"I have never had a complant with this place. Dr. Spaulding knows his stuff. Lori also does a great job."
- Jack & Linda Preston
05/01/2019 17:32:35
"Wonderful office staff. Always helpful and friendly. It’s obviously they all love animals"
- Dale And Sherry Taylor
04/29/2019 18:23:24
"Fair prices for great service! "
- Cheyenne/Andrew Jennings
04/28/2019 17:00:05
"The best! Thx"
- Robert and Jenn Powers
04/26/2019 17:39:51
"Entire trip was AOK! "
- Kay Foster
04/25/2019 23:47:58
" They always do a good job for us."
- Beverly and Dave Torgerson
04/24/2019 17:55:50
"Excellent in all areas!! I am very pleased with the service....and dr., receptionist, and all who help there!"
- Donna Hayslett
04/24/2019 12:48:55
"Good job with recent grooming. Fast, friendly service!"
- Rhonda and David Alfredson
04/22/2019 17:37:56
"I love being able to quickly get an appointment to bring my pets in without waiting several days. Also being able to talk to Dr. Spaulding in person when I call with a question. He is always available when I need to ask him something. "
- Kathy Reid
04/20/2019 16:33:50
"Harlow and I enjoy going here for her care. The Dr. is calm and gentle with Harlow. The staff is nice. Harlow likes going in to be groomed; not like some other places where she is afraid."
- Ellen Sims
04/19/2019 18:29:54
"I was super impressed with the amount of time it took for dr. Spalding to call me back when I had an urgent concern about my dog Kara and how he was able to work her in for an early morning appointment even though he had scheduled surgeries."
- Brandi Ferry
04/18/2019 01:15:17
"Dr Spaulding is so nice and truly cares about his clients. Jack and the rest of the staff are knowledgeable and eager to help. We wouldn't know what to do without them."
- Cari and Kenny Wade
04/16/2019 17:44:35
"I always feel like my pet is well taken care of and everyone has his best interest at heart. "
- Gil & Esther Hayslett
04/15/2019 20:42:53
"Great and knowledgeable staff. I don’t have to worry about my dogs at all!"
- Key and Felicia Willson
04/09/2019 19:38:01
"I have complete trust in your service. "
- Danny Goodlett
04/04/2019 20:22:13
"Great service and experience overall :)"
- Daisy and Rodney Settles
04/04/2019 14:37:18
"Best vet clinic and staff in Mercer and Boyle County!"
- Richard & Nancy Stallings
04/02/2019 19:02:47
"Tall are the best!!"
- Cala & Jack Coleman
04/01/2019 00:12:32
"I have almost always had a wonderful experience with everyone. Dr. Spaulding was my dogs first doctor. She loves him and everyone who works there. Thank you for all my positive experiences."
- Patricia Phillips
03/31/2019 19:12:42
"Very prompt in getting the appointment. We are always pleased with the excellent care that Molly receives."
- Debbie Jernigan
03/30/2019 17:15:18
"We recieved good care for our puppy "
- Steve & Donna Yeager
03/28/2019 17:42:49
"My vet is great with my babies hes so caring and concerned could not ask for a better godfather for my babies"
- Elizabeth Votaw
03/24/2019 15:16:29
"Always friendly and honestly seem to care about pets."
- Tom and Maggie Hardy
03/23/2019 16:17:01
"You guys are so very good to Oreo. Love your service."
- Carol McKinley
03/20/2019 16:20:04
"Always great! "
- Larry & Sue Dean
03/19/2019 14:46:56
"Dr. Spaulding is always so patient with Miley. He was also so good with my dogs that have passed on, Bailey & Odie. My visit was wonderful. The receptionist was very friendly, too."
- Tina Rice
03/17/2019 17:39:01
"I am very pleased with the service. Besides the fact that Dr. Spaulding is the only vet with which my dog will be calm, I know his staff is just a call away. They answer my questions and provide services in a timely manner. "
- Chuck/Judy/Kaile Short
03/16/2019 19:39:51
"Staff is friendly, kind & very informative!! "
- Denise Parr
03/14/2019 13:24:56
- Margaret Farthing
03/13/2019 16:01:37
"Great veterinarian practice!"
- Jana Stratton
03/11/2019 01:30:15
"Staff is great, Dr. Spaulding is great."
- Kay Miller
03/10/2019 22:46:31
"Very good. Got a visit for my dog very same day i called"
- Donnie Tyler
03/10/2019 21:40:10
"I live the service you all give every time we visit! "
- Sheila & Jerry Bugg
03/10/2019 00:13:51
"I have no complaints whatsoever. I have always had a good experience and the best care for Maggie! "
- Billie and Larry Camic
03/08/2019 14:30:10
"Great people. Great Vet!!!!!"
- Vicki & Larry Long
03/07/2019 18:14:41
"Best caring staff, Dr. Spaulding is "THE MOST CARING, UNDERSTANDING " physician, he always know what is right for your pet. I consider him, his staff and of course Jackson, part of our family. Couldn't obtain any better care than at his facility. My pets have been with him for over 20 yrs. "
- Lynn & Jim Dunn
03/07/2019 17:31:18
"Wonderful office and staff!"
- Dale And Sherry Taylor
02/28/2019 17:15:37
"I always have a great experience. The staff is always very caring toward my pet and they take good care of her!!"
- Rhonda Hinkle
02/23/2019 16:52:46
"Not One Complaint"
- Kay Foster
02/20/2019 20:03:25
- Janice & David Byrge
02/20/2019 18:20:59
"I know it probably sounds so cliche, but whenever we come over there, we literally feel you all are family. Jack just has always loved you guys, but even today Reilly was calm and stayed still while Dr. Spaulding out q-tips in his ears. I think he even felt relaxed. We are so thankful to have you."
- Ron & Melinda Kreiter
02/19/2019 22:50:19
"I think y’all are great!!"
- Linsey Abrams
02/19/2019 22:41:36
"Rosie behaved which is remarkable. We prefer the ears to be longer because they are so large. "
- Phyllis & Lonnie Campbell
02/19/2019 20:34:59
"Excellent perfect couldn't be better "
- Kim Shearer - Lanham
02/19/2019 19:07:46
"Service is always great. We appreciate the attention to details. "
- Wendy Roff
02/19/2019 18:36:28
"you guys are awesome!! Every person from the front desk to back in the back are kind warm friendly people who really cares about your furbaby and care for them as if they were their own. I have been a customer for as long as I can remember, would not go anywhere else. I have full trust and confidence in every one there to provide the best care for my furbabies.... Thank you for all you do."
- Paula & John Phillips
02/19/2019 17:24:37
"We always come away feeling as if our pet got the very best treatment during his visits at the Harrodsburg Animal Hospital. "
- Rhonda and David Alfredson
02/19/2019 17:07:47
"you all did awesome with her"
- Wilma Wilson
02/13/2019 15:18:27
"Great job taking care of Muffy and Scout!"
- Tim & Lori Stinnett
02/11/2019 21:10:32
- Michelle Jackson
02/08/2019 13:25:18
"Everything was great! The staff is always friendly and my animals are well cared for!"
- Kevin & Elizabet Peel
02/07/2019 19:19:36
"I’m very satisfied with the level of service I receive from all the staff :)"
- Cheyenne/Andrew Jennings
02/06/2019 20:25:38
- Yvonne Beasley
02/05/2019 20:03:25
"My animals always get top notch care. "
- Amber Franceschi
02/04/2019 05:30:30
"Absolutely wonderful care!"
- Debra & David Teets
02/02/2019 15:01:06
"We drive from Georgetown to bring our dog here because of how thorough Dr. Spaulding is and because of how friendly the other staff are. We have been to several other vets in Lexington and Georgetown and no one can even come close to how great y’all are! "
- Danielle Jaffe
01/31/2019 17:46:34
"We always enjoy seeing the staff and also love the good care that our dog and cats receive from you. Looking forward to seeing you in 2019."
- Richard & Nancy Stallings
01/28/2019 22:11:33
"We love Dr Spaulding and his staff! We don’t see more of them due to living in FL half the year and having the healthiest dog we’ve ever owned. 😎"
- Gary & Glenda E. Warren
01/21/2019 18:19:00
"You always take very good care of our animals, both dogs and cats. Would not think of going elsewhere. I also recommend you to my friends and family. Gerri Story"
- Geri & Sam Story
01/20/2019 15:27:34
"Friendly people and very compassionate "
- Rice & Paula Lear
01/18/2019 18:21:03
"Always friendly and helpful"
- Nancy Hood
01/16/2019 03:06:57
"So far the service has been great!"
- Richard & Betty Steele
01/15/2019 23:14:29
"I have no complaints. My needs are met without issue and everyone is helpful and friendly."
- Al Emrich
01/12/2019 20:14:07
"Best Vet and office we have ever had! Jest, Owsley.......and the late great Buler Thanks to everyone there for all they have done for our dogs."
- Key and Felicia Willson
01/12/2019 15:27:28
"Very kind!"
- Kayla Cheatham
01/10/2019 01:16:43
"Exceeding expectations."
- Kent & Kim Anness
01/08/2019 22:04:53
"We have been most pleased with the care and kindness we and our pets have received. "
- Tiffany/Steve Sparrow
01/08/2019 21:11:38
"LOVE coming out there. Very friendly and efficient!"
- Margaret/Chuck Cecil
01/07/2019 14:33:24
"Doing great, love our vet!"
- Lisa & Mike Brown
01/06/2019 18:44:21
- Margaret Farthing
01/06/2019 18:07:02
"I met Dr. Jenkins for the first time last week and found her to be very caring and knowledgeable. Amy loved her! I’m glad to see that Dr. Spaulding is taking a well deserved day off each week and that Dr. Jenkins has joined the wonderful staff to fill in. "
- Cyndi/Gregg Fine
01/05/2019 16:15:17
"Everyone has always been wonderful!!"
- Cala & Jack Coleman
01/05/2019 00:35:20
"The staff is so friendly and accommodating. When we picked up Maude after her spay, Dr. Spaulding thanked us."
- Cari and Kenny Wade
01/05/2019 00:00:13
"Great and caring staff!"
- Paula Click
01/04/2019 00:51:49
"The staff is always friendly and great to work with. They always do their best to work by dog in to their schedule."
- Whitney & Brian Robins
01/02/2019 15:31:54
"I'm good with your service."
- Danny Goodlett
01/01/2019 21:18:00
"Great staff and hospital! Can't imagine taking my pets any where else"
- Dale And Sherry Taylor
12/29/2018 21:44:10
"Pedro is a hand full. Was o glad he had a good experience being boarded for the first time. "
- Janie/Frank Kemplin
12/28/2018 04:27:19
"Great. Very trustworthy "
- Gil & Esther Hayslett
12/28/2018 01:56:11
"Have always been happy with the visits. "
- Rick(B.Womack) Helvey
12/27/2018 20:59:37
"Harrodsburg animal hospital does just fine with the care of my dog. Everything is usually smooth. Were satisfied with the level and degree of attention given to her. No need to change anything. "
- Brandon(Ginger) Smith (Miller)
12/25/2018 02:59:00
"Tucker looks forward to coming to see you folks!!"
- Judy & Wayne Ware
12/24/2018 21:37:45
" You always do a good job"
- Beverly and Dave Torgerson
12/21/2018 22:06:28
"We are very, very happy with care provided by Harrodsburg Animal Hosp., team is very, very compassionate, treat our animals like one of their own. He loves to come play with other dogs. Staff is very, very friendly, couldn't ask for any better service than what we obtain at Harrodsburg , keep up good work. Thanks To Team At Harrodsburg Animal Hospital!!!!!!!! "
- Lynn & Jim Dunn
12/21/2018 00:14:10
"I am very pleased with HAH....always a friendly helpful staff! Whether I am boarding my animals, a vet visit, buying dog food, or calling to ask information, everyone is always the best! Donna Hayslett"
- Donna Hayslett
12/19/2018 01:39:46
"Very patient "
- Janna Rogers
12/18/2018 00:15:54
"The staff are friendly. We had a good experience through office visit, surgery, and post-care visit. "
- Ed & Jeanne Stanley
12/12/2018 21:37:59
"Took care of my concerns with pleasantness. "
- Karen & Doug Ditto
12/08/2018 16:31:35
"I have been coming here with my babies for yrs. I totally trust everyone, vet, staff. All are courteous, kind, friendly and go beyond to help you , answer your questions etc. I would not go anywhere else and recommend Harrodsburg Animal Hospital to all my family and friends... Wonderful people, so thankful to have them in Harrodsburg... Best of the BEST!!! "
- Paula & John Phillips
12/04/2018 15:33:08
"You are all so special to me and my furbabies. Don't think we could get by without you guys. Dr Spaulding you and your entire staff are very caring and professional. I truly love all of you. Don't change a thing. "
- Kim Shearer - Lanham
11/29/2018 19:07:05
"Very friendly staff and great experience!"
- Christy and Nate Bordeaux
11/27/2018 19:03:08
"I’m Oreo’s Mom. You treat her like royalty and have always taken wonderful care of her. Thanks."
- Carol McKinley
11/27/2018 00:41:01
"Overall wonderful office! Friendly and helpful staff who are always willing to go above and beyond. Takes great care of our fur babies!"
- Lynsey & Brandon Lane
11/26/2018 20:54:53
"I appreciate the ability to get my pet in to see the doctor quickly. "
- Rebecca & Malcom Springs
11/26/2018 17:56:14
"Great care and service, I highly recommend."
- Tom Urmson
11/26/2018 15:50:11
"I feel confident that Zoe is well taken care of when I bring her to you. She seems happy to stay with you and she seems to be in good health after a stay with you."
- Susanne/JohnDavi Sanders
11/13/2018 01:02:08
"Love the care Tucker gets."
- Richard & Debbie Kuhn
11/13/2018 00:25:31
"Everything was great. Everyone is so friendly and me and my pets feel welcome. Great care. "
- Barry & Nina Elmore
11/12/2018 21:36:53
"We love Dr Spaulding and have been bringing our fur-babies to him for probably 15 years now. We were surprised at how long it actually took to get in this last time as typically that is not the case but everyone has off days. :) Everyone in the office has always been kind and friendly. HAH is the best!"
- Jennifer Hernand Russell
11/12/2018 21:09:12
"Very happy with the service."
- Helen Long
11/08/2018 01:18:55