"Thanks for taking great care of Frank even during shelter-in-place!"
- Ashley Blackwell-Guerra
03/28/2020 16:13:30
"You guys are amazing. Always willing to fit our dog in for an appointment. Super kind and helpful staff. Thank you!"
- Matthew Sheridan
03/27/2020 22:29:55
"Great work with pets and their families!"
- Karen Toran
03/25/2020 19:06:21
"We didn't have an actual vet visit recently, but I did stop by to pick up food. Plus, I have talked to folks over the phone because I was worried about one of my cats. I have really, really appreciated that Arguello Pet Hospital has been open and available during this time. Just knowing that we can get help, if we need it has made one part of sheltering in place easier. I also appreciate those who are still working in times of social distancing. "
- Elizabeth Faris
03/25/2020 18:59:06
"I am happy with Arguello Pet Hospital. You have been taking care of my cats since 1986."
- Patricia Golumb
03/24/2020 07:26:30
"Thank you Jaime! You're the best! Thank you for taking great care of Kekoa!!!!"
- Michael Pacheco
03/20/2020 20:54:49
"Arguello Provides excellent care. "
- Lisa Martin
03/19/2020 20:54:36
- Leslie Jer
03/19/2020 18:51:53
"I tried online prescription with other retailer. They messed up and Arguello Pet Hospital went to bat for me by contacting the retailer. In the end, the retailer unexpectedly canceled my order. Your customer service was so stellar, I returned to purchasing pet meds with you. Thank you for your help in these trying COVID-19 times. You lifted my spirits. "
- Margaret Repath
03/19/2020 18:04:14
"Very polite qualified staff, courteous, patient, efficient. Clean, no doggie odor. Very satisfied with treatment of my precious little dog. "
- Candice Maruyama
03/17/2020 22:57:27
"Everyone is always so friendly and professional and patient. My Sofia is not a fan of our visits but you are all very kind to her."
- Sharon Crespi
03/16/2020 22:35:09
"I've always had very positive experiences with all of the staff and doctors at Arguello Pet Hospital. I have no idea how your prices compare to other places, but I do mention you all whenever a friend is looking for a vet."
- Catherine Grove
03/16/2020 18:32:37
"The doctor we saw was just terrific. A very pleasant and down to earth fellow who has a great sense of humor, besides being very good at what he does."
- Robert Grant
03/13/2020 09:23:09
"Always calm and caring! Thank you"
- Sherry Sandel
03/13/2020 00:54:46
"You’re the best"
- Carole Lewis
03/10/2020 05:16:07
"Excellent, as always. :)"
- Sue St. Blaine
03/10/2020 01:39:17
"This is my vet, and has been for 25 years. Jamie Ina is an amazing vet and an amazing human being. The whole staff is wonderful. They have knowledge and compassion."
- Deborah Grabien
03/10/2020 01:12:08
"Always good. Very professional and comforting. "
- Tim Weeg
03/09/2020 23:44:58
"My little Sophie has the best doctor ever!"
- Ken Moore
03/09/2020 22:36:19
"Love is too mild a word for how we feel about Arguello. You are fabulous. Dodgie pulls us to the office instead of whimpering. Everyone is so welcoming. We never wait long and Dodge comes out smiling. We searched for 5 1/2 years to get a vet we respect. This is even better. "
- Robert Sorensen
03/02/2020 02:26:49
"We love you! Thank you! A big wag and woof from Lulie!"
- Lisa Hockin
03/01/2020 23:45:44
"As always, the doctors and especially the staff were incredibly helpful and efficient. "
- Sean Sullivan
02/28/2020 22:23:50
"Your staff is sooo wonderful. I’m a first-time dog owner (with a senior hospice dog), and everyone has been so gracious. Response times are super fast, too. You guys are the best."
- Dahlia Ramirez
02/28/2020 21:25:19
"We are extremely glad that Mr. Rodney Fong who has introduced us to seeing Dr. Ina. Rodney is also the person who introduced us to the breeder where we got Sunny and now, Tiger. This has been a blessing. Thank you. Tom, Jenny and Tiger :-) "
- Jenny Chang
02/28/2020 20:41:31
"I have been taking my dogs here for nearly 20 years. I don’t want to go anywhere else."
- Deborah Davis
02/26/2020 15:41:19
"Great service very impressed with prompt replies and appreciate candidness from our vet in what's needed vs trying to upsell. Thanks APH"
- Jinjoo Kim
02/19/2020 21:08:34
"The office staff have been of great help to me in determining care for my pet. When needed, they talked to my veterinarian to get accurate information. Furthermore, they allowed me to bypass the cost and time of an office visit when it was not necessary--thank you!"
- Jean Werner
02/12/2020 18:53:09
"Love Arguello!"
- Crystal Higgins
01/29/2020 20:55:45
"I personally LOVE MY VET for my kitties : the one is see sees my girl kitty . She is fantastic, understanding and listens to me and my concerns for my fur baby ... staff in beverage is very nice and helpful. I do find it hard to see my vet sometimes , due to scheduling- but I prefer to see her . She’s a fabulous veterinarian. I love this place and trust my cat / cats in there care. Em lorin "
- Emily Ryan
01/27/2020 02:44:48
"We love Arguello Pet Hospital! The staff is friendly and caring, making sure that all of our questions are answered and looking out for the well being of our pet. "
- Jessica Lapan
01/25/2020 20:22:36
"As always, the staff and vets are a ten out of ten. Thank you to all of you who provide wonderful service and care to my dog."
- Caroline Moody
01/23/2020 20:29:34
"We really love bringing Kirby to Arguello Everyone that works here is so supportive. Dr Inna is the best"
- Carolyn Lis
01/21/2020 21:32:49
"we love arguello pet. thank you!!😽"
- Meli Burgueno
01/20/2020 01:50:32
"Very efficient and caring staff."
- Bill Barnaby
01/17/2020 20:41:58
"I am SO happy with Dr Bonetto!!! He is absolutely the best!!"
- Carol Yee
01/16/2020 19:51:01
"Professional service & Highly recommend, 101+"
- Camelia Lau
01/16/2020 02:14:22
"Simply, EXCELLENCE in every way. Been going there for many years. HIGHLY recommended. Professional, courteous & friendly staff as well as dedicated doctors."
- Anne Wright
01/15/2020 20:18:37
"Dr Ina is wonderful."
- Elliott Brown
01/15/2020 19:33:10
"Dr Benetto is the best!"
- Leslie Harrison
01/15/2020 17:14:04
"Staff are always friendly and helpful. Thank you."
- Nadine Quan
01/11/2020 18:03:17
"I enjoy the consistency of having had Truffle with Arguello from the beginning. Everything about Truffle is in your computer, and consequently, we stay on schedule for her healthcare. Thanks!"
- Eileen Ambre
01/10/2020 20:06:20
"Excellent service "
- LaRue Perkins
01/10/2020 17:29:00
"I think you guys do a great job and give as much time with each client/owner and pet as possible being in a city and on a busy street. Along with great care, I completely trust you guy's with my fur babies!"
- Devin Romero
01/07/2020 22:54:59
"Dr. Reeves is great! She is direct, informative, and friendly. I especially like that she tells you what your options are, what the risks are, how serious it is, and what her opinion is without feeling like she's pushing you towards a decision. We had difficult time finding Wolfe a new vet after moving to the peninsula a couple years ago (I’ve tried 3 ) so we’ve decided that we’ll just bring him to sage urgent care if needed and make the trek up to the city a couple of times a year for Wolfe’s checkups."
- Jean Miaw
01/07/2020 00:36:15
"We had a great first visit, everyone seemed knowledgeable and helpful. Kari, Rich and Bella "
- Kari Connolly
01/06/2020 20:46:21
"Dr. Ina was very helpful in prescribing how to assess why my dog is all of a sudden relieving herself indoors despite being potty trained. Appreciated her conducting the test to rule out UTI in the most cost efficient way but also recommending a bunch of alternative ideas to try if it’s behavioral, which turns out it is. Thank you!"
- Sarah Nelson
01/04/2020 02:58:35
"I will check out your online store the next time I need to order flea medicine. Thanks."
- Rebecca Ward
01/03/2020 21:39:42
"As always, Dr. Jamie Ina took wonderful care of our cat, Chelsea- excellent examination and informed us of some minor problems. A vet assistant applied her Soft Paws easily and quickly."
- Alan Ferrara
01/03/2020 20:24:06
"My cat alwys seems happy and relaxed when i get her back from you guys. "
- Julian Keippel
01/03/2020 19:49:36
"As always, we appreciate the care you've provided to our furkids! And we are so grateful!"
- Cristal Wallin
01/03/2020 19:32:46
"Thank you for the great work you do!"
- Karen Toran
12/23/2019 21:20:14
"Caring, trust, and knowledge is important to pet and pet parent(s). Thank you for the excellence service. "
- Nancy Jew
12/22/2019 04:30:59
"We have been coming for many years, w/ 3 dogs, always have good service at Arguello Thank you"
- Kathy Turnquist
12/20/2019 20:35:58
"We are so grateful for everyone at Arguello!!"
- Angie Hagler
12/20/2019 18:12:08
"My 18 years old Shiba girl has been seeing Dr Inas since puppy. Though we had moved to Silicon Valley, yet we take her to Arguello Pet Hospital because of trust and comfort. "
- Rie Nishimura
12/20/2019 16:16:03
"We are so fortunate to have Jaime Ina take care of Goldie! Best vet ever !!!!!! Well her Dad was great too ! Thank you !"
- Lynda McFarlin
12/19/2019 22:43:45
"Loved getting texted a picture of my dog while he was in recovery after his dental surgery. Also appreciated the follow-up call the next day. "
- Danielle Bolling
12/19/2019 19:09:03
"We have a dog who is fearful of going to the vet due to previous trauma in his life. His visit was only for anal glad expression and nail trim, but the techs at Arguello always do such a great job. They really ease our pups anxiety along with ours, and we are very grateful. Keep up the wonderful, compassionate, animal, people focused service. Thank you"
- Joan Casey
12/18/2019 16:51:09
"I find that the service at Arguello Pet Hospital is exemplary. We have been taking our pets to Arguello Pet Hospital for at least twenty years, I would never consider changing to another Pet Hospital. "
- Louis & Carol Felthouse
12/17/2019 01:43:31
"Great service and definitely will come back!"
- J.T. Tabenki
12/16/2019 19:19:55
"As a first time dog owner, I can't tell you how great everyone has been. Thanks so much for answering our questions as new puppy parents and being patient as we learn the ropes. We are thankful to have found you!"
- Molly Weedn
12/12/2019 17:37:12
"Dr. Wolf was able to see us early, gave our cat excellent care, discussed pros & cons of 2 possible medications & let me choose between the. Also offered a helpful suggestion for additional care at home."
- Michael Markwell
12/10/2019 00:17:19
"Dr reeves and the entire staff are the best!!!"
- Karen Siwinski
12/05/2019 15:50:41
"We have been clients for about 25 years. Our dogs always like visiting you. We obviously are very satisfied."
- Howard Berman
12/04/2019 22:47:49
"Excellent care by Dr Ina. and staff. I appreciate the explanation for the diagnosis and plan of care."
- Kathy Babich
12/04/2019 21:53:01
"I always trust Dr. Ina and the staff of the hospital."
- Sam Konno
12/02/2019 08:50:23
"Clear, Concise language; honest heads-up expectations."
- Geol Weirs
12/01/2019 19:44:16
"Appreciated Dr. Bonetto! He's very kind and patient. Appreciate a more conservative approach to treatment. Thank you!"
- Patricia Martell
11/25/2019 22:03:44
"I've been bringing my cats here for at least a decade. I love the staff and the care my cats get here. Thank you!"
- Deborah Grabien
11/24/2019 19:04:57
"Arguello is the best. I know my dogs are in good hands. I am grateful Arguello took Rebel in on a drop in basis. He is on the mend now and I appreciate it."
- Tracy West
11/20/2019 18:59:49
"We love Arguello Pet Hospital. Thank you for always helping us when our Peanut is in need. "
- Erin Davies
11/20/2019 03:19:30
"I am really happy to have found Arguello Pet Hospital. The societies and staff give great care. Everyone really cares about your pet’s well being. "
- Linda Jay
11/18/2019 01:03:54
" We have been so blessed with all three of our pets being cared for at Arguello pet Hospital for the past 16 years. Thank you all!"
- Claudia Roehl
11/15/2019 22:06:47
"We LOVE ❤️ Arguello!!! The best. Everything about the visit was fantastic. We even found parking. "
- Robert Sorensen
11/15/2019 21:27:49
"Everyone is always great - the people on the phone/front desk, the techs, and the doctors. They are always friendly and willing to help. Love this place (even Brutus does if he’s not having his ears cleaned!)."
- Meghan Candido
11/14/2019 19:30:47
"We brought our cat in and were happy that we were called from the waiting room immediately (there were multiple dogs also waiting) and that our vet was in the room within a minute or two. We met with Dr. Hathaidharm and she was super patient, knowledgeable, and answered all of our questions :) Thank you!!"
- Lina Anderson
11/10/2019 19:03:29
"Excellent care"
- Patricia Jones
11/10/2019 17:41:43
"Arguello Pet Hospital has been - throughout the years- The BEST friendly knowledgeable place for my pets and they have helped me tremendously through problems and more Daniela Faggioli"
- Daniela Faggioli
11/08/2019 16:01:07
"The veterinarian that I saw, Jamie Ina, was very professional. She clearly explained what was going on with my dog and thoroughly explained the blood test results. Then she gave me options as to how to proceed. Furthermore, she did some less expensive procedures that, while not as exact as the expensive tests (which I could have requested), they gave me an idea of how I wanted to address the problem with my dog. She was very calm and did not rush the visit. I left feeling very comfortable; I had arrived very anxious and worried. "
- Jean Werner
11/06/2019 18:01:39
"Thanks for mailing Owen’s Revolution - saves a trip to SF and I can still support Argello!!!"
- Barry Tereshkow
11/05/2019 20:38:23
"Arguello Pet Hospital provides a level of care that gives us confidence and reassurance that our pet is in very good hands. We always recommend Arguello Pet Hospital to anyone who asks where we take our dog for veterinary care."
- Kathy Woo
11/04/2019 19:13:25
"All of my pets have had excellent care at Arguello Pet Hospital. Over the last three years, two of my three kitties (Mr. Fluffy and Milo) who lived to advanced ages passed. I want to thank all of the doctors and staff who have aided me and my pets during those difficult times with care, patience and great kindness. I'm most grateful, Susan Bates "
- Susan Bates
11/03/2019 19:04:16
"Dr Ina is wonderful! She takes her time, and answers every question."
- Midge Wilson
10/31/2019 21:43:34
"Your vets and staff are very personable, as well as professional. "
- D.J. Ervin
10/31/2019 21:36:33
"I am thrilled to have Arguello dealing with all of my dogs (HOBBES) needs !!"
- Saul Gevertz
10/30/2019 21:34:31
"The doctor I saw was incredibly kind and helpful. My cat, Dusty, is quite feisty and he did the best he could with her. "
- Robin Knight
10/28/2019 20:21:19
"Everyone is amazing! I wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else! I moved to San Mateo but still bring my little man to you guys. Dr. Bonetto was absolutely outstanding when we sadly had to put our dog Harley down. My mother kept second guessing herself but he calmly reassured her that she was making the right decision (for which we all agreed). He carefully explained the procedure, asked if we had any questions and patiently waited as we all got a few more hugs and kisses in. It was a hateful day but Justin made it as easy as possible for us. I cannot thank you for all you did for Harley and what you continue to do for my “forever a puppy” Doug! Best, Laura "
- Laura Handlery
10/25/2019 03:44:48
"Love APH!!!"
- Erin Gordon
10/24/2019 15:35:12
"We moved out of SF and still use Arguello for our pet’s check ups and needs! They are awesome!!!"
- Amy Caffese
10/24/2019 14:46:26
"Good service !😀"
- Wuiston Jo Chang
10/20/2019 20:17:51
"The most professional, caring and knowledgeable staff available."
- Elmo Shropshire
10/20/2019 05:32:49
"Dr Ina and her staff are outstanding."
- Ann Ban
10/19/2019 04:17:40
"Keep up the good work!"
- Dora Lee
10/18/2019 19:40:15
"Beau, Poppy and now Mischaand Lewis get exceptional care at Arguello. The front desk, vet techs, vets...are superb. We are very thankful for the love and care everyone shows our four legged family members. Thanks, Janet & Dick Frisbie"
- Richard Frisbie
10/11/2019 02:29:10
"I liked Dr. Wolfe very much. She was very thorough and helpful. I especially liked that she did the weighing and injections in the exam room and didn't remove Sloopy do I could be there while she was bring treated."
- Charlene Anderson
10/10/2019 20:27:13
"I am pleased with the help/service I receive at Arguello. I have been coming here since mid 1980s."
- Patricia Golumb
10/10/2019 19:34:05
"Having been going to Arguello Pet Hospital many years. Professional, friendly & compassionate staff. Feel blessed to know Dr Ina. She explains things throughly & is Very special & gifted doctor."
- Anne Wright
10/09/2019 17:45:49
"Love you, Dr. Ina!!! Thank you so much for your dedicated care all these years!!"
- Nancy Robbins
10/03/2019 21:41:27
"Dr. Nishimura really shows that she cares about the animals in her care. It is really hard to have your pet stay in the hospital, not knowing if he is getting the love and attention that he needs during a traumatic time. After my initial visit about an issue and then having to run to the emergency care at 3 AM, I wasn't so sure that she had evaluated him correctly. However no one is able to 100% predict what will happen in these situations. I am extremely happy with the amount of care she has provided to my pet with regular phone call checkins with me on his status and her cuddle sessions with my pet. I am confident that my pet is getting the best care available. Thank you to everyone for helping me and my pet!"
- Andrew Webb
10/02/2019 18:54:32
"You did not have an appointment for six days. However, you found a cancelation and got me in right away! I so appreciate the level of care Hoku receives. Thank you."
- Wendy Walker
09/29/2019 01:41:51