"Love it here! My cat is super skittish and terrified and yet she seems calm when they are taking care of her! "
- Jillian Atkinson
11/10/2019 19:58:10
"The doctor was terrific! She diagnosed my senior golden's ear infection and offered a very satisfactory conservative approach. Thank you for the great care you gave Cedar. "
- Jean Goldsberry
11/08/2019 02:14:26
"Everyone there is so kind and caring. I always feel like my dog is getting the best possible care. They make time for him when he is sick and they are prompt in getting back to me. I have absolutely nothing bad to say! Thank you Acton Animal Hospital!"
- Isabella Sabbey
11/06/2019 23:11:00
"You guys are great. Fluffy isn't the most mellow and you handled him well. Thank you."
- Jerry Culbert
11/05/2019 18:01:10
"Excellent care. "
- Starla Hazen
11/03/2019 19:15:45
"I got a quick appt for a sick visit, and the staff were just wonderful about cleaning up after my bleeding dog—poor baby."
- Janet Kinmonth
11/02/2019 23:19:07
"All is great. The technicians just act like they love my dog so much and my docs really respond. I appreciate that."
- Laura Brock
11/01/2019 02:24:25
"You were prompt, friendly, and attentive. Jet always gets excellent care. I even got the chance to talk to his Doctor, who came out for another patient. I have so many concerns and questions, it really helped to see her. Thank you for all you do!"
- Joni Adamson
10/31/2019 18:21:32
"All good"
- Maya Liteplo
10/31/2019 01:16:16
"It was all good. As usual. "
- David Faramarzpour
10/30/2019 22:12:33
"You're doing great! Our Zsa Zsa loves the staff...and the treats she gets when she visits!"
- Leigh Davis-Honn
10/30/2019 13:27:13
"Great experience yesterday with staff at desk. The nurses that saw Sabine for a vaccine were great as well. I appreciated the personable staff and help with getting a future appointment."
- Holly Steiger
10/29/2019 23:24:45
"fortunately, we've had very little need to visit you since Lucy has been very healthy. Our calls are usually returned soon enough and when we do come in, the service is excellent. "
- Glenn Rifkin
10/28/2019 18:41:25
"i was just picking up dogfood, so it was quick and complete. friendly service."
- Lisa Bullock
10/24/2019 21:09:39
"Everyone who works in the office is kind and patient with the patients! Thorough care for Uno :) "
- Debbie Canally
10/24/2019 14:19:42
"I felt that the visit was very positive. Our cat, who we had to lift the mattress and fish out from under the bed to put in the carrier for the visit, was purring by the end. "
- Kathy Krajewski
10/22/2019 20:59:03
"From all my visits with Buddy to your office, I have an excellent experience. No wait, good explanation of what to do with Buddy. Thank you"
- Andrew Popelka
10/22/2019 19:10:52
"I adore Dr. Bercheron (did I spell it right?). She is always honest with me, and helps me figure out tough choices without ever shaming me. Plus, she makes me laugh and I feel like I could grab a beer with her. A++, would visit again "
- Kelly Bonci
10/20/2019 03:06:05
"Always a pleasure so stop by."
- Christina Hernon
10/19/2019 17:56:06
"I have nothing but great things to say, Dr. Flessas is always so kind and caring with my pets; her staff are just the same. Denise is a sweetheart in how she talks to Mater (feline). I would highly recommend this practice!!!"
- Jane Erekson
10/18/2019 21:06:52
"Everyone is always polite and smiling. The dr’s are very thorough"
- Anna Roberts
10/16/2019 20:56:18
"friendly service! "
- Angelica Savoeuth
10/15/2019 22:28:48
"You have been our "best friend" since Betty Johnston brought us to you when Betty joined the staff many years ago! Every rescue we have had since joining you has been beyond joyful when we turn into your driveway ... they already know where they are going and there will be lots of love and cookies everywhere they turn. Rosie, our senior chocolate lab, was so excited whenever she visited that she actually opened the door ahead of the staff member helping her into the office for me. There has never been any anxiety about their visits, just pure joy with the staff, and environment. I often wonder if they will come home with me at the end of each visit, but the staff always fools them by walking them out to "my car" to help me, instead of taking them home in the staff car. Thanks for being there ... you all are AWESOME!!!"
- Carol Cox
10/15/2019 19:51:04
"Able to take me for a possible emergency within 15 minutes!! Listened to everything I said, made excellent suggestions, and were all around lovely to me and to Snoopy!"
- Shannon Mulloy
10/12/2019 06:10:41
"Our visit went very well, as usual. Dr.Johnston has been the veternarian for our cats for many years. She and Steve, the assistant, treated our cat with professional knowledge and experience. In addition,we could tell that they appreciated animals and loved their work. We love our cat and we left the appointment feeling that she had been given the best care possible for the next year. We thank you for that."
- Jane Taylor
10/10/2019 00:37:28
"I feel that from the moment I enter your place of business that the women at the desk are excited to see my pet and take the time to acknowledge me without a wait. Yuliana is awesome, she has a great touch with all my cats. This was the first time I met Dr Nord and I thought she was wonderful! I love the fact that this whole enterprise is run by women!!"
- Cassandra Merry
10/08/2019 20:31:30
"Mr. Cuddles always gets excellent service. The staff is happy to see him and they give him special attention, like they are really happy to see him! It warms my heart."
- Stephanie Bechtel
10/07/2019 03:15:54
"The appointment went great. The staff was really nice and wonderful with Ruby, and the vet was helpful answering my questions."
- Julia Collins
10/06/2019 20:22:45
"Warm welcome. Concern about Hobo. Quick check out."
- Sandy Saleeba/Seymour
10/06/2019 13:06:18
"Quick detailed and lots of smiles is why I keep coming back"
- Robert Williamson
10/02/2019 01:05:16
"We have been clients of Acton Animal Hospital for 29 years. 5 Dogs!! Everyone is sweet and kind and obviously love their jobs. We have always been completely satisfied with the care our dogs have received!!"
- Neil Phaneuf
10/01/2019 02:09:04
"Luke always receives good and friendly treatment from you guys!"
- Adriana Nunez
09/28/2019 17:58:03
"We have been with Dr. Flessas since 2005. We love her and her entire staff. Thank you from the Burnham family for your loving care. ❤"
- Barbara Burnham
09/27/2019 23:47:41
"I have nothing bad to say. It was a good experience."
- Emily Merz
09/27/2019 19:33:22
"You are all awesome. You truly care about my dogs and I always feel welcomed. All the doctors are friendly and extremely professional. When I bring my dogs in for checkups or medical issues I always leave knowing that my babies have gotten the best care possible. "
- Leonor Carpenito
09/27/2019 16:55:33
"Very friendly staff. My son is actually excited when we pull in the parking lot. "
- Kelli Harr
09/27/2019 16:29:26
"A+++++, 31 years with Dr J, need we say more?"
- Herb Farnsworth
09/25/2019 19:48:39
"The stag at Acton animal hospital is always very nice, courteous and they go the extra mile to help out. Thank you!"
- Arianna Diromualdo
09/25/2019 17:09:28
"I think your animal clinic is spectacular! The staff is very professional, helpful and mature. Dr. Nord worth the long drive from Medford! "
- Brenda Cole
09/24/2019 22:55:34
"No bad feedback. The doctor we saw on Monday was phenomenal, and the woman (dog nurse?) who took our dog's weight beforehand was stellar. The staff is patient with nervous animals, and their love of animals shows in the way they treated my dog. "
- Christopher Olmeda
09/24/2019 20:57:52
"The docs are very thorough, professional, and compassionate. I have only had great experiences with your office. I also like it that you follow up on certain appointments, which shows you care and makes sure we’re doing our homework!"
- Laura Foley
09/23/2019 02:54:33
"I feel comfortable with Natasha in your care!"
- Faith Hicks
09/19/2019 20:52:00
"At age 17 Poco has some health issues and I was pleased that Dr.Grosser agreed with my philosophy of making him comfortable in these next few years. "
- Susan Cannon
09/19/2019 20:06:13
"Excellent care and support. I couldn’t be happier especially now that our Annie is 11 and need extra guidance as she heads into her later years."
- Michelle Rappaport
09/17/2019 23:59:31
"Happy with care provided by Dr Bergeron yesterday "
- Steve Kirk
09/14/2019 20:13:05
"you guys are doing fine. thanks!"
- Tara Zantow/Blankenship
09/14/2019 18:01:28
"I just came in to buy some Dasuquin for my cat. You have it in stock which is good."
- Ronald Regan
09/13/2019 14:55:47
"Really appreciated the kindness and caring when we lost our cat, Larry, last month. It made a really tough situation a little bit better"
- Christopher Devine
09/09/2019 20:22:26
"Really pleased with the care shown our pets and the follow-up. "
- Suzanne Prudente
09/09/2019 19:20:39
"Great experience! Really appreciated how invested the staff is. Dr. Bergeron in particular went above and beyond. We feel like we are in good hands."
- Joshua Dempster
09/06/2019 15:01:45
"Everyone was friendly and efficient "
- Jerome Lerman
09/05/2019 17:50:54
"We appreciated the time Julia and Dr B spent with both our cats and how friendly they were, making the cats feel as best they could."
- Karen Sandman
09/04/2019 11:15:35
"You guys are continuously responsive. I appreciate your ability to respond to our needs right away and getting my pet in at the earliest whenever possible."
- Bobby Wright
09/03/2019 14:32:08
"We are very pleased with Dr. Johnston and her care."
- Ellen Crompton
08/30/2019 20:23:05
"Appreciate that you try to work with "Misty" even though she really doesn't want to be held. Deb even called back the next day to see how Misty was and to see if there was something or combination of things that I could try to get Misty to take meds that would make visits more productive. I really appreciated that concern."
- David Reed
08/28/2019 15:20:22
"Phoebe (lab/mix) has been a patient at Acton Animal Hospital for approximately 8 years. She has always received the best care for both routine visits and especially sick care. I receive lab work results online and the office calls to followup after sick visits. My questions are always answered thoroughly. The front desk staff is friendly, professional and works cooperatively to schedule visits (especially sick visits). "
- Diana Palumbo
08/28/2019 03:07:47
"Absolutely love the staff and Dr Flessas. Always listen to my concerns and everyone loves my diva dog"
- Melissa Chabot
08/27/2019 23:11:23
"You are doing great. "
- Robert Mazzarella
08/26/2019 14:35:52
"I really appreciate that Debbie has cats and can share common experiences that our cats have. It gives us some perspective on whether something our cats do is very unusual or not uncommon."
- Manuel Crespo
08/26/2019 14:09:22
"Everyone is patient and friendly"
- Lori King
08/24/2019 00:28:32
"We line bringing our dog in"
- David Faramarzpour
08/23/2019 00:00:18
"I appreciate the care and attention you give to my older pup."
- Dottie Harris
08/22/2019 23:01:42
"Sophie tends to be anxious, so she's always fearful and trembling at the vet. Everyone at Acton Animal Hospital handles her skillfully with love and lots of treats, so that her office visits are a success."
- Elaine Czarnecki
08/22/2019 17:11:40
"We were greeted warmly. Everyone loved our very special kitty! The visit went well!"
- Beth Goldman
08/22/2019 12:49:33
"First experience was fantastic. So glad we could be seen at the last minute before vacation. Thank you!"
- Catherine Trickett
08/22/2019 01:02:33
"Everything was wonderful. So happy to be back with Dr. Nord "
- Karen Cohen
08/18/2019 15:08:58
"You're doing great. And the techs just really love the animals you can tell it's wonderful"
- Laura Brock
08/18/2019 02:36:27
"We are very happy with the care we receive of our cat! "
- Mary Beilman
08/16/2019 14:24:53
"Been coming here for 2 dogs over 16 years. Always been happy."
- Corinne Hogseth
08/13/2019 17:10:19
"We find Acton Animal a very good place to bring our cats. They are kind and caring and give us good advice."
- Katherine Ogle
08/07/2019 21:56:54
"Your practice provides top notch and thorough medical care to my dog. You totally understand him and his quirks, and prescribe a conservative course of action that recognizes both his needs and my concerns. You are very sensitive to the needs of an aging dog, and recognize the need to support me as I come to terms with his age-related issues."
- Amy Cerel
08/07/2019 16:32:41
"Best vets and technicians around. Patient and caring. "
- Alison Dias
08/05/2019 20:22:09
"Not a bad comment to voice"
- Maria Berry
08/03/2019 13:10:48
"The people who work the desk and answer the phone are always so friendly and helpful. Thank you!"
- Jennifer Foster
08/02/2019 00:19:02
"everything was really good. starting from the phone appointment, front desk staff, doctor, assistant, emailing me with details about tooth cleaning, followup on the dogs . "
- Chitra Sridhar
08/01/2019 21:23:22
"No complaints. Everything was fine. "
- Joe Mendousa
08/01/2019 19:16:38
"Dr Bergeron and Liz are the best!!! They always help even though our Mabel is a crazy one."
- Seth Wonkka
07/30/2019 18:25:10
"I just went to pick up the tick and flea treatment. So far every time I need to get it you have it>"
- Adriana Nunez
07/29/2019 17:17:17
"All good."
- Samantha Parker
07/29/2019 17:11:01
"Love you guys! Always helpful and responsive. "
- Ginny Kremer
07/29/2019 14:24:16
"Always available, caring, and understanding of my pet’s needs."
- Chris Lieberman
07/26/2019 11:41:15
"Everyone is so welcoming and genuine. Thank you all for the excellent care tou give cookie."
- Donna Green
07/25/2019 17:24:53
"my dog always enjoys weighing herself"
- Greg Flessas
07/22/2019 23:32:27
"I think all of you are wonderful from the front desk to the docs!"
- Charlie Stone
07/22/2019 13:18:14
"I have been with Dr. Johnston for well over 25 years and think she is a wonderful vet. The whole office is always concerned about your pets health. I will stay with Acton Animal Hospital and its staff for as long as i have animals."
- Mary Rockwood
07/20/2019 14:03:24
"Dr. Daphne Flessas was absolutely amazing. Very thorough, kind, and knowledgeable! I also love that this office is a learning/teaching office. I had two great ladies that came in with Dr. Daphne and they were great with my Allie. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I fully trust this amazing staff and everyone there is so nice!!"
- Mike Coulombe
07/19/2019 02:40:00
- Herb Farnsworth
07/19/2019 00:28:07
"Annie and I feel welcome. Annie isn't afraid to come to visit. Communications are good and the concern and love for the animals apparent. Service is competent."
- Ellen Kriegel
07/18/2019 22:16:51
"I love that Amanda took her time with us. She's really great!"
- Dorene Maniccia
07/18/2019 21:07:36
"Caring and friendly staff! Was able to get an appointment that fit my schedule."
- Lisa Bentall
07/14/2019 18:03:11
"Responsive, pleasant, helpful. "
- Sharon Greenfield
07/14/2019 15:13:01
"I can not say enough about Dr. Flessas and all the staff. Everyone was so helpful and kind to us when Ginger gave birth to her litter of 7 puppies. "
- Diane Porter
07/14/2019 14:09:04
"excellent follow up, both after the appointment and reminding me to book the appt. I am happy with text and email reminders. Phinney runs into the bldg, despite the '"what she thinks are slippery floors.". we love this place. "
- Ann Noyes
07/12/2019 23:41:11
"Everyone is so welcoming and it is so hard to find a vet where there are CAT PEOPLE. We've had so many bad vet experiences because everyone is so dog-focused and we haven't gotten good cat care but Action Animal Hospital does an amazing job. Everyone is so sweet to our feline babies! Thank you!!"
- Amy Glynn
07/10/2019 17:56:06
"No complaints! "
- Amy Hart
07/10/2019 15:31:45
"Great. Everyone is always nice and helpful."
- Sylvie Aguilar
07/10/2019 15:05:40
"Scheduling a 'same day' appointment (sick dog) was very easy. The front office is always courteous. The technical staff answers my questions thoroughly. Positive experience!"
- Diana Palumbo
07/09/2019 22:27:07
"So glad Dr Johnston still works part time. So reassuring to continue having my dogs Rx be her."
- Ellen Crompton
06/27/2019 15:53:05
"I love how attentive everyone was to Denny. You all took the time to answer all of my questions. Thank-you"
- Lori King
06/26/2019 11:21:31
"Vet, techs, and front office all gave excellent care to my Wheaten Terrier. Thank you! "
- Joan Parker
06/26/2019 00:57:28