"This vet clinic is the absolute best! The doctors & staff make you feel as though the pets our part of the family and not just a four legged critter that exist. They always give the appreciation of using their clinic as care givers of our pets/babies. Especially since we have no children, these animals are our children. "
- Glenn Dunn
04/19/2019 02:13:16
"You are doing very well. Everyone is so courteous and kind. They make you feel comfortable. The doctors have been very informative with me about anything I need to ask. I feel they really do care. I have seen Dr. Coomer and I really like her. I come away knowing she really tries to help me understand what I am dealing with."
- Louise Atchisson
04/18/2019 22:44:21
"Staff was very kind and was respectful to myself and my horse. "
- Andrea Jamirson
04/18/2019 20:42:15
"We were treated promptly. Everyone was very friendly. My Daisy is very anxious and scared when going to the vet, but she was treated gently."
- Judy Carriere
04/18/2019 15:12:05
"I was very satisfied with your service"
- Lisa Brenneke
04/18/2019 14:52:29
"My pets always receive good care here. They have seen several different vets here and all have been gentle and caring. They have been very good about answering any questions that I may have. After checking in, we usually do not have to wait long at all. Whenever I have had a concern about a pet, I have been able to get an appointment right away. "
- Sheila Ottman
04/17/2019 22:56:31
"Did great. Got in fast and the lines were short. Was able to get dogs medicines in about 2 minutes in and out the door. "
- Hunter Long
04/17/2019 16:07:17
"Desk staff is courteous on the phone, and in person. Waiting area is comfortable for owners and pets. Vet staff is always helpful and willing to answer questions. We appreciate having Sunday available as a pickup day."
- Leah Langfitt
04/17/2019 14:47:17
"We really like Dr Ben and appreciate the attention he gives my horses"
- Nola French
04/17/2019 14:36:32
"I called at 8:00 & was able to be seen at 9:00 so my dog could be treated before I left town the next day. Dr Oberle is an experienced professional. He gave my dog efficient care and explained her treatment clearly for my follow up. "
- Don Drochelman
04/17/2019 03:00:44
"All the staff at the Vet Clinic of the Mineral Area are absolutely wonderful. Anything I need for my pets you go above and beyond to help. You have always treated my pets ss if they were your own. Thank you for all you do!🐶"
- Billie Since
04/17/2019 01:18:03
"Dr. Ben is amazing! So Kind and happy to do his job. He remembers my pets and takes his time with each animal even when the waiting room is packed. So grateful that the walk in clinic is open in Ironton a couple days a week. "
- Derek Henson
04/16/2019 16:03:10
"Never had a bad experience when we came for our dogs and cat appointments. Hats off to the vets and the people behind it all also. Been coming there for years hope it don’t change. You all are very kind to us when we lose one of our pets. Thank You "
- Dale Bannister
04/15/2019 21:05:31
"Your always helping me when I call and when I come in. Thanks "
- Mike Sullivan
04/15/2019 20:47:36
"Great "
- Rita Harder
04/15/2019 19:51:28
"Love that the techs and vets take time to talk with you about your pets. They understand that pets are part of our family. "
- Linda Neiter
04/15/2019 16:40:11
"You all are exceptional! "
- Tom Struckman
04/15/2019 14:09:24
"Our first experience with you was 14 years ago with our first poodle. You took very good care of her but recently we had to say goodbye to our fur baby. We couldn't have asked for a more caring bunch of people. Dr Oberle and the staff was great. One month ago we was blessed with a three month new baby. We made our first visit with her and would not even consider taking her anywhere else. Hope we have her for long time. "
- Violet Cooper
04/14/2019 23:49:06
"Excellent "
- Sondra Hollinsworth
04/14/2019 16:42:05
"We took seven puppies there to get their first shots and veterinary check. The doctor did a very good job of checking the puppies. "
- Larry Stam
04/12/2019 15:30:06
"All my dogs have been cared for here for the past fourteen years. I have always felt comfortable with staff and the level of attention my pets receive. Most especially, I enjoy being greeted by name."
- Colleen Craig
04/11/2019 20:49:46
"It was a great experience. Always good to our animals. Nice to us. We plan to continue our animals vet health here."
- Nathan Courtway
04/11/2019 17:25:10
"Great experience! Super friendly staff! Very clean facility."
- Melissa St.Gemme
04/11/2019 02:08:05
"We have 3 dogs and they all get good care on our visits."
- Fannie Smith
04/11/2019 00:18:50
"Everyone was very friendly and helpful "
- Lora Marler
04/10/2019 21:51:41
"Great first visit"
- Randal Allen
04/10/2019 20:21:45
"Attentive, friendly team who took great care of my puppy. Couldn't have asked for a better first trip to the vet."
- Jennifer Haus
04/10/2019 04:49:46
"My Pet Patches is a dog of course and he is a cockapoo which I am very happy with, he is my buddy and he stay's in good health. I trust The Vet Clinic of Mineral Area outside of Farmington the take care of my buddy."
- Michael Mathney
04/09/2019 19:32:30
"Staff is always friendly, prompt and courteous. And whether I see my regular vet (Dr. Oberle) or someone else, they are always competent and caring. Love this veterinary clinic. "
- Cheryl Sutterfield
04/09/2019 17:09:29
"Service was great! I was there for less than 5 minutes I think."
- Chris Cook
04/08/2019 02:30:09
"I appreciate the groomers, they always do a great job with JJ. JJ’s older and he has quite an attitude, but they never give up on him 😀. Thank you for your kindness and understanding!"
- David Land
04/07/2019 19:08:15
"My pet always gets good care at mineral area "
- Linda Morabito
04/07/2019 02:35:23
"A+ for courteous office staff...A+ for delightfully thoughtful Vet Techs....A+ for Vets who have not only clinical expertise but also empathy. "
- Lesley Hughes
04/07/2019 00:18:55
"I always love al of you at Mineral Area Vetinary clinic. You all seem to have a true love for our pets. You especially helped me through my recent death of Nellie. Thank you for that. Now we ha e Gracie, an Ausdiedoodle & JIM, (Jesus In Me), an Australian Shepard. They are our new family and you welcomed them with open arms. GThank you for making their first visit a great experience. "
- Penny McDowell
04/06/2019 18:54:35
"Love taking any of my animals to the vet there. All the vets and techs has been wonderful. You can tell they care about your pet. "
- Sandy Boyer
04/06/2019 12:22:31
"Awesome. Always take care of my fur babies."
- Kathy Nicholson
04/05/2019 21:14:59
"I absolutely love this place. The people here are always so friendly and seem to love your fur baby almost as much as you do while being professional at the same time. They are there when you need them. I love this place and am extremely happy we found them years ago."
- Lynn Barnett
04/05/2019 16:45:01
"Vet did a great job of taking care of Bandit. He recieved awesome professional care and staff was loving and caring."
- Heather Ziegelmeyer
04/05/2019 12:46:54
"Vet was very nice and understanding. My dog didn't mind her looking her over. Usually she doesn't like to touch by people she doesn't know. "
- Angelique Miller
04/05/2019 01:14:35
"Love the staff. Always kind and friendly."
- Mike Bracken
04/04/2019 18:50:33
"Everyone was wonderful, so polite and patient. When I brought our guinea pig in we weren’t sure if they were going to be able to help but they did and were so great about it. Highly recommend. "
- Crystal Morgan
04/03/2019 20:07:14
"Duncan & I met with Dr. Ben over an ongoing ear problem. I am confident that his diagnosis & medical advice will fix him up. I have been following the instructions daily & he is doing better already. Thank you, Dr. Ben!!"
- Kathy Tucker
04/03/2019 00:01:30
"Dogs always seem to freak when they go to the vet. It’s like they just know. My dogs are always calm and love all the lovins and free treats. Brought my puppy in for shots not even sure he knew he got shots. "
- Ashley Clay
04/01/2019 15:10:28
"Had a great experience but I've been taking my pets there for years. Always nice and eager to help any way they can with me and my pets. "
- Chrissy Dean
04/01/2019 02:19:05
"Office staff are always friendly and helpful with working in a sick pet. I have seen numerous Vets since I started coming 10 years ago with my multiple pets. I have never had a bad experience and always felt like as though I was well informed from everything from cost to recommended treatment options. Thanks for taking great care of our fur babies. "
- Veronica Clubb
04/01/2019 01:16:09
"I have been taking my pets here for several years. They have always been quick and friendly."
- Richard Craft
03/31/2019 23:50:22
"We were confident knowing our Cat was being very well cared for while we were out if town for a week.I reccomend Mineral Area Vet Clinic for anyone who needs to board their animals."
- Richard Nicholson
03/31/2019 23:15:38
"You guys are the best! A couple of my pets can be difficult but you handled them smoothly, efficiently and with plenty of love!! "
- Yvonne Buckley
03/30/2019 16:53:19
"have always had quick, complete experience..dr Ben has the best vets along with all the staff working there.."
- Ron Cresswell
03/30/2019 14:47:11
"Ellie our pet loves to come there. Everyone was nice and polite. When Ellie name is called. She gets on scale. She likes all who takes care of her. That’s important to us. Thanks to everyone."
- Bill Dickens
03/29/2019 21:03:16
"Everyone at VCMA has been great, they truly care about my pets and provide excellent care. The compassion they’ve shown to a friend of mine that lost her fur baby was amazing and the card they sent with his paw print in remembrance of him was so touching!"
- Shannon Hahn
03/29/2019 11:23:58
"Everyone was nice . Even when my elderly dog had an accident & they had to mop. "
- Janet Eoff
03/28/2019 16:01:07
"Absolutely love this place. I feel they truly care about the pets and have been nothing but kind and considerate. We had taken our dog with an issue with one of his paws to 3 other vets before we tried this place and this is the only place that actually helped him. "
- Sandy Mounce
03/28/2019 14:43:56
"Love the grooming there for Luke. Everyone is very nice and Luke always looks great !!!"
- Donna Ferguson
03/27/2019 15:05:18
"I was very happy with the way you took care of her and saw her told me what all you were doing to her .I am very pleased with you "
- Mary Caradonna
03/26/2019 21:15:00
"awsome with Samson was very pleased to see they love all animals very caring"
- Patty Wilkerson
03/26/2019 15:30:20
"The staff is always willing to help and are kind and caring. They go out of their way to help in every situation we have experienced. Treatment plans are discussed and plans are made as a team. "
- Vickie Montgomery
03/26/2019 14:08:12
"Everyone is very friendly and heipful with both the pets and their owners. "
- Jim Lovelace
03/26/2019 03:06:40
"This vet clinic seems to be very caring and efficient. Always prompt service and kind staff and doctors. We have boarded our animals also and were always very satisfied with their care. "
- Ellen Evers
03/24/2019 21:50:26
"We had a good appointment... we got the care and help we needed to make him feel much better.."
- Heather Beatte
03/24/2019 16:48:49
"Great!1 I don’t have any complaints. "
- Kayla Wright
03/22/2019 02:01:23
"I and my husband could not be more satisfied with animal care and service."
- Laurie Keehn
03/21/2019 20:39:21
"Dr Falch was very kind, considerate, and straight forward with what we may be facing with Star. We greatly appreciate everything he has done as well as the staff that helped him. Thank you so much and will definitely be back if we need you."
- Glen Lewis
03/21/2019 18:11:49
"Doing a great job! I recommend you all the time. "
- Laura Miller
03/21/2019 14:35:16
"Have used Dr Falch for years! He's a great vet. Recently needed an ER visit for our Labrador and Dr Gina was awesome. Our many pets thank you all for the great care!!"
- Christina Hall
03/21/2019 14:05:09
"My dogs liked you that is the the most important thing about our visit. Eveyone was great and treated my babies like their own."
- Barry Mayer
03/21/2019 01:24:29
"I have no complaints. Dr Ben is who Yadi sees and I’m very pleased with him and the staff. Will continue to use this service and recommend to other pet lovers."
- Betty Charboneau
03/20/2019 22:02:22
"Roxy loves Dr. Ben. He’s always on top of her issues and never fails to bring them up and discuss them with me. He put her on the floor and watched her run around like a 9 month old instead of a 9 year old."
- Denise Aubuchon
03/20/2019 18:44:37
"I love how friendly everyone is there! The vets do not shy away from my doggie kisses and that always makes me smile! :) "
- Amber Goeller
03/20/2019 18:17:12
"Service was excellent as usual. Very short wait. Everyone very friendly and helpful!"
- Lawrence Abram
03/17/2019 18:38:22
"The fact that the Vet came out to apologize for being so over our appt time that offered myself and another customer a free nail trimming for our dogs due to wait time. Also always nice and friendly staff"
- Lisa Eaton
03/17/2019 17:21:25
"No problems here."
- Barbara Bone
03/17/2019 15:10:34
"Everyone is so friendly and help try to calm my two boys down when they visit. I receive great rebates and low prices on all of their medication. Do not intend to go any where else!"
- Cindy Boyer
03/16/2019 04:24:43
"I think everyone who works is at MAV is helpful and very caring!"
- Wood Land and Cattle
03/15/2019 14:08:54
"Love, love , love the staff. A little long on the wait time though. "
- Kathy Paul
03/14/2019 19:18:11
"You did a good job."
- Teresa Bryant
03/14/2019 18:25:32
"Good,very intentive to my pets"
- Jeff Payne
03/14/2019 06:07:12
"Very good, Dr. Muth listened and very thorough."
- Bruce Zeilman
03/14/2019 02:04:57
"We always enjoy coming here! Everyone is very nice and helpful"
- LeAnn Stotler
03/13/2019 21:12:40
"I am always happy the way The vets are with my animals and do great care for they"
- Penny Wood
03/13/2019 20:06:50
"I think you all are doing great. Thanks for fast service when I really needed it !"
- William McKenzie
03/13/2019 14:18:03
"The service was very good. All my questions were answered."
- Sheri L. Price
03/12/2019 16:20:49
"Andre was the vet that came out to the farm and he pulled a calve for us . He did a good job "
- Karl Brothers
03/12/2019 16:17:37
"Your clinic is awesome. They've always taken wonderful care of my pets. They've gone out of their way in helping me with Molly, in particular. She has seizures when she steps in the door of the clinic. That's the only time she has them. The staff is always aware of this, and makes an extra effort to help me get her inside without her having one. And in case she does, someone is always right there to give her a dose of Diazepam. Dr. Ben is the best!"
- Angela Echols
03/11/2019 19:41:59
"We came in got checked in sat down for maybe two minutes. Was taken back into room vet tech took Titan clipped his nails. Brought him back, Dr Oberle came in took care of Titan and we were out the door. This was the shortest wait time we have ever had. When I called to make appointment it was easy to get an appointment. In the past I have had trouble but not this time. Experience gets better it seems each time. "
- John Proffitt
03/11/2019 13:23:58
"It’s such a blessing to live close to a vet clinic with such care and compassion. It’s so easy every time we go in with our two pets. Everyone is always friendly and even remembers my pets and asks how they are doing even when I’m there to just pick up meds without the animals. They are always very fast and on time with everything! We recently had our dog neutered there and he is healing great with minimal soreness!"
- Ashley Ivester
03/11/2019 00:38:36
"The vet ( the owner ) took his time and went above and beyond what I expected. Much better than the ones that are only there for a short time. "
- Pat Bauer
03/10/2019 21:43:12
- Pam Weible
03/10/2019 17:31:38
"Very good service!"
- Ira Collier
03/09/2019 22:37:54
"Our visit was handled well. The doctor was well informed and help me understand Foxy's diagnosis."
- Tim Winch
03/09/2019 18:52:03
"Great work "
- Flori Igna
03/09/2019 18:45:37
"Doing just fine as is."
- Carol Wagner
03/08/2019 23:13:58
"The doctor that took care of our two dogs was awesome!"
- Brittanie Dunn
03/08/2019 01:13:22
"Everyone is always so nice whenever i take my dog in for an appt."
- Anna Barton
03/07/2019 20:53:50
"There is nothing bad to tell...all good!!"
- Julia Lynn
03/07/2019 15:13:23
"Meeting our expectations."
- Greg Roman
03/06/2019 21:44:32
"Called early am in hopes someone would be there answering phones. Within minutes a get called me back before opening hours! Very much appreciated"
- Ginger Hand
03/06/2019 00:25:56
"Everything came out ok. I think I'd rather of had a liquid pain killer for her, just because it's very difficult getting just a 1/2 pill down her. Other than that, I feel like the doctor told me what was best for my baby girl and what I should look for. "
- Jennifer Asher
03/05/2019 20:19:08
"Dr. Ben is very easy to talk to and knowledgeable. However, all the other Drs. and staff are also great. we just try to use Dr. Ben when available. We have used this vet clinic for many years and rely on them. "
- Texas Balderas
03/05/2019 19:24:57
"I sincerely have nothing bad to say! The vet was very clear with our options when it came to nugget’s care. Champ is a big ole baby and his shots and blood draw were so smooth it was like nothing even happened. Our family appreciates the care and attention given. "
- Glenna Leonard
03/05/2019 12:56:04