"Your practice (staff and doctors) are amazing and professional! You all are detailed and efficient! We at Paals are extremely grateful to have you take care of the health and well-being of our in training dogs! Thank you for all you do! PAALS"
- Liz Anderson
09/24/2021 16:23:23
"Everyone was extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I was very comfortable considering it was my first visit. I'd recommend"
- Evelyn Tucker
09/18/2021 21:19:41
"Mollie was given the absolute best care! We love Dr. Megan and all of the staff!! "
- Courtney Tucker
09/18/2021 17:59:19
"You guys did absolutely amazing. I informed your secretary that my pup had high anxiety and been turned around at other vet clinics. You guys insured that my pup would get everything she needed to get back healthy and i am so appreciative. Plus a room full of women handling everything was even more amazing. "
- Sandra Martinez
09/18/2021 17:26:58
"An amazing first impression started with Ms. Sue who answered the phone when I called. I was scatter-brained and anxious I gave Ms. Sue my Virginia information. She kindly with a bit of humor said "sweetie, are you sure that's your address?" Her tone was patient and comforting. We arrive and taking to see theDr. Megan and her team immediately. Dr. Megan is professional, caring, compassionate, funny, and ultimately the best I've ever met when it comes to our fur baby. I officially have made Spring Valley our new primary care doctor. "
- Kerion Carter
09/17/2021 22:18:47
"It was easy to get an appointment and my new little fur baby got the best care and lots of love. I'm elated that we found the veterinary home. Thanks for the additional advice on daily and weekly maintenance items. You all are simply the best. You call tell you all love what you do!"
- Monica Brooks
09/10/2021 02:55:33
"I love the staff and their interaction with my dog. They were experienced, attentive, and the wait was minimal to none. I am their newest reliable patient parent. You will not be disappointed if you love your furry family member!"
- Asia Miller
08/25/2021 22:58:44
"Best vet experience I've ever had. Doctor thoroughly cover everything with us in detail. Vet techs were super sweet to my kitty."
- Sona Coshal
08/14/2021 21:05:24
"I was so impressed with the overall experience, starting from the time I called to make the appointment to the follow up after the appointment. I love the app and the email contacts. The office visit was awesome. Muffin got a lot of love. Love the way the assistant came in the exam and went over all of Muffin's history and gave me information on what she needed and even itemized all of the needed services so I would know what the cost was before checking out. I really love Dr. Herbers. Very thorough and wonderful personality. I felt right at home with the entire experience. Very professional and caring!!! "
- Cheryl Leysath
07/25/2021 00:40:48
"Everyone we came in contact with at the office was so super nice and made us feel very welcome and they were so knowledgeable about things I didn't even no about a dog. Dr. Meghan and her staff were excellent we will continue to have them as our Vet from now on."
- Justine Smith
07/23/2021 13:58:29
"Me and my dogs always have a wonderful visit with Dr. Gardner - she is the best! Mary Catherine is also wonderful, helpful, and so pleasant to deal with. Also, we always have wonderful customer service at the front desk"
- Joyce Brooks
07/14/2021 23:33:08
"The staff was very helpful and gentle with my timid dogs and everyone was efficient and courteous!"
- Valarie Faille
07/08/2021 21:06:05
"Absolutely amazing! Our first visit was so welcoming! You guys are the absolute sweetest and so caring for my big baby Zeus. Thank you for being so patient with him as he can be overly excited, handled him perfectly! Thank you so much, so excited to be apart of the spring valley family "
- Alexis Tucker
06/28/2021 21:15:17
"I really enjoy the friendly staff and doctors their. I love the fact that they really care about the pets and I've had nothing but good experiences with them. And also the chats where I can get in touch with them with any problems or questions."
- Drifford Burt
06/23/2021 11:38:56
"This was our first visit. Staff was friendly. We were in and out in a timely manner. Our questions were answered to our satisfaction. Most importantly, Mollie was examined with compassion, diagnosed, treated and seems to be all better now. Thank you for working us in so quickly for a first, emergency visit. "
- Susan Bolin
06/15/2021 17:43:23
"I moved to this practice when Dr Gardner moved. It meant traveling 20 minutes vs 3 minutes but the transition has been seamless and the staff is just wonderful. Everyone is helpful and I appreciate the automation components. I love the app for ordering and requesting appointments. So happy I made the switch to Spring Valley Animal Hospital."
- Gina Barchiesi
06/11/2021 18:27:06
"You all are so great and kind. You had availability to see my cat on the day I called, you were nice on the phone, you were extremely kind and knowledgeable during examination, the appointment was quick and easy, the resources like the app/emails/Epethealth are perfection, and the call back the next day to check how my cat was doing was the best. I’m really happy to be going to you for help."
- Arman Koranloo
06/10/2021 17:57:59
"Everything y’all have done has been absolutely amazing, by far the best experience I’ve had with a vet clinic. I love everyone there, they are all amazing and helpful. Overall a great atmosphere and great people. "
- Lauren Mizell
06/09/2021 03:18:05
"Banjo loves coming to see you all. As soon as he gets a whiff of where we are he gets overly excited. Thanks for helping to keep him healthy."
- PJ Butler
06/03/2021 19:11:14
"Very professional service on a last minute appointment for our cat. Thank you for the quality of care you provided. We will continue to use your services in the future"
- Pam Landon
06/01/2021 21:31:49
"Always great care with my animals!! "
- Melissa Dixon
05/30/2021 16:15:38
"Good experience. Staff very friendly and professional. "
- Nadine Pouncy
05/30/2021 15:07:28
"Everyone was so friendly , and they made us feel so welcome and they did an awesome job.with Bella .All the service was great.keep up the good work"
- Callie Williams
05/29/2021 03:15:18
"We love SVAH!! You treat our dog like part of your family. You are always so kind to our dog and her humans. "
- Nikki Dennis
05/28/2021 21:29:31
"You were able to see my dog Rosie who is not even a patient there. You all work her in for a possible UTI. My dog was pretty miserable and you all were able to help her out. Thank you!"
- Joy Murray
05/28/2021 17:42:25
"I felt so comfortable from the moment I walked in! My baby means everything to me so I am very particular about how handles him. Thank you all very being so friendly, caring, and loving!"
- Mary Keene
05/27/2021 17:47:48
"I'm new in Columbia, and the service I received for my Chihuahua was great. The staff was friendly, and caring. "
- Sonda Holloway-Randolph
05/26/2021 22:06:34
"Wonderful experience. I felt like my puppy was in excellent,caring hands."
- Pam Mills
05/18/2021 20:43:31
"I love the holistic, personal, and cutting edge care that SVAH provides. Dr Huber and Dr Gardner are the best, and you can see that they care deeply for the health of your pet. My dog has become healthier, more pain free, and suffers less from arthritis since going to SVAH."
- Sabrina Harris
05/12/2021 21:59:54
"It was an amazing experience like the energy in your office was great I feel like my dog will truly be safe there and I’m so glad that Ace and I are apart of the family "
- Natalya Salters
04/29/2021 16:14:07
"Augustus was more at ease than he has ever been at a vet appointment. I am very excited that he wasn’t anxious to be there. Looking forward to going back from now on. "
- James Williamson
04/21/2021 02:05:02
"You have been great with both of my babies. You care, which is priceless."
- Jennifer Lisznyai
04/01/2021 01:05:35
"We were extremely impressed with Dr. Megan Herbers and the staff at SVAH on our first visit.The care team was very thorough and attentive and Dr. Megan really went the extra mile to listen and provide the best care possible for our cat. I would definitely reccomend SVAH, and especially Dr. Megan."
- Rob Mueller
03/13/2021 00:31:18
"I don’t have any negative thing to say about the visit I have had, everything was very professional, and a amazing vibe, everyone was so friendly and so caring, that all I can ask for!! Thank y’all to the entire staff!"
- Gregory Gainyard
03/06/2021 20:18:14
"No waiting for my appointment. Solved my pets problem and given a product to try and keep it for happening again. "
- Cathie Nocella
03/06/2021 16:36:46
"Everybody there was awesome, I wouldn't change a thing. I love that I can stay there with my pet, even with COVID. It made me much more comfortable bring my pet for the first time. "
- Rebekah Land
03/05/2021 22:13:48
"The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. The office is welcoming, clean and tidy. The pricing is manageable. "
- Georgina Hance
02/26/2021 17:30:08
"We love you guys!! You treat our dog like family. "
- Nikki Dennis
02/24/2021 17:32:34
"Mary Katherine was awesome and very helpful in helping me get the most important shots for my Cali within my budget. Melinda gave me a great vibe when I called. I was originally just looking for prices, but I ended up calling right back and booking the appointment based on her. So glad I did. Dr. Megan was super nice, as well! I love that a treat bag was given with my visit and I will DEFINITELY be recommending your facility to anyone I can!"
- Melanie Robinson
02/24/2021 17:29:04
"You guys are great I never hesitate to call if there is an issue with my pets because I know I will get an immediate appointment and that means the world to us. Thank you"
- Christine White
02/10/2021 01:38:49
"We always appreciate the wonderful care you give our Buzzy. The sweet affection you show your patient is very much appreciated. "
- Pamela Nance
01/24/2021 23:49:35
"This facility is awesome! The staff is always professional and pleasant. Great customer service and caring attitudes. Clean, organized, and inviting facility. Melinda and Sue are fantastic! We enjoy bringing our pets here and are very pleased. They really show care and concern about our furry family members and provide excellent service. Dr. Megan is awesome as well. Highly recommend Spring Valley Animal Hospital!!"
- Jamie Rivera
01/22/2021 06:35:19
"It's very early in the morning as I do this post. But I absolutely love this veterinarian facility. Is the minute you walk in you're greeted by Sue or another wonderful person at the desk and then immediately taken to a room and just a great experience even if you're going through stress with your pet or a death of your pet it's just a common environment I love I love everyone there it may sound stupid but I do I recommend it to anyone who is looking for their next veterinarian"
- Annie Paduano
01/21/2021 11:32:04
"Love it here! Everyone from receptionist, tech and Dr., are always so great and my pet is treated with love and respect. Requests for information and/or appointments are handled promptly. Questions are answered fully. Very satisfied with the services, and we’ve been coming since 2015, which is when we moved here. 😀 "
- Debra Jackson
01/17/2021 23:22:39
"Good location and easy to get in and out. Great staff and Doctors. I feel comfortable taking BoBo to SpringValley AH. "
- Robert Cooper
01/15/2021 14:04:56
"Awesome! Dr. Gardner is a Rock Star! "
- Michael Levey
01/10/2021 01:22:21
"I’ve been a customer for many years and trust the staff with my precious fur babies without a doubt. They are always very accommodating when making appointments and fitting us in on a moment’s notice."
- Maureen Clucas
01/09/2021 22:28:45
"Over the years, I have seen, at least a dozen veterinarians, and I feel that Spring Valley Animal Hospital is among the best. Professional veterinary care is essential, of course, but when it comes to animals, it is also important to be gentle and show compassion. I sense that each time I visit."
- Robert Martin
01/09/2021 00:23:14
"Had a great experience! Staff was so helpful getting Nova in quickly. Much appreciated!!"
- Carrie Smith
12/30/2020 21:27:27
"My first experience was really good. Everyone was super friendly and professional. I look forward to future visits. "
- DaNajah O'Neal
12/26/2020 02:01:59
"Our first appointment was a wonderful experience. Sue was so cordial and caring. What an asset she is! I came to Spring Valley because I discovered my beloved Dr. Gardner was now practicing there. I have loved having Dr Gardner care for my Pets for years. I had 6 at one point and she cared about and treated each one so special. She always has the time to talk with me so patiently about all their needs and to answer all my question. I already know we are going to love all our visits to SVAC. "
- Joyce Brooks
12/20/2020 15:51:55
"Very easy and quick scheduling and appointments."
- Kaeliegh Rappley
12/17/2020 23:30:24
"Excellent visit. Love the new decor. Professional and friendly staff who loves our Cody...highly recommend to all that ask us."
- Christine Jumper
12/12/2020 03:49:51
"Everyone is very friendly and professional. I wouldn’t bring my cat anywhere else."
- Katherine Mohamed
12/10/2020 07:16:37
"I am so impressed with everyone’s kindness and professionalism. It meant the world to me Best to all Kay"
- Kay Denham
12/08/2020 23:30:15
"Doing great! We could find a vet closer but very much trust everyone at Spring Valley Vet."
- Gina Pounds
12/05/2020 01:41:40
"Amazing I am a new dog mom and I love how comfortable he was ! Thank you all so much!!"
- Lexus Gittens
12/04/2020 01:34:06
"I felt like my dog, Boots, was important and I was very happy with the care and love he received!"
- Linda Hood
12/04/2020 01:21:00
"Our first experience with the clinic was great. Everyone was nice, easy to work with and the clinic was clean. Happy, friendly place. "
- Chris Sarafin
12/03/2020 05:05:12
"Y’all are wonderful as always. Remi and myself know we are in the best care every time we come in. Thanks again!!!"
- Robert Licata
11/24/2020 23:07:36
"Very nice staff! Really like the exam table that lifts up for a large dog. Also, being able to sedate our dog for nail trim is very helpful!"
- Janet Sloan
11/19/2020 16:16:43
"Everytime I brought Ruth in to you Dr. Herbers always did a good job taking care of her. After she passed away everyone expressed their thoughts about how sorry they were. That is why when we got our new Boston Terrier we came back to see all of you. "
- Dennis Johnsey
11/06/2020 15:21:21
"Our pet Pouncer was a patient of Dr. Alexanders, so we knew where to come when we got Stevie. We love Dr. Megan and all of you! I feel that everyone listens and is very caring and compassionate toward all of your patients."
- Kenneth Johnson
11/03/2020 17:17:25
"My new puppy and I felt very welcomed when we came for our first appointment. Everyone was so generous and gave me a lot of insight on how to properly train her. I loved our experience !"
- Shanetta James
11/02/2020 11:58:17
"My husband and I were talking about y’all on our way home from our visit with Allie!! Y’all are absolutely awesome!!! Y’all are loving with our fur babies!! Your prices are fair!! And you always find a way to fit us in!!! We love y’all!!!!"
- Dana Quin
11/01/2020 16:53:22
"Always outstanding care for our fur babies from the staff ! "
- Melissa Dixon
11/01/2020 15:13:32
"Staff is professional and friendly. Service is fully explained and cost disclosed prior to treatment. Outstanding practice!"
- James Epley
10/30/2020 22:08:36
"Sooty had a great experience when he was neutered last week. He did well and healed nicely. We always go here. Thanks again fro such great care! Thanks, Sooty, Tito and Sharon"
- Jesus Carrion
10/29/2020 14:15:19
"Dr. Megan made space to see my dog Bonnie yesterday morning when I called in that I thought she had a stroke. Dr. quickly identified the problem as Vertigo, treated her and sent us home to recover. Bonnie was doing better that evening and almost back to normal today. All my animals love Dr. M and she and the staff are so caring and great at their profession. You can see how much they love their patients. We are so grateful."
- Nancy Kirvan
10/28/2020 14:40:15
"All 3 dogs are happy to see Dr Megan! She takes really good care of them. Everyone is always Friendly & helpful. "
- Beth Tankersley
10/27/2020 16:50:27
"Thank you so for taking time to ensure Buffy's comfort and my understanding of what was and could be going on with her health. She is already feeling better. "
- Hilton Gilbert
10/26/2020 00:10:38
"Everyone was friendly, office was very clean & neat. My first experience was great."
- Susan Morey
10/25/2020 21:19:34
"Hi, I only visited once because Miles and I love Dr. Gardner. She has helped me a lot with him. I like the fact that your practice is not extra large, everyone was pleasant and helpful, and they were kind in giving me a nice goody bag. My only beef is you are located on the highway, and it scares me in the event my dogs got out. I parked in the front, but I know there is parking in the back, which I will do from now on. Thank you!"
- Diane Ryan
10/25/2020 16:18:13
"Everyone here was great and friendly "
- Tammy Hamblin
10/18/2020 10:02:18
"Thank you for making my girls more comfortable with the visit. I appreciate Dr. Hiebers and the technician being calm, quiet during the visit when they each became very nervous. Everyone was welcoming and answered all of my questions. "
- Malynda Mulvany
10/10/2020 21:06:45
"I found everyone to be extremely nice and caring and I really like the vet, Dr. Herbers. She was so helpful and professional, and I felt like my pet was in great hands. I cannot complain about the price either, it seemed to be very reasonable."
- Nancy Bove
10/09/2020 00:22:46
"I really appreciated the service that I got in felt that they cared about my animals. I also appreciated the honesty from the veterinarian about my older dog whose health is failing. I felt that she helped me to choose the right test and things that I could afford and give my pet the best care that I could without gouging me financially. Now my pet can get the best care I can afford with her assistance"
- Janet Boone
10/04/2020 17:10:09
"You probably hear it all the time but you have the best staff around. Personally and professionally it's nice to be able to come in there and relate."
- Annie Paduano
09/25/2020 10:40:19
"Dr Herbers and her staff are amazing!! "
- Christina Failing
09/23/2020 21:26:08
"They were very hands on, attentive and helpful gave out information that I wasn't aware of"
- Antonio Drakeford
09/20/2020 23:32:53
"Our first visit was awesome! All of the staff was super helpful and nice!! "
- Traci Jackson
09/13/2020 11:12:32
"Wonderful! Never had a bad experience!"
- Erica Rhodes
09/10/2020 21:32:45
"Dr Megan and staff are doing an excellent job in taking care of my dog on his road to recovery! Thanks again "
- Michael Moore
09/03/2020 18:33:46
"Spring Valley Animal Hospital has taken extremely excellent care for our dogs. The staff is so caring, patient and friendly and I knew that my dogs were in the best of care."
- Valeria McDonald
08/30/2020 14:19:57
"I was grateful that you could get my pet dog in the same day I called. Everyone seemed to be very gentle and kind with him. I am also glad that the Vet checked him over. We knew he was scratching his ears, but she found a yeast infection that needed treatment."
- Pam Helland
08/29/2020 19:24:37
" You guys Always provide my pets the best care"
- Laurel Hilton
08/26/2020 19:28:14
"We LOVE you guys!! The BEST!!! "
- Lillie Martin
08/20/2020 19:55:54
"Very polite, helpful and professional team."
- Susan Henry-Lawrence
07/29/2020 13:13:21
"All of you do an excellent job! Everyone is very pleasant and knowledgeable of my pet and others. I have no negative comment. Excellent fast service. "
- Sharon Simmons
07/28/2020 21:24:50
"Awesome staff"
- Eden Johnson
07/24/2020 20:07:18
"Love the care that was give to my baby blue"
- Sokilia Mosby
07/24/2020 14:53:05
"My pets have been cared for at Spring Valley Animal Hospital for many many years. I know that our babies with be cared for with love and medical expertise. The staff couldn't be friendlier or more ready to explain what is needed. You know they love what they do and the animals they care for."
- Nancy Kirvan
07/22/2020 01:49:51
"We had a great visit with Dr Megan yesterday. We were there for a surgery follow-up and she examined him thoroughly. She even attended to his ears which had become a new concern for us. We will be back!"
- Jeri Gallagher
07/21/2020 21:20:47
"Excellent compassionate service. Staff is knowledgeable in the care of our pets. The pets think they are part of our family. "
- Harry McCoy
07/21/2020 15:04:49
"I love y’all!!!"
- Dana Quin
07/20/2020 21:27:03
"Thank you to all of the staff who helped answer my many questions. The appointment availability was fast, which is a plus! The staff is very friendly and great with TJ. "
- Elizabeth Williams
07/09/2020 18:07:01
"I really would like to thank all the employees for making me feel really good when it came down to Tyson I feel so much better since I changed veterinarian to take care my baby Tyson I didn’t go home crying I left with the feeling inside that was awesome thank you thank you so so much see y’all soon ❤️💯"
- Karen Carlos
07/09/2020 14:44:48
"Great customer service and professionalism from all the staff. They don’t try to convince you to get services that are not required."
- Martha Rivera
07/03/2020 23:44:37
"Love your staff! Love Dr. Herbers and I appreciate how sweet everyone is to my babies. "
- Mary Ann Keim
07/02/2020 02:16:12
"You doing absolutely great love coming with Anubis we know Dr. Megan for a long time !!!!! The service is excellent!!!!! Everybody so friendly and helpful!!! Gives me a feeling like I am a family member!!! Just keep up what you doing 👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌thank you so much for everything 🤗🤗Doris and Anubis !!!!! "
- Doris Gibson
06/21/2020 22:02:48