"I couldn’t ask for more friendly, caring service. "
- Misty Castleberry
02/19/2019 05:08:44
"You guys do great! Anytime I have a question, you are quick to answer and give advice. "
- Emily Pyatt
02/18/2019 18:20:09
"there’s nothing bad to say honestly everything has been good "
- Ian Asher
02/18/2019 18:07:38
"Our last 2 visits were excellent. First one we had Hailey bathed, checked out, and vaccinated. Hailey was a handful and 2 techs and I finally got a muzzle on her. Neither of the 2 techs complained about Hailey actions! Our last visit we had Hailey spayed. I thought by her first actions when we arrived she was going to be a handful but she quickly calmed down. I had been working with her to get her used to being muzzled! Lots of dogs and people were there and hailey calmed quickly. She was ready to come home at the time they specified! That is why we enjoy taking our animals here!"
- Sarah Bell
02/17/2019 18:43:13
"the groomer is fabulous with Katie. We have seen several vets at your clinic with Katie and every one has been great. "
- Brenda Elfrank
02/17/2019 04:50:37
"I feel that the treatment my animals receive is excellent. The staff at the Vet Clinic of Mineral Area treats their patients like family. They truly receive the best of care."
- Nelson Hampton
02/17/2019 04:15:26
"My last visit was to pickup a prescription refill. I had called it in a few hours earlier. The rx was ready when I got there. Service at the drive through was prompt and friendly. "
- Micheal Kay
02/17/2019 04:11:30
"Arf was well taken care of at my visit. Arf is blind and certain noises and strange voices scare him. The vet and Dr. Oberly both made sure he had a comfortable visit."
- John Moser
02/17/2019 02:19:31
"Our experience with the clinic was wonderful! We love the family feel of the practice and look forward to our future visits ! "
- Olivia Simpson
02/16/2019 20:07:41
"Staff is great"
- Bruce Haase
02/16/2019 18:27:12
"No faults. Only professional staff. Showed empathy at my nervousness about Nyla being put under. Dr O went out of his way to explain options and procedures, helped me make choice. "
- Christina C. Henson
02/15/2019 22:50:06
"Liked the way the Vet explained about Meow’s smell glands. Also, she called Meow a cute yellow female cat and explained you don’t see them very often."
- Karl Killion
02/15/2019 04:06:24
"I have never had a complaint since taking Chloe to the clinic. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and kind . I thank everyone who has cared for her. She is my life since my husband has passed away. "
- Betty Adams
02/14/2019 14:54:12
"No complaints this visit. I was greeted upon entering the office, Meds were ready for pickup as requested, thank you as I was leaving. The lady who waited on me was pleasant. "
- Debra Bradley
02/14/2019 01:26:14
- Rita Harder
02/14/2019 00:51:01
"Fantastic, always superb care and service."
- Christy Warner
02/13/2019 22:37:30
"I always love taking my dogs to the vet! And they love to go!! "
- Emily Edwards
02/13/2019 20:07:25
"You have a great vet clinic I have always had positive experiences when I see all of the vets in the clinic. "
- Jamie Downard
02/13/2019 20:03:20
"Good reminders of when her meds are due."
- Linda Bennett
02/13/2019 19:57:13
"All good on all the care we have received over the years. Dr. O and Dr. Ben two of the best! Through both good and rough times. Regarding our Louie and Lucys health. "
- Roger Reed
02/13/2019 19:33:56
"Everyone was very friendly and helpful! We felt very confident that Lola was taken well care of and a priority. We also greatly appreciated the new puppy pack!"
- Bethany Sherrill
02/13/2019 19:32:52
"Everyone was very nice and helpful as they always are. "
- Norma Owens
02/13/2019 19:29:52
"Cool was checked over veriy well. "
- Larry Stam
02/09/2019 01:24:26
"Extremely pleased with all. Professional and caring staff! On a scale of 1-10 you get a 100!"
- Kevin Quinton
02/07/2019 18:38:10
"I appreciate that you take time to care for my pet and answer any questions concerning my pets needs."
- Kim Sanchez
02/07/2019 17:33:14
"Everyone we came into contact with at the clinic was very friendly and happy to play with our puppy. Dr Ben was amazing. He spoke to us like we were friends or family and he does a very thorough examination on our animals. "
- Patsy Schanda
02/07/2019 17:21:12
"I had a very nice & fast & curtis experience"
- Reba Whited
02/07/2019 13:50:33
"I have only good things to say about my experience with your clinic. I have been bringing my pets to you since the late 90s and have always had great service and I have the utmost confidence in the doctors I see. Your staff is always helpful and have been so kind when the time came to help our many pets cross the rainbow bridge over the years. I will never go anywhere else."
- Michelle Irby
02/07/2019 04:54:24
"Wonderful! "
- Brenda Asher
02/06/2019 23:41:55
"I am very happy with your office! My dog had an almost fatal reaction to the heartworm treatment. I have decided to not continue the heartworm treatment, due to his age and the fact that he's in good shape for 12-13 years old. I like the fact that you don't try to force the treatment on him and you are supportive of my decision"
- Lisa Brenneke
02/06/2019 19:13:50
"I won't take my pups anywhere else."
- Michelle Gleisner
02/06/2019 04:02:38
"Everyone is always so nice and helpful. Dr. Oberle has been my vet ever since he started. There is know where else I would want to take my pets."
- Dahna Cole
02/05/2019 19:00:54
"We stopped by the Ironton clinic on Friday. We stayed a few extra minutes just to chat with the staff. We appreciate the clinic. It is much easier and quicker to drive to. Dr. Ben and his staff are always a pleasure to deal with."
- Susan Engle
02/05/2019 18:58:56
"You all are excellent! I never have to wait an extended time for an appt, your staff is always so helpful and answers any questions I may have. I’m completely satisfied!"
- Jana Portell
02/05/2019 17:45:30
"Love you guys! Everyone is always polite and very knowledgeable."
- Alison Sprung
02/05/2019 17:19:18
"I trust Mineral Area. The workers are kind to my dog and provide great customer service."
- Debra Lyons
02/05/2019 01:45:05
"The staff was friendly and helpful. The facility was very nice and clean clean. I have no complaints. "
- Jackie Mecey
01/23/2019 02:39:13
"Everything was good. Nothing bad."
- Albert (Blue Ribbon) Cleve
01/23/2019 01:12:55
"Love you all"
- Debra Wells
01/22/2019 00:09:18
"My wait time was short!! Love that!"
- Newton Luedecke
01/18/2019 22:57:12
"I found the staff to be very professional and more than willing to help. Was extremely pleased. I use to avoid this clinic because of a certain vet but this experience changed my opinion of the clinic. "
- Kailey Brinkley
01/18/2019 22:56:42
"I've had many animals in the past and the clinic has been great with every one of them. "
- Teri Mahurin
01/18/2019 19:58:12
"great! wouldnt go anywhere else"
- Mike D. Belfield
01/18/2019 02:18:00
"You are the best. You have very professional doctors, Staff and Nurses and a terrific kennel. Always helpful and you are always pleasant. Best Veterinary care around. Thank you for caring. "
- Mike Gross
01/17/2019 19:17:10
"Friendly staff, always able to get dog an appointment in a timely manner. "
- Douglas Love
01/16/2019 17:25:49
"I have nothing bad to say. Dr. Jill and the staff are awesome. I'm always greeted with a smile and a greeting of the day. I've taken the family pets here for years."
- Taryn Urich
01/16/2019 15:08:17
"I was very happy with the service. "
- Carolyn Hogan
01/15/2019 23:14:44
"Everyone did amazing! "
- Brylee Nausley
01/15/2019 11:09:39
"I have always been pleased with the vet and boarding services I have received. I also like the friendly of all the staff. "
- Joanne Kinzinger
01/15/2019 10:03:28
"Perfect and Thank You Very Much for such Great Care!"
- John Rimmer
01/14/2019 23:59:04
"I have trusted my fur babies with you all for a long time. You all are awesome. That's why I keep coming back."
- Kathy Nicholson
01/12/2019 13:52:42
"We have always received prompt and pleasant attention when we enter the clinic, and we like that the staff always takes the time to greet Bitsy. "
- Susan Johnson
01/11/2019 20:16:54
"Only Vet that I will use for my animals/pets is Dr. Andre Oberle, DVM., thank you!!!"
- Wayne Weber
01/11/2019 19:44:01
"Doing Great! Someone always Greets us when we enter the clinic. Never wait too long."
- Jean Kelly
01/11/2019 14:29:04
"Dr. Hannah was the vet that took care of Sassy on our visit. She is GREAT!! She was very knowledgeable and compassionate. Thanks for asking!"
- Bill Moss
01/11/2019 04:36:01
"Fast, caring, listens about pet issues, always sympathetic and caring"
- Greg Price
01/10/2019 16:06:07
"sometimes the wait is long but understand at times the ve t is busy. but overall i think all of you do an excellent job"
- Brenda Odom
01/10/2019 15:31:27
"We had a great experience! Kimmie was the sweetest! & Princess seems to be doing good! Thank you!"
- Malorie Sisco
01/10/2019 09:24:26
"Always made to feel like part of the family. "
- Melanie Dillard
01/09/2019 15:17:03
"I have been with Minera Area Vet Clinic for over 8+ years with multiple pets and have always received the best care. The staff is friendly and the doctors are knowledgeable and passionate. They give the best care and guidance for overall what's best for each of my pets."
- Tia Adams
01/06/2019 14:28:55
" I have been very pleased with the visits and treatment of my animals. And yesterday was no different."
- Ruth Ann Foot
01/06/2019 14:05:29
"Excellent care by professional friendly faces. Thanks!"
- Joseph Freeman
01/05/2019 13:32:03
"You're doing absolutely fabulous. So glad we found this Veterinary Clinic for our "daughter"."
- Cheryl Sutterfield
01/04/2019 19:15:40
"Very good"
- Nancy Barton
01/03/2019 18:09:07
"No complaints. I really like the quality of service."
- Lachelle Jackson
01/03/2019 14:32:35
"Great customer Service.. friendly ,knowledgeable Drs "
- Roberta Jones
01/03/2019 11:47:19
"Every thing was good and on time."
- Stan Laplant
01/03/2019 10:37:55
"My dog was treated with so much care and compassion. I'm so happy that your emergency services were available. Will definitely be bringing all of our animals here from now on! "
- Danielle Rector
01/03/2019 02:19:09
"I have no issues with personnel and in fact, everyone is always pleasant and take care of appts and medication refills promptly."
- Jeanne Landes
01/02/2019 00:34:31
"Always wait a very short time. You guys are awesome."
- Carol Rowe
01/01/2019 20:45:49
"The best grooming I've found for my dog"
- Brandy Probst
01/01/2019 19:35:24
"I think you’re the best vet around."
- Tim C Adams
01/01/2019 19:21:46
"Everything was handled professionally"
- Greg Spradley
01/01/2019 18:16:02
"no complaints"
- Bobbi Karraker
12/29/2018 20:05:39
"Just went in for heartgard. Had a nice conversation with staff. They’re always so kind and friendly."
- Mike Bracken
12/29/2018 19:43:16
"I have always received excellent care for Sasha, except 1 time. I have not seen that particular vet at the office since. All the other vets and techs are amazing!"
- Shontell Bell
12/28/2018 19:54:47
"Luke had grooming appt. Becky does a great job with a difficult dog. A rescue that hates grooming."
- James Roberts
12/27/2018 21:53:49
"No complaints here!"
- Sharon Bacon
12/27/2018 20:21:30
"Great friendly service and very fast. My pig, Ana, may not like her hooves trimmed, but she walks so much better!"
- Nickie Leonard
12/27/2018 18:57:47
"Becky is a great groomer!"
- Ken Wooten
12/27/2018 17:03:43
"We have received the best care for our dogs from Dr. Oberle and his staff."
- Kim Goheen
12/26/2018 21:44:05
"Excellent service and as always Gus's care was outstanding"
- Drew Wheatley
12/26/2018 14:31:30
"The staff is great. The young man Tyler who works in the kennels is polite and does a great job with the dogs. "
- Sheri Price
12/25/2018 00:35:54
"Great! We love you all."
- Kimberly Coleman
12/24/2018 19:49:48
"You guys are awesome. "
- Darla Fritts
12/24/2018 19:38:56
"We are satisfied with the care our pets are receiving"
- Sharon Adney
12/23/2018 21:47:31
"Fast, reliable, & friendly service"
- Terry Williams
12/23/2018 14:33:22
"Staff extremely friendly and helpful. Doctors and techs knowledgeable, kind and time efficient."
- Angelica Lappe
12/22/2018 16:25:42
- John Sherrill
12/22/2018 15:02:35
"Great service. Friendly staff "
- Renee Hopper
12/22/2018 14:45:58
"Nothing bad to say. You all do a great job. "
- Susan & John Stevens
12/22/2018 12:00:42
- Cindy Boyer
12/22/2018 06:42:50
"Doctor and staff always treat us well and ask if there is anything we need for our Dog. Dr. Oberle is always very good at examining Dog."
- Terry Jacobsen
12/21/2018 15:08:09
"Everything is ALWAYS amazing!"
- Ryan Chambers
12/21/2018 05:49:02
"Oakley and I love coming to the Vet!!! It is nice to walk in and everyone know his name and enjoy seeing him. Thank you!"
- Tammy Elliott
12/20/2018 13:25:33
"Everyone is always nice and welcoming. I feel very comfortable taking my girls here. "
- Anthony Fetters
12/20/2018 12:36:06
"When I dropped Buddy off, even tho I didn’t want to leave him Dr.Jill made it less painful!!! When my husband picked him up they gave Jim’s very detailed care instructions which was very nice !!! Every time is as good as possible!!!"
- Dee House
12/20/2018 12:16:31
"Gabby is doing excellent. Her belly is looking good. She is eating and drinking good. Ty for the excellent care you gave her. "
- Belinda Guynes
12/18/2018 14:28:32
"Great service and stafff"
- Brenda Perez
12/18/2018 14:18:08
"I love your office you have always treated my animals as if their your own and very passionate and caring. I recommend you guys all the time"
- Sandy Snyder
12/18/2018 13:53:27