- Alexis Barnes
06/24/2018 14:44:25
"I like the personal attention and attentive staff."
- Bob Curtis
06/24/2018 05:57:28
"We had a quick visit today. The staff was efficient and professional as usual. Our medication was ready as requested. "
- Jeri Quintanilla
06/16/2018 03:56:40
"Everyone was very kind and attentive and considerate to me and my pet. The plan was laid out as to best care for my pet and I felt very comforted by the attention that the vet and staff gave to my pet :)!"
- Maria Froelich
06/15/2018 22:32:57
"For 40+ years Dr. Moore has provided excellent care for my pets."
- Susan Hendrickson
06/14/2018 06:06:06
"My experience was very good. The staff was very helpful and polite. The doctor was straight forward with Bubba condition and what we need to do for his well-being. I felt like Bubba was in good hands there and would recommend Moore Veterinary Care to my family and friends. "
- David Cimo
06/14/2018 02:38:59
"Dr. Moore is compassionate and knowledgeable. She takes all the time necessary to discuss the issues, which is such an exceptional part of her veterinary care. "
- Aaron Zweig
06/11/2018 19:31:16
"I am new to this area of Ventura and Moore Veterinary Care is so close and easy to find. The staff are sincere and helpful. Veterinarian Moore was gentle and kind to my cat Ba Be and explained the necessary additional care I needed to take. The Moore Veterinary Care office is much better than going to a larger clinic because of the personal care given to the parent. There was no rush, rush to get me in and out. "
- Diane Garber
06/09/2018 16:55:57
"We appreciate that once we are in exam room the doctor Attentive to our concerns/our pets health not rushing to next patient. Staff does Follow up calls to chk up if warranted"
- Peter Dibble &Warner, Katherine
06/06/2018 14:10:18
"Visits to the office seem to go smoothly and timely."
- Edward Asdel
06/06/2018 00:07:11
"You are our Vet Peeps. We tell everyone about Dr. Moore and caring staff. "
- Larry Bird
06/01/2018 21:54:50
"Melissa did a fantastic job with our cat, Ravie’s, pedicure!"
- Elaine Nesterick
06/01/2018 03:47:52
"Both time we have been in have been great experiences! "
- Cynthia Lawson
05/31/2018 06:29:58
"We only have good things to say! Everyone at Moore Veterinary Care truly care about our pets and us. They remember us and give quality and attentive service during every visit. We have been coming here for more than 35 years and have no plans to change. Thank you most sincerely. "
- Norah Byrom
05/31/2018 04:05:37
"You are the best! "
- Lisa Subia
05/31/2018 03:51:01
"A quiet day, yet the person helping was efficient and helpful."
- Merilee McHenry
05/31/2018 00:18:22
"I take my dog where she wants to go. She likes Dr Moore. So, why would I take her anywhere else?"
- David Danielson
05/26/2018 08:00:07
"Lucky and I both trust you. I never have to wonder where I'm going to take Lucky when something goes wrong, or when it's time for a checkup. We must have brought our beloved Happy (R.I.P.) to you in the early '90s. You took good care of him. Lucky has been a patient for 10 years! We are glad you're there."
- Howard Brittain
05/25/2018 23:20:31
"Very pleased. Thank you for giving us the appointment as you were very busy and we called at the last minute."
- Arline Young
05/12/2018 16:54:04
"I appreciate all the time Dr. Moore took in not only evaluating Ollie's physical condition but also possible concerns in regards to his background and she actually took the time to get to know him. She really looked at all aspects in regards to eating habits, daily activities and and voiced recommendations for his active lifestyle. Thank you!"
- Cynthia "Red" Miller
05/08/2018 05:52:53
"Excellent! You truly care and it shows. Even the girls taking the call and on the front counter are super helpful and sweet. Really goes a long way when you are dealing with difficult stuff. Best veterinary experience I’ve ever had. Thank you "
- Christi Christian
05/06/2018 16:40:43
"Everyone is helpful, knowledgeable and efficient."
- Alisa Gordon
05/06/2018 14:29:00
"I love coming in to your office. Everyone is so nice and of course Dr Moore is the best. "
- Paul Berkley
04/25/2018 13:39:46
- Jeri Pfannenstiel
04/25/2018 04:29:22
"We were able to be seen immediately. The staff was very friendly and professional even when my dog was not."
- Theresa Satterfield
04/24/2018 05:07:32
"I was impressed with the same day accommodation "
- Frankie Marcanthony
04/21/2018 05:32:13
"Would not trust any one else but dr Moore for Ruby’s care."
- Antigoni Tsamparlis
04/19/2018 00:32:22
"Wouldn't change a thing....thx for the years of dedicated and caring service. "
- Stephen Schafer
04/18/2018 00:55:18
"Appreciated the gentle handling of all staff for our scared cat. Dr. Moore was very helpful at explaining things over and above the basic diagnosis, giving us things to think about for the future."
- Jennifer Frank
04/15/2018 19:36:37
"I am relieved that you were able to offer some alternatives and options in treating the skin issues on Milo’s tail. Hopefully his tail will respond well and it will heal. I found your staff helpful and positive to work with, Milo appeared to respond well to them too."
- Luann Furman
04/14/2018 05:14:29
"You're doing very good!"
- Jim Matlock
04/13/2018 14:24:39
"Everyone was attentive and courteous. My concerns were taken seriously and my dog was treated as if she was their own. I have no complaints at all."
- Kate Majestic
04/13/2018 04:54:13
"Dr. Moore is excellent! And the staff!"
- Maggie De Medeiros
04/12/2018 00:21:58
"Your staff was very helpful "
- Tino Escobar
04/10/2018 03:30:21
"Thank you Dr. Moore for always taking great care of my crazy pup! You’re the best!"
- Jasmine Nunez
04/07/2018 15:16:30
"Dr. Moore has always been a pleasant professional to speak with about my pet's problems. She's quite experienced, knowledgeable and has always shown concern in providing care for my dogs. I can speak from experience as she's provided medical care for my animals for approximately 30 years. Yes, when asked I can pretty much assure you that your animals will obtain excellent attention."
- Bert Sanders
04/04/2018 04:39:13
"We always recommend Dr. Moore’s services."
- Debra Walters
04/04/2018 01:19:28
"It was a great experience. Dr. Moore was very friendly and helpful. Staffs are friendly as well. "
- KaiFeng Liang
04/03/2018 06:05:05
"Always good care for all our critters."
- Kim Froedge Family
04/02/2018 23:28:04
"Always thorough compassionate and follow up call to check how pet(s) doing "
- Peter Dibble &Warner, Katherine
04/02/2018 07:25:57
"Dr Moore gives lots of time to each patient, answers questions in a manner we understand. Great depth of knowledge and compassion. "
- Linda Cervon
03/30/2018 15:07:15
"You are taking great care of my little girl, and I have no complaints."
- Lisa Subia
03/30/2018 05:17:56
"I always feel welcomed, listened to and treated with respect! Everyone in your office is really special and treasured. You love Alice, and we all know it. Thank you for your expert care. "
- Norah Byrom
03/27/2018 22:23:53
"Attentive, thorough and compassionate "
- Megan Marble
03/25/2018 16:57:58
"You guys were very knowledgeable and helpful! That honey salve that you gave me for kona healed up his wound almost completely already and it's been less than 2 full days! Thank you! "
- Crystal Vaughn
03/25/2018 16:02:11
"Thank you for your patience and willingness to answer questions. We also appreciate the thoroughness of your care and the professionalism of everyone in the office. Thank you for your followup care and calls."
- Gwendolyn Alley - Sheridan
03/25/2018 15:41:56
"Dr. Moore always pays close attention to what my cat needs. She is kind and does not hurry."
- Roanna Prell
03/25/2018 15:38:13
"Dr. M is amazing! And the staff is so helpful and knowledgeable and make our family feel safe and confident."
- Elizabeth & Gabriel Trujillo
03/25/2018 03:23:05