"We were SO appreciative of all the thorough and detailed information we received each day about Leo and for the clearly kind and sweet care he received from you all. I appreciated the support especially since the very unfortunate timing of Leo's issue arose just before a necessary trip out of state. Leo returned home happy and that means the world to us. Thank you very, very much!"
- Didianne Gilman
04/01/2019 14:40:18
"Very thorough, follow up calls after visits and reminder calls"
- Patty Grace
03/31/2019 16:31:22
"Awesome we love you guys"
- Gentiana Sundeen
03/28/2019 22:02:46
"Had a bad experience here about 15 years ago so I was reluctant to return, but my cat Leo desperately needed care and the first two vets I called were unable to help. So I called my neighbor whom I know has been going to the vet a lot for his dog who he recommended and it was you. So I brought Leo in and everything went so well not only for the cat but the whole experience. So whatever went wrong in the past has definitely been fixed and I won’t hesitate to bring my pets back again. Thank you so much!"
- Bernard Jambor
03/27/2019 00:38:27
"I was impressed with the vet tech (I don't recall his name...dark hair, young) who worked with my cat. He was very friendly and personable and seemed to enjoy his job. My cat is very friendly but gets very scared at the vet and my cat seemed comfortable with him and said my cat did great while getting blood drawn, which made me feel as if he handled my kitty kindly and knew what he was doing. I was also impressed with Dr. Phom. She is very knowledgable and was prompt with contacting me regarding the results of his bloodwork. I feel confident in her abilities as a vet and will be bringing my pets here from now on."
- Angie Pape
03/17/2019 20:20:47
"It was great getting a same day appointment. The Vet and all of the staff were great. We were in and out in no time and cost was very reasonable."
- Karen Shanks
03/16/2019 16:06:13
"The good is how you use technology for the records. And I love how important the Techs are, and their knowledge is put to good use."
- Mava Leighty
03/15/2019 22:58:37
"Great, consistent care from the Rob & Lori and all of the vet techs. I am continually amazed that the front desk staff can so calmly juggle the ringing phones, multiple owners and barking patients. The only improvement I could possibly imagine is a separate waiting area for sick animals (as opposed to those coming in for regular checkups), but that's just a suggestion. You guys rock!"
- Debra Arensman
03/13/2019 16:37:16
"All Dogs & Cats are amazing. You’re so good with our hyper Ajax, & very thorough in your examinations. Thank you for catching a potential heart issue & continuing to monitor him for that. Staff is very knowledgeable which is much appreciated!"
- Kristin Kail
03/12/2019 22:04:43
"We have been going to all dogs and cats since we moved to Glenwood Springs 20 years ago and have loved our experience there thank you for taking such good care of our animals"
- Mark Fishbein
03/10/2019 18:17:15
"I enjoy taking my pets there. I think the staff are great especially the young gentleman that helped out a lot with my pets and helped get the food ordered for them. He is awesome and so are the vets. Thank you guys"
- Sabrina Spears
03/07/2019 20:09:47
"The experience was great. I have always heard good things about this clinic and after my vet & friend, Rocky retired, I feel comfortable continuing w/ Dr. Bob."
- Marti McDonald
03/06/2019 18:49:21
"You are great and always so helpful. The entire staff are super. Thank you for showing such great care for my Shadow, she loves you all"
- Ruth Sultan
03/02/2019 23:09:26
"Bad???? Nothing at all. We were so surprised that our people-fearing kitty embraced both Vet Techs and Dr. Bob so readily (although her heartbeat was over the top). Very caring staff, tender, gentle and interested in making our precious pets comfortable. We had a late Friday afternoon appointment and Dr. Bob called early Saturday morning with her blood work results and was even able to get in that morning for a second appointment. Medical explanations and treatments are well-explained. We've been clients for over 20 years. "
- Susan Vergin
03/02/2019 14:43:24
"First time bringing patty my cat there she was so happy when she got home she kept running around and rolling on the floor showing me her tummy so it was awesome thank you so much "
- Sheri/Robert Payne/Carrier
03/01/2019 22:22:34
"Moose does not like leaving the house but you guys are always fast and efficient so that he doesn't have to be stressed too long."
- Monique Merritt
02/25/2019 18:33:47
"We really enjoyed the covering doctor. She was very thorough and helpful. "
- Brittney Street
02/22/2019 19:09:21
"Sandy seemed to be well taken care of. The vet was able to take care of his gooey eye at the same time as his teeth cleaning."
- Carol McArdell
02/21/2019 17:42:46
"Excellent! We feel fortunate to have such quality care for our pets! "
- Mary Beth Minion
02/20/2019 22:22:30
"Excellent visit. All questions were answered to my satisfaction. 2 cysts were removed with no evidence of any malignancy. "
- Gayle Hecker
02/20/2019 19:15:51
"Everyone in the office is always so friendly and helpful."
- Bryan Avery
02/08/2019 17:36:55
"Great customer service, everyone is super friendly. Everyone is super good and nice to the pets that go in everyday"
- Seidy Loya
02/07/2019 23:07:21
"I have always loved the care and the availability of Dr Lori and Bob. I am very grateful for that service. I am constantly surprised by the cost of veterinary medicine but that is across the board, all vets all creatures. "
- Bridget Strang Ranch
02/07/2019 03:39:13
"The care we have had as been awesome. The tech that has been with Spencer from that start is an asset !! Just love him he's very caring and Spencer really took to him. Very happy from the front of the house to the back. Thank You All!!"
- Kim Moses
02/06/2019 23:20:03
"Love that everyone seems to know the pets"
- Kelly Doubleday
02/06/2019 23:06:27
"I love Dr. Lori. She is great! So patient."
- Cindy Doss
02/06/2019 22:03:45
"All good. Dental cleanings seem really expensive. "
- Mark Feinsinger
02/06/2019 21:06:09
"This is an excellent clinic. I appreciate the care that they give both me and my dog. The only negative comment that I must say is that the costs seem to be much higher than other vet service providers that we have used."
- Melinda Baum
02/06/2019 20:31:49
"My dog gets the care she needs, and she doesn’t want to leave the clinic half the time."
- Sara Weigel
02/06/2019 20:29:58
"We've been in twice, and appreciate the good care you've taken of my monster Scoob. :) You guys are great. "
- Elissa Mastel
02/06/2019 19:53:38
"I always get excellent service from the front desk staff and all the clinical workers are amazing. "
- Danyelle Rigli
01/14/2019 05:03:18
"Dr. Lori is always so great with Diezel and Kira. I can tell she loves being a Veterinarian. Thank you for your continued care for both my babies."
- Lori Riddell
01/12/2019 10:15:42
"My dog is extremely stressed by being in that little exam room, so the doctor was prepared to come out to the car for her exam. The staff are very pleasant and accommodating."
- Laura Ayers
01/10/2019 16:58:17
"My first experience was very good. Thank you so much for taking the tome to see us. "
- Dusti Budd
01/09/2019 21:37:50
"We had a great first visit with you yesterday, and Daisy's eyes have already cleared up!"
- Camilla Fay
01/09/2019 21:33:19
"My experience with all dogs & cats & Dr Bob has alwas been excellent"
- Wayne Treadwell
01/06/2019 22:20:55
"I love the way you care. I have always had a wonderful experience at your office. The way you respond with results is fantastic. I just love your staff. Linda is a charm. She's very exceptional. I recommend you to all my friends. Keep up the good work ."
- Caroline Oyler
01/06/2019 17:53:02
"You are always willing to work a pet in if it is questionable if they can wait. Working in people healthcare I know this is not always conducive to personal life but you do what is right for pets an owners. Thank you!"
- Karen Stowe
01/05/2019 15:01:34
"Thanks for getting us in so quickly. Appreciate the communication between the Emergency Vet service and yourself, this helped tremendously to keep cost down as we didn't have to replicate test."
- Jeanine King
01/05/2019 03:41:09
"Duke said he was taken care of very well "
- Dwayne Putnam
01/04/2019 14:47:01
"We can't thank you all enough for your kindness and willingness to take care of our dog, Mozzie, on New Year's Eve. Since we just moved here, we hadn't established a vet here yet. Well, we can without reservation say you will have our business for as long as we are here! A huge thank you to Darren, Raylyn, and Dr. Bob for taking care of Mozzie so last minute! We were just really blown away by you all and appreciate it more than you can know!"
- Mandy Ballinger
01/01/2019 23:43:21
"Dr Lori Pohm was friendly, informative & made our first experience pleasant for us! "
- Jeff Palmer
01/01/2019 20:32:03
"Darren was awesome at the front desk as well as the staff in the exam room."
- Jim Dallman
12/30/2018 13:57:18
"Bugs and I were quickly shown to the exam room and he was checked over before the Dr. Webber was able to assess his situation. She did as much as could be done with a difficult condition and assured me that we were doing all the could be done. In a loving, supportive way."
- Kevin Merz
12/28/2018 19:46:24
"Very thorough Dr Webber and tech very helpful"
- Andrea Schober
12/28/2018 16:20:56
"I called Christmas Eve morning to see if I could bring my kitty, Gracie in as I thought she may have a urinary tract infection. A urine analysis was done and bacteria was found. She was treated and was pretty much back to normal when we got home. I'm so glad I brought her in!"
- Jill Wentling
12/27/2018 01:18:00
"The vets and the staff are very caring and attentive to our pets which is great peace of mind."
- Michael Lipscomb
12/22/2018 18:45:43
"Very consistent and caring service "
- Douglas Flentge
12/06/2018 06:36:04
"I feel very comfortable bringing all of my pets to you guys. Everyone was very friendly as well as very knowledgeable. The waiting room was nicer and more beautiful than any vet I had ever been to. As if that weren't enough, you charge 1/3 of what I'm used to. The only thing I preferred about my last vet was that they had a cookie jar full of dog treats and a large, multi-level cage in the waiting room containing adoptable kittens or cats. Such a scheme would provide you a newly-adopted patient to increase your revenue. Your 5-gallon water bottle with nice, sturdy bowls is fantastic, but the bottle was empty empty during my visit. My husband and I just love you guys and look forward to many years patronizing your business!"
- Sandra Carr
12/06/2018 04:45:18
"We are very happy to have a place that can handle our big baby Boone and his long “talons”!! "
- Kristin Mule
12/05/2018 23:52:02
"Everyone there is very friendly and kind."
- Nola Weber
11/30/2018 18:08:41
"You guys are awesome! I truly feel like my cat is getting great care!"
- Greg Beightel
11/29/2018 17:50:16
"Great experience. Staff is so helpful, explaining and problem-solving."
- Nancy Vidal
11/29/2018 04:58:35
"Great and truly caring staff, quick and professional service! Very good experience. I wish human hospitals would be like that..."
- Alexander Maslov
11/29/2018 04:26:28
"I really appreciate the care my pets have received over the years at All Dogs & Cats and refer my friends to you whenever possible."
- Jo Ashton
11/28/2018 17:25:51
"We’re totally happy about the care our pets get from All Dogs & Cats! I’m 73. Have had a lot of pets and a lot of Vet Clinic experience. I give you guys (all of the staff) 5 out of 5."
- Nick Brocker
11/27/2018 01:25:18
"Dog Holliday's was great for Boarding. The dogs did well."
- Darryl Queen
11/26/2018 19:41:27
"It was a good visit for me but not so good for Ane, she was scared. Thank you for helping distract her. Hopefully next time she will be more relaxed."
- Janet Riley
11/02/2018 14:38:42
"Thank Dr. Lori and Matt for seeing Ruby, Brahmin, and Sadie in the exam room at the same time. This helped with Ruby's anxiety so much. All three dogs were as happy as could be because they were together! "
- Patrick Collins
11/01/2018 23:05:08
"The vets are thorough and answer questions without rushing. They handle my dogs problems and explain whatever I need to know. I've been happy with them for many years. "
- Gayle Hecker
11/01/2018 20:46:20
"It's the only place MY little four legged family goes!!!!! Has BEEN from the day you openned your doors 'years ago' , and will continue to be, till I'm gone, and the I pray my family,(should my 'lil girl Ember live longer than me) still will be with your beautiful care !!!!!! PLEASE KNOW HOW MUCH YOUR APPRECITED AND LOVE BY THIS lil' ole' Lady!!!!!! Shalom 'Jenny'....."
- Jeannine Artaz
09/28/2018 17:17:36
"You are doing great! I love you guys. Thanks again for all you did for Ty before he passes, and for the great care you take with Norman Rockwell!"
- Ginger Charron
09/27/2018 22:35:57
"I can’t rember her name but the tech at the front who helped me was so nice. She was also very helpful!"
- Victoria (Tori) Ortega
09/27/2018 13:06:56
"Excellent Service by Allll!!!"
- Steve Addie
09/22/2018 01:58:02
"Had a very great experience a love the way they treat us and very nice friendly people thanks for everything"
- Racheal Salais
09/20/2018 04:01:24
"Very compassionate and professional "
- Nola Weber
09/19/2018 23:24:28
"Scooter was taken very good care of and I am happy to report, she is much better today! Thank You!"
- Sue Stonehouse
09/18/2018 15:33:32
"Great communication about cost options"
- Brenda Buchanan
09/18/2018 13:58:30
"Totally happy with the care our pets get!"
- Nick Brocker
09/17/2018 21:28:15
"Bailey is very relaxed in your environment. We like the “family” feeling."
- Mary Dorman
09/17/2018 19:14:55
"Dr. Lori was great. She was very sensitive and helpful with our new dog Zeke, who has some aggressive behavior issues. She spent a long time with us demonstrating training techniques, and even called a few days afterward to recommend a dog behavior book. All of our animals are seen at this clinic. They are always awesome"
- Terri Partch
09/16/2018 19:26:35
"Everyone is super friendly and helpful. My dog gets scared coming to the vet but everyone is very gentle and kind to her."
- Garrett Noel
09/16/2018 14:56:48
"The only place I’ll take my pet!!! Always caring,listens to our concerns and strives to put Boomer at ease"
- Pam Markle
09/14/2018 13:43:04
"It was a great experience and I felt good leaving Buddy in caring hands. The staff is very friendly and I appreciate being able to bring Buddy in on short notice. Thank you and thank you for accepting Buddy and Ruby Jane as patients!"
- Vonnie Vanhoose
09/14/2018 02:54:43
"I appreciate that Dr Thorsen reviews all the options, from the most thorough (and expensive) to a reasonable alternative. He is sensitive to your budget and I appreciate that. I do believe that if he felt strongly about the need for a diagnostic procedure, he would tell me. He’s a very reasonable veterinarian. He and the entire staff are top notch. "
- Nancy Vidal
09/12/2018 00:30:44
"Very professional and caring. Good experience and excellent helpful advice."
- Lois Veltus
07/17/2018 15:37:53
"I appreciated the details of a health certificate for travel to another country. And they looked up other vaccinations and corrected one that was likley input wrong originally."
- Nicole Christianson
07/16/2018 22:47:01
"Hailey and I always feel that you have our best interests in mind. She actually enjoys going in for shots! "
- Donni Cochran
07/13/2018 01:11:18
"Thanks for taking the time to pet both cats. No hissing when we got home this time. Yes !"
- Kendra Stephenson
07/11/2018 21:09:01
"Lola really likes all the personal at All Dogs and Cats."
- Gail Andersen
07/11/2018 17:44:53
" I took the advice of the veterinarian and it was excellent advice and said glad I did it "
- Pamela Elliott
06/28/2018 21:48:22
"i appreciate all you do and have had good experiences every time, well except my pet not feeling their best."
- Karen Murphy
06/28/2018 19:26:22
"Always get the best of care. I love that you care so much about my puppies and kitties!"
- Darlene Larson
06/26/2018 00:13:36
"Great place and people"
- Mike McCain
06/25/2018 13:54:55
"You have been fantastic during this whole process. I came to you to see about a steroid shot for Rexx's eye to see if that would help him see better and was advised that he would need to have the eye removed since the retina was completely detached. Dr. Lori still gave him the shot to see if it would help calm his eye a little bit more and we touched base a week or so after to schedule the surgery. Rexx is extremely anxious at the vet office and you have been very accommodating in getting him in and out without running into small dogs. We really appreciate all the care and effort you have put into helping Rexx through his surgery and previous appointments. Thank you!"
- Abby Pascoe
06/25/2018 12:58:01
"you do a great job, the staff is wonderful."
- Dorothy Meyer
06/24/2018 15:48:53
"I have complete confidence that my pets get the best care from all the staff."
- Laurie Ostermiller
06/24/2018 14:46:43
"Iam just starting out with All Dogs and Cats,hope they help my Dog with his skin problems etc"
- Lisa Mainguy
06/23/2018 13:41:42
"My dog has been here since she was a puppy and even though its only been for her shots its always a good experience. Very fast and I dont feel rushed after shes all done. I would recommend this place to anyone needing a good vet. "
- Kari Ertzner
06/23/2018 03:14:46
"like always great care for Lexi"
- Ray Ciborowski
06/14/2018 14:58:34
"Excellent service....caring staff...above and beyond attention.."
- Lauren Chapman
06/09/2018 02:08:52