"Columbia Vet Hospital is a top-notch organization! We have complete confidence in their staff when we bring Cooper in. It's been this way with all of our pets over the years. Ron Sutherland"
- Ron & Carol Sutherland
09/22/2021 16:46:52
"Everyone is wonderful! Love this clinic"
- Mike & Kristine Guischer
09/22/2021 02:30:07
"Very happy with my visit and wait time. They even accommodated me when I was late due to an accident on the highway. "
- Julie Wines
09/20/2021 14:02:00
"I can honestly say I have been 100% satisfied. Your clinic is always there when I need help. Dr. Kendra is the kindest Vet my baby's have ever had. Thank you to the whole clinic for all you do!"
- Kelly Margheim
09/20/2021 01:17:10
"You’re perfect! Keep up the great work!"
- Dena Chesnut
09/18/2021 20:07:27
"We were very happy with the care and the immediate response with Dez. We were so grateful to pull in the parking lot and have staff ready and waiting to get her in the clinic. I truly think that the quick response is what saved her life, Thank you! "
- Rick Baggenstos
09/15/2021 05:40:27
"Thank you for helping figure out what was going on with our dog. Although it turned out to be a diagnosis that is terminal, I feel that it was handled with care and compassion. We came in late and your team worked hard to figure out what was going on, kept us informed the whole time and response times were true to estimated times. Thank you so much for all you do! Our pets are our world and you gave us excellent care."
- Katherine Hamilton
09/14/2021 18:13:10
"I really like the care you give. I’ve found you accessible, reasonable and you take good care of my pet. No complaints!"
- Karen LaPointe
09/12/2021 16:19:21
"I think you folks are awesome. Mack loves coming to see you and that means a lot. Thanks "
- Rick Bernbaum
09/07/2021 19:53:53
"I was a bit nervous bringing a brand new puppy into the clinic, and the front desk helped put me at ease, they were really welcoming! I appreciated that! I was very tired from not sleeping the few nights before my visit and was a bit embarrassed to realize I had forgotten her file at home. I did not know the answers to the vet and techs question. They told me it was ok to call or email that info into your clinic later, that was helpful. All in all I enjoyed my visit, thank you to everyone for making us feel cared for, you did a great job with Luna~ "
- Kimberlie Ott
09/03/2021 01:19:40
"The vets and staff at Columbia Veterinary Hospital are professional, knowledgeable, and caring. I've had a better experience there than anywhere else. They truly care about your pet."
- Teleia Adams
09/01/2021 19:26:12
"So glad to be back. Y’all Rock! Thanks for your amazing community support and thanks for taking such good care of Oliver. "
- Michael & Jennifer Holloran
08/26/2021 22:35:09
"My family and I have been so happy with the care for our two pups. We moved here not too long ago and feel really grateful. Everyone is so nice. The staff is responsive to phone calls and messages. You never make us wait. And our dogs are doing great (especially Olive, who had a mass removed and is a NEW GIRL, even though she's an old gal). Thank you! "
- Izzy Kalichman
08/23/2021 23:08:12
"I felt heard and cared for and unrushed. I appreciated being given options and how knowledgeable and professional Dr. Kendra and (I forget the other woman’s name 😬) were. I left feeling like I understood more about what is going on with my companion and also so grateful for really feeling seen and heard and truly cared for."
- Robin Wiesner
08/21/2021 00:54:56
"Great care, service and TEAM. Have been in the area for three years and would not consider taking our girls anywhere else! "
- Mike & Marti Cronin
08/18/2021 18:02:51
"We so appreciate how caring you guys are with such competent service and convenient hours! Keep doing what you are doing!"
- Nancy Kiyokawa
08/12/2021 23:00:11
"I and jade(my pooch) we’re very comfortable! There weren’t a lot of other animals in the lobby, the place was clean and smelled good! The office rooms also were clean! And all the staff I talked with were super nice! "
- Austin Woolsey
08/12/2021 22:29:10
"I think that you’re doing great, your back office staff is always so friendly and Mia absolutely adores all of you. We walk the trail by the vet at night and she wants to go in so bad!"
- David & Danyelle Sullivan
08/11/2021 22:58:47
"Very best of care for our little Boston terrier. Kayla ran tests and was very professional in her diagnosis and care. Our vet assistant was so kind to Charlotte . Would recommend them for any of your veterinary needs. "
- Colleen Ward
08/05/2021 16:19:37
"great visit just had to pick up meds in and out fast "
- Jody & Michelle Henderson
08/03/2021 23:03:56
"The entire experience was excellent. No complaints! I appreciated the direct communication from Dr. Kayla. The willingness of the vet and tech to complete the examination without me in the room (generally goes MUCH better for Rune) was a huge help."
- Brittany & Justin Smith
08/03/2021 20:20:34
"Wonderful staff who take time to answer all the questions I ask and explain things in a way you understand. "
- Kaitlyn Avina Garcia
07/31/2021 22:11:30
"This veterinary hospital is the best you could want!! Pets get excellent care. The very best!!"
- Shirley Carlson
07/31/2021 08:07:35
"I love how much you love our dog"
- Andra & Terry Parsons
07/29/2021 21:21:54
"Bringing my cats to a new vet is not something I like doing. My anxiety goes thru the roof. These are my babies and just taking them to the vet is stressful for them. Jojo in particular. She stressed out like I have never seen before. The vet allowed us to stay a few extra minutes to make sure she was ok. We went home feeling a lot better knowing she was ok when we were released. Your staff is professional, caring and attentive. Very forthcoming with information and made sure I understood what they were talking about. I will be staying with this vet service. Oh and being open 7 days a week...amazing! I don't have to miss work for an appointment. Thank you so much!"
- Cindy Watkins
07/26/2021 19:36:51
"Appointments are so easy to schedule, employees are so caring and welcoming THANK YOU Columbia Vet Hospital"
- Rita Betancourt
07/13/2021 22:13:18
"You are always positive and caring. We are glad to be back inside your amazing building!!! We would recommend you to anyone looking for a caring and professional hospital."
- KC & Carolyn Kortge
07/13/2021 21:32:30
"You guys have always been very kind to me and with Canelo, that was my first time being inside and being able to go in with my pet. I felt very comfortable and everyone was so easy to talk to! Thank you!"
- Lily Aamodt
07/11/2021 23:48:29
"We have a fearful dog, who has had many visits to both your old and new facility. Neither he or we have had a bad experience. the staff is friendly and caring. Our dog senses that and always does well there. The products sold there are not overpriced. We have found the quality of care excellent! We are very thankful that you are here in The Dalles :)"
- Ron & Carol Sutherland
07/11/2021 18:22:40
"Excellent customer service and didn't have to wait long"
- Jessica Peterson
07/10/2021 22:34:27
"Thank you for getting us in short notice. With farm animals horses mules dogs n such, its usually short notice emergencies. Thank you"
- Bill Barrier
07/10/2021 22:09:37
"Check-in was quick and easy. When I picked my baby up the instructions were clear and precise. Quite friendly staff and very efficient."
- Joyce Barklow
07/10/2021 21:49:02
"We have absolutely no complaints. We truly adore Dr. Kendra, Dr. Bird, Dr. O. and the rest of the staff there. Bubba, Frankie, GiGi, and the rest of the puppies are always greeted with open arms and a warm smile when we come. We are thrilled to be able to call Columbia Veterinary Hospital our go to Vet and Animal Care experts."
- Thomas & Jessica DeMoss
07/09/2021 19:32:07
"You guys are THE BEST! Thank you so much for being open on a Sunday....when we needed you the most with our concern with our boy. Your care for my boy was very much appreciated. And, I"m grateful and so very thankful that you don't charge an arm and a leg for overnight care. I will DEFINITELY be back to Columbia!! Thank you all again!!"
- Chris & Melanie Nickelsen
07/04/2021 17:16:05
"I feel like my dog receives the best care here. The staff is good with him, and the vet spends time to answer my questions and go above and beyond to make sure my dog is healthy. I appreciate being able to return to his appointments while still feeling safe and protected from covid. Thank you. "
- Madison Hanna
07/03/2021 23:08:30
"My husband and I were very happy with the care our cats got from Dr. Becky. She was patient and really knew how to handle them when they weren't happy with being there. She listened to our concerns and gave us different options we could choose from. "
- Raylene Robins
06/30/2021 13:00:11
"Absolutely fantastic 👏 I had a emergency after hrs and was able to get in in 15 minutes. Such caring staff and the Dr was amazing, so nice and calmed me down. They took care of my dog and made her feel comfortable and she never is at the vet. I'm switching vets to Columbia veterinary Hospital!"
- Ashley Hovde
06/28/2021 22:14:53
"Ive always been extremely happy with the care my animals have received there. Dr. Kendra is amazing and always makes me feel informed. "
- Jill & Jason Fargher
06/28/2021 20:57:21
"My experience with you has always been very good. I appreciate that Dr. Kendra and the staff stayed a little late on Friday to make sure poor little Bruiser was not in pain overnight. "
- Kathy Lamoreaux
06/21/2021 16:06:08
"I was so pleased with the Kayla and her assistant! They were great with the horses and informative to me. Thank you."
- Heidi Obrien
06/19/2021 22:08:48
"You always provide the very best care and have always been there for me. Every one of your staff is friendly and kind. I could not be happier with the services you provide!"
- Bonnie & Jim Huett
06/19/2021 19:48:20
"Speedy and courteous service even with covid protocols in place. "
- Leslie Douglass
06/19/2021 19:47:08
"Friendly and professional service."
- Tim & Cindy Beatty
06/16/2021 16:21:08
"Staff was very nice and Dr. Becky was very thorough and explained everything. Did not feel like we were rushed - everyone professional and kind. "
- Monica & Margaret Monet
06/16/2021 04:19:24
"Very friendly, very punctual! Answered all questions! Great business!"
- Nancy Kiyokawa
06/14/2021 00:42:38
"You are the best clinic to have in our area. You care about the pets and their families. My Aussie posse know where to get treats when we go for walks, lol "
- Yo Burnett
06/12/2021 23:02:48
"Excellent. My dog seems to behave better for your techs than she does for me which means that they are in tune with the pet. Support after the visit has also been good."
- Dave Anderson
06/11/2021 22:52:17
"Dr. Bird was very attentive and listened completely to my pets issues. She made suggestions and a plan of care giving me the options which one to Pursue. She was respectful of my choices and helpful with future planning. "
- Susan Gross
06/09/2021 18:20:26
"If it wasn’t for the compassion of of the doctors and employees of this clinic my 18 month old puppy would not be alive thank you so much for all you did!!!!!!!"
- Terry Stanford
06/09/2021 03:00:55
"I love the care that my furry friend receives at your facility. The veterinarian was informative and patient with me during my dogs recent urgent care visit. I appreciated that she gave me price estimates along the way. Overall, I'm extremely happy with the care that we receive. "
- Briana Wentz
06/06/2021 14:39:54
"We have been nothing short of impressed with the care our older dog has received. Your folks are responsive and communicate very effectively, we appreciate that very much! We are also always impressed at the care and treatment options that you provide and you’ve never made us feel like we are making a bad choice in the care of our dog. Thank You! "
- Breanna Wimber
05/26/2021 22:39:37
"I have had nothing but a positive experiences with everyone that I encounter at the office. Could not ask for better service."
- Thomas & Jessica DeMoss
05/13/2021 21:01:39
"You guys are amazing! Kelly has only visited CVH twice. Once for a general exam and once for a dental. Everyone has been super patient and understanding with my questions, and the amount of communication you guys keep with pet owners is amazing! Kelly is the first pet I have been entirely responsible for, so being updated throughout her dental procedure made me feel super comfortable with the people who were caring for her. I also appreciated the next day call as it shows your genuine care for your patients."
- Madison Montgomery
05/05/2021 21:45:51
"We love they way you care for both of our dogs de Becky is the best and so is the staff "
- Eva Rivera
05/03/2021 16:06:05
"The woman I talked to to schedule the appointment was very courteous and knowledgeable. It was so refreshing to not have the “attitude “ that I’ve experienced elsewhere. Dr Johnson was very professional. She helped me understand what I could expect going forward with my goat. It was a fabulous experience. I’m glad to find such a great vet with after hours available. "
- Ellie Wheeler
05/02/2021 03:18:09
"Service was quick. It was nice not to have to lug the carrier inside (cat is heavy!). The vet thoroughly explained what she found, and I could pay in the parking lot. Very well done!"
- Kameron & Lori Sam
05/01/2021 13:42:19
"You’re doing awesome! Wouldn’t take my critters anywhere else."
- David & Megan Wagenblast
04/28/2021 03:46:09
"You guys are the best you take such good care of our animals. I love how professional your staff is. Your facility is excellent. I can’t express my feelings towards everyone that works there "
- Tim & Jodi McMurrin
04/27/2021 22:55:07
"I liked that you were willing to do whatever I wanted to do. Was also grateful that Dr. Becky had an upbeat tone to her voice when she called to give me the results of the surgery, so that I knew right away that it wasn't bad news."
- Pamela MacNab
04/26/2021 17:43:18
"Dr Kendra was amazing as usual. Super helpful and explains the process of what’s happening. No questions with after care or rest periods or anything. "
- Kassidy Little
04/25/2021 23:31:06
"We are always pleased with the care you have given our dogs. TLC means the world."
- KC & Carolyn Kortge
04/20/2021 23:50:20
"Glowing remarks only"
- Gail Johnson
04/20/2021 01:07:50
"I like that you told us everything about the appointment and the honesty. I like that you gave us suggestions on what to do to help calm down our dog to get his nails done its super helpful. "
- Nartez Pacholl
04/17/2021 22:26:53
"My cat Maude became a patient of your just after Covid hit—so I only know your clinic from the parking lot. I give you 5 stars for how you have cared for her during her short life—including the amputation of her tail after a traumatic accident. I can’t wait for in person visits in the months to come. "
- Tina Chamberlain
04/17/2021 02:22:59
"I have to give the staff my utmost gratitude for their handling my anxiety about Kono! They are doing an exceptional job considering the humans they also have to deal with (like me!) who are somewhat panicky these days with Covid and all. And then there is my memory & lack of some of it when it is most necessary. They have always been excellent with Kono, despite his Jekyll/Hyde personality about treatment (nails clipped). Thank you so much!!!!"
- Anwen Dutson
04/17/2021 00:12:36
"I miss the pre-pandemic way we used to be able to do things, but this new system is for the best right now. The change isn't all bad though, sitting in the car I get to have the windows down and enjoy nature while I wait."
- Cory Saenz
04/15/2021 10:59:16
"You were more than helpful when I gave the wrong dose of Bravecto to Socks and you traded her dose for a bigger one for Lover Boy. Thanks for telling me I didn't kill my Socks by giving her too strong of a dose."
- Marla & David Skroch
04/02/2021 02:21:23
"Everyone is doing a great job. Taking care of my senior cat. Thanks for all the great work you and the staff continue to do. "
- Jamie Cooper
04/01/2021 23:48:59
"I am very pleased with the care that my rabbit has received on both visits!"
- Kyle Bray
03/30/2021 16:49:06
"Very impressed with your clinic. You are there for when one has to make big decisions for their precious pets. I can't say enough good things about the hospital."
- Kathy Eastman
03/28/2021 16:25:30
"Very thankful that my kitty got such good care! I knew when I dropped her off she would be in loving hands. "
- Kaitlin Johnson
03/26/2021 22:36:51
"We are very happy we found you. We had our last vet in CA for 19 years. He was like family. Hard to leave. You have surpassed our expectations. Thank you. "
- Laurie Gibson
03/24/2021 17:26:18
"I always appreciate the way everyone makes sure all needed information is passed on, and that a door for more questions/concerns is always open. "
- Lara Stradley
03/24/2021 16:27:33
"I am so happy Dr. Kendra sent Enzo's x rays to a radiologist and that his heart is a normal size for the breed he is. I also appreciated her telling me about the grain free diets and how they can affect a dogs heart. I did not know that and am now transitioning to another food just to be on the safe side. His medication already seems to be working and the cough is gone for now. Thank you Dr. Kendra. "
- Heidi Hansen
03/23/2021 21:00:21
"I always get my questions answered and personal know I live over an hour away and are very helpful getting my dogs checked in and out in a timely fashion.Everyone is great !!"
- Lynette Davis
03/23/2021 01:58:43
"We had an AMAZING experience at Columbia Vet. Dr. Becky was the best ever. It is so rare to call and get to talk directly with the veterinarian. You all took wonderful care of Pippin and seemed to really like her. Thank you so much."
- Leigh Hancock
03/22/2021 13:52:28
"You guys are always doing an awesome job. This time I did have to call 2 or 3 times before getting an answer but I’m also a receptionist and I know that sometimes things are just chaotic and you can’t get to everyone at once so really, zero complaints from me."
- Dan & Heather Thomson
03/21/2021 16:21:42
"2 Nd time there. I’m impressed with the professionalism, and I feel you guys truly care about my horses. Thank you for accommodating me."
- Sandee Foster-Yanez
03/17/2021 05:00:28
"One of the best and most professional vet experiences I've ever had. Very patient staff, super knowledgeable, upfront about what tests will be needed and the cost, seems like techs and vets go out of their way to make sure I understand what's going on with my cat who has ongoing, chronic issues. It's really been a great experience overall. And my cat agrees. 5 out of 5."
- Danielle Surgnier
03/13/2021 00:39:00
"I appreciate your diligence with testing Daisy to learn about her problems. I appreciate Dr. Kayla’s conservative approach by trying out treatments in a deliberate, test results based manner. I appreciate the caring manner of your vet techs. I appreciate the cheerful responsiveness of your administrative staff."
- Jill Hoyenga
03/12/2021 18:24:04
"I really appreciate your service and have recommended you to numerous people. I have had a much more positive experience with you then with my old vet prior to us moving to Wasco county."
- Roz & Chris Rushing
03/12/2021 01:56:35
"You are doing a great job. The cost for your service seems reasonable. I will recommend this office to anyone I know who needs a vet."
- Agnes Hearne
03/11/2021 00:56:30
"You are wonderful don't change a thing!"
- Rebecca Van Hout
03/10/2021 06:53:19
"I had a great experience. This was our first Farm Call. Dr. Kayla was great. She addressed all my questions and concerns. "
- Toni Gardner
03/08/2021 21:02:34
"I have been very happy with the service, staff and the Excellant care of my puppy!"
- Deena McDaniel
03/08/2021 19:19:40
"The doctor kept us well-informed on their well being and plan for their continued care. The staff was excellent and I didn’t feel uncomfortable releasing my “kids” to them."
- Joyce Barklow
03/07/2021 20:33:19
"Very informative and caring "
- Flora Persinger
03/07/2021 19:31:00
"My visit went great. Staff communicated efficiently, was a very good experience for myself and Porter."
- Gena Arthur
03/05/2021 04:03:52
"You are doing just fine! The follow up call yesterday was nice, also reassuring. I have had to use half pills of Carprofen before for doggie pain relief and had to cut them myself with uneven results. This is the first time I have ever opened the bottle and found them already cut. That is a great big WooHoo to you!!! "
- Carol Blackwell
03/03/2021 19:01:42
"Though it is not ideal that we can not be in the exam room with our fur babies , I understand why we can’t. I feel comfortable with how the clinic has been implementing strict protocols . I feel at ease when the doctor calls to provide an update right after examining our fur babies and to provide recommendations."
- Viviana Morales
03/02/2021 17:35:11
"Our animals see you for care. However, we had an emergency north of Glenwood on a trail and we were 1.5 hours out from The Dalles. We called a vet in Goldendale and their on-call vet said they were 3 hours from meeting with us. That wasn't going to work for the situation so we called you all knowing it would still be 1.5 hours to get there. You were able to see him as soon as we pulled in the parking lot. We can't tell you how much we appreciate your hours, flexibility and compassion. Thank you for all that you do!"
- Lisa Beranek
03/01/2021 18:06:57
"Dr. Kendra and Amber are awesome! They are so good and kind to DJ! Love you all!"
- Eli & Heather Cox
02/13/2021 20:36:23
"I have nothing bad to say. Bishop is so much happier since he got medicine for his ears and I am happy to have a vet very close by should we need anything for him"
- Amanda & Jeremy Valentine
02/12/2021 17:13:35
"Doing great! Thank you for taking good care of Callie."
- Joel & Tammy Chase
02/11/2021 00:25:10
"I love that you are keeping us safe while caring for our fur friends. The service was great and fast."
- Zania Chavarria
02/09/2021 03:58:23
"I was a little nervous at first because I couldn’t got in, but it was a great surgery and he recovered great. "
- Nartez Pacholl
02/09/2021 01:25:12
"Loved the vet. Felt that she was knowledgeable and took the time to hear what had been happening in order to make the right choice. She even followed up the next night. I was very impressed "
- Laura & Al Mitchell
02/08/2021 15:29:27
"Very cooperative, friendly, fast staff. Thanks"
- Nadine Brack
02/07/2021 21:44:45
"You guys do an amazing job! Very happy with your service! (:"
- Ann-Marie & Justin Sugg
01/24/2021 01:42:11
"As always everyone is very caring and able to answer all questions no matter how strange they are! "
- Suzi Stephenson
01/24/2021 00:21:00