"Great staff and vets. They always seem to go the extra mile to help you and your pets, regardless of the situation."
- Patricia Coble
04/25/2021 20:49:08
"Very satisfied with the service and communication between both the staff and myself regarding my dogs care ,current and future. "
- Randy Zinsmeyer
04/20/2021 21:18:08
"I was very pleased and impressed with both the staff and doctor on my first visit to the clinic. I appreciated the care and time spent addressing the needs of my senior chihuahua and left there knowing we are in good hands."
- Lori Sanchez
04/19/2021 15:18:21
"I appreciate Dr. Richards frank evaluation of my goat’s injuries. "
- Mark Drew
04/17/2021 01:44:28
"Everyone is so nice and friendly. They are so accommodating and great with all the pets that come in. Love them all. ❤️"
- Jane Farley
04/14/2021 13:49:16
"All the employees are always friendly and helpful every time I call or show up to the clinic. They responded very quickly to help my dog ivy and explained how to take care of her. I want to say thanks to all that helped to make sure ivy would be ok. "
- James Andreas
04/03/2021 15:56:22
"Mikey (cat) had an injury,not an EMERGENCY, but the start of the weekend, I greatly appreciated his being seen and treated on very short notice. We were well informed on treatment and home care."
- Barbara Cross
03/29/2021 10:39:32
"The care and friendliness were far above expectation. Winnie’s leg was addressed as well as her and Frankie’s vaccinations and preventative care with honest and clear explanations on procedures and pricing upfront. We recently moved to this area from Iowa and were stressed about finding the right one here. Those stresses were quickly alleviated after just one visit. The follow up call a few days later, checking in on Winnie’s leg by name meant a lot. "
- Joseph Moore
03/29/2021 02:28:30
"I drive from Rio Medina to Hondo just for the reason that your staff treats my dogs so well. They love on them and care for them like I do. I truly appreciate that and I will continue to go there just for that reason. "
- Carole Tschirhart
03/29/2021 00:25:34
"We appreciate the time and care you put into our Lucky. I was very pleased and appreciative of the phone call from the Doctor 2 days after surgery making sure Lucky was still doing well. That kind of customer service says a lot! Thank you!"
- Kelly Jenks
03/22/2021 04:28:34
"The staff at Hondo Vet Clinic is always friendly and helpful. I’ve been taking pets there since 2014, and I’ve never been disappointed in either diagnosis or treatment. The business is also quite supportive of our community and schools, something I look for when selecting any service provider. "
- Alann Truelock
03/20/2021 17:32:44
"We Love Hondo Veterinary Hospital! They have been with us thru the good and the bad times. Everyone there is truly compassionate. They are excited when we have a new Furry Kid and grieve along with us when one has passed. "
- Elizabeth Ham
03/20/2021 16:39:19
"The staff accommodated to fit my pet in even though they were booked. They ran tests to do an assessment of my pet. The doctor called me and explained the condition and diagnosis of my pet. They explain thoroughly what tx was done and how to administer any medications needed."
- Lisa Garza
03/20/2021 04:51:15
"I really appreciate your weekend hours for emergencies. And you staff is incredibly nice. "
- Cindy Jacobs
03/06/2021 04:16:27
"You guys are great at every step. "
- Chip Thornsburg
03/06/2021 01:35:33
"I am so grateful and thankful for yall! I called in a pet emergency and never felt like I was alone or would not be helped. The staff, Dr. Richardson and Dr. G were the absolute best and welcomed us with open arms. I have absolutely no complaints and have made Hondo Vet Hospital our permanent vet clinic. Thank you for help!"
- Britty Richardson
03/04/2021 22:47:35
- Stephaine Velasquez
02/23/2021 17:23:24
"Our animals always receive great care at Hondo Vet Hospital."
- Pete & Tammy Groff
02/07/2021 01:49:02
"What a blessing to have a veterinarian available after hours for an emergency. The team's compassion and professionalism is exactly what you need when your beloved pet is in crisis!"
- Beverley Scheidt
01/27/2021 17:38:08
"Gracious attendants that answered all my questions, sent reminder of visit, attended to Pumpkin with care, and followed up after. Thank you very much."
- Barbara Baggett
01/26/2021 18:23:08
"Adriana and Sebastian were great. I loved interacting with them and appreciated their knowledge during our "crisis." Most of all, I thank Dr. G for his compassion, understanding, blunt honesty, and his time. I have never had a vet call after hours to check on their patient and that tells me a lot about him. Thank you so much for your care of my pets !! "
- Patty Soriano
01/18/2021 21:17:54
"We appreciated the care we received for Maggie. We do not live here but are on a hunting lease here. It’s good to know if our dog gets sick we have somewhere to take her. Thanks again!"
- Kelli Dobbins
12/11/2020 03:29:22
"The service is excellent, the personal treatment and the effort to explain all the needed information were so welcomed. You are Cork's medical team..Thanks for your efforts. "
- Debbie Reynolds
08/13/2020 20:41:28
"My dogs receive excellent care, and the staff have always been kind and caring. I have recommended Hondo veterinary hospital to multiple people. Thank you."
- Jan Morris
08/11/2020 10:07:49
"Very knowledgeable and compassionate staff and doctors. "
- Judie Lutz
08/10/2020 14:05:03
"Dr Richardson and Dr G were very professional and kept me up to date on how Duncan was doing. I am considering changing to Hondo for all my pets’ needs even though I live in San Antonio. Worth the drive! "
- Heather Brock
08/05/2020 18:13:10
"My family loves this office. Hard work, treats you like family, and they care. "
- Jacob Schuh
08/04/2020 14:42:24
"We just love Cindy at front desk. Very efficient and friendly. All staff have always been very kind and patient. Would highly recommend. "
- Mark Ross
08/03/2020 17:26:50
"I was very pleased with the care and concern with all the staff. Kept us inform with all that was going on. Thank you for taking care of our Girl."
- Steven Ozuna
07/26/2020 21:15:49
"Dr Richardson is the best! She took the time to thoroughly check out Arnold to determine best care and explain to me. The best part is Arnold is following me around the yard again and playing with his toys. Thank you, Dr Richardson. "
- Rosie Avant
03/12/2020 23:00:23
"Hondo Vet is easily one of the best clinics. Dr. G listens to his clients, answers questions knowledgeably but in terms the clients can understand, and cares deeply about the care his patients receive. "
- Heather Walls
03/01/2020 18:45:29
"So glad I could find a place to take my goats, that actually know about goats. Feel so comfortable taking my girls there! "
- Mary Lou Lopez
02/21/2020 16:22:43
"I am grateful to have a vet's office where are my pet can be medically treated as a member of my family and given nothing but the finest care"
- Pam Cresswell
01/15/2020 21:48:55
"We love the team at HVH. We always feel that the staff really care about our dogs and appreciate our business."
- Brad Williams
11/09/2019 21:47:55
"We love Hondo Vet! They always take care of Willie Nelson like their own, and he loves going to vet! Top notch care!"
- Caitlyn Carroll
08/05/2019 03:47:50
"I appreciated that Dr G called to tell me the surgery was completed without complications."
- Jean Hodges
08/04/2019 00:37:40
"Thank you for your attentive care of our dog and for the daily calls to update us on her status. I appreciated the clean surroundings from the waiting room to the exam rooms. This shows you are interested not only in the care of our pets, but also the satisfaction of their owners. The staff always showed compassion for our pup and for me when I had to leave her there twice in order to move her toward healing. Thank you for all your help."
- Laura Abbott
07/21/2019 01:42:51
"Extremely caring and professional staff. All my animals are trusted in the care of Hondo Vet.."
- Jennifer Mares
07/18/2019 23:17:29
"Staff was friendly and professional. Dr, Becca Richardson took the time to explain the situation, give options for treatment and answer my questions. I appreciate that."
- Clay Bell
06/19/2019 02:45:25
"Thank to Dr. Galewsky, Dr. Sells, and all of the staff for the excellent care of my animals. Gail"
- Gail Gavit
06/12/2019 15:29:36
"Excellent care for 29 years!!!!"
- Susan Trammell
05/01/2019 17:55:06
"We love you guys. 777 Ranch"
- Triple 7 Game Ranch
04/11/2019 19:22:47
"Dr Richardson and her assistant were extremely caring and gentle in handling and caring for Brutus. "
- Dwayne Hinze
03/31/2019 16:04:17
"Thank you all for the love and care you give to our pets! The office staff is always so helpful and Dr. G's post-appointment calls are the best! "
- Patty Rios
03/18/2019 16:34:10
"Love the staff. They make you feel like you and your fur baby are the only ones that matter at the time."
- Karen Wilson
02/23/2019 15:42:01
"The staff are always so warm and welcoming and Mrs Kriewald makes me feel more like family than a customer they don’t come better than her. She remembered the worst day of my life and was so empathetic and compassionate she made that memory a little less painful. Thank you all so much for looking after my little girls you are all so much more than expected going out of your way to give your patients the best they deserve. "
- Jon Ivie
01/05/2019 10:24:33
"I am very pleased with the care my dogs receive at Hondo Vet. Dr. G. is outstanding. Although there are several veterinary hospitals in my town, I drive 40 miles to take my dogs to Dr. Galewsky at Hondo Vet. "
- Becky LaMascus
01/01/2019 16:42:50
"Dr. Richardson was absolutely amazing. I’m convinced my dog probably wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for her. Extremely grateful, and I will most likely ask for her from now on. "
- Kate Smith
11/01/2018 20:59:24
"Dr. David is great, as well as the staff. We are treated with respect and compassion. Having a sick pet can be stressful to say the least. Dr. David addressed all of my concerns and came up with a plan that not only met our pets needs, but our family's financial abilities. "
- Regina Chamberlin
10/24/2018 11:46:08
"We appreciate Dr Richardson's and Adriana's patience in dealing with our aging and somewhat cranky cat. "
- Samme Buck
10/09/2018 13:51:00
"Hondo vet is the BEST!!! Great communication and down to earth staff. They take care of all 4 of my babies and we couldn't be happier. 2 thumbs up except for my pyrenees say 4 thumbs up "dewclaws" lol"
- Shannon Linebaugh
07/28/2018 11:31:33
"Care was timely and compassionate. Great care as always"
- Debbie White
05/29/2018 19:09:36
"The staff was wonderful getting my horse in to seen quickly and working fast to get him on medications. "
- Rose Hedges
05/27/2018 02:27:25
- Sylvia Sable
05/27/2018 00:23:09
"I could never even consider taking my guys anywhere else, they wouldn't be happy nor would I. I thank you for being so knowledgeable, so compassionate and so merciful. I have complete confidence in the doctors and staff there. "
- Martha Short
05/10/2018 18:41:09
"Thank you for doing what y'all do! From my pup, Darla Jo going from a puppy, to the all hated parvo, to porcipine quills... Y'all have saved her lil life, yet another time. Both of my dogs that got major quilled... Y'all did an excellent job. Thank you so much for caring for my babies, as much as I do. "
- Tracy Valadez
05/04/2018 21:45:28
"We have trusted Hondo Veterinary Hospital for many years and have never had a bad experience. The Doctor's and staff are attentive and caring. Have had to put two dogs too sleep and they where very comforting and caring. We don't intent on going anywhere else. "
- Kurt Weber
04/28/2018 19:28:32
"I am very pleased the way Ace was treated. Very happy ; friendly staff "
- Nancy Nira
04/25/2018 03:53:49