"We always feel good bringing our pets to Acton. The doctors are compassionate with Sam and Lucky and we know they will get the best care."
- Genevieve Morash
09/28/2023 15:26:29
"Welcoming staff, availability of appointments and on time service (no long waits for either), competency of Tech and Doctors, no push for doing more than is needed. "
- Betty Desrosiers
09/23/2023 16:30:37
"Milo had an appointment for a nail trim. I was a bit early and the tech was not there so Dr. McCloud offered to do his nails. I was in and out in no time at all. She also took the time to talk about Milo's nails and how often they should be cut."
- Susan Miller
09/21/2023 15:53:13
"Denise, Page and Dr. Johnston were all wonderful and I’m grateful to have gotten a second opinion re. Simba’s breathing issue,"
- Dottie Harris
09/20/2023 14:58:29
"I got a same day appointment for my dog who was sick. Staff was courteous and professional. During the exam, I was able to ask questions regarding Sadie’s treatment and got answers. Sadie‘s treatment plan was discussed with me fully, and there was an open nest for me to decide which plan would be best for our dog."
- Susie Duffy
09/20/2023 12:46:11
"Always very helpful. "
- Deborah Mercer
09/17/2023 11:49:02
"I have no suggestions for improvement - everything was just fine."
- Michael Smith
09/16/2023 12:33:41
"Amazing team of people! "
- Jay Welz
09/15/2023 14:33:32
"Great staff, gentle and caring with our nervous Rachel..."
- Bob Eglitis
09/14/2023 17:37:53
"Everyone is so nice and the woman who works at the front desk was so nice, too. She was super helpful and showed interest in my cat. The vet tech was so comforting and kind and the dr was super knowledgeable and answered every question I had. She complimented my cat a lot and i appreciated that, too! "
- Diana Phillips
09/14/2023 12:53:48
"Excellent staff"
- Elizabeth Howley
09/13/2023 15:31:12
"The compassion and knowledge that your entire team has is incredibly comforting. Even calling my baby “sweet pea” the same as I do. She was so relaxed because of these things."
- Sandra Yilmaz
09/10/2023 12:39:16
"We have been very happy with the care provided at Acton Animal Hospital. "
- Steve Kirk
09/08/2023 11:07:59
"I was very pleased with the entire experience. I feel like Thunder is now in the care of highly trained, knowledgeable, and caring people. Thank you for that."
- Catherine Reilly
09/07/2023 15:04:12
"Very kind and professional "
- Jane (Xie) Wang (Feng)
09/07/2023 14:37:56
"You're doing just fine.We love Dr. Johnston."
- James Poulin
09/06/2023 23:10:23
"Toby gets excellent care there. "
- Nancy Hilsinger
09/02/2023 16:55:24
"The appointments for Jasper and Sam went great. The two employees did a great job with both cats."
- Mary Rockwood
09/01/2023 13:50:59
"Receptionist was very pleasant and courteous. My Bravecto was ready when I got there and I made an appointment!!!"
- Maria Berry
09/01/2023 13:02:20
"All great. Dogs were handled perfectly and with love"
- Denise Jantzen
08/31/2023 16:32:37
"Amazing! We felt so taken care of. All of the staff was so good with Peanut. We are very happy to be a part of AAH!"
- Kara Boyle
08/30/2023 20:11:30
"The care Mittens received at the Acton Animal Hospital was excellent. Everyone was caring and informative. Thank You!"
- Carolyn Light
08/27/2023 19:09:53
"The team was absolutely amazing; from the receptionist who took our initial call and was able to recognize that louie needed care immediately, to the doctor and assistant who dealt with our very upset and sick cat quickly and skillfully. Louie made the most amazing and quick turn around because of the care he received here. We couldn’t be more grateful for this amazing team."
- Greg Locke
08/27/2023 13:11:19
"All is good. I stop in regularly for prescriptions and weight check. Reagan loves coming in. "
- Chuck Hodian
08/24/2023 11:07:26
"All good"
- Ellen Crompton
08/23/2023 18:56:41
"In and out too fast for any vaccine trauma🙏speaking for Chloe and her moms"
- Susan Digilio
08/16/2023 13:14:34
"Great service, clean facility and real care and concern for my pup"
- Jennifer Foote
08/16/2023 12:44:04
"Everyone cares so much about my dog. All my questions were answered. I am having a devil of a time collecting a urine sample. May have to call for help.🐶"
- Karen Cohen
08/15/2023 11:31:10
"The support staff is friendly and efficient. They are the first people patients see when they walk through the door and the first people they talk to when they call with a problem. It doesn’t get any better than that. "
- Dolores Smith
08/15/2023 11:09:29
"Everyone is friendly. The vets are thorough and competent yet not hesitant to recommend a specialist when necessary."
- Marie Heath
08/14/2023 12:03:34
"All good indeed. The fact that we have been bringing our fir babies to you for the last 25 years certainly speaks for itself. Thanks again!!"
- Jay Jacobson
08/11/2023 19:12:28
"The staff at Acton Animal hospital are wonderful. They are caring, loving, understanding and friendly. My animals have received excellent care at this facility. "
- Terry King
08/10/2023 12:26:08
"All good. Prescription refills were filled quickly which was wonderful! "
- Dan Leblanc
08/09/2023 19:58:14
"Angus, our wheaton scottish terror (oops, terrier) is healthy and active. He looks a little funny with his new "shaved" haircut but sooooo much better than his overgrowth. We remain very grateful to Dr. Johnston for her willingness to take on the challenge. We look forward to our September appointment and to meeting another member of your vet team. "
- Dr. Katherine Hesse
08/09/2023 15:49:58
"You all are the best. I tell everyone with pets to go to Acton animal hospital! I never feel rushed, I feel understood, and I feel confident in Mia’s treatments. I also love how you call the next day to check in on Mia ❤️ "
- Yvonne Martin
08/08/2023 16:10:34
"Receptionist are awesome! Supportive, helpful and so nice to work with"
- Lisa Kelly
08/08/2023 15:46:39
"Everything was perfect. Appointment was on time, all questions were answered, vaccine information was clearly explained, recomendations were given, the visit was very pleasant. My cat and were very happy with it. Thank you."
- Ludmila Berezovsky
07/31/2023 15:07:06
"Our appointment with Lucy was wonderful! Thank you for providing the best care always!"
- Kathy Miller
07/27/2023 15:31:25
"Doctor and tech were very thorough and very gentle with my cats. The most thorough exam I've seen any vet do."
- Starla Hazen
07/23/2023 14:46:33
"Impa is a spicy tortoiseshell kitty who is not good at saying “thank you” when she’s at the vet office. The other day I discovered that she had a claw that had curled under and punctured her paw pad. Any anxiousness I had in the car was gone immediately once we arrived at the office. I always know that she is in good hands with you guys, and she’s not good at expressing it when she’s there, but once we got home Impa was extra affectionate and relaxed and was purring like a thunderstorm. I know that she appreciates the care she gets from you guys, even if she is too stressed out to show it. 💚"
- Katherine Chacon
07/02/2023 16:33:12
"We always have a great experience. They are very helpful and gentle to Grace. "
- Deborah Mercer
07/02/2023 15:13:56
"It was easy to get an appointment. The doctor and tech were knowledgeable and friendly. They were both patient with me and both gentle and kind to my dog "
- Jessica Miranda
07/02/2023 14:03:07
"We were seen promptly. Dr. Flesses heard my concerns about Fonzie. She addressed them appropriately. Did not suggest aggressive treatment which I appreciate. Fonzie is quite better after 24 hours of treatment. "
- Jackie Linnane
07/02/2023 13:04:56
"It was a very calming experience following a rough time getting our osenior cat into the carrier. Thank you to the staff for this visit."
- Marian Channon
07/01/2023 14:13:58
"No problems, very professional "
- John Pignato
06/27/2023 11:25:54
- Ariella Rebbi
06/26/2023 13:10:00
"Very kind and caring "
- Debbie Heller
06/23/2023 17:57:45
"Took a little longer than I expected but overall was a good experience."
- Yuri Meylikhov
06/03/2023 13:17:15
"Gus (my little Havenese puppy) and I had the most amazing experience. From your receptionist to your vet tech to the doctor herself everyone was kind and caring. I was especially impressed with how kind and caring everyone was with my little guy. It was his first vet visit and I think mom was more nervous than he was. Everyone was patient with both of us, made Gus feel safe and answered all my questions and concerns. I couldn't be happier."
- Julie Zaleski
05/26/2023 14:24:35
"I was so glad that you were able to get Cooper in for an appointment so quickly before the holiday weekend. You all were able to give him the treatment he needed with patients and care . Cooper gets so anxious and scared , he’s not the easiest dog to treat . Thank you 😊 "
- Maureen Houle
05/26/2023 12:10:32
"Always happy with the care we get. Front desk is efficient and friendly. Vets and techs are wonderful with my cat and I get any questions I have answered. Yesterday’s visit was for a quickie nail clipping"
- Carolyn Benjamin
05/26/2023 11:09:38
"I had a great experience with your staff this past week. They were very gentle with my elderly cat. He is currently recovering very well as a consequence of the knowledgeable care received."
- Rodger Hilbert
05/21/2023 14:31:18
"I am a fan of your location whereas my cats are living their best lives "
- Kat Muniz
05/20/2023 16:12:19
"The appointment went well. On time and everyone was very nice ."
- Sylvie Aguilar
05/20/2023 15:42:08
"No complaints. Love all your veterinarians, techs, and front receptionists. "
- Jamie Lineweaver
05/19/2023 11:55:56
"Thank you so much for asking! I was very happy with the service at my appointment yesterday. The office was clean, organized and everyone was so thoughtful and friendly! I loved how much everyone gushed about how awesome my dog is (what dog owner doesn't think they have the best dog :). I loved that the doctor and vet tech took time to go over everything very thoroughly. I am very relieved and happy with my decision to change vets. Thank you!"
- Kerri Chartier
05/18/2023 14:09:41
"All good. Denise and Dr. J are great! "
- Mary Davidson
05/17/2023 11:45:48
"Doctor was great and very understanding of the issues with my sr cat "
- Doug McLellan
05/16/2023 14:17:59
"We love Dr. Johnston, and have been very happy with our most recent tech appointments."
- Angela Smith
05/16/2023 11:09:54
"Polite Professional Compassionate "
- Elizabeth Howley
05/13/2023 12:02:58
"Very nice staff"
- Judith Andrews
05/13/2023 03:05:17
"So far very happy with you. Very friendly "
- Patricia Hunt
05/11/2023 16:25:06
"I learned a few new things that I wasn't aware of or was diagnosed at my old vet"
- Katie Brownlie
05/11/2023 15:29:04
"The vet techs and receptionist are lovely. The vet are caring. My dog loves coming here"
- Wendy Hammond-Wildes
05/11/2023 11:08:16
"I love everything. So understanding about my big goof of an anxious dog."
- Michelle Shine
05/07/2023 17:37:34
"So far so good. Both my dog and I felt very comfortable with the whole experience "
- Victoria Grzybinski
05/06/2023 14:18:18
"Very nice job with my dog and his maladies."
- Kathy Feit
05/06/2023 11:32:13
"Dr. McLeod was great considering my two felines were not🤬. She answered all my questions and concerns. I apologize I do not remember the techs name, however she also was great , friendly and professional. I always recommend Acton animal hospital "
- Jane Erekson
05/05/2023 00:43:54
"I was ecstatic to not only get an answer to my specific questions but also expanded info and advice and what the next steps might be! Felt I had a partner in trying to figure out what Fiona has and how to treat it!"
- Jane Murphey
05/02/2023 21:48:42
"Everything is always great when I come to your office . Everyone in the front office is always welcoming . Denis was there yesterday morning and she came around from the desk and gave Uno a big hello ! "
- Debbie Canally
05/02/2023 11:31:44
"Great experience. Debbie is always so wonderful to work with and every vet and vet tech we’ve seen has been fantastic too. Theo loves going to the vet, which is a testament to how wonderful this practice is. "
- Lisa Glynn
05/01/2023 12:45:32
"All at Acton Animal Hospital are professional and kind in their care of my dog. "
- Constance Harrison
04/30/2023 11:08:10
"Dr. Johnston is the best!"
- Ellen Crompton
04/25/2023 19:50:03
"We couldn't be happier."
- Malorye Branca
04/25/2023 12:21:16
"The Team there is so accommodating, competent, and kind! Toby loves coming for every visit. :)"
- Jacquelyn Kraps
04/23/2023 12:57:23
"Dr. Grosser was excellent and I really appreciate her expertise, her gentleness and clarity. Thank you! Pam"
- Pam Howell
04/23/2023 11:10:21
"everyone was friendly and helpful, did a great job with Emma, and she is doing fine"
- Karen Rivero
04/21/2023 14:04:05
"I was really happy with the doctor."
- Jacqueline Wheat
04/21/2023 11:54:33
"Dr. Johnson was gentle and thorough with our difficult cat. Her calmness helped him stay calm. "
- Starla Hazen
04/21/2023 11:47:21
"Very easy visit for us and Chloe even"
- Susan Digilio
04/20/2023 19:13:14
"All is good. You cared for my Shih Tzu and are now caring for my rescued pup. Very happy with the friendly and professional veterinary services. "
- Chuck Hodian
04/19/2023 13:10:43
"Thank you for the opportunity. I'm so happy that Henry and I found Action Animal Hospital. The entire experience was wonderful, from Debbie to Teddy to Dr. McLeod. We are looking forward to being a part of your family. Patricia"
- Patricia Petersen
04/12/2023 15:33:13
"The veterinians, the techs, and the staff at Acton Animal Hospital are all caring and compassionate people who will do their best to keep your pets happy and healthy."
- Andrea Solomon
04/12/2023 13:17:18
"Always attentive care for Madeline. "
- Karen Cohen
04/11/2023 11:01:58
"The doctor and vet tech were prepared for Max. They had notes that he tolerates the exam well but is not happy when procedures need to be done. When I came in I asked if we could also have his nails clipped. I thought they handled him well while he warned them to be careful. He has had injuries to his backside and doesn’t like to be handled in that area. I was grateful we could get him clipped. The doctor was very thorough, explained things well and diagnosed an ear infection. I also came home with Gabapentin to put Max at ease during procedures."
- Stephanie Cahoon
04/09/2023 18:35:23
"We have always had a good experience. Everyone is patient with Sushi as he does not like cometo the vet. As New dog owners, everyone is very informative about how to care for our doggie. "
- Victoria Greer
04/06/2023 11:15:58
"Our Dolly doesn't like going to the vet and tries every possible way to escape on our way and when we get there. The staff are so nice and calm with her, appointments easy to get. Staff makes sure we are clear on what we need to know at a sick or at a wellness exam and does a great job educating us so she stays healthy. Thank you Acton Animal Hospital!! We love you. "
- Debbie Pollard
04/05/2023 15:45:02
"No issues at all. All good!"
- Suzanne Leblanc
04/05/2023 14:21:56
"Great care. "
- Jean Goldsberry
04/02/2023 12:29:05
"All our questions were addresses. The staff is very attentive and efficient. We liked that the practice is a down to basics of veterinarian care. Over all we are very satisfied. We’re so glad we found you. "
- Dolores Smith
03/31/2023 15:15:20
"Wonderful! Appointments are easy to make. Everyone is helpful and kind "
- Nicole Quill
03/31/2023 11:37:16
"Completely smooth process from beginning to end. Dr. McCloud is a great addition to the staff. She pointed out a few things to be aware of. Pepper was so calm and seemed like she wanted to stay longer! "
- Tina Storey
03/30/2023 11:56:29
"Dr Grosser and the tech ( ? Kristen ?) were compassionate , professional , and high emtional IQ. I will continue to use Acton Animal Hospital for my Golden's vet care because of their competenacies."
- Claudia Peters
03/30/2023 11:31:14
"Very good "
- Bill White
03/28/2023 12:10:34
"Since I have been taking my sadie to actin animal hospital safie nor I have had a bad experience it is always professional and caring and sadie is in their best interest."
- Lynne Armstrong
03/24/2023 11:22:10
"Our dog Cody loves going! When they open the door and call his name, he goes running in! The staff is always pleasant and willing to help with questions, etc. Thank you! "
- Karen Welz
03/23/2023 23:57:12
"My cats are living their best lives at later ages due to the assistance, services and care provided by the staff on your locations behalf. "
- Kat Muniz
03/16/2023 23:16:40
"Riley’s visit was fine. Technician was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I was seen in a timely manner. "
- Maria Berry
03/11/2023 13:37:05
"My dog loves to come. The staff is always so kind to Annie and gives hers pets and treats. "
- Wendy Hammond-Wildes
03/11/2023 11:30:42
"You guys are the best vet I've ever been to in my life. Your staff is warm, friendly and professional. Everything is calm and therefore my dog doesn't get anxious and freak out the minute we arrive in the parking lot. Many vet offices seem to over book...have too many anxious pets in the waiting area for too long and the staff is extremely stressed. None of that happens at your place. I feel lucky to have found you. Thanks. "
- Stephanie Dowling
03/10/2023 13:00:44