"You guys were so great with my Great Danes and their quirks. 1 is terrified of floors, and you made sure he didn't have to be scared before too long, and made him a priority. The other was terrified in general and wouldn't let you help him after I left, and I got an apology from a tech for how his kennel looked. Thank you so much for being understanding and caring. Means a lot to me. "
- Tonya Wallace
12/09/2019 18:56:20
"Talking to the ladies who answered the phone and did the scheduling was great. They let me know when to expect a call back and kept me informed of any "glitches". Dr. Falch and his tech did the usual good job. Dr. Falch was able to arrive for our appointment early and called to verify that that would work for me and when to expect their arrival."
- Karen Biggs
12/09/2019 16:36:17
"Staff are very friendly and helpful both on the phone and in person."
- Rich White
12/08/2019 21:52:13
"Very short wait time. "
- Newton Luedecke
12/08/2019 13:31:02
"Excellent "
- Joyce Sampson
12/08/2019 01:23:40
"Over the past seven months, Dr. Jill has worked closely with me to bring my 13-year-old cat back to stable health. There were lots of ins and outs, but together we got the job done. She's a great asset at the clinic. "
- Rodney Wilson
12/07/2019 21:08:38
"Loved how Vary friendly staff was. They we’re not pushy on selling stuff like heartguard vacancies . They would give u their opinion an let u decide on what u want todo."
- Kristine Underwood
12/07/2019 18:34:12
"Staff very courteous and attentive"
- Steve Folle
12/07/2019 17:29:31
"Doc OBERLE and staff are terrific. He always knows how to treat our pets. We wouldn’t go anywhere else!"
- Carol Pischel
12/07/2019 17:17:01
"This Vet Clinic has ALWAYS given my pets Great Care. I have trouble sometimes getting through to someone but that just means they are extremely busy and are giving that same great care to other pets and their parents, so I wait to get through. The Vets are always extremely polite and caring for my service dog and the rest of the staff are great to. I highly recommend this vet clinic for anyone's animal family member."
- Michelle Deckard
12/07/2019 17:02:00
"You are great with Zoey. Your professionalism and caring attitude exceeds most others. "
- Jim Gill
12/07/2019 01:37:09
"You did a great job with Sophie. She looked and smelled great!"
- Mike Bracken
12/06/2019 20:43:12
"I was happy with the service"
- Clay Zimmerman
12/06/2019 20:33:00
"Great experience every time! "
- Brandy Hopper
12/06/2019 19:07:43
"My dog, Gracie, loves coming yo stay with you when I'm ouy of town. She wants to run syraight back to the kennels!"
- Lisa Sansoucie
12/06/2019 15:42:05
"You guys are doing a wonderful job! My boys love staying with you."
- Tish Roberts
12/06/2019 14:40:56
"During our most recent appointment, I appreciated the service to our pet and the genuine care from the staff and vet. I truly believe our pet was in great hands with sincere love and well-being for their service"
- Cliff Carver
12/05/2019 17:11:16
"I am pleased with the attention given myself and my little Morkie. "
- Tom Blackmon
12/05/2019 00:41:11
"We have ever taken our dog, Teddy anywhere else. He has always had excellent care from your clinic. We have also boarded him during some vacations, I call often to check on him and always feel comfortable with the care he is given. We love our pet and wouldn’t trust anyone else with his health. "
- Jayne Patterson
12/04/2019 21:27:15
"Have used mineral area vet clinic for boarding and I'm very pleased with there service always seems clean in kennels. And have used them for vet needs for years never had any problems "
- James Burr
12/04/2019 00:55:51
"I have been using your vets for about 25 years . Even before you moved to this location started seeing Dr. Ben when I first came to the vet . haven't had a bad experience with any of the other vets I have seen."
- Cathy Price
12/03/2019 16:23:37
"I feel the staff is very knowledgeable and informative. We have had nothing but great experiences. "
- Amanda Hatch
12/03/2019 04:56:57
"I loved Mineral Area Vet. They were great, very thoughtful and attentive. Our family will be using them again very soon. "
- Melinda Racca
12/02/2019 20:47:35
"I am very happy with getting Cocoa groomed there. She is very calm when she is done and she always looks very good. The groomer does a terrific job."
- Harry Moulton
12/02/2019 15:21:16
" I always have such a great experience anytime I come in to bring my fur babies to the vet. The vets at this place are kind and caring and take the time to explain the techs are wonderful and very professional and they always take great care of my animals. I wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else."
- Carla Massey
12/02/2019 13:00:20
"Lily has boarded at the Mineral Area Vet Clinic several times. This most recent was her longest stay due to travel connections. We jokingly call it "Puppy Prison". She has gotten familiar enough that when we ask her if she's ready to go to "Puppy Prison" she jumps up and runs to the front door. She is an exceptionally smart dog and if she wasn't receiving good care she would let us know. Tyler brought her out to us when we picked her up and she turned to him to "say bye" - to acknowledge him and then headed to the door to come home. We are confident she is getting good care. "
- Alan Harp
12/02/2019 02:19:42
"The Vet and staff were very friendly and helpful. "
- David Barker
12/02/2019 01:00:25
"I'm so glad when I was in need of a new Veterinarian 8 years ago, that I chose this clinic. They have always treated my baby like he was one of their own and very understanding, gentle and caring. "
- Randy House
12/02/2019 00:48:02
"Love our vet Dr Fauch. Direct and honest regarding information about our pets and threats in the area."
- Brenda Witt
12/01/2019 23:01:38
" Very good visit as usual. Dr Ben is the best! "
- Kathy Paul
12/01/2019 21:16:42
"You can tell that Dr. Ben truly cares about our fur babies. "
- Karen Seifert
11/30/2019 23:35:21
"I think most of y'all have met me at one time or another over the last few years, and know that I rescue ANY animal that is in need of help. Sometimes they are lucky and not hurt but Sometimes not so lucky, and that's where the Doc's and the terrific staff have done such an Amazing job helping me get these Beautiful Fur Babies back on their feet and as healthy as they can possibility be. I appreciate so much that Dr Hanna & Dr Ben try to work with me, because it can get very costly trying to get them to good health. Can't begin to tell All of you how Wonderful it is just to know each and every one of you."
- Judy Lynch
11/27/2019 11:16:35
"Dr. Jill was great, the diagnosis, and treatment she gave Shelomoh, my cat, was accurate. He is still kicking, and seems better, but not all the way healed yet, he still has a hard ball on the left jaw, but it has shrunk some, he seems to be eating easier, but still having a little trouble, he isn't as dizzy as he was either. I'll give it a little more time, and keep a close eye on him. Thank you Dr. Jill"
- Cheryl Cooper
11/26/2019 14:55:17
"The staff and veterinarians are always friendly and we know they love animals as it show with the care and attention they give our pups. Professional, knowledgeable, use latest technology, but most important the love and care they give our animals."
- Brenda Hendrix
11/25/2019 03:05:54
"I love you guys the place is always nice neat and clean staff is friendly and drs seem like they genuinely care about your animal that means the most to me. My fur babies ARE my babies I’m very protective of them and very sensitive to how they are treated. I highly recommend you guys!! "
- Jim Connell
11/25/2019 01:36:00
"Doing great. Alway get great service when I bring in my pets"
- Betty Fenwick
11/25/2019 01:14:01
"I will say it was all excellent !! My dog's have had the very best care possible. Staff has be excellent .I will continue too bring my pet's there . Thank you !!! "
- Wayne Crouch
11/24/2019 23:29:46
"Trust our pet to the doctors at Mineral Area. "
- Peggy Walker
11/24/2019 23:02:18
- Diana Hayes
11/24/2019 22:48:17
"Doing great"
- Carol Wagner
11/24/2019 21:53:35
"Everyone is friendly and Becky really takes good care of Blondie when she grooms her because she knows of Blondies back issues. She gets her in and out as quickly as she can. Lv ya Becky. Thank you "
- Kathy Hatfield
11/23/2019 15:55:18
"I had some sick goats and really needed some help. the doctors and staff at the VCMA were great. I got all the information I needed and they ran the tests I needed to help all of my goats."
11/23/2019 00:40:05
"We had 3 horses receive either a health check or a vaccine shot, done in a timely manner and with care. The cost was reasonable and they came to us. "
- Nicole Dunn
11/22/2019 17:32:19
"We have only good things to say about mineral area vet... they are courteous and caring with all animals that we have brought there... i have also boarded my chihuahua there and he was taken very good care of while we were gone... I highly recommend them 😊"
- Sandy Volner
11/22/2019 00:35:18
"Your service is absolutely REMARKABLE! Not only are you accommodating to owners, but you also treat our "Animal Family Members" with utmost care, respect, and love, as well. "
- Myrtle Washington
11/21/2019 21:41:14
"My dog needed to be seen first thing in the morning. Dr. Oberle was great about making time for her, in spite of the unscheduled visit. She was in a lot of pain and her cancer had returned. I very much appreciated the way he saw her immediately! They are all great!"
- Krista Haglund
11/21/2019 01:42:35
"My experience was very personal. Great communication and care. I could tell my puppy was completely comfortable with everyone at this clinic. "
- Jessica Davis
11/20/2019 20:44:44
"You guys are always great. "
- Bruce Zeilman
11/20/2019 19:41:59
"I have never had a bad experience at this vet clinic. they are all courteous and compassionate towards animals. Dr. Ben is my favorite vet, but I would not hesitate to see any of them."
- Texas Balderas
11/20/2019 18:49:17
"Office and professional staff members have always been aware of my needs in giving the best health care for my pets and patient in answering all my questions. . Being a senior they always help me in getting my pets in and out the door, so much appreciated."
- Ruth Aubuchon
11/19/2019 22:37:48
"We've had great pet care for 25 years, so no complaints here--lucky to have you all in Farmington!"
- Jayne Wibbels
11/19/2019 18:38:44
"First time I have had a dog spayed in 40 years—everything was handled in a professional and friendly manner—"
- Dennis Sumski
11/19/2019 18:18:30
"I appreciate the fact that you listen and you didn't yell at me about trying to use "natural meds", as I found out the medicine you prescribed was the best course for Sampson"
- Lisa Brenneke
11/19/2019 17:56:22
"I was absolutely pleased with the care they gave my Sissy. Also, with explaining and helping me understand processes to her care. Everyone was so friendly amd it was quick. I feel that also helped my dog because she was nervous and shaky being in a new place."
- Chelsea Dickinson
11/18/2019 04:15:14
"My dog has always been scared of Vets. But she was so comfortable with your care that she even took treats from the Vets hand. Thank you so much for the wonderful care that you provided us."
- Julie Casey
11/17/2019 22:30:17
"Very satisfied"
- Dale Hunter
11/17/2019 21:05:29
"I have been taking my "family" to the Vet clinic of the Mineral Area for at least 22 years. Always got excellent care and the staff was always friendly."
- John Moser
11/17/2019 00:17:47
"Your doing a great job!"
- Melissa Hartnett
11/16/2019 19:27:30
"Great. Took Shady in for teeth cleaning (boy oh boy that little girl had bad breath). And you did her annual Checkup and shots while there. She was groggy but felling good by dinner time. Every vet that has worked with us over the years has been kind and professional. We are always comfortable with the compassionate care of our beloved pets (horses, donkeys, dogs, and cats). "
- Mary Braning
11/16/2019 18:18:30
"Sammy is a blue-fronted parrot. He was in for nail trim, wing clip and beak smoothing. Vet and tech were great. the tech had not held a parrot before for these procedures. So I assisted the vet by holding Sammy during these procedures. She was very attentive to the way I held him to keep him as calm as possible...they all hate this, so keeping a parrot as calm as possible is important. also, how to tell if there needed to be a temporary stop to allow his beak to "cool down" during the beak smoothing so he didn't have any injuries. I love the clinic. Dog, cat and bird get great treatments at a very reasonable cost to me. You are all doing a great job."
- Leota Heistand
11/16/2019 18:05:00
"Had a great 1st visit. Staff was very caring n gentle with my pup. "
- Denise Crawford
11/16/2019 03:51:05
"I love everyone at the Cinic! From the girls behind the desk to the Vets! Always so very nice and compassionate to me and my fur babies. "
- Nancy Hartupee
11/15/2019 21:41:37
"Phyliss was groomed. Looks great. Very happy w vet clinic grooming service. staff all very nice! "
- Kim Sutton
11/15/2019 21:23:47
"Everyone here is amazing. I’m that crazy pet parent and they do awesome dealing with me and my pets!"
- Tammy Douglas
11/15/2019 18:30:36
"I really appreciated the sympathy card with Rambo's paw print. It was a great touch!"
- Roxann Parker
11/15/2019 01:38:35
"I have not had any bad experience with this clinic.Have been using them for 9 years and would highly recommend them to anyone with their animals. Dr Ben is amazing and so is the staff."
- Betty Charboneau
11/14/2019 21:15:48
"It's always a great experience with Vet Clinic of Mineral Area. Staff is timely, caring and polite. "
- Andrea Yates
11/14/2019 19:19:03
"We brought Ed in for his heartworm check. Ed can be a difficult patient, at times but Dr. Jill did not hesitate to make sure we knew that we handle Ed just fine. She has patience and we are so pleased with the care he has received."
- Peggy Harris
11/13/2019 21:31:28
"I have always been extremely pleased with the care that all of our animals receive there. All staff are very friendly and helpful!"
- Gracie Holt
11/13/2019 17:26:29
"You are doing great. Everyone is always so friendly and they truly care about us and our animals."
- Kim Goheen
11/11/2019 21:40:10
"The Vets are excellent..could not ask for more experienced vets."
- Lesley Hughes
11/11/2019 21:03:52
"My furry family members have been cared for by the Vet Clinic of Mineral Area for many years now and recently one of my newest family members needed some care before I left the state with her. The Mineral Area Family team got right on it and took care of my Litte Bella Gabrielle and we were able to make it out of town on time. I also trust them with my boys when we go out of town. They are well cared for and we are excited to have the Clinic doctors and staff as part of our family! Thank you :-) Theresa L. Keown"
- Thersa Keown
11/11/2019 14:07:43
"Dr Oberle was very thorough and spent the time necessary to come up with a diagnosis. "
- Albert (Blue Ribbon) Cleve
11/11/2019 01:10:24
"I had the best experience I've ever had at any vet here. They are kind and they care. They made sure to explain everything twice to make sure I understood. Answered all questions without hesitation. They treated Savy with care. I will be returning with all my dogs for yearly checkups and anything else that we may need."
- Amanda Vick
11/10/2019 17:11:23
"Y'all are perfect. I couldn't ask for better vets. The gals that work up front are always curious and helpful. We won't go anywhere else."
- Kelly Mayberry
11/10/2019 00:07:25
"We just love that with our crazy busy schedule we didn’t even need to make an appointment to have our dogs Gracie nails cut. We walked right in, got checked in very quickly and were in and out in less than 20 minutes!"
- Melissa Dudley
11/09/2019 19:30:28
"Miss Becky is the best with grooming my babies "
- Kevin Young
11/09/2019 16:39:30
"I visit the clinic for supplies regularly and all of the women in the front are polite and very courteous. There was a new girl that had only been on the job 3 days and was such a pleasant person to deal with! I will always use Dr Oberle and the rest of the staff at Vet clinic of the mineral area for all of my pet care needs. Thank you all, you're great!"
- Carla White
11/09/2019 16:37:48
" Our experiences so far have been very pleasant. Very friendly staff and Veterinarians. I am willing to drive the distance for the utmost care and well being. And appreciate not jumping to the miss use of unnecessary diagnostic testing. Keeping down cost. Which is greatly appreciated, when you have limited funds."
- Lynette Townsend
11/08/2019 21:44:08
"Very helpful for my pet but shocked by the cost of the office charged. Office visit charge was more than I pay for a Dr. visit. "
- Cathy Anderson
11/07/2019 17:26:18
"We have always taken our animals to Dr. Andre Oberle. Andre gives shots in such a way that animals don't even feel them."
- John Bacon
11/06/2019 00:25:48
"I took our 4-mixed breed, "The Jewel of The Valley" to Dr. Ben always. We were in Phoenix when, at age 16, I had to let her go. Dr. Ben is over the top excellent & interested in us and our pets. It is wonderful to have him in our lives."
- Bonnie Brauer
11/04/2019 18:25:34
"Always a good experuebce"
- Sue Rickman
11/03/2019 19:04:26
"I really don't have a single bad thing to say about the clinic."
- Mike Gross
11/03/2019 02:57:02
"I was very impressed with Dr. Howerton’s care of Chia. He took plenty of time with her and explained things thoroughly. I love this clinic. "
- Claudia Heifner
11/02/2019 23:22:32
"I have always gotten the best care with your Vet Clinic."
- Terri Price
11/02/2019 23:22:04
"I always have a great experience here. The staff and Dr. Falch are great!"
- Kris Schrameyer
11/02/2019 02:27:31
"I have taken 2 litters of puppies now to them and was very satisfied with the service"
- Tina Allen
11/01/2019 21:30:16
"Very satisfied with the professional and courteous way they treated the cats and US. Explained everything to us before and after. Prices were very reasonable. Would recommend to anyone."
- Bill Tucker
11/01/2019 01:32:01
"The staff and vets are all very nice, helpful and thorough. The facility is clean and welcoming. "
- Earllena Robinson
10/28/2019 18:24:15
"My first visit with Griffin was great. The vet and vet tech were extremely nice and loving to my new puppy. They were knowledgable, and helpful. So far, so great!"
- Travis Rion
10/28/2019 16:28:58
"Your clinic treats every living thing as family and is truly available any time of the day! "
- Kristen Pender
10/27/2019 03:41:52
"My dog is very skittish when he has a visit. I noticed how quietly they approach and keep their voices gentle. It's much appreciated. The vets actually listen to me and don't push treatments ...they explain things. This is the first time for Eric to be put on steroids...low dose and not for long but it was effective the 2nd day and he finally got some relief from his itching. I didn't have to give him any more Benadryl. "
- Fred & Priscilla Hampton
10/26/2019 04:16:21
"They are excellent at making appointments easy to schedule. We've never had to wait long. They called to check up after my cats surgery. They really care about the animals they are helping. "
- Kaitlin Carlisle
10/25/2019 02:59:17
"You are awesome. Take very good care of the pets. No complaints here. "
- Belinda Guynes
10/24/2019 21:02:54
"Awesome staff. Very helpful and friendly"
- Douglas Love
10/24/2019 19:21:26
"I had phoned about getting some medicine for one of my cats and was told what I needed. I was able to stop and pick it up with no problems. "
- Bess Ellis
10/24/2019 18:44:09
"Dr. Ben takes excellent care of all of our animals! He has been very responsive to the needs of older dog, Peaches, a Golden Doodle, our puppy Sadie, and all of our cattle!"
- Wood Land and Cattle
10/24/2019 16:17:41
"Doing great. They took care of my baby and even cared how I was doing. "
- Greg Leachman
10/24/2019 14:22:49
"They were very quick at getting us in and were great with our baby. They were very gentle with the sample they took and he was attentive when giving her her vaccinations. "
- Kourtney Short
10/23/2019 17:31:35