"Wonderful care for Rosie. Thank you 😊 "
- Kathy Babich
09/16/2020 23:30:11
"Very friendly staff, clean space, great service "
- Francesca Deleon
09/16/2020 21:12:50
"Dr. Nishimura was extremely patient, gentle and kind with our Lilly. We continue to trust Arguello with the care of our beloved fur-kids.."
- Sarah Blackburn
09/14/2020 00:56:22
"Argue lol pet Hospital has been where I know my Beloved pets will be treated as I would do"
- Daniela Faggioli
09/11/2020 14:29:55
"Very pleased with all staff and happy to be a new client!!"
- Erin Bostock
09/10/2020 21:20:01
"We love Arguello. We looked for a decent vet for several years. Glad we found you. "
- Robert Sorensen
09/09/2020 22:43:28
"We love Dr Reeves, Rihanna, Lisa and all the other people at APH!!! You have very friendly and kind people working there and that’s a plus!!!"
- Lois Miyashiro
09/05/2020 20:23:49
"Everyone is so nice & helpful even during these trying times. Just like during normal times. "
- Zane Matsuzaki
09/04/2020 20:52:23
"Thanks so much for taking such good care of Watson!"
- Teresa Oda
09/04/2020 18:41:58
"Everyone at Arguello Pet Hospital is great, from the front desk staff, the techs, and especially Dr. Ina. :) I really appreciate being able to pop in there from time to time to get a quick question answered or a paw checked out. The best neighbors ever!"
- Elizabeth (Lily) Fighera
09/03/2020 20:44:44
"Dr. Wolfe was very good."
- Duane Coviello
08/30/2020 05:32:38
"I recommend Arguello to everyone looking for a vet. The staff here is the best!"
- Caroline Moody
08/28/2020 01:23:43
"Great experience, thank you!!! "
- Tiffany Getten
08/27/2020 04:16:49
"I've never had a vet at Arguello that I and my dogs haven't liked very much. thank you!"
- Joy Jamgochian
08/26/2020 16:38:24
"You guys run a top-notch office. Dr. Reeves is so great and I felt so comfortable with all of you. Keep up the great work!"
- Carrie Scott
08/26/2020 16:17:51
"Appreciate that the less costly, most probable and reasonable treatments are tried first before going on to more expensive diagnostics. "
- Elaine Idiart
08/26/2020 05:08:53
"Our pet is in such good hands at APH. We can’t thank you enough for the excellent care. "
- Craig Edelblut
08/25/2020 15:22:12
"A very professional caring clinic with excellent staff and veterinarians"
- Sandra Hsieh
08/22/2020 18:29:30
"So happy with everyone here. I know my dog will be well cared for."
- Denise Melanson-F.
08/22/2020 05:45:20
"Was thankful how quickly they were able to schedule my appointment. Was able to do a wellness check, purchase flea medication and remove cysts on paws at one time. Efficient and excellent customer service. "
- Gail Onishi-Mametsuka
08/21/2020 00:51:20
"Dr. Ina has a so warm and easy to talk to with my questions. Great covid practices, including wrapping my pet in a towel so less actual contact with him when weighing and testing. Also approve of the partitions at the desk to keep me safe and the extra space in the room during the checkup. Thanks, Arguello!"
- Elaine Yang
08/16/2020 16:07:28
"Fiona and I love Dr. Reeves!"
- Patricia Gallagher
08/13/2020 19:34:17
"My Vet was deeply knowledgeable and articulate. She took the time to discuss and explain my cat’s condition and treatment options, and she was very kind and warm."
- Brooke Anderson
08/09/2020 16:53:14
"I had been very worried about the health of my dogs. I left the visit feeling relieved that they are healthy girls and the problems presented are manageable. Dr. Ina was superb in the relaxed time she took, allowing my questions to be answered and alleviating many of my fears with her knowledge of animal behavior. The parking situation is terrible, as you probably are aware. I appreciate the convenience of ordering medications from Vet Source. Thank you to the whole Staff!"
- Diane Scott
08/09/2020 16:13:23
"Staff and Drs are the best! Thank you so much for everything you do for us!"
- Bob Obana
08/08/2020 20:41:46
"Arguello has been our reliable treasured service for 30+ years. Essential to our lifestyle."
- Jeffry Abrahamson
08/05/2020 19:24:29
"Great, safe system in place during this time. Everyone was extremely efficient."
- Sarah Griffith
08/04/2020 19:33:45
"I am very pleased with the care my dog receives - have always been. It is epensive, but then living in San Francisco is epensive, so I pay what is needed. I don't feel overcharged for the services rendered. "
- Diana Wild
08/03/2020 00:54:27
"You guys are awesome "
- Laurel Haslam
07/31/2020 16:43:01
"We love DR JAMIE & her staff"
- Caroline Wong
07/28/2020 18:21:36
"Thank you for the best care and always making time for Kirby. He is a frequent guest of the hospital and we are always treated with respect. "
- Carolyn Lis
07/27/2020 23:03:22
"I have been going to Arguello Pet Hospital for over 25 years. Dr. Mike Ina founded the hospital and also helped find one of the first pet emergency hospitals in San Francisco. Dr. Jamie Ina, Dr.Mike Ina's daughter, is in charge now and the care is tops in quality and compassionate care for my pets. Arguello is a San Francisco Landmark where animals can receive the best of care. I am so glad it is here."
- Nancy Maclean
07/26/2020 21:24:06
"Thank you so much to Dr. Ina and all the staff for your continued excellence and care!"
- Jennifer Hawkins
07/25/2020 23:44:06
"Dr. Jamie Ina is the best as was her father before her!"
- Fred Finkelstein
07/25/2020 23:09:12
"Don’t have any. Hang in there during all the insanity"
- Sandy Glover
07/23/2020 18:26:36
"Dr. Reeves saw Olive in Dr. Ina's absence and was excellent! Thank you!"
- Marilyn Kutzscher
07/19/2020 22:04:55
"All the doctors are kind and helpful. I am glad that Beau has such good support."
- Elizabeth Wells
07/19/2020 17:11:38
"So grateful to have the care of your incredible Team at Arguello Pet Hospital!"
- Frances Devlin
07/17/2020 19:36:29
"I would be delighted to buy Luna's tick/flea meds (Trifexis) through Arguello Pet Hospital if the difference in cost between the hospital and online retailer weren't so very large. "
- June Donenfeld
07/14/2020 19:55:56
"Five woofs to you🐶"
- Alice Arikawa
07/11/2020 19:26:22
"Top notch staff and service. Over 15y of pet ownership - one dog - we have had many vets see Lucy over the years and have had confidence in all of them."
- Marie Hitchcock
07/09/2020 22:59:50
"After 25 years, still appreciate every experience I've had with Arguello."
- Elliott Brown
07/09/2020 22:07:55
"We appreciate the service that we receive. We have been going to Arguello Pet Hospital for several years and hope to stay for several years more! "
- Louis & Carol Felthouse
07/06/2020 18:32:15
"Thank you for taking such great care of Ziggy. "
- Karen Siwinski
07/01/2020 15:31:19
"Arguello Pet Hospital is great from the start of the visit to the end. Uri gets lots of care and love from all the technicians and vets during his visit. They have been very supportive, with questions I have and always helpful. I would highly recommend to anyone who has a pet. "
- Stacey Rackusin
06/30/2020 17:41:17
" I love Arguello Pet hospital "
- Latonya Rogers
06/29/2020 02:22:40
"Winnie and I think you guys are the best. Can’t think of any areas that need improving!I always recommend Arguello!"
- Sherry Sandel
06/27/2020 17:37:26
"Dr Ina is a fantastic vet! I trust her implicitly with our dog. She is very thoughtful in her approach to best solve my dog’s issues-trying to find he best solution to any given situation. Your staff is always very nice over the phone! Thanks for taking such good care of Sally!"
- Rose Gillen
06/27/2020 14:58:32
"Always a great experience! Thank you "
- Brittany Robinson
06/23/2020 18:19:10
"Kudos to Dr Ina"
- Nina Frankel
06/21/2020 18:35:24
"I trust my dogs life with them "
- Denise Corrado
06/21/2020 18:08:35
"Everyone was great, especially given the constraints with COVID."
- Teresa Hoffman
06/20/2020 21:41:44
"I can always rely on you to return my calls and make appointments"
- Carole Lewis
06/17/2020 16:00:49
"Thank you thank you for helping me with last minute travel paperwork! I am so glad I found Arguello Pet Hospital!"
- Kerry Hogin-Walsh
06/16/2020 00:28:18
"I Always have a good experience "
- Catharine Keena
06/14/2020 20:05:57
"You are PERFECT"
- Daniela Faggioli
06/12/2020 21:24:00
"Dr. Vanessa Reeves is the best!!"
- Jenny Kinsel
06/12/2020 00:33:04
"Been bringing my cats here for a quarter of a century. Jamie Ina is the best vet I've ever had, and the staff is wonderful."
- Deborah Grabien
06/11/2020 20:21:39
"We have been a client with Arguello Pet Hospital for over 25 years since Dr Mike Ina was my pets’ primary doctor. Now we are seeing Dr. Jamie Ina. She is really professional and gentle with our dog. She gives good advise for all our concerns. "
- Puishan Wong
06/10/2020 17:41:15
"Rosie always likes to see Dr. Ina—and so do I. "
- Wylie Sheldon
06/06/2020 20:00:43
"The technician who trimmed my dog's nails was extremely pleasant. Thank you very much."
- Reiko Yamada
06/03/2020 18:21:47
"I really appreciate the (always) friendly and helpful staff @ Arguello - it really makes a huge difference!"
- Larry Cable
06/03/2020 17:11:22
"To everyone at Arguello Pet Hosptial, thank you for taking such good care of your community right now. I am so grateful for the excellent service you have given all of my pets, past, and present. On a recent visit the extra steps to keep us all Covit safe were very much appreciated. I count Arguello Pet Hospital as a gift to all right now, animals and humans. "
- Sandra Powers
06/03/2020 03:01:59
"Very friendly and courteous doctors and staff."
- Sam Konno
06/02/2020 21:45:42
"Everyone from the front office, Vet techs and Doctor was awesome! We have been with Arguello Pet Hospital for a while. I trust Arguello and I’d rather support them during this pandemic time. I was confident that Charlie will be in good hands with a lot of TLC. Our Bichon Chloe passed away in February and Dr. Ina sent us a hand written card. It touched our hearts. Thank you! "
- Carol Lacar-Williams
06/01/2020 00:37:54
"The staff and Doctor were very helpful, even in this strange time, we had an appointment, went right in, waited just a few minutes for Dr Bennetto, he examined Lucy and answered all my questions. We got medication at the front desk and were very happy. All the staff wore masks and there was sanitizer available in the lobby. All in all a good experience. thanks Brian Bowen"
- Trudy Bowen
05/30/2020 00:16:35
"Thank you for seeing my cat during the pandemic!!! I really appreciate it!"
- Amber Eby
05/28/2020 23:31:44
" Arguello Pet Hospital continues to provide outstanding care, concern, and expertise for our pets for over 15 years. This recent visit was again outstanding."
- Claudia Roehl
05/28/2020 20:52:20
"I had a different vet than my usual one today and he was fantastic at already briefing himself on my file. Fantastic care"
- Abigail Owens
05/25/2020 06:01:26
"Thank you for all your helpful efforts and non-emergency speedy accommodations for our pet during this difficult time, and also all the very visible guidelines for everyone's safety. Thank you so much, and stay safe!"
- Meli Burgueno
05/24/2020 23:23:10
"We are new clients to Arguello Pet Hospital and have had a mixed bag of experiences at other veterinary hospitals. We received a recommendation from a Dr. Araba Oglesby after we finally made the decision to change vets. Our first experience with Arguello was to have our four dogs examined and have medications updated. The staff and Dr. Reeves were amazing. We brought three in at one time and everyone was very helpful and understanding in our desire to make fewer trips and see the majority of our dogs at one time. One of our dogs needed a dental cleaning and extraction along with a fatty lump removal, so we also experienced how that process went with Arguello. Again, we were very impressed with the staff and with Dr. Reeves. We were kept up to date on progress and the procedures went smoothly. The follow up care has also been excellent. Overall, we are extremely happy with our choice to switch to Arguello Pet Hospital."
- Mark Rovai
05/24/2020 15:03:55
"Arguello is the best!! EVERYONE is wonderful."
- Caroline Moody
05/23/2020 17:55:28
"Great place. Love the staff's and my doctor. "
- Kengi Shim
05/23/2020 15:55:46
"Dr. Reeves ROCKS. Best vet I've had."
- Susan Low
05/22/2020 19:06:29
"Thank you for taking such good care of Yeti!"
- Joel Romero
05/20/2020 18:57:21
"Excellent, caring service as always."
- Alan Ferrara
05/18/2020 15:06:13
"Liked the vet. Did not order tests that were not necessary. Have good, sensible advice about food for cat. Will ask for her next time!"
- Elaine Idiart
05/17/2020 20:14:56
"Dr.Bonetta is great we love coming here and our dog Boru is always calm here during the visit"
- Geoffrey Blackburn
05/17/2020 15:26:44
"I think Arguello Pet Hospital is great. The staff and doctors are friendly and provide excellent care. This is the third dog I have taken to Arguello Pet Hospital for care. "
- Susan Garbuio
05/16/2020 23:12:54
"Thank you for providing service during shelter in place. Waiting outside while Jumbo is getting treated works really well. Thanks!"
- Naxin Wang
05/16/2020 20:05:47
"Thank you! Really appreciate Dr. Bonetto and staff! "
- Patricia Martell
05/15/2020 19:28:01
"Doing an excellent job! Thanks, Kari "
- Kari Connolly
05/02/2020 22:20:48
"Izzy and I always love seeing Dr. Jaime. She is a favorite - as was her dad before her. Thanks, Lynette"
- Lynette Porteous
05/01/2020 17:14:50
"Amazingly fast & efficient response (by e-mail, telephone & mail) to my e-mailed request. Thank you all!"
- Michael Markwell
04/30/2020 18:10:08
"Always great with communication and getting back with timely information. "
- Aaron Hopkins
04/30/2020 17:04:50
"we love dr ina....she is so good & sokind"
- Caroline Wong
04/26/2020 01:45:16
"Thank you so much Dr. Reeves and everyone else at Arguello Pet Hospital for being open and available during this unprecedented time! Please stay safe and healthy!"
- Kenji Shimodaira
04/24/2020 22:05:59
"I was able to get an appointment quite promptly---even during these hard times---and Arguello took care of my dog's needs without dealy, and very professionally. They even have a reserved customer parking space right in front of their building---such things don't happen much in San Francisco"
- Rick Mariano
04/24/2020 19:22:32
"At this difficult time, the Arguello Pet Hospital staff practiced safe COVID-19 sanitation and social distancing which was a great reassurance to us. We are long time clients who gladly travel a significant distance to get the extraordinary expertise and personal care that their staff provides. We always recommend them to anyone looking for veterinarian services. "
- Glen & Judi Eastman
04/23/2020 21:52:51
"The best vet clinic in all of San Francisco!"
- Thuy Tran
04/23/2020 21:39:20
"Very friendly staff. Also very quick in and out service. "
- Julie Cha
04/23/2020 07:17:02
"Dr. Ina followed up with Pepper's urine analysis. She let us know what we need to look out for. "
- Polly Chew
04/20/2020 07:21:03
"You guys are so easy to work with and took great care of my cat. I found the cost to be very reasonable. "
- Polly Rybicki
04/18/2020 18:37:31
"Always the best!"
- Emily Blanchard
04/16/2020 22:11:21
"Staff is always pleasant and they Are always helpful!"
- Dora Lee
04/16/2020 01:09:30
"Perfect,as always. Thankyou"
- Peter Berry
04/15/2020 15:54:45
"ARGUELLO-the best!"
- Richard Frisbie
04/15/2020 00:11:35
"Thank you"
- Sanjai Moses
04/11/2020 06:24:57
"Arguello Pet gives pets care and compassion at all times "
- Arly Fong
04/10/2020 00:48:32
"Couldn't be happier with the care we receive at Arguello, from the front desk to the veteranarians themselves. Thank you."
- Michael Murray
04/09/2020 23:23:46