"Good over all"
- Gary Eckl
08/01/2019 13:22:56
"Great animal hospital dr Ben has really helped me with all my pups. Luv him! "
- Jill Hayes
07/31/2019 17:53:19
"I very happy with the staff. Always smile and great when you walk in and if the are busy they will say someone will be with you shortly. Some-places you can stand there as if you are not there. But not here they when walk in the door with a 😀😀"
- Robert Bazzle
07/31/2019 17:29:40
"Easy to get an appointment. "
- Sandy Laramore
07/30/2019 01:49:11
"You took very good care of Odin and explained things very well. "
- Sheri L. Price
07/29/2019 21:59:38
"We are very happy with the care our dogs have received there. We were worked in twice when each of them had issues and they are very informative with their routine care. Would highly recommend them!"
- Debbie Hochstatter
07/29/2019 18:47:36
"We have 2 dogs and this is the only place I trust with them!! They’ve taken care of our Black Lab and Aussiedor for almost 5 years now and wouldn’t go anywhere else!! My Aussiedor got hurt and needed to be seen ASAP. I called the office and they informed me to just bring her in. We live 45 minutes north so we had a drive but it is always worth it!! They got us right in and fixed her up right away. Love everyone in the office, the Vet Techs and the Vets! They never disappoint, will continue to make the drive so our fur babies are taken care of! "
- Aaron Guenther
07/29/2019 18:32:29
"We recently brought our cat into your facility for shots and surgery. It was our first time at the vet clinic of mineral area, so we were unsure of what to expect. Admittedly we were very please with our visit. We were greeted promptly, taken to a room for an initial examination, received an explanation of how the day would go for our pet, and given a timeline as to how long the procedure would take, and when we could pick our pet up. We returned later that evening to find that the procedure had gone well, and that our cat had been very well taken care of during her visit. It is obvious that you have a very knowledgeable and compassionate staff. Thank you for taking such good care of our pet."
- Arnold Shipp
07/29/2019 17:46:53
"Everything good. "
- Greg Leachman
07/25/2019 21:26:57
"They got my 10 year old dog in the day I called with concerns about him throwing up. He’s been going there since I got him as a puppy. "
- Rebecca Stites
07/25/2019 19:13:29
"Dr. Ben is great. He talks to the dog parents first and tries to make the dog (patient) comfortable. It’s like a human going to the doctor so the dog wasn’t the happiest. But he got his procedures done and was rewarded with treats. Overall, the best experience I could expect with a dog who doesn’t get out much and doesn’t like other pets."
- Dawn Copeland
07/25/2019 13:57:31
"I am always pleased with my visits."
- Terri Price
07/23/2019 22:00:07
"Dr Falch is great!! Always have a good experience with him. The vet techs are also great! "
- Anne Hardin
07/23/2019 17:57:57
"I've not had a bad experience with your business. The people in the front along with the doctors have always taken care of our needs - friendly and professionally."
- Chris Cook
07/23/2019 17:22:11
"All is great"
- Robert Collins
07/23/2019 16:43:09
"You’ve always been caring and professional"
- Greg Spradley
07/22/2019 23:09:13
"We have received the best care for our dogs! We have a dog with a strong personality and they show us the very best care and respect. We leave feeling good concerning our fur baby. Many thanks to Dr. Jill!"
- Peggy Harris
07/22/2019 15:21:18
"I am satisfied with the care my pet receives at this practice. I am able to get an appointment when needed and all the vets are friendly and knowledgeable. "
- Micheal Kay
07/21/2019 00:10:28
"As usual, the care Phil received with the vet staff was excellent. They are always concerned with Phil's well being and health. Also, he visited Becky in the grooming department. He loves going to get his bath. He always comes back looking quite handsome."
- Sue Dearing
07/20/2019 17:12:00
"The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. We have the utmost faith in the care they provide our pets! "
- Julie Brinkley
07/20/2019 01:45:26
"I brought my puppy to Dr. Ben for a leg injury/possible snake bite. They got me right in and were thorough and friendly. Dr. Ben made the correct diagnosis, gave antibiotics, x rays and she is now running around just fine after only 3 days. I have had great success with all the vets but much prefer Dr. Ben. This vet clinic is the best, and I have been to others. I have been taking our animals here for over 20 years when they were in a different location. "
- Texas Balderas
07/20/2019 01:19:10
"I have 4 dogs at this time that I take here. They have been totally awesome. I have also lost dogs before and they always let me be thee till the end. They have sympathy for the family and pet. Right now I have a pregnant dam, and they just did and ultrasound. You would almost think it was their dog with how proud and exited they were. Yes I’ve had some bad experiences but no place is perfect. I would totally recommend this vet to everyone "
- Laura Skaggs
07/19/2019 23:46:15
"Your doing GREAT!!!"
- Wayne Weber
07/19/2019 21:09:03
"We can always count on Dr. Oberly and staff to give our pets excellent care."
- Carol Pischel
07/19/2019 20:21:12
"Excellent "
- Joyce Sampson
07/19/2019 20:00:19
"Rudi is so loved by all. It means a lot for a dog lover like myself to have no anxiety about the care I know he is receiving. His recent visit he was anxious, but the staff were so loving and kept him calm. A special shout out to all staff."
- Melody Barron
07/19/2019 14:33:18
"I love taking my pets here. You guys ask the right questions, are always great no matter what the issue is, everyone from check in to check out is so polite and friendly. Thank you for always making myself and my pet feel special! "
- Teresa Bernard
07/19/2019 03:03:19
"Always very happy with the quality of care our furry family receives! Doctors and staff are amazing! "
- Barbara Tucker
07/19/2019 03:03:13
"I really like this vet clinic. Ashbrook was a stray before I adopted him and I wasn't sure how he'd react at the vet. The nurses and Dr. Jill were absolutely wonderful with him."
- Whitney Mann
07/19/2019 01:46:01
"Responsive to my pets health issues. Very courteous and professional "
- Larry Mosier
07/18/2019 22:16:57
"The clinic had us in and out in record time for our cat’s shots. The staff was very courteous and helpful."
- Donn Adamson
07/18/2019 21:25:28
"Great staff! They were very good with our dog. Short wait time . We were in and out pretty quick."
- Rosemary Jackson
07/16/2019 17:20:16
"We have had very good care for our pets when we take them in for treatment or their yearly shots. They take the time to explain any treatment or medication that is needed to keep our pets healthy. "
- Jeanne Spain
07/15/2019 14:52:18
"Love this clinic...the staff & medical can't be beat.... "
- Lisa Norviel
07/15/2019 14:47:41
"Staff was pleasant. Got us in on time"
- Jerry Pinkley
07/15/2019 01:20:26
"I feel comfortable leaving my babies and know they are well cared for. Everyone is super friendly and prices are reasonable. One thing I would recommend is a grassy area for play time. "
- Nancy McCracken
07/14/2019 23:59:15
"I always feel like I'm important when I enter the clinic, I'm served as quickly as possible, and am greeted with a smile."
- Carol Rowe
07/14/2019 17:23:55
"I can't think of anything I would change or disliked. The staff is very courteous and Dr. Oberle is as well. You can tell that he genuinely cares about your pet, even though my Callie is a bit on the grouchy side and continually bit at him. She is healing well from the de-claw and doesn't seem to be in much pain at all. I will continue to bring her in as needed and have highly recommended this Clinic to all of my pet owner friends. Oh, this Clinic is amazing clean inside and out!"
- Mary Exley
07/14/2019 17:09:50
"I will ONLY bring my girl to y'all. You are the best!!! Y'all are the friendliest and most caring around. "
- Kelly Mayberry
07/13/2019 04:40:32
"Always have best service, friendliness and helpful experiences..."
- Elaine Baldridge
07/13/2019 02:58:37
"I think you are wonderful. The gentle care for my four-legged babies males me know you can be trusted. The only thing Nuckles does not like, the scales! Maybe he knows his weight is revealed, I don't know. Once we get passed that, he is fine. I do wish you did have the services of 24/7 emergency care.. St. Louis is too faraway during an emergency."
- Shirley Martka
07/12/2019 20:08:10
"Great place! I have no complaints."
- Jean Kelly
07/12/2019 19:00:47
"I have used the Vet Clinic for all my dogs going back to when I got Chipper in 2003, followed by Baxter and Barkley (and a few short term visitors). Barkley is now my only dog and about to turn 11 years old. Dr. Jill, who was his first vet is now his vet once again. I have always been very pleased with the care all my pets have received."
- Colleen Craig
07/12/2019 16:14:35
"We've been patients of the Vet Clinic of the Mineral Area for over 20 years. Our pets health is always the top priority of the staff at the Clinic and we've never left an appointment dissatisfied. We've had the unfortunate experience of having to put a pet to sleep and the staff at the Clinic made the experience as comfortable for us as possible. I would recommend their Veterinary services to anyone in the Mineral Area. "
- Whitney Partney
07/12/2019 15:55:46
"I was impressed with the quick response time and how well the vet on call on July 4th took care of our dog. Not being from the area brought a great comfort to us on well and how quickly they took care of our dog’s injury"
- Marianne Kaempfe
07/11/2019 18:33:22
"Wonderful Cricket loves you all"
- Rebecca Trueblood
07/11/2019 03:30:10
"I love everyone at the Clinic. The girls up front are wonderful and helpful. I have never had a bad experience with any of the Vets. Our favorite is Dr. Ben, but I would not hesitate to take my girls to any of them. "
- Nancy Hartupee
07/10/2019 16:34:49
"The vets are very good and very caring. Every time we take Katie in with a problem they are correct with what is wrong. We also have Katie groomed here and they do an excellent job. "
- Brenda Elfrank
07/10/2019 14:52:05
"Trust our pet to Mineral Area Veterinary Clinic for all her needs. She has Addison’s Disease and goes monthly. Never been disappointed. "
- Peggy Walker
07/10/2019 14:48:00
"We’re pleased we can get appointments quickly when our fur babies are sick. Also appreciate the compassion when hard decisions must be made. Thanks so much"
- Tom Lewis
06/27/2019 14:31:54
"Very satisfied"
- Carol Wagner
06/26/2019 19:00:54
"We are very happy with Dr. Oberle, looking after our Doggee!"
- Terry Jacobsen
06/26/2019 18:46:20
"Always do a fantastic job. Excellent care to our cattle. Compassionate, thoughtful, educational. Dr. Ben always explains what he is doing and why so that we can make the best decisions for out pets. Erica does an excellent job with our herd. The staff at the clinic are always helpful. We had to decide about medication to a sick cow and everyone helped us get to the best choice. We are very grateful for all the help."
- John Rimmer
06/26/2019 01:20:26
"Dr. Ben is the best. Toby has been going to him since he was about a year old. Toby gets excited to go see him and Dr. Ben gives him a lot of attention and checks him thoroughly "
- Connie Conway
06/25/2019 23:33:56
"We are always greeted with smiles and our pets receive the very best care possible!! "
- Heather Crocker
06/25/2019 22:07:04
"Eis and Kika love seeing Dr. Ben. They always feel lucky to see him. He always takes extra care of them. "
- Susan Engle
06/25/2019 20:40:29
"Not a negative word to say! We're very pleased with the care that our pets receive at the clinic. Wouldn't consider taking them anywhere else. Great staff all around!"
- Becky Martin
06/25/2019 18:41:09
"We had taken our doberman to Dr. Oberle to have his ears cropped. Dr. Oberle and staff were wonderful and had taken very good care of him. We will be switching vets! Thanks Mineral Area!"
- Jessie Shinabarger
06/24/2019 20:02:42
"I came in the other day for cat food for lucy. As always I was greeted with a smile, asked what I needed and it was fetched quickly(pun intended). I was conversed with like I was a friend or family while the transaction happened, and I was quickly on my way."
- Sarah Bell
06/24/2019 17:46:04
"Dr. Ben and staff are always friendly and do a great job!"
- Karen Seifert
06/24/2019 17:33:46
"My pets always get the best care and the availability for appointments is always very prompt!"
- Stacy Wilfong
06/24/2019 14:37:19
"The clinic did a fantastic job juggling all our animals and booking them in the same day. Great care and very informative. "
- Leigha Head
06/24/2019 13:38:22
"We were very pleased with our experience at the Vet Clinic. This was Ms. Holly's first visit and she did wonderful. The staff took great care in making sure Holly was conformable. We will definitely be coming back."
- Michelle Hale
06/24/2019 13:28:41
"I love the compassion that is shown when you first walk in the door, through each person that you deal with. "
- Tom Simmons
06/24/2019 01:11:33
"Very good "
- Rexall Graves
06/23/2019 14:08:46
"Always, great service. You have provided great care for Gus since he was a puppy, six years ago. Thank You!!!"
- Drew Wheatley
06/23/2019 02:09:54
"My experience has always been great. I get an appointment in a timely manner...the is never long and people are very friendly "
- Brenda Perez
06/22/2019 21:22:21
"The visit went well. My dog has fear of strange people but they were patient and calm with her."
- Debbie Morey
06/22/2019 14:23:14
"Always professional. Always courteous. Keep up the good work. "
- Henry Schaper
06/22/2019 09:19:13
"I have a good experience ever time I go in, fom appointments to buying products. The staff is always helpful and friendly."
- Paul Anderson
06/21/2019 20:23:10
"I love how you all know that our fur babies are just that our babies. And the fact that you take the time to listen and respond to every question we have no matter how silly it may sound"
- Angie Brown
06/21/2019 14:03:22
"We had a great experience, everyone was so nice and easy to work with. My dog is doing much better on the medications that were prescribed for her. She is on her way back to her normal self! Thank you!"
- Billie Gipson
06/21/2019 10:13:33
"Th clinic does a great job . Dr. Oberle and staff have always treat myself and the 2 dogs very good. I have recently moved away and have to find a new vet, but I will never forget the years spent with Dr.Oberle treating my dogs. I have nothing bad to say about the Vet clinic Of the Mineral Area---their the best----"
- David Jirsa
06/21/2019 02:31:23
"Mineral area vet is great! We see Dr. Jill for our furry crew, she saved our beagle Bears life and we are forever grateful! The rest of the staff is friendly and knowledgeable! Would't dream of going anywhere else! "
- Casey Palasky
06/21/2019 02:05:46
"I have never had a bad experience ever At Mineral Area Vet Clinic. The vets and staff are always courteous and very experienced! I've never had to wait very long to see the vets either. We will continue to take Max there."
- Lawrence Abram
06/19/2019 15:01:19
"Everyone is so helpful. We just stopped by for meds, but the tech took extra time to pull an old chart and provide information. "
- Don Drochelman
06/19/2019 14:08:56
"Always cooperative and good service"
- Lorna Marler
06/18/2019 01:55:41
"I absolutely love this clinic. They always go above and beyond to get my pup scheduled. The service is excellent every time we are there, regardless of which vet we see. And the front desk is able to answer most if not all of my questions when I call in. "
- Kristin Davis
06/17/2019 17:15:31
"Max and Littlewheels were and very good. I was very pleased with our wait time and the care given to my pets."
- Karen Hill
06/17/2019 13:53:43
"Dr Ben is always patient with us and takes time to explain everything to us about our babies! "
- Dawn Lawson
06/16/2019 23:51:54
"The entire staff at the Vet Clinic of the Mineral Area have been extremely professional, informative, cordial, and polite. We have worked with Dr's Oberle and Rothlisberger concerning equine care for our horses. We have been thankful that both vets have given us a wealth of information concerning the best care for our equine friends."
- Pat Rimkus
06/16/2019 23:26:47
"Able to get an appointment when I needed it and I could do it online. Got there early for our appointment and they got us in early. All staff is very friendly. Price for services is great. Would recommend them to anyone looking for a vet."
- Douglas Love
06/16/2019 20:37:10
"The care my boys receive at the Vet Clinic of Mineral Area can't be beat. They are very good and patient with them. We have never had a bad experience."
- Cindy Boyer
06/15/2019 03:42:18
"I have never had a bad experience with this vet office. Dr. Howerton is amazing vet and is always helpful and knowledgable when answering my questions. "
- Taryn Urich
06/14/2019 21:23:44
"Got my dog in quick. 2nd time I have been here, 2 different dogs, 2 different doctors. Both were great. Took their time and explained everything to me and were much more reasonably priced than other vet I had used before. I appreciate they did not try to overcharge or push tests that weren't really necessary at this time. Felt like both my dogs were in good capable hands. Their hours are better for working dog parents also. Highly recommend!"
- Lori Schusser
06/13/2019 22:58:37
"We had a great experience Staff was friendly and helpful, and Sandy and Mae Mae were very satisfied too !"
- Canines in Crisis, Inc
06/13/2019 14:58:37
"A little long checking Abby in Tues morning but there was alot of dogs otherwise everything was great "
- Sharon Scherrer
06/12/2019 23:57:59
"Only vet i have used for 15 yrs now.i trust and appreciate the Dr and staff.i have no complaints."
- Kelly Young
06/12/2019 21:40:50
"I love this vet office. They treat my pets like they’re family, and are very good with my pup, who can be very skittish sometimes. Great caring staff!"
- Carrie Gerstenschlager
06/12/2019 20:19:53
"Never had a bad experience with the clinic. Every one is extremely professional while at the same time being very personable. Extremely knowledgeable in veterinary care. "
- Mike Gross
06/12/2019 02:07:39
" Dr Ben and Dr Oberle are excellent small animal vets. They are knowledgeable, caring, and good listeners. I can't recommend them highly enough!"
- Michael Martin
06/11/2019 20:22:42
"We have used you for 14 years. No complaints. Everyone is very helpful. We lost our fur baby about 8 months ago. Dr Oberle was so compassionate during the whole ordeal. We now have a 5 month old puppy and we wouldn't take her anywhere else. "
- Violet Cooper
06/11/2019 20:06:56
"We had to bring our Gracie in the The after hour urgent care and it was awesome!! We are so thankful to have the Veterinary Clinic of the Mineral Area available after hours! Dr Jill & her staff were amazing with our Gracie. She had gotten into a little fight with our grand dog but it was very scary! If not for Dr Jill we would have had to travel to St Louis. Thanks again for the kind & friendly way you handled a scary situation and for making our sweet Gracie all better♥️"
- Kelly Thompson
06/11/2019 03:15:57
"I LOVE the loving care my pets receive with you all. Nothing is too small. All my questions and concerns are taken seriously. Wouldn't go anywhere else."
- Cathy Johnson
06/10/2019 23:48:51
"Friendly, caring staff. "
- Steve Harris
06/10/2019 13:46:39
"We had a very good experience at our last visit. Everyone was friendly, prompt and courteous."
- Pam Ketelsen
06/10/2019 04:49:39
"My visit was fast. The ladies are always friendly "
- Bobbie Kimpel
06/09/2019 18:21:10
"The visit went great. Dr. Falch was very informative on the concerns we had for our dog. He wasn't pushy and listened. "
- Sabrina Beffa
06/09/2019 17:49:20
"Provided detailed information and took the time to explain and answer our questions. "
- Aime King
06/09/2019 17:42:43
"Dr. Priester is so nice. She was willing to answer my daughters questions about our blue heeler. She was super knowledgeable and loved on our dog. He isn't happy to get shots, but he's just scared and she really took the time to get him comfy. Thank you and your staff for always caring!"
- Sherry Marler
06/09/2019 01:01:32