"I think your hospital is wonderful! The best vets I have experienced."
- Mary Finley
11/23/2022 22:44:30
"Kendra is so kind, compassionate, thorough, and knowledgeable. No one I trust more with my horses in an emergency!"
- Wes & Sarah Anderson
11/23/2022 17:13:03
"Ryker loves coming into Columbia Veterinary Hospital to see all of his friends! He gets excited if I ask him if he wants to stop by lol. Sometimes we just come by to step on the scale and it makes him so happy to see his friends for a few minutes! Everyone is so great with him. He's a one year old, 130lb Rottweiler and I have never felt judgment or anyone "stereotype" him. He gets so much love here that he enjoys coming in everytime! I appreciate how well he is treated here!"
- Dee Ashley
11/21/2022 19:06:09
"Couldn't have asked for anything better. "
- Linda Pishion
11/21/2022 18:30:46
"I drive all the way from Vancouver WA to have my rabbits seen here. "
- Nicole Grant
11/21/2022 18:17:07
"Always good and competent care; front desk staff helpful and accomodating."
- Mike & Ronnie Johnson
11/20/2022 20:29:43
"Kendra is the BEST, she is very thorough and compassionate "
- Debbie Refsland
11/16/2022 19:05:47
"I really like Doctor Baker. She takes her time with each of my pets and is very gentle and kind. My dogs did very well with her. Thank you. "
- Heidi Hansen
11/16/2022 17:10:46
"Love how much time Dr. Kendra spends with our dog-child and us! "
- Kaitlin Iversen
11/15/2022 23:47:45
"You were able to get me in for a same day appointment. Friendly staff. Competent doctors."
- Martin & Molly Belshe
11/15/2022 23:31:48
"I like the tech appointments for shots. They're quick and painless. Thanks for offering these."
- Chris Schroeder
11/11/2022 20:26:46
"The staff always have the best interests in my pets. Love that they are caring and gentle "
- Yo Burnett
11/10/2022 21:20:09
"They took good care of our cat Puddy, she is elderly and we were worried. They did the least evasive procedures due to her age. I would recommend the clinic to anyone "
- David James
11/10/2022 02:29:29
"Dr. Kendra is so compassionate and knowledgeable with her care for our horses. She brings a sense of calm and I feel she really cares about them. I really appreciate I was able to get a same day appt. and everyone made us feel they were there for Phoenix 100%."
- Pam Adam
11/10/2022 00:27:19
"Linda took great care of us! Dr Becky was excellent & addressed all of our concerns even though time could have been stressed by being the only vet on duty on our Sunday. Appreciate all the care we have received. Thanks!"
- John Hartung
11/09/2022 21:03:26
"We get the absolute best care. We're very appreciative of the staff and doctors. "
- Nichole Jellum
11/09/2022 20:05:56
"I really appreciate the excellent care Dr. Kendra and her staff provide for my pets. From my horse to my dogs! I will be taking my new kitten in to see her very soon."
- Mary Collins
11/05/2022 17:57:07
"Your clinic and doctors always are helpful, and understanding of budgets as I'm trying to do what's best for my animals. Nadia is getting better, and I'll bring her in again to see what the problem might be that she's taking meds for right now. "
- Diana Weston
11/03/2022 19:22:14
"You guys are amazing! Could not ask for a more patient, kind, and knowledgeable staff to care for my reactive dog!"
- Noelle Blackford
11/01/2022 02:51:08
"We travel the extra distance to Columbia because we have always had great experiences there with our multitude of animals. Prior, we had heard great things. Y’all did not disappoint. Thank you for caring for our pets! "
- Ken & Gina Thornton
10/25/2022 04:40:59
"Dakota is a very scared boy when we came in and you were able to see it and rescheduled him for another day with some with some meds to com him down with meds. Not every vet is willing to work with dogs like Dakota. "
- Nancy Alvear
10/23/2022 16:57:42
"Linda was doing a fabulous job of orienting Lindy to the vet tech role. Dr. Becky was very knowledgeable and kind to both the horses and me. "
- Linda & Alan Jones
10/23/2022 03:23:37
"I have had nothing but good experiences with all your doctors. They are thorough and take their time to answer questions."
- Pamela Schilling
10/22/2022 17:20:58
"Very friendly and helpful staff! My dog is extremely scared of the vets office and new things, they were so good with him and took the time for him to feel comfortable around them! "
- Kendyl Armstrong
10/20/2022 21:19:57
"Good, vet Becky was very informative about some proactive strategies for boots"
- Heather Chambers
10/17/2022 19:04:31
"You guys are such a big load off my mind! You treat my dogs like they were your own, we cherish you greatly!!"
- Richard & Staci Iman
10/17/2022 03:30:03
"My boys are always treated like family! I love the phone calls to assure me things are running smoothly during and after surgery!"
- Tracy Miller
10/15/2022 20:03:53
"I love all the vets and staff at Columbia Vet. They are all helpful and kind."
- Autumn Brodie
10/12/2022 16:16:24
"I really like that the vets call and check up on your pet's well being after a visit. As soon as test results are received, I am called by the vet. I really appreciate that. The exams are thorough and all pricing is up front and in writing. Good communication is key."
- Ellen & James Crouch
10/10/2022 20:35:04
"We have nothing to say except we had a very positive experience there. Everyone was friendly and very professional. Would definitely recommend your business."
- Tony & Judy Kiser
10/08/2022 20:49:21
"We travel from Portland to have you care for our 2 pets (Chihuahuas). Especially with gas costs so dear, we are very grateful that you are willing to charge a lesser fee for a "brief" exam when a full exam is not warranted. Your staff is unfailingly helpful and courteous. Thank you!"
- Carolyn Menegas
10/06/2022 16:21:10
"I thought my visit was great. I got a lot of good information and help with food choices. Linda was really nice to come out with me to check my dog seat. Everyone was very kind and friendly."
- Arlone Stradley
10/05/2022 20:05:33
"No long waiting time. Very careful with handling pets. All in all just very good with pets. 👍❤️"
- Dana Winkler
10/04/2022 21:01:09
"I had an emergency and they helped my dog out right away. They did all the research necessary to get my dog feeling better. I can’t thank you all enough. "
- Ariana Pozos
10/03/2022 20:44:11
"My dog hates having her nails trimmed, but she's excited to see your staff. It makes the nail trims easier."
- Cory Saenz
10/03/2022 20:29:45
"I appreciate the personable treatment towards myself and the patience and care the vets and staff give towards my dogs:)"
- Ed & Jessica Devlaeminck
10/03/2022 20:17:17
"Nice to have weekend hours."
- Mike & Stacey Holeman
10/03/2022 19:10:33
"Your staff is always pleasant and helpful - a pleasure to deal with."
- Carol Lanctot
10/03/2022 18:33:17
"You did amazing and we felt like Mayhem (our dog) was in good care. You took time to answer our questions and look over our concerns, rather than making it feel rushed. "
- Sarah & Rocky Lemley
09/28/2022 19:51:10
"Thank you for being patient with Charles first visit. He was nervous and scared and everyone made him and his mom feel comfortable. Thank you"
- Christine Crowe
09/25/2022 23:23:16
"All of the doctors and staff that I’ve met have been so knowledgeable, caring and friendly. My dogs seemed to be very comfortable every visit. (I’ve been there often this summer) Nice veterinary office. "
- Lynette Stewart
09/25/2022 21:19:55
"I felt our senior dog was very well taken care of. The information given was honest and I didn’t feel rushed. With the diagnosis he was given I was upset, but I felt Lynda and Dr. Baker were both caring, helpful and professional. "
- Heather Cruse
09/25/2022 20:07:42
"I love that Ryder gets so much love while he's there. It means so much to us that Ryder gets treated like he's the staff's personal pet. "
- Andra & Terry Parsons
09/24/2022 18:19:05
"Initially I was stressed that I couldn't get multiple dog in for an appointment, but later in the day I got a call that there was an opening and I could bring her in and even drop off if needed which worked out great for my work schedule. "
- Janna & Brian Hughitt
09/22/2022 22:37:30
"Many thanks to the office staff who make every visit possible! I’ve talked with Andrea many times! She listens actively to our stories and makes the right decision on getting us into the office! I spoke with another person on Sunday who gave me bio info on the fabulous Dr Baker and her assistant Lynda! Our first time seeing them! We’ve been clients over 5 years- we so appreciate Dr Baker and Lynda’s methods of handling my big reactive girl. Bryn is the light of my life and your concern for her emotional and physical health is so greatly appreciated! "
- Donna Grubbs
09/21/2022 20:45:56
"You guys are amazing ! I accidentally showed up one week early to get my bunny neutered and your team was able to fit us in Dr. Becky’s schedule. We are super grateful and enjoyed grounding myself in your beautiful front yard :) Twilight is recovering fairly quick and I will definitely will be referring clients over to your clinic! "
- Bianca Navarette
09/21/2022 02:00:45
"Very pleased with our first visit. We will definitely continue to bring our dogs here!"
- Christopher Sloan
09/15/2022 15:11:35
"Seems very busy but everyone seemed eager to jump right in and help. Had originally planned to go somewhere else but it was so expensive to get my cat Bo fixed that we decided to try here. We were so happy when the bill was so small. We couldn't hardly believe it."
- Martha Cardon
09/13/2022 23:06:39
"Staff was beyond friendly and helpful. The environment was so comfortable to be at for my dogs and for I. I am so happy I made the switch to your clinic. "
- Andrea Harris
09/12/2022 22:05:47
"My fur babies are treated with love and excellent care. I trust the vets and techs completely. I highly recommend Columbia Veterinary Hospital for superior care."
- Jamie Birch
09/11/2022 21:23:22
"I appreciated the compassion all of the staff showed me, as well as the professionalism when explaining Harper's condition, treatment, and billing details. Reception gals were fantastic. Vet tech was personable and I trusted her handling my Harpy. Dr Hailee made me feel like myself and kitty-beast were both valued and respected. "
- Lettie Young
09/09/2022 21:53:20
"I felt like I was heard and staff took the time to address all my needs and questions. They were very kind with my cats care and handling :)"
- Mike & Kelly McCall
09/09/2022 00:36:48
"I love the service we get there. Appointments are always available and if we have and emergency we can always get them in too!"
- Taunia Canchola
09/06/2022 16:26:33
"We are happy that you took the time to hear our problems and find solutions our other vet didn't have the time for. Thatk you so much!! We will be back!"
- Joe & Jan Wolford
09/05/2022 00:42:57
"Your clinic has always been helpful and courteous. That's why we've stayed with you as you moved. We've actually been bringing our pets to this clinic for over 50 years. "
- Diana Weston
09/04/2022 19:17:46
"I have respect for your clinic and highly recommend you to all my pet friends. "
- Caroline Schmid
09/03/2022 20:02:33
"This most current experience with gus was the most amazing! I feel like we have been trying things left and right to help his ear. It’s only been two days and I’m seeing a noticeable difference! It’s not even smelling! The doctor and assistant we’re both very helpful, and so kind. They didn’t make me feel like I was a horrible pet mom. And for that I am extremely grateful."
- Anneta & Christopher Crown
08/31/2022 00:27:30
"I always feel that my pet's health is extremely important to every caregiver involved from the front desk to the physician. Thank you everyone for loving and caring as much for Sully as we do! You all are just amazing and we are so blessed to have found such great care so close to home."
- Tracy Cantrell
08/30/2022 03:00:20
"The doctor was very through & gentle & kind to Dooley & Cato."
- Lowry Browning
08/16/2022 13:25:50
"Ryker absolutely loves coming there!! I tell him we're going and he gets so excited. This is because from the front desk to the techs and Dr's everyone has been great with him and made coming to the Vet a positive experience. We have not had one negative appointment/experience :)"
- Dee Ashley
08/15/2022 18:23:01
"Om very pleased with how my horse has been handled.Hopefully we can get to the bottom of his problem. "
- Sharron Craven
08/12/2022 21:26:55
"Every time we come in there with one of our pets, everyone is awesome. "
- James & Wendy Shoptaw
08/10/2022 22:00:55
"They were very concerned about both Shaya and myself..they calmed both of us as they did everything possible during the examination which was very throughal..thank you for your fast arrival for Shaya's eye was bleeding..even though it was after hours they were not in a rush to get us out of your office..Shaya is improving from the clear explanation of how to administer the medicine . Thank you "
- Flora Persinger
08/07/2022 16:55:19
"Overall a very positive experience! Being able to refill my pet's prescription through the app is very convenient."
- Anna Goodwin
08/07/2022 16:22:26
"Wonderful care, Had my dog and cat for their annual visit and shots Kala took her time checked everything Advised how things were going with each, Moochie my cat needs to have her teeth cleaned. They were very careful to keep the stress down Always goes above what is expected Have been mom of patients for many years and will continue to do so,"
- Caroline Barnes- Hinds
08/04/2022 02:28:46
"You all GREAT!!!! Every time we come in we are greeted with a smile and you all tolerate all my crazy dog antics. We love coming to you all for all our animal care. We highly recommend y’all. "
- Thomas & Jessica DeMoss
08/04/2022 01:29:19
"I think you’re doing very well. Your staff is always very courteous and helpful."
- Carol Lanctot
08/03/2022 21:33:38
"Very friendly, compassionate with our dog, helpful providing recommendations. "
- Dave & Linda Harcombe
08/03/2022 14:17:35
"Was on time with Apt. doc. Was caring, gentle and friendly to dogs. Very knowledgeable. "
- Dawn Steele
08/02/2022 17:39:21
"From the front desk, staff, and all of the Docs everything is top notch. The staff greet my pups by name and with love and smiles. “Aunties” Dr. Becky and Dr. Kendra not only give the best care they give scratches and treats too. Gunner and Teal love their CVH crew💗"
- Diana Bailey
07/31/2022 18:51:49
"You’ve always taken the best secure of my pets and explained everything to me what you’re doing and then what I gotta do and just you guys seem like you love them as much as I do"
- Don Proffitt
07/23/2022 00:30:31
"Our very large breeding Boar was having an ear problem and so was one of our dogs, we were able to swing down with both of them to have them treated with the last minute appointment. The staff spent hours with our Boar and not once did they make us feel like we were inconveniencing them, I know that they where probably booked up with appointments but they treated us with kindness and respect and never rushed. Our little border Collie had a foxtail in his ear and he just laid in the horse stall all day content after they pulled out the Foxtail.."
- Elaine Gaither
07/21/2022 18:10:44
"Everyone was very kind & friendly. Very sympathetic toward my Henry"
- Bobbie Wojtecki
07/20/2022 20:12:43
"Always a great experience! Kendra & Becky are our favorite! They are always so helpful & we appreciate it! We also love the front desk ladies for being so helpful! Especially when we are dealing with Stella’s emergency visits. "
- Tawnya & Brandon Charlson
07/20/2022 02:42:20
"Great service and patience with high energy Scout."
- Chantelle Requa
07/19/2022 22:17:54
"Friendly front staff, Dr. Becky is truly amazing and the assistant was very kind and helpful assisting with my hyper dogs!:)"
- Lexie McCafferty
07/18/2022 22:35:40
"Her have been so blessed with dr Becky caring for our cat. She listens to our concerns and is able to treat him accordingly. She is a compassionate and wise doctor. We are thankful for her. "
- Alex & Alex Maia
07/18/2022 14:14:06
"The staff at Columbia Veterinary Hospital are always so great with Kelly! I always feel confident in their decisions and how they care for her."
- Madison Montgomery
07/17/2022 23:08:41
"We love Dr. Moulton and the entire staff at Columbia Veterinary Hospital. Caring and professional, beautiful facilities. couldn’t ask for more"
- Mike & Marti Cronin
07/15/2022 20:15:08
"Our experience was great and staff was very friendly! "
- Kayla Bryson
07/12/2022 18:20:50
"You all have been amazing, loving and kind every time we visit, Thank you for all your support. "
- Marquita & Victor Veloz
07/11/2022 22:18:25
"I love everything about your clinic. You all care for animals and it shows! We always recommend you and even though it's a but more of a distance than alpine vet, wegaldly make the trip."
- Jeff & Tonya Speelman
07/11/2022 21:57:31
"I had a very good experience for my kitten's visit. Talking with the doctor was great. She was friendly and answered all of my questions. I appreciate the great care taken with my new kitty. "
- Molly Mears
07/11/2022 20:09:08
"This visit was pretty simple. We were just picking up meds. I like that I can order them through the app, and I get a confirmation message that they are ready. "
- Carissa Silvis
07/10/2022 00:00:59
"Very happy with the care my boys received I recommend these folks to everyone!"
- Nadyne Irish
06/29/2022 22:33:37
"Good customer service. Doctor and techs willing to spend as much time as needed to answer questions and address my concerns. Genuine care and respect for my animal. Loved that everyone I interacted with introduced themselves."
- Mike & Kelly McCall
06/29/2022 14:50:54
"Thank you so much! We had a fantastic experience at a very stressful time. Everyone we were in contact with from phone to vet scores a 10/10. Hands down the best service and care for Bingo on Saturday. I was silently working on changing vets while I was in the waiting room even though it’s a drive for us. Thank you!!"
- Hayley Parry
06/28/2022 13:36:13
"AMAZING. All of the staff is so attentive and kind!! Thank you for saving Frank!! "
- Rod & Kara Polintan
06/26/2022 02:44:38
"This is hands down the best veterinary care we have ever experienced from a clinic. I appreciate the fact that Dr. Kendra and Dr. Becky were both willing to come right out and help us during emergencies. They were both very caring and understanding which made an unbearable experience a little less painful. "
- Jill & Jason Fargher
06/19/2022 18:22:38
"We always feel welcome and that our animals will get the best care!"
- Teena Ford
06/15/2022 14:27:35
"Dr Becky and crew are fantastic, always accommodating and wonderful with our critters. "
- Brad Ryhlick
06/09/2022 14:09:35
"Everything was great! Staff is wonderful, we love Dr. Becky!! Everything was explained thoroughly, dogs are doing good. "
- Michon Mainwaring
06/08/2022 17:19:33
"The vet and tech were absolutely fantastic. My pup had a rough time last year during Covid with some unexpected behaviors that I was unable to witness. The tech was so wonderful in helping to minimize both my and my dogs stress. Can’t say enough about their skill and care!!!"
- Crisi & Walt Lee
06/03/2022 14:12:33
"Great visit with my new pup and no nervousness at all thanks to the great care and attention he received. I think we have a vet lover in the making! Thank you! Also the front desk was very helpful in setting up future appts for my pup and 2 other dogs!"
- Chris Schroeder
05/27/2022 17:26:18
"super great people!!"
- Georgia & Richard Malcolm
05/26/2022 23:49:32
"The people working at the front desk, are awesome. Thank you! "
- Rachel & Gary Schunk
05/22/2022 23:48:34
"Everyone was fantastic and attentive of Luna and considerate of me her mom. I was worried and they calmed my nerves and took care of her effectively and efficiently. She is doing great now. "
- Laure & Matt Shelquist
05/22/2022 16:00:06
"We are very happy to be part of the "family" at Columbia Veterinary Hospital. We are treated well, the staff are friendly, we never have to wait a long time, our appointments are kept and the pups are taken care of."
- Carol Blackwell
05/22/2022 00:10:54
"I have always been treated with kindness. The receptionists are great. "
- Michelle Richards
05/19/2022 13:06:19
"I'm kept in the loop at all times. Dr. asks lots of questions so to better care for Spike."
- Rene Brosseau
05/18/2022 21:04:37