"Due to past experience would not ever want to Go any other place for the care of my animals. The VERY BEST in every way!"
- Anne Wright
09/29/2021 22:15:02
"As always, Dr. Ina has a wonderful way with our gal. And with us humans, too! Thank you."
- Tod Elkins
09/28/2021 18:09:11
"Have used you for many years and will continued for all my futée animals!"
- Izabella Noyes
09/26/2021 19:17:30
"As always, we love the treatment that our pets get at Arguello."
- Alan Ferrara
09/26/2021 00:00:39
"Thank you so much for all you do!! "
- Margaret Zukin
09/24/2021 18:22:24
"I have been a client of Arguello Pet Hospital for 15 years. They provide excellent service and outstanding care for my pets."
- Lisa Phillips
09/23/2021 18:16:01
"Dr. Ina and staff have provided excellent care for our kitties since 2005. It is well-run, efficient and everyone is extremely friendly. I always enjoy coming into the office because I know the kitties will be given the medical care they need. 10 out of 10!"
- Nancy Dixon
09/17/2021 16:44:39
"The entire staff at Arguello Pet Hospital are the best. Thank You -john "
- Michelle Denenkamp
09/16/2021 05:36:56
"Jamie Ina is the best Vet in SF"
- Robert Devlin
09/14/2021 21:25:28
"For so many years you have taken such wonderful care of our cats!"
- Peter Keane
09/12/2021 17:38:09
"I love Dr. Reeves. ❤️"
- Carrie Scott
09/11/2021 18:59:02
"Maxie Lu and I were very well taken care of by a staff member. I had taken in a sample to check for worms, etc and to have her nails clipped. I would do that myself, but Maxie Lu was and is a very strong dog, thanks for helping us with that. "
- Jim Thirtyacre
08/27/2021 18:40:01
"I am constantly impressed with APH and I am excited to bring hoku in whenever she has an appt. Everyone is so kind and helpful and I am treated so well! Hoku is a nervous dog but the staff handles her with such love and care! Will be going to APH as long as I reside in sf 💜"
- Caitlin Farmer
08/26/2021 20:35:43
"Everyone is great at Arguello Pet! Love all the care I get for my pets. "
- Angeline Yap
08/26/2021 18:04:48
"This visit was a flea treatment and nail trim great job as usual"
- Chris Osborne
08/25/2021 04:12:24
"We are thankful for Arguello!"
- Andrea Higgins
08/24/2021 23:52:42
"I love Arguello Pet Hospital, doctors and staff! They are like family - doesn't get better than that!"
- Beverly Huppert
08/24/2021 02:39:56
"have been with your practice for literally decades, and always been pleased."
- Michele Dana
08/23/2021 00:26:48
"Thank you Dr. Ina! The attentive, kind, and thoughtful care for our cats is so appreciated."
- Meredith Holmes
08/18/2021 04:40:37
"Thank you all for doing everything you can to care for our animal friends, especially during these stunningly challenging times."
- Michael Markwell
08/15/2021 16:28:07
"We have been coming for 9 years. We started with jamie Inea and have many great doctors along the way. We really enjoy Dr. Wolfe and more importantly, Steeler loves her. She has great bedside manners and is cool"
- Carolyn Edwards
08/15/2021 01:48:56
"i know things are hectic, especially with covid, but i appreciate all your hard work! it’s not easy to do, and you all do it with a smile for us. tuank you!"
- Andrea Reyes
08/13/2021 22:20:25
"We were surprised that we were able to have a fine-needle aspiration done on the spot and analyzed in a matter of a few minutes. This put us at ease immediately. We left very happy (and relieved!)."
- Linsey Fox
08/13/2021 21:02:08
"We love our Vet Dr. Jaime Ina and trust her Immensely."
- D' Ann Quan
08/13/2021 20:47:24
"We have gone to Arguello Pet Hospital for years and years and we can't imagine going anywhere else."
- Elizabeth Baker
08/13/2021 16:41:28
"Dr. Ina was extremely thorough and explained clearly what might be happening. She went over all the items on the bill so I understand what was being charged. That evening she called to see how Harley was doing and answered my questions. She called the next day with results of his tests and recommendations for he care. She answered more questions and gave me a game plan of what to expect. Excellent care. "
- Ed & April Franklin-Fujimoto
08/12/2021 23:59:24
"My visit with Goldie was great! Dr Reeves answered all my questions, and was very friendly and professional."
- William Matz
08/12/2021 23:20:10
"Appreciate you all so much. I know it's been a tough year and you have had to make some tough choices. I feel lucky to have such a caring Vet hospital so close to me."
- Tracy West
08/12/2021 21:22:27
"You made my day saying that Oso behaved fine while getting his nails cut❤️❤️ Oso’s long time groomer fired him for being nervous and accidentally scratching a staffer. So thanks for accommodating my sensitive boy!"
- Cecelia Beam
08/12/2021 18:07:35
"We love you guys. Thanks for the care you give to our kids. "
- Roberto Batlle
08/11/2021 22:38:44
"I have always been impressed by all of the staff from the front desk to the doctors! Compassionate and professional "
- Sherry Sandel
08/11/2021 03:02:47
"As always, a great experience. My questions were answered, my dog was carefully examined and the treatment seemed just right. "
- Susan Shors
08/10/2021 21:17:43
"APH is the best. Vets, techs and front office are friendly, knowledgeable, empathetic and professional. A first rate organization. Thank you for all you have for our pets, and us. Richard & Janet Frisbie"
- Richard Frisbie
08/10/2021 17:02:30
"Thank you!"
- Shelley Carter
08/05/2021 22:03:10
"Thank you so much for taking such good care of Buster Brown on his very first visit to your office. Everything was easy, efficient, and we felt confident with our visit. Also, thank you for getting Buster’s test results back to us so quickly. Being new in town we were referred to you by BowWowMeow during a nail trim…and we couldn’t be happier. "
- Heather Crownover
07/30/2021 19:12:10
"Excellent quality of care. It is an honor to have my dog in your practice. "
- Sherry Bridygham
07/30/2021 00:46:03
"This was an unexpected appt. Cleo had an abscess near her mouth & the office was able to get us in the next day because of a cancellation. We are truly appreciative. Care was excellent. Thank you."
- Ruth Waddington
07/29/2021 20:40:24
"We really love Dr. Wolff and were very impressed with the way she handled, and interacted with, our little dog."
- Richard Leeds
07/28/2021 21:34:48
"Dr. Ina is great. She is one of the few providers that will reach back quickly via email and help book hard to get appointments. I appreciate her response time and professionalism. "
- Regina Gould
07/27/2021 19:22:50
"I love Arguello Pet!"
- Kathleen Van Boven
07/24/2021 01:22:44
"The vet tech that went over everything when we picked Ryder up was amazing!! "
- Laura Xuereb
07/23/2021 17:46:23
"Thank you for fitting me in when you had a cancellation!!! You are the BEST! I’ve always recommended you to everyone because you care and you are knowledgeable and you are all so kind. Thank you!"
- Nancy Robbins
07/23/2021 16:28:32
"Always appreciate thoughtful care at Arguello Pet Hospital all these years : )"
- Alice Arikawa
07/20/2021 05:16:54
"Office team is second to none! Wonderfully patient and efficient. Elisa, Marjorie, Rheanna and John -THE DREAM TEAM. All other new staff are also very good. I just forget their names. Sincerely, Gigi and Jerome"
- Gigi Ferrer
07/19/2021 00:42:10
"I and my dog Hobbes absolutely love DrH !!!!!!!"
- Saul Gevertz
07/17/2021 17:45:03
"Staff and especially doctor ina very good professional care. "
- Candice Maruyama
07/14/2021 01:29:54
"I have referred your hospital to many people. I think you are great. "
- Karen Reem
07/12/2021 03:33:48
"I'm very pleased with the care my 13 1/2 year old cat receives."
- Michele Skootsky
07/11/2021 20:25:39
"All staff are pleasant and accommodating when I needed to change my appointment. Dr. Reeves was great at answering questions about my cat's health. "
- Lisa Burkett
07/10/2021 19:11:10
"Thanks for doing your best. I don't imagine it's been easy working during the pandemic, but I appreciate that you've been there for my cat during his health issues this past year. "
- Marcelle Natisin
07/09/2021 15:55:40
"We love Dr Reeves! And the staff is always so great at Arguello Pet Hospital."
- Jennifer Gette
07/08/2021 22:49:30
"Great, professional and friendly service from the front desk to Dr! Thank you!"
- Giuliana Matioli
07/05/2021 16:18:33
"We have trusted our beloved "fur kids" to Arguello for decades. We are so happy to have Dr. Ina's care for our Lilly. We appreciate all that you do to keep us and our sweet girl safe during these challenging times, and we thank your entire team for your care and dedication. All the best - Sarah and Larry"
- Sarah Blackburn
07/04/2021 03:04:46
"I will be purchasing flea and tick medication next time we come in February through Arguello. Dr. Hathaidharm was amazing and answered all questions and was very much extremely informative about every thing that we needed to know. She took her time with “Gia” and she loved her; we did too!! Thank you again so very much for a wonderful experience! "
- Kenneth Pignati
07/02/2021 21:16:39
"Dr Reeves is a very good vet and a very nice person as well. "
- Erin Donnelly
07/01/2021 00:24:55
"We needed an allergy shot for Cali. Brought her in without an official appointment knowing we may have to wait awhile, but were in & out in minutes! Thank you so much for squeezing us in! We appreciate all of you for all you do. "
- Ronelle Strand
06/30/2021 16:41:48
"❤️ love you guys!"
- Judi Le
06/28/2021 23:03:25
"You were all awesome as usual! "
- Jenni Roller
06/21/2021 00:25:36
"thank you for helping get Hudson in for a visit given how busy you are"
- Stuart Batcheler
06/19/2021 17:05:31
"Thank you for the awesome care your provide for our pet!"
- Angela Risser
06/19/2021 16:41:41
- Janice Dragotta
06/17/2021 19:11:30
"I really appreciate how the staff and Dr. Reeves always take the time to answer any questions and/or concerns I have. "
- Mindy Phillips
06/17/2021 16:20:49
"Great hospital and great people!"
- Max Torres
06/17/2021 04:44:11
"Thank you to the entire staff for your professional care with Mochi. She is always happy to come for her doctor visits and she loves all of you! I started with Arguello Pet in the 1980’s with my first Lhasa Apso and I’m so happy to be back again with Mochi. Thank you for your kindness snd great care!"
- Karen Leong
06/16/2021 20:56:46
"Dr. Nishimura was terrific."
- Bill Doyle
06/15/2021 17:53:22
"Dr Reeves is great! Super friendly, great with our cats, thoughtful, thorough, with great sensitivity to our unique pet challenges!"
- Sarita Redalia
06/12/2021 23:36:33
"The team at Arguello pet hospital is always the absolute best for our beloved pets. Thank you!"
- Claudia Roehl
06/11/2021 19:55:12
"I cannot say enough good things about the staff and Vets. They are absolutely amazing! Compassion is the priority here.I have been to every vet in SF over the years and wish I had discovered Arguello much sooner. So grateful they take care of my two senior doggies. "
- Kristy Lee
06/11/2021 17:22:08
"My wife and I think that you provide a warm and professional service. We appreciate it."
- Barrett Miller
06/11/2021 16:20:56
"The staff at APH are wonderful, very friendly, courteous and helpful. I can attest that my cat feels very safe and comfortable with her vet because she is always so well behaved during physical exams. "
- Nadine Quan
06/10/2021 15:31:53
"Our dog’s neutering process was seamless. Dr.Ina and the technician were super friendly and knowledgeable. I felt our dog was in good hands."
- Regina Lum
06/10/2021 00:18:47
"I love Arguello. It is great having knowledgable staff answer the phone as well as check in at desk during an appointment. The vets and vet techs are also wonderful. Everyone at Arguello makes me and my dog feel well cared for and appreciated."
- Kathy Pattison
06/08/2021 17:02:52
"Wonderful care and service! thank you!"
- Marya Krogstad
06/07/2021 21:55:21
"Excellent "
- Joanne Liu
06/07/2021 16:12:20
"All of the people who work at Arguello Pet Hospital are knowledgeable, helpful and caring staff. My cat Ladybug is in very good hands."
- Lisa Phillips
06/06/2021 17:29:34
"The doctor was thorough and treated our babies great."
- Josie Castillo
06/05/2021 21:03:16
"You guys are great. I know it's been a tough year for everyone, small business especially so. We really appreciate you for making an effort and being there for us."
- Jeff Scott
06/04/2021 18:10:33
"Keep up the great work"
- Latonya Rogers
06/03/2021 18:31:11
"All satisfactory."
- Christine Short
06/03/2021 17:07:46
"I‘be been taken my kitties to The Arguello Pet Hospital for many years. For a short while I took them to the SFSPCA for their care and was surprised and underwhelmed with their service. I believe their prices are high as well. The professionalism and caring of the staff at the APH feels genuine and personalized. Most recently, Dr Wolfe has been providing care for my cat Casey. She has called me several times since our in-person appointment with updates and information. I’m glad to be back - thanks to everyone who works there."
- Leah Anne Whitson
06/02/2021 22:13:25
"Thank you for your wonderful care for our dogs!"
- David Landis
06/02/2021 21:04:31
"Leo, my 8 month Mini Aussie Shepherd, and I received great care from Dr. Nishimura, Rheanna and Matt yesterday. There was very good communication prior to, during and after our visit. Leo and I are very appreciative. Thank you.. Leo and Mike Spradley"
- Mike Spradley
05/27/2021 23:10:37
"Doctor was great. Cat knows hospital. Appreciate all you do for us!"
- Aaron Lee
05/26/2021 20:33:33
"I just brought my cat in to have her nails trimmed. It was easy to make the appt. I didn't have more than a minute or two wait, and it only took less than 5 minutes for the tech to do the job. Everything went well."
- Diane Torkelson
05/26/2021 20:16:15
"Dr hataidharm is awesome all around. Thank you!"
- Connie Z. Lee
05/23/2021 19:41:16
"Dr Ina is outstanding! "
- Lisa Lenzo
05/23/2021 04:07:30
"I was grateful to be able to see Dr Ina the same day I called. It is very important to me to be able to see a doctor the same day and not have to wait a day or 2. Thank you for seeing Louie."
- Lita Lee
05/22/2021 17:22:28
"Keep up the great work!"
- Sophie Chia
05/21/2021 16:15:15
"Our Vet for the visit was fantastic and we really like her! She handles Bo in such a caring and sweet manner and always answers our questions thoroughly. Reception staff and vet techs are also wonderful as always. Thank you!! "
- Barbara Vanikova
05/19/2021 22:24:40
"I’ve taken my dog to several vets in SF and Sonoma. Your clinic is the most well run. The vets take their time when examining my dog and listen to my input. They are thoughtful and patient in explaining his care to me. What I like best about the clinic is that the people who answer the phones and check us in and out are all very knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. Thank you all for your kindness. "
- Tamara Podolny
05/19/2021 02:18:01
"Arguello Pet Hospital is great. Staff and Dr. Ina are always helpful and really care about my dog."
- Susan Garbuio
05/16/2021 18:13:48
"Can’t say enough All good"
- Alyce Brown
05/14/2021 16:12:57
"Always a pleasure working with everyone there. "
- Dora Lee
05/12/2021 18:25:57
"Thanks Jamie for coming to the rescue yet again. We are so grateful for you."
- Wendy Leopold
05/12/2021 16:49:30
"Donna Wolfe is great. "
- Francis Scarpulla
05/11/2021 16:42:59
"I am so satisfied with my first time vet visit. The vet is so nice, patient and professional. "
- Kit Ting
05/09/2021 19:24:36
"Excellent staff and service."
- Natasha Feier
05/07/2021 17:25:16
"Dr. Wolfe is exceptional. "
- Sharol McQuarrie
05/05/2021 17:05:46
"Dr Inna and Arguello are the best Vet in SF "
- Carolyn Lis
05/04/2021 21:35:33
"Thank you all for the excellent care you give all the animals. Dr. Reeves is our vet. We appreciate her kindness and concern. Dr. Reeves has a way of calming us down and our dog seems to sense her gentle way. During this hard time with Covid, we appreciate your keeping all of us safe. "
- Sandra Powers
05/03/2021 15:49:04