"Dr. O has great communication skills! "
- Marty/Dick Bentley
07/06/2015 14:18:41
"The new doctor we saw was wonderful, he spent a good deal of time with us going over options for our golden retriever's many issues. He wrote out all the instuctions in detail and we got a call from the vet tech the next day about some of the tests he had done. The staff has always been very friendly and caring to my dog Levi."
- James/Lisa Engelman
07/02/2015 15:03:44
"I felt very welcome. It was a good experience for me and Maddie both. "
- Diane Paul
06/30/2015 19:35:08
"What can I say but I don't know everyone's name there but I can say Dr G. has definitely put together an A 1 outfit for sure. I need to be honest and say that I thought of going to another office when my last dog passed but after thinking about it this office gave my that pup the best care I could have ever asked for."
- Paul/Mary Ann Zalewski
06/30/2015 16:58:58
"My pets have been coming to your office since the early 90's, I will not go anywhere else."
- LeeAnn/Ronald Gilbert
06/30/2015 15:07:26
"This is the fourth dog we have taken to Emmaus Animal Hospital and I would not want to take a pet anywhere else. They are friendly and caring and Dr. Rick Gugerich is the best."
- JulieAnn/Ken Moyer
06/30/2015 15:00:39
"I wouldn't think of going anywhere else. I am 100% satisfied with the wonderful staff!"
- Sally/Robin Johnson/Werst
06/21/2015 09:12:34
"Doc "G" is by far the best Vet in the area in all regards, period. My hunting Labs and I have been growing old with him since he opened his practice. NEVER hesitate to leave your pet under his care. He will always look for expert help when needed, another sign of outstanding medical care. "
- Tom/Carol Kidd
06/20/2015 13:24:02
"I have three small dogs and the care that each one receives each time I bring them in whether it be their annual appointment or a concern I have with one of the dogs is wonderful I have recommended 2 other family members to Emmaus Animal Hospital and they brought their dogs there. Unfortunately their dogs had to be put down but each family member told me how compassionate the staff was at Emmaus Animal Hospital I would like to say that Mary at the front desk is absolutely wonderful. She's professional, compassionate, and helps me to understand that even though one of my dogs may be sick that until I get tests results back, take it one day a time. That really helped me. She is wonderful. Dr Chris is absolutely wonderful also. She listens with a concern ear and will find answers for me at any given moment. Yesterday I met Dr Art and he was wonderful. The poor guy had emergency come during my visit and kept apologizing that he had to keep leaving the room But if one of my dogs was sick I would want that time spent on my dogs. He was knowledgeable and helped me alot with issues that was going on with Maggie Mae. The Vet techs, I apologize if that is not the correct term, but they are all wonderful as well. Pleasant and concern as well. I know my canine kids will be taking care of with their visit for an annual or sick visit."
- Vickie/Rick George
05/12/2015 17:55:19
"Our cat, Pete, had the pleasure of being seen by Dr. Grgurich and Dr. Bufanio and both were fantastic. Both took the time to explain things thoroughly and were very kind and patient. Front desk ladies were also very kind and helpful as well! I will definitely continue care for our animals here. Thank you!"
- Janet/William Devlin
05/11/2015 18:52:19
"We really appreciate the no pressure approach. The Dr. explained what she thought and made recommendations but never pressured us to have unnecessary tests done. very pleased with our experiences at your facility."
- Judy/Jim Avalon
05/11/2015 12:26:23
"Dr. Rick treats your pet as though it was his own........"
- John Laba
05/11/2015 10:55:49
"I have been using EMMAUS Animal Hospital for over 30 years. They are the best . Dr Gurgerich is the best disgnostician ever . Thank you"
- Lorrie Ettwein
05/10/2015 13:41:54
"We love the staff and the service at Emmaus Animal Hospital who care about our pet as much as we do! "
- Mary/Nevin Fey/Miller
05/09/2015 20:15:31
"I have a cat with terminal cancer. I appreciate the sensitivity of the staff when I bring him in and the honesty and compassion of the vets when we talk about his condition."
- Kim/Lou Heinrichs/Schuler
05/09/2015 12:52:11
"I am always treated with a very professional staff. Staff is always friendly to my dog. Prices are very reasonable and medication is explained in detail. I am very pleased. !! Thanks"
- Vicki LaPorte
05/08/2015 16:37:41
"I have never ever taking any of my animals to any other vet nor will I ever they are great with your animals and treat them like they were theirs ...5 Stars in my book"
- Glenn/Penny Link
05/08/2015 12:47:31
"I have been bringing my dogs to Emmaus Animal Hospital since I moved to the area 6 years ago. They have always been as caring of my pets as I am and have taken loving care of them every time we go. They are helpful, friendly, and flexible. Thank you for all you do!"
- Margaret/Ethan Smith
05/07/2015 08:01:20
"Never any problems, Rick has gone out of his way many times."
- Thomas/Joyce Petrie
05/07/2015 06:53:46
"Everyone is always so friendly to us and especially our pups! "
- Barbara/Chris Lazaridis/Connors
05/06/2015 15:05:50
"I love the people at Emmaus Animal Hospital. The vets and staff are wonderful and very knowledgeable and understanding in a crisis situation. My only complaint would be the size of the hospital. The rooms are very small. Ok for my 10 pound dog, but tight for a big dog. Otherwise Perfect experience every time."
- Sally/William Nicholas
05/06/2015 06:46:10
"I've been a client of EHS since the day it opened and have since then driven 45 minutes each way from home to get the superior level of care and personal attention that Dr. Rick Grgurich and his amazing staff offer to my many dogs that EHS has treated. The practice is a wonderful combination of old-school veterinary care and advanced technology. Prices are beyond reasonable. I can't imagine taking our pets anywhere else--and over the years, neither could our dogs--no joke. Our current Weimaraner literally perks up and goes into a wagging frenzy when she sees Dr. G. and the gang. What more could anyone ask from their veterinarian?"
- Mary/Michael/David Principato
05/05/2015 17:57:43
"Dr. Rick and Staff have always provide us with great care and advice for over 12 years. They are truly the most professional and compassionate ! Ann & Tom Degnan"
- Ann/Tom Degnan
05/04/2015 10:56:23
"The vets at Emmaus Animal Hospital are the best! When my dog is having a health issue, I never feel rushed when I talk to one of the them; and, they ALWAYS return my calls in a very timely manner. "
- Adele/Charles Clemmer
05/03/2015 22:39:21
"All of the staff are very friendly and provide excellent service to my dogs. They go above and beyond to provide excellent care to keep my dogs healthly and feeling better when sick. I have recommended them to other people and talk very highly about Emmaus Animal Hospital and the service that they provide."
- Vicki/Joseph Crist
05/03/2015 21:42:22
"Emmaus Animal Hospital has an absolutely wonderful, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable staff who truly care for and about my furry family members. Everyone, from the doctors to the technicians to the front desk staff, has always been pleasant and helpful in the entire 15 years I've been going there. "
- Melanie Sommons
05/03/2015 19:57:00
"Great service, nice people, happy clients :) "
- Michael/Dana Hess
04/29/2015 14:44:44
"Your Vet Doctor and Staff are Out of this world. I would put my cats in anyone else's care.."
- Dolores/John Norris
04/27/2015 09:23:04
"The staff & Doctor handled mattiee very well I'm very pleased with the Emmaus animal hospital & staff & I will bring my dog mattie to them regularly. Thanks to the staff & doctor good job."
- Evelyn/Floyd Lesko
04/26/2015 17:38:52
"Great doctors and staff. "
- Susan/Bruce Lehman
04/26/2015 16:42:28
"We have used other Veterinary offices over the years and I never seen a practice like this one. The doctors are all great, especially Dr. Rick. He is so attentive and knowledgeable. We are very confident "our girlies" are receiving the best care available!"
- Vince/Kathy Palumbo
04/26/2015 11:57:18
"I sincerely appreciated the time that was spent with Misty and the empathy that was shown by the doctor and the staff. We will definitely continue to come there. Thank you for everything!"
- Keith/Karin Scherer
04/25/2015 08:33:38
"Our animals are treated with care and enjoy going to the vet! The staff and drs are friendly, knowledgable and understanding."
- Jenn Detweiler
04/23/2015 20:08:38
"My wife and I have been taking our pets to Emmaus Animal Hospital for over 20 years. The doctors and staff have always been friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable and have always provided our animals with excellent compassionate care."
- Kathy/Adam Kaufman
04/23/2015 16:38:40
"Keep up the good work and care you give our pets."
- Robert/Julia Diehl
04/23/2015 07:34:43
"Great staff, great doc's, wonderful fee!"
- Bernadette Erie
04/22/2015 21:03:09
"The doctors and staff are excellent. They do their very best to accomodate my needs and the needs of my 4 Westies every time my dogs need to be seen. I highly recommend Emmaus Animal Hospital."
- Candace Cappello
04/19/2015 16:16:12
"We love Emmaus Animal Hospital. Dr. Gurgurich is very kind and it's obvious that he truly enjoys working with animals. This is our second four legged family member that we have brought to him for care. He saw us through thirteen great years with our Chesapeake Bay Retriever and now cares for our Collie. He does what is best for your pet, not his wallet. Love this office! "
- Luis/Linda Martinez
04/19/2015 16:10:09
"Very friendly, great service and reasonable costs. Thank You for all the care Gryffie received from you all. "
- Kathleen/Lutz Nowak
04/19/2015 14:09:12
"I've been brining our pets to Dr. G since 1997 and even though we moved out of the area I still travel 45 minutes to continue to see him and his staff. They are just that good!"
- Kathryn/David Van Allen
04/18/2015 17:01:09
"The staff at Emmaus Animal Hospital is always wonderful. Everyone recognizes my cat and treats her like she was their own. I always recommend EAH to my friends. They're the best."
- Melynda/Steve Cameron
04/13/2015 13:39:01
"Everyone in the office is extremely friendly and accommodating! "
- Ralph Diaz
04/12/2015 20:18:32
"I really didn't get into see the doctor as he feared my dog had bloat with the symptoms she had and he had a lot of appts. waiting. He said to take her to Valley Central. The calls I placed in the next day or 2 to your office were answered very well and I was most grateful. I do say the care at Valley Central was good and my Jasmine didn't have bloat but a gastric inflammation and she is better after they gave her an injection. I must say that for the time she was there and for what they had to do, I feel the price of $500 was a little much as she probably was there 1 1/2 hrs. to be checked. Of course I would pay it as she is like one of my children. I do thank you for being the vet. you are. Thank you."
- Marie Mayernik
04/11/2015 11:00:27
"The dr was very knowledgeable and extremely thorough which put me at ease and made it easy to getting my dog back to better health i would recommend This office to all my pet friends"
- Chelsea/Peter Kehs
04/09/2015 17:33:28
"Great Staff and service ty ty"
- David/Charlotte Unser
04/09/2015 12:03:52
"We couldn't be happier with the care that Chester has received at Emmaus Animal Hospital for the last two years. From the front desk to the veterinarians, everyone makes your pet feel very special. "
- Amy/Steve Carney
04/09/2015 11:43:53
"I have been coming here since I got my dog seven years ago. Everyone has met every need along the way for this first time dog owner and now cat owner. I love the reminders that come my way….I slipped up a bit last year, but they did not give up hope in me. Love you, Mary…you are the best! I really like Dr. Maucher; she has seen Janie on her last two visits. All the techs are animal lovers…WOW. Mary has been most patient with me and always willing to advise. She was my hero during my "flea situation" and she trained me on tick removal, not to mention providing so many other "doggie treats" of information! I applaud you all."
- Susan/Bob Quigg
04/08/2015 11:49:14
"The staff, doctors and technicians are all friendly, caring and knowledgeable. I have never had a bad visit with my dog in the 9 years I have been going to this animal hospital. "
- Ellenmarie Arieta
04/06/2015 08:52:22
"First time with Dr Art and he was wonderful! All the staff is just great!"
- Margaret/Robert Newhard
04/05/2015 11:50:23
"We had our annual visit for 1 of our dogs this week. We were scheduled w/ Dr Obenrader for the 1st time. He was very down to earth & informative about some of the issues discovered at the visit. All of the staff members are fabulous! Everyone is polite & knowledgable. Appointments are easy to make & they have convenient hours. I feel comfortable calling Emmaus Animal Hospital for all of our pets' needs & never hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for great pet care. "
- Joe/April Stern
04/02/2015 20:02:43
" The staff is always very helpful and patient especially with my ridiculous questions and I really appreciate that."
- Charles/Dionne Pope/Davis
04/02/2015 18:38:05
"If anyone was to ever ask me for a veterinarian recommendation, here is what I would say: "The Doctors and Staff at Emmaus Animal Hospital love what they do. You can see it in the compassion and care the pet (and owner) receives. For over 20 years our pets have been receiving outstanding care from this fine group of professionals. I highly recommend them.""
- Carol/Robert III Livingston
04/02/2015 10:54:47
"This was the first time that we ever had Dr. Obenrader. He was very knowledgeable, great with our cat and answered all of our questions. All of the doctors and staff are very nice."
- Debra Spencer
04/01/2015 19:11:58
"Very professional and friendly staff who provide excellent preventative and caring service."
- Mark/Dee Marie Davis
04/01/2015 18:35:41
"Everyone that works there has been very pleasant, whether I am on the phone with them or in person. The Drs have helped me in every way possible with my dog and all her problems she has. I am very pleased with Emmaus Animal Hospital and wouldn't hesitate to tell my friends."
- Linda/David Eltz/Wylie
03/31/2015 20:29:01
"Dr. Grgurich and his kind and always professional staff have cared for my many dogs for more years than I can recall. The way they deal with the animals and owners demonstrates how much this is work they are dedicated to, not simply a job. I cannot imagine going anywhere else for check-ups and treatments for my Morgan and Clancy. I give Emmaus Animal Hospital major kudos in every department."
- Dale Schneck
03/31/2015 07:59:08
"Thank you for giving my chow mix a chance to show how good he is (most of the time!). I know most vets won't see chows so I'm glad you have accepted him. I also want to thank Dr. Maucher and the staff for the wonderful advice regarding behavioral specialists so my boy can be his best all the time. "
- Sheri Bercik
03/28/2015 18:31:29