"I am hopeful that the tests that were done resulting in Madeline being admitted to a 24 hour emergency hospital will save her life. Karen"
- Karen Cohen
10/19/2021 16:14:44
"Acton Animal Hospital techs, nurses, doctors, and staff, I always find to provide excellent services - I always find it easy to make appointments, appointments to be very timely (no wait), and that I learn the right amount of information to provide any home care needed. Everyone is always very patient and takes time to answer my questions also. Thank you!"
- Mary Foiles
10/17/2021 18:49:56
"All the staff and vets are amazing and friendly. They explain all the procedures, labs, and charges well. They don't mind answering all my questions. They all adore Missy and make her feel comfortable. "
- Martha White
10/15/2021 16:24:14
"All was well - friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable staff, questions answered, pet handled carefully and respectfully "
- Leigh Ausband
10/15/2021 14:19:53
"Service and care is always great."
- Bradley Goodfriend
10/15/2021 14:10:34
"Juliana is sooo good with my dogs, and Dr. Grosser is wonderful about taking the time to explain things to me. And I appreciated that she got down on the floor to examine and vaccinate my very nervous dog who hates to get on the table! :)"
- Mollie McPhee
10/14/2021 12:06:00
"Our visit was timely and informational. The vet listened to our concerns about some lumps and bumps and took samples to let us know that everything was OK. She also told us what to look for in case the bumps change rapidly. We were relieved when we left. We also got a phone call the following Tuesday to let us know that his fecal sample was normal."
- Terese Hardy
10/13/2021 22:28:55
"I was pleased. I found the appointment helpful. "
- Emily Kendrick
10/13/2021 21:07:32
"Nice job with Moby."
- Kathy Feit
10/13/2021 19:50:36
"Last visit was great. "
- Herb Farnsworth
10/13/2021 19:09:57
"Very caring staff .. very clean and welcoming ... Managed to fit us in and were very accommodating. Excellent service and the vet who saw Charlie is exceptional. "
- Desiree Taylor
10/13/2021 19:01:37
"Good experience from booking an appointment, to having vet tech come out to get us and really great, loving care to my cat."
- Steve Cohen
10/05/2021 18:22:12
"My dog loves coming to see you guys! You always take such great care of her and she always leaves happy! All the staff I have interacted with have been super helpful! Thank you for all that you do!"
- Katy Sullivan
10/03/2021 16:21:21
"Callie is not an easy cat to handle, but Dr, Grosser and Yuliana know exactly how to deal with her."
- Eileen Scheye
10/02/2021 16:11:20
"We are very happy with the care that Duke receives at AAH. "
- Jay Welz
10/01/2021 18:06:53
"Keiko got excellent care. We had no idea that her bad teeth was contributing to her weight loss. Thank you!"
- Diana Patterson
09/30/2021 21:55:46
"Very pleased with experience "
- Kathryn Shane
09/30/2021 18:21:25
"Really happy with your ability to squeeze us I. And happy with all the staff"
- Lisa Kelly
09/30/2021 17:18:22
"we love this place. nothing but good things to say. even our scaredy cat dog doesnt mind coming in haha"
- James Fox
09/30/2021 16:09:21
"Luka had a perfect visit yesterday for his rabies booster shot and annual physical. His tech was energetic, engaged and well — she is always awesome. And Dr. Flessas was thorough, kind and as thoughtful in her care as always. So glad we found you!"
- Debra Bertocci
09/28/2021 17:33:47
"It was a very informative and helpful visit for Charlie's first visit there. Everyone was friendly and had Charlie's comfort in mind."
- Marie Heath
09/25/2021 16:27:13
"We really appreciated the thorough yet swift care! The prescriptions and recommendations are really helping Toby. :)"
- Jacquelyn Kraps
09/23/2021 17:51:42
"So happy I could go back in! Nice to see everyone again and Fly was more at ease having me with him - well, maybe! "
- Mary Davidson
09/22/2021 18:35:19
"Great Staff. Rachel is a nervous dog but the whole staff is great with her, thanks"
- Bob Eglitis
09/18/2021 16:08:35
"very nice doctor and staff, helpful with information and answered all my questions"
- Lucille Marash
09/18/2021 09:05:42
"I am very happy to bringing up Theo yesterday at your office. He is doing great since yesterday evening. I am thankful for your professionalism and kindness. Thanks everyone!"
- Marisete DePaula
09/08/2021 19:30:50
"All good"
- Constance Clairmont
08/28/2021 23:09:52
"Great service"
- Kurt Fraczkowski
08/28/2021 22:47:39
"Caring, friendly staff."
- Stephen J. Fasshauer
08/27/2021 00:47:43
"no complaints"
- David Reed
08/26/2021 22:18:54
"The technician who talked with me was really friendly"
- Danielle Bergmann
08/25/2021 17:57:38
"Acton Animal Hospital has been great. We moved to a Acton relatively recently and had just scheduled our first visit when Logan had a bunch of issues that resulted in visits to the emergency vet. Acton Anima Hospital was great about rescheduling and working with the other ver to make sure Logan got the best care."
- Annie Channon
08/25/2021 17:12:21
"Ease of care during Covid with drop off and phone calls from the vet have been very helpful."
- Alison Millerick
08/24/2021 16:52:51
"I am very happy with the caring and through examination my nervous dog received. "
- Hilary Reid
08/22/2021 11:20:23
"We LOVE Dr. Johnston. She cares, remembers our dog and takes the steps needed to ensure the right diagnosis. We understand that costs are up, but our bill was more than we feared yet we appreciate the excellent care."
- Angela Smith
08/21/2021 17:32:15
"I appreciate the time that is always taken to explain what is found during an exam or to take follow up questions."
- Valerie Giebel
08/19/2021 20:14:48
"My dog disturbed a yellow jacket nest and was bitten all over. I called and was told to bring him in. What a relief. The office is so accommodating. "
- Barbara O'Brien
08/19/2021 16:45:48
"Riley needed to be seen as soon as possible and after calling in the morning, they managed to fit him in late afternoon which I am grateful that they did. I also appreciated the follow-up call the next day to see how he was doing. "
- Maria Berry
08/19/2021 02:14:57
"Denise tracked down the last can of I/D Digestive Care food for Milo (its on backorder everywhere) took payment ,and put it outside for me. It was a tedious request, but as always she was friendly and helpful!"
- Susan Miller
08/14/2021 20:27:45
"I really liked the vet and the vet assistant who cared for Louie. They were very nice and were open to my asking questions. They didn't rush me. I was very satisfied!"
- Leslie Johnson
08/13/2021 19:12:16
"Great staff, very patient, kind and helpful. "
- Adam Saltz
08/13/2021 16:14:46
"I have never been disappointed with the care and treatment given to Brandy. He never minds visiting all of you ! Thanks for all your kindness and love given to Brandy "
- Larry Dawson
08/12/2021 20:31:05
"I have no complaints the doctor is great we have been with her for years and have followed wherever she has gone "
- Andrea Barry
08/12/2021 00:19:00
"I appreciated the immediate love and care you expressed for my cat and the thoroughness of your work and explanations. "
- Arden Leete
08/11/2021 18:14:53
"Excellent care given to my dog and always a pleasant experience with the staff."
- Chris Lieberman
08/11/2021 10:52:31
- Linda Minkoff
08/11/2021 02:23:48
"You guys are great thank you "
- Keri McLaughlin
08/10/2021 23:27:37
"Another great experience at Acton Animal Hospital. My dog is absolutely terrified of the vet, however they were kind and patient and gentle with him. They addressed my concerns with empathy, which was much appreciated."
- Hannah Springer
08/10/2021 22:10:04
"Love you guys ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The best of the best. Thank you all so much ♥️"
- Cassondra Dimeco
08/10/2021 19:34:35
"Everyone was great. Very friendly and calm. Also informative "
- Judy Black
08/10/2021 19:16:55
"Caring personnel, always willing to fit in an unscheduled sick visit."
- Jeanne McLaughlin
08/10/2021 18:12:19
"Very efficient service and follow up. No guy out to our car which scares Pepper. "
- Margaret Rasmussen
08/10/2021 17:23:22
"Like the follow up phone call from Veterinarian explaining findings, activities, concerns from appointment. Also follow up day after inoculations to check in on any reactions."
- Amy Schroder
08/06/2021 10:16:22
"Your attention to Jackson has always been professional, caring, and kind. "
- Constance Harrison
08/05/2021 16:26:07
"Everyone was so kind and informative. "
- Abha Patil
08/05/2021 02:13:46
"Dr. Johnson was very good and explained many concerns to us. Thank you"
- Joanne Lemire
08/04/2021 22:38:41
"We love your hospital, you have exceeded our Expectations as a vet. We haven’t been happy with our vet since we’ve had shamus so that’s awesome. Everyone has been extremely friendly and knowledgeable. We even preferred visits during Covid time because we weren’t dealing with our dogs protective nature. And he seem to really like going in to be seen"
- Stephanie Thrower
08/04/2021 16:41:54
"This was the first healthy visit I've made with my animals. The first was an end of life situation. The staff was friendly and they all showed affection for Daenerys"
- Christopher Young
08/04/2021 16:22:32
"Appreciate the friendly, attentive and caring service. Appreciate receiving call backs from the staff to find out how Ginger is doing."
- Michael Rodriguez
07/31/2021 21:17:29
"I am very pleased with the care and services you provide for our dog, Olaf."
- McCurdy Miller
07/31/2021 19:51:33
- Susan Digilio
07/30/2021 21:56:20
"We have experienced wonderful care"
- Deb Riggins
07/30/2021 16:27:43
"Everything was great. Great service and it was quick."
- Larry Fillion
07/28/2021 16:16:41
"I am always very happy with my experiences at Acton Animal"
- Kathleen Whitney
07/27/2021 19:44:26
"Extremely patient & understanding of how uncontrollably terrified my dog gets at vet appointments. They knew that her barks/growls were from fear & they didn't force her into an uncomfortable situation. They were as quick & contact-free as possible, knowing that's what is best for Ruby!"
- Courtney Lynch
07/26/2021 15:52:55
"All the staff are kind and loving to our fur babies. "
- Jean Goldsberry
07/24/2021 23:45:41
"Ordering medicines for my dog was very easy! "
- Debbie Verano
07/22/2021 17:27:48
"My dog Jolly was too scared to go inside to have her nails cut. She was shaking all over and would not budge out of the car. So the lovely tech( can’t remember her name) cut her nails in the car . !!!!!! It was a success!! Jolly was fine while her nails were cut! Thank you for your thoughtfulness and creative solution."
- Susanne Selig
07/21/2021 09:57:38
"Our visit was great! Doctor DeTolla was so kind and reassuring, and she did a thorough check of our dog Sophie and diagnosed the problem. The tech, Courtney, was also fantastic -- friendly and competent. Both the doctor and the vet provided us the best possible visit. I also appreciate that your office calls to follow up the day after a visit. It shows how caring your hospital is. Thank you! Christine W."
- Christine Williamson
07/19/2021 23:29:12
"Wonderful experience at the clinic. Caring staff."
- Sylvie Aguilar
07/19/2021 20:21:36
"Vet tech very sweet, answered my questions. She was very kind when she took Cooper into the clinic."
- Laurie Crockett
07/19/2021 18:36:52
"Great! I really appreciate being able to fit us in for last minute emergencies!"
- Melissa Lenker
07/15/2021 23:37:42
"I ordered medication for my pet and was met at the door was a quick and efficient visit"
- Teresa Rice
07/15/2021 11:20:56
"Excellent! Everyone was thoughtful and kind, as well as knowledgeable , thorough and attentive. Not only to Amber,but also to me. Very much appreciated."
- Bernice Fousek
07/14/2021 19:22:05
"Weekend hours are difficult, and that seems to be the time when things like blood in the urine happen for our dog. Debbie was really helpful in getting our pup what she needed so that we didn’t wait until Monday to get her treatment. She’s been there for me through two dogs now and is always warm and supportive!"
- Ken Risley
07/14/2021 16:40:37
"Everyone was willing to take the time to talk. Didn't feel rushed."
- Alison Sullivan
07/13/2021 21:47:04
"I ordered cat food and picked it up that day. I was happy that what I needed was in stock. "
- Ruth Okin
07/10/2021 16:17:24
- Jim Palermo
07/07/2021 17:06:32
"Everything they told aligned with my pets. Super happy. "
- Jennifer Johnson
07/02/2021 20:03:24
- Donna Green
07/01/2021 20:42:26
"I very pleased with the service and interactions with all staff. Everyone is helpful, and takes the time to ask and answer questions. "
- Martha Lynch
06/29/2021 11:53:58
"I switched from a Vet office I'd been using for years after just one appointment with one of your Vets at another location. We travel 35 mins just to come to your clinic and every appointment with Acton has proved worth the ride for both kitty and companion human..lol Friendly, professional from front door through each step of our experience. This makes a HUGE difference, especially as staff/techs who answer phones, etc are sometimes the first voice one hears when something isn't going well with my cat. Can't thank you enougg!"
- Erin Fallon
06/28/2021 18:42:37
"Very quick and efficient with the Covid protocol "
- Melissa VonOhlen
06/28/2021 17:31:21
"Tyson and I love visiting and have the best experience here! super thankful"
- Shwetha Kumar
06/28/2021 17:28:38
"The prices are amazing and you can tell these people care about there job and the animals they care for"
- Heather Blache
06/22/2021 17:47:07
"Quick response for an appointment. Practical and helpful information for preparing for my dog's senior stage in life."
- Mary Beth Regan
06/19/2021 13:03:49
"Very good. Greeted in lot, everyone took good notes, got my info updated from my previous vet, Doc came out after and discussed visit!!!"
- Kurt Fraczkowski
06/18/2021 20:21:40
"I am appreciative of our visit. The tech was helpful and the Vet called to review details about Coconut. We are pleased. "
- Emily Kendrick
06/18/2021 00:37:17
"No reservations at all. Professional, accommodating, timely, solution-focussed"
- John Norton
06/17/2021 01:31:57
"Great!!! Awesome!!!"
- Reynaldo Maranan
06/16/2021 14:16:08
"EVERYTHING was amazing, as usual... we love all of the doctors AND other staff! "
- Kelly Krauss
06/15/2021 22:31:18
"The vet tech that greeted us was friendly and made sure she recorded all of the info and questions. The vet (Dr. Palmer) was extremely friendly and patient with all of my questions. I never felt rushed which is tremendous for me, a first time dog mom. The practice was busier than usual which I can understand for a Monday morning and they got Simba in as soon as they could."
- Monika Kaila
06/15/2021 17:28:42
"I love bringing my dog to your hospital. Our dog is terrified, but no one there makes us feel we are a bother. The pet handler is always kind, and the vet is always kind and informative. Even the various people who answer the phone are so kind and helpful. We so appreciate it."
- Joanne Kerr
06/14/2021 01:53:45
"very caring and thorough. Staff treats "Munch" very well."
- Noreen Barnes
06/10/2021 18:18:55
"The service was both friendly and professional; that the staff cares for the well being of my dog, Buster, is evident. There is always a next day follow up to see how Buster is doing. Great job!"
- Bradley Goodfriend
06/10/2021 17:01:36
"Dr. Parker was very thorough with my cat’s exam and treatment. She followed up the next day with the test results. Also, scheduling appointment was easy and I got a reminder call and email."
- Elena Khalin
06/04/2021 19:00:09
"No issues "
- John Pignato
06/03/2021 16:40:41
"I really appreciate you fitting us in last minute! I was worried about Roscoe and happy that you could lay eyes on him!"
- Holly Cowan
06/03/2021 16:08:10
"I think the office is doing a great job taking care of everyone and communicating to me during visits while we are all altering our habits during covid times. I have never felt that my pets are getting lesser care, or that I get less attention during our visits while i wait in the car and talk to the Drs. on the phone. Thanks for doing such a great job!"
- Janet Kinmonth
06/03/2021 01:50:11
"I have been bringing my pets to AAH for years. I live in Carlisle and originally went to the Carlisle Animal Hospital but when the doctor there retired to Vermont, I believe, and his assistant, Dr. Betty (Johnston) moved over to AAH and some consortium took over CCH, I followed, Dr. Betty. Over the years I have had a very good relationship with the doctors there and my dogs have all been very happy to visit the doctor! I think that's a very good sign. I understand that the present health situation, the virus, has made things difficult – I was not able to come in with Byron when he got his heart worm test – but this will pass! As you can surmise, i have no complaints – just keep up the good work! "
- Sonia Stevenson
06/02/2021 18:59:13