"Very professional and caring. Good experience and excellent helpful advice."
- Lois Veltus
07/17/2018 15:37:53
"I appreciated the details of a health certificate for travel to another country. And they looked up other vaccinations and corrected one that was likley input wrong originally."
- Nicole Christianson
07/16/2018 22:47:01
"Hailey and I always feel that you have our best interests in mind. She actually enjoys going in for shots! "
- Donni Cochran
07/13/2018 01:11:18
"Thanks for taking the time to pet both cats. No hissing when we got home this time. Yes !"
- Kendra Stephenson
07/11/2018 21:09:01
"Lola really likes all the personal at All Dogs and Cats."
- Gail Andersen
07/11/2018 17:44:53
" I took the advice of the veterinarian and it was excellent advice and said glad I did it "
- Pamela Elliott
06/28/2018 21:48:22
"i appreciate all you do and have had good experiences every time, well except my pet not feeling their best."
- Karen Murphy
06/28/2018 19:26:22
"Always get the best of care. I love that you care so much about my puppies and kitties!"
- Darlene Larson
06/26/2018 00:13:36
"Great place and people"
- Mike McCain
06/25/2018 13:54:55
"You have been fantastic during this whole process. I came to you to see about a steroid shot for Rexx's eye to see if that would help him see better and was advised that he would need to have the eye removed since the retina was completely detached. Dr. Lori still gave him the shot to see if it would help calm his eye a little bit more and we touched base a week or so after to schedule the surgery. Rexx is extremely anxious at the vet office and you have been very accommodating in getting him in and out without running into small dogs. We really appreciate all the care and effort you have put into helping Rexx through his surgery and previous appointments. Thank you!"
- Abby Pascoe
06/25/2018 12:58:01
"you do a great job, the staff is wonderful."
- Dorothy Meyer
06/24/2018 15:48:53
"I have complete confidence that my pets get the best care from all the staff."
- Laurie Ostermiller
06/24/2018 14:46:43
"Iam just starting out with All Dogs and Cats,hope they help my Dog with his skin problems etc"
- Lisa Mainguy
06/23/2018 13:41:42
"My dog has been here since she was a puppy and even though its only been for her shots its always a good experience. Very fast and I dont feel rushed after shes all done. I would recommend this place to anyone needing a good vet. "
- Kari Ertzner
06/23/2018 03:14:46
"like always great care for Lexi"
- Ray Ciborowski
06/14/2018 14:58:34
"Excellent service....caring staff...above and beyond attention.."
- Lauren Chapman
06/09/2018 02:08:52