"Caring and friendly staff! Was able to get an appointment that fit my schedule."
- Lisa Bentall
07/14/2019 18:03:11
"Responsive, pleasant, helpful. "
- Sharon Greenfield
07/14/2019 15:13:01
"I can not say enough about Dr. Flessas and all the staff. Everyone was so helpful and kind to us when Ginger gave birth to her litter of 7 puppies. "
- Diane Porter
07/14/2019 14:09:04
"excellent follow up, both after the appointment and reminding me to book the appt. I am happy with text and email reminders. Phinney runs into the bldg, despite the '"what she thinks are slippery floors.". we love this place. "
- Ann Noyes
07/12/2019 23:41:11
"Everyone is so welcoming and it is so hard to find a vet where there are CAT PEOPLE. We've had so many bad vet experiences because everyone is so dog-focused and we haven't gotten good cat care but Action Animal Hospital does an amazing job. Everyone is so sweet to our feline babies! Thank you!!"
- Amy Glynn
07/10/2019 17:56:06
"No complaints! "
- Amy Hart
07/10/2019 15:31:45
"Great. Everyone is always nice and helpful."
- Sylvie Aguilar
07/10/2019 15:05:40
"Scheduling a 'same day' appointment (sick dog) was very easy. The front office is always courteous. The technical staff answers my questions thoroughly. Positive experience!"
- Diana Palumbo
07/09/2019 22:27:07
"So glad Dr Johnston still works part time. So reassuring to continue having my dogs Rx be her."
- Ellen Crompton
06/27/2019 15:53:05
"I love how attentive everyone was to Denny. You all took the time to answer all of my questions. Thank-you"
- Lori King
06/26/2019 11:21:31
"Vet, techs, and front office all gave excellent care to my Wheaten Terrier. Thank you! "
- Joan Parker
06/26/2019 00:57:28
"In the year that I have been bringing Flapjack to you for care, I've received some of the most pleasant and helpful petcare, I've ever had for my pets. You are always prompt, answer my questions, and are very good with my dog. I have no complaints."
- Dani Doyle
06/24/2019 13:19:21
"The staff is very nice, very friendly to our cats, and we enjoy bringing them to the Acton Animal Hospital."
- Dan Niven
06/21/2019 18:14:17
"Wonderful! I always appreciate the team's flexibility and availability to answer questions even on the phone."
- Alexandria Trombley
06/21/2019 14:21:17
"Everyone was very pleasant and I got good information from each person with whom I spoke. "
- Margaret Beck
06/19/2019 18:00:11
"I have been very pleased with your services and all of your staff are very pleasant and really good with pets."
- Len Stotzky
06/19/2019 13:01:46
"So happy Madeline and I can see Dr. Nord. We have missed her."
- Karen Cohen
06/18/2019 19:20:39
"Our recent experience was very good. Our wait time was very short. Our concerns were addressed in a caring and thorough manner. The staff were friendly and very competent. The exam room was well maintained."
- Kathy Krajewski
06/17/2019 01:03:27
"The doctors and the stuffs are very good."
- Suparna Patra
06/13/2019 19:04:44
"Very good and thank you!"
- Steven Bernstein
06/11/2019 17:13:59
" Bonnie’s visit was just fine. Quick but thorough. We’ve been coming to Acton Animal for a very long time and still appreciate the friendliness and care you provide."
- Rebecca Raja
06/08/2019 14:31:14
"Everyone is always very friendly and welcoming. "
- Elizabeth Smith
06/07/2019 21:22:36
"Wonderful experience as usual."
- Maria Greene
06/07/2019 17:13:25
"We receive terrific care - always. We don't feel rushed - and the staff always take time to answer all of our questions."
- Noreen Barnes
06/06/2019 17:10:59
"I love the vets and techs. So caring and helpful. "
- Alison Dias
06/06/2019 16:33:01
"Deb was so sweet talking to someone on the phone when I got there who must have had a sick pet - she was SO nice talking with them. I know what it's like when your pet is sick and you just want the best for them but you don't now what to do."
- Debbie Verano
06/05/2019 17:17:07
"Doing great!"
- Martha Lynch
06/01/2019 22:02:03
"Belle and I always have a wonderful time at AAH! The doctors and techs are excellent and try as I might I cannot think of areas that need improving"
- Mary Ann Gore
06/01/2019 17:09:24
" Everything is very good. I really like the front desk staff. I hope Debbie never leaves! Everybody is very professional and helpful. People get back to us in a timely manner. "
- Jennifer Chen
05/31/2019 16:57:41
"I have only good things to say. The staff is competent and attentive, and very understanding of Milo’s anxiety. "
- Susan Miller
05/25/2019 02:30:25
"We are very happy to bring our family pets here! The staff are extremely friendly and care about our four legged family members. "
- Joshua Licourt
05/21/2019 16:37:16
"Very good communication and care!"
- Betsy Dangel
05/19/2019 02:20:01
"Our dog wasn’t feeling well so we brought her in for a check. Everyone was great and we saw a doctor new to us, Dr Nord. Sadly we received a bad diagnosis but Dr Nord was tremendously kind and empathetic. She took the time to offer information, answer questions, and provide next steps. I’d highly recommend Acton Animal Hospital. "
- Michelle Rappaport
05/17/2019 18:41:51
"Great job. The facility is nice and the staff is pleasant and helpful. "
- Robert Mazzarella
05/17/2019 17:04:58
"My cat is doing great. The anti nausea injection he was given worked great and he was behaving normally (for him) and gobbling up his breakfast as usual."
- Inge Vervoort
05/16/2019 17:35:18
"I’m always happy with the care my dogs get ! "
- Laurie Crockett
05/14/2019 22:44:09
"This visit was a quick pop in to purchase medications for my dog. The total time was a couple of minutes. Very friendly, efficient and quick. I also needed to know when my dog's next scheduled appointment was. That took less than 15 seconds to determine. "
- Dale Troppito
05/12/2019 20:59:35
"Always a nice experience and staff is always very helpful. "
- Deborah Mercer
05/11/2019 18:18:13
"Everyone at Acton Animal Hospital has been knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you"
- Joseph Grassia
05/09/2019 01:13:27
"Excellent doctors, vet techs, and customer service employees! I know that my pets will get the best care here and when a specialist is needed they will send me to the right place."
- Leonor Carpenito
05/07/2019 19:52:33
"I brought my cat, Rory, in to have matts removed. He was pretty upset, and I thought they might have to tranquilize him! They gave him plenty of TLC and were able to remove all of his matts by comb, which he would not let me do, and a little buzzing on his stomach. He was totally fine after that!"
- Dianna Faranda
05/05/2019 22:30:01
"love being reminded of time for annual visit. "
- Leigh Ausband
05/05/2019 12:27:55
"Great experience - Very kind and caring my dog!"
- Donna Raftery
05/03/2019 21:30:59
"Betty is great"
- Mindy Fusi
05/03/2019 07:07:07
- Maria Berry
05/01/2019 14:45:18
"Love Dr. Flesus and staff and so do are dogs........."
- Steve Marsh
04/30/2019 19:24:35
"Dr was knowledgeable, clear and kind. Staff was too. And thanks for squeezing us in so our dog did not have to suffer any longer without pain meds. "
- Arthur Leavens
04/28/2019 17:49:52
"Everything was perfect at my last visit."
- Shane Altman
04/27/2019 21:25:27
"So glad Dr. Betty Johnston is still with the practice part time. I feel so confident when she sees Leah and all my previous Goldens."
- Ellen Crompton
04/24/2019 18:44:25
"All good "
- Judith LaRocca
04/24/2019 17:01:19
"Staff is so friendly and truly caring, I felt fine about leaving Honey in good hands"
- Linda Kvaase
04/22/2019 19:11:09
"Everyone was very friendly, and I was thrilled to be back with Dr. Nord. Madeline Mousse was also very happy to see her."
- Karen Cohen
04/19/2019 18:24:24
"Everyone at Acton Animal Hospital is attentive to my dog, Riley, and makes us both feel welcome. I also appreciate that someone from Acton calls me a couple of days later after our appointment, to check up on Riley. Acton Animal Hospital is the best. "
- Jeanne Mackay
04/16/2019 17:25:54
"Everything is good. "
- John F Piecewicz
04/14/2019 11:47:25
"Always a good experience."
- Susan St. Maurice
04/11/2019 19:43:19
"Everyone at your clinic is very kind, friendly and professional. You always work with me to keep my cats healthy and happy. Thank you for being so caring and for taking such great care of them!"
- Anna Bernstein
04/08/2019 23:12:22
"I loved both the vet and the tech during our visit "
- Kathryn Shane
04/06/2019 21:35:00
"Enjoy the care my pet gets and your friendly office."
- Mary Ann Perry
04/05/2019 12:47:24
"As always. excellent."
- Ellen Raja
04/03/2019 20:59:46
"You folks are always doing well by us. We've been using you folks for every dog and cat we've had for since our first cat in 2000.. And yes, I would most definitely tell you if something didn't go right, or if there were a problem. Thanks again! Mark"
- Sheira Rosenfield
04/01/2019 14:54:31
"Both vet and assistant were fantastic- thorough and also very loving to my cat. I appreciate the love and concern they show for my cat."
- Sheila Dennis
03/31/2019 21:03:46
"Dr. Bergeron was thorough and informative. The assistants were friendly and skilled. I did not have to wait very long to be seen. "
- Julie Durrell
03/31/2019 17:48:00
"We love your practice. Our cat Harold saw Dr. Johnston, who is always friendly, informative, and reassuring. The assistant Rachel was friendly and efficient. Office staff is friendly, polite, and gets it done."
- Neil Meader
03/29/2019 17:05:35
"I just came in to drop off a fecal and pick up some preventive medication. It's always nice to see the front desk person. Thank you for doing these surveys … they help everyone involved."
- Janet Terenzio
03/28/2019 20:53:15
"I really enjoy my experience at Acton Animal Hospital. I have nothing but positive feedback for you all!"
- Mike Balulescu
03/27/2019 17:03:39
"Fluffy was not the best patient and the lovely young lady that groomed him in his very bad mood was sweet and professional. It was greatly appreciated."
- Jerry Culbert
03/25/2019 16:07:19
"Liked the way the doctor and staff related to me and my cats. "
- Juliet Wheeler
03/25/2019 13:38:55
"We absolutely loved the care my dog got. Cannot think of anything you could do better:)"
- Joann Napolitano
03/22/2019 17:36:10
"So far so good! I can't think of any changes or suggestions at this time. "
- Amanda Timmons
03/21/2019 16:35:54
"Received unexpected news during an annual check up. Dr Bergeron was so generous with her patience and time in explaining the situation. Really appreciate that!"
- Lisa Kelly
03/21/2019 16:09:24
"Excellent care and advice for my new puppy."
- Elizabeth Green
03/20/2019 18:35:02
"No complaints... staff are professional and make the visit as positive and calming for both pet and owner."
- Melissa Moulaison
03/19/2019 18:23:03
"We love having you guys - we are new to Acton and our pup is newer to us as well. You have been helpful over the phone for quick questions and wonderful in person!"
- Lauren Shaffer
03/17/2019 17:09:13
"Always the best!"
- Carole Fiorentino
03/13/2019 22:06:26
"You always answer any/all my questions when we visit and Winnie always wags her tail while she is there :) "
- Debbie Verano
03/13/2019 20:17:39
- David Baum
03/10/2019 19:55:25
"We appreciate everyone’s care with our old dog Peach. "
- Steve Kirk
03/10/2019 01:36:42
"My cats were treated with kindness and good care."
- Julia Johnston
03/08/2019 19:03:08
"Gilly is an elderly kitty with chronic concerns, it’s always a blessing to have a team looking after her and a doctor listening to me. I don’t know what’s best and I don’t have all the answers but I do know my animals very well. It’s wonderful to get help with what works and not a run around to reinvent the wheel when it isn’t needed. Thank you for all you do for my family!"
- Ann Flint
03/08/2019 18:43:22
"I think Dr. Bergeron is new and I liked her comfortable manner and what she had to say."
- Judi Kotanchik
03/07/2019 23:56:15
"Staff and doctors have always been pleasant and caring whenever we have problems or concerns with our dogs. No matter what we need, the office always help to us. "
- Sean Guarino
03/07/2019 01:08:34
"We love the staff at AAH! They are so kind, they teach us how to take good care of Dolly and are there to answer quick post exam questions on the phone."
- Debbie Pollard
03/07/2019 00:46:03
"I really appreciate all the services that AAH provides. They are very accommodating from emergencies and getting you in to scheduling routine exams. The vets & staff are great, they follow up next day if you have a sick pet and I’ve even gotten emails from them w test results or suggestions for specific foods for different issues since I have multiple cats. They will do there very best to answer any question you have if they don’t know, they will find out and get back to you."
- Kristine Sorrentino
03/06/2019 22:59:32
"I had no issues! I feel comfortable bringing my rabbit to Acton animal hospital"
- Audrey Bianco
03/06/2019 19:05:57
"We have been coming the AAH for years, love the staff and great care of our pups!"
- Laurie Crockett
03/05/2019 17:05:17
"Great job helping our Nala to be happy and treated with cookies-thanks!"
- Dean Jacobus
03/03/2019 21:19:14
"Wonderful! Thanks for everything you do for Tikki, Chase and me. Dianne Augustine"
- Dianne Augustine
03/01/2019 01:26:36
"Tech was great, dog was happy, the waiting area is pleasant so we don’t mind waiting if we have to. "
- Anupa Manjunatha
02/25/2019 00:14:08
"I always feel that my pets and I are welcome and valued and handled with care! Everyone is professional and caring and I trust that the care my creatures get is excellent."
- Julie Forgo
02/22/2019 23:29:34
"I believe everything went very well because the office is formed of competent employees . Also very kind and sweet!"
- Taisonara Diezemann
02/22/2019 03:45:24
"We are happy with the care that our dogs receive "
- Sheila Seepersaud
02/21/2019 22:28:55
- Barbara Green
02/20/2019 18:39:26
"Everyone is very compassionate, my appointments are always on time and I'm comfortable bringing any concerns up with the vet and technician. "
- Janet Bellora
02/17/2019 14:46:32
"Everyone is pleasant and very helpful."
- David Reed
02/16/2019 23:04:44
"Doing just fine."
- Kathy Feit
02/16/2019 17:29:49
"You all are the best! Dr. Bergeron and the vet tech treat Mabel with love even though she is a bit crazy!! We are extremely grateful to have you all nearby!"
- Seth Wonkka
02/16/2019 17:15:22
"Dr. Bergeron was great with Callie, who is not a particularly easy cat to handle."
- Eileen Scheye
02/16/2019 17:04:06
"The tech and Dr Flessas took excellent care of my Wheaten Terrier. I appreciate that I was able to get an appointment on the day I called. "
- Joan Parker
02/13/2019 23:12:16
"I just picked up some pills for my dog. The girls were nice and gave me a couple of cookies for him! "
- Mary Davidson
02/13/2019 23:11:07
"The level of Responsiveness from office was great. I appreciate it. "
- Bobby Wright
02/13/2019 20:23:37