"Kendra and staff were very helpful. My daughter and I felt very well taken care of in a professional manner. They took all the proper protocols in making sure we were safe during our visit. Thank you so much for all your help with taking such good care of our Bubbles. 🥰 Kendra was very informative and we appreciate all her help in making sure we get the best care for our horses. Kendra and her staff are very friendly knowledgeable and professional. "
- Heather Linden
10/22/2020 14:58:56
"I feel the staff was very friendly and patient with us, as new out of state clients. They answered all our questions and made us feel very welcome. Thank you! "
- Katerina Wimberley
10/22/2020 00:04:26
"Dr Becky was wonderful, she kept me informed every step of the way. She was caring and compassionate. "
- Marla Macnab
10/21/2020 22:34:31
"We feel you guys are very friendly and take great care of our pets! "
- Janna & Brian Hughitt
10/20/2020 20:05:21
"Col Vet Hospital is a professionally run animal hospital. The staff is very nice and thorough in their performance. I really appreciate how much they've cared for my two dogs."
- Jeramiah Simpson
10/20/2020 06:11:49
"We called you after hours with a cat emergency and an awesome doctor was ready and able to help our girl, and very quickly too! Communication & kindness are what brought us to you and it’s what’s kept us with you guys. I have always walked away impressed and grateful, so thank you. "
- Ciara Ong
10/19/2020 14:55:43
"I called and was answered immediately. The medication was available. I parked, called and was helped right away. The service was excellent and safe. Thank you."
- Arlone Stradley
10/18/2020 16:15:24
"We appreciate being able to use the credit card in the parking lot!!!"
- KC & Carolyn Kortge
10/17/2020 20:23:14
"Best care in town. No negatives."
- Neil & Joy Senger
10/11/2020 03:34:03
"Your company is an awesome place to get pet care. Your emergency staff are extremely helpful and important to our fur babies. Thank you for your quick response. "
- Melynde Broadhead
10/10/2020 18:18:21
"Kendra did an awesome job on the horses teeth, sheath, shots and I was very impressed with the new halter/ pulley!!! Becky was so kind when we had to have our dear Sophie put down!!❤️"
- Kathy Maxwell
10/10/2020 18:01:15
"I have to say we are very very please with your services!"
- Cheryll Trammell
10/09/2020 16:23:34
"Overall you are Doing Great. Your Curtsey of your Help in Getting My Dog was Really Fantastic an Bringing Him Back was The same. I thought the Care he got was Excellent ❤Thank You All"
- Bill Nichols
10/08/2020 04:24:19
"I had a very good experience. You were prompt in answering the phone and answering any concerns I had."
- Shelbi Bell
10/08/2020 01:42:57
"I am very happy with your services. Everyone on staff not only seem competent, but also kind and compassionate. "
- Diana Crosby
10/07/2020 18:08:20
"I have been very pleased with the care my animals are getting at your facility"
- Rebecca Van Hout
10/05/2020 01:41:18
"I think you all are doing very well. You are professional and friendly. You are very efficient and I receive results very quickly. Talking to the staff there has always been a pleasure. "
- Molly Mears
10/01/2020 17:21:42
"Best vet care I have received for my animals. Dr. Moulton is the best!"
- Sheila Murphy
09/30/2020 20:58:23
"My daughter and I have always appreciated Columbia Veterinary, whenever we have brought cookie in , we knew he was always in good hands and you always explained things amd answered questions very well "
- Teresa Price
09/24/2020 14:38:24
"I always appreciate when people give me constructive criticism...I regret to inform you, I cannot. Your staff is doing such an amazing job!! In the last month I have referred 3 people to your hospital! Thank you so very much!! "
- Bill & Jodi Ketchum
09/24/2020 01:22:34
"The level of care and concern from every staff member I came in contact with throughout this process has been fantastic. My little family is so grateful for the affordable neuter service for our cat, and when they got him back and started the initial exam, they called right away to inform me of a couple of concerns and talked me through my options to take care of them. I was surprised at the level of care and concern, especially with being provided with a discounted service. Sometimes low income families receiving subsidized services don’t get the best treatment, and everyone was so amazing with us and with our fur baby!"
- Crystal Woosley
09/24/2020 00:39:13
"I've only had one visit but I feel you were more sensitive about my dog and covered everything that you felt was a danger like full panel blood work, getting her dental surgery going soon and just making my dog feel safe while she is with you.. "
- Sabrina Norris
09/22/2020 15:16:13
"I recently moved to The Dalles, and needed a vet for my elderly rabbit. I was very impressed with the staff and the work that they performed."
- Kyle Bray
09/21/2020 22:38:41
"Our appointment was great. The ability to come in on Sunday was great. The staff was great as always."
- Jim & Patricia Jones
09/21/2020 18:40:50
"I think all of you are doing great! Service and care is still the same giving all of the changes and restrictions. Thank you for continuing to take care of my sweet puppy boy, Gotham. 🐾 ~Rachel Schunk"
- Rachel & Gary Schunk
09/20/2020 13:51:42
"Amazing how time efficient the appointment was we were pleasantly surprised "
- Cathy Parke
09/19/2020 19:40:24
"Buddy was taken care of with the highest quality yet with personal care.."
- Marsha & Donald Embree
09/19/2020 15:29:52
"I really appreciate that Dr. Byrd took the time to come outside and speak with me regarding Vern. It meant a lot to be able to have a conversation with her! "
- Kendra Raiser
09/16/2020 15:03:11
"We love you. We are devoted to you as we are our fur babies. "
- Gabrielle Gilbert
09/15/2020 22:56:46
"Fine. We had a cat emergency and it went smoothly, he is healing very well. Staff was friendly and our discharge instructions were excellent."
- Suzi Conklin
09/14/2020 20:53:35
"We absolutely love Columbia Veterinary! The treat our animals with such care and love. We absolutely love you guys! Thank you for all you guys have done!!!!"
- Donald Hancock
09/10/2020 23:38:11
"Dr Kendra is wonderful and the team is very helpful. Thank you! "
- Taryn Johnson
08/31/2020 16:30:46
"Would love to meet in person but I understand we all want to stay safe and healthy. Other than that everything so far has been good. Special mention to Andrea (front desk), she was patient, helpful and friendly at a very stressful, confusing and crazy time for me and my puppy. "
- Dona Jacob
08/28/2020 22:04:23
"Everything was good and I like the curbside services due to COVID.:"
- Ann Garcia
08/28/2020 20:54:05
"I think your service is very good. You care about our animals and only want the best for them. Thank you. "
- Diana Weston
08/28/2020 01:12:52
"I am so deeply thankful for the care and attention Kendra gave my beloved Lipizzan mare. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- Sally Temple
08/26/2020 22:51:49
"You are all doing a great job. I have referred my family there and friends and they are so very pleased at how they and their pets are treated. Thank you so much"
- Helen Hansen
08/21/2020 04:12:38
"No complaints here :) Quick and efficient, friendly staff and clean environment. Love the location being from Mosier. Keep up the good work"
- Isaac & Tiffany Stranz
08/20/2020 20:20:54
"You are doing a fantastic job in these crazy times. Other than missing our visits and seeing your faces, we are 100% happy."
- KC & Carolyn Kortge
08/16/2020 17:19:31
"I have been with your clinic for a little over a month now with my horse Duck. You are all empathetic, considerate, easy going, professional and on. I'm not afraid to ask questions and they are always answered for me wether it be with Dr. Kayla, on the phone with a receptionist or chatting with someone via email. And response time is always fast which I love. Thank you for all your hard work and taking care of our Duck. Erin and Shaun Cochran. "
- Erin Cochran
08/16/2020 05:08:40
"All docs, assistants and staff could not be better. "
- John & Susan Beck
08/16/2020 02:04:07
"Always get awesome service when we take them in."
- Elaine Huxel
08/13/2020 16:11:26
"Everyone is great when I call i can usually get Journey right in. When I called Friday morning for more of Journeys medicine. They had it ready right away for me. Keep up the good work!!"
- Judy Ewing
08/11/2020 13:30:24
"Kind care for my German Shepherd service dog Rex makes me happy"
- Phillip & Carol Dowsett
08/10/2020 14:38:41
"I am very impressed with the wonderful care that was given to Hans, along with our other pets. I also very much love hearing from others just how much they love the staff at Columbia!!! Thanks for being wonderful community partners!!"
- Ken & Gina Thornton
08/09/2020 01:34:33
"It was all such a positive experience. I look forward to being able to visit inside the building, but the way it was all handled with the Cover restrictions was both easy and very professional."
- Kathy Eastman
08/05/2020 23:27:47
"Outstanding care from the Dr’s and the support staff! They all went out of their way to provide the Best care for our girls!"
- Scott Brown
08/05/2020 06:05:22
" I think ya'll are being perfectly detailed and informative for myself and my family. Thank you for you're support and love."
- Lydia Gildehaus
08/03/2020 20:55:34
"Initial impression with the service received is very positive. Understandably that during COVID, I was not allowed inside with my puppy. Everyone was very friendly and informative. Thank you very much!"
- Eric & Rayna Noyes
08/03/2020 20:20:17
"I really like working with Dr. Kayla on solving my horses health issues."
- Krista Coelsch
08/03/2020 02:50:45
"We have always received excellent care for all our animals at Columbia Veterinary hospital. Care is personalized to our animals and we know they are always getting the best care possible. . While making appointments staff are always courteous and know our animals by name. Thank you for your continued professional care. "
- Dee & Mark Lane
08/01/2020 14:30:42
"I thought you guys were very well organized on handling the covid issues and couldn’t believe how quickly Maddie was looked and given back to me! "
- Merilee Creighton
07/31/2020 15:33:22
"I am extremely happy with the medical care Missy has received and the interactions I have had with Dr. Becky and Dr. Kendra. I have been given the information I need to make informed decisions concerning Missy's care. "
- Kathy Pierce
07/24/2020 22:54:04
"You guys did amazing with baby girl, after she got home I was worried her foot would be sore from the fox tail being removed. I couldn't even tell her foot was worked on after she woke up. You guy's did a great job and made it pain free on her, she was running and playing in no time.Thank you all(: "
- Kylie Turner
07/24/2020 03:10:36
"It was great that you came to the car and got Rascal, our cat. He made happy mews after he got back. We're thankful you were able to trim his craws!!! Many thanks to the young girls who took care of him !!"
- Jennifer Wachter
07/23/2020 22:40:08
"I love this vet, always explains things very well so I understand what's going on with my pet. Very friendly staff. "
- Tia & Warren Anderson
07/22/2020 21:25:12
"I never have concerns dropping my babies off with you all. Everyone is amazing"
- Amanda Jackson
07/21/2020 21:09:03
"Quick and efficient! Informative regarding vaccines and any other information they felt I needed to know. Answered all of my questions! "
- Brandy Narry
07/21/2020 20:24:42
"Customer service was great. Got my dog right in. No pressure when was told she needed surgery and I wasn't sure I could manage the cost, the girl was very nice and didn't make me feel like a bad person. Overall good experience"
- Stacey Casey
07/20/2020 13:28:14
"I’ve always received great service with friendly staff. It is obvious that you all care"
- Julee Bailey
07/19/2020 21:25:13
"Love our experience with Columbia vet. We recommend you to everyone. "
- Whitney Johnson
07/19/2020 17:09:26
"Appreciate the polite care. With the changes of service due to the pandemic we were guided through it. I would suggest letting people know about staying in car when making appointment so that it is not a surprise when taking your animal to the door to find that you have to go back to your car and call. Maybe I missed the memo but all in all I appreciate the politeness "
- John & Christie Postema
07/16/2020 22:45:23
"I am very pleased with the care my pet receives. The staff is awesome. I moved my pet care provider from Minnesota because of how great they treated my dog with a emergency situation we had. I just love you people."
- Martin Cano
07/16/2020 17:44:29
"Thank you for your thorough care and thoughtfulness."
- Gena Wade
07/16/2020 02:34:24
"Best vet in the gorge"
- Sarah Belits
07/10/2020 19:21:12
"You all are doing great as always! You guys are awesome and yes you do treat us and our fur babies like family. God Bless every one of you!"
- Denice VanBuskirk
07/09/2020 21:22:34
"We are so happy we found you guys. Love the service and all the doctors we've seen so far."
- Amanda Wilson
07/08/2020 17:09:36
"Our Dogs are "family" and Columbia Vet is part of the family as well. Becky & Kendra have worked with us for years. In fact, we drive 1 hour from Goldendale knowing they're the BEST at what they do."
- Paul & Donna Jones
07/07/2020 17:33:16
"I have been using your clinic for over 20 years Love the doctors and the staff. The knowledge and compassion of all. Can't wait till covid is over so i can come inside with my pet."
- Caroline Barnes- Hinds
07/05/2020 19:04:54
"I love you all! Dr. Kendra... thank you for always providing the best care to my horses and dogs!"
- Lorie & Roger Hull
07/03/2020 00:38:28
"I really appreciated how you could work Salem into your schedule. It shows concern and compassion for a hurting animal. Dr. Bird called me personally to discuss Salem. That was very nice."
- Dawn Gragg
06/21/2020 15:45:13
"Dr.Kendra is a excellent Dr. She is truly concerned about my horses when she sees them and me.she takes the necessary time that is needed and does not rush us through, I really appreciate her. "
- Susie Root
06/21/2020 06:11:18
"Thank you for your empathy and care for our two old dogs. -Jacob and Mary."
- Mary Pastrana
06/20/2020 22:12:44
"Everyone is so nice and answered all my questions. Keep up the good job,"
- Michelle Pearce
06/20/2020 18:22:24
"They follow the appropriated distance, explains well detailed information and my kitty was out in no time. Thank you even tho is was short notice. "
- Rita Betancourt
06/19/2020 22:17:41
"We love our pets so very much and bring them to you because of the great care they receive!"
- Jim & Wendy Donnell
06/18/2020 22:36:14
"Our pets have always had the very best of care at Columbia Veterinary Hospital. The staff is very professional and everyone is friendly. I have nothing bad to say about any of our experiences. "
- Dan & Pat Kenslow
06/17/2020 00:55:17
"We had an emergency rattlesnake bite Thursday and were almost 2 hours away from where we live. We found you guys on our Maps app and called because it was so close to closing. You stayed open for us and got my little boy taken care of so well, then we rushed him back to Portland’s Dove Lewis ICU. He’s stable and back home now after being monitored Thursday and Friday. Dove Lewis said getting him the anti-venom so quickly was what saved him! Thank you so much! 💞"
- Britt Berkas
06/13/2020 20:40:47
"Taking time to talk to me and my daughter was great! Explaining what was going on inside her mouth was great. Great experience for my daughter, made a worrisome trip to the vet a great experience for her."
- Julia & Jeff Guscette
06/12/2020 00:28:49
"The staff was so kind to me and didn't seem bothered at all with all my lunch time visits to Finnley. He was there almost 6 days and saved him. My family and I will be forever grateful. We have already referred friends and family and plan to continue to do so. "
- Adrienne Streater
06/08/2020 15:18:59
"Excellent. My dog had a foxtail surgically removed from his foot. I noticed the staff trimmed my dog's toenails too, which was very much appreciated. "
- Sher & Bruce Schwartz
06/07/2020 03:04:35
"I feel very good about bringing Mya to your office. I feels that you genuinely care about her and I trust you with her care."
- Tammy Loeffler
06/06/2020 20:24:37
"You guys are doing great!"
- Jasmin Vejar
06/04/2020 21:24:37
"I had a very good experience as Lily needed to be seen for a possible back injury and you got me right in early Monday morning. I feel like she got good care and everyone was very helpful when I called back with a few questions about her medication. Its hard to bond with a new place with Covid going on this year but I think I will be coming back to you for all of Lily's care. She has been going to Hood River to Columbia Gorge Veterinary Clinic and I've been very happy with her care there, however they are not usually open on weekends or for emergencies and it is a much longer drive for me to take her there. I will ask them to transfer Lily's medical records to you. I was very nervous taking her somewhere new and I appreciate how we were treated. Thank you! Lily is back to her normal self. I was so worried."
- Doreen Bryant
06/04/2020 20:56:46
"Everyone has always been so friendly. Everyone is very efficient and helpful. It is so easy to park and a beautiful setting. I wouldn’t change anything"
- Arlone Stradley
05/22/2020 20:11:28
"Andrea was really helpful and she even found a way to save me money."
- Tai Rogers
05/22/2020 18:05:28
"Thank you for setting up an appointment the next morning after I called. Wasn't sure what to do when I found the lump in my dog Mack's neck! Then it was hard to wait in the car and not go in with Macks. But you all came outside to talk with me and made us feel well taken care of! Really appreciated your careful attention! Thank you for being there for us! "
- Sydney Rabe
05/19/2020 14:25:39
"I have always been extremely happy with your service and the care you show towards my dogs. With the current restrictions due to COVID19, you and your are extremely organized and very friendly! Thank You, René Howell "
- Keith & Rene Howell
05/16/2020 18:40:55
"I was very impressed with the care we received for our dogs. Optional services were explained and some were chosen and some were not, we appreciated not being badgered into purchasing additional services. Very happy with our visit. "
- Kasey Buckles
05/16/2020 17:55:54
"I appreciate your knowledge and sensitivity concerning my equines and the kindness you showed me the concerned owner, they are my Joy and you treated them as such."
- Susie Root
04/22/2020 03:51:03
"We were relieved that we could get an appointment on a Saturday during the Covid quarantine. Dr. Brandenburg & staff were extremely helpful, professional & informative- the diagnosis & treatment appear to be accurate and effective as our dog is rapidly healing."
- Laura & Al Mitchell
04/20/2020 19:17:39
"I enjoyed my visit. They were both cost conscious and concerned about the needs of my pet. Very friendly staff. Can't think of anything negative. "
- Jennifer & Brandon Smith
04/16/2020 17:22:05
"Kendra is Chases vet she is wonderful with him I trust her judgement in all decisions made for this very type A personality dog.The front desk ladies are friendly and willing to help anyway they can. I thank all of them for there patients with this little dog."
- Debra Kochis
04/15/2020 11:40:48
"Just fine. Thank you for all your help with my DDBs and my two other dogs. I love Drs Kendra and Dr. Cynthia. Both are super knowledgeable. Also,I love how kind the staff are and always really helpful."
- Daliea Thompson
04/15/2020 01:57:16
"I have no complaints. The way you have all persevered through this trying time is nothing short of amazing. Thank you for the excellent care to our babies when they have become sick or injured"
- Daily & Sherri Kenyon
04/10/2020 22:49:49
"We are stuck in FL because of COVID 19. We used the last of Winstons Heartgard medication and needed to get more. The Vet here in FL would not give us medication unless we had proof that he had been tested. Andrea got the information faxed to them so we were able to get Winston his meds. Thanks for being a Veterinary Hospital with a "real" small town feel . David Jane and WINSTON Poucher"
- Dave & Jane Poucher
04/10/2020 13:01:30
"All if my experiences have been excellent. Dr Kendra was fabulous handling my big mare who panics at the sight if a needle."
- Debbie Ferrer
04/09/2020 16:54:27
"Everything was great! We accidentally came a week early and you managed to fit us in and get our pets their needed vaccinations. It went smoothly being met at our vehicle due to covid restrictions. Staff was hustling around taking care of multiple pets. Nice work."
- Rachelle Leete
04/08/2020 23:41:42
"Very helpful, especially with Covid 19 situation. Thank you for being there for our pets"
- Chantelle Requa
04/08/2020 23:13:29
"I appreciate you all so much. I've told all my friends about you. :) "
- Roz & Chris Rushing
03/30/2020 00:44:28