"I love this hospital. You are always very professional but also very warm, and present a casual, caring atmosphere and experience for both myself and my pet. "
- Christine Giammona
06/10/2020 17:13:08
"Our first experience was great, from my first phone call to schedule an appt. to arriving you made me feel welcomed me and supported, even in the pandemic. Cash showed no sign of stress and was fine when we arrived home. Looking forward to many more visits and together, watching Cash grow! 🐶 "
- Justine Butcher
06/10/2020 16:15:56
"Possibly more than ever before I was impressed by the treatment (personally and of my dog) at PAH. You guys have a system down and it’s always pleasurable to work with you. You hear what your patients need and you respond in kind with consistently expert care and compassion. Your response to COID measures are clear and responsible and I felt taken care of as a patient/client. A++"
- Claire Fryer
06/03/2020 23:54:04
"I love bringing Jet to your office. Everyone is professional, caring and helpful! Thank you for all you do!"
- Melinda Doutt
06/01/2020 18:53:09
"Dr. Shah and Diana were kind, caring, thorough and demonstrated their genuine care for our furry family members. "
- Aimie Hanson
02/23/2020 21:22:06
"Thankful for Dr. Edwards. Given my old boy’s temperament, I was doubtful he’d tolerate acupuncture, but I really wanted to give it a try because I thought it could help him be more comfortable. Dr. Edwards was awesome, the session went great and I’m so elated. We can do this! She also gave me exercises that I can do with our dog at home to help strengthen his muscles. Even after only a few days, I notice a positive difference. "
- Vivian Keh
02/18/2020 04:02:24
"Harriet loves the folks at Pinnacle. I continue to be impressed w their good humor and patience when dealing w a very friendly but very bouncy (and a bit anxious,) dog. "
- Lynne Hoffman
02/17/2020 21:55:01
"You all are amazing! I have been coming to Pinnacle for 8 years now and I can honestly say my cats and I have always been treated extremely well. I am so grateful for everyone at your hospital! "
- Shelly Jimenez
02/13/2020 22:21:15