"Arguello pet hospital is great!! They treat you and pet like family!💕💕"
- Kenny Ina
06/30/2023 15:07:22
"I’m very happy with the staff and doctors at Arguello Pet HOSPITAL"
- Judy Davis
06/28/2023 13:53:26
"I appreciated the help I needed for Pierre when arriving and leaving. "
- Yinnie Yee
06/23/2023 13:38:10
"Great Staff. !!!!!"
- Saul Gevertz
06/22/2023 17:55:53
"So great that my cat’s vet could fit him in on just hours notice. She treated an anal gland infection that could have made him very ill. I’m grateful to the entire staff that helped us."
- Rebecca Ward
06/22/2023 14:48:01
"I cannot thank Dr. Reeves enough for the wonderful care she gives my dog Buster and for the handholding she patiently does with me! I have been taking care of my son's dog for a few years now and having never owned a dog, and being a nervous person in general, throughout Buster's care under Dr. Reeves, she has been so warm, patient, professional, competent, concise and never makes me feel that I am asking too many questions. Buster has had a rough start in life as a rescue and has insecurities so I'm sure we could be a troublesome dog and owner pair, but Dr. Reeves' attention to Buster and to me has given me the best support and all I feel is gratitude to her. "
- Janie Geiler
06/06/2023 02:55:41
"All the doctors and staff have been providing our cats with kind, patient, efficient and thorough care for many years."
- Michael Markwell
06/05/2023 20:07:32
"Dr Ina is such a knowledgeable and compassionate vet She always takes the time to explain everything and make your pet feel comfortable. Staff is always friendly and helpful!"
- Lynda McFarlin
06/03/2023 14:22:46
"Dr. Ina’s experience and knowledge is great and I very much appreciate having her examine, analyze and explain my aging dog’s health. "
- Susan Shors
06/02/2023 16:36:34
"Been going to Arguello art Hospital for over 40 years. They have taken excellent care of my dogs and I plan to keep going there."
- Marjorie Cabezas
06/01/2023 19:25:11
"Prompt courteous service as always."
- Victoria Kornblum
05/31/2023 18:03:14
"Terrific. "
- Anne Haskel
05/25/2023 15:26:07
"So grateful for the exceptional Arguello Team! Thank you for loving and taking best care of our fur babies!! You are my super heroes! "
- Heidi Young
05/25/2023 15:10:56
"Dr. Vanessa Reeves is a wonderful doctor for our dog, Molly!"
- William Morehead
05/25/2023 14:38:20
"Love Dr. Ina! Everyone is friendly, helpful and efficient. "
- Barbara Thompson
05/25/2023 14:25:33
"Dr. Lee was great, very caring and patient with Annie."
- Hideki Ito
05/21/2023 19:54:03
"Everyone is always very friendly and Dr Reeves is down to earth, knowledgeable and great with my cat. "
- Frog Gilmore
05/21/2023 16:10:39
"Arguello is the best vet in the city, my family has been taking their pets there for generations and I would not go anywhere else. I recommend them to all animal lovers."
- Diana M. Robinson
05/18/2023 22:42:43
"Arguello was great...my dog's right eye was red and irritated and when I called they were able to get in me in right away and when I arrived there was no wait and the doctor, who was so sweet and informative, saw us right away and diagnosed the issue right away, gave us eye drops and we were out in 30 minutes. Fast, efficient, and effective! "
- Jennie Tsai
05/07/2023 23:34:11
"The place is clean and the staff is friendly"
- Jennifer Boccara
05/06/2023 14:22:51
"Love the doctor"
- Krista Lotto
05/06/2023 03:57:26
"I’ve been going to Arguello pet hospital for years and am loyal to their devoted and expert staff and doctors."
- Kathy Robertson
05/04/2023 14:28:44
"I’ve been a long time client and have always been happy with Arguello pet hospital. "
- Suzanne Greenberg
05/03/2023 19:13:02
"Staff is very receptive and responsive even in midst of being very busy. All the vets have been great w/my rescue dog. Dr. Karissa Nishimura is especially good with her & really quick to reply to follow-up questions via email after visits."
- Gina Sponzilli
05/02/2023 17:05:30
"Dr. Miriam Lee is excellent."
- Christine Daigle
05/02/2023 13:34:25
"Dr. Wolfe is so thorough in her exams. It's obvious that she really cares."
- Leah Anne Whitson
04/29/2023 19:29:07
"All of you do a great job!"
- Steve Hoppe
04/24/2023 20:37:31
"The staff is top notch!!!"
- Larry Lee
04/23/2023 18:14:17
"Been coming to Arguello since 1976 Recommend to all I know 🐾🐾🐾 1 woof and 2 meows💕"
- Carol Schlesinger
04/21/2023 19:18:02
"I called to speak to a vet and they got back to me right away with a solution for my elderly dog. Very satisfied "
- Kristen McCarthy
04/19/2023 13:46:12
"Really Appreciate the whole team."
- Tracy West
04/18/2023 17:35:30
"We love Arguello Pet Hospital and so does our pup Clark. Whenever we walk by he wants to go inside and say hi to his friends. I know some pets are scared of the vet, so the fact that Clark loves it so much is a great testament to how the staff treats him there. "
- Tyler Chapman
04/18/2023 17:20:19
"Very happy with the care that Dr. Wolf and the entire Arguello staff provides for my cat Ladybug. Thank you all."
- Lisa Phillips
04/18/2023 17:09:08
"Everyone is very kind and helpful at Arguello. I've been with them for two different cats and 13 years. The only difficulty (and it is mine) is that I wish Arguello was closer to my home. My cat doesn't travel in the car well."
- Catherine Sarlatte
04/18/2023 16:31:55
"Dr. Reeves is outstanding. I am so glad that we have been able to have her consistently, it has made a huge difference for us. During the most recent visit, there was even a very sweet moment when June reached out to give her love (put her paw hand on Dr. Reeves chest). This shows how comfortable June is with her - rather than trying to avoid any contact or get back to me as quickly as possible. Thank you for taking such good care of her. "
- Lisa Hail
04/07/2023 16:18:29
"Dr Nishimura and your technicians were terrific in answering all my questions and follow up care for Rory after his neutering "
- Cristina Gutterman
04/01/2023 16:20:18
- Peter Berry
03/28/2023 18:49:27
"Thank you for continuing to offer high quality care under challenging circumstances. We are so grateful for all of the Arguello employees!"
- Rona Jawetz
03/26/2023 17:48:47
"Have been amazingly pleased for the last almost 15 years with you all!"
- Vanessa Biaoco
03/25/2023 03:22:28
"Always very friendly helpful and knowledgeable to Colt "
- Dana Emery
03/24/2023 12:21:53
"I always trusted Arguello pet Hospital doctors and staff to handle all my pet needs. They are professional and compassionate. Thank you for all that you do."
- Audrey Cendana
03/19/2023 16:21:29
"Dr. Ina and her entire staff are absolutely amazing. My dog Gia is always calm with anything that is being performed on her. My questions are always answered and explained if need be. Thank you again for amazing services. 🐶🐾"
- Kenneth Pignati
03/10/2023 22:52:59
"I have been coming to Arguello Pet Hospital since 2019. Our primary d0ctor was Dr. H, so this was our first visit with Dr. Nishimura who was incredible! My dog and I couldn't have been happier with our first experience with Dr. Nishimura. Dr. Nishimura was friendly, informative, patient, and so caring for my dog. It's really comforting to have a vet hospital where we trust all of the doctors. The front desk staff is also extremely friendly and easy to work with. Thanks for all you do!"
- Daniel Rist
03/10/2023 18:02:49
"We absolutely love Arguello!!!! The best! That's why we travel half-way across the city to make sure our little guy is seen by a caring and competent professional. "
- Robert Sorensen
03/09/2023 02:57:17
"I love the service at Aguello Pet Hospital. "
- Clara Paczek
03/04/2023 18:36:54
"I thank Donna Wolfe for all her attention & quick response with test results."
- Denise Daley
03/02/2023 17:20:55
"We appreciate all the staff and doctors who have taken great care of our pets. "
- Inna Del Debbio
03/02/2023 15:53:18
"I very much appreciate the professional and knowledgable care my dog receives at Arguello and the willingness of the doctors to listen and explain things to me. "
- Susan Shors
03/01/2023 17:51:48
"Staff at Arguello is always amazing - super helpful and super responsive to questions."
- Brooke Roberts
03/01/2023 09:43:03
"All of the vets are fantastic! So knowledgeable and attentive to my dog."
- Alexandra Crane
02/27/2023 07:10:20
"Front desk and tech team are wonderful. Always friendly and make you feel that they genuinely care. "
- Kelle Young
02/26/2023 12:52:21
"EVERYBODY who works there is fantastic and personable and helpful."
- Michael Murray
02/06/2023 04:04:02
"We love Dr. Reeves and always feel like Posey & Montana are in great care when we visit. "
- Kelly Hernandez
01/28/2023 21:32:46
"Perfect "
- Cia Townsend
01/28/2023 18:21:09
"We greatly appreciated getting seen the next day and really liked Dr Lee. She was so friendly and compassionate. She was supportive and professional in her approach to treating Zinnia. We really like her. We highly recommend her. "
- Sanjai Moses
01/26/2023 06:42:04
"I have a wonderful relationship with my vet, as does my cat. It couldn't be better. And the rest of the staff is excellent in helping me with parking hassles."
- Joan Lenzner
01/25/2023 20:32:41
"We love Arguello Pet Hospital. You’re the best!"
- David Landis
01/25/2023 19:38:25
"We appreciate your flexibility in scheduling last minute appointments."
- Leslie Goldstein
01/22/2023 06:13:29
"The front desk staff are always friendly and helpful. And Dr. Wolf is a fantastic vet! She is knowledgeable & compassionate, explains diagnosis, treatments, & options clearly and always makes time to answer my questions and address my concerns. "
- Laura Ducoff
01/20/2023 20:11:53
"We've always received fantastic veterinarian care from everyone at Arguello and we're extremely pleased to know that if our cats need any kind of care, we have an excellent veterinary hospital."
- Nancy Dixon
01/20/2023 17:44:36
"Friendly, fast, and great care overall. Thank you!"
- Richelle Stewart
01/18/2023 17:13:33
"Very satisfied with the staff and doctors. Sophia is not so happy visiting but she has been treated with nothing but kindness. "
- Sharon Crespi
01/14/2023 20:29:59
"so appreciate the care and attention from everyone!!!!"
- Elizabeth Folger
01/13/2023 23:23:56
"Great staff who truely care about the health and welfare of my dog - thanks"
- William Webber
01/13/2023 04:13:50
"Your expertise, combined with the caring nature of the whole staff, is exceptional! And I especially appreciate the education I always get in the process!"
- Christine Murray
01/11/2023 23:21:22
"Been getting great care for decades!"
- Michele Dana
01/10/2023 17:42:01
"Dr. Wolfe is an excellent vet. I value her experience and knowledge and appreciate her calm and personable demeanor. The entire Arguello team provides excellent service which is much appreciated. "
- Pat Stanton
01/06/2023 21:44:52
"staff is excellent. I feel that my dog is in good , safe hands.."
- Jodie Beyer
01/04/2023 19:16:00
"Thank you for taking such excellent care of my Fritz & Goldie!!"
- Catherine Banchieri
12/31/2022 17:09:05
"I am grateful for Dr. Wolfe and the amazing care she provides for Angel Biech. She has been our family vet for at least 15 years! Probably longer 😊. "
- Sharon Boggs
12/29/2022 02:51:23
"You are the BEST!!!! Thank you for all the years of taking care of my dogs…. 💜💜💜💜💜"
- Nancy Robbins
12/28/2022 20:08:33
"Thank you for providing such excellent loving care and service for animals and their people. "
- Leslie Tipton
12/25/2022 21:17:21
"Caring and attentive staff. "
- Mary Wolfe
12/19/2022 05:15:39
"Dr Ina has been “the perfect vet”. She gave excellent care to my cats Lucy and Dexter, and now my kitten Phoebe. When Lucy had to go to sleep, Dr Ina was sensitive, compassionate and comforting. Other vets saw my cats when Dr Ina was unavailable, and every one of them was wonderful. Also the vet technicians are great. I will never take my cats anywhere else."
- Georganna Reis
12/10/2022 22:58:38
"The best - from the reception to the techs to the doctors. "
- Anne Altman
12/06/2022 21:26:43
"Zeus always receives excellent care, thank you so much for getting him in to address his issues ASAP! So comforting knowing he has great care in our neighborhood. You are all truly very much appreciated."
- Pia Smith
12/04/2022 18:03:59
"Have been coming here for 10 years now, love the staff at Arguello. The app makes scheduling and ordering medication is very easy to use and user friendly. "
- Tina Lo
12/02/2022 17:18:05
"Friendly and always knowable staff Always exceeds expectations!"
- Lynda McFarlin
11/29/2022 20:24:41
"Dr. Reeves is outstanding. I am so grateful for her care and support of June. Having a consistent doctor we can trust makes such a difference."
- Lisa Hail
11/20/2022 22:07:55
"Dr. Wolfe was terrific! Patient, thorough, professional, knowledgeable, and very easy to talk to."
- Sandy Goldstein
11/19/2022 23:05:31
"you guys are doing a job! Thanks for all that you do"
- Janelle Santiago
11/14/2022 01:19:20
"Thank you to your whole team!"
- Claudia Roehl
11/13/2022 19:25:00
"We've consistently had excellent and courteous service. Our dog, Mortimer, is recovering and we appreciate Dr. Reeves's patience in answering our innumerable questions. Hopefully, Morty will be better soon. Thanks, also, to the front desk staff who are thoroughly professional and gracious. Sharon Marks & Stan Kurz"
- Sharon Marks
11/13/2022 18:13:36
"Glad my 2 dogs get seen by the caring doctors at Arguello Pet Hospital. The staff are extremely friendly too."
- Catherine Low
11/13/2022 06:47:59
"I so appreciate how friendly and supportive your team is, when discussing my dog’s health problems. It makes me feel confident that I’m doing everything I can."
- Andrea Mulder
11/12/2022 22:05:26
"I appreciate that the staff and the doctors are kind and patient with both me and my cat. (Nothing like hearing that my cat is a sweetheart, even after she cried through her day long stay at Arguello Pet Hospital.)"
- Elizabeth Faris
11/11/2022 19:19:42
"Thank you so much for all that you do to keep our loved ones safe and healthy!"
- Allison Dimase
11/08/2022 17:36:24
"Great service from walking in the entrance to walking out the exit! And I love Dr Reeves! She puts my cats (and me) at ease while providing excellent and practical medical care."
- Joann Billodeau
11/02/2022 19:22:42
"You guys are the best. I tell everyone that you are Beau's vet and we love Dr. H but we also love all the doctor's and technicians we meet at APH! "
- Kelly Wyllie
11/01/2022 19:15:51
"All excellent!"
- Victoria Kornblum
10/31/2022 22:01:05
"Dr. H is great! I really appreciate the time she takes to talk to me about Punky. "
- Bilal Qazzaz
10/31/2022 00:02:08
"My cat Fozzie and I love Dr. Ina and the staff at Arguello so much! Everyone is so kind and helpful!"
- Elaine Yang
10/29/2022 17:20:20
"Love Dr. Nishimura! Zchogi does too. (Even if he doesn’t like to open his mouth.)❤️❤️"
- Melissa Aurand
10/27/2022 20:09:17
"Dr.Lee was great! She spent an adequate amount of time for our first appointment and answered all of our questions. We appreciate not being rushed and judged."
- Jasmine Louie
10/27/2022 19:59:37
"You are the best . That's why I only bring my dogs there for 45 plus years !"
- Robert Devlin
10/26/2022 21:48:41
"Your entire staff & Dr Reeves are excellent. If my dog Goldie could talk, she would say tks alot! tks again, william matz."
- William Matz
10/23/2022 00:32:46
"Thank you so much for taking such great care of Spunky!!"
- Becky Marcus-Woods
10/19/2022 23:58:09
"Dr Lee is terrific! I recommend her very highly!"
- Susan Low
10/18/2022 17:18:34
"Ollie Kernion-Peacocke loves Arguello Pet Hospital!"
- Antonia Peacocke
10/16/2022 19:14:08
"My dogs receive excellent care each time they visit APH. Care is always thorough, practical and compassionate. "
- Pat Stanton
10/09/2022 09:28:33