"Not much to add. I've been bringing my cats to APH since 1979. In 1988 I moved into my home and actually have a vet's office and clinic just a few blocks away (Ocean Avenue Veterinary Hospital). The fact that I still trek halfway across the City to APH says it all! Thanks for all you do. ** Mike Pavini **"
- Michael Pavini
04/22/2018 23:43:55
"We are very happy with Arguello Pet Hospital! We have great trust in the staff, doctors and service. "
- Bonnie McFarland
04/20/2018 05:23:43
"Great Team! "
- Lawrence Luk
04/20/2018 00:52:09
"Dr. Jamie Ina is always very attentive to all our questions."
- Mary & Lance Wood
04/19/2018 19:00:49
"It is difficult to give a suggestion because Arguello Pet Hospital is like a well oiled machine consisting of EXCELLENCE in all areas. Everyone is professional, warm & caring even when it is extremely busy. It is an Amazing place for ones pets!!!"
- Anne Wright
04/19/2018 18:28:50
"🐕 & I love y'all! Thanks for all the great work everyone does at APH"
- Ronald Rodriguez
04/18/2018 16:54:19
"Arguello is the best - the vets take such excellent care of our animals and the staff is wonderful. We have compelte faith in their work."
- Alan Ferrara
04/13/2018 00:44:26
"Arguello Pet Hospital is the best. Keep up the good work! Yumi is thankful. "
- Justin Choy
04/06/2018 05:53:16
"Doctors were very friendly and informative, they seem to genuinely care about the well being of our pets! "
- Jay Chung
04/05/2018 21:40:12
"I am extremely grateful for this hospital. Jamie Ina is a wonderful vet, she is extremely knowledgeable, offers detailed information and explanations on everything, which helps me understand better what's going on with my pets. I am also very grateful for the extra stuff like the EKG and printout she did for Bumper to show me exactly what his heart condition is. I know we are in the best care and that's why I keep going there even though I moved to the other side of the city with closer vets yeas ago. The vet techs are always very kind as well. It's really obvious that everyone genuinely cares for our animals. I miss Trace and Marie at the front desk! but the new staff is always professional as well. "
- Cat Fougere
04/05/2018 17:08:31
"Pleased with my visit and follow-up call."
- Linda Soltis
04/05/2018 04:04:20
"We have been going to Arguello PH for more than 12 yrs, and we have never felt anything than extremely well taken care of. "
- Lexie Marsh
04/04/2018 16:24:48
"Thank you for taking care of my "special needs" dog, Flash. I was so relieved to know that Rob was able to deal with him without incident and that Dr. Ina took care of his grooming issues while he was knocked out for the dental. "
- Liz Brooking
04/04/2018 15:05:57
"Dr Ina is very caring and compassionate as well as knowledgeable. We trust her judgement and are committed to continuing to come to Arguello Pet Hospital. The staff is also caring."
- Marilyn Harrison
04/04/2018 01:01:22
"I've been coming to Arguello Pet Hospital for almost 40 years! Thank you for your compassion in treating our dogs! I really appreciate your follow-up phone calls from my visits and explaining to me what going on with them."
- Sally Osaki
03/29/2018 17:08:51
"As I have said before, The Arguello staff have taken good care of my pets and also me over the years. Vincent the cat, Abby the dog and now Alma my little girl with heart disease have all received excellent care over the years. The staff fell like family to me and always try to accommodate my requests. "
- Pat Thornton
03/28/2018 17:56:07
"I love the Arguello Pet Hospital so much! Louis Ferrer enjoys going there and loves the people. Special shout out to Dr. Mara Weiss?"
- Gigi Ferrer
03/27/2018 21:01:13
"One comes away from a visit with Dr. Ina feeling that your loved pet is in the best hands possible. "
- Barbara Mormorunni
03/27/2018 18:50:28
"Staff always tries to accommodate my needs."
- Jean Howard
03/26/2018 23:35:39
"I have been going to Arguello for over 20 years with different dogs. They have always been the best! Have tried others, but came back to Arguello where one feels "welcomed"! Thank you Arguello!"
- Tony La Torre
03/26/2018 14:15:31
"Tommy Riddle just loves Jamie and i feel we get the best medical care from Arguello Hospital!"
- Caroline Wong
03/25/2018 15:50:52
"I really appreciate you taking Charlotte in at a moment's notice when I know you had no available apts. I believe Dr. Inna stayed late to see us - and we really really appreciated it!"
- Julie Feldstein
03/07/2018 17:14:16
"Thanks for keeping my fur kids healthy. "
- Tracy West
03/07/2018 03:39:05
"Always excellent service. Have referred two people to the hospital over time."
- Patricia Jones
03/05/2018 07:11:56
"Dr. Reeves is wonderful. she is the main reason we returned to Arguello when I got a new dog."
- Laura Marshall
03/04/2018 16:43:18
"Always wonderful service! From the front desk to the vet, we are always super pleased! "
- Camille Marks
03/01/2018 18:04:48
"Dr. Benito (?) is amazing- he was extremely patient and thorough in answering my questions. I am a very nervous pet mom and everyone at Arguello has been very understanding. Thank you all! Sarah"
- Andy Zembo
03/01/2018 17:51:00
"Have been unable to get appt with Jaimie Ina . ( Always booked for weeks) Have been seeing Dr Wolf and she is wonderful . Will be seeing her in the future for my dogs. Hope she doesn’t get too booked up - lol"
- Christine Denevi
03/01/2018 16:54:51
"A+ I cannot think of how Arguello Pet Hospital could improve. They are all-around excellent!"
- Nancy Dixon
03/01/2018 16:35:43
"Exceptionally good job by the groomer--she was very well brushed out."
- Hal Feuchter
03/01/2018 15:26:00
"I called in the morning when you opened needing to see someone about my cats eye that looked infected. The person that helped me was very friendly and was able to get me an appointment that same morning. Thank u!!!!"
- Kysa Bruerton
03/01/2018 06:19:03
"Arguello is the BEST in every way! Exceptional medical care combined with thoughtful patient and "owner" TLC too. I've been coming for 20 years and have never been disappointed. Clearly a vigorous and healthy pet is their goal and mine as well. "
- Christine Murray
02/28/2018 19:49:31
"I have been bringing my dog Lilly to Arguello Pet Hospital for over 10 years now --- she is 15 years old and still going strong, thanks to great veterinary care from Dr. Vanessa Reeves and the staff there. They are always so friendly and efficient and Lilly likes them a lot. I cannot recommend them highly enough!! Thank you for your excellent care of my baby all these years!! Calla Winkler"
- Calla Winkler
02/28/2018 18:32:51
"I called late in the day about my dog getting a foot injury from something on the side walk while out for a walk. The staff fit my dog in right away, had great compassion, and empathy. When we arrived my dog was seen within 2 minutes. Everyone was so supportive and attentive to our dog-from the front desk staff and the tech. I am pleased to report all is well with our dog. We are thankful to have this amazing place and this staff at Arguello Pet Hospital. Thanks you everyone!"
- Mary Fryer
02/23/2018 21:54:29
"Staff the greatest!"
- Diana Monterola
02/23/2018 19:56:14
"I brought my dog in for a nail trim (it had been a while since this has been done as she can be quite difficult about having her paws handled) and one of her nails had been snipped too much and she ended up bleeding. When I brought her back to get some help cleaning it up, the vet tech that clipped her nails came right out and apologized, took full responsibility and cleaned her up and applied some yellow chalk stuff. While I wasn’t exactly thrilled that she was bleeding, I appreciated that the vet tech came out and was so responsible for such a minor thing. The woman at the counter was also very prompt and helpful. Despite the minor issue, I was pleased that the staff was so diligent and responsible. "
- Elizabeth Rose Lou
02/22/2018 02:52:09
"Love Dr Ina and all your Staff!"
- Jo Labagh
02/22/2018 01:58:14
"Great staff and very knowledgeable doctors. We almost always feel like our pup is in good hands when we're there. Thanks!"
- Marilyn Reginato
02/21/2018 21:17:02
"I love and trust you guys to look after my precious dog!"
- Beth Flynn
02/20/2018 01:48:52
"Our kitty really hates visiting Arguello and is always completely terrified. But Dr. Ina and every single staff member treats him with so much loving kindness and compassion that it makes his ordeal bearable."
- Gabby Hall
02/19/2018 19:45:45
"We appreciated Dr. Bonetto’s phone calls during the procedure and the text post procedure to keep us posted the the progress of our cat. It was also thoughtful that Arguello followed up with a call the following day. Thank you!"
- Hannah Robinson
02/16/2018 21:14:42
"the woman at the front desk yesterday (2/14 around 2:00) was a delight. customer service these days is severely lacking... and she was just a treat. thanks again... lauren"
- Lauren Pekkala
02/16/2018 00:26:21
"Dr. Hathaidharm is the best!"
- Margie Lao-Williams
02/12/2018 18:19:27
"Found everyone to be professional and kind."
- Karen Toran
02/08/2018 23:58:38
"My dog loves you"
- Howard Berman
02/08/2018 18:56:11
"You all ROCK! My wife and I could not be happier with APH. Please keep up the great work. Cheers!"
- Shawn Calhoun
02/07/2018 22:36:08
"Thank you for being responsive to our needs and answering questions in a simple, but thorough manner. Deanna Gumina"
- Deanna Gumina
01/31/2018 23:12:30
"My Cat Erica was close to death. I have seen the "Best" Vets inlc. Uc Davis and none of Them were able to help Her. Then I thought I will make one more Apt. and I choose Arguello Pet Hospital and I seen Dr. HATHAIDHARM She Diagnosed Erica gave Her Medication which in 1 Week stopped the endless very severe straining. and then treated Her with other Medication, Erica Today is doing extremely well and is enjoying a painless happy Life"
- Doris Ulrich
01/31/2018 08:59:16
- Patricia Pusateri
01/31/2018 04:59:35
" Great, friendly staff who genuinely care about the animals."
- Bill Barnaby
01/31/2018 04:58:17
"The doctors and the staff are so welcoming and professional."
- Carole Bonina
01/26/2018 20:42:41
"Love this place and Jamie"
- Craig Fenton
01/26/2018 19:09:05
"Excellent all around. Thank you so much for all you do!"
- Julie Sarpy
01/26/2018 18:46:28
"I am very pleased with the support and treatment I get at Arguello. They do an excellent job!"
- Diana Wild
01/26/2018 06:02:02
"I love you people!"
- Gerald Knezevich
01/24/2018 17:26:52
"Dr. Hathaidharm is fantastic. I would not trust my pet to anyone else. "
- Leah Croft
01/24/2018 00:43:01
"Love you guys. I'm very lucky to have you as my neighborhood vet! Thanks for always taking such good care of my kitty!"
- Crystal Dent
01/21/2018 21:48:00
"Dr. Hathaidharm. is the most caring vet we have ever had. She gets back to us quickly and always addresses our concerns. She is the BEST!!!"
- Molly O'Shea
01/21/2018 19:39:52
"Dr. Reeves does a great job taking care of my dogs!"
- Lara Witter
01/21/2018 04:55:57
"Dr. H is so thorough with her care. She’s a great listener and gives my guy Kosmo so much love & attention. "
- Tina Perrino
01/20/2018 21:34:46
"Dr. Jamie Ina has carried on Dr. Michael Ina's tradition of providing the ultimate in veterinary medical care and compassionate customer care (for owners). The entire staff is dedicated. professional and courteous. Despite the distance we need to travel, we will not trust our dogs' care to any other veterinary hospital--with the exception of VCA SF Veterinary Specialists for emergencies who effectively coordinates with Arguello. "
- Glen & Judi Eastman
01/19/2018 01:54:34
"I love Arguello❤️"
- Latonya Rogers
01/18/2018 00:35:01
"I was very pleased with the way Dt.B. answered my concerns. "
- Joan Schweizer
01/16/2018 19:12:05
"You've been my vets for years. I love your staff and I just adore Dr. Ina; she's worked with all of my cats and she just gets it."
- Deborah Grabien
01/15/2018 21:56:52
"You've always taken great care of my pets - best part of boarding Tam w/you is my piece of mind knowing he is being well looked after"
- Kathy Quetel
01/14/2018 20:13:38
"I particularly appreciated the gentleman at the desk calling me the day after I brought Augie in for a heart worm test. I had asked him if they had any reported cases of doggy flu which I had heard of on TV and he said know. The day after, the gentlemen called me back to say that there were two reported cases in the east bay but that there was no outbreak. I appreciated that he went back, did more research and then called me to tell me what he found."
- Patricia Kenney
01/12/2018 06:32:34
"Dr Ina was amazing!"
- Shanna Nasiri
01/11/2018 22:38:15
"Arguello consistently over many years Offers EXCELLENCE in every dept."
- Anne Wright
01/11/2018 21:36:31
"Dr. Reeves and all of the staff at the front desk are fantastic. We are first time puppy parents so the chances that we are a lot to handle is pretty high, Everyone was always very responsive during our many "crises" and we are very happy with the service that we (Pepper Golden) received. Thank you all!"
- Tysie Golden
01/08/2018 19:41:54
"Dr Ina was extremely compassionate when significant issues were confirmed with our cat and we had to put her to sleep. We are very grateful for the care She received and the medical explanation of results and what are options were. "
- Marilyn Harrison
01/08/2018 18:15:52
"My cat Meechai always receives excellent care from Dr. Weiss."
- Rebecca Ward
01/03/2018 14:54:18
"We have been going to Arguello Pet Hospital with all of our pets since 1980. We feel like part of their family. The doctors are very knowledgeable and the staff is very pleasant. We are happy that John the technician is still working at Arguello. We wouldn't go anywhere else to keep our pets in good health. For sure, if somebody needs a recommendation, we will always refer them to Arguello Pet Hospital."
- Louis & Carol Felthouse
01/02/2018 19:31:27
"We been clients for many years and have always been pleased with the service and professional care. "
- Charisse Rathle
12/30/2017 00:29:52
"Amazing as always have a happy New year"
- John Ammenti
12/30/2017 00:23:23
"I love that we get great care from everyone at Arguello Pet Hospital, no matter who it is. I am so happy that my cat is in such good hands. Thank you!"
- Linda Jay
12/29/2017 23:34:28
"Mara is a great doctor and John is so caring to my cat. I can't thank them enough."
- Deborah Parker
12/23/2017 17:40:01
"I love Dr. Reeves!"
- Kristina Murray
12/22/2017 18:27:32
"Your hours of operation are great - being able to come after work or on a weekend makes such a difference. "
- Nicole Zuuring
12/21/2017 21:21:27
"Arguello Pet Hospital is AWESOME!"
- Gigi Ferrer
12/21/2017 19:49:12
"A big thank you to the doctors and staff at Arguello Pet Hospital. We feel so blessed knowing our dog is in such good hands. The love and caring you give all the animals is so appreciated by us and by our yellow lab, Ryan. Happy Holidays! Sandie and Bob Powers "
- Sandra Powers
12/19/2017 23:29:16
"The front office always takes great care of my dogs!"
- Vicky Jay
12/18/2017 20:59:25
"All services you provide are excellent. Thanks for everything !"
- Robert Coleman
12/15/2017 22:08:59
"Always kind. Seem to always have the prescription food I need at last minute. "
- Leah Anne Whitson
12/15/2017 18:43:39
"Great staff . Great doctors."
- Jennifer Congtang
12/15/2017 02:56:37
"Love the Staff and Dr. Ina!! Best Pet Service -- Louis loves his visits and that's most important! "
- Frances Bowes
12/14/2017 16:54:37
"I continue to recommend Dr. Weiss to friends. I hear great things about the Ina's as well. I'm very happy with Mara. She has always been great with Jack and Eddie."
- Angela Wagner
12/13/2017 21:53:01
"We love Dr Reeves!"
- Jennifer Gette
12/11/2017 15:13:40
"I love Dr. Ina!"
- Kerry Lundy
12/10/2017 15:49:22
"Have loved Arguello for 33 years... You all are THE BEST... HAPPY CHRISTMAS 🎅🔔🔔🎄🎋🎋 Piper Evans and Millicent "
- Piper Evans
12/08/2017 18:53:39
"Dr Ina was very thorough and atten."
- Bella Yuger
12/08/2017 01:59:35
"We love it here! Would not take my pet anywhere else!"
- Carmen Mandac
12/06/2017 21:24:23
"Arguello Pet Hospital rocks it! Y'all are the best in town and I couldn't be happier that you're my "go to" place for all of Chance's needs - and all previous pet needs for the past 40+ years!! Over those years you've become "family" to us - we appreciate you sooooooo much! Thanks for all you do to take care of us!"
- Beverly Huppert
12/03/2017 04:46:01
"You are the best. I do tell people all the time. I appreciate you so much! Thanks!"
- Nancy Robbins
12/01/2017 19:40:45
"Dr Reiss was fantastic. All the staff were great with Nacho. "
- Vu Williams
12/01/2017 17:59:59
"Warm and lovely staff- who care and enjoy both the animals and their human counterparts "
- Matthew Burns
11/30/2017 22:34:18
"Good service"
- Wuiston Jo Chang
11/30/2017 18:18:53
"Best vets ever!"
- Alan Ferrara
11/29/2017 00:23:20
"I am very satisfied with visits ."
- Karin Wallace
11/27/2017 20:56:25
"Dr. Reeves always treats Lilly like her own and is such a good care giver— Lilly loves her! This staff is always friendly and helpful— I recommend Arguello Hospital to everyone I know!! Thank you so much for all you do!! Calla Winkler"
- Calla Winkler
11/27/2017 20:45:36
"Arguello Pet Hospital is a very welcoming place, and I appreciate it!"
- Ann Marsh
11/23/2017 20:02:49