracious and Caring ❤ "
- Dale Livingston
12/14/2017 02:23:03
"Very careing . You are the best . !!"
- Linda Duda
12/07/2017 19:50:17
"I don't believe I'll ever go to another veterinarian clinic--the individuals here are just so warm and genuine."
- Edward Probasco
12/04/2017 00:31:34
"It's nice to deal with professionals who love animals."
- Valentina Bruk
12/02/2017 03:12:11
"The length of time I have brought my pets here denotes the face I love the place and its care."
- Patricia Fritzinger
11/05/2017 15:37:48
"I switched vets after 22 years at my previous vet and was hesitant to make the move with my senior pug. I am so glad I made the move, the staff are caring and very knowledgeable, the prices are reasonabl and the doctor is absolutely wonderful with my pug and my new puppy!! I am very comfortable with the treatment and advice that is given by everyone there!"
- Jacquie Smith
11/02/2017 23:17:32
"Best clinic in town."
- Margaret Hauser
10/30/2017 04:31:28