"I've never had any bad experiences, just keep up the good work."
- Jim Gillam
06/26/2018 02:19:41
"We are always very satisfied with our appointments. Everyone is cheerful, polite and very helpful!"
- Bobbie Thomure
06/25/2018 13:13:08
"Everyone performs very professionally. I really like our vet he is very caring and completes a though assessment. Keep up the good work!"
- Nelson Hampton
06/25/2018 01:51:06
"Everyone is great. Truly care about my babies."
- Lori Rhodes
06/24/2018 16:13:32
"Being able to feel comfortable with our animals' care and knowing that they are getting the best from our vets is peace of mind! "
- John Chandler
06/24/2018 15:21:20
"Always a pleasant experience. Easy appointments, late hours are wonderful for working people"
- Ginger Hand
06/24/2018 15:11:49
"Always a good experience."
- Wade Jones
06/23/2018 12:06:17
"We have always had a positive experience here. Staff is friendly and knows their stuff, and does their best to educate. "
- Jennifer Harman
06/23/2018 03:32:29
"Love your clinic. Everybody is helpful, kind, and efficient. We saw Dr. Ben this time. He is awesome. Your fees are very reasonable and you don't push excess tests or products on your clients."
- Douglas Love
06/22/2018 16:34:19
"Y'all did a great job taking care of Roxy the wonder dog after her latest escapade (attacking the dumpster raccoon)! We really appreciate all you do for our adventurous Jack Russell terrier. Thanks for taking the time to care for our pet!"
- Patty Claney
06/22/2018 16:17:04
"Everyone was nice and helpful. You can tell they love animals. I didn't have to wait long either. "
- Valerie Ray
06/22/2018 15:37:30
"We have no complaints what-so-ever. We love the care and compassion your staff shows for our "boys". Thank you all!"
- Brent Deyo
06/22/2018 00:45:22
"Love doc Oberle and Ben and groomer Becki we drive from St. Louis to bring our pets here "
- Sherry Lacey
06/21/2018 23:25:02
"Phillip Falch is a fantastic vet. I rescued a dog that was in really bad shape and Dr. Falch was able to see him last minute. He was able to diagnose the dog’s health problems quickly and the medicine he prescribed has already made a huge difference. "
- Anne Allen
06/21/2018 19:23:42
"I count on the expert opinion there to help care for my animals as they are ahing"
- Penny McDowell
06/19/2018 12:35:23
"Dr Oberle was fantastic and very caring of our needs plus didn't want us to spend a arm and leg if we couldn't . He was great "
- John ""Bucky"" Benson
06/16/2018 22:59:05
"Dr. Ben showed he really cared for my wife’s little chihuahua, Rocco! "
- Debbie or Larry Greenfield
06/16/2018 17:43:52
"Everyone is always pleasant. Like Dr. Oberle. He is great. Becky is the best at grooming Emmie. She did a wonderful job with Hershey."
- Janet Streckfuss
06/16/2018 01:58:16
"My recent experience was great. Both my dog and cat were treated like royalty and the Veterinarian gave them a thorough exam. I couldn't be more pleased."
- Robin Brunk
06/16/2018 00:39:33
"Becky, the groomer always shows concern for my dogs and does an excellent job with their grooming. Dr Ben I totally trust with my dogs and horses"
- Ruth Aubuchon
06/15/2018 20:11:10
"Everyone was very helpful and friendly. They were very professional and gentle with our dogs. "
- Terry Haungs
06/15/2018 19:46:11
"This is the best bet clinic I've been to. Kind, caring staff."
- Julie Schwent
06/15/2018 16:12:49
"No complaints here. Always happy with the care given to my pet."
- Barbara Bone
06/14/2018 14:12:25
"Always very prompt , clean and a friendly staff. We have tried other places in the past and are very picky where we take our fur babies. Won,t go any place else. Thank You "
- Brenda Odom
06/14/2018 10:57:45
"Everyone is so very nice and helpful every time I go in to the clinic or call them. Glad the clinic is open till 8."
- Nancy Hartupee
06/14/2018 05:10:36
"Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful, and genuinely cares about their customers’ pets!"
- Ashley Tetrault
06/13/2018 21:20:17
"I am completely satisfied with the vet care and the customer service. Thanks "
- Dahna Cole
06/13/2018 14:20:46
"We haven't met a person there we don't like. We know our Pomerian Chloe is in great hands anytime we bring her in. She had parvo almost 8 years ago and they saved her life! "
- Chris Skaggs
06/12/2018 23:52:01
"Excellent. Easy to get an appointment and get the babies taken care of "
- Gabbie Frye
06/11/2018 23:57:34
"From the moment I made appointment, to arrival, to completion, everyone was simply amazing! Cheerful, informative, caring! Will not ever consider going anywhere else."
- Randy House
06/11/2018 00:09:02
"Friendly, attentive, and concerned. Loved how my pup was treated and will look forward to our next visit. Thank you."
- Thonie Armstead
06/10/2018 02:39:44
"I love everyone there. The docs and front staff are all very accommodating and are will to do what they can to work with any situation that might require flexability."
- Susan Barton
06/10/2018 01:03:42
"Truly the best veterinarians. We switched from another vet years ago. They truly care for our pets and we wouldn't trust another clinic. They are kind and the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. They truly listen and take time to answer all your questions. Even when faced with losing a pet due to cancer, they were so kind and compassionate and willing to accommodate our needs. Costs are very reasonable also. "
- Jessica Tarrant
05/25/2018 15:52:03
"Customer service is great and is always nice. Can't respond with negative to work on. I really enjoy bringing my fur baby to get her nails clipped and she seems quite comfortable."
- Katie Jansen
05/24/2018 16:26:16
"My cat and I felt at ease and welcome from the time we entered the door. "
- Richard Craft
05/24/2018 11:56:12
"Everything has always went well for me"
- Joe Gegg
05/24/2018 01:17:35
"No complaints, fine job."
- Margaret Fox
05/23/2018 14:25:38
"We always have great experiences. Dr O is the best. "
- Terry Fleeman
05/20/2018 13:58:42
"I have never had a bad experience. Everyone is always so kind and caring. Dr. Oberle even called me back to check on Mya when I thought she ate one of my metformin pills and had to give her peroxide to throw up. I am the one who is a basket case and crying when she has to be sedated to clean her teeth. "
- Pam Inman
05/19/2018 16:31:56
"I never have a single problem with anything when i come in. I really like it there and i like that there isnt a very long wait time. They are always very nice when we come in to."
- Kristin Thebeau
05/17/2018 01:06:20
"Excellent service! Prompt getting us in. Took great care of my dogs. Extra assistance in locating meds acceptable for my pregnant dog. "
- Jaclyn Gilliam
05/15/2018 22:08:27
"Exceptional care. Thank you."
- Stanley Jackson
05/15/2018 15:15:51
"Your team did amazing with Ruger I called on a Saturday with an accident of running over his paw and your team treated him like he was there own u guys and gals have gained my business for years to come !!!"
- Donald Hackworth
05/15/2018 03:51:07
"I have an excellent experience every time. The staff is friendly and tentative to customer needs. I recommend you guys all the time!"
- Matthew Bellson
05/13/2018 14:12:25
"Everyone that took part in CC's care did very well, I knew CeCe was in good hands, and it was my fault that CC was back in there again to see doctor Oberle, he was very Stern with me because of CC's condition and I'm glad he was, I appreciated that from him, it also told me he did care, it also told me how important it was to keep CeCe on his diet the doctor prescribed and I have not wavered from it. Thank you again for taking such good care of CeCe."
- Terry Galloway
05/11/2018 13:43:17
"Last saw Dr Oberle, usually Dr Ben. Both are informative, caring, and patient with us doggy parents. The office is always clean and comfortable and the office staff friendly and efficient, at Farmington and at AV. "
- Cheryl Floerchinger
05/10/2018 23:34:51
"I enjoy taking my animals to the Veterinary Clinic of Mineral Area. The employees are ALWAYS nice, even when it's a little hectic in the waiting area. My only complaint is that the majority of the time, the wait to see the doctor is very long."
- Brittany DeMaria
05/10/2018 01:35:25
"Love this vet clinic. The doctors and everybody that works there are so very kind and helpful."
- Gary Renshaw
05/07/2018 19:51:55
"I have always had all my questions answered and Hercules has always been treated great (even though he is still a little unsure about the place) But even when he is nervous the Vet has always been super patient with him and trying to make him comfortable. I can not think of anything bad off the top of my head. "
- Brett Bader
05/07/2018 14:29:06
"We really appreciate Dr. Ben he has always been very helpful with issues we have had with our dogs. He doesn’t hesitate to get down on the floor with them and is very relaxed and comfortable with them, no matter how excited they get. Much appreciated "
- Michelle Morgenthaler
05/07/2018 14:16:11
"Great service,friendly and efficient staff. Very clean areas Love Dr Ben would highly recommend him to any animal owner Keep up the good work"
- Betty Charboneau
05/06/2018 19:49:08
"My whole family brings their pets in to see you and I see why. You are very informative and caring as a staff and a vet. Thank you for caring for Bailey ❤️"
- Chrissy Goheen
05/05/2018 16:38:32
"Our service was GREAT!!! I would never take our animals to any other vet! We love Mineral Area and so do my babies!!"
- Ashley Dockins
05/04/2018 22:18:13
"I've had no bad visits .. Everyone is very professional an kind .even to my overly protective dog .. You guys are great !"
- Charles Blankenship
04/30/2018 15:04:50
"I was very pleased with my visit. Everyone was very good with Daisy. Also explained the things I need to do with her."
- Judy Carriere
04/06/2018 13:12:31
"Dr.Oberle is our doctor. He breaks things down so you can easily understand what is going on and always gives us the best care that we need!"
- Sarah Stegall
04/06/2018 12:49:44
"The service is always friendly and the staff is willing to answer questions. Appreciated the follow up call a couple days later to check on her, meant a lot."
- Tom Simmons
04/06/2018 03:15:03
"You all do a wonderful job! I've been bringing my pets to your clinic for over 20 years. Dr. Rothlisberger is the best! He always takes plenty of time with my pets and answers all my questions. Thank you for always being there for my fur babies."
- Angela Echols
04/05/2018 03:32:54
"i never have any anything negatively about your care. Glad to be able to come here. "
- Mike Sullivan
03/30/2018 20:40:14
"Everyone is always friendly even if I'm only in there for dog food and treats. "
- Donna Stobart
03/30/2018 20:35:42
"I have not had any problems with the services your clinic has provided to my many cats over the years. Karen"
- Karen Schafer
03/30/2018 20:06:44
"The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The only thing I don’t really like us not having the same doctor for each visit. So we have to explain or go over everything again with each new doc. It’s not that big a deal, but it’d be nice to see one doc each visit. What you all did for us when we had to put our Sandy down was very touching. The card with her paw print was a true blessing. I plan on getting it done as a tattoo. "
- Sue Black
03/30/2018 19:56:31