"Kunyaaw is doing good. She's eating and drinking well. She takes her meds. And is getting a lot of love from the whole family. Her and Sheba are getting along find. Sheba knows she did wrong and was sorry. But all is good. Thank you for taking care of kunyaaw."
- Rebecca Garcia
12/09/2014 14:22:07
"I was very happy to have my boy receive such wonderful loving care. I will definitely go here if an emergency should ever occurs again. "
- Monique Mayer
11/30/2014 17:17:13
"Amazing staff ! "
- Crystal Jackson
11/26/2014 20:53:59
"I was so appreciative of the staff at the Urgent Care hospital were so caring, sensitive of my pet's needs and also my concern. They were very professional but also compassionate! I am so thankful such a service was available on an emergency basis. They also faxed all records of the visit to my vet in Arizona. Thank you so much!"
- Maureen Danner
11/24/2014 20:49:08