"We are doing great! No side effects from the shots"
- Sasja Fortier
09/29/2022 12:01:18
"I am pleased with all the staff but exceptionally with Dr. Daphne. Thank you for the care for Apollo!"
- Lelia Adelina Paunescu
09/27/2022 23:48:22
"Thanks for accommodating me and coming out to my car due to my recent covid diagnosis! Glad I found a vet I can trust after moving here all the way from NC"
- Eric Long
09/25/2022 21:32:57
"It's just great. Been there three times. No problems at all."
- Malorye Branca
09/24/2022 21:31:09
"It was all fine. Friendly staff. Helpful docs. There was a mixup on your end getting Swiper’s food ordered so I had to go to Concord vet, but otherwise all good. "
- Tracy Estabrook
09/24/2022 19:25:23
"In all honesty, I have no constructive criticism to offer. I couldn’t be happier with Acton Animal Hospital. I appreciate that the staff members are always happy to answer all my questions, and they usually provide additional information I didn’t even think to ask about. I have found every single individual who has seen my puppy to be extremely capable, patient, and caring."
- Eliza Xenakis
09/24/2022 17:02:19
"From the Very Beginning, My experience with my 2 Appointments, the 2 Doctors and the Clinician has been nothing short of EXCELLENT.. I Appreciate Very Much having ALL of my questions answered concerning Sparkys' Health.. Having had the same Doctor for Sparky his First 10 years of Life and the last 5 1/2 years at MSPCA, Acton Animal Hospital by far is the BEST Place I could have brought Sparky.. Not only for his Medical Care but also for the Genuine Concern for his overall Being.. Thank you so much for being so attentive with Sparkys' needs... Cordially, Robert Ryan"
- Robert Ryan
09/23/2022 17:03:38
"Doctor and staff were kind, helpful and very professional"
- Sandra Jackson
09/23/2022 16:07:53
"I thought it was excellent. I liked the interaction between my cats and the vet and the assistant. I have had experiences in the past with other vets that were not as comfortable or caring."
- Doug Hansel
09/22/2022 20:09:37
"Thanks for your care of Bella. Appreciate how friendly all the staff are."
- Noreen Barnes
09/22/2022 02:19:20
"The staff are welcoming and the Vets are brilliant "
- David Baker
09/21/2022 21:07:14
"The service is excellent. Everyone is always happy to see you and very attentive to our needs. 5*****"
- Sylvie Aguilar
09/20/2022 17:16:45
"Always a good experience! We really appreciate how well we and our pets are treated."
- Wayne Wilkins
09/18/2022 01:07:07
"Our dog Cody loves coming to see you! He keeps kissing your Vet tech and of course the doctor! Everything is explained to us about what they found, what they will do etc. Thank you.!"
- Karen Welz
09/16/2022 23:44:59
"The staff and vets are really great. They are patient and gentle when working with Winnie who is timid and shy. They allow her to have her space "
- Martha White
09/15/2022 17:42:00
"Thankmyounfor the over the phone Checkin for a simple meds renewal. "
- James Fox
09/15/2022 17:33:41
"Just fine"
- Ellen Raja
09/13/2022 18:03:40
"Very friendly. Gave us good information "
- Wendy Hammond-Wildes
09/13/2022 16:53:38
"Same day appointment Welcome front desk staff Warm and friendly technician and vet Great experience overall!"
- Katherine Walters
09/13/2022 16:15:18
"Everyone was super nice! There was two very nice men that helped with my Deucey and Dr. Leah was so sweet! My fiancé and I really liked how she got right down on the ground with Deuce to examine him. The medication he was put on seems to be super effective and when he woke up this morning he seemed like my happy guy again! Thank you! The receptionist I spoke with who made our initial appointment was honestly a lifesaver. LAH wouldn't see us until October and after transferring his records to AAH she was able to get us in a day and a half after my call. I appreciate everything so far and have nothing but nice things to say! 10/10 would recommend. "
- Heidi Busa
09/10/2022 21:41:40
"All your staff were great. "
- Gwen Acton
09/10/2022 17:38:45
"personable and willingness to help especially to unexpected events/needs is super important; over the last year i've never had any problem with having my dog taken care up quickly "
- Stephen Sefton
09/08/2022 20:03:41
"Always great service from caring vets and techs!"
- Susanne Schultze
09/08/2022 01:48:25
"Very fast but thorough visit! So much love given to my kitty - he felt like a king. Felt the vet took her time with us and answers all questions. Have great and reasonable suggestions for challenges we were having. Looking forward to coming back!"
- Patty Villanova
09/01/2022 18:22:34
"We were so pleased we could be seen so quickly and appreciated that Anya's medical records were reviewed before our appointment so the vet already knew Anya's history. "
- Hannah Frigand
08/31/2022 19:12:04
"The vet technician is so warm and good with dogs. The vet is informative and thorough."
- Karen Ford
08/31/2022 11:58:36
"We love AAH!"
- Mary Foiles
08/28/2022 16:54:58
"Doing great thanks so much "
- Lily Neilson-Phillips
08/27/2022 16:11:03
"All good 😊 "
- Karyn Scittarelli
08/25/2022 21:10:48
"Yulianna is the BEST! She was so good and helpful with Jules. And she helped ease jules’ anxiety. I am so appreciative of her help and love for Jules during the visit. "
- Brie Trudeau
08/23/2022 19:14:49
"Great care and follow up"
- Susan Digilio
08/22/2022 17:40:50
"I think you do a terrific job at Acton Animal Hospital. Your space is clean and well maintained. Your staff is always calm, caring, attentive, and honest which is what all pet parents need whether they're coming in for a routine physical or an urgent matter. I'm glad I bring my boys to you!"
- Hannah Springer
08/21/2022 00:00:35
"You have always been wonderful to us and our pets. We have been coming to you for probably 25 years or more."
- Mary Rockwood
08/19/2022 17:48:16
"On time, friendly service. Great care for my dog "
- Carol Scranton
08/19/2022 17:23:09
"No complaints "
- John Pignato
08/19/2022 16:12:01
"Called for flea & tick order pick up. It was already when I arrived. Easy peasy!"
- Debbie Verano
08/17/2022 17:38:53
"The office staff was kind and patient with so many variations of animals and owners, including myself, during this and every visit. I'd like to thank Dr. Flessas for saving my cat's life and her kitten. The pregnant stray cat in my yard, who almost died giving birth, is now healthy and living her best life with her son. This is all thanks to Dr. Flessas and her team. "
- Mary Sieling
08/16/2022 18:39:28
"Thank you for taking care of Dolly during Thursday's stressful situation with her pulled nail. She is doing much better now and ready to chase her friends again!"
- Debbie Pollard
08/15/2022 00:28:17
"My cats are living their best lives and I couldn’t be happier"
- Kat Muniz
08/12/2022 17:25:25
"Denise was able to fit me right into this schedule and Dr Johnson and Kyra were fantastic. I was very nervous about what might be wrong with Piper and they were helpful, professional and reassuring. "
- Kathryn Shane
08/12/2022 17:16:20
"Dr Leah DeTolla and the vet tech - was it Yuliana? we’re fantastic as the cooed and pet Hudson as they performed evaluations and administered vaccines and clipped his nails. Truly the best experience Hudson has ever had at the vets. You could tell that they very much really care for the animals in their practice and take their job very seriously and that means working with the animals at their level and comfort. Yay! We all love them "
- Samantha Grantham
08/12/2022 16:11:52
"Front desk staff is friendly and efficient. My digs and I live the vets. We’re all happy with the care from Actin Animal Hospital!"
- Tina Stoval
08/12/2022 13:30:36
"Always the best care for my dog. The staff goes above and beyond, very caring and kind."
- Donna Green
08/11/2022 00:36:50
- Colleen Kelly
08/09/2022 19:35:41
"Always a great experience. Clean, friendly and efficient. I also appreciate that you take the time to read over notes prior to the visit and listen to details. 10/10 recommend"
- Ashley Wertman
08/08/2022 00:11:32
"Excellent care from all the staff. "
- Suparna Patra
08/07/2022 19:33:16
"I am extremely happy with the kind and caring treatment you give to my animals and to me."
- Debbie Heller
08/05/2022 17:04:05
"Thorough check-ups of both my cat and dog, terrific follow up, , excellent customer service"
- Kitty Reynolds
08/04/2022 16:50:52
"Really appreciate the promptness and scheduling to see my pet"
- Jannesa Zhang
08/03/2022 22:12:56
"This was our first ever visit to vet. I am very happy that our kitten Lexi is your patient. I was more nervous then Lexi, but all of you made it a great experience and took great care of Lexi. Thank you do Dr. Flessas for answering and explaining all our questions, and thank you to everyone. You are a great team making our pets life better."
- Ludmila Berezovsky
08/02/2022 21:03:50
"Excellent visit - caring, gentle touch, full explanations, and relevant advice. "
- Starla Hazen
07/31/2022 17:57:52
"All great"
- Suzanne Leblanc
07/30/2022 19:18:09
"I am glad to have found a clinic that would see my pup on such short notice. They were so loving and gentle with her and helped so much. Glad to have a practise that Maggie can receive the care she needs throughout her life."
- Beth Coull
07/29/2022 19:33:44
"I had a really great experience "
- Jaycee Campbell
07/29/2022 01:04:36
"Kindness, Care, Competence -- couldn't ask for more."
- George Scarlett
07/27/2022 19:53:48
"Both the Tech(Steven, I believe) and the Vet were excellent providing care and services for Wilson."
- Regina Watt
07/26/2022 12:56:52
- Rachel Krebs
07/25/2022 19:11:26
"Everything was as expected, nothing detrimental to say."
- Linda Sorrentino
07/24/2022 19:00:50
"Thank you for being kind to our mean cat!"
- Alison Sullivan
07/24/2022 16:57:54
"Prompt and extremely friendly service. Great communication & excellent vetnarian care."
- Joyce Battaglia
07/23/2022 17:03:08
"It was really nice to finally meet the Dr. in person. She answered all my questions and I definitely get the feeling of how much everyone on the staff I met cares out the animals. And I appreciated the follow-up call the next day to see how Sansa was doing after her visit."
- Jean Vosler
07/23/2022 16:44:30
"Dr. DeTolla was awesome, made my very anxious cat calm. i wish I remembered the name of the tech, he was awesome as well. I will be back with my second cat. By the way, I really appreciated the decor, it made me feel happy yet relaxed. I was very pleased with the services my cat Louie recieved. Thank you"
- Barbara Gregoire
07/23/2022 01:20:19
"I was very impressed at our first visit yesterday. Dr. DeTolla and her assistant were extremely kind and knowledgeable. They graciously answered my many questions and offered additional guidance I wouldn’t have thought to ask. I think my little buddy is in good hands, which is such a great feeling!"
- Eliza Xenakis
07/21/2022 21:08:25
"Wonderful as usual "
- Keri McLaughlin
07/21/2022 18:26:43
"Everything is great!"
- Katrina Scanlan
07/21/2022 16:08:48
"Having elderly cats, you want a certain care for them. Dr Grosser has been very attentive, caring and understanding. Never pushy and always giving options. Our cats are in good hands with her."
- Sylvie Aguilar
07/20/2022 17:44:26
"The doctors and all the staff are caring, kind, and knowledgeable. If your pet needs treatment, they will discuss options with you without pushing a particular option. Our 15 year old golden retriever has received care at Acton Animal Hospital for several years. "
- Jean Goldsberry
07/17/2022 19:37:33
"All of our visits have been great experiences."
- Wayne Wilkins
07/17/2022 18:25:00
"I'm very happy with the care my little guy has received from you. Everyone has been patient and kind, approaches every visit with a basic understanding of his records (which is huge!) and really seems to care about his comfort and well-being. I also appreciate the front desk staff - it's never a problem to make an appointment and they're very helpful if I need to call with any questions. It is just an added bonus that you usually stick pretty close to your schedule; I've only had to wait more than a couple of minutes for an appointment once. I think you're all doing a great job - thank you! "
- Kristen Kennedy
07/16/2022 16:19:13
"Got timely appt. Vet handled difficult agitated dog with calm confidence. Careful exam, time for questions, discussion, plan reasonable/doable. Appreciated help from vet tech and staff. "
- Dr. Katherine Hesse
07/14/2022 23:22:19
"We were welcomed immediately and the staff remembered who I was from my previous pet which made me feel happy because the whole team was wonderful with Missy. The vet tech. and vet were very gentle and calm with Winnie who is very timid to new people. Overall the visit was great"
- Martha White
07/14/2022 17:00:50
"Very personable and I feel you really care for my pet. Also always easy to schedule visits. "
- Stephen Sefton
07/10/2022 17:52:14
"All is good. No problems with the practice."
- Kathy Feit
07/08/2022 17:18:53
"Very responsive. When we called to ask them to fit our daughters dog Bella in for an appt. they found the time to see her. She had run away and was missing for 6 days. They were very welcoming and addressed all of our concerns."
- Lori King
07/08/2022 16:53:28
"We came in to get weighed and to pick up flea and tick meds, so it was a quick visit. Staff is always outstanding. Very friendly and caring and my puppy loves going, which is a testament in itself. We drive a half an hour to come instead of going somewhere closer because we always have such a great experience."
- Lisa Glynn
07/08/2022 16:16:25
"Everything about my visit was excellent including the fact that they fit my sick cat in at the last minute. Dr. Grosser gave Kitty a thorough examination all the while explaining everything to me including her thoughts on what was causing the symptoms. She told me what steps she wanted to take & then carried them out with the help of an excellent vet tech. I really appreciate the warmth and compassion everyone showed us during a stressful time. The next morning Dr. Grosser called to give me the results of Kitty's blood test & to check in & give further suggestions. I could not ask for more!"
- April Seiz
07/07/2022 00:19:34
"This is my second pet with you. I have been very happy with all that I have met and have known working at Acton Animal Hospital."
- Susan MacQuarrie
07/06/2022 17:37:32
"Very professional and caring. "
- Claude Hamby
07/03/2022 18:30:57
"You’re fine. It’s nice to be able to come in and talk with the tech and the vet during the exam. "
- Lucia Hicks
07/02/2022 16:28:03
"Staff was super friendly. Lab results were quick "
- Wendy Hammond-Wildes
07/01/2022 19:32:27
"I had a very positive experience. I was able to discuss (complain!) Bella’s problems, as well as how it had been affecting his brother Boomer, and my household. I felt seen, heard, and we bounced ideas off one another. Not once did I feel rushed. I left with a plan, and an alternate plan going forward if the first doesn’t work. What more could I ask for ? :)"
- Joni Adamson
06/30/2022 23:22:12
"Great job. Always offers good tips and listens to what I ask. Love when you call the next day to see how my dog is doing after her shots. "
- Deborah Mercer
06/25/2022 17:46:06
"Great! Answered all my questions and made suggestions for the care of my kitty."
- Bernice Fousek
06/24/2022 20:59:08
"Everything was good - thank you!"
- Fredrick Pennachi
06/24/2022 17:32:35
"Doing great as always"
- Bindiya Bhalla
06/23/2022 00:54:57
"All was great."
- Mindy Fusi
06/20/2022 12:56:21
"Ivy came in to have her teeth cleaned and a cyst removed from the top of her head. The Vet Tech Steve was great and the cost of the procedures was below the estimate. Ivy seemed to get great care at an affordable price."
- Peter Dreifus
06/14/2022 13:46:00
- Stephanie Mahoney
06/13/2022 23:55:03
"Excellent work, reasonable price, will visit again. Thanks"
- Xia Xu
06/12/2022 23:18:20
"Always happy with Dr. Johnston’s care!"
- Ellen Crompton
06/12/2022 22:20:01
"I had an emergency on, they squeezed me in on a Saturday morn, and FOUND the problem--an infected anal gland"
- John Norton
06/12/2022 18:34:39
"I have no complaints. I can usually get an appointment in good time and get meds filled. All the vets I’ve seen are kind and considerate and thorough when dealing with my current dog. Dr Johnston was incredibly kind when we had to put down our two old cats. I recommend you to friends and have continued coming even after moving further away."
- Susannah Vazehgoo
06/11/2022 16:31:04
"Everyone is so nice and it was very easy to just call in for our dogs medicine and it was already when I went to pick it up. "
- Debbie Verano
06/09/2022 20:36:17
"Awesome staff and communication"
- Bob Eglitis
06/09/2022 17:20:21
"I called to get a prescription refill for my dogs food. When you didn't have a larger bag available for his food, they ordered one and will let me know when it gets there. It's much more convenient than having to find a petsmart that carries his food."
- Cassandra Stephens
06/09/2022 16:26:00
"Very good visit, Dr and assistant were very caring."
- Joanne Lemire
06/09/2022 13:29:15
"I just needed to get a fecal test done but staff was knowledgeable and knew what I needed for where I will be boarding Riley. Always pleasant and efficient. "
- Maria Berry
06/09/2022 04:10:33
"I love your service! Always prompt, polite, caring and attentive. Thank you and keep being GREAT!"
- Alice Ferguson
06/09/2022 00:48:22
"Speedy Service, Excellent care."
- Diana Patterson
06/08/2022 16:34:18
"Absolutely amazing. My cats are now living their best lives due to the assistance you’ve provided"
- Kat Muniz
06/06/2022 20:33:41