"Great service and the best of care from everyone."
- Janice & David Byrge
03/16/2020 17:44:16
"We have been patients at Harrodsburg Animal Hospital for 14 years. They are wonderful to us and our pets. We drive from another town 30+ miles and wouldn't go anywhere else."
- Randy & Nancy Redmon
03/16/2020 17:11:04
"From the moment I made contact with staff on the phone, our experience was nothing but positive. Keep doin what y’all are doing! Vet assistant was very knowledgeable and was a pleasure to be around, thank you again for checking on estimations over and over again. The vet was amazing as well. He was amazing with my spoiled little baby. I can’t thank you all enough. "
- Kelsey Stephens
03/14/2020 01:52:17
"Lori had my scripts ready to go when I came in!"
- Key and Felicia Willson
03/13/2020 12:57:43
"Provided needed information and more. Attention to visiting needs efficiently."
- Buron & Judy Lanham
03/12/2020 23:20:29
"Experience was a pleasure. Everything was smooth. Techs explained everything thoroughly. Will definitely be back. "
- Jessica/EricVand Bryant
03/12/2020 19:19:35
"I have always had a wonderful experience at HAH! The last time I came the Proin was backordered and that had nothing to do with the staff or HAH, that was the medical production company, I ddI get my order online and it got here Monday ,March 9th so Belle was taken care of! So. I am thankful that I was told about the online pharmacy. "
- Gary & Debbie Moyers
03/12/2020 01:54:55
"Pleasant visit. Everyone was very nice and helpful! "
- Courtney & Kevin Collins
03/09/2020 19:06:15
"If I didn’t think you guys weren’t doing a super job I would not come back"
- David Bruner
03/05/2020 01:04:25
"Wonderful bunch of people. Realize care about my pets "
- Dale And Sherry Taylor
03/04/2020 14:00:16
"All staff at Harrodsburg Animal Hospital are so nice and friendly. They take the needs of your pet very seriously. "
- Tammy/Joe Crawford
03/04/2020 11:17:25
"Great facility and clerks. Looking forward to meeting the Doctors. "
- Phyllis & Lonnie Campbell
03/04/2020 01:08:54
"You great just as you are. "
- Danny Goodlett
03/04/2020 00:44:32
"I would make no changes. Looking forward to meeting the new owners."
- Nancy/Kenny Stratton
03/03/2020 18:02:16
"The doctors have always taken good care of all of my animals. I know that if I have questions I can always ask and they are answered as well as they can be."
- Brandy Laymon
03/03/2020 15:13:46
"We appreciate the courteous, kind, and professional care given to our elderly dog. Becca, our black collie, enjoyed the visit too and offered hugs as a thank you!"
- Mike/Elaine Filkins
02/29/2020 21:14:06
"Everything AOK. Couldn't ask for better service."
- Kay Foster
02/27/2020 20:37:25
"The staff is always helpful and accommodating. "
- Sandy & David Murphy
02/27/2020 17:59:59
"I was very pleased with the kindness and soft speaking to my Lilly ❤️"
- Jamie Milburn-Cook
02/25/2020 23:33:29
"This was my first visit since the new owners started. I brought my most difficult pet, a cat that doesn't handle strangers very well. Alex was great with him, took her time, answered questions. "
- Kathy Reid
02/21/2020 18:28:32
"Last visit was Tucker's bath. Even though Tucker misses Lindsey, he was happy with his grooming. Keep up the good work!"
- Judy & Wayne Ware
02/19/2020 15:04:09
"All good."
- Guy & Pat Simmons
02/18/2020 21:20:40
"I was disappointed to see that the location will no longer be open on Saturdays but I understand that the staff has families and they should be able to spend weekends with them as well as have down time. The care is amazing. Our dog was a bit skittish of the vet and the tech at first but both of them took their time let her get adjusted to them and even got down on the floor with her. I was very impressed with the caring manner and knowledge of all who I encountered. "
- Tim & Tina Culp
02/17/2020 23:17:02
"We were seen promptly without any wait. Dr. Turcotte was very thorough and helped us in making the right choice for our little "kids""
- Ryan and Shannon Blevins
02/13/2020 11:25:41
"We love our vet."
- Dana & Scottie Southerland
02/11/2020 20:38:18
"I don't have any complaints. I will be boarding my dog with you next time."
- David & Cora McPherson
02/10/2020 20:56:46
"very good "
- Donna Gorley
01/30/2020 19:40:49
"Everyone in the office is very nice and helpful! I have never had a bad experience with Dr. Spaulding or his staff!"
- Bill & Anne Curry
01/30/2020 14:01:27
"Our visit was great. We didnt have to wait long and exceptional staff. Bertie was well taken care of and all of our questions were answered."
- Jodi Edwards
01/28/2020 16:16:33
"Excellent experience with Harrodsburg Animal Hospital!"
- Rebecca Ware
01/28/2020 01:38:12
"You do excellent work. Franni is not the easiest patient to deal with, but we are always satisfied. Please keep up the good work."
- Elizabeth/Kym Hardin
01/27/2020 13:53:15
"Highly recommend every staff member has a passion and deeply care for your pets! Love you all! "
- Chris and Jodi Satterly
01/27/2020 01:34:33
"Everyone in the office is so nice, caring and personal with me and my pets. I know they will always be well cared for."
- Tiffany/Steve Sparrow
01/23/2020 15:51:52
"100% satisfied!"
- Nick & Kelly Caton
01/19/2020 05:00:05
"I think you all are doing great, I have no complaints"
- Heather Penn
01/16/2020 02:02:43
"The care that Molly received was excellent. Dr Spaulding and his staff answered all of our questions and were very sweet to Molly. We left with a clear plan for her treatment and were very pleased with all aspects of her care during our visit. "
- Mary and Byron King
01/15/2020 18:28:21
"We are so pleased to have Dr. Spaulding and his staff looking after our pets!"
- Jane Eitreim
01/15/2020 04:37:03
"Concerning the CharleyAnn escaped my grip and chased the clinic cat into the vet's office . . . I would say y'all are doing great11"
- Jude/Gary Rose
01/14/2020 23:55:15
"Dr Spaulding and staff are wonderful! They take excellent care of our fur babies. I cannot say enough wonderful things!"
- James & Melissa Brown
01/09/2020 02:12:37
"Always feel like I got very best care for my pet"
- Edith Gilvin
01/07/2020 21:07:43
"Love Dr Spaulding and his staff. They are extremely kind with our fur babies. "
- Gary & Glenda E. Warren
01/05/2020 16:41:38
"Good, had a good experience. Was worried and the put my stress at ease about Bella. "
- Tammy & Stanley Derochea
01/04/2020 14:21:34
"This is a great office; the staff and doctors are wonderful!!"
- Dale And Sherry Taylor
01/03/2020 16:40:45
"Dr. Spaulding listened to our concerns and answered all our questions. He and Jack were very kind to our little kitty."
- Nancy/Kenny Stratton
01/02/2020 22:49:30
- Margaret Farthing
01/02/2020 22:29:49
"Never a complaint with the care our furbabies get. You guys are simply wonderful!!"
- David & Letha Berry
01/02/2020 21:17:25
"Experience with this pet was awesome "
- Eddie/Jodie Donahue
12/27/2019 19:13:22
"All good."
- Guy & Pat Simmons
12/21/2019 20:04:24
"I love it there! They are so kind, friendly and informative about our Pets health. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!"
- Penny & Sam Van
12/19/2019 19:13:51
"great job"
- Percy/ Ethel Spencer
12/18/2019 15:34:36
"We recently moved to the area from Texas, and our baby Blue was due for his annual vaccinations. Based on the good online reviews, we made an appointment at Harrodsburg Animal Hospital for Blue’s annual check-up and vaccinations. Dr. Spaulding was kind and patient with Blue (who is shy and nervous at any vet office) and answered all our questions. Blue must have liked him too because he actually accepted a treat from Dr. Spaulding, and he will never take treats from strangers! The office staff and vet assistants were so sweet and welcoming. I really appreciated that they obviously cared about and doted on Blue but didn’t try to force petting on him as he is shy and a bit anxious around new people. The price was very reasonable for Blue’s check-up and vaccinations, which we appreciate as we have 3 dogs and are UK grad students on a budget. Thank you to Dr. Spaulding and the staff at Harrodsburg Animal Hospital. We have found our new vet :)"
- Camille/ Ben Brightwell
12/16/2019 19:10:00
"Always a good experience.!!"
- Dan & Abby Elvers
12/11/2019 19:50:19
"Always treats our pet with the best care ! "
- Patty & William Hall
12/09/2019 16:06:07
"Harrodsburg Animal Hospital is located about 30 minutes out of my way but I continue to choose you for my pet’s needs because of the kind and affordable service you provide on a consistent basis. Thank you! "
- Cheyenne/Andrew Jennings
12/09/2019 14:42:40
"Excellent staff, knowledgeable, friendly, concerned, reliable, clean facility, reasonably priced. I take my pet as well as strays there."
- Al Emrich
12/07/2019 22:21:15
"We love our vet. Excellent care and excellent staff."
- Dana & Scottie Southerland
12/05/2019 23:11:19
"I am perfectly satisfied with your services and your wonderful employees. One in particular stands out - That would be Ms. Carla. She showed a tremendous amount of sympathy to me when I had one of my pets ( Gizmo ) put down a few months ago. I will never forget that action from her, for I loved my little dog dearly. So please let her know that she is very much appreciated."
- Larry Hamilton
12/05/2019 21:09:10
"This a good place to take your animals to "
- Wilma Wilson
12/04/2019 12:37:22
"Great. Always accommodating!!!!"
- Phillip Sebastian
12/04/2019 01:01:38
"Harrodsburg Animal Hospital always takes great care of my pets! Thank you for taking good care of Pretty while we were out of town!"
- Gina Harpring
12/04/2019 00:51:36
"I wouldn't go anywhere else. Fair prices, friendly staff and expert care. Dr. Spaulding is great!"
- Kayla Wilburn
11/18/2019 14:06:46
"Best animal hospital you could possibly take your pet; caring staff, compassionate, understanding doctors. They always understand / support our needs. Will always attend this hospital, highly recommend!! Happy Customer/pet owner 🐩🐩"
- Lynn & Jim Dunn
11/18/2019 00:51:18
"You are always very professional and kind. "
- Kathy & Todd Gooch
11/17/2019 22:32:21
"I am so glad that we have the Veterinarians and the wonderful staff at Harrodsburg Animal Hospital! I was really unsure about bringing Rey in since she had stopped vomiting but was still not eating like her normal self and something just seemed off to me. Everyone was encouraging and supported my wanting to be sure by having them take a look at her. Turns out she did have the start of a UTI right after having been spade. We have 3 dogs who all are patrons here. Recently my daughter called me from the University of Louisville on her way to class almost in tears over her dog Kylo. He had woke up with a very swollen eye and she was concerned but had to leave to go to class. I was able to obtain a photo from her. I received a call back from Dr. Spaulding and was able to send him the picture and describe the issue in further detail. He advised us of what to do and comforted me by saying he felt it was a simple allergic reaction BUT he said if it did not improve within 6-8 hours after following his directions or got worse at all to NOT bring him from Louisville! He stressed she should find a reputable vet in Louisville to get him to promptly. Dr. Spaulding's willingness to speak to me over the phone and review the photo to make suggestions was a blessing. I was able to text the directions to my daughter along with what he had said he felt it was. As soon as her class was over she followed his instructions and within a few hours she texted pictures of a much better looking Kylo who was resting. We don't get this type of service ANYWHERE we go nowadays , even for ourselves. Thank you for treating our fur babies with such compassion and professionalism!!!!"
- Tim & Tina Culp
11/15/2019 01:11:34
"No complaints at all. Everything was ok."
- Janice & David Byrge
11/13/2019 18:01:43
"This is the best vet. and the friendliest personnel around. "
- Patricia Phillips
11/10/2019 19:26:03
"Real good. Everything I expected. Thank you"
- Wayne/Darlene Hall
11/08/2019 18:04:24
"We were so pleased to see how well our dogs were treated. Definitely will leave them with you again!"
- Tiffany/Steve Sparrow
11/06/2019 13:06:55
"Wonderful staff. Recommend them to all my friends "
- Dale And Sherry Taylor
11/03/2019 18:10:00
"I am satisfied whenever my furbabies are in need of the doctor ,i am gotten in quick and takes his time to check them over good "
- Gregg(Jodi) Huffman(Ponder)
10/30/2019 19:25:25
" They always do the extra "
- Beverly and Dave Torgerson
10/28/2019 18:34:35
"Always so happy with Harrodsburg Animal Hospital. Easy to get an appointment, Dr Spaulding is great, reception ladies are always so nice, and your prices are reasonable."
- Kathy Troop
10/28/2019 15:23:34
"Always glad to see me and my cats, kind and gentle with scared kitties and always on time."
- Ann Heffner
10/25/2019 17:43:34
"I love bringing my baby and get the best of care for my baby !"
- Sheila & Jerry Bugg
10/20/2019 19:12:26
"Excellent care for your pet. Great staff!"
- Jana Stratton
10/18/2019 05:00:46
"Highly competent and friendly staff. They truly care about their patients. "
- Guy & Pat Simmons
10/13/2019 20:54:03
"Would not take our furry family members elsewhere!"
- Danny/Lynn/Steve Taylor
10/13/2019 18:02:27
"I am very happy with our vet and all of the support we get at the office."
- Dana & Scottie Southerland
10/06/2019 23:49:48
"Vet and staff was very knowledgeable and helpful"
- Jim Skinner
10/05/2019 22:36:57
"I love taking my pets there, they provide great service and really care about animals "
- Dawn and Anthony Bryant
10/02/2019 14:05:07
"All of you are THE BEST!"
- Margaret Farthing
10/01/2019 20:07:32
"I have always enjoyed coming there, Reno and Toby both loved the people. They excited to go in and greet everyone. Excellent care. Everyone loved the animals. I would not have been a customer otherwise. "
- Vivian & Gerald Blackwell
10/01/2019 14:15:56
"You are doing great, thank you for taking such good care of my cats."
- Gina Harpring
09/28/2019 13:33:28
"Care there is excellent always friendly and thorough "
- Rhonda Mattingly
09/27/2019 16:10:31
"No complaints. I came in to get flea treatments for my cat, wad on and out in 3 minutes."
- Al Emrich
09/23/2019 14:05:55
"great care of Coco, my cat!!! "
- Patricia Skelton
09/21/2019 02:17:16
"You all doing a great job with Ricky! Thanks"
- Richard & Betty Steele
09/19/2019 20:09:12
"I am always greeted in a very welcoming manner. They great me and my dogs by name. "
- Barbara Isham
09/17/2019 19:18:37
"We love Dr. Spaulding and the entire staff at HAH!"
- Nick & Kelly Caton
09/16/2019 12:17:47
"You are the best!"
- Frank & Constanc Huff
09/13/2019 14:21:18
"Great caring, understanding staff who are always alert/attentive to my dog! I highly recommend them!"
- Lynn & Jim Dunn
09/12/2019 20:26:29
"Both my furbabies and I are always treated excellent when we have to go to HAH for any needs Always very courtieous staff and no long waits to be seen"
- Sylvia Hayslett
09/11/2019 15:20:57
"The best of customer service, prices are reasonable and I can tell staff clearly loves animals. "
- Jeanne' Marie West
09/09/2019 19:32:08
"great attentive care/exam"
- Donn Pescatrice
09/07/2019 13:57:18
"The staff was very friendly and helpful.they treated ghost and storm really good."
- Chris & Pammy Russell
09/03/2019 18:59:25
"Every one at HAH are wonderful, friendly and very helpful. Dr Spaulding is awesome!"
- Dale And Sherry Taylor
09/03/2019 15:50:26
"Excellent, one of the best Animal Hospitals we have ever used. Thank you for all you do to take care of our dogs."
- Key and Felicia Willson
09/03/2019 14:28:23
"Everyone always welcomes us and our fur babies like family!"
- James & Melissa Brown
08/28/2019 00:58:16
"Good experience staff friendly and helpful"
- Cathy Hill
08/26/2019 14:38:36
"Great ! No Problems"
- Janice & David Byrge
08/26/2019 14:20:46