"Appointment time was right on and the length of the appointment was quick "
- Stephanie Mahoney
04/08/2021 11:05:13
"Really all was good"
- Susanne Selig
04/06/2021 19:09:32
"Always efficient and caring."
- Lano Balulescu
04/06/2021 16:23:42
"Excellent. Debbie at the front desk is the best. Got us the same day I called. Incredible. Even called back to see if we wanted to move the appointment up when another client cancelled. Doctor was also amazing. Can't thank you enough!! "
- Dennis Pacy
04/04/2021 00:23:17
"Dr. Johnson was extremely thorough and pickup on a few things we hadn’t noticed. We’re grateful for that. She also took the time to discuss tick born prevention vaccines in depth and gave me good advice. And, Steve, the vet tech was also very kind and knowledgeable. "
- Kathryn Shane
04/02/2021 16:43:21
- Terry King
04/01/2021 17:27:35
"So pleased with the care we have received so far."
- Lisa Ober
03/31/2021 21:51:53
"Great! I am so grateful to have you guys!!"
- Kit Hixon
03/31/2021 18:13:05
"very nice "
- Jane (Xie) Wang (Feng)
03/31/2021 17:59:48
"Thank you for communicating honestly with me about Sandy"
- Nidhi Lal
03/31/2021 17:04:04
"Just fine."
- Joe Picardi/Bond
03/30/2021 19:14:22
"The staff was great and the vet. Was great too."
- Barbara Green
03/29/2021 14:10:25
"Our dogs always receive the beat care. All of the staff is knowledgeable and kind. "
- Pam Reichert
03/27/2021 16:54:50
"We love going to the Acton Hospital. The people are friendly. "
- David Faramarzpour
03/26/2021 16:10:02
"We've only had two visits so far , but are very happy with our dealings with Acton Animal Hospital."
- Peter Kirton
03/25/2021 11:58:28
"We love Dr. Johnston, and know she takes good care of our dog. The associate who came to pick up our pet and communicate with me was very nice and considerate. I miss being there for the exam, but understand this is the safest for everyone involved."
- Angela Smith
03/24/2021 18:55:30
"At our 14 year old cat’s annual visit the fur mats on her belly were noted and I was asked if I wanted the vet to shave them. I didn’t think they were bad so I said no. Two months later the mats were worse and much more widespread and I knew my cat would not allow me to do anything for them so I called Acton Animal Hospital to see if they could help. And help they did. Apparently my cat is much better behaved for them and allowed them to shave her belly. Both my cat and I were very happy with the whole experience!"
- Denise Glaser
03/24/2021 16:29:51
"All is good, thanks!"
- Kelly Ratliff
03/24/2021 16:06:04
"We have always found your office more than ready to take care of our “babies”. They are so special to us and it’s comforting to know you are there for us."
- Genevieve Morash
03/23/2021 13:11:56
"Service was excellent and quick. "
- Larry Fillion
03/21/2021 19:08:29
"Whoever came out and took care of Monte was excellent. Super friendly. I had brought a bunch of busy work to do while I waited in my car, but he was done in 10 minutes. "
- Nate Gubin
03/20/2021 19:23:53
"Really appreciated the time, attention and detailed information from the vet and techs!"
- Nelia Padilla
03/20/2021 16:17:16
"All is well"
- Stephen J. Fasshauer
03/19/2021 23:20:46
"All good as far as I see. You guys have taken good care of Pixel and Ripley."
- Lauren Schmitt
03/17/2021 16:16:51
"We were so impressed. You were efficient and caring for Maddie and offered three choices of treatment."
- Karen Cohen
03/16/2021 20:31:24
"Very responsive from office staff records chase&follow-up from other vet office ( multiple receptionists Debbie**, Denise** and perhaps others were terrific), all employees extremely sensitive to the extreme case Andrew was in over 2 offices and 1 vet hospital, tech getting Andrew in and out for blood panel was wonderful and super efficient with both of us in very cold weatherand tight timing, and Dr Grosser was great on follow-up care, & future scheduling of meds & vaccinations, and of course the empathy expressed and shared by all on the best of all outcomes that could have come out of Andrew's correct diagnosis and care. He's on the mend and JOY exists n so many moments of this case. Thank You - great coordination with Jarrettsville Vet in MD and Univ Penn Vet Hospital in Philadelphia. "
- Claudia Peters
03/16/2021 16:15:45
"I love Acton Animal Hospital!"
- Mike Balulescu
03/16/2021 16:12:46
"I would like visits in person however I know that is not possible. You guys d an excellent job handling the situation! "
- Bill White
03/13/2021 23:11:58
"Very prompt and answered all my questions. Very different not going to the building but totally understand and they handled it very professionally. "
- Deborah Mercer
03/13/2021 00:22:24
"Everything was very good, from handing Lucy off to the assistant to getting to be part of the exam through the window. Dr. Johnston is great. Professional, caring and patient with her patient. "
- Glenn Rifkin
03/12/2021 18:23:07
"The staff is wonderful. Very caring and considerate. Dr Johnston is thorough and patient. "
- Hedi Charde
03/12/2021 03:48:05
"Our visit was easygoing. Thank you! "
- Sean Guarino
03/11/2021 13:26:04
"Everyone is great - so helpful and patient, even with vet-shy patients."
- Maria Lindberg
03/10/2021 20:41:20
"Always friendly and helpful at front desk. Usually not too long to wait. Very good service."
- Kami Carmosino
03/10/2021 09:35:52
"Dr. Parker quite clearly cared about Moxie, her potential illness, and my family’s reaction. She was compassionate and empathetic. Great experience. "
- Sarah Rothschild
03/07/2021 17:09:55
"You’re doing great. I’ve been seeing you regularly with my almost 16 yo Shih Tzu with some serious aging issues. I always feel you give me the best advice on how to take care of him and provide treatments for his ailments. And I know you care!"
- Chuck Hodian
03/05/2021 23:01:13
"Kind caretakers for our Stella "
- Jeanne McLaughlin
03/05/2021 17:42:33
"I felt a lot more relaxed once I knew she was in your hands and you gave me all of the information and advice for her care that I needed."
- Annie Brennan
03/04/2021 17:53:16
"Excellent service, especially with the pandemic. Rachel is professional and helpful as always."
- Margaret Parent
03/02/2021 17:09:24
"I love brining my cat to the Acton Animal Hospital! Everything is great : )"
- Rachel Krebs
02/28/2021 17:25:25
"All things considered (COVID), you guys are doing a fantastic job and I appreciate the way you care for my pets!"
- Hannah Springer
02/28/2021 16:37:29
"I don’t have any complaints Betty and Suri always get wonderful care. Whenever I need care for them right away I always get in the same day. "
- Deb Riggins
02/28/2021 02:20:00
"I have only been to the clinic a few times, but each visit was a very positive experience. Since the pandemic prevents owners from accompanying their dogs into the exam room, I especially appreciate Dr. Flessas taking the time to come out with my dog to explain her diagnosis and treatment plan. "
- Luis Avery
02/27/2021 23:13:54
"Dr. Flessas has a great bedside manner with Sophie, and thoroughly explains exam results and recommendations to me at the end of the session. The rest of the staff are all very good at calming her, too."
- Elaine Czarnecki
02/27/2021 18:07:12
"I had called yesterday with a concern and was able to bring my dog in to be seen that afternoon. The doctor explained the situation and detailed the options. She answered all of my questions and I now know the next steps that need to be taken. She was very patient as I asked my questions, all while outside as it was getting dark and cold. Thank you!"
- Terese Hardy
02/25/2021 19:25:56
"I am a first time pet owner and my experiences at Acton Animal Hospital have been so helpful, informative, and comfortable. I appreciate how accessible they make themselves to receiving excellent animal care. "
- Mary Foiles
02/25/2021 18:46:43
"We brought our cat in for a yearly physical. Everyone was extremely nice, informative and very helpful!! In spite of the pandemic lockdown the hospital's customer access process worked very well."
- Rod Payne
02/24/2021 20:16:53
"I appreciated the fact that one of the assistants came out to my car, took all the information about my cat Lumiere, and then took Lumiere into the office himself. I then truly appreciated how the veterinarian came out to the car with Lumière after the appointment, and spoke with me personally."
- Carl Hobert
02/23/2021 22:41:38
"I have five pets, three dogs and 2 cats. Their ages range from13 years to 3 months. I have three pure breeds and two ?. My oldest cat was dropped on my doorstep 12 1/2 years ago. My Chaweenie is a rescue with great fear and anger. My little Yorkie was being caged 24 hours a day with no love or cuddling. My Golden Retriever we got from a breeder because I had lost three prior to cancer and wanted to get the healthiest I could. The we just got Mouse. She is the apple of everyone’s eye. She is our 3 month old Norwegian Forest kitten. I love ALL our furry loved ones and look for the best care . We found it here at Acton Animal Hospital."
- Catherine Kelly
02/23/2021 16:43:30
"Our dog doesn't care going to the vet. But the staff there are wonderful, caring, knowledgeable and keeps her calm. They are always there when we need them, easy to get appointments,"
- Debbie Pollard
02/23/2021 16:29:17
"A+ as always!"
- Herb Farnsworth
02/23/2021 16:15:17
"Very efficient and safe visits. Every person I interacted with was caring and communicative."
- Ellen Fisher
02/15/2021 15:33:54
"Excellent care for Uno . The technician/ nurse came out to the car to ask questions and then brought Uno inside for care. Excellent communication with the doctor. She was through with her explanation and our options ."
- Debbie Canally
02/14/2021 17:16:17
"I appreciated the time spent on the phone with the vet helping us out with our pup"
- Diane Merlo
02/13/2021 23:18:24
"Thanks for being very responsive to my call and request for Freddy’s medicine. We greatly appreciated it. Staff is great. Always.. "
- Bobby Wright
02/13/2021 19:27:04
"Denise was very friendly and helpful and got me in to see the doctor. Tech was friendly while taking info. Nice to receive a phone call to see how Riley was doing day after visit. "
- Maria Berry
02/13/2021 17:17:37
"All good!"
- Ellen Crompton
02/13/2021 16:41:33
"Dr gave me lots of time to ask all my questions which I really appreciated."
- Andrea Kalkstein
02/11/2021 20:22:07
"The team is great"
- Andy Carmichael
02/11/2021 18:04:45
"It was a great experience! The vet tech was lovely and personable, and the vet was informative, patient with questions, and thorough. Thanks so much! Best, Heather Black"
- Mark Bailey
02/10/2021 20:09:52
"Linda was very happy with her visit with Spock, we were both very concerned about him after your exam we felt relieved."
- Linda Bertulli
02/10/2021 00:29:32
"Your practice is always so helpful and extremely nice to us. The best decision I ever made for my Sadie was to move her to you. You care so much about our Sadie and we love you all!!!"
- Marie Mercurio
02/09/2021 19:32:16
"We love the care we get. My dog loves Yuliana. It can be a little confusing talking to different doctors about the same health issue but we think we’ve received excellent and honest care. "
- Grace Gogan
02/01/2021 20:22:53
"Great experience!"
- Lisa Ober
01/30/2021 20:15:01
- Reynaldo Maranan
01/30/2021 17:38:23
"Dr Johnston was very knowledgeable about cats behavior and me giving her too much food! We will be back for annual physical in December 2021"
- Elizabeth Jenkins
01/29/2021 20:08:55
"Really good tech friendly knowledgeable very efficient"
- Robert Spinosa
01/28/2021 17:09:33
"Wonderful service and followup"
- Dan Kelmar
01/22/2021 18:43:14
"Great staff"
- Bob Eglitis
01/21/2021 21:42:55
"Our lab/mix receives the best care at Acton Animal Hospital. It easy to schedule an appointment and the staff always answers our questions thoroughly. "
- Diana Palumbo
01/21/2021 01:09:57
"I was very confident that you took good care of Bailey and gave us the best advice."
- Janice Turton
01/20/2021 23:20:39
"All is good, I have no "complains" or suggestions. Thank you"
- Andrew Popelka
01/20/2021 12:41:04
"I am a new client. Staff was very responsive and helpful getting me started. Our visit was very helpful and Stephen and Dr Flessas took great care of Nell and also did a great job communicating to me on what they planned to do during Nell's visit and what was the issue and what we are going to do to take care of the issue. Great experience so far, thank you."
- Richard Shea
01/15/2021 21:05:27
"Your service is working out great. No problems."
- Stephen J. Fasshauer
01/15/2021 17:43:31
"Very good "
- Jane (Xie) Wang (Feng)
01/11/2021 19:20:38
"I think you're doing a great job taking care of Sabrina and making the experience as efficient as possible."
- Mary Jarvis
01/08/2021 22:56:20
"easy communication, friendly service, sincere care for my pets!"
- Stephanie Bechtel
01/07/2021 17:07:14
"Keep good work! "
- Fang Xie
01/06/2021 21:20:44
"The doctor was wonderful and came out to the car and answered all of my questions. I did not feel rushed and the showered my dog with affection. "
- Chuck Collet
01/04/2021 01:26:25
"Everything was fine "
- Peter Coakley
12/31/2020 14:48:10
"There are several animal hospitals closer to my home, but I prefer to travel farther to have you treat my "children". I feel at home with you folks. Everyone is friendly, caring, knowledgeable, and accessible."
- Janet Lovely
12/30/2020 19:19:40
"The staff and doctors are all excellent and attentive. I couldn't ask for a better vet to take my cats to."
- Valerie Lapinid
12/30/2020 17:14:55
"you have provided all our needs when required with a wonderful and friendly staff"
- Larry Dawson
12/29/2020 17:51:14
"You guys are doing great! The staff is patient and kind. These are difficult times but you’re doing your best so thank you!"
- Teresa Rice
12/24/2020 21:40:36
"everyone here is so kind. not only do they take exceptional care of my puppy they also keep the owners super informed and make every process super simple "
- Caroline Sarnelli
12/23/2020 20:23:48
"Wonderful, the staff is so warm and friendly! The Dr is so thorough and every thing is very organized and accommodating. "
- Greg Winn
12/21/2020 17:28:26
"We always have superb service from Acton Animal Hospital. All the staff are kind and understanding, and the follow-up is timely and thorough. "
- Jean Goldsberry
12/16/2020 18:19:51
"I appreciate how whenever I call to refill my dog's prescription, the person I talk to on the phone is always patient and pleasant and never makes me feel like I am bothering them by calling. When I needed a prescription filled on short notice, they were very accommodating. "
- Nikira Hernandez-Evans
12/15/2020 22:38:24
"A wonderful experience. Jackson was obviously comfortable and well taken care of. I appreciated the detailed, personal report about his health. I also appreciate the follow-up phone call checking on Jackson’s post vaccinations health. "
- Constance Harrison
12/14/2020 18:32:59
"I was so pleased with my cat's recent vet visit, so thank you! I particularly liked how the vet came out to talk with me after she examined my cat."
- Rachel Krebs
12/13/2020 20:02:26
"Great friendly and professional staff. And I always get a follow-up call to see how my buddy is doing!"
- Chuck Hodian
12/12/2020 18:59:35
"Everyone was wonderful! You made our visit safe and and it was fast and easy. Shelby adores everyone there. "
- Pam Hippensteele
12/11/2020 20:47:01
"The office staff and techs are always very professional and pleasant to interact with. Dr. Flessas provides great care for our puppy and does a great job communicating with me."
- Andrea Meyers
12/11/2020 18:40:29
"I appreciate the ability to make appointments online. The staff did a good job of letting me ask questions both before and after the appointment. "
- Herb Philpott
12/09/2020 20:28:47
"I am always satisfied and feel that my pets are very well cared for "
- Kelly Arle
12/08/2020 18:07:34
"I have always been very happy with the service we have received from Acton Animal Hospital."
- Lakshmi Rangachari
12/07/2020 22:54:16
"Great people. Been going to you for over 20 years."
- Ellen Fisher
12/07/2020 18:05:09
"We felt very comfortable with the visit. Although our dog doesn't like going to the vet she did great and they took great care of her."
- Debbie Pollard
12/07/2020 04:12:48
"Great to be able to still get great veterinary help during the pandemic. I feel perfectly fine turning over my kitty, knowing he will be taken care of."
- Shannon Mulloy
12/05/2020 20:34:16
"i am a first time pet owner, so our appointment on Tuesday was the first veterinarian experience i’ve had! it went very smoothly and the kitties seemed to do well also. glad to be part of the Acton Animal Hospital family now! thanks! "
- Mary Foiles
12/03/2020 20:37:57