"All of my experiences have been great. Appreciate the compassion and expertise of front office staff, techs, and Dr. Davis. "
- Jane Correia
11/14/2019 23:50:01
"Dr. Davis took his time and was very thorough with Mazzi. I had some very specific concerns and he took the time to look up the answer and help me with Mazzi. He held her and let her get comfortable with him."
- Kimberly Hoffman
11/14/2019 00:10:29
"Dr. Davis is wonderful! He answers any and all questions we have about our kittens and gives them their shots quickly and painlessly. He listened to us at our last appointment about them not liking their new food and had no issues with switching them back to the old brand. Additionally, his vet assistant is AMAZING! Such a great team and they are always both happy and smiling! Also, the prices are extremely fair, especially for the quality of service. Thank you for all you do for our kitties, Dr. Davis! "
- Elise Heigle
11/09/2019 23:10:46
"Doing a great job! "
- Kelly Hoffman
10/09/2019 19:15:43
"Dr Davis is absolutely the best! Genuine he loves animals. "
- Roxie Coburn
10/08/2019 22:43:39
"I have no complaints! Service is always great. Bailey is taken care of. Explaining is always through. We love going to Santa Fe vet! Thank you!"
- Kristen Allen
10/04/2019 20:23:04
"We always have a pleasant experience when we visit or call."
- C.J. Price
10/04/2019 15:22:40
"We love your excellent care of our pets, no complaints whatsoever."
- Peggy Jewell
10/02/2019 15:02:32
"You guys always do great with our dogs. Customer service is outstanding!"
- Jamie Kalcich
09/28/2019 14:42:22
"Always do a Thorough job. "
- Kevin Berry
09/20/2019 14:47:25
"Awesome service"
- Cedric Mills
09/19/2019 03:35:03
"I appreciate Dr. Davis and all the staff. I really like location and cleanliness. They always have time for Sparky and treat him really well. Nothing bad in all our Experiences. Dr. Davis is very caring and personable and hires the best employees. "
- Tamar Hinton
09/16/2019 02:19:21
"Great vet. We have been going to Santa Fe Vet Clinic for 30 plus years. "
- Dan Collier
09/14/2019 20:56:19