"We have used Mineral Area Veterinary Clinic since 1991. Even though I have moved out of the area I continue bringing my pets to your clinic. "
- Kenneth Shoumake
09/27/2019 02:38:20
"Got my dog dolly in to see dr jill in a short amount of time."
- Sharon Keathley
09/26/2019 21:06:55
"We were met by helpful, happy and professional staff. The facility was clean and all care was explained in detail. Prices were affordable. "
- Jay Miller
09/26/2019 14:04:45
"Had what was to me a pet emergency. They were able to get me in quickly. The Dr. made sure I understood what was wrong and how to care for my dog. The cost was also reasonable. I also got his yearly shots while I was there, and was pleasantly surprised at the price. "
- Stacy Eaton
09/25/2019 21:58:38
"I love coming to Mineral Area Vet Clinic. I always get the exact care for my fur babies that they deserve. The receptionists are very friendly and are always able to help you out when needed. Also, the vet techs and the the vets are always so caring and loving to not only your pets but to you the owner as well. I won’t take my fur babies anywhere else but here. Just try for yourself. "
- Heather McKinney
09/25/2019 19:41:01
"Great staff stayed after hours to help! Everyone was so friendly and sincere! Great veterinary clinic!"
- Steve Vance
09/25/2019 13:11:04
"Awesome! You guys have been taking care of my animals since I moved down her 5 years ago and doing a great job. "
- Mark Bacon
09/25/2019 02:40:01
"Our Zoey has Addison’s disease and we have trusted you to care for her for years. Never disappointed us. "
- Peggy Walker
09/25/2019 00:29:11
"Had an appointment, was quick and thorough.Covered everything."
- Glen Starner
09/25/2019 00:10:19
"I am super glad you come to my area. You all are very good with my Zebby baby. Thank you"
- Jill Lombardo
09/24/2019 03:02:11
"We took Gunner to save him from being surrendered. We were nt sure how he would act they were go good with him and he had no problem with them he actuallyoved them."
- Caroline Hinchey
09/24/2019 01:11:41
"What wonderful customer service!! I love the personal attention that each owner and pet experiences at this office. "
- Tom Labrot
09/23/2019 21:47:42
"I was relieved that I got in so quickly after sasha got bite by a copperhead. It was almost 8pm and the staff was great. "
- Nancy McCracken
09/23/2019 21:37:42
"We received excellent service and was prescribed a medication to help Poncho with his allergies... he’s doing much better now....thank you so much"
- Sandy Volner
09/22/2019 14:40:09
"Every time we take our little baby we have NO worries. Whether it's a vet appt or boarding her she is in great caring hands"
- Lisa Bell
09/21/2019 21:13:28
"Quick to get in, caring staff "
- Brad Brown
09/21/2019 17:55:06
"The staff are always friendly and helpful"
- Billie Gipson
09/21/2019 17:15:56
"1st time visit and service was prompt and very kind!! "
- Chelsea Clover
09/21/2019 14:51:12
"Awesome experience! All 3 of our household doggies now come here! Staff is very kind and knowledgeable. It makes the appointments go very smooth."
- Karen Decker
09/21/2019 02:44:56
"I have used the Vet Clinic of Mineral Area for several years. I have nothing bad to say about them. In my experience they are awesome. They truly care about my pets and put me at ease when I come in. They are very professional and extremely knowledgeable and at the same time treat you like a friend. "
- Trish Walker
09/20/2019 22:36:44
"The staff was very friendly and we were in and out in a jiffy. Nicest vet I have been to"
- James King
09/19/2019 21:36:25
"The vet was very friendly and helpful Making the visit less stressful . The support staff could not have been more friendly. Make me feel very welcome."
- David Frakes
09/19/2019 21:30:02
"They were excellent staff was friendly and made us feel welcome Dr. Oberle was excellent also! The 1 hour and 15 minute drive was well worth it!!!"
- Chris (Christine) Cosey
09/19/2019 20:53:08
"I am very pleased with the love and care my Rudi receives. He loves to give hugs and kisses to all the staff. Rudi is a very loveable King Charles Cavalier and he gets premium care from Mineral Area Veternarian Clinic"
- Melody Barron
09/19/2019 19:41:02
"Always a great experience when we have to leave our fur babies in your hands!"
- Lisa Proffer
09/19/2019 19:29:22
"always very caring and professional!"
- Texas Balderas
09/19/2019 11:56:54
"I could not ask for any better are for my pets... The staff is always nice and caring."
- Christie Gomas
09/19/2019 02:35:17
"We appreciate having a provider who is available in our local area. Dr Ben and his staff in Ironton are kind an helpful. I have already noticed a big improvement in my pets health."
- Kelly McCulley
09/17/2019 16:32:05
"I have two dogs that need medication. One has been on heart medication for almost three years and is doing great. Dr Oberly has done an excellent job keeping my "family" healthy. The whole staff is great and show compassion for my pets. I would recommend them to anyone."
- John Moser
09/15/2019 22:42:19
"Very good experience. "
- Judy Sumpter
09/15/2019 21:47:58
"We had a fantastic first experience with the vet clinic. The waiting area and examination room were both very clean. The women who checked us in and out, the vet, and the vet techs were also very friendly, comforting, and made sure we understood and asked if we had any questions. Excellent service!! We will be back!"
- Olivia Wineman
09/15/2019 21:10:55
"Customer service is friendly and prompt"
- David Nipper
09/14/2019 23:06:06
"Very happy with all transactions that I have encounter from the front desk to Dr.Ben. "
- Betty Charboneau
09/14/2019 19:01:18
"In the many times I've taken my pets here, I have NEVER had a single complaint!!"
- Cathy Johnson
09/13/2019 19:51:45
"I love the Vet Clinic! I can get an appointment very quickly. I never wait for the appointment when I get there and all of the employees from the top to the bottom are very nice, polite, caring, and very loving."
- Stacy Wilfong
09/13/2019 15:43:11
- Carol Wagner
09/12/2019 19:11:52
"Cordial, friendly and efficient. Nice environment."
- Troy or Jacob Bollinger
09/11/2019 19:47:15
"Brought my pups in for monthly grooming and Groomer Becky noticed a problem with Brooks eye. I thought it was just allergy related, but we agreed to see a Vet and she actually had a cut on her eye. Appreciate all the staff and their concern for our fur babies. Thanks much"
- Brenda Hendrix
09/11/2019 19:24:06
"Love Mineral Area Vet Clinic. Kind friendly staff. Staff & Doctors take time to answer questions. They really care."
- Cheryl Snead
09/10/2019 23:48:24
"Very Happy with our first visit with are dog Gracie. We received fast friendly service from everyone in the veterinary clinic!"
- Melissa Dudley
09/10/2019 16:41:35
"The staff and Dr. Ben is the best! They take care of my loved ones!!"
- Tammy Douglas
09/10/2019 01:01:03
"First, I was very thankful that your hours were longer than most vets. This allowed us to bring an injured stray in immediately. I have to say your clinic is first rate in all areas that I can see. All your staff are caring and compassionate towards the animals and the people as well."
- David Miller
09/09/2019 17:11:26
"The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable about animal care. They see that you get everything that is needed to ensure the well being of your pet. The vets are extremely attentive to your pets needs."
- Nelson Hampton
09/09/2019 03:15:30
"We take all of our horses here. Absolutely wonderful team. I always have lots of questions and Dr. Falch answers them without complaint everytime. I recently had my cat declawed and spayed here also, after an awful experience at the last vet, and I was beyond pleased with the service and kindness of everyone there. 10/10 would recommend for any animal. "
- Abby Warncke
09/09/2019 01:35:53
"Appreciated the good exam our dog got"
- Ira Collier
09/08/2019 14:11:58
"Dr. Ben was very helpful today with answering questions concerning my horses. His main visit was to give yearly shots but we discussed other important areas pertaining to the health of my horses "
- Cindy Martin
09/07/2019 20:53:15
"Very friendly and knowledgeable staff."
- Helen Martin
09/07/2019 20:47:36
"Friendly service on the phone & at the front counter. The vet we had is the best."
- Tim C Adams
09/07/2019 19:27:19
"Your facilty is alway clean and well staffed. I have been using your services for 10 plus years and have never been disappointed "
- Greg Buscher
09/07/2019 17:24:39
"Best place to take your pets for care. Doc Ben rocks."
- Christy Warner
09/06/2019 16:03:59
- John Sherrill
09/06/2019 15:34:27
"We have been going to Vet Clinic of the Mineral Area for 17 years . It is a great place. All the staff treat you and your pet with respect, very kind,helpful. I recommend this Vet Office 100 percent."
- Rhonda Sellers
09/06/2019 13:30:27
"Pleased with the care and concern with our dog."
- Lorna Marler
09/06/2019 03:47:30
"Gets us in pretty quick. What I like is when your little critters are having a continuous problem Dr Oberle will call an talk to you !"
- Connie Sales
09/05/2019 17:38:29
"well sometimes the wait is long but i understand.. As for as the service i say it is outstanding. You notify us with all upcoming shots .thats important . Keep up with the smiles as we come through the door also the bording service is also outstanding.."
- Brenda Odom
09/05/2019 16:52:08
"Wonderful experience!’ Treated with respect for our dogs "
- Dave Gettinger
09/05/2019 16:46:06
"Dr Ben always goes above and beyond to help me take care of my animals, whether it be emergency care or normal care. The staff is always courteous and helpful. We have been taking our pets here for years and we don’t plan on changing."
- Jimmy Zook
09/04/2019 11:39:19
"I always feel like you are family too!! And that each of you are in the right career with showing compassion to Oscar and I... Thanks much!"
- Debra Sharon
09/03/2019 20:49:45
"Friendly service, quick in and out, even made suggestion how to combine services for fewer visits"
- Jim Kladifko
09/03/2019 16:08:10
"Staff is very helpful - answered all my questions concerning my dogs care and treatment. Thank you. Had an appointment for one dog but I brought my other dog too an they were able to take care of both at that time. "
- Gladys Chytla
09/03/2019 15:50:18
"Dr. Muth is very understanding when all you are asking for is to make your pet of 20 years that was abandoned at our home , comfortable during his final days with us. She is simply the Best !"
- Carol Bentley
09/03/2019 15:00:33
"You guys do a fantastic job. Last Satueday I had my dog in and you were so busy. In spite of that I still got great service. The vet took his time and together we came up with a care plan for my dogs continuing ear allergy/ear problems. The receptionist also apologised for my wait to check out. Great Job you guys!"
- Carla Wagner
09/03/2019 14:37:09
"Great! I came in for my cats food and was on my way in just a few minutes. Ashley talked to me as she always does when I'm there. I had Hailey there a couple weeks earlier for nail trimming and some other issues. They were great with her ca use she can be a handful!"
- Sarah Bell
09/03/2019 14:30:35
"I have had all my fur babys there and they treat them very good as far as i can see."
- Shirley Tucker
09/02/2019 17:26:26
"All is great ."
- Terry Williams
09/02/2019 04:46:11
"No complaints, the staff tries to get us in as soon as possible and they are always helpful. "
- Fran Dolmage
08/31/2019 04:34:37
"Excellent service and compassionate. Highly recommend!!"
- David Aubuchon
08/30/2019 20:00:43
"Thank you for your helpful and caring staff. You have assisted our family in keeping Kyro seizure free for the last 6 months. "
- Tonya Mills
08/30/2019 19:20:50
"Great customer service"
- Patty Thomas
08/29/2019 18:34:10
"Everytime we’ve been it’s been nothing but an amazing experience. The vet is very thorough and explains everything so we can understand "
- Danielle Cook
08/28/2019 16:06:43
"Always treated my dogs with care and compassion, even the after hours emergency line. After hours they were waiting for me to get there with my dog that had been hit by car. I would not take or consider taking my puppy to any other Vet Hospital"
- Stan Janis
08/27/2019 15:42:33
"We are always greeted with a smile and our animals are as well. It is obvious that the Vets and their assistants truly care about the animals."
- Karen Seifert
08/27/2019 12:30:38
"We place our trust in Mineral Area Vet because our pets are our family. We value the insight, care and compassion they have shown us over the years. THANK YOU!"
- Lori Pyland
08/27/2019 02:57:05
"The staff at the vet clinic all take great care of our Holly. We always feel very comfortable having Holly seen there. "
- Michelle Hale
08/26/2019 17:28:10
"Recommend mineral area vet clinic ! Only vet that’s affordable and cares for my pets as much as I do. "
- Melissa Wheat
08/26/2019 16:54:11
"Dr. Oberle and his staff have went above and beyond for our fur baby! We truly appreciate everything you all have done!!"
- Jessie Shinabarger
08/26/2019 14:55:45
"Doing good really take care of the animals"
- Bruce Haase
08/26/2019 14:52:24
"its very well run. The staff where friendly and very curtious. The pets where seen fast"
- Rose Hewitt
08/23/2019 06:21:20
"Never have to wait before they take you back. Always polite, kind to my pet. "
- Don Edgar
08/21/2019 19:59:32
"Wonderful service, friendly staff!"
- Susan Goff
08/18/2019 03:24:33
"Just very happy with the service. When I need to bring Finley unexpectedly they will always work me in. My only complaint is when I’ve had an appointment my wait is kinda long, not every time but there has been a couple of times. "
- Nancy Compton
08/17/2019 16:15:18
"Our latest visit was with a new puppy. Our vet, Dr. Ben, took extra time to check on everything, explain everything and even discussed some things about our older dog. He discovered that our puppy had worms when we were told all shots had been given and she was worm free by the breeder. Thank you for providing excellent service! "
- Kristen Pender
08/17/2019 15:38:22
"Everything went great! "
- Krista Crocker
08/17/2019 15:37:16
"Staff always very friendly but professional at the same time."
- Mike Gross
08/17/2019 15:19:04
"All of our pets visit this office. We have 4 cats and 4 dogs and even our bunny has visited. They are great and always take wonderful care of them. "
- Lynn Fingers
08/14/2019 21:41:47
"I have been going to this Vet for over 20 years and I have never had one complaint! This place and their staff are EXCELLENT!!"
- Robin Gutches
08/14/2019 21:05:40
"They provide the best care for all my animals!! "
- Leslie Easter
08/14/2019 01:03:55
"Great experience! Very good with my crazy lab!"
- Melissa St.Gemme
08/13/2019 20:14:00
"Mineral Area Veterinary is a wonderful place. They treat my fur babies and myself like we're family. I can call and request medications to be set aside for someone to pick up and they always have them ready for us. They are an awesome group of people!! A few years back one of my fur babies got very sick. I called and they got us right in to see the vet. They were very good with my baby. I ended up having to put him to sleep after trying meds. They are a very passionate group of people. Thank you for all you do. "
- Lesa Schutte
08/13/2019 18:24:05
"Everyone has always been extremely nice. They have always been able to get us in right away and answer any questions we have had."
- Tana Vonthun
08/13/2019 15:43:39
"This hospital has patience and respect for the pets and owners that walk through their doors. "
- Karen Beck
08/13/2019 11:23:24
"Zoe goes to Mineral Area Vet Clinic for health care and I really appreciate the time they give her and the information I need about how to tend to her health needs. She also goes there for her grooming and I would not take her anywhere else. She gets the best grooming from there and is very comfortable with the staff. Thank You Mineral Area Vet Clinic. All the staff there is very friendly!!"
- Tim Winch
08/12/2019 01:36:52
"You are the BEST! Wouldn't take my animals anywhere else."
- Donna Bair
08/11/2019 20:12:06
"Great job with difficult patient"
- Dan Pyatt
08/11/2019 14:22:32
"The care given to my fur baby and thoughtfulness about my concerns/worries were handle with the utmost professionalism."
- Greg Price
08/10/2019 20:53:33
"Great job"
- Celeste Bourbon
08/09/2019 22:41:55
"Great visit. Very gentle when giving shots."
- Donna Beck
08/09/2019 22:03:04
"Excellent "
- Laura Denkler
08/09/2019 21:28:38
"Po was fine; he appeared not to have eaten any of his canned food, but often ignores it at home, too. He is loved there & we are happy to have a place for him where he has fun! We'll be back again with him for about six days in September ~ bonnie"
- Bonnie Brauer
08/09/2019 21:11:32
"I bring both of my dogs to Mineral Area Vet Clinic, I have had wonderful experience with our nurses and my dogs love the care they provide! Dr. Coomer is my DVM and she has done fantastic with the care if my furbabies and always get a warming welcome everytime we come in. We have an accidental pregnancy with my dog and the nurses did not judge the situation, they offered me different options to choose from for the next visit. Wonderful care and would recommend this vet clinic to anyone!"
- Mckenzie Brayton
08/08/2019 20:27:54