"We are so grateful that we found Vet Clinic after we moved to the area. We have been so happy with the services from day one. We recommend all of you all the time. Many thanks; we know what you do for a living is hard work and emotional; thank you for all you do. God bless you all!"
- Vicki McKiel
10/30/2022 16:33:46
"We appreciate all Drs and staff that regularly assist us with our horse care. We have 13 horses and there is frequently areas of questions and concerns. We are always treated with courtesy and promptness. Thanks to all ! "
- Janet Stinchcomb
10/27/2022 17:48:34
"Dr Ben and staff gave our pets excellent care. We were treated with professionalism and friendliness. "
- Byron Inman
10/26/2022 00:46:57
"I always have a fantastic visit to the vet!! Very professional and informative."
- Dena Buscher
10/25/2022 18:58:05
"You are all always courteous, helpful, answer my questions and take good care of Kitcat. I wish people in healthcare for humans could get it down so well."
- Melissa Doyle
10/24/2022 00:29:52
"As always the staff is courteous and the doctor more than helpful answering all questions and explaining everything . The waiting room , exam room and restroom were clean . The interaction between staff members observed as helpful and friendly to one another.. like a family. I couldn’t be more pleased with everyone and the clinic itself. "
- Deborah Kaupert
10/23/2022 15:45:54
"I’m so thankful we have a clinic nearby in Arcadia Valley."
- Susan Degonia
10/23/2022 00:06:32
"I like Dr. Justin a lot. He is upfront and honest. He takes time to talk to me and answers any question. He shows compassion while caring for my Dog. His professionalism and personality reflect well on the Clinic."
- Terry Williams
10/22/2022 04:40:03
"I've only visited once so far, but you were very helpful. "
- Mike Goforth
10/20/2022 16:12:19
"Best and animal care in the area. We wouldn't take our pets anywhere else. Excellent boarding also."
- Lisa Scott
10/20/2022 00:33:53
"The lady that helped me went beyond what she needed to do to help me with my need for coming in. Very nice. "
- Betty Fenwick
09/04/2022 02:21:45
"Dr Oberle and staff are wonderful as always ! "
- Lynne Moore
09/03/2022 13:59:09
"Always great service no matter how big or small the reason for being there! We appreciate the services they provide and the sincerity with which it is given."
- Greg Lambert
09/01/2022 23:09:52
"We used the groomers there and they did a great job. We are extremely happy with the results. Our Goldendoodle, Bella looks so cute!"
- Bruce Zeilman
08/31/2022 23:36:07
"Dr Oberle is THE best!! "
- Steve and Angi Akins
08/31/2022 21:16:47
"I would recommend everyone to take their fur baby’s to this veterinarian clinic they r they only ones I’ll ever take my baby’s too very respectful and get right to making our fur baby’s healthy again "
- William Woolf
08/31/2022 12:24:42
"I highly recommend the clinic. Staff is amazing, kind and understand the importance of your pet, the staff went above and beyond to help with traveling with my pets. Five stars all the way⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"
- Karen Crews
08/29/2022 11:52:41
"Always very caring and friendly."
- Alvin Banks
08/28/2022 20:05:44
"Staff is always friendly, courteous, and informative. I have gone to other vets and boarding facilities. Never was shown the boarding area, though you did for us. Which reassured us of Bailey’s care. "
- Denise Hager
08/27/2022 17:32:36
"Everyone is very helpful/professional."
- Tom Vandyke
08/26/2022 15:19:23
"Rachael the best of the bust!"
- Robert Maguire
08/20/2022 22:35:55
"Everyone was friendly and helpful!"
- Susan Kline
08/19/2022 21:34:21
"Taken my pets to this vet for many years. Never had a bad experience."
- Lisa Norviel
08/18/2022 16:34:06
"My dog is extremely anxious when it comes to men and the vet was a male however he worked with Harley so he would be ok with him he didn't just force himself on him he worked to make Harley comfortable "
- Melissa Francis
08/18/2022 15:23:44
"Friendly staff , knowledgeable and courteous. Ella Mae enjoys seeing all the staff of Veternary of the Mineral Area."
- Rusty Parker
08/17/2022 18:29:43
"We have entrusted the care of our fur babies to Mineral Area for many years. We know they are well taken care of and treatments and procedures are explained well. We trust Mineral Area 100%."
- Lori Pyland
08/13/2022 21:32:17
"Very happy with your services "
- Mary Henson
08/13/2022 15:00:57
"I have been coming here for years. I have had several of the vets and they are all polite and listen to what I had to say. Office staff have always been polite as well I usually try to make appointments after work and they really work with me Facility looks brand new they take great care of it"
- Penny Wood
08/13/2022 00:17:14
"Very professional and caring. We drive from Illinois to use this hospital because we want our dog to get the very best care. The costs are very good and that helps too! "
- Teresa Smart
08/11/2022 21:14:31
"We appreciate the good service we received and especially the great price! "
- Glen Starner
08/10/2022 14:15:33
"The Vet Techs do a great job with our spoiled rotten drama-addicted old beagle. "
- Lesley Hughes
08/09/2022 00:33:08
"Thank you for all the wonderful help you did with my dog I appreciate it I would recommend you too many"
- James Silva
08/05/2022 12:33:19
"Always friendly"
- John Griffon
07/29/2022 19:02:47
"The environment was clean, the Tech was very kind, as was the vet DVM Howerton, and the receptionist that checked us out. However, the receptionist that checked us in was not friendly nor a good representative of your clinic. Maybe it was just an off day. "
- Diane McKinley
07/29/2022 07:25:23
"Dr Oberly is the best vet ever. And Melissa Tolley went beyond to get my poor sick pup in to see the doctor. I would highly recommend this place to anyone needing a vet."
- Trisha Burris
07/28/2022 16:42:51
"I called on 7/27/22 at 9:55AMto ask about heartgard and nexgard. I can't remember who answered the phone, but she was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. "
- Chris Skaggs
07/27/2022 21:25:01
"I absolutely love this clinic! We have used them for our vet needs since I was a teen. Always happy and friendly staff! The Vets are always great and knowledgeable. Always willing to explain anything when I ask questions. I moved a couple years ago, 2 hours away and I still use them for vet needs. Love the Saturday appointments."
- Taryn Urich
07/27/2022 18:35:13
"Exceptional Service and my Girl's aren't Stressed when we pick them up ,Even if it's been 14 to 17 days. "
- Louis Nash
07/06/2022 04:37:33
"Staff did a wonderful job taking care of my dog. They were very kind and respectful."
- Christina Stenger
07/05/2022 21:42:41
"Went in on emergency for my girl having and not coming out of seizures. Doc and vet tech were wonderful. They took very good care of jade and answered all my questions and concerns. "
- Laura Skaggs
07/04/2022 19:41:54
"I used the clinic in ironton mo. Very pleased with the service. I go once a month for flea/tick and heart worm prevention for my dog. Always polite and helpful even tho it gets pretty crowded at time."
- Nancy Watson
07/02/2022 13:25:41
"I love Mineral Area Vet Clinic and trust them thoroughly."
- Pam Inman
06/30/2022 11:15:10
"We've brought our pets to the Vet Clinic of the Mineral Area for 30 years. They are always knowledgeable and give the best care to the animals and their humans. "
- Stacey Wideman
03/24/2022 00:26:41
"They always want to make sure my dog is taken care of and apply the best methods and medications he needs. Very friendly staff and very knowledgeable doctors"
- George Kracke
03/23/2022 17:40:54
"Every one of the numerous staff go out of their way to be friendly, kind, and knowledgeable. My pets always get great care."
- Maggie Hagee
03/22/2022 21:24:02
"This is the only place we will bring our animals. Such a clean facility and the doctors and techs are all so nice. We’ve boarded our dog there a handful of times and he’s always been treated very well. We will never go anywhere else for the care of our animals! "
- Shelby Hollinsworth
03/21/2022 11:52:09
"It was only GOOD! A very positive visit. Thank you for your expertise! "
- Judy Lowe
03/20/2022 22:48:26
"good job, we really appreciate your service and caring for our animals. "
- Michael Nash
03/19/2022 17:15:17
"Always very helpful and friendly."
- Robert Collins
03/19/2022 17:03:10
"I will say this visit was great. The two techs wrestled my dog for a blood sample and they got even though Rosie was determined not to let them. The vet was great with her too."
- Angela Aurich
03/18/2022 20:37:29
"My dog was spayed, and she was treated like family. I have used Mineral Area Vet for years. I wouldn't choose any one else to take care of my babies. "
- Mindi Adams
03/17/2022 18:21:54
"Excellent service, every employee is caring and wants to do what is best for our pets. "
- Susan Heitzer
03/16/2022 21:49:06
"My pet was injured and needed assistance. Fortunately for us we take our pets to Mineral Area Vet clinic. He was an established patient. The vet gave him the care he needed. He is now recovering nicely at home. If you have pets do them and yourself a favor get them established as a patient, so when an emergency happens they can receive the care they need. "
- Beth Forbes
03/16/2022 20:12:20
"Always friendly, caring and take excellent care of our animals"
- Brenda Hendrix
03/16/2022 18:58:25
"You have always done a great job. And I love the convenience of having the walk-in clinic at Ironton on Tuesdays and Fridays. It’s a huge help to me. "
- Jill Hood
03/16/2022 17:51:30
"I could not get an appt. in the Farmington office. I tried on a Friday to get into the Ironton walkin office, but there wasn't even a parking space available that day. So yesterday I went to the walkin one at 10:30. When the Dr. got there at the same time, his assistants let me right in. They were very good, as usual, and he apologized, explained what the problem is. He took very good care of Suzie, and I was out in good time. This is the Vet Clinic I will always use."
- Phyllis Dunlap
03/16/2022 16:22:21
"Very caring and friendly staff......great with our dogs."
- Jerry Lee
03/16/2022 01:21:12
- John Sherrill
03/13/2022 22:02:46
"Awesome care"
- Ted Beishir
03/12/2022 19:54:19
"The people there are very caring and compassionate and it is very reasonably priced. I won't go anywhere else. Thank you"
- Scott Nistler
03/11/2022 23:17:07
"You guys are amazing! So personable and accommodating. Quick service. Clean environment. A+"
- Stephanie Haynes
03/11/2022 21:05:00
"I always have a good experience when we visit. They take the time to explain and answer any questions that you have. "
- Michelle McGlothlin
03/11/2022 17:12:51
"We love the Vet Clinic of the Mineral Area! The staff is helpful and friendly. The vets are knowledgeable and always make your worries feel important and valid. Our pets feel loved and comfortable at each visit. We would definitely recommend them! "
- Karly Rion
03/11/2022 01:24:32
"The staff and the doctor are very kind and caring."
- Nancy Sohn
03/11/2022 00:47:04
" You all are always great and so good with my fur babies"
- Kathy Snyder
03/10/2022 21:03:59
"The staff was very welcoming with my hyper little guy! "
- Amy Brenneke
03/09/2022 22:35:04
"I love the clinic and the grooming service provided by Miss Becky. She does wonderful work and always has my little Scarlet so beautiful when I pick her up. Thank you all….you make a great team."
- Marie Williamson
03/09/2022 19:58:51
"We have used Mineral Area Vet for our dogs, horses, and cattle for a long time. We always receive great care for our farm. No matter if it's an emergency or scheduled visit, everyone is so nice and ready to help with our needs. "
- Wayne Richard
03/09/2022 03:34:58
"very friendly and efficient service. have been going here for more than fifteen years"
- David Rinker
03/08/2022 21:12:40
"My fur babies love going to see the vet. Everyone is so kind and treat my fur babies with love. "
- Tina Cain
03/06/2022 21:01:38
"I've used your services for several years now and have even continued when residence living in STL. I have great trust in all services rendered."
- Rebbecca Eaker
03/06/2022 09:41:41
"I made a desperate call asking for help for my dog. Staff that took my call was fabulous. Vet called me back and by the end of the call we had a treatment plan for my dog who is an established patient. The healing has began!"
- Velda Neeley
03/05/2022 23:06:30
"Ben is the best Veterinarian and I would recommend him to anybody that treasures their animals. I have had him take care of four of my animals and they all lived long healthy lives. My dog gets excellent care when I board him and everyone really cares. Thanks for taking such good care of my westie. "
- Sandra Rutter
03/05/2022 21:27:25
"I feel like my pets get the best care at your clinics. I love the way you answer all my questions and give me the best advice as if my pets were your family member. "
- Mary Bobnar
03/05/2022 19:22:34
"Murphy, our cocker spaniel got his regular hair cut from Becky, she is the most loving caring, and most gently person for that job of doing what she does, Getting dogs to be still so she can do her job must be difficult at times, . All the folks there are the best. We thank you for your service to us. Gene, Madge and (Murphy). "
- Gene Winch
03/05/2022 17:40:37
"The vet was very thorough and kind all at the same time. "
- Carol Boyer
03/05/2022 12:50:50
"I've been coming to the Vet Clinic of Mineral Area for years and everyone is always so friendly and kind. They take the time to explain everything and make sure that I understood the medication given to treat my dog. I highly recommend! "
- Tracy Campbell
03/05/2022 01:36:33
"Amazing no issues at all. Always very helpfull"
- Shianne Hurtz
03/04/2022 17:35:31
"Everyone is very welcoming from the time you enter the door. Excellent care is given to the pet being seen that day, any questions answered, all concerns were met. They go through your options as far as testing and treatment and let the pet owner make the best decision based on their needs."
- Teresa Rhyneer
03/04/2022 13:55:49
"My family member (dog) Cooper was hit by a car. They attended to him immediately upon arrival and calmed this ole dad down. I trust them completely, and all so caring. "
- Kevin Quinton
03/03/2022 23:11:59
"We bring Angel to get groomed. Becky does her grooming and does a terrific job. "
- Harry Moulton
03/03/2022 21:26:26
"Staff is always so helpful and polite. I enjoy their service and attentiveness."
- Denise Hager
03/03/2022 21:08:54
"Our family uses Dr. Ben & Dr. O. We met Dr. Ben when at the Bonne Terre location, & followed him to Mineral Area for continued great care of our pets. We met Dr. O there, and knew we had another great care giver for our animals. Can’t say enough about these two totally dedicated vets! Always caring, and always consistent. Thanks for taking care of our “herd”. Rose and Steve Pelak"
- Rose Pelak
03/02/2022 23:05:55
"Vet Clinic has been so kind and helpful to get urgent appointments with my vet as my elder dog has had significant medical changes recently. Debby has been particularly compassionate and helpful to us. We are grateful for their care."
- Gail Green
03/01/2022 22:12:26
"Very helpful and efficient. "
- Patricia Brickler
03/01/2022 21:31:44
"I have always felt they do their best to accommodate the patient and I have received great service here. I had what I thought was a potentially serious problem and was able to get a work in appointment on a Saturday. My dog received a very thorough exam. Turns out she was just being a spoiled little dog! "
- Barbara Jones
02/27/2022 17:28:27
"Always well taken care of"
- John Chamberlain
02/26/2022 23:54:28
"Dr. Howerton and his staff are extremely professional and they care about your pet."
- Nelson Hampton
02/26/2022 00:36:53
"Awesome staff and services. They’ve provided great care for both of my pups. I recommend them highly. "
- Kay McIntyre
02/25/2022 23:26:11
"your doing a great job with my 2 dogs they enjoy stay with you all week i know they was in good care "
- Larronce Sampson
02/25/2022 05:40:43
"We have come to vet clinic of the mineral area for several years now for our cats and dogs. They are great with our fur babies."
- Earllena Robinson
02/25/2022 00:42:00
"Yoshi was at the Farmington location for a routine blood test. The technician was so kind and patient with Yoshi…he was really scared and shaking and made a mess in the exam room, which a young man cleaned up promptly and also sanitized little Yoshi. Everyone always makes it as good an experience as they can for our little guy, whether at Farmington or the Ironton location!!"
- Marsha Goen
02/25/2022 00:05:41
"Ben has been my vet for years he treats my dogs almost like they are his I would never go anywhere else and recommend him to everyone I know!"
- Kory Bonacker
02/24/2022 19:08:20
"Wonderful staff! Everyone is helpful, knowledgeable and take their time to care for your pet and answer questions."
- Elizabeth Whitener
02/24/2022 14:53:01
"We were warmly greeted by staff despite seeming a large crowd. I had 2 puppies and 5 kiddos age 6 and under. All the staff were kind and helpful. Vet check was quick and efficient. Prices fair. We like the reliability here! "
- Robert Kelly
02/24/2022 03:58:30
"Friendly knowledgeable staff. They are compassionate and provide excellent care to all of my furry friends."
- Michelle Hays
02/24/2022 02:17:25
"You guys always take good care of jazzy"
- Rita Harder
02/23/2022 21:01:23
"Always love you office and have taken greg care of my dogs. "
- Misty Nichols
02/22/2022 17:10:24
"I've always had the best care for my pets and tha staff really cares for my pets."
- Dorothy Key
02/20/2022 19:58:25
"Not much waiting time staff was friendly"
- Ronald Schwer
02/19/2022 21:46:45