"The staff and doctors were very friendly and accommodating for us "
- Lisa Eichelberger
02/14/2021 02:42:51
- Elizabeth Johnson
02/11/2021 21:47:14
"Absolutely beyond amazing!!! From the minute we walked in, we were treated wonderfully. Nobody minded that my dog is weird and doesn’t like people, instead to make her comfortable we were immediately taken to a room so we didn’t have to sit in the waiting area. The vet came right in and answered all of my questions and really helped explain things for care for June long term. We were involved with the entire decision process, and we’re given all of the options upfront. The vet tech tried so hard to give June treats, but when it didn’t work she went to loving on her while we held her. When we were done, we already knew our cost so there were no surprises. Every staff member was so good to us, and especially June. I’m looking forward to bringing my other dog there, as we will be clients for life. Cannot recommend this vet office enough!"
- Brittany Franklin
02/02/2021 22:57:18
"Everyone is very friendly and does a great job of making you feel comfortable in knowing that your pet is going to get the best care possible while there! "
- Jason & Katie Forsyth
02/01/2021 21:43:10
"I've only had exceptional service every time we come!"
- Trevor Burwell
02/01/2021 12:35:00
"Very caring and responsive"
- Sandra DeMarco
01/19/2021 22:54:58
"Dr Moore was very thorough and explained every so we understood it. Our overall experience was wonderful. Highly recommend your facility "
- Matthew and Julie Verdon
01/09/2021 15:06:38
"Y'all fit us in when our regular vet was out of town. Our dog had a bad bacterial infection and the vet was super thorough!"
- Kevin and Amy Peterson
01/07/2021 21:04:56
"Dr. Moore and staff are exceptional people. The care for animals is obvious. We were very pleased with the care our animal received. Thankful we found our forever vet! Thank you. "
- Angela & Chuck Harris
01/03/2021 21:26:38
"Excellent care and follow up"
- Michelle Arp
12/22/2020 23:32:22
"I was struggling and worried that I wasn't going to get my cat the help he needs asap. I was short on the total amount given to me and I was heartbroken thinking he wasn't going to get help with what he needed. But thankfully the kind gentleman gave me a "Christmas gift" and took what all I had for my cat knowing i was short. Now my cats looks great and I kno he feels better instantly seen a brand new cat who wasn't in pain anymore. I thank everyone who works at the vet. "
- Stephanie Carbajo
12/18/2020 23:05:29
"You all are awesome. "
- Reshelle Gainor
12/18/2020 02:13:52
"No problems. Everyone is great and very friendly. My dog was well taken care of"
- John Oliver
12/17/2020 20:50:07
"We was very pleased with the whole experience. "
- Cassy Thurman
12/08/2020 01:36:28
"Staff was very friendly and great with my dog. Love the way the vet spends time explaining things and making suggestions. Best service ever from any vet I have dealt with. Thank you very much. "
- Glenda & Donald Dodson
12/06/2020 23:01:07
"Perfect Dr.Moore; perfect staff, front desk & assistant. Great care & concern for our 2 pups. Definitely will refer others. Pups get excellent care & are in fantastic health!"
- Karen Stockton
11/27/2020 23:30:03
"Wonderful, not only Leah at the front desk, but your clients that came in rd me about their experience with you."
- Ana & Bobby Warren
11/22/2020 23:32:32
"I needed care fir my sweet fur baby right away and i had not been to the vet in a while. There was no judgement just action. Dr Moore is so thorough! Detailed and insures when he diagnosis he has looked at everything!!! They were patient with me, gentle with my old Yorky and so informative of all of the results. Dr. Moore is so gentle in his conversations with you. He knows somethings may be hard to hear. I love this place and this Dr and I wouldn’t take my pup anywhere else unless it was an emergency - and even then, he’s the first I would call! You cannot go wrong here! Thank you all for taking such great care of my Frodo and being so patient with me! "
- Dolly & Steve Gaines
11/21/2020 18:46:57
"I just had a great experience at your place! One thing I would share with you is my pet status for his eye is not relieved yet. Other than that, the Dr.'s kind explanation was really helpful to plan my kitten's future the vaccine journey. "
- Hye Ryung Won
11/20/2020 21:08:31
"I love your clinic. When I call on the phone everyone is always polite and helpful. When I come in my visit is pleasant and a great experience. Dr Moore is a thorough doctor and I know my pets get the best care possible. Although it was hard to leave Ellie for a week (because she gets so heartbroken) I knew that she was in the best possible hands and i didnt have to worry. My 17 year old cat always gets so traumatized when she goes to the vet, but the first time she was there it was a completely different experience. I would recommend your clinic to anyone. And I do! Thank you to all of your staff it is a pleasure doing business with all of you."
- Jamie Burks
11/13/2020 02:11:37
"The staff is always kind, understanding and sympathetic to our girls. Dr. Moore explains all the procedures and treatments that are done on our pups. He answers all questions so that we completely understand. We couldn’t ask for a more competent office, they are always available for any needs we may have!"
- Lisa & Ron Deak
11/12/2020 22:28:27
"The best vet experience. Dr. Moore is fantastic!"
- Taylor Cooler
11/12/2020 18:14:51
"Courteous, professional, caring. You’re doing great!!"
- Manda Bass
11/11/2020 00:17:43
"The best service I have ever received from a vet. I have 4 dogs and will be back for sure!!"
- Maggie Danks
11/10/2020 19:02:02
"From Ginger and Lucas (feline siblings) - Loving and gentle to us; efficient and polite to our human."
- Jennifer Thomas
11/09/2020 00:52:41
"Phones are always answered quickly. If you have an appointment, you don’t have to wait. Staff is thorough and friendly. I always appreciate Dr Moore calling the next day with lab results. "
- Scott & Susan Mixon
11/03/2020 15:57:36
"Was a great visit i called at 8am explain the problem with my dog and was told to brimg him right in. There was no wait and my dog is doing great. We just moved into the area and we have found our new vet"
- Robert Paust
11/02/2020 20:14:53
- Caren & Sam Myers
10/21/2020 19:54:19
"Great service to help care for our BEAUREGARD! Thank you."
- Peter & Joelle Walls
10/20/2020 23:12:49
"I was very pleased. I really needed my Sully looked at right away and you worked me in. Dr Moore was wonderful helpful and caring. I have 2 other dogs I will be bringing in soon."
- Virginia Noonan
10/20/2020 18:33:20
"Great and thank you for everything "
- Regina Peters
10/19/2020 22:32:07
"I was blown away by Dr. Moore’s expertise and that he took the time to go over the treatment in such detail. I plan to switch the care of my other pets to this practice."
- Lola Thomas
10/17/2020 20:56:05
"Friendly staff, dr explained the care for my pet. Made my pet feel comfortable even though he was scared and shaking. Followed up next morning with test results. "
- Eileen & Thomas Ridings
10/12/2020 23:55:46
"Absolutely the best vet clinic I have ever used. Dr. Moore is "Old School" and very thorough. We never felt rushed. Dr. Moore took his time and explained every detail. We are really glad my neighbor recommended you folks."
- John Brady
10/05/2020 17:50:17
"Staff was so nice, and we received excellent service! I would definitely recommend Animal Medical Center to family and friends!!"
- James & Rebecca Adcock
10/03/2020 02:26:14
"Very good"
- Shane Delong
10/02/2020 17:06:54
"Kudos to all of you. We called late Friday afternoon and Dr. Moore ask me some questions on the phone. He heard my Sassi barking while we were on the phone , and told me to bring her , and he would work her in. Thanks to all of you I will have a little more time with my baby. "
- John & Carol Vincent
09/29/2020 18:56:28
"The whole experience was wonderful. The office was clean and odor free. The staff was very caring and took the time to explain and make sure I understand what I needed to do. "
- April and Kevin Cornett
09/27/2020 22:04:55
"I have only had good experiences "
- Mona Willoughby
09/26/2020 19:42:11
"Honestly from reception to nurses to Dr Moore I can't think of a single time I was dissapointed with the practice. We trust you with our children."
- Tim & Candis Berube
09/26/2020 12:30:19
"I love this place because Dr. Moore always calls as a follow-up. He is never too busy to go the extra mile. The staff there are so long-term that they are very personable. "
- Aleigha McDaniel
09/25/2020 20:06:36
"I always get good service and care for my pet."
- Donna Worley
09/24/2020 17:29:20
"Great! Dedicated and knowledgeable employees. Office visits are a bit expensive. But dedicated health care for our pets is worth it. We love you all and so does our pups"
- Pam and Greg Watson
09/23/2020 16:50:56
"Our fur babies love you and you can tell by the care they receive that we think your the best. Thank you for everything "
- Marvin & Sylvia Brugh
09/21/2020 18:43:02
"Very nice and helpful staff and the doc is very thorough which leaves you with peace of mind where your pet is concerned."
- Sherry Moore
09/21/2020 17:23:55
"Very friendly staff and front office, and I really like Dr. Moore, after my visit with my cats he always calls the next day to give you the test results if any were done. "
- Debra & Gary Phillips
09/20/2020 21:52:26
"I’m my pet always receives great care!"
- Amy & David McDaniel
09/18/2020 15:27:11
"Front staff was very sweet! You can tell Dr. Moore and all the staff love what they do. So happy we started coming to you guys. "
- Cait & Seth Roberts
09/17/2020 01:20:58
"I really enjoyed the visit. The staff was kind and helpful; Dr. Moore was wonderful and knowledgeable. Everyone took time with me answered my questions, treated us with care and respect. Plus, I got in immediately on an urgent matter with my pet, when I wasn't even a regular patient. I could not have imagined a group of professionals who were more qualified, kind/caring and efficient than the Dr. and Staff at Animal Medical Center!"
- Laurie Hays
09/14/2020 20:23:04
"Greatest Veterinary clinic Love Rick, "
- Pat Shepard
09/13/2020 19:10:16
"Have always had a positive experience and feel I can trust my pet's well being to your care."
- Missy Gramling
09/13/2020 17:26:29
"Benji is not the easiest patient, but Dr. Moore and his very talented staff make it as easy as it can be. They genuinely care about your pet. I couldn't ask for a better vet to entrust with our Benji's care! "
- Ron Tice
09/08/2020 16:35:26
"The staff was very friendly, the doctor was very specific and made sure I didn’t have any issues or questions with my pet. Keep up the good work! "
- Kiara Jimenez
09/07/2020 23:53:07
"Excellent! I’ve been coming to Dr. Moore for years and so has my dad. We both love him! And the office staff is stupendous. Jack was acting up, we had trouble getting Jack’s records and they took it alll in stride!!! 😊 "
- Kim Robinson Youngblood
09/07/2020 21:15:02
"You know I love Dr Moore and staff. I totally trust my pets to get the best care available. I trust boarding them there-they get some lovin too-both of my dogs need special care and they get it."
- Connie Starnes
09/06/2020 15:06:21
"Outstanding professional dependable great staff as well as a fair price for awesome pet care thanks for your love an constant care for all types of animals-well done!"
- Elzie Player
09/06/2020 10:25:39
"I am a strong believer in the value of constructive criticism. I sat here for 10 minutes, thinking back over the past year, trying to think of at least one improvement suggestion I could make. I failed. AMC may not be 100% perfect, but I have had dogs for 5 decades and no veterinarian or clinic I have known can hold a candle to AMC."
- Jo Svensson
09/03/2020 23:22:18
"Great job!"
- Dolores & Marty Shamis
08/31/2020 21:33:55
"Dr. Moore and his staff are the best! They care about our fur babies! They love what they do! They are awesome! We are blessed to have them as our Veterinarian and Staff! We have been coming here for over 15 years!"
- Brenda & Larry Hale
08/31/2020 20:37:09
"We have been clients for 15 years. Dr. Moore and his staff have treated many pets for us over the years. This practice is really flawless. The only area we would like to see changed is to offer deep discounts for spay/neuter and other treatment of stray animals. "
- Janet & Jimmy Barnes
08/30/2020 20:11:07
"Excellent, it is always easy to get an appt. Dr. Moore is always ready to listen to difficulties with any of my pets. Staff is professional and caring"
- Mary & Luis Hernandez
08/28/2020 14:37:10
"I was able to be seen when needed. As always, Dr. Moore explained everything"
- Rita Watkinson
08/27/2020 14:25:44
"I could not ask for anything more. The expertise, compassion and atmosphere are all excellent. My family is so happy we found you!"
- Addison Waid
08/26/2020 18:09:09
"I am very pleased with Dr. Moore and his wonderful staff. He has really taken good care of my papillon. Dr. Moore is a excellent vetanarian that has earned my trust. I highly recommend him to other pet lovers. "
- Eurice & Jeffery Holt
08/26/2020 15:33:05
"Dr. Moore was so good to Lyon and my husband and I and the staff was excellent too and we were happy that we found it for lying"
- Bessie Labato
08/21/2020 15:32:33
"Staff friendly, very knowledgeable for the care of our pet, gives coupons to help with expenses. We appreciate your service."
- Steve & Jodi Fryman
08/21/2020 12:14:52
"Dr Moore and all of the staff are absolutely the best. You all take the time to talk to us and thoroughly explain things. "
- Steven & Linda Severson
08/21/2020 09:23:45
"Dr. Moore and his staff have always been very caring and helpful with any problems that may come up for any of my pets. Dr. Moore goes out of his way to respond to any emergency that may occur after hours. "HE IS THE BEST""
- Florence Starnes
08/14/2020 17:47:36
"I have no complaints. Everyone was so kind and welcoming, and so sweet to Teddy. He didn’t come to us in the best shape, but the nurse picked him right up and loved him just the same. You can tell the Dr. truly cares about animals and also people. He didn’t make me feel embarrassed about all of the questions and concerns I’ve had, and took his time to answer each one. "
- Whitney & Carl Jones
08/13/2020 13:43:50
"Everything is always wonderful. We get in when we need to and you are always ready, helpful and kind."
- Miriam & Kevin Erisman
08/12/2020 14:16:12
"Appreciated the time with Dr. Moore. He is clearly a passionate and caring Vet."
- Vicki & Mike Perryman
08/09/2020 22:05:22
"Everything was great- thank you!"
- Shelby Cook
08/04/2020 15:05:17
"We love Dr Moore and his team. They're always nice, courteous and empathetic with their clients - human or pet!"
- Amanda Downs
08/03/2020 22:19:39
"Been with Dr. Moore over 20 years. None better. Staff great. Our precious pets are in the best of hands. Thank you Dr. Moore and staff."
- Gerald Gossett
08/03/2020 15:24:41
"I had a great experience. Everyone was nice, considerate, caring and I felt that my baby was in very good hands. Thank you all for taking care of my baby Hulio."
- Page Bryant
08/03/2020 14:00:55
"Doctor Moore and his staff are the best! Compassionate and understanding!"
- William & Rebecca Lowry
07/28/2020 23:00:29
"We have only been there once. Dr Moore had really put my Dog as a priority and not just a check as it seemed. He spent extra time to make sure I understood the diagnosis and how to make this go away. "
- Tony & Michelle Martin
07/25/2020 22:18:35
"Thank you for taking care of us and for working with us!"
- Rebecca & Justin Henry
07/22/2020 23:34:31
"Best veterinarian facility that I’ve been to in 68 years. I would even say that no one could ever beat Rick Moore DVM for knowledge and expertise when it comes to caring for all animals especially for my Labrador Retriever Kody who is 12 years old. When it comes to his staff you’ll never find better anywhere. My Kody loves going to Dr. Moore’s place with everyone there with absolutely no hesitation! Rick Moore’s billing for all services cannot be beaten (very competitive pricing and accommodating)."
- Dianne & Mike Burwell
07/20/2020 17:40:27
"Excellent care of my fur baby. Dr Moore is seeking answers to what is making my baby sick, he has called every day to check on her. I am very happy with his care , and concern. "
- Dona Childers
07/20/2020 10:26:58
"All staff was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. Facility was clean and well equipped. Price was higher than expected, but results have been excellent thus far."
- Stephen Mauney
07/19/2020 03:47:11
"My favorite thing about your practice is how we always see the same faces. As the dog mom of a schnauzer with a VERY short list of people she likes, I’m glad she feels comfortable coming to AMC! "
- Liz & Scott Kritzman
07/18/2020 21:59:36
"The service from Dr Moore and his staff is excellent!"
- Valerie & Tony Bass
07/16/2020 23:31:19
"I always have a great experience here. Very knowledgeable staff and always available for anything my dog needs."
- Daryl & Samantha Goss
07/13/2020 21:23:54
"So far so good! Liked the fact that Dr Moore called me himself with the results of the test he done on Rocky!! Rocky wanted me to thank you for being so nice. Wanda"
- Wanda & Patrick Cosgrove
07/09/2020 19:19:01
"Dr. Moore is the best vet"
- Christopher Brunette
07/09/2020 15:55:54
"Very polite and professional staff. Very knowledgeable as well. Staff makes us feel like family."
- Donna Ledford
07/05/2020 18:31:34
"Wonderful staff - caring doctor not just trying to make a buck, genuinely cares - loved him, Harley loved him and we will be back !!"
- Michelle Tucker
07/03/2020 22:45:57
"Every time we come there for our animal we are treated like family! Never had one single problem!"
- Kyle & Stephanie Quakenbush
07/03/2020 17:09:59
"Always a great experience at Animal Medical Center with Dr. Moore and the team! "
- Matt Carpenter
07/02/2020 22:26:04
"Always accommodating to scheduling and good with my anxious cat! Provides thorough feedback on bloodwork and suggestions on any issues from a medical or behavioral standpoint. "
- Tracy Chastain
06/30/2020 19:34:02
"I was so impressed by the level of care, friendliness, and communication by all the staff involved. This was our first of many visits with you all. Thanks so much for being such a caring facility."
- Tammy Harrell
06/30/2020 02:10:39
"The entire staff is very helpful, and they show a great deal of love and care for our dog. Every time that I take him in for a check up, Dr. Moore calls first thing the next morning to give me the test results. He also stays current on the best treatment options for Bear. "
- Tammy & Marc Tompkins
06/28/2020 12:05:15
"I always feel Tybee is in good hands when I board him. He receives the best of care. "
- Carol Carver
06/24/2020 11:53:22
"Dr Moore and his staff are true professionals. "
- Aaron & Kathy Tesch
06/23/2020 21:57:58
"I was completely happy with our 1st visit. Answered all my questions and gave me great advice. Looking forward to continuing coming to your facility. But will need to get cost up front so I'm aware what the costs will be to be prepared for the charges. Thank you for y'all kindness"
- Arlene and Tim Baldwin
06/20/2020 16:28:37
"You guy's did such a great job with my 1st dog that it was a no brainerd to continue the tradition with the second. "
- Jose & Vanessa Martinez
06/19/2020 17:25:04
"great "
- Mary Toth
06/12/2020 21:39:01
"We had a great experience there. Staff friendly and helpful. Dr. Moore was very knowledgable, professional and helpful. We felt good about choosing Animal Medical Center for Fred's care."
- Jill & Douglas Heneghan
06/11/2020 23:28:34
"I love Animal Medical Center! EVERYONE is so kind, and it's genuine! Dr. Moore always keeps me up to date with the latest products for my animals, and offers to help me with any ordering or questions I may have. I feel like my pets, even my chickens, are always well taken care of. "
- Wanda & Doug Chatham
06/08/2020 19:12:16