"Very good "
- Jane (Xie) Wang (Feng)
01/11/2021 19:20:38
"I think you're doing a great job taking care of Sabrina and making the experience as efficient as possible."
- Mary Jarvis
01/08/2021 22:56:20
"easy communication, friendly service, sincere care for my pets!"
- Stephanie Bechtel
01/07/2021 17:07:14
"Keep good work! "
- Fang Xie
01/06/2021 21:20:44
"The doctor was wonderful and came out to the car and answered all of my questions. I did not feel rushed and the showered my dog with affection. "
- Chuck Collet
01/04/2021 01:26:25
"Everything was fine "
- Peter Coakley
12/31/2020 14:48:10
"There are several animal hospitals closer to my home, but I prefer to travel farther to have you treat my "children". I feel at home with you folks. Everyone is friendly, caring, knowledgeable, and accessible."
- Janet Lovely
12/30/2020 19:19:40
"The staff and doctors are all excellent and attentive. I couldn't ask for a better vet to take my cats to."
- Valerie Lapinid
12/30/2020 17:14:55
"you have provided all our needs when required with a wonderful and friendly staff"
- Larry Dawson
12/29/2020 17:51:14
"You guys are doing great! The staff is patient and kind. These are difficult times but you’re doing your best so thank you!"
- Teresa Rice
12/24/2020 21:40:36
"everyone here is so kind. not only do they take exceptional care of my puppy they also keep the owners super informed and make every process super simple "
- Caroline Sarnelli
12/23/2020 20:23:48
"Wonderful, the staff is so warm and friendly! The Dr is so thorough and every thing is very organized and accommodating. "
- Greg Winn
12/21/2020 17:28:26
"We always have superb service from Acton Animal Hospital. All the staff are kind and understanding, and the follow-up is timely and thorough. "
- Jean Goldsberry
12/16/2020 18:19:51
"I appreciate how whenever I call to refill my dog's prescription, the person I talk to on the phone is always patient and pleasant and never makes me feel like I am bothering them by calling. When I needed a prescription filled on short notice, they were very accommodating. "
- Nikira Hernandez-Evans
12/15/2020 22:38:24
"A wonderful experience. Jackson was obviously comfortable and well taken care of. I appreciated the detailed, personal report about his health. I also appreciate the follow-up phone call checking on Jackson’s post vaccinations health. "
- Constance Harrison
12/14/2020 18:32:59
"I was so pleased with my cat's recent vet visit, so thank you! I particularly liked how the vet came out to talk with me after she examined my cat."
- Rachel Krebs
12/13/2020 20:02:26
"Great friendly and professional staff. And I always get a follow-up call to see how my buddy is doing!"
- Chuck Hodian
12/12/2020 18:59:35
"Everyone was wonderful! You made our visit safe and and it was fast and easy. Shelby adores everyone there. "
- Pam Hippensteele
12/11/2020 20:47:01
"The office staff and techs are always very professional and pleasant to interact with. Dr. Flessas provides great care for our puppy and does a great job communicating with me."
- Andrea Meyers
12/11/2020 18:40:29
"I appreciate the ability to make appointments online. The staff did a good job of letting me ask questions both before and after the appointment. "
- Herb Philpott
12/09/2020 20:28:47
"I am always satisfied and feel that my pets are very well cared for "
- Kelly Arle
12/08/2020 18:07:34
"I have always been very happy with the service we have received from Acton Animal Hospital."
- Lakshmi Rangachari
12/07/2020 22:54:16
"Great people. Been going to you for over 20 years."
- Ellen Fisher
12/07/2020 18:05:09
"We felt very comfortable with the visit. Although our dog doesn't like going to the vet she did great and they took great care of her."
- Debbie Pollard
12/07/2020 04:12:48
"Great to be able to still get great veterinary help during the pandemic. I feel perfectly fine turning over my kitty, knowing he will be taken care of."
- Shannon Mulloy
12/05/2020 20:34:16
"i am a first time pet owner, so our appointment on Tuesday was the first veterinarian experience i’ve had! it went very smoothly and the kitties seemed to do well also. glad to be part of the Acton Animal Hospital family now! thanks! "
- Mary Foiles
12/03/2020 20:37:57
"Honestly the best experience I have ever had with a vets office."
- Chloe Absi
11/28/2020 19:43:24
"We are always greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff member/vet tech. They are very patient with all of my questions and Simba has received excellent care. Appreciate follow-up after vaccinations."
- Monika Kaila
11/24/2020 15:37:51
"Staff is handling COVID protocol excellent. They are prompt in answering their phones and curbside duties."
- Nicole Waite
11/24/2020 14:16:46
"All is well done, thank you"
- Andrew Popelka
11/23/2020 19:29:17
"Great service / friendly folks during such a challenging time - keep it up! "
- Stephanie Oliver
11/21/2020 15:32:53
"I have been a long time customer over the life of one dog and now my second dog that is two years old. I have always been very pleased with Acton Animal Hospital."
- Jennifer Foster
11/17/2020 15:52:28
"Very responsive!"
- Lisa Kelly
11/17/2020 15:24:22
"Very good"
- Nancy Stadtlander
11/16/2020 22:33:50
"Quite please with the easy way your staff treats our pup."
- Jeanne McLaughlin
11/15/2020 20:07:25
"Steve is always awesome - reviewed why Rocky had his visit - addressed concern for bad breathe and shared with Dr Flessas. Also take good care of Rocky's nail trim. We love Acton Animal Hospital."
- Alison Dias
11/15/2020 15:11:19
"experience was great."
- John Lewis
11/14/2020 19:37:13
"All of our questions were answered and we truly feel the love from Dr.Flessas and her staff, plus they called to check on as Sneakers after his shot"
- Rebecca Gates
11/14/2020 11:41:47
"Very nice experience Very pleasant people and and answer ed all our questions"
- Robert Spinosa
11/12/2020 18:35:14
"Very good experience."
- Kim Litwinczak
11/10/2020 18:10:12
"I had a great experience! The doctors were so kind and caring and even followed up with a call to check in after the appointment! :) "
- Ashley Nichols
11/10/2020 01:21:13
"Earlier this year my old dog declined dramatically overnight.. My regular vet couldn't fit us in, even when I pleaded for help.. I called Acton Animal Hospital and my call my answered with professionalism and compassion. All doctors were in surgery but I was counseled to go to Pearl in Waltham for emergency service. The woman on the phone asked my name, my dog's name and even asked if she could call ahead for me. I will never forget the lifeline that was offered in this horrible situation. I am very pleased with the treatment, both human and pet that Acton Animal Hospital delivers!"
- Barbara O'Brien
11/09/2020 23:11:32
"I bought prescription food for my cat. Everything went well and efficiently. "
- Elena Petrov
11/09/2020 23:11:22
"Thoughtful, caring, excellent service from entire staff! Dr Flessas is an amazing vet. "
- Diane Donovan
11/07/2020 10:05:02
"Wonderful experience from start to finish. Felt comfortable at drop off and confident my kitten was in good hands. Everyone is always so sweet and welcoming. "
- Sharon Landi
11/06/2020 18:52:43
"Dr. Johnston is always amazing! She is very knowledgeable and kind! A perfect combination!!"
- Mary Mooney
11/05/2020 20:23:03
"Loved the picture you took of Millie since we couldn’t be inside with her!"
- Hannah McDonell
11/04/2020 16:04:29
"Always happy with the care my animals receive at Acton Animal Hospital "
- Debbie Heller
11/02/2020 10:18:19
"We had a positive experience w/ a kind and compassionate technician and veterinarian. Met outdoors due to Covid but still felt very informed & thorough. Didn’t know the dog food brand we use was associated in an issue to cause heart failure, Vet provided us with info on other brands to use instead. Would recommend this vet to others. "
- Audra Snow
10/30/2020 21:35:06
"I’m so glad I picked Acton animal hospital for my dog. Love the service "
- Shwetha Kumar
10/30/2020 16:59:51
"You guys are great! Even under our current circumstances, you make visits so easy. Than k you."
- Tracy White
10/29/2020 17:17:28
"Wonderful experience! Great care and service provided!"
- Hunter Hutchinson
10/28/2020 13:13:25
"Everything seems fine. Questions were answered, and pets seem to have received good care. Thanks - "
- Angus Bromley
10/27/2020 15:33:49
"The staff was great and compassionate "
- Christopher Young
10/24/2020 17:08:14
"I love taking Mia to see you all! I feel comfortable and that she is safe when she is with you because she is always returned to me as her happy self!! She would cry and not want to go in other vet's offices, but she will pull your arm off trying to get in to see you all! I also appreciate how kind everyone there is and how you always answer all of my questions. :) Thank you for all you do!"
- Yvonne Martin
10/23/2020 15:41:29
"Toby seemed very comfortable with your Team and I felt very heard and respected. He is already feeling better after only one day. So glad we made the change!"
- Jacquelyn Kraps
10/22/2020 18:13:48
"So friendly and caring! I love the convenience of scheduling on the app. "
- Greg Winn
10/22/2020 14:39:47
"The administrative staff is very efficient and friendly. We usually see Dr Grosser who is always outstanding in her treatments and communications. "
- Sharon Ayoob
10/22/2020 11:56:06
"Never ever had a problem with any of you professionals at the Hospital . On the contrary we feel very comfortable going to you with Lily!!"
- Jane Taylor
10/21/2020 23:45:30
"I loved the speedy response to my email"
- Lori King
10/20/2020 20:31:11
"Betty and Suri have always received excellent care. I can’t think of any negative experience I’ve had. And I always get a follow up call on how they are doing afterward. "
- Deb Riggins
10/20/2020 17:13:46
"I really appreciate your COVID precautions. The vet was very helpful answering my questions and searching for answers to what is happening with my golden retriever, Cedar. "
- Jean Goldsberry
10/17/2020 18:51:06
"Dr. Flessas and the vet tech. (I did not get her name a young woman) were so kind. Explained everything. Calmed our fears. Were very kind to our difficult pup. We are so appreciative. And someone called us the next day to check in about Lucky. Thank you......"
- Joanne Kerr
10/17/2020 00:49:22
"A+ as always"
- Herb Farnsworth
10/16/2020 17:48:37
"I have not one negative word to share only positive! Staff is extremely professional, friendly and knowledgeable. "
- Maria Berry
10/16/2020 14:27:23
"Staff is always very friendly, responsive and helpful. The nurses and doctors take such good care of Panther that he is excited to be there! It gives us real peace of mind to know we are in good hands. Thank you."
- Jane Gruba-Chevalier
10/14/2020 15:57:02
"Great care and communication despite covid!"
- Juliet Wheeler
10/13/2020 16:26:41
"We were appreciative of the feedback we were given regarding Petey's health. An estimate was given quickly for medical treatment. "
- Terese Hardy
10/12/2020 01:09:50
"I was very pleased with the service ."
- Seema Kapoor
10/11/2020 17:24:59
"The visit to have Tabitha's sutures removed and nails clipped went incredibly well! Both the vet tech and doctor seem to care very much and be very knowledgeable. Thank you for providing such a high level of care!"
- Rachel Krebs
10/11/2020 15:10:52
"Thorough, personal care! Due to covid I could not come inside but it was so nice to have the doctor come out to my car and and tell me about her findings in my dog’s exam. As usual the care was professional and kind. Love Acton Animal Hospital! "
- Leslie Bergman
10/09/2020 15:49:20
"Everyone was so accommodating and friendly! Got my Leo in quickly and gave him the best care. So good to my grumpy boy! 😂 "
- Sandra Mosley
10/08/2020 22:42:08
"I had a good experience. And it seems my dog did too! She must have felt the tech and Vet’s calmness. "
- Emily Kendrick
10/08/2020 20:28:58
"I was concerned following Louie’s lepto vaccine but I called Dr. Flesas and she had me come right back in to check on him. She gave him some pain meds and he is now (24 hrs later) totally back to normal. "
- Kelly Arle
10/06/2020 17:08:04
"You are doing fine."
- Linda Bertulli
10/04/2020 23:30:00
"I think you do a fantastic job and everyone is so friendly and caring with my pets. I trust the information I’m given about my pets and also really appreciate the follow up call the day after our visits. I’ve been coming there with my dog for almost 10 years and won’t change. :) "
- Catherine Wright
10/04/2020 12:52:55
"Doctor and assistant Listened to our concerns, answered questions, and the explained treatment."
- Pat Herdeg
10/02/2020 17:07:20
"Misty had a healthy checkup visit. It went very smoothly. Everyone was great."
- David Reed
10/02/2020 11:36:53
"All is well. Thank you."
- Kathy Feit
10/01/2020 15:52:41
"As always, great care and attention to my dogs (and to me)!"
- Laurie Crockett
09/29/2020 18:04:38
"Always a pleasure to visit you. You are all so kind to me and my pets."
- Janet Lovely
09/26/2020 22:54:58
"Even though people are still not allowed inside with their furry friends, I got to speak to the vet after my dogs appointment to get an update on her health. "
- Shannon Beauregard
09/26/2020 17:41:32
"We have been so impressed with the care our dog has received from all the staff at the hospital! Dr. Grosser is wonderful, always clearly explains everything, and is super patient with all our questions. Not being able to come in during visits because of COVID is unfortunate, but totally understandable given the current situation. That being said, I think you’ve done a great job and the processes you’ve put in place still make us feel like we’re part of the visit even if we’re not physically in the room. So happy that we’ve chosen you for our dog’s care!! "
- Justine Larson
09/26/2020 14:45:04
"Very efficient. Able to make an appointment in just a few days. Friendly, helpful staff."
- Sandy Saleeba/Seymour
09/25/2020 22:55:22
"Despite Covid, you're delivering excellent customer care (humans) and patient care (pets). Thanks for your prompt follow up and attention to details."
- Judy Carlough
09/25/2020 18:44:11
"Professional, friendly and caring practice!!"
- Neil Phaneuf
09/25/2020 15:53:15
"We love Acton Animal Hospital! My dog Peanut loves going to see them. As soon as we pull in the driveway she gets all excited and can't get in the office fast enough! They truly love all pets and show wonderful compassion. A nice touch is that a vet or vet assistant always calls the next day to check on Peanut."
- Robin Garrison
09/23/2020 17:38:14
"Kind and caring staff. Thorough explainations for a dog momma with lots of concerns/questions. Can't ask for much else!"
- Hannah Springer
09/23/2020 15:27:39
"Everything was good."
- John F Piecewicz
09/23/2020 14:50:08
"Thank you for taking such good care of our little puppy!!"
- Nadya Brady
09/19/2020 18:38:25
"Excellent. We love the suggestions from the doctor. It is so nice that you called next day to make sure our pet is doing okay with her treatment. "
- Suparna Patra
09/19/2020 18:30:56
"Brought our dogs in twice during COVID and everything went smooth - great job."
- Robert Day
09/18/2020 16:36:42
"Caesar is a challenge at Vet visits and everybody at the hospital is very supportive and understanding. I appreciate your support and all your efforts to help us care for Caesar."
- Susan Williams
09/16/2020 22:53:13
"As always a pleasure dealing with the entire staff. Stella is in good hands!"
- Jeanne McLaughlin
09/16/2020 21:04:20
"Great job with Covid-19 protocols"
- Bob Eglitis
09/16/2020 18:08:43
"all very good"
- Nina Augustin-Oruc
09/16/2020 15:59:32
"Dr. Flessas is responsive to the needs of our elderly cat and supports our desires for her care. Yuliana was a friendly and efficient greeter. The staff handles the arrangements around safety for human visitors with grace."
- Elizabeth Norton
09/15/2020 17:59:36
"We miss being in the exam with our cats but it was good to have an informative conversation with the vet after the exam. We also were appreciative that the new vet took time to discuss and answetall questions. The vet tech was very nice as well."
- Linda Sorrentino
09/12/2020 23:51:04
"Staff is all very friendly and supportive. I appreciate hearing all the options and the costs of them and the purpose behind each test/option. "
- Grace Gogan
09/12/2020 18:14:01
"Professional and caring. Supportive staff for new dog owners."
- Susie Alex
09/12/2020 14:36:50