"All the staff are very friendly. I cannot say enough good things about Dr.Brett. He is very thorough and I never feel rushed through a appointment."
- Tracy Reese
01/09/2017 16:26:53
" My Golden had an ear infection and I was very happy that Brentwood got her in right away, even though they were very busy on a Friday evening taking in boarding dogs and other appointments. Great place. Thanks."
- Jan May
01/09/2017 10:17:49
"Everyone working at Brentwood have always been very professional, friendly and most importantly, they understand how much my dogs mean to me and address any concerns I have whether big or little."
- Kristin & Ronald Dukatz
01/08/2017 09:43:06
"Dr. Christie was very caring, professional and friendly. I also believe she had a good understanding of what was happening to my dog and took the time to explain it to me."
- Keith and Sylver Slusar
01/07/2017 15:48:21
"We want to thank the doctors & staff for such wonderful care of our cat, Notch. We knew she was in need of a dental, but upon examination by Dr. Brad, it was discovered she also had 2 growths. Our appointment was for noon on a Tuesday, and Notch was in surgery that very afternoon. We were able to bring her home the following day & she is doing great. We can't thank Brentwood Animal Hospital enough for their care & kindness. "
- Linda & Jim Mulligan
01/03/2017 08:36:54
"Dr. Brad always gives us peace of mind about Lucki no matter what we bring her in for. It is so comforting to know you can always trust Brendwood for the best care for her. Thank you!"
- Bruce & Sandy Waldron
01/02/2017 12:42:44
"We always have great experiences as Brentwood. We have been going to Brentwood for about 17 years, and we just recently met Dr. Laura. She is wonderful!"
- Dan & Sarah Stanislawski
12/31/2016 15:21:08
"We love how warm and welcoming all of the staff members are and how patient they are with our pups. We appreciate how they treat each dogs needs with the individual care they require and don't just rely on a "cookie cutter" plan for everyone. I really like how the staff get down on my dogs' level to treat them when they can. "
- Loryn & Alfred Denney
12/30/2016 22:42:32
"Dr. Christie is such a caring vet...I appreciate her excellent care of my precious pets. I also appreciate how caring and interactive the vet asst is with my dog and I when we come in for visits."
- Brenda Sucharski
12/28/2016 20:40:57
"Dr. Brett AND his assistant Andrea were OUTSTANDING!! They were both so kind even though I have a very sassy and scared cat. After my cat is sedated they are so gentle and caring for her. "
- Jackie Rahlf
12/19/2016 08:12:50
"I appreciate you having Saturday and some evening hours. Everyone is helpful and knowledgeable."
- Kathy & Gene Tenaglia
12/18/2016 19:12:29
"Dr. Brad is a wonderful veterinarian. He has a great beside manner; always friendly and personable. He listens to our concerns, answers all of our questions and treats our beloved cats with great care. The staff at Brentwood is also wonderful. They are always polite, friendly and very caring. One fine example was that they offered to bring in a warm towel for our beloved cat, Chester, during his recent visit knowing that he just came in from the cold weather outside. Those small gestures mean the world to us. We would not entrust our beloved pets to anyone else. Keep up the great care and service! "
- Steve and Ann Pabian
12/18/2016 16:44:01
"Dr Nick is awesome, he always takes all the time needed to answer all questions."
- Bruce Hubbard
12/16/2016 18:30:57
"I think Dr. Brett is an awesome vet. I have the utmost trust in him providing the best care and advice for our beloved pets. I have referred several people to your facility and they too have been happy with the care. "
- Kathy & Paul Zane
12/11/2016 19:49:58
"This family has been taking care of my fur babies since the early seventies....would never trust anyone else with my furry family members."
- Sandra Antross
12/02/2016 08:07:38
"I don't know the individual's name that assisted me on Sunday morning (and I regret not asking because I think she should be recognized) but she was phenomenal! I arrived early and even though it was before opening hours, she took me in right away and let me pick up my dogs. I particularly find the "report cards" quite amusing and cute. I'm reassured that my dogs are well taken care of and based on the remarks, they're well-behaved. Thank you Brentwood for always taking such good care of my fur babies."
- Scott & Amy Hale
12/01/2016 18:15:22
"The staff was extremely friendly! My dog is a little skittish, especially around new things (he was abused prior to our ownership). The nurse and vet were extremely gentle and did his whole visit on the floor because he was more comfortable there. By the time we finished, Hudson was a happy puppy and seemed to like everyone there!"
- Kali and Gage Granzow
12/01/2016 09:33:13
"I was very concerned about the problem my cat had with her ear that needed surgery. The doctors were very informative and explained what needed to be done so that I could understand fully. My original veterinarian retired and I was looking for a new animal hospital. I'm very glad I found Brentwood Animal Hospital. The staff and doctors are very friendly and knowledgeable."
- Carol Jean Stuart
11/26/2016 08:22:08
" We've been a customer for many years and have always felt like we were taking or dogs to be treated by friends. Thank you for the expert care you've provided for our much loved dogs. "
- James & Helen Schultz
11/20/2016 19:27:44
"Brentwood Animal Hospital is a top notch hospital/Vet clinic. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful! They really take the time to answer all of our questions! "
- Curt Maly
11/17/2016 19:12:25
"Really appreciate all of the care that Brentwood provides us. A special thank you to Dr. Nick - really takes the time to talk to us about our concerns and I feel he truly cares about our dogs. Love your campus and always recommend it to others!"
- Dennis & Sandy Equitz
11/17/2016 13:29:45
"My cat became ill unexpectedly the day before my husband was having surgery. Brentwood worked with me so that I could get care for my cat while being at the hospital for my husband's surgery. I'm happy to say Tux is feeling much better and eating again. "
- Diane & Jim Triumph
11/14/2016 11:57:50
"Dr. Laura and her staff were great! Always a great experience coming to Brentwood! "
- Laura Immel
11/14/2016 10:20:54
"I am always impressed with how courteous and caring everyone is at Brentwood. My dog is family, and I don't think he could/would get better care anyplace else. Thank you for all that you do!"
- Renate Gray
11/09/2016 10:56:00
"Nikki is ten years old; he's never gone to another vet. He's not crazy about the trip to his appointments, but he's never terrified once he gets into the exam room. He's always been well cared for and well handled. I have encountered many people in this area who also trust their pets to Brentwood."
- Lori Ott
11/09/2016 09:39:54
"Dr. Brad and his staff take very good care of both of our dogs. More so, my furry kids. The compassion and care for both of my kids was outstanding. I will be returning again in the near future for a follow up visit. "
- Debbey Fischer
11/06/2016 18:33:44
"I am very pleased with my dogs grooming. They always look great after Ellen grooms them."
- Sandy Nowicki
11/05/2016 20:16:51
"Dr. Brad and the Brentwood staff are incredible! I am so blessed to have them in my and my dog's lives!! Thank you!"
- Jaime Lisowski
11/03/2016 15:08:39
"Wonderful 1st visit to the vet for my kitten!"
- Laura Johnson
11/02/2016 22:13:21
"At Brentwood animal hospital, What can I say?As always,the care and expertise at Brentwood are exceptional!My Dog enjoys going to see his Dr and we're both treated like family! I always recommend Brentwood Animal Hospital!! Thank you!"
- Kathleen Laperriere
11/01/2016 08:40:33
"Dr. Nick always takes great care of our two dogs."
- Cathy Nguyen
10/29/2016 09:42:46
"I love coming to Brentwood. Dr Nick is always so thorough and answers all of the questions that I have and takes him time doing it. I really appreciate how kind he is to both myself and to my dog."
- Sarah Basterash
10/28/2016 12:49:16
"I can't say enough for the wonderful care my cat Spike gets I am thankful to all the staff Thanks again "
- Diana Beierle
10/27/2016 07:45:55
"It is always hard to leave Bo, but I know that she is in the best hands possible. And I love that you keep track of her behavior and eating habits - so helpful!"
- Patty Penkalski
10/26/2016 13:26:47
"I brought my cat in because of a new issue with her health. My regular Vet wasn't available, but we were able to see Dr. Nick took care of us and I was very satisfied with the care we received. He also took as much time as I needed to answer my questions."
- Ann Pierzchala
10/25/2016 11:12:59
"Dr Nick was very nice to us and more importantly to Emma. We look forward to being satisfied with our Vet again. "
- Jeff Tilidetzke
10/25/2016 10:05:58
"Everyone at Brentwood takes such great care of Oliver! If I'm being honest, Dr. Kristi takes equally wonderful care of Oliver's owners!! We are high maintenance for sure- thank you for answering all of our questions and for taking our follow up phone calls too. We know we are in great hands!"
- Andy & Angela Jensen
10/22/2016 22:17:14
"Dr. Brad is awesome. He knows his stuff. And the front desk staff was amazing as well... they held my (big and strong and overly excited) dog behind the front desk while I paid my bill. Really made things a lot easier. :)"
- Shelly and Lynn Rosenquist
10/13/2016 20:44:02
"Snickers has received great care at Brentwood. I trust Dr. Brad, Dr. Brett, Dr. Christie, and Dr. Nick greatly. I am always grateful for their wonderful care and suppor. "
- Ann Modra
10/12/2016 19:14:10
"We were very nervous parents but the staff and facility was top notch and reassured us . The daily pictures also helped ease our anxiety. We won't hesitate to board them again and will also give positive recommendations not only to the boarding facility but to the clinic. We've been coming to Brentwood since we moved to this side of town 4 yrs ago and feel so lucky we ran across you. Everyone truly cares about the animals and their 'parents'. We love you guys! Thank you. "
- Rick & Julie Draeving
10/09/2016 21:12:25
"my needs (really, my dog's) are always taken care of entirely. I have never left the office wishing I had gone somewhere else or wanted to try another vet."
- Susan Novak
10/09/2016 14:27:10
"Dr. Brad was excellent! He was so friendly and wanted to make sure all my questions were answered. Didn't rush me out and was very assuring that everything was going to be ok. Definitely a great first time experience. I think I finally found my vet. Thank you!"
- Keri Johnson
10/09/2016 14:22:33
"Dr. Brad and I discussed my desire for direct and complete communication regarding the process & outcome of any procedures done on my dog and I believe that the staff will do their best to meet my communication expectations. Our first visit at this clinic was a success."
- Kathyrn Sprague
09/29/2016 18:20:18
"After using 2 other Animal Clinics/Hospital in the Milwaukee area, I was referred to Brentwood Animal Hospital when Pako was very sick. We never looked back, but were totally satisfied with the doctors and staff. We knew that Pako was in good hands. Dr. Nick especially is worked with us (and still is), and has answered all the questions that we had and still have. He has explained all of our options going forward. Ones that would be tough decisions, worse case, but yet focusing together by moving ahead with the next steps we could take to turn Pako around. Every option was explained to us in making all the decisions we have made along the way, knowing what signs to look for on Pako's road to recovery if possible. Dr. Nick (and the other Doctor's we have seen) were focused on us and our situations with our pets every time we came in for an appointment, and we never have had the feeling of being rushed or pushed thru so that they can go about their next business. Our feelings is that their costumers are very important to Brentwood Hospital. Every staff member has welcomed us, and served us with a smile. I would recommend everyone to go there. The cost is a little higher than other areas, but when it comes to my "boys" Poko and Koko, it's worth the experience and care we are getting. Thanks! "
- Sandra & Ken Beach
09/29/2016 16:31:56
"Dr. Bradley always treats our three felines, Dino, Boo, & Tootsie, with kindness, and compassion. He explains everything to me regarding concerns, and their wellness. I really appreciated Dr. Bradleys help, along with the staff, taking the cat carriers out to the car, and cleaning the mess Tootsie made en route to the clinic. It is traumatic for our Gang to leave the comfort of their home to venture out, so all of your help made things so much easier! Plus the most important thing, they received a clean bill of health, YEAH!!! Thank you for being such a caring Clinic! Sincerely, Barbara Ollenburg"
- Barbara & Bill Ollenburg
09/28/2016 06:29:33
"I always enjoy bringing my cats for their medical needs to your hospital. Dr. Nick Juleen is so professional and shows his care for the animals and their owners. Moses likes coming there also. He will follow the doctor's orders to always be in good health."
- Lori Udziela
09/26/2016 14:57:04
"Dr. Nick listened to my concerns about Kate. He took blood for tests to access if she had any underlining problems. And promptly called me next day with results. Thankfully nothing except she's getting older. Very happy with her treatment."
- Sandy Stetter
09/24/2016 20:29:15
"Ellen is always wonderful - she has a genuine love for these animals! Rio loves being pampeted. Thanks for the football bow on his collar! "
- Judi Hunholz
09/24/2016 12:59:24
"We are extremely pleased with the veterinary service provided by Brentwood. Dr. Brad is very attentive and never hesitates to listen to any concerns we have with our pets. I would recommend them very highly. "
- Phyllis Brandt
09/22/2016 12:55:15
"Dr. Nancy was very thorough. I came in about a new bump I found on my dog, and she aspirated it twice from two different directions to make sure it really was a fatty lipoma. She also checked his whole body and made sure there weren't any other bumps we hadn't talked about in the past. She and the vet tech were very gentle with him as always. I had my 3-year old with and had forgotten to bring her coloring book, and the vet tech brought a coloring book and crayons in for her!!! I was so amazed. How sweet of you guys to have that! With two fur kids and two human kids, I sometimes forget things and that really meant a lot to me. You guys already take such wonderful care of my fur babies, and how supportive of my family, having a little something for my human kids as well. :)"
- Tiffany Groman
09/16/2016 21:37:31
"I was pleasantly surprised when Doctor Laura and her assistant came down to the floor with Izzy. The wellness check and a couple shots seemed easy but I give Doctor Laura kudos for drawing blood while sitting on the floor. Staying on the floor was one less stress factor for my dog and the visit was extremely pleasant for both of us. Thanks to both of them."
- Linda & Tom Roessl
09/16/2016 19:13:01
"Love this place. Dr. Nick truly cares about his patients as everyone at Brentwood does. "
- Tina Ringer
09/03/2016 21:05:01
"We've been customers since 1975 and wouldn't think of taking any of our pets anywhere else for grooming, veterinary care, or anything else pet related. "
- John & Janice Zera
09/01/2016 11:36:31
"We would not trust our Leo or Louis with anyone other than Brentwood. The care that our fur babies receive is ALWAYS top notch. We can't begin to tell you all how much your kind and thorough care is appreciated. I always refer others to your clinic. "
- Jon & Paula Grosschadl
08/02/2016 12:50:58
"This is the best clinic we have been to in our 27 years of having pets. Dr. Nick is our favorite, but everyone is excellent."
- Karen & Al Staszak
08/01/2016 08:28:41
"I have been bringing my dogs to Brentwood for 13yrs and have never had any issues. They are very patient with my dogs that have stress issues as well. "
- Jackie Mueller
07/11/2016 11:14:34
"I feel very comfortable at Brentwood with the doctor and staff. I know my dog will be well taken care of during his recent diagnosis with diabetes."
- Eleanore and Dean Alioto
07/10/2016 15:53:55
"I have been going to Brentwood for almost 15 yrs. I would not be there for 15 yrs if the cats were not taken care of. The priority is definitely the animals but they also help the "humans"."
- Ruth Sciano
05/08/2016 14:07:21
"Our dog Max, as most dogs does not liked to be probed and prodded into things, but Dr Brad does a wonderful job and so do his helpers...they certainly appear to love all pets and take great care in conforting them as they are worked on!! Keep up the good work!!!"
- Sandy Moselle
05/08/2016 13:46:08
"Doctor and staff very friendly really seem to care about the best needs for my pet. Doesn't seem like everyone's there just to gouge for money like previous vet clinics I've been to . Really love this vet clinic ."
- Sajia Randolph
05/07/2016 13:03:35
"The staff is always very friendly. I needed a health certificate. I did not bring the address. They let me use a computer to find the information. Saved me a trip back. 😊"
- Billie & William Novick
05/07/2016 10:17:03
"The techs and vets are always very helpful. I especially love how the Techs know Ranger, and how to deal with him. It makes me more comfortable."
- Brenda Wells
05/03/2016 08:40:49
"I called in a panic because my dog didn't seem to be doing well. They fit me in the same day! Dr. Nick took his time explaining his diagnosis and answering questions. I didn't feel rushed and he put me at ease. It was a great experience. I'm so thankful. "
- Mike & Kelly Kaminski
05/02/2016 20:51:49
"I absolutely love Brentwood!!! I couldn't ask for a better place to bring my fur babies. Thank you to all the staff I appreciate you all. "
- Jamie Lotharius
05/02/2016 19:27:55
"Even though there is a vet very close to my home, I have taken my pet to Brentwood for the last two years because of the excellent care!"
- Kathleen & Mark Felsheim
05/02/2016 17:37:36
"I have always loved your staff and the care they give my animals. I will not go anywhere else. "
- Christina Brown
05/02/2016 12:50:54
"I love how friendly everyone is. Its also very refreshing that my additional queations are accepted with a smile instead of irritation. Keep up the great work!!!! "
- Alexandra Strzelczyk
05/01/2016 00:15:00
"I have referred several people to your facility due to the quality of care and friendly efficient staff"
- Diane & Mike Schingeck
04/29/2016 10:57:52
"Ginny is a little bit Sassy but Dr. Christy took the time to make Ginny feel comfortable, even if it took half a can of spray cheese! I was very happy with her vet visit and I recommend Brentwood to anyone I can. Thanks so much! "
- Kathryn Moore
04/25/2016 09:15:23
"This was my first visit, so I don't have any suggestions. I felt very welcomed and my dog received excellent care, which I appreciate very much! "
- Diane and Michael Loos
04/20/2016 09:27:12
"We love the care that Wally and Buddy receive from the staff. We couldn't be happier."
- Cheryl & Chris Hansen
04/17/2016 20:00:31
"I appreciated the phone call updates on his condition. Multiple doctors cared for him during his stay and I felt like there was good communication between them. It is comforting to know that you are always there for us, and take great care of my pets and of me too!! "
- Melanie White
04/15/2016 06:46:23
"I have been coming to Brentwood ever since I adopted my cat Felix from the Wisconsin Humane Society, about 13 years now. I have never been disappointed with the care and concern that is given to my cat. I have had several Vets take care of Felix but these last couple of years he has had Dr. Juleen. Dr. Juleen not only takes the time to answer all of my questions and treats Felix as if he was his pet. I would recommend Brentwood to all of my friends and acquaintances!"
- Cheryl Odwazny
04/14/2016 18:37:39
"I can't overstate the excellent quality of service we receive for our dogs through Dr. Brad. He not only makes it a point to know the animals, but also our family dynamics as it relates to how we care for our dogs. Excellent, Excellent service and care."
- Wes & Lydia Wojciechowski
04/14/2016 12:40:58
"We appreciate the advice we received and the concern and information that the Dr. had given regarding our Anakin. Thank you. She is eating again and back to her "old" self; she will be 18 yrs on the 18th of this month."
- Donna Marie & Craig Roush
04/14/2016 01:13:56
"Dr. Nick took extra time to answer my questions, completed an anal gland expression for first time on Bruno with no hesitation, provides much guidance and called me today with follow up in blood work results, etc. The vet techs are always kind, engaged and positive with the whole consult too. Thx!"
- Ana Stier
04/13/2016 20:41:27
"Kudos to the entire staff. I am always impressed by how helpful and friendly everyone is from the desk staff to the vet techs to the docs. I trust them explicitly with my dog's care."
- Jackie & Jamie Ramel
04/13/2016 20:24:06
"Dr. Bartow was wonderful, She had to give us bad news about our kitty and was most compassionate, sympathetic and understanding. She explained everything in detail . When we left we knew we had a lot of decisions to make and fault that we would make the right one because of all her help... "
- Patricia Gerasch
04/13/2016 14:38:28
"I will never take my pets to any other vet because no one can top the service I receive at Brentwood. The entire staff is absolutely amazing and so attentive and I have never felt so welcome. Thank you for making each visit so wonderful."
- Robyn Booth
04/08/2016 12:20:57
"As a frequent flyer of Brentwood, I am always happy with the care my kittys are given from the Doctors and all staff! Brentwood is THE BEST! I always refer my friends to Brentwood for their pet care!"
- Darlene Redman
04/08/2016 11:51:20
"Dr. Nick always takes time to answer all my questions and concerns. He never makes me fell rushed, and I trust his answers. Everyone in your office is always warm and welcoming. Whether it is nail trims, check-ups or illness, I always feel that my dogs are in good hands, which is a wonderful feeling! "
- Amy Martin
04/08/2016 11:30:19
"Dr Nick did a great job of addressing both the physical and psychological needs of our two dogs. He answered all of our questions thoroughly and put our minds at ease. Since we are expecting our first child in a couple months, we appreciated him taking extra time to discuss how to best prepare our four-legged kids for the change and first meeting (instead of just getting a piece if paper with generic recommendations.) THANK YOU!"
- Andrea & Andrew Imoehl
04/06/2016 11:51:46
"The staff at Brentwood are always wonderful. They are so kind to us and to our Mickey. We are very grateful to have such a wonderful vet so close to us."
- Christine Soehner
04/02/2016 22:24:23
"We normally see Dr Brett, we saw Dr Brad for the first time and he was amazing!! He was so gentle with Callie and he took care of her right away! I am very, very happy with the care my dogs get from Dr Brett and Dr Brad! "
- Jennifer Augustynowicz
03/28/2016 22:02:31
"Calvin always comes home happy after a stay at Brentwood. Every other place he has ever boarded he has been cranky with us for at least 24 hrs following. Thank you for taking such good care of him! :)"
- Elizabeth & Ken Raskin
03/28/2016 11:22:54
"Caring describes the atmosphere when you walk into Brentwood. They do their best for my pet, me & for each other. It's a positive experience."
- Betsy Tole
03/27/2016 16:28:43
"The staff does a great job taking care of my pet, and providing me with assurance that he is getting the best care. I also appreciate all the suggestions to help with any issues I may be facing, their combined knowledge and professionalism is exceptional. The follow up is also very good and gives me comfort and confidence that they really care about their outcomes and the health of my pet. Thank you all so much."
- Judy Danek
03/24/2016 10:24:59
"Love the Techs, Assistants, and Docs Osgood. They know my dogs and how to handle their personalities. Love this place!"
- Scott & Amy Hale
03/23/2016 19:51:01
"It was extremely helpful that our vet and nurse had a background raising experience and educational knowledge about rabbits letting us know as much as we could about our rescue rabbit. Ever since we've gotten back from the vet our rabbit has actually been a lot more social and affectionate and we think it's because of the way she was handled in the patient room. We are definitely coming back, we have no issues with Brentwood."
- Christina Leithead
03/20/2016 22:05:57
"Brentwood Animal Hospital is a wonderful place to take any animal! The staff are very friendly, caring and genuinely interested in the care of your pet. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a vet."
- Jeanne Liebsch
03/18/2016 14:22:58
"I love Dr Christie, she helped our family with our old labrador and now she will with our new puppy. The staff is great and always pleasant. Would highly recommend them to family and friends."
- Tracy Derby
03/18/2016 06:45:28
"I am very happy with the service and care of my canine kids at Brentwood! I am so happy that I chose to come to you when I moved into the area."
- Michele & Fred Barclay
03/17/2016 23:05:18
"Everyone at Brentwood is so helpful. Dr Brad always goes the extra mile to make sure our dog is well taken care of as well as our whole family while dealing with our dogs cancer and other health issue. They care so much!"
- Monica Perkins
03/14/2016 14:51:10
"My pets have been cared for by the Osgoods since the 70s. I would not take them anywhere else. Everyone in my family uses Brentwood. Their knowledge and compassion is beyond belief."
- Sandra Antross
03/14/2016 10:32:44
"Snowball had very long hair from over the winter. As usual Ellen did a fantastic job and he looked like a different dog when I picked him up. Great work Ellen!!"
- Willa Placek
03/10/2016 15:25:40
"Christy is amazing: she took her time. She knows are dog is nervous at the vet so she went out of her way to make sure the dog was comfortable and relaxed. Even on the way out she made sure to calm our dog when other animals were in the waiting area and I was paying. Thank you!"
- Melissa & Daniel Tomczyk
03/08/2016 20:57:54
"Thank you for everything. The staff and all the doctors I have dealt with have always been courteous and helpful. Thank you Dr Brett and Dr Laura for all your help with Maggie this past year."
- Nancy Stewart
03/08/2016 20:23:11
"Always enjoy the grooming service that Ellen does for Toffee!!"
- Lisa & Bill Neider
03/06/2016 21:01:40
"I was seen on an emergency situation and was apologized to when I had to wait a little bit. Not at all necessary, I was very happy to be seen since it was Saturday and we know how long Monday comes when your pet has a problem. Thanks to the staff at Brentwood!"
- Ken & Barb Quast
03/06/2016 20:19:48
"Seeing Dr. Brad is always a pleasure as well as interacting with the rest of the staff. My pets only come to Brentwood...and for a good reason(s)."
- Jason Kowalski
03/06/2016 18:22:18