"Great service and caring staff"
- Daniel Kourris
01/29/2020 19:48:54
"I have two dogs that are patients of yours and I always feel they are given a thorough and informative exam. I’m very pleased with the care my dogs receive at the office. "
- Debra Valdes
01/29/2020 00:28:12
"This was my third visit to County Line Vet Hospital. My experience has always been positive. Greeted by a very friendly and professional staff. Dr. Stockett is so knowledgeable and always explains things in an easy to understand way. He is calm, professional and friendly. The office is immaculate. I recommended two people to Dr Stockett and they are also very pleased with the office."
- Elvira Stivala
01/28/2020 23:10:03
"For my first experience, very good overall "
- Megan Gardella
01/28/2020 20:24:05
"I had two ill cats who needed attention, otherwise I'd be off to the emergency pet hospital. Dr. Stockett and his staff took us in, there'd been some cancelations of prior appointments, so this worked well. "
- Teresa Schofield
01/26/2020 20:30:25
- Robert Carroll
01/24/2020 19:48:37
"Wonderful experience every-time I take Maya for a visit! The staff is so wonderful, friendly and caring. "
- Patrice Brown
01/23/2020 03:11:21
"Y’all were excellent. You were genuine and sincere in your manner to listen and come up with a plan of care. You handled our pet gently and with love as if he were your own. You did not pass judgement or criticism. You were informative and took your time explaining each procedure. Thank you! We will be back. "
- Alana Petrie
01/23/2020 00:18:18
"Great Doctors and staff "
- Elizabeth Balzano
01/19/2020 03:40:05
"Everyone was pleasant and accommodating when I dropped my Fred off for his surgery"
- Laura Arena
01/18/2020 18:54:59
"the entire staff is super patient and knowledgeable. i have had a ton of questions and always get detailed answers without the huffing and puffing i have received from other facilities in the past. i truly appreciate the genuine concern and compassion towards my dogs and also toward me. everyone is smiling and friendly makes a person feel welcomed. i would highly recommend to anyone who wishes to have an overall exceptional experience! thank you so much for your kindness! "
- Jamie Gaciofano
01/16/2020 17:09:41
"Always satisfied with service and time spent by staff and doctor"
- Cono Petrizzo
01/15/2020 22:00:01
"Every thing was goog. Mr. Beau was .treated llike royalty."
- Michael Mulligan
01/15/2020 20:43:03
"My experience with the Dr. has always been very good. The girls are also very good and patient, some of them more knowledgeable them others. My only complaint is the prices of the medications and tests done on the premises "
- David Saavedra
01/15/2020 19:48:05
"Excellent staff. Always so nice, kind and they have so much patience with my cat. Thank you"
- Maria Reyes
01/15/2020 19:25:15
"The staff are knowledgeable and caring."
- Anne Rosano
01/15/2020 18:49:40
"Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. They are so patient with my hyper and not so friendly dog. "
- Helene Flesher
01/13/2020 21:11:05
"Ivy goes in with her tail wagging and leaves wagging. She is very pleased with everyone "
- Joyce Labrutto
01/10/2020 01:09:11
"I don’t have any complaints. They take great care of my girls Lilly & Lucky. Everyone is always friendly and helpful. "
- Sally Magrino
01/09/2020 17:31:20
"The service provided was great and the diagnosis and care instructions were user friendly."
- Sandra Johnson
01/08/2020 05:13:22
"You're doing great. Great staff, friendly and kind. "
- Edward King
01/08/2020 01:26:48
"We are very pleased with the care and concern that everyone at County Line has shown towards Lexi and her human family, that she takes care of :)"
- Ron Burgess
01/07/2020 13:29:16
"Excellent! Everyone is so nice and caring and it is always a great experience. "
- Jennifer Raccuia-Bontrager
01/03/2020 19:53:59
"Excellent care, listened to my concerns and treating my puppy great! Had an emergency visit too, I was able to bring my puppy in immediately and she was looked at within minutes of being there. Staff is super friendly and welcoming! My dog goes in with a wagging tail, she can not wait to see everyone! "
- Samantha Haviland
01/03/2020 15:41:32
"I feel confident with Dr. Stockett and the staff at County Line Vet. "
- Patricia Marko
01/03/2020 15:12:44
"This was my first experience with you, and I feel happy I chose you for Ninja's health care. I feel like everyone really cares about the pets."
- Julie Gonnella
01/03/2020 00:15:13
"The doctor and staff go out of their way to take great care of our dogs. Great Very passionate about the care of our pets. "
- Matthew Llewellyn
12/27/2019 21:05:17
"You guys are all wonderful caring people"
- Jennifer Calderon
12/24/2019 18:17:16
"Very personal, caring and knowledgeable treatment and feeling of a personal relationship with my cats (and me) and their medical history and personalities. "
- Rachel Bedford
12/19/2019 23:38:13
"Very pleased that I chose you as a bet. Entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Never have to wait. "
- Debbie Thaiss
12/18/2019 00:59:10
"Nothing to add your doing a pretty good job."
- Joyce Clark
12/17/2019 22:33:07
"everything is great"
- Paul Benevento
12/17/2019 21:37:07
"Grimm has his ear infection back he had in the spring- Dr Stockett allowed us to get a refill on the prescribed drops, so we just came in & picked them up. Greatly appreciated this time of year (Christmas) not having to load him up & bring him in the office"
- Pamela Conger
12/16/2019 18:30:18
"I am very pleased with everything. Going to a new to me Vet is unnerving because I had an unpleasant experience at another office in the state I lived in before with another cat. However from the lady at the desk to whom I spoke while making the appt. and who took Lily’s history then to the very pleasant experience at the office, the staff is so nice and the Dr extremely nice, I am very happy to have found this wonderful office for my cat."
- Joyce McCollum
12/12/2019 20:46:44
"Nothing but the best service every time I go here. "
- Marianne Kinsmen
12/07/2019 17:32:02
"There is not enough space here to possibly write all that is good at County Line. Everyone is so caring and knowledgable. They treat your pet as if they were their own. "
- Jennifer Shay
12/04/2019 21:39:23
"I took my cavapoo Zoey for yearly exam and we had Heather and she was great before we saw the dr.. Always so loving and excited to see my dog and always gives her treats. Dr Stockett is awesome and my Zoey even says so too. Very pleased with my visit and everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving. Love from Zoey & Sophie. "
- Terry Messer
11/24/2019 21:00:24
"Baylee loves Carol & she gets upset if Carol isn't present for Baylee's appointment. Please insure that Carol is working whenever Baylee has an appointment so she can have some quality time with her BFF, Carol. Thanks."
- Lorraine Cahill
11/21/2019 20:06:40
"We love everyone in this office! All are so caring, knowledgeable..and super nice!"
- Lisa Brullo
11/19/2019 20:14:32
"Always a good experience. Professional and kind staff. "
- Cheryl Slocum
11/19/2019 17:35:18
"Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable "
- Brian Gil
11/18/2019 00:00:22
"We can't say enough about how much we love everyone at County Line Vet. Our dog, Hubert, is getting older and it's hard for us to get him in and out of the car. Your "home visits" are so wonderful!! And we always get a quick response when we call for refills for medication or if we have a question. "
- Brian McLaughlin
11/17/2019 23:12:41
"We wouldn’t take our pets to anyone else. Love the care our pets receive from Dr Stockett and his team!"
- Gina Cammarato
11/17/2019 22:43:01
"On a busy Saturday, Dr. Stockett and his staff were kind enough to fit in our dog during a previously scheduled appointment for our old, diabetic cat. They always go out of their way for our pets. On a couple of occasions when we were away they spoke several times to our pet sitters who were worried about one thing or another. Dr. Stockett and his staff are always there for us."
- William Dunn
11/17/2019 20:18:23
"I've been seeing Dr. Stockett for years - since before the current location. When he & a tech hae come out for a housecall, they are always prompt & on-time, which is really helpful! Everyone at the office is super helpful & friendly! I definitely recommend CLVH to every pet owner I know!"
- Anna Taylor
11/17/2019 00:21:55
"Everyone there is polite and helpful. I would like a multi pet discount. I would be happy with a free nail clip. Thanks"
- Gloria Marotta
11/15/2019 23:24:21
"Doing fine thanks"
- Susan Miller
11/15/2019 15:18:45
"noyhing bad to say, when we bring benji for a visit. everything seems to go well."
- Tom Kayla
11/14/2019 20:32:08
"Claire, the Vet Tech, was incredible. I have never seen such wonderful customer service in my whole life. She took us in even though we were too early, and her bedside manner was impeccable. The Doctor was also fantastic, and they took care of my fur babies! I will be with this hospital for my babies forever!"
- Samantha Waldron
11/14/2019 12:54:24
"Love your office, close to home and always sees us quickly, never have to wait."
- Lorimarie Civello
11/13/2019 08:07:16
"Very good service and alway treat our Cleo with tender loving care! Keep up the great work! Thank you! Greg, Mark, Cleo and Daisy Mae"
- Greg Bruns-Dolce
11/09/2019 06:29:36
"Took us on time....no long wait when you have an appointment. Doctor and staff very nice. Happy that we came here."
- Diane Zandman
11/07/2019 16:52:31
"Everyone is great I’m happy so is Chloe.thank you❤️Mrs Calamia"
- Virginia Calamia
11/06/2019 19:29:34
"I have never had anything but TOP NOTCH CARE from Glen Stockett, DVM. His demeanor is excellent around my two English Bulldogs, and they are a HUGE medical challenge. The doctor is fantastic when it comes to diagnosing, medication, and holding off on some meds to see how they react to a different approach without meds. He does not oversell you on products. He's been treating my youngest bullie since he was a baby, so for 3 1/2 years, and my 9-year-old for 3-and-half-years. He's an excellent diagnostician, so I'm never worried when I bring them in b/c something is going on with either one of them. His staff is second to none!! Every single one of his staff members are extremely nice, patient, answer questions, and will even take the time to go talk to Dr. Stockett if they're not sure about something. So any issues or questions are always bounced off the doctor. Dr. Stockett and his staff leave no stone unturned. it is my pleasure to write this review. Jamie"
- Jamie Moskowitz
11/03/2019 21:45:33
"Don't change a thing!! Excellent 👍👌 staff and doctor Stockett beyond wonderful.. would never trust my dogs with anyone else!! Love, Romeo & Bella's Mom"
- Nancy Pierro
11/03/2019 18:22:25
"You are doing great everyone there shows great concern for our Lexi!"
- Ron Burgess
11/02/2019 22:22:18
"Very clean facility. Dr. Stocker explained clearly what our pet’s needs were."
- Michaele Ballard
10/31/2019 21:25:52
"Love the doctors and nurses and Leo seems to do better when he goes there."
- Marilyn Folchetti
10/29/2019 18:45:16
"I have no complaints. "
- Tyler Jonin
10/24/2019 18:21:57
"Everyone has been great and super helpful! :)"
- Brian Davis
10/24/2019 17:14:03
"It was excellent and quick, had an emergency and took me right away. "
- Erica Verrengia
10/24/2019 16:22:27
"Great care and super nice people. Plus they never try to up sell you."
- Helene Flesher
10/20/2019 21:08:10
"I have been very satisfied with the care of my pets."
- Gina Steinheimer
10/17/2019 19:16:40
"Excellent staff and doctors !!"
- Elizabeth Balzano
10/16/2019 10:21:12
- Paul Benevento
10/14/2019 18:55:16
"Love Dr. Stockett and his staff we have recommended him to our pet friends and will continue to do so"
- George Bradley
10/14/2019 14:13:32
"Always a good experience "
- Gina Marie Phillips
10/14/2019 11:44:08
"Always a great experience from the employees at the front desk to Dr Stockett. "
- Lynn Schiess
10/14/2019 10:37:45
"Everyone here has been fantastic! "
- Jessica Smith
10/10/2019 08:35:41
"Dr. Stockett and the entire staff are knowledgeable, helpful, positive and kind. They do a beautiful job with our Luna who is a difficult patient. "
- Patricia Giudice
10/10/2019 01:22:16
"I only have good things to say. The appointment was easy to get and the staff was very friendly."
- Charlene Cardone
10/09/2019 19:19:00
"We have great experiences every time that’s why we have been coming back for 4 years :) "
- Sarah Risden
10/06/2019 11:36:47
"Sorry, no complaints, think you folks do a very good job."
- Ed Greninger
10/03/2019 22:39:23
- Rebecca Cipriano
10/01/2019 18:42:48
"Thought it was a very thorough first puppy visit. Was so nice that first pills were included. Sample of puppy food. Everyone was so helpful to my daughter and explained everything very thoroughly "
- Joyce Labrutto
10/01/2019 17:43:15
"Always a great experience!"
- Susan Daquila
09/30/2019 00:55:23
"Glen Stockett is the best vet there is. We drive half an hour from Manasquan passing 10 other vets just because we trust him implicitly. There is not other doc for our fur babies. His compassion is only rivaled by his knowledge. "
- David Behnken
09/28/2019 20:54:33
"No wait, very friendly and knowledgeable staff!!"
- Maria Cohen
09/28/2019 17:52:50
"Could not be better."
- Raymond Tietke
09/27/2019 19:05:44
"Excellent u guys go above n beyond for Maggie n even helped through a painful day when we made choice of life for my cat socks "
- Vincent Vigliante
09/21/2019 16:38:53
"All good!!!!!"
- Dina Zehrer
09/18/2019 16:45:38
"We are so happy to have found dr stockett. Love the girls and the efficiency of the office"
- Brian Smith
09/17/2019 23:52:51
"I could not ask for a better dr for my little fur baby. She is old and gets stressed really easy but she relaxes and behaves herself during her visit"
- Jeanice Maxson
09/16/2019 17:22:26
"Caring and informed"
- Rachel Bedford
09/13/2019 18:56:06
"Love love love Dr Stockett and the entire staff at County Line Vet"
- Leigh Bosco
09/11/2019 02:10:01
"I am very happy with Dr. Stockett and the wonderful staff. Although Willow and Gracie aren't always excited about coming in for a visit, I always feel confident they are getting the best care."
- Barbara McGoohan
09/10/2019 23:00:57
"Staff is friendly. It puts me at ease when they treat Walter like they are so happy to see him. "
- Marc Witt
09/10/2019 17:27:04
"Changed from a Vet I went to for 30 years to come to County Line Vet...that should speak volumes "
- Margaret Gorbe
09/06/2019 12:31:34
"Dr Stockett's been caring for my beagles for years now, and I can't think of a single negative experience. The Ms really don't mind going to the vet!"
- Anna Taylor
08/31/2019 12:43:31
"Every visit is awesome except when linguini has a sick visit. "
- Jennifer Orlando
08/27/2019 21:03:49
"Staff are efficient and very friendly. They listen to any concerns that I may have and address those concerns with the Vet."
- Edward King
08/22/2019 19:57:39
"Thanks for being so accommodating right before you were about to close and helping Baxter to feel better!"
- Jaclyn Juryn
08/22/2019 17:14:33
"We love County Line Vet and the awesome staff!"
- Pervin Nurhan
08/21/2019 14:06:08
"Every visit is a peasant experience "
- Anna Piekarewicz
08/20/2019 23:20:54
"Each visit has been perfect. In and out and pleased with each visit. We love never having to wait with multiple animals in the waiting areas and as always loved everyone that has worked here! "
- Danielle Meyer
08/17/2019 21:46:03
"Last visit I just picked up meds in and out no pro lems"
- Pamela Conger
08/17/2019 19:21:54
"Excellent service as always. "
- Anne Pfaff
08/17/2019 17:08:51
"All employees are great an very friendly "
- Daniel Kourris
08/13/2019 17:05:18
"Free nail cutting like previous vet "
- Robin Sherman
08/11/2019 19:14:10
"We love the staff at County Line Vet, and Patricia is a wonderful new addition! Thank you for your caring and kind personalities. I always recommend you when others are searching for a Vet."
- Rachael Miller
08/10/2019 19:01:28