"Thank you for a wonderful first visit!!!"
- Eliza Kern
07/14/2019 15:01:33
"While we were saddened to see Dr. Weiss leave after many years caring for our kids (cats), Dr. Bonetto came along and reaffirmed that we are again in wonderful hands. Arguello Pet Hospital has consistently attracted and retained the most qualified and caring doctors and staff since our cats became patients in 2002. Thank you for all you do! Carolyn & Jim Scacchetti "
- Carolyn Scacchetti
07/12/2019 17:40:48
"Exceptional care of our dog AND of our whole family too! "
- Christine Murray
07/12/2019 15:03:08
"Dr Ina is wonderful! Thank you so much. "
- Nicola Tateosian
07/04/2019 23:58:08
"Love coming here. The staff treats my animals with such care and love and I can tell there is really a passion for animals "
- Natasha Feier
07/04/2019 22:23:45
"Great doctor, front staff and vet techs! I’m so happy switching to this vet hospital!"
- Yumi Nakajima
07/04/2019 22:12:19
"I liked the new vet Dr. Justin----. Very nice and thorough. Kathleen Meeker"
- Kathleen Meeker
06/27/2019 20:18:01
"Dr Veronica was exceptional! First time going in since Dr Weiss left and was extremely please with Dr Veronica. "
- Ken Moore
06/24/2019 17:21:55
"Great staff. Always make you feel they are glad to see you."
- Evie & Warren Winthrop
06/24/2019 13:40:34
"Though a new veterinarian, Dr. Karissa Nishimura was highly impressive: thorough, thoughtful, clearly highly intelligent and well-trained--and exceedingly kind. She spent a lot of time examining Luna and answering my various questions--and I never once felt rushed. Brava. "
- June Donenfeld
06/23/2019 02:51:43
"Always a wonderful, thorough and compassionate experience visiting Arguello Pet Hospital. Dr. Ina's follow-up calls are greatly appreciated!"
- Don Ross
06/21/2019 17:55:43
"Professional, courteous, excellent, friendly service. I wouldn’t trust my cats’ care with anyone else!"
- Nancy Dixon
06/17/2019 03:56:06
"Been bringing my dog and previous dog for years. Dr Ina is awesome! She's a great Dr and has great bedside manners. She explains things indept. The Sr that attended to my dog was great as well."
- Sarah Saavedra
06/17/2019 00:01:14
"Excellent assistance during telephone call."
- Karen Toran
06/10/2019 17:18:44
"Service is great and organized and the veterinarian Dr Ina was thorough"
- Gerrie Teo
06/09/2019 21:39:23
"Front desk staff deserve kudos for always being so courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful. Also, saw Dr. Justin for an urgent care need since Dr. Ina was not available, and he was great too."
- Dorla Cantu
06/07/2019 19:43:23
"I just moved to LA and haven't found a vet I like yet, so I still rely on Arguello for my pet care -- as much as I can from a distance! The thorough explanations, transparency, and fairness in price are why I return, but the cherry on top is how friendly the staff and doctors are. My senior dog is my baby and it's important that my vet cares as much as I do about his wellbeing. THANK YOU for being a trusted source of knowledge and kindness, even from half a state away."
- Mindy Coppo
06/06/2019 16:58:36
"The staff and Dr. Ina has been wonderful to my cat, Siggy . Dr. Ina makes appropriate medical recommendations and always in the best interests of the pet. "
- Gloria Cheng
06/04/2019 20:34:51
"I really like that this is where my cats receive care. Love Dr Wolf and all the staff are so competent, efficient, friendly and personable. Every visit has been great like this. "
- Jessica Garcia
06/04/2019 20:30:31
"Love you !"
- Roberta D'Alois
06/01/2019 20:15:40
"We love Arguello Pet, and thanks for being so kind and nice to our loving pet. =^.^= thanks – MB."
- Meli Burgueno
05/31/2019 22:52:15
"As usual- the front desk staff did a quick check in and we had a minimal wait. Love you guys - so does OWEN!"
- Barry Tereshkow
05/31/2019 20:45:37
"We love Arguello Pet Hospital! The entire staff is friendly and answers our questions. They treat our doll like royalty. ❤️"
- Jessica Lapan
05/31/2019 17:04:48
"You guys are the best! Thank you so much! "
- Jenni Roller
05/26/2019 20:06:03
"I truly appreciated Dr. Bonneto’s care for my 18-year-old Jade during our visit yesterday - I feel so much better knowing he’s a partner in her care. Thank you!"
- Jill Foxe
05/25/2019 20:09:45
"Justin & your entire staff are very friendly and professional. tks again, william matz & goldie."
- William Matz
05/24/2019 17:03:58
"Excellent bedside manner and information. Compassion re 20yr old cat and what care is reasonable and what is not"
- Ann Myers
05/18/2019 14:41:30
"Dr. Ina was great with Benji. She was also great with Milo who has passed. "
- Marie Gerson
05/18/2019 01:06:12
"Best vet in SF!!!"
- Anna Molina
05/17/2019 17:47:08
"Great. I feel so lucky we have you nearby. "
- Deirdre Hockett
05/16/2019 17:28:25
"Although we purchase our flea and tick treatment from Petco we will always purchase the Interceptor Plus from Arguello Pet Hospital. We really appreciate all the care that Annie gets from her appointments. We will always make our appointments for her at Arguello. It's clear that the staff is very good at making appropriate decisions to get the best care for Annie. We have been customers foe several years and plan to be for years to come! Thank You So Much! Carol Felthouse"
- Louis & Carol Felthouse
05/15/2019 18:41:21
"Dr. Wolfe is terrific. "
- Eli Weinstein
05/12/2019 19:06:28
"great staff, super nice."
- Matthew Sheridan
05/10/2019 16:14:40
"Thank you for your excellent care."
- Wendy Walker
05/08/2019 01:54:17
"Thanks for everything, when I board our dog while we are away, I don’t have to worry knowing she is in good hands!"
- Etsie Nakajo
05/04/2019 17:29:34
"Love you guys! I have and will continue to refer people to you. Thank you!"
- Laura Handlery
05/04/2019 05:07:13
"I was sorry to hear that Dr Weiss Relocated to Southern Cal I look forward to having the Former Cartman. Now Prince Ali Baba meet his new doctor "
- Patricia Richman
05/03/2019 21:36:59
"We have been very satisfied with this practice for over 30 years."
- Mary & Lance Wood
04/27/2019 02:07:20
"I really appreciate the care and attention that my dog and I receive at Arguello. Every single person there is wonderful! I tell all my friends to go there!"
- Joni Weinstein
04/26/2019 14:33:39
"I love you guys!!! Thank you for everything you do! 💜"
- Nancy Robbins
04/26/2019 14:31:43
"I had an excellent experience at my last visit to Arguello. Not a long wait and all questions answered by Dr. Wolfe. Dr. Wolfe explained everything in detail and researched a question I had which I appreciated. Travis agrees. Nancy and Travis MacLean."
- Nancy Maclean
04/25/2019 17:18:28
"We love Dr Bonetto and the rest of the staff at Arguello!"
- Chiara Ogan
04/22/2019 18:09:07
"Dr. Jamie Ina has carried on the superb quality and dedicated care provided by Dr. Michael Ina. The entire Arguello staff provides excellent customer service in a friendly and efficient manner. Dr. Ina and Arguello Pet Hospital is the very best of the best."
- Glen & Judi Eastman
04/20/2019 00:18:04
"My husband and I are always happy with the care our animals receive at Arguello, and this visit was no different. Totally impressed at how Dr. Ina and the vet tech (I am spacing on his name!) handled our potentially troublesome feline Mononoke... and how calm Mononoke was after the fact, which meant despite the stress of going to the vet's, it wasn't that bad for her. Thank you! "
- Dana Fredsti
04/19/2019 21:59:02
"Great team at Arguello Veterinary Hospital! Everyone is consistently friendly and helpful. My cat is always very comfortable on his visits, the clinicians thorough and give good, treatment options when needed. "
- Stacey McCarthy
04/19/2019 21:52:53
"I am so very HAPPY that HOBBES is being treated at your Hospital. I love the way the ENTIRE staff treats my puppy.!! "
- Saul Gevertz
04/19/2019 21:19:09
"Dr. Wolfe was awesome to work with. This was our first visit and we will definitely be back. "
- Denise Melanson-F.
04/18/2019 17:55:06
"Fabulous results"
- Mikiye Nakanishi
04/17/2019 20:27:02
"We cannot think Dr. Ina enough for the time and care she took with us on our first visit with Coco. She is truly a professional, and we feel very fortunate to have found her. "
- Kalea Henry
04/15/2019 17:27:26
"Very happy with care and attention that our dog has received"
- Lucy Breslow
04/11/2019 03:11:08
"We are still new clients but so far everything has been great. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. "
- Deborah Taylor
04/10/2019 19:28:01
"As always, excellent care - just had Soft Paws put on our cat - quick and efficiently."
- Alan Ferrara
04/10/2019 18:41:39
"Thank you Dr. Ina for understanding our current financial situation. Compassion for people and their pets is not easy! We trust and value your medical opinions. "
- Jo Ann Koga
04/04/2019 20:01:02
"The staff was helpful and kind. I really appreciate Dr. Bonetto's care and communication. Thank you for your wonderful service. Jane and Gromit"
- Kevin And Jane Colosimo
04/01/2019 19:25:43
"Love Dr, Ina!"
- Phil Malik
03/29/2019 20:41:33
"Dr. Wolf is very professional,knowledgeable and caring. Feel very confident in having her care for my babies "
- Aron Wong
03/29/2019 18:38:55
"Everyone at Arguello is wonderful. The front desk staff is caring and efficient. All of the vets are technically excellent as well as being very kind. "
- Caroline Moody
03/28/2019 22:10:39
"I truly appreciate that you treat my cats with such kindness."
- James Tolley
03/26/2019 19:50:36
"Excellent service."
- Yuri Richter
03/24/2019 23:55:51
"My most recent visit was to pick up meds. However, I answered the questions based on previous visits (and email exchanges) with Dr. Ina. I LOVE her! I wish she treated human patients; I would love her to be MY doc! Thanks for having some evening and weekend hours. It's really helpful!"
- Annie Gordon
03/24/2019 16:24:38
"good service ! "
- Wuiston Jo Chang
03/24/2019 04:19:20
"We have referred Sesame (cat) Anderson to you, hopefully Sesame will like the care that you give. Unfortunately anal expression is usually what Maverick goes there for so it’s always an anxious time for him. He loves Dr. Reeves when seeing her for his annual or other issues. It’s great how all questions are answered and explained thoroughly. "
- Regina Gantan
03/20/2019 22:05:44
"Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I appreciate the smiles and easy accommodation of my big, and not so dog tolerant dogs. "
- Tracy West
03/18/2019 19:51:24
"Love Arguello Pet Hospital, have been coming here for years! "
- Tina Lo
03/17/2019 18:06:43
"I appreciate the quick response times from the knowledgeable front staff member to any one of the doctors that have attended my pet"
- Ana Cisneros
03/17/2019 01:30:42
"We love Dr Jamie Ina. She shows such interest in our dog and is so knowledgeable. "
- Louise Rush
03/16/2019 03:14:47
"wonderful service, thank you."
- Anne Haskel
03/15/2019 23:38:29
"I have been a client for decades. That says it all."
- Megan Lehmer
03/14/2019 00:52:27
"I have been bringing my animals to your hospital for 25 years...keep up the great work!"
- Jennifer Priest
03/13/2019 16:30:08
"Feel so lucky we are apart of the Arguello family!"
- Lisa Hockin
03/09/2019 20:02:03
"Our cats have received excellent care from Arguello Pet Hospital for 14 years. I can’t give any higher praise and thanks to the veterinarians and friendly staff who care for our kitties. They are so well-organized in getting pets checked in and seen by the doctors. It’s a very happy place as well. "
- Nancy Dixon
03/09/2019 03:01:27
"Very pleased!"
- Pamela Morandi
03/08/2019 22:48:40
"We are very pleased with the service."
- Philip Colgan
03/08/2019 19:33:41
"You are absolutely the best"
- Carole Lewis
03/07/2019 17:02:09
"We hope Sophie's next doctor is half as good as Dr Weiss was."
- Ken Moore
03/06/2019 17:19:06
"Dr. Ina provides outstanding care to our pets. We have a dog with oral melanoma and her great surgery skills and conscientious medical guidance helped us make a difficult decision not to further operate. In addition, her willingness to use e-mail has helped immensely as well. We love her!!"
- Robin Davis
03/05/2019 19:53:40
"We love the good care you take of Colt "
- Dana Emery
03/05/2019 05:29:36
"Dr. Reeves' recommendation of a broader-spectrum worming medication than the one we have tried previously was much appreciated. We also greatly appreciate the option to bring in our cat in order to have the tablets administered effectively. And the technicians who demonstrated the procedure and explained the products available to help us do so at home were very kind, patient and helpful. They also checked Oscar Wildcat's current weight and verified that his ID chip is still in place and functional. "
- Michael Markwell
03/04/2019 18:27:46
"Staff is fantastic! Always up, very friendly and wanting to help. Dr Ina is very warm and funny and I trust her with my baby’s care, no questions asked. Extremely professional. I always recommend Arguello for its level of care both medically and socially."
- Carole Bonina
03/01/2019 21:51:16
"We feel very fortunate to have Dr Jamie Ina continuing the fine tradition of care ,compassion and professionalism we've grown to expect from Arguello Pet Hospital thru the years. "
- John(Jt) Smith
03/01/2019 17:25:49
"Have been going here many years & so grateful Arguello Pet Hospital is where I can take my dogs. Excellent, professional & caring staff. Dr Ina is very special person & one of the angels here on earth!!! "
- Anne Wright
03/01/2019 05:53:44
"I really appreciated Dr. Ina keeping us apprised during Lexie's procedure, the post-op photo, and the follow-up call the next day."
- Nancy Wiltsek
02/28/2019 20:22:16
"Dr Boneto is great - I trust him with Owen’s care."
- Barry Tereshkow
02/28/2019 15:36:42
"Elisa was fantastic helping me with the death of our cat Rily. Shiloh's vet was great during his check up."
- Hilary Berman
02/28/2019 03:11:44
"Keep up the good work"
- Mellisa Pon
02/28/2019 01:44:30
"Love the special / individual attention you provide for Kekoa. Very appreciative that you make us feel welcome and well taken care of. Thank you!"
- Michael Pacheco
02/26/2019 22:40:26
"Dr Inna is a first class vet and person we have complete faith in her abilities. Our dog Kirby is our boy we love him so much and want the absolute best care. "
- Carolyn Lis
02/26/2019 22:35:18
"I am always very satisfied with my visits , which are sadly too frequent because I have a dog with a heart condition ."
- Karin Wallace
02/25/2019 15:59:50
"Thanks for being our source for Vet services and care. You are all wonderful and always very helpful."
- Tom Ratcliff
02/25/2019 05:11:47
"Over time I have established good relationships with the doctors and staff so that even emergencies are handled so well!"
- Amanda Hamilton
02/24/2019 20:54:31
"The staff at Arguello are always friendly and helpful. They're always aware of anything they need to keep an eye on when it comes to my dog and are very attentive to the care that he needs."
- Samantha Gagliardi
02/22/2019 18:29:23
"Dr. Reeves is an excellent vet. She is compassionate towards my cat and also to me. She is very kind and knowledgeable."
- Ali Balfantz
02/21/2019 15:50:03
"Dr. Ina & staff are heads above the best in the City!! Many thanks for your dedication to our pets!!"
- Frances Bowes
02/15/2019 16:09:13
"Rico is my second dog that i've entrusted to the care of Arguello Pet Hospital. Your front desk and Dr. Jamie Ina are fantastic. Rico is a challenging dog with issues and Dr. Jamie is so patient and kind with him - and me."
- Anne Altman
02/13/2019 21:27:13
"We’ll miss Mara! "
- Hilary Heuer
02/13/2019 20:24:08
"I'm really going to miss Dr. Weiss!"
- Jennifer Marks
02/10/2019 06:15:58
"The best!"
- Kerry Lundy
02/03/2019 17:18:22
"Dr. Weiss has provided us with such excellent care over the years. We will miss her! Everyone on staff at APH is great, though, we look forward to meeting our new doctor at our next checkup."
- Danny Baker
01/26/2019 08:21:43
"Tommy our dog, loves doctor Jamie ... She is just wonderful with all her animal clients& also the human ones too"
- Caroline Wong
01/25/2019 18:10:59
"We love Dr Reeves. She is so knowledgeable, kind, and great with our cat."
- Sarah Leyde
01/25/2019 07:53:25