"Truly excellent. We have not had a puppy in the house for many years, so it is comforting to know we can call with questions. Thank you "
- Phoebe & Jeff Stieber
02/22/2020 18:20:41
"I am very satisfied with the customer service at Animal Medical Center. My little dog is always shown the love that I have come to appreciate and the extra consideration I have repeatedly received every time I've brought my pet into your office. Thank you for your expertise and care of my pet. "
- Ralph Keene
02/21/2020 21:09:52
"Dr Moore and his staff are always a pleasure to visit with. I wouldn't take my babies to anyone else!"
- Lynn Cleveland
02/18/2020 18:08:23
"The care and after care are on point. And I never feel judge when corrected for things I may have not done properly. "
- Amanda Cleveland
02/10/2020 21:35:38
"Dr. Moore is awesome! He really seems to genuinely care about his patients. He explained my dog's diagnosis and condition so thoroughly and called me daily after her release from the hospital to check on her. All the staff were extremely nice and caring."
- Teresa Buffington
01/29/2020 00:18:55
"I really appreciate the way Dr. Moore takes the time to meet one on one with you every visit. "
- Bobby & Sydney Hughes
01/18/2020 13:12:34
"Everyone was so informative and helpful! Our for baby got the best care! "
- Fern Spencer
01/14/2020 18:42:43
"The fact that Dr. Moore explained everything he was going to be giving my dog prior to doing it was something I really liked . I was nervous since it was my dogs first time at the vet but we had a good experience and everyone working there is friendly . "
- Bianca Guerrero
01/03/2020 01:26:43
"No complaints, great visit every time. "
- Emmett Kellett
01/02/2020 21:05:32
"No complaints had what I needed for my dog thanks and Happy Holidays"
- David Brown
12/10/2019 03:10:59
"Excellent experience. "
- Kimberly & Jason Crane
12/08/2019 18:07:13
"Best visit we have had in a long while. "
- Jennifer Carter
12/02/2019 01:42:28
"The Doctor was very helpful and thorough. Everyone was very nice and treated me and my pet with great care and respect. I would definitely recommend them"
- Jamie Burks
11/08/2019 02:51:21
"I always know Buzz is in good hands with Dr Moore and his staff. I am always welcome in the examining room (not so with some vets) and Dr Moore always explains symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and preventive care. Buzz must sense how much they like him, as he is better behaved than he was with previous vets. "
- Cynthia Little
10/26/2019 13:05:59
"Everyone is always so kind at AMC, I love that they treat your pets like real people and talk to them and love on them. I love getting a phone call from Dr. Moore himself the next morning giving result or checking on our pets."
- Kyle & Carla Teems
10/22/2019 16:58:07
"Our experience is always top notch and we are completely confident in the care that our pets receive."
- Patrick & Wendy Caldwell
10/21/2019 15:49:54
"Excellent service! He took a lot of time with us and explained everything and was very thorough. Told us things that other vets had not told us and our dog is feeling great now!"
- Harry & Elaine Bergwall
10/20/2019 18:16:12
"Dr. Moore is always so patient and thorough and willing to explain everything that is wrong with my pets! And the staff is great as well, very kind and caring. "
- Angela & Peter Culver
10/04/2019 16:36:06
"Just had Scooby neutered due to enlarged prostate. Only been about a week but hope everything turns out well. So far very happy with Dr Moore. "
- Keith & Lenora Dobbs
10/01/2019 12:05:46
"They've always been great. I've been taking my dogs here for about 17 years now. The whole staff is awesome. "
- Cynthia & Ryan Garnigan
09/29/2019 13:41:16
"Excellent experience. Was able to get me in quickly and seemed to care about Dumpin’s well being"
- Shane Delong
09/27/2019 16:59:08
"Dr. Moore is a very knowledgeable professional and wants the best for all pets. The staff is courteous and friendly. Everyone in that office is responsive to any questions or concerns as well as situations to watch out for that are taylor3d to your needs"
- Douglas Walker
09/27/2019 16:36:15
"The visit was great. Our sitter fell in love with the staff and facility. She was impressed with the way that you involved her and explained everything. "
- Marvin & Sylvia Brugh
09/17/2019 19:23:04
"We can not be more pleased than with the professional service and hands on care our dog has received at Cartersville's Animal Medical Center. Totally friendly and competent at every level. We have all health needs cared for and a wonderful boarding facility. They are the best!"
- Suzanne & Jim Dunham
09/17/2019 19:14:48
"We love coming in, it's super fast and easy to get in and out, and Dr, Moore did a great job taking care of Oakley!"
- Whitney Dutton
09/17/2019 17:34:03
"I’m very pleased with my experience. Dr. Moore was very thorough and quick got to the root of Chip’s issues. "
- Kathy and Jack Bannister
09/17/2019 16:30:09
"Your office is amazing. You care for our pets as much as we do. You give honest advice and I am so grateful to have you to take care of Molly!!"
- Joyce Hopkins
09/15/2019 22:03:43
"We love Dr. Moore and his staff! He's come to the rescue for us on a few occasions with our fur babies. Communication and care is always excellent!"
- Joseph & Michelle Brown
09/14/2019 13:40:53
"I love you guys....and I totally trust that my little Lulu will get the best care possible"
- Connie Starnes
09/10/2019 16:15:45
"Dr. Moore is a wonderful vet. We trust him with our pets. If I don't understand something, he will explain it to me. His staff is courteous and helpful."
- Yvonne & Troy Marksbury
09/10/2019 16:09:18
"I truly could not ask for more caring, knowledgeable and thorough care for my dog (and me). Thank you for giving me my sleep back!!"
- Jo Svensson
09/09/2019 23:59:13
"Good care. Questions always answered."
- Joy Fowler
09/07/2019 15:43:12
"Dr. Moore, Joan and his staff are the very best! They are always helpful, polite and have alwAys loved our fur babies! They give excellent care always! I give them a 10 +! 😊🐶💙❤️"
- Brenda & Larry Hale
09/05/2019 17:35:11
- Samuel Lewis
09/03/2019 20:31:17
"I was able to leave Dewey some treats that might cheer her up or enable her to eat if she decides to stop eating. That means a lot .To BOTH DEWEY AND ME."
- Douglas Ray
09/03/2019 20:20:41
- Kaylyn Tomlin
09/03/2019 14:04:36
"Our experience with the Animal Medical Center continues to be a professional, with the utmost concern, care and empathy during serious and sad times. Dr Moore has accommodated our needs as pet parents by accommodating our requests with amazing compassion and understanding our many pets have passed. We love the care you give our pets! Selfishly, I hope Dr. Moore and his staff never retire. Thank you for all you do!"
- Marie & Jerry Lalla
08/31/2019 02:52:32
"All good no better in county"
- Charles Redding
08/30/2019 20:39:56
"Excellent appointment and feedback after the appointment. "
- Mara & Paul Rohani
08/30/2019 19:06:01
"WONDERFUL. Love the care you show for the pets and the time you take."
- Reshelle Gainor
08/28/2019 20:04:18
"I was skeptical at first because I had always taken Tara somewhere else but when Dr Moore came in the room and learned I had a personal situation on top of Tara being sick and then I saw the compassion he gave my fur baby I was truly impressed. And if that wasn’t enough he even personally called me on Monday to check on Tara. I can’t say thank you enough. "
- Angela Dawson
08/28/2019 01:07:57
"Dr. Moore was very clear with instructions, tips and advice for out puppy. He and his staff are very well trained and polite. "
- Peter Perez
08/27/2019 19:31:30
"You guys are great! Everything was done quickly but with a lot of care. Thank you so much!"
- Sara Hernandez
08/26/2019 14:58:41
"Very concise, knowledgeable, and informative with timely response on lab results. Very pleased with Dr. Moore and his staff for caring for my dog!"
- Stephanie & Tyler Plemmons
08/26/2019 14:13:26
"Dr. Moore and his staff more than exceeds expectations. I wouldn't trust my papillon with anyone else. Wonderful staff."
- Eurice & Jeffery Holt
08/20/2019 20:11:51
"Friendly, courteous, caring staff. Dr. Moore is exceptional. Been a client for 15 years. "
- Janet & Jimmy Barnes
08/19/2019 14:19:03
"Best care in town!"
- Deborah Hightower
08/13/2019 18:36:31
"I love Dr. Moore's practice. The girl's in the office are the best. I know Dr. Moore is more expensive but I feel that the last couple of years LuCee was alive was good but he didn't just check her out - he reviewed everything. So I know Saylor will get the same best care. Love you all!"
- Donna Worley
08/13/2019 14:39:18
"I never have a bad experience. Dr. Moore and his entire staff are the best in the business."
- Susie & Paul Harton
08/12/2019 10:30:23
"Dr. Moore and staff have always took amazing care of our pets for years."
- Gerald Gossett
08/07/2019 17:49:46
"Have no complaints on level of care and welcoming front office."
- Missy Gramling
08/06/2019 21:31:41
"We appreciate how Dr. Moore researches ways to help our pet have better health. We like reminders of dates to get shots etc. on time."
- Steve & Jodi Fryman
08/06/2019 14:29:15
"Never have I or my family had a bad experience. Everyone at Animal Medical Center are extremely caring and understanding. I would go however far out of my way I have to just so I know that my pets continue to get the quality care that they always have. Thank you to everyone for all that you do!"
- Timothy Gossett
08/05/2019 22:41:53
"You guys are the best !"
- Scott & Vickie Wiles
08/05/2019 14:35:10
"Dr. Moore is always very caring and thorough with Annie and Steely's care."
- Rita Watkinson
08/04/2019 15:41:01
"LOVE Dr. Moore and his staff. Very attentive to all our needs. "
- Marlin & Lisa Tant
08/04/2019 14:57:42
"No complaints! Everything positive. Always go beyond what is required."
- Richard & Anne Marshall
08/03/2019 20:15:39
"We think you do great work. Wouldn’t change a thing."
- Shelby Morris
08/03/2019 19:04:59
"Always enjoy bringing our Pets here. Everyone is so accommodating and kind!"
- William & Rebecca Lowry
08/01/2019 17:17:35
"I was very pleased. Sensitivity to financial concerns was a plus. "
- Gay Haynes
07/30/2019 21:28:07
"You are always very thorough. You are knowledgeable about new treatments."
- Julie & Dennis Bingham
07/30/2019 02:41:02
"Dr Moore and his crew are AWESOME! Our Buddy is always taken great care of! He just spent a long weekend there and he has been so chill since we got him home, he normally is a handful! "
- Christopher & LaNaya Plummer
07/25/2019 18:15:31
"Thanks for all the professional care that AMC provides and being able to excel on a daily basis is amazing. Pets are such a big part of our lives almost like family and they depend on us to provide the best care possible - not just ok or good pet care but outstanding care-thanks AMC for what you do!"
- Elzie Player
07/23/2019 22:57:46
"I have nothing bad to say. Staff is ALWAYS friendly and courteous. Dr. Moore is always willing to answer any questions and address any concerns."
- Christopher & Brandy Bailey
07/23/2019 22:09:13
"Very pleased with the care our sweet Ella received from all the staff. Dr. Moore was great with her and followed up Saturday and even Sunday morning to see if she was better. We really appreciate him taking the time to check on her. "
- Rhonda & David Grogan
07/20/2019 02:15:09
"Everything was great!"
- Jack Whittenburg
07/10/2019 20:01:25
"You are very good with Sandy I am very pleased she is doing great"
- Angela & Paul Crooks
07/05/2019 13:28:42
"Excellent. Jasper is healthy. I get good advice. All my questions are answered. Making appointments is easy. I love that I get reminders when care is due."
- Dolores Gargus
07/04/2019 22:06:56
"Very pleased with the service and care given"
- Linda & Gary Morgan
06/14/2019 17:16:45
"I greatly appreciate all of your staff for taking such good care of us on short notice and at the end of the business day none the less. We're on the road all the time and finding a knowledgeable vet you can trust to take care of your pets is difficult. Thank you. We appreciate you. I was happy to give you rave reviews on Google and Yelp."
- Leesa Wyzard
06/11/2019 21:27:17
"I love how you go over all the lab work with explanations for everything . You are kind and caring and our Angel loves you . Most of all we appreciate your generous action for postponing all appointments to perform emergency surgery for her . All of this shows us you are committed to God's creatures and their health . Thank You"
- Carol & Darrell Grose
05/25/2019 21:49:13
"Staff was so helpful helping with my two dogs at once with holding the leashes during checkin and out making it smooth and even assisting me to the car making it stress free! Vet Was very thorough Explaining what happened during the entire visit how they’re doing what to expect and the best medications. Was thrilled that they can get me in so quickly on the same day that I called and called me when they said they was going to call me the next day to follow up with test results very happy with this practice for a new patients! "
- Leashia & Michael Jaques
05/21/2019 14:38:23
"Doing a great job. Great staff "
- Shawn Jordan
04/30/2019 01:28:29
"Everyone was very helpful and kind. Thank you for seeing McCloud on a moment's notice. We really appreciate it. "
- Orlando & Caroline Garcia
04/06/2019 22:32:44
"Everything went very well. Excellent service."
- Joy Fowler
03/10/2019 20:23:54
"Dewey is doing Great.I appreciate (Animal Medical Center)Dr.Moore and Staff seeing and treating Dewey at closing time this past Sturday(3/2/19)It was David Gordon that recommended your services and most of all CARE.....THANK YOU"
- Douglas Ray
03/09/2019 14:24:01
"We loved the experience. "
- Joe & Phyllis McLeod
01/28/2019 14:58:00
"Dr. Moore and his staff were all so sweet and caring of our situation and our fur baby! I would recommend this clinic to anyone who really wants their babies taken care of. Thank you all for all that you did!"
- Katie & John Burton
01/11/2019 23:32:16
"I love Dr. Moore and the staff. Very clean facility. I rescued Simba ( Ragdoll cat ) 1 1/2 ago and he is very skiddish and likes one on one attention and takes a while to warm up to you. It was my first ever vet visit with Simba and I will be back. ❤️ Y'all and beyond happy with the service and special care. Now, to get Sassy in for a checkup and shots. "
- Lynette Pasek
01/11/2019 00:38:17
"No complaints. Great first visit. "
- Emmett Kellett
01/07/2019 19:13:09
"We brought Pistol there for his first visit and we absolutely loved everyone there. The Dr., his assistants and the front staff were awesome and glad we chose you guys!"
- Kari & Bill Hall
01/03/2019 20:24:50
"You took great care of my dog. I'm so relieved hes ok! Thank you so much!"
- Sandy Blasengame
12/18/2018 03:14:13
"Very friendly and fast. Dr. called early the next day with results."
- Regina & Jonathan Graham
11/30/2018 17:11:11
"Thank you for all you have done for Bunny!"
- Vic and Mindee Hill
10/01/2018 17:00:47
"We love everything you do!"
- Ricky & Loretta Lamberth
09/20/2018 18:38:08
"My pets have always gotten excellent care with Dr. Moore and his staff. And that includes that painful rainbow bridge treatment. They have always been there for us whether it is keeping our pets healthy or choosing the appropriate time to say goodbye. We love everyone at Animal Medical Center."
- Charlotte & Jim Brediger
09/10/2018 19:36:00
"Dr Moore and all the staff are kind, knowledgeable, and caring animal people. We feel confident that our pets are getting excellent care, and that we are being supported in our pet-owner roles—for about 30 years now! Many thanks."
- Jane & Jim Haigler
09/10/2018 15:58:26
"We Love Dr. Moore and his staff is awesome!. Our fur Baby was very comfortable with him and his Tech. Thank you for your kind caring attention to Gidgitt!"
- Theresa King
09/06/2018 01:50:28
"Dr Moore has been our vet of choice since our first cat Ace and now our current cat Coconut. He and his staff genuinely care about the animals they treat as well as their extended family(us). We will continue to put our trust in Dr Moore and his staff. "
- Rick Marshall
09/05/2018 23:13:06
" Dr. Moore and his staff have been nothing but professional and loving to myself and my animals! In my lifetime, they would be number one in my book on how to care for my animals!"
- Laura Garber
09/05/2018 19:15:25
"We've always taken our pets to Animal Medical Center & we feel they have always gotten the best care. Dr Moore always takes time to explain everything to us."
- Carroll & Brenda Glenn
08/21/2018 15:09:55
"We have taken all our beloved pets to Dr Moore and his staff for years. The level of care they receive and the communication we receive is the best. We love the friendly service we always receive. "
- Frank or Vicki Jenkins
08/20/2018 19:36:39
"I always feel very informed about any issues my dogs are having. Dr. Moore always takes the time to explain everything to me. Wouldn’t think of taking my dogs anywhere else. I have complete confidence in him and his care. "
- Brenda Brown
08/20/2018 18:32:33
"I love this place. Dr. Moore is very knowledgeable on the latest things that could affect my pets' health and he explains in detail. His assistants during the examination talk to my dogs (who are recent skittish rescues) the whole time and give them treats to keep them as calm as possible. They leave the door open when they take my dogs in the back. This is VERY important to me. I have never liked when a vet takes my dog or cat to the back and closes the door. The ladies at the reception desk are so nice and helpful. One of my dogs ate cherry pits one day. I called for instructions on what I should do. The dog ended up being fine, but both Dr. Moore and his wife called to make sure he was doing okay. That is priceless."
- Leigh Anne Parham
08/17/2018 20:50:40
"I appreciate the geniune care and concern that Dr. Moore and his team provides for Chloe. The visits are always thorough and Dr. Moore gives attention to make sure we have a clear explanation about the treatment required and home care needed."
- Renee Thomas
08/17/2018 01:36:54
"Dr. Moore and his staff are excellent. I've heard many good things before I went to doctor more and he has definitely shown me that he does care for pets and their owners and that he does do everything in his power to help not only the owner but the pet. I highly recommend dr. Moore and his staff."
- Jennifer & Daniel Thacker
08/16/2018 19:07:50
"My dog was having diarrhea and vomiting. I called toward the end of the work day and still received a call back within 10 minutes saying that he can be seen today. I appreciate the staff returning my call quickly and staying a little later at the end of their day to be sure my dog was going to be ok. "
- Megan & Drew Vann
08/03/2018 23:16:44
"You guys are great and are always helpful. Dr. Moore is so knowledgeable and explains medical information in an understandable way. I appreciate his next day follow up to check on my fur baby."
- Jan Lanier
08/03/2018 00:07:30
"Love the people, so do all my pets. they are super helpful with anything I mite ask or need."
- Callian Trujillo
08/02/2018 20:28:28
"Excellent customer service and a special Doctor make every visit seem like visiting family!"
- Albert Valencia
08/02/2018 19:00:48