"As a former vet tech, I am very picky about my animals’ veterinary care. I have been a happy customer for almost 25 years! I love that you’re still an independent hospital and have never had a bad experience with you. Thank you for being there for me and my pets. "
- Melissa Yu
02/15/2021 01:24:33
"Dr. Haitadham is an outstanding vet and she was incredibly thorough with Luna and answered all of my question and in-take and check-out people were super kind and friendly. Thank you!"
- Lindsay Joost
02/14/2021 00:49:54
"Everything was great!"
- Victor Cheuy
02/13/2021 17:14:45
"Great care, good communication and follow up. "
- Rebecca Carlson
02/12/2021 21:07:42
"I freakin love you guys! Thank you so much for getting Beans in so quickly! She is very grateful ❤️"
- Kate Rosen
02/10/2021 05:08:35
"Dr Nishimura and staff were great! Professional, personal and Kona loved his visit. Thx!"
- Andrew Kallman
02/07/2021 04:12:45
"Top notch Veterinary hospital doctors & staff "
- Tricia Arvedi
02/06/2021 17:03:26
"Everyone in the office and doctor was so down to earth! Made suggestions about Charlie’s teeth since she was the oral surgeon that took care of Charlie. Thank you and please stay in the area!"
- Carol Lacar-Williams
02/06/2021 00:53:45
"We are so pleased with Arguello Pet Hospital Dr Inna is the best!! Everyone that works at Arguello is first class anytime I get a chance to tell dog owners about Arguello I do with Gusto!!"
- Carolyn Lis
02/03/2021 17:37:04
"I ordered flea/tick meds for my dog. It was very easy to have order sent to me "
- Zane Matsuzaki
02/03/2021 00:49:44
"Cliiford and I love Dr. Reeves. She is the best!"
- Mike & Amy Allen
02/01/2021 04:24:12
"Love Dr Reeves! Thanks all for the work you’re doing during tough times."
- Jennifer Arteaga
02/01/2021 04:22:39
"Love Arguello pet hospital. Long time patient & will continue so."
- Mitsuru Akashi
01/31/2021 21:10:58
"Great staff, great service!!!"
- Carole Bonina
01/31/2021 19:34:27
"Dr Reeves was wonderful!"
- Joan Hauser
01/31/2021 00:26:05
"love arguello pet hospital! "
- Susan Dossetter
01/29/2021 23:14:48
"Thank you for such consistent and special care over the years. "
- Ashley Blackwell-Guerra
01/28/2021 21:04:02
"Never had any complaints"
- Patricia Jones
01/26/2021 20:35:10
"Great vet "
- Kevin V. Ryan
01/23/2021 20:13:05
"Staff and doctor were extremely professional, friendly, and provided excellent customer service "
- Eva Wong
01/22/2021 23:25:26
"I have taken my pets to Arguello Pet Hospital for years and think they are excellent in every way!"
- Kathy Robertson
01/22/2021 17:10:49
"Tnx for been there for us! Bella & me appreciate your service & attention over the years! Have a healthy 2021!"
- Diana Grinberg
01/21/2021 20:59:02
"Maxie Lu always enjoys her visit to Arguello Pet Hospital. I think it’s the treats, but also the care and respect she receives when visiting. "
- Jim Thirtyacre
01/20/2021 20:50:11
"love Arguello Pet Hospital! "
- Polly Rybicki
01/06/2021 19:26:33
"Hooray for Dr. Reeves and all the courteous and efficient staff!"
- Angela Lotspeich
01/06/2021 18:47:43
"I admire respect love Arguello per Hospital dr. Jamie Ina and everyone who so carefully love there Daniela Faggioli "
- Daniela Faggioli
01/06/2021 18:47:25
"Arguello Pet Hospital is Superior. Have been going there many years. Dr. Jaime Ina is the best there is if you want your pet to receive the highest quality care. The staff is professional, friendly & helpful. "
- Anne Wright
01/06/2021 18:25:44
"I'm very happy with Arguello Pet Hospital. I've referred you to a few people. I like that you tailor some of your feedback and advice to me specifically; my friend gets the level she needs and I get what I need! It's reassuring to have wellness visits as I get to confirm that my cats are healthy :). I also like to get flea treatments there. I am definitely on a budget, so it is a big expense to do the yearly checkups and to get the medication. Everyone is very personable, caring of my pets, efficient and knowledgeable - this is the best aspect of your business for me."
- Jessica Garcia
01/05/2021 00:08:55
"We were so fortunate there was a cancellation so Dr. Ina could see Indigo. She is so wonderful, and leaves very calm and thorough messages on voicemail if no one is home when she calls with test results. Thank you Dr. Ina!"
- Peter Keane
01/01/2021 00:19:26
"Thank you for fitting Riley in on short notice. As always, she was cared for, wonderfully."
- Tod Elkins
12/30/2020 20:49:46
"Thank you for the great care, friendly and helpful staff, and very responsive service. Really appreciate it."
- Kathryn Ma
12/30/2020 18:51:27
"Dr. Reeves is wonderful. She is the best doctor I’ve ever had - human or vet!"
- Hannah Bagby
12/30/2020 18:03:07
"Dr Ina is the best! Great diagnostic skills and she explains everything very well. "
- Susan Shors
12/25/2020 19:03:12
"The doctore and staff are extremely courteous and friendly and cares for my pets like it was their own "
- Kenny Ina
12/24/2020 13:42:58
"Very appreciate of the communication during and after my dog's dental procedure! "
- Olivia David
12/23/2020 22:01:38
"I highly trust Arguello & am grateful for all the care given to my pup!"
- Cristal Wallin
12/21/2020 17:51:22
"We are moving to London and you all have been so helpful and spend a lot of time with us and we are truly grateful"
- Nettie Atkisson
12/20/2020 21:54:30
"The staff at Arguello Pet Hospital are incredibly kind, caring and helpful. We adore your team and are so thankful for the dedication and commitment you have for our pets! Have a joyous holiday season."
- Margot Pierluissi
12/18/2020 18:37:55
"Great service "
- Jodie Beyer
12/16/2020 22:48:49
"Great staff and service overall. Lulu has been receiving great care from your staff. The veterinarian who treated lulu for her teeth was wonderful. Very caring, and comforting because I was a nervous wreck! Her phone calls helped me cope and gave me peace of mind! Thanks to the great staff at Arguello pet hospital! I have made several referrals already to friends and neighbors to seek service with you guys!! Best wishes, John and lulu!😃🐶"
- John Maynarich
12/16/2020 04:43:44
"Excellent. Professional and trustworthy. Wouldn't take our cats anywhere else! "
- Bobbie Zemansky
12/16/2020 00:44:37
"Always feel like vet techs truly care about my dogs, actually love them:) "
- Nichole Schusteritsch
12/14/2020 14:02:21
"Dr, Jamie and the techs are the best. They are so gentle with Rico and so patient with my questions. Always recommend them on NextDoor when someone is looking for a vet."
- Anne Altman
12/10/2020 21:56:31
"Dr. J. Ina is wonderful. I wish I had a Doctor who cared about me as much as Dr. Ina cares about our dog."
- Ann Ban
12/10/2020 05:54:42
"Just wanted to thank you all. Everyone at Arguello is always so nice and helpful. Dr. Ina is super responsive, which I greatly appreciate."
- Patricia Mejia
12/09/2020 17:33:02
"I have greatly appreciated having my questions answered over the phone when my dog was injured."
- Jim Moyer
12/07/2020 22:41:12
"The whole staff was very helpful to my disabilities and Charlie's condition. Thank you. Hope you all enjoy the Christmas box of chocolates I brought you all. "
- Frances Fung
12/04/2020 22:09:37
"It was my first visit but the vet spent a lot of time with us and I felt she was very knowledgeable and importantly gave me additional options for treatment that my previous vet did not. I left feeling I'd (finally) found a vet that really connected with us. "
- Melissa Aurand
12/03/2020 21:24:12
"LOVE THEM. being going to Arguello for 40 plus years!!!!"
- Josephine Won
12/03/2020 20:14:43
"We have had great experiences with all the staff at Arguello Pet Hospital. Thank you all For all you do! "
- Mary Spinale
12/03/2020 18:19:31
"Thank you Dr Reese and Ina "
- Monelle Totah
12/03/2020 15:08:53
"Health check was very smooth and our doctor was great - apologies can't remember her name, but lovely demeanor and very helpful. Admin staff were fast and efficient and I appreciated that when I brought in the poop sample, they took the poop bag and disposed of for me. Since there aren't receptacles in the vicinity, this was much appreciated. "
- Andrew Taylor
12/01/2020 19:48:38
"Steeler loves coming t see you guys!!!!! He said the plexi glass casues him to get less treats!!"
- Carolyn Edwards
11/30/2020 05:19:14
"I really appreciated the care that Rosie received during her spay appointment. Pets feel like family, and the staff here made it feel like they were offering a high level of service that we would want to see provided to any family member. From the call right before she went in to ask if I had any questions to the text with a photo letting me know she was doing well, I feel like I had touch points every step of the way, which helped ease the worry we felt throughout the day. The wait time to go pick her up was a bit longer than expected, but that wasn't a huge deal - we were just anxious and excited to see our girl, and we appreciate that the vet took time to sit down and walk through her medication, answer our questions, etc. "
- Danielle Gonzalez
11/28/2020 04:52:34
"My four and three-legged kids have been taking care by Dr. Ina and staffs in Arguello for 18 years!. Even though I have moved to Silicon Valley, here is the only trustable and comfortable Vet clinic that is worth driving over 1 hour. Thank you for great hospitality and professional attitude and caring animals! "
- Rie Nishimura
11/27/2020 20:19:21
"I think you all do an excellent job !"
- Kelly Kruger
11/27/2020 19:58:38
"Very gentle vet who took my dogs nervousness into account during the exam."
- Beth Shannon
11/26/2020 20:53:56
"Great care "
- Nancy Bechtle
11/26/2020 17:33:26
"Thank you APH and De. Vanessa we love your care and patience =^.^="
- Meli Burgueno
11/25/2020 23:05:32
"Dr. Ina is a wonderful veterinarian and I am so grateful to have her as a resource and care provider as my cat ages."
- Elizabeth Travelslight
11/25/2020 18:03:18
"We (very much) appreciate the love and care you give our pup Mochi even when it's only about the skin conditions that inherit her being so uncomfortable. The Covid season hasn't been kind, but I do appreciate how you have implemented a plastic barrier at the front desk and manage patients by moving them from the waiting area into the clinic rooms while we wait. "
- Judi Le
11/24/2020 16:50:35
"Trust the vets and staff at Arguello."
- Juliette Kruse
11/22/2020 23:10:41
"This was our first visit, after almost 40 years with another vet clinic, and we were very impressed with the entire operation. We have decided to switch to you. Many thanks!"
- Richard Leeds
11/22/2020 01:42:47
"I've been using Arguello as our primary vet for 30 years! Look forward to the next 30."
- Michelle & Jonat Larner
11/20/2020 18:23:00
"Great experience!"
- Shannon Warto
11/19/2020 18:19:15
"As always kind and professional "
- Sherry Sandel
11/19/2020 16:01:40
"Dr. Reeves was personable and informative. I could tell my Coco like her."
- Catherine Low
11/16/2020 23:19:15
"Dr. Ina is fantastic! Knowledgeable, honest, and she even got our incredible nervous dog to feel calm enough for a thorough exam. "
- Brandon Oldham
11/14/2020 15:31:24
"Thank You!"
- Emily Blanchard
11/14/2020 02:25:19
"I've been taking my pets to Arguello Pet Hospital for one 40 years and have always felt confident about the way my pets are treated."
- Juline Beier
11/13/2020 21:10:44
"P&R and the kids LOVE you 😍 "
- Roberto Batlle
11/10/2020 20:13:29
"We have been very happy with Arguello over the years."
- Jeffrey Watts
11/10/2020 17:55:26
"I can't thank Arguello Pet Hospital more deeply than from my heart. All of the staff over these years have been kind, patient, encouraging, loving, caring, and so very supportive. When we had to lay our Grace to rest, each and every one of you was so comforting and understanding. An experience we all will never forget. Early years when we adopted Grace, you all were so patient and eager to help us understand what care and training we needed to give Grace. When she was sick you all were extremely informative. Now with the new puppy Polo - once again, you have been super helpful, accommodating, encouraging and all of the above. I feel like we have a family with Arguello Pets. Thank you for all you do. With love and hugs, The O'Brien Family. Blessed Gracie, and new pup Polo."
- Kevin O'Brien
11/06/2020 21:40:36
"My family has been bringing our pets to Arguello Pet Hospital for at least 40 years, and the care our pets have received has always been excellent. Your office staff are always kind and knowledgeable, and your veterinarians are top-notch, caring practitioners and I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else. Thank you all!"
- Anne-Marie Burger
11/02/2020 21:12:58
"This experience was great for Bilbo to get his teeth cleaned! The staff was extremely helpful in answering all of our questions. We love Arguello!"
- Anthony Risucci
11/02/2020 00:31:15
"Dr Reeves is wonderful, very patient and very helpful. "
- Lina Brenner
10/31/2020 18:38:15
"Dr. Ina: we love you!! Thank you for your expertise, thoroughness and kindness! Your staff is also wonderful. No need to change a thing! Thank you!!"
- Nancy Robbins
10/31/2020 16:03:01
"Always good to see and talk to Dr. Jamie."
- John Dains
10/30/2020 16:54:51
"Dr. Reeves is one of the best Vet doctors that we had for our little girls. "
- LaRue Perkins
10/30/2020 15:12:53
"I have lived and appreciated all the care given to my multiple pets for many years. It always feels like family which gives me great comfort with the doctors and the staff, who are always very caring. I am very grateful and so are my babies for your services. Thank you, Marsha Kobuchi"
- Marsha Kobuchi
10/29/2020 23:37:23
"Great staff -- thank you!"
- Erin Gordon
10/29/2020 23:14:11
"Me and my kitties love Arguello and Dr Ina. Thank you for keeping my babies healthy."
- Viki Lewis
10/29/2020 19:30:09
"Very happy to have gotten an appointment at such short notice (same day!). Thanks!"
- Henning Bauer
10/27/2020 18:35:22
"Great staff! Thank you!"
- Carol Ames
10/26/2020 19:01:55
"Your office and the crew there are so friendly and warm. Amazing. Dr. Nishimura is the best. She is so thorough and gentle with Bugsy. Could not be happier."
- Tracy Hsu
10/25/2020 23:13:57
"Our visit was excellent. Happy we found you guys."
- Gwen Lee
10/18/2020 19:13:46
"Thank you so much for taking such good care of Snug and Toast! Best veterinarian service I’ve (and hopefully they) experienced!"
- Zola Asenjo
10/17/2020 21:44:24
"I love Dr Ina. She’s so caring and very professional, and I trust her judgement. I trust my dogs care with her! "
- Sarah Saavedra
10/16/2020 18:42:49
"Everyone at Arguello truly cares about animals. From the incredible staff at the front desk who truly heard my concerns and went above and beyond to get us in (remembered to call when there was a last minute cancellation) to the best vets. Special shout of to Dr. Wolfe who has always shown our pets so much love and care and makes sure to communicate with us clearly and thoughtfully. She spent 40 minutes on the phone with me after hours helping me understand all the tests that had been run on my dog after a horrible experience at an emergency vet. This week we saw Dr Hathaidha who was so caring, answered all of our questions and put our minds at ease. We are so grateful for you all. Your high level of customer care is invaluable. "
- Sarah Huck
10/16/2020 14:25:05
"Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and very accommodating "
- Jennifer Boccara
10/15/2020 20:12:15
"I always receive the best care for Kimmie and the staff loves her. And I will always bring her there for all the care they give Kimmie. "
- Larry Lee
10/12/2020 00:44:52
"Got the time and attention needed as well as treatment options. Excellent visit. "
- Mary Wolfe
10/11/2020 23:08:30
"As always, you’re patient , helpful , and nice . Have a good day"
- Peter Berry
10/11/2020 17:34:25
"I really appreciate that you squeezed me in on very short notice because of my impending travel plans. Thank you!!!"
- Tracy Thompson
10/08/2020 21:26:58
"Your staff is always friendly, available to answer my questions either on the phone or in person, always patient with me. Thank you so much!!"
- Hazen Sewell
10/08/2020 16:06:57
"Great visit and loved my experience!"
- Claudia Eachus
10/06/2020 20:24:12
"Every doctor we have seen there has been extremely thorough and caring. Thank you!"
- Henry Turmon
10/04/2020 03:50:31
"I have full trust and faith in Dr Ina and the staff at Arguello Pet"
- Regina Gantan
10/02/2020 22:09:57
"Me and my cats feel like were in good hands :)"
- Heidi Petty
10/02/2020 18:47:43
"Excellent care. I’ve been going to Arguello Pet Hospital for years!"
- Kathy Robertson
10/02/2020 15:42:25