"I have no complaints. Have been coming here since we moved to Acton 10 years ago."
- Sylvie Aguilar
07/08/2020 16:36:40
"Sensitivity to Covid requirements; responsiveness; lots of caring about our little elderly dog. "
- Sharon Greenfield
07/06/2020 17:11:59
"We thought you all did an excellent job managing providing care while observing precaution for covid19. We are excited to have such a great animal hospital for Seamus nearby our new home. We also really appreciated how well you were able to work with Seamus, who can be quite the stubborn terrier, especially at the Vet."
- Stephanie Thrower
07/06/2020 10:20:00
"You are outstanding and we have been a client for decades, thanks to Betty Johnston who brought us to you after Carlisle Animal Hospital closed. Every staff member is wonderful and our dear rescues know where they are as soon as we pull into the parking lot. All of our rescues love every visit because they are treated with lots of love, care and cookies!"
- Carol Cox
07/03/2020 18:39:00
"Hard to say much since we couldn't come in, but the pet pick up was friendly and careful. The dr consultation over the phone was thorough and went through lots of suggestions."
- Carrie McMillen
07/03/2020 02:46:31
"Very efficient medication pick up...ready shortly after ordering."
- Diane Merlo
07/01/2020 00:28:06
"Great job - very thorough "
- Lynn Nixon
06/28/2020 17:20:56
"The mostly contactless process worked well. It was wonderful to have chairs to relax in and the cold drinks were really appreciated. We really liked that the Dr. came out to meet with us to let us know how the visit went. Thank you! "
- Jean Goldsberry
06/26/2020 20:08:37
"Always the best...so happy to have such a great team working on Cookie!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!"
- Donna Green
06/26/2020 15:50:42
"You are a well-oiled machine in the time of COVID-19!"
- McCurdy Miller
06/24/2020 14:57:57
"The contactless pick up for medications is a great idea. Thank You"
- Patricia Stainton
06/22/2020 20:34:04
"It was a great visit. Parking lot process worked as planned. Very pleasant and informative staff. See you soon."
- Ellen Fisher
06/22/2020 17:53:06
"Great and supportive sraff"
- Lisa Kelly
06/20/2020 17:27:13
"Our experience was great. Stephen was great helping Ruger out of the car. Ruger is older and has deteriorating mobility. Dr. Johnston is absolutely wonderful and very knowledgeable and thorough. Her compassion is so comforting!"
- Mary Mooney
06/19/2020 17:49:00
"The Vet tech was great. He took his time to speak with me and explain everything as this was our first week with Mack. We appreciate the extra time he spent with us."
- Brian Casey
06/19/2020 17:20:31
"Excellent visit! Always very caring with our pets and I am able to get my questions answered clearly. "
- Debbie Heller
06/19/2020 14:10:09
"Great care! Nothing bad from me!"
- Susan Digilio
06/18/2020 21:44:41
"All staff members were kind, efficient, and informative!"
- Patricia Braunegg
06/18/2020 15:19:30
"I love how you bring the dogs into the clinic and we stay outside. It’s great to pay by phone. I feel safe with this situation for still having you care for my dog. "
- Rebecca Bromark
06/17/2020 16:20:49
"Excellent care. Our 12 year old dog needed an emergency visit and we got a same day appointment. The vet and assistant who know her, knew she wasn't herself. The vet was able to determine the issue, provide treatment and checked in the following morning to see how our dog was feeling. We’re very happy with the consistency and care we receive from Acton Animal Hospital. "
- Michelle Rappaport
06/16/2020 14:31:29
"I went there for a second opinion and was so impressed and happy with the care we received. Their attention to detail and my dog’s needs were remarkable. I was so happy that I have switched to them permanently. I can not thank them enough! "
- Marie Mercurio
06/14/2020 15:06:34
"Cookie the Cat had a great annual visit. Staff came to the car to pick her up, brought her back cool as a cucumber! No negatives to report."
- Michelle Baytarian
06/13/2020 17:45:21
"The concierge process works well. I had a good discussion with the vet tech over the phone regarding the pros/cons of the different heart worm preventives prior to him taking my dog. I was pleased that I could stand outside the screen window and 'be there' for my dog during her exam. The doctor was responsive to my questions and informative. And everyone treated my dog well."
- Martha Lynch
06/13/2020 17:29:34
"The staff and doctors are amazing -- we have 4 beagles and have been going to Acton Animal Hospital for almost 4 years --- they are caring, understanding, helpful, compassionate AND really, REALLY good at what they do-- the vets and staff are all amazing!"
- Kelly Krauss
06/13/2020 03:11:39
"Very efficient. Wait time minimal. Pleasant Experience. "
- Sandy Saleeba/Seymour
06/11/2020 19:56:30
"Great visit. On time, speedy "
- Hilary Robinson
06/11/2020 17:04:56
"You guys are awesome!"
- Debbie Segnini
06/11/2020 14:17:17
"you are all doing fine!"
- Barbara Tarlow
06/10/2020 21:59:59
"You are doing excellent!!! Keep it up "
- Tim Shaw
06/10/2020 18:39:16
"I love my local veterinary clinic in Acton! My cats love it too❤️"
- Lucy Tsitlenko
06/09/2020 17:16:23
"I have always been very satisfied with the care our dogs get at Acton Animal Hospital. Everyone is very friendly and helpful, so it is a very pleasant visit for me too. I have absolutely no complaints."
- Lakshmi Rangachari
06/07/2020 15:04:24
"I have been happy with the service and how much the staff cares for my babies. "
- Ken Eldridge
06/06/2020 22:03:19
"Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. It is also obvious you LOVE animals. Getting my dog's medication was seamless during the pandemic."
- Margaret Parent
06/06/2020 17:14:08
"Dr. Johnston and the male vet tech were great with our cat Teika yesterday!"
- Sally Edwards
06/05/2020 19:44:51
"My dog is doing much much better. She is eating and the vomiting and diarrhea has stopped. She also is more playful and doesn’t look like she is in pain."
- Stephanie Mahoney
06/05/2020 11:31:53
"We wish our personal health care was as outstanding as that provided to our pets. :-)"
- Denise Johnson
06/04/2020 19:09:51
"Very well. My pets have all been patients here from the begining, and I have always been pleased with the excellent service."
- Linda Minkoff
06/03/2020 17:23:20
"We have nothing negative to say. We couldn't be happier with the service you provide."
- Pauline Thorpe
06/02/2020 17:45:11
"Communication was great, covid precautions were followed, and it's clear you know Stella's information and history. Thanks"
- Tim McKinnon
06/02/2020 17:24:25
"You are doing a great job. Thank you!"
- Robin Garrison
05/31/2020 19:21:02
"I was very pleased with your arrangements for providing services while guarding against transmission of COVID-19."
- Don Johnson
05/30/2020 01:52:43
"Every thing went great"
- Deb Hewins
05/29/2020 19:22:49
"You made the visit feel very safe. Thank you for that."
- Faith Hicks
05/29/2020 16:15:16
"My German Shepherd Kira has been a patient at Acton Animal Hospital for over 3 years and I wouldn’t take her anywhere else. Denise and Debbie and the whole staff are very efficient, always quick to get back to me, and they do so with a smile which goes a long way. "
- Chris Lieberman
05/29/2020 15:14:36
"It was very competent, positive and friendly though considerably more expensive than I anticipated."
- Denise Theodores/Rodwin
05/28/2020 18:56:19
"Doing fine. Really appreciate the Covid caution."
- Arthur Leavens
05/28/2020 16:32:14
"I was very happy with Spock's last visit.You knew what he problem was right away and took care of it."
- Linda Bertulli
05/27/2020 01:21:31
"Transition to curbside pickup and drop off worked very well. Thank you!"
- Ashok Pillai
05/23/2020 15:58:08
"Overall, the experience was good considering our Covid situation. No complaints. Great job. "
- Sean Guarino
05/23/2020 13:02:30
"I like how you offer no-contact outside curbside pickup of meds and products, with payment over the phone"
- Lisa Nersessian
05/23/2020 01:04:57
"The curbside drop off was great and the staff very friendly!"
- Mark Tomyl
05/21/2020 18:24:04
"We couldn't feel any better about Lucy's care at Acton Animal Hospital. "
- Kathy Miller
05/21/2020 00:22:13
"All is OK!"
- Ellen Crompton
05/18/2020 17:14:37
"Very much appreciated Dr Flossa coming out to speak with me when I know many times they can do it over the phone. Also, the tech was really great in setting expectations, knowledgeable, and very careful with Layla. "
- Nelia Padilla
05/18/2020 12:41:14
"I was so grateful that you got our dog, Sophie, in for an appointment right away when we feared she had a bladder infection. We wanted to make sure she was not in pain, and we appreciated your prompt attention. She's doing well now! Thank you!"
- Christine Williamson
05/17/2020 02:44:58
"Doing fine. My appointments are always timely and Dr Flesses is always patient with my questions. "
- Janet Kinmonth
05/16/2020 23:52:23
"It was an excellent experience. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the staff was great about meeting in the parking area and making sure I got all the information I needed. "
- Chuck Hodian
05/16/2020 20:43:40
"I loved the service offered! Thank you for everything "
- Shwetha Kumar
05/16/2020 10:42:55
"I can always count on the staff especially Dr. Grosser to be caring and compassionate with Mater. "
- Jane Erekson
05/15/2020 20:22:05
"Staff is always super friendly and caring to my dogs"
- Nina Carpenito
05/15/2020 20:15:09
"No complaints,"
- Nancy Stadtlander
05/15/2020 19:48:33
"You were so flexible with the pandemic and i appreciate that you are open. I thought the window visit was optimal. Thank you "
- Suzanne Rutstein
05/02/2020 19:46:28
"You already are the best! The doctors are great and the staff is loving and professional!"
- Mary Ann Gore
05/02/2020 16:36:13
"Wonderful people :)"
- Kit Hixon
05/01/2020 20:57:09
"I was very happy with the experience at the Hospital. The Staff took exceptional care for the safety of my dog and me."
- Sheila Seepersaud
05/01/2020 19:32:22
"Just fine!"
- Amy Green
04/30/2020 21:06:23
"Very thorough exam with good information."
- Stacey Page
04/29/2020 19:29:07
"Great! Dianne"
- Dianne Augustine
04/25/2020 02:35:19
"all is great my pups get the best care"
- Anne Ford
04/24/2020 12:34:17
"Yuliana was polite and friendly and answered my question and concerns without hesitation. She was friendly towards Landon and when his appointment was done Landon returned to the car tired, but happy; along with letting me know how the appointment went. It was easy to make an appointment using the PetDesk App. "
- Lisa Bentall
04/23/2020 22:32:53
"It was our first visit and due to the circumstances everything was handle wonderfully. "
- Chloe Absi
04/20/2020 16:19:27
"You all take such good care of our Rocky - Thank you."
- Alison Dias
04/19/2020 20:47:50
"All was good. Food and meds were brought out to my car as promised. "
- Susan Spencer
04/19/2020 19:45:33
"Always a good experience. Even my dog gets excited when I tell him we are going to his friends in Acton. "
- John Maron
04/19/2020 02:07:53
"You know our pets they know you and you always know the right thing to do and you're fast"
- Laura Brock
04/18/2020 17:54:02
"I just needed to pickup a couple of meds for Daisy. Everything went fine. They were outside in the bin as stated. "
- Joe Mendousa
04/18/2020 11:59:01
"I was very impressed with the thoughtful approach you took to shielding yourselves and your human clients from possible contamination. Thank you! "
- McCurdy Miller
04/16/2020 19:39:02
"I was just picking up medicine for my dog. I ordered it over the phone and it was delivered to my car. Quick and easy."
- Ann Cifuentes
04/15/2020 19:47:30
"Dr Flessa and her whole team are wonderful and extremely helpful and diligent. "
- Diane Donovan
04/14/2020 19:46:12
"You are doing great!!"
- Rebecca Bromark
04/14/2020 18:42:06
"Thank you! You are awesome"
- Moira Biernat
04/12/2020 18:15:15
"I was happy with an unscheduled visit for my cat while my own vet was closed temporarily. The doctor was thorough and followed up the next day. I liked the drive up protocol established during the Covid 19 outbreak. I'm immunosuppressed and this kept everyone safe."
- Marie Heath
04/09/2020 19:07:02
"Great service from setting up appointments online (super practical) to reminders and caring staff who takes the time to explain things in details. "
- Fabienne Woolfolk
04/08/2020 22:44:53
"Taking great care of my dog and taking the time to answer all questions regarding aftercare"
- Caroline Sarnelli
04/08/2020 20:16:58
"It was all good! I was able to get an appointment within a few days of my call; the procedure was explained to me in detail; the technician who came out to my car was friendly and knowledgeable; the procedure was just what Luna needed; and there was a follow-up call the next day to see how she was doing. I couldn't have asked for more!"
- Stephanie Bechtel
04/08/2020 20:14:39
"I think Acton Animal Hospital is doing an amazing job with handling the madness of COVID-19 and it’s effects. The staff came out and got my cat then brought him back once they were done with examining/checking him. The doctor stood out in the rain, reviewed her findings, and answered all the questions we had. They always greet everyone with a smile and are very respectful. We as a family may be moving soon, but I will ALWAYS bring my animals to AAH! "
- Mike Coulombe
04/08/2020 20:06:02
"Doing great. Helpful, cheerful, experienced. I’ve known some of them for 30 years! Always pleased. "
- Jenny Cross
04/08/2020 20:02:13
"The process for these crazy times was outstanding. Conversations with the Tech and the Vet were informative, not hurried, and very helpful. "
- Ellen Fisher
04/08/2020 19:58:49
"So happy that you took so good care of my little Askja. Thank you!"
- Maja Bondensgaard
04/08/2020 19:48:36
"I am very happy with the provided service"
- Anna Yurkovetsky
04/08/2020 19:41:50
"Pascal has been in twice during the covid-19 episode for an ear infection. We were able to get an appointment the same day and were seen promptly. Great experience! "
- Catherine Trickett
04/07/2020 20:38:53
"Alway have a good experience when i bring my dogs in to be looked at. "
- William France
03/31/2020 21:40:19
"Thank you for seeing us during such a difficult time and for coming out to the car to get Maevie. Joining you at the appointment through the window was a great idea!"
- Christine Phillips
03/29/2020 18:35:22
"Respectfully following current guidelines to reduce Coronavirus exposure. "
- Jill Salamon
03/29/2020 12:22:05
"The new process worked well. It was very quick."
- John F Piecewicz
03/29/2020 10:17:41
"Staff and doctor were both very personable and knowledgeable. I was especially grateful for the adjustments they made during the pandemic to provide the safest care possible for their patients owners. Loved our first experience with this practice and looking forward to future visits. "
- Pam Reichert
03/28/2020 19:49:20
- Faith Hicks
03/27/2020 19:20:08
"Good job yesterday "
- Kathy Feit
03/27/2020 18:39:12
"I was very pleased with the care and kindness given to my cat."
- Debbie Heller
03/26/2020 20:45:00
"We greatly appreciate your willingness during this pandemic to renew our dog's medicine over the phone and then bringing it out to our car for pick up."
- Arthur Leavens
03/26/2020 19:55:46