"Doing just fine by me and my buddy Cody. "
- Peter Kirton
05/12/2022 09:46:25
"Found the right balance with my nervous puppy"
- Brian Zukowski
05/05/2022 21:56:32
"Always a great experience. very caring staff."
- Sylvie Aguilar
05/05/2022 21:00:22
"You guys are the best. The technician and the vet were both so kind and helpful! (And seeing how much they loved my dog made me like them even more!!)"
- Lauren Knollmeyer
05/04/2022 16:18:23
"Every interaction has been great !"
- Christine Silva
05/02/2022 02:03:09
"Personal, compassionate care. Very helpful staff re: medication refills and advice. "
- Laura Foley
05/01/2022 13:41:29
"As Kyle and Winnie are my granddogs, I have taken puppies on several occasions and have always been very pleased and confident in their care at Acton Annimal hospital. Recently I brought Kyle for his surgery and back and he was very well cared for, made very comfortable And surgery was a success with quick recovery. Good reminders on their shots due. Etc. "
- Ken Eldridge
04/29/2022 20:27:40
"Dr. Grosser was attentive, thoroughly knowledgeable about Cassie's condition. A very good experience, and Cassie has forgiven me for it. "
- Claiborne Dawes
04/28/2022 14:08:57
"Everyone at the reception desk always very welcoming to us when we arrive for Uno’s appointment . This was Uno’s first time with Dr. DeTolla . She and her assistant went above and beyond to help Uno to relax . She was extremely thorough with his exam ."
- Debbie Canally
04/26/2022 16:11:06
"I don't have any complaints. I think that Dewey always receives very good care at AAH"
- Kathleen Richard
04/24/2022 23:20:29
"Dr. Grosser, Steve, and Debbie are such a great team. They are always so thorough and caring with Toby. We appreciate them all! "
- Jacquelyn Kraps
04/24/2022 19:48:35
"You guys are great!"
- David Rigby
04/21/2022 19:04:32
"You guys are doing fantastic! Thank you very much to care of Churra ❤️"
- Francisco Maroto
04/20/2022 17:39:33
"The staff were polite and informative."
- Judith LaRocca
04/19/2022 20:24:54
"We had a good experience so far"
- Latha Murthy
04/18/2022 14:59:58
"I have no complaints at all. The employees are great!"
- Jacqueline Wheat
04/18/2022 14:00:17
"Only good things to say! Friendly and professional"
- Kit Hixon
04/15/2022 19:23:50
"Dr. Johnston has been taking care of our various dogs over the past 18 years. She is extremely knowledgeable and caring and I’m glad she is now taking care of our new puppy Molly!"
- Mary Mooney
04/14/2022 01:38:43
"The service was excellent. My dog gets very anxious and consequently needs to be sedated before he can be examined. The doctors and staff are caring and highly professional."
- Bradley Goodfriend
04/13/2022 21:51:05
"Was my first experience inside the hospital, my dog can also be very dramatic. They were very nice, the people were super understanding. "
- Kiara Salguero
04/13/2022 17:22:55
"My son said all went smoothly "
- Stephanie Cahoon
04/12/2022 23:57:59
"Appreciate that staff took time with new patient Bella - they have been very good with all of our dogs, but Bella is a bit more anxious than the others."
- Noreen Barnes
04/12/2022 18:00:19
"Everything was great"
- Ezili Joseph
04/07/2022 19:07:40
"Service was amazing. Exceeded my expectations and I’m very appreciative for that. Great location who cares about their animals."
- Kat Muniz
04/07/2022 18:46:25
"I was able to get an unplanned emergency appoinment quickly and conveniently. Staff (Yuianna and Dr. Grosser) were great and answered my many questions and concerns."
- Lisa Bentall
04/03/2022 16:02:43
"Our elderly cat was treated with gentleness and care. "
- Starla Hazen
04/01/2022 00:19:20
"Dr. Detolla was friendly and informative!"
- Leslie Johnson
03/30/2022 18:49:09
"Everyone is so nice and great follow-up!"
- Debbie Verano
03/29/2022 16:47:44
"My husband and I thought it was a wonderful visit. The doctor answered our questions and listened to us. It was a pleasant surprise to hear from you this morning calling how Cody was after his shots yesterday. Really appreciated that gesture. See you next month! "
- Karen Welz
03/28/2022 01:06:15
"Always professional and kind. Great at answering questions. "
- Jean Goldsberry
03/27/2022 16:09:27
"My dog, Daisy, had a fatty cyst on her side that opened up. You were able to take her in on short notice and took care of it. "
- Joe Mendousa
03/27/2022 14:38:11
"great job all around. good customer experience "
- Todd McCann
03/26/2022 20:57:49
"I have no complaints, you all treat my dog as if she were your own. "
- Terrie Ayres
03/26/2022 20:17:25
"Friendly & helpful staff"
- Judith Andrews
03/24/2022 20:35:53
"Everyone was so kind - from when I called to set up our first visit to when we were actually in the office. Hopefully we don't need to come back before Lola's next round of vaccines, but if we do, I know she'll be in very good hands! :)"
- Leah Hall
03/24/2022 19:37:56
"I had a very positive experience and appreciate the time Dr. Grosser spent with Daisy. "
- Carol Craig
03/23/2022 19:50:13
- Kris Boyle
03/23/2022 19:39:37
"We greatly appreciate having Dr Grosser provide continuity of care. It is great to see the same vet at every visit who is very knowledgeable and caring. "
- Sharon Ayoob
03/20/2022 18:33:42
"I was welcomed at the door and received excellent service. Moo felt at ease and the doctor and Practitioner were knowledgeable and expedient. I felt Moo was given the time and focus necessary for her annual exam. Cheers!! "
- Sarah Reed
03/20/2022 16:22:19
"Very good services"
- Brooke Nichols
03/17/2022 17:46:51
" Very fast courteous service Explained everything."
- Rose Yates
03/16/2022 00:34:19
"Everyone was very friendly and welcoming! I felt like the care was thorough and thoughtful. "
- Katherine Walters
03/15/2022 23:46:40
- Mary Jarvis
03/14/2022 15:11:04
"Excellent Compassionate Love of pets"
- Diane Porter
03/12/2022 20:02:10
"You are doing GREAT! "
- Maria Berry
03/08/2022 17:14:35
"My dog had two scary episodes Friday night. We were up with him at midnight and 4:30am. My daughter came running into our room and said he was choking and couldn’t breathe. We all made it through the night and in the morning I made a same-day appt. Now I know about reverse sneezing and how to fix it. Thanks, Dr. DeTolla! Whenever my little guy gets going, I plug his nose and he can breathe again. The best part is how thankful he seems when it’s over. Thanks for making time for us! "
- Tina Stoval
03/07/2022 23:29:05
"right on time, everyone welcoming, being kind and gentle to my pet, everything was good. thank you"
- Tara Zantow/Blankenship
03/05/2022 21:14:39
"We just started coming and so far have had a great experience!!! The vets have been very informative and the staff has been very friendly and helpful."
- Karen Campbell
03/05/2022 17:34:22
"I enjoyed the visit very much. Of course, I wasn't the one getting yeast swabbed out of my ears and a distemper shot in my back. But I greatly appreciate the kindness and cheefulness of the assistant who took care of Kira, and the way she and the doctor were so informative."
- Dan Niven
03/03/2022 19:58:33
"Everyone is very helpful, professional and extremely friendly. I can’t imagine going to any other animal hospital. "
- Leonor Carpenito
03/03/2022 19:41:49
"Everyone was professional and caring. I asked them to explain my dogs medical issues multiple times and the vet was very patient with me."
- Lori King
03/02/2022 22:39:37
"Just picked up meds but the process was very easy and streamlined, and very clear about how the office is operating with Covid protocols. In and out in under 5 minutes. "
- Carol Scranton
03/01/2022 19:10:23
"Very caring toward the pets"
- Stephen Melz
02/27/2022 17:12:55
"You guys are so awesome. From scheduling to care you do an wonderful job. Very friendly and understanding understanding yet willing to give advice as needed but in a very kind way. Thank you for your service to my lovely, Milo and to the Community as a whole. I recommend you whenever someone asks!"
- Nancy Diromualdo
02/25/2022 22:48:42
"I appreciate the continuous responsiveness we receive from Acton Animal Hospital. "
- Bobby Wright
02/25/2022 17:14:08
"My dog (and I) had a very good visit. Dr. Johnston is the best. We got in on time. The exam was very thorough and caring. "
- Amy Simon
02/24/2022 14:01:17
"The staff is wonderful, everyone seems to really care about my pup. They take time to listen to me and answer all my questions, I think he's getting great care there. "
- Kristen Kennedy
02/22/2022 18:04:34
"The staff was very sweet with my kitten and quite informative."
- Gregory Hunter
02/19/2022 22:23:22
"My dog loves seeing you guys and I’ve had nothing but great experiences! Thank you for all you do!"
- Katy Sullivan
02/19/2022 02:17:10
"Our dog is always nervous going to the vet. They were wonderful. We didn't have to wait long, staff made sure Dolly was comfortable and as calm as she could be. They successfully gave her her shots, blood work and a bone for a good job! I love coming here. They do a great job educating us so that we can provide the best care possible. Thank you!"
- Debbie Pollard
02/19/2022 01:59:45
"So far so good! The staff has been kind and gentle with my puppy. They have explained things throughout the process. I’ve appreciated the patience of the staff as I learn everything."
- Taylor Graffum
02/17/2022 10:49:02
"Fantastic I always have a good experience "
- Lily Neilson-Phillips
02/15/2022 21:36:17
"Wonderful staff and they are excellent with our animals. I cannot recommend this vet enough. They are kind, respectful and take time to do a great job. I feel like my animals are safe with them. "
- Desiree Taylor
02/13/2022 20:51:53
"Always reassured when I see Dr. Johnston for my dogs needs."
- Ellen Crompton
02/12/2022 19:47:31
"Always wonderful care"
- Debbie Heller
02/12/2022 15:01:41
"Wonderful staff . Buster loves his doctor. She explains everything very clearly. Quick feedback from tests . Excellent care"
- Meredith Kent
02/09/2022 17:32:06
"Our Cliff is in your care for over 5 years, and we received always good care, Thank you"
- Andrew Popelka
02/09/2022 17:11:57
- Joanne Stern
02/08/2022 19:25:48
"Amazing service and very friendly staff"
- Kat Muniz
02/06/2022 18:46:33
"Steve (?) was so good with my pet, Haddie (medium sized dog). The doctor, Johnston, was very kind and clear. "
- Elizabeth Ali
02/04/2022 20:58:29
"You’re fine. "
- Emily Altemose
02/03/2022 23:34:43
"Very personable and like vet lays out options and lets you make informed decisions"
- Stephen Sefton
02/03/2022 17:54:36
"This was the first time that I was able to go inside during a visit due to COVID-19. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Grosser and her gentle manner with Pepper during her annual exam. I can say the same for the technician, whose name I do not remember. They even did a great job trimming her nails, which is not an easy feat!"
- Tina Storey
02/03/2022 17:46:29
"excellent examination and especially the timely followup call on the next day."
- Mary Helen Modeen
02/02/2022 22:10:21
"All the people I have dealt with at the hospital are caring people when it comes to our pets. We love taking Mac there."
- Brian Casey
02/02/2022 18:08:56
"Honestly, I have no complaints. Everything seems fine. I really appreciate the follow ups and the clear instructions."
- Charles Bohner
02/01/2022 21:58:02
"We (My kitties & I) always have a wonderful experience at their appointments. Everyone is super kind, and always very thorough and have no problem answering all of my questions in detail! Thank you for that!"
- Sheryl Sunshine
01/31/2022 15:37:43
"Friendly, thorough vet and technician. I really appreciate that!"
- Leslie Johnson
01/29/2022 17:05:58
"Have used for several different cats. Very friendly and professional. "
- Tom Benelli
01/29/2022 01:00:59
"very courteous staff; doing well"
- McCurdy Miller
01/28/2022 17:34:00
"Maddie was so well taken care of since she has been so apprehensive going to the Animal Hospital after being hospitalized for 8 days with Lepto. Everyone was very patient with her. "
- Karen Cohen
01/28/2022 01:15:02
"Everyone was great!"
- Kit Hixon
01/27/2022 18:42:57
"Very thorough and reassuring. Thank you."
- Pam Howell
01/24/2022 17:22:34
"We are glad to be returning to our favorite vet, vet tech and front office team with our new kitten after the great care our other cat received. In addition to treating an unexpected eye infection, Dr. Grosser had good advice for administering meds and starting off again on the right foot (or paw!). "
- Jennifer Desjarlais
01/23/2022 23:33:26
"All staff were friendly and helpful. I appreciate Dr Johnston's attention to all my questions and clarity in her explanations. "
- Liz Weber
01/20/2022 16:50:27
"The appointment was easy to schedule and the DVM saw us right on time. There were no health concerns for Elle, but she asked all the right questions to be sure. A very pleasant experience."
- Sherry Kenin
01/19/2022 23:04:27
"We had a WONDERFUL first experience with Sammy!"
- Amanda Casale
01/19/2022 12:58:55
"I called to order some meds for our dog Winnie and you had them in stock and all ready when I picked up. "
- Debbie Verano
01/16/2022 18:16:36
"Excellent customer service by the office staff, the vet tech was masterful at how she handled my dog, and the doctor did a thorough examination. I’m so happy and lucky to be a customer of Acton Animal Hospital. "
- Kitty Reynolds
01/15/2022 19:29:09
"The appt was on time and went very smoothly. The dr had taken time to go through my dog’s somewhat complicated history and had spoken to her neurologist. She was ready and did things efficiently "
- Rosie Brennan
01/13/2022 17:35:12
"We've been going to Acton Animal, in all its identities, since 1958 when we were kids. We loved it then, and we still do. We and our pets are at ease here, knowing we'll both be treated with great expertise, kindness, honesty, and compassion. "
- Neil Meader
01/12/2022 23:31:28
"Thank you for taking such good care of Calliope - I’m glad I could go in with her this time, but I’m also totally comfortable with you all taking her in without me during COVID times. I know she’s in good hands!"
- Lara Lofdahl
01/12/2022 20:04:48
"Very sweet doctor and nurse, they care about their patients and they are not in a rush during the appointment. Happy to answer any questions and available to provide information over the phone if any arise after the visit. "
- Francesca Mirri
01/09/2022 17:05:28
"Saw Dr. Grosser. She was concerned and caring for my Natasha. She put her on a medicine that appears to be working. I will have a couple of questions for her next week. Very happy with the way she is taking care of Natasha Faith Hicks"
- Faith Hicks
01/08/2022 18:11:00
"No complaints!"
- Claiborne Dawes
01/07/2022 17:11:52
"All works out very well."
- Kathy Feit
12/31/2021 19:19:44
"we are doing very well. Both the urgent care in westford and acton animal hospital have been great!"
- Matthew Brigham
12/31/2021 03:40:04
"My dog and I are new to Acton Animal Hospital and I am very please in the care! The vets are very knowledgeable but also practical and give you options for treatment. And make you apart of the decision making process. "
- Andrea Izzo
12/29/2021 21:52:07
"You guys are the best with internet appointment confirmation.. Text and emails! Great job!"
- John Lowell
12/29/2021 20:03:17
"I am very pleased with the care and service we receive. Your Covid routine is quite seemless and the staff is friendly, kind and energetic! "
- Martin Lucyk
12/28/2021 13:29:23