"The service was excellent from the receptionist to the tech to the vet. Everyone was courteous and timely. Also the vet took our concerns seriously and I appreciate that. We felt like part of the family right away."
- Brad Corbett
08/08/2019 18:53:07
"Ya'll do a great job of caring for my dog!"
- Leif Anders
08/07/2019 18:01:46
"I loved that the Dr. took the time to talk through all areas of my dogs health, but also helped me prioritize what I needed to address that fell within a financial plan. My past vet often made me uncomfortable when I refused suggested treatment based on cost."
- Kelli Gist
08/07/2019 14:12:27
"I think this pet place is great. Both doctors are terrific and the fill in, Dr. Hughes, is excellent also."
- Larry Sowell
08/06/2019 12:55:00
"We have come with our pets to Companion Animal Hospital for over 30 years. I love the new doctor, and Dr. Brown, also all the technicians. We have cried and laugh with them many times. The last visit was wonderful as always . Thank you. "
- Earl Hammonds
08/05/2019 22:59:57
"Got in on time, felt well cared for, got good info about cat."
- Elaine Johnston
08/03/2019 13:17:47
"Dr Brown is amazing. So amazing. She explains everything so well and is very thorough. I know my kitty is in good hands with her. "
- Chelsea Wallace
08/02/2019 19:36:10
"I still drive 45 minutes with a carsick cat because of the care provided by Dr Brown and staff. The best."
- Amanda Johnson
08/01/2019 17:00:04
"Great people. So good with my dogs. "
- Sheila Nichols
08/01/2019 13:42:08
"Love our visits to Companion Animal Hospital and the exceptional care from Dr. Brown and staff, Tucker is so lucky to have such a wonderful Vet for his health needs. "
- Lynne McCoy
07/29/2019 17:13:48
"Excellent experience! Enjoyed meeting Dr Brown and appreciated her engagement with Addie. "
- Carol Townsend
07/21/2019 00:59:39
"Everyone at your clinic is the best. I feel so supported and my animals well cared for."
- Camille Palafox
07/19/2019 00:13:00
"Excellent, as usual."
- Larry Watson
07/18/2019 22:28:45
"Love Companion!! Staff is always friendly and Drs were informative and inclusive. They really got the kids into the well check for our dog. "
- Lara Vaughn
07/15/2019 02:28:33
"Your doing great! Friendly, professional and down to earth explanations "
- Thomas Creighton
07/12/2019 20:23:45
"Staff is professional, caring, listens and answers questions. My cat had excellent care "
- Susan Coffman (Japar)
07/12/2019 20:20:04
"Excellent and compassionate care"
- Paul Marino
07/12/2019 14:51:28
"Vets are excellent; supporting staff excellent also....the atmosphere is very friendly. My dogs love to come here; they get so excited when I say where we are going."
- Eleanor Melcer
07/10/2019 15:55:50
"Love this vet."
- Laura Chavez
06/24/2019 12:56:23
"Zoey (our 8 year old dachshund) loves Dr. Brown! The techs are all great, too. More like visiting friends than going to a doctor. So grateful for our healthy, energetic dog. "
- Esther Teller
06/23/2019 22:50:31
"You do very well. You are prompt and on-topic, and at the same time considerate and reasonably friendly in every interaction we have had. All your treatments thus far have helped Hillary overcome her ailment(s) and return to a healthy state. You gals (and guys?) are good in my book. As far as I'm concerned, Companion Animal Hospital is our Veterinary Office, present and future. I am only sorry that we waited as long as we did before reaching out to meet you."
- Ryan Rodriguez
06/16/2019 23:15:56
"Best thing about Companion is the staff. Always friendly and always helpful. That, paired with quality of care for animals, makes it a great place."
- Joe Robinson
06/16/2019 20:26:38
"Dr. Brown is wonderful! The staff is very friendly and welcoming. I am so glad I found this veterinary hospital for my pets."
- Mary Swanson
06/12/2019 15:49:08
"We always receive great care from your team...keep it up!"
- Greg Bowers
06/10/2019 16:13:52
"Love you guys"
- Ayesha Anthony
06/10/2019 04:00:08
"All good! "
- Clara Serrano
06/07/2019 20:25:58
"Great attentive staff and responsive. "
- Mel Mireles
06/07/2019 13:49:00
" When i travel, it comforts me to know that The Pup will get TLC from Companion, along with his medications, food and shelter there. This trip that was especially important because it rained so much. Thanks for taking such great care of him."
- Gratia Winship
06/07/2019 12:34:38
"Love the personal service and the time the vets take to talk to you"
- Deborah Overdorff
06/06/2019 20:46:11
"Our hen had been behaving oddly the past few days, and we were worried about finding a vet who was willing to look at hens. We found Companion Animal Hospital online, and we were relieved that it was within Austin, even though we lived far from the office. I think I initially had my reservations about taking our hen to the vet, but after Dr. Geigel-Ortiz came in to help diagnose our hen, I found his advice very helpful and I found him to be very knowledgeable about chickens and best practices. I came from the office feeling relieved with the care that our hen received and having a doctor we can trust to bring our chickens to."
- Nathan Jee
06/06/2019 16:22:00
"Very caring staff! Dr. Brown is great!"
- Steve Anderson
06/03/2019 20:03:54
"Very compassionate and professional service."
- Leif Anders
06/01/2019 17:25:31
"Very kind and understanding. "
- John Matzen
05/24/2019 14:07:59
"It's hard when your pet is ill or has a complication. Everyone made Ellie and I feel like we are in very good hands. Having the Dr. follow up with us after the weekend and follow up with the internal medicine specialist really made us feel cared for."
- Leslie Gruver
05/22/2019 16:33:46
"I had a great experience at Companion Animal Hospital the other day! I felt at ease and sure that my baby Wolfy was in good hands, and I left feeling happy knowing that he'd gotten everything he needed taken care of."
- Sevrianna Urrutia
05/22/2019 16:06:17
"We’ve always been so pleased with Dr. Brown and her staff! I wouldn’t trust my fur babies with anyone else!"
- Kim Bryant
05/21/2019 02:45:12
"Kind, caring team..."
- Melanie Barnes
05/21/2019 00:54:50
"Dr Brown is so knowledgeable and informative. She is very thorough with her care of my pups. I trust her and she understands when I have a tough time complying. She doesn’t judge and does the best she can with this neurotic dog mama. My boys drag me into Companion and that says it all. Barb has always been efficient and understanding. She is great on the front line. Looking forward to many more years together. "
- Janet Council
05/18/2019 17:14:00
"Great and understanding staff. Was able to get me in on short notice and work with my schedule. "
- Krystal Thompson
05/17/2019 12:49:09
"Great attention to our dog by staff and assistants. Love the doctor and the time and care."
- Camille Palafox
05/16/2019 17:54:04
"You always take great care of Yuma, thanks! "
- Amy McGowan
05/12/2019 23:54:12
"timely and careful. compassionate. knowledgeable."
- Paul Marino
05/12/2019 22:48:41
"I really like Dr. Brown and the staff is very nice."
- Jill Tibbels
05/12/2019 17:45:26
"We love Dr Brown!!!! You all are always willing to listen and do what you can to help us with our dogs!!!"
- Cindi Bowman
05/12/2019 01:00:50
"The staff is extremely friendly. Doctor very gentle and knowledgable"
- Susan Fafrak
05/10/2019 19:04:17
"Very pleased with vets and staff members. Very response to emails and phone calls. Thank you!"
- Cher Montalvo
05/09/2019 18:52:50
"The entire staff is very professional, friendly and cordial and did a wonderful job of making me and my pet rooster “señor fuzzy” feel like part of their family. I arrived two hours early for my appt. & was offered a yummy cup of coffee while we waited. Dr. Geigel-Ortiz is super kind, knowledgable and was very gentle. Señor Fuzzy didn’t even flinch while his nails and spurs were being trimmed. Dr. Geigel-Ortiz explained everything to me. I learned organic and safe ways to keep mites away from my chickens. I highly recommend taking your pet(s) to Companion Animal Hospital. Even though I live 25 miles away, I will continue to take my chickens there from now on :)"
- Patrick Ferrante
05/09/2019 14:52:49
"I’ve been bringing my 4 legged children here since 1994 so I’ve been pleased with their care "
- Cathy Collins
04/16/2019 00:07:13
"Liked the paint job, the cleanliness and expanse of the exam rooms. Easier to contact now with APP and ePet sites. Dr. Brown was "up" on the GRLS-Morris Animal Foundation news especially concerning DCM, taurine deficiency in Golden Retrievers. She brought up the subject before I had the chance! Like that we're on the "same page" when it comes to Turley's health, "
- Janet Martin
04/15/2019 20:02:03
"Y'all are the best! You treat me and my animals like your best friends. I have complete confidence that my pets are getting the best possible care at Companion. "
- Toni Azolakov
04/15/2019 19:32:35
"I have been “singing” your praises since 1999. My entire family of pets, 1 cat and 4 dogs, have received excellent professional care. Additionally, they keep the human family in the loop, sharing and discussing all the test results and outcomes to assist in family decisions."
- Nancy Patterson
04/10/2019 16:43:44
"It is very convenient to be able to order my cats’ meds online. The meds were ready for pickup the next morning. Thanks!"
- Carol Rosser
04/09/2019 17:36:11
"I have always had good experiences with Companion Animal Hospital. Being able to board Ana & Steffi so easily is a lifesaver since I have to travel some, and everyone is always so good with them."
- Clark Peterson
03/31/2019 21:07:23
"I have been apart of the Companion Animal Hospital family for 15 years with several different fur babies! Dr. Leary (miss you) and Dr. Brown are the best ever! I have had only positive (some sad) professional experiences. Love this place and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs veterinarian care!"
- Jane Jordan
03/31/2019 19:28:40
"Dr.Brown has always been very kind and thorough when taking care of my dogs..the staff is always friendly and they make you and your pet feel at ease.."
- Marie Ferrer
03/29/2019 17:11:01
"I like the follow thru with service that you all are doing now. The upgrades on the interior are very nice. Staff is wonderful."
- Reanie Marchand
03/27/2019 16:01:24
"Tex and I both felt very comfortable and happy at our appointment. I feel like the staff and doctors love Tex and comment on his good traits. I don't feel pressured to do things that are unnecessary, but I feel encouraged to attend to the vital care. (For example, Tex is on a diet!) This balance is important to me as my family is on a budget. It is clear as well that the staff and docs are very knowledgeable. We are quite happy with the Companion group!!"
- Sarah Dwelle
03/24/2019 21:20:09
"Friendly, helpful, and attentive. "
- John Matzen
03/24/2019 14:22:36
"I've been a loyal client since 1994. You guys are the best in terms of personalizing the vet experience and making it worth my while to drive down south and have my pets seen by you guys! "
- Deborah Overdorff
03/21/2019 17:47:41
"Excellent as always "
- Larry Watson
03/14/2019 16:56:01
"Best experience with a veterinarian ever!"
- Mary Attwell
03/13/2019 00:31:57
"I needed some meds for Rudy on a Saturday morning, and even though Companion was about to close, they told me to come pick them up, even if I was to be a little late. I was so grateful! "
- Andrea Turner
03/12/2019 13:47:02
"Nothing to complain about! Great service super friendly staff and are always ready to help you no matter what you need. They make your pet feel at home. "
- Jesus Jimenez
03/10/2019 15:49:43
"I'm thrilled to meet a vet that makes sense when discussing alternatives to repeat vaccination. I look forward to more exploration on how we can do better with less. I like the idea of prevention through nutrition and clean living."
- Tracy Schagen
03/07/2019 22:46:25
"Always accommodating and very friendly, I board my dogs frequently and always treat my dogs like family "
- Jeff Greenlaw
03/07/2019 19:43:05
"Everyone is terrific at Companion. They are always friendly and compassionate. The best way I can recommend them is I gave them 5 stars. "
- Larry Sowell
03/07/2019 13:56:47
"It is so clear that your team cares. Both my pet and I felt comfortable in your environment. Dr Alfredo - thank you for being well versed with chickens! So very thankful I have found you. "
- Jeri Smith
03/06/2019 18:05:45
"Love y’all, my girlfriend and I bring our cats Minnie and jimmy to y’all for their care. Nothing but the best from all the employees. Keep up the great work!"
- Dominic Pizzuti
03/06/2019 01:48:14
"I first took my dog to Companion because I was new to Austin and Companion was able to get my dog in right away. What I really like about companion is that Dr. Brown clearly explains everything along the way. Frankly the service delivered is much better than I have experienced by other Veterinarian’s. I feel fortunate that no other Vet could see my dog when he was sick, because I found Companion and couldn’t be happier. "
- Olivia Garves
03/03/2019 21:18:43
"Very well. I appreciate the helpful staff and knowledgeable docs."
- Nancy Jones
03/03/2019 19:25:20
"Excellent staff and Dr Brown is simply the best!"
- Joann Koster
03/01/2019 21:28:14
"I appreciate the concern and flexibility of your clinic. No major or minor issues. I feel that Freedom has received and will continue to receive great service and care. "
- Heather McMillion
02/26/2019 19:03:16
"New to the practice. Love Dr. Alfredo and Samantha!!"
- Terri Haas
02/26/2019 04:31:14
"i think you're doing great. each time we walk through the door, we feel cared for."
- Jenny Cozzolino
02/24/2019 14:13:49
"Love the experiences with Vida Vet. Home care is wonderful which is a different experience at an office. Very caring with my pet babies and great emphaty when we lost one. It was peaceful and respectful."
- Jeff Snowden
02/22/2019 21:49:30
"Everyone is friendly and professional. Check in and out is effecient. I get the help I need in getting my pet in and out of my vehicle."
- Susan Coffman (Japar)
02/22/2019 21:39:08
"Dr. Brown IS "the Cat Whisperer," and the staff are helpful and care very much for all the animals who come under their care. Everyone at Companion has gone beyond the call of duty to help out my cats. Wonderful people."
- Janis Rebold
02/20/2019 18:07:46
"Service is always prompt. Staff is always friendly. Companion welcomes cates, which is not true of all vets. I am grateful to everyone: vets, technicians, and receptionists for the care my cats have received for the past 20 years."
- Maggi Miller
02/16/2019 21:47:34
"Scheduling is easy and accommodating our needs. Staff is professional and compassionate"
- Paul Marino
02/16/2019 17:57:03
- Rachel Tang
02/15/2019 01:04:11
"My appointments are easy to get within my timeframe and once I get to the office, I am warmly greeted and my wait time is generally around 5 minutes or so which is just great. "
- Cathy Collins
02/14/2019 13:57:20
"The caretakers remembering the dog and talking to her like they know her is sweet!"
- Terry Karasewich
02/06/2019 23:58:48
"You guys are GREAT. Thank you."
- James Hill
02/06/2019 15:33:21
"The whole staff is outstanding. Thanks for taking good care of my dog’s health!"
- Amy McGowan
02/05/2019 17:33:22
"I’ve been there twice so far with my boys and it already feels like home. The doctor was great and with good humor, he made lite of my dramatic little puppies and made my kids laugh instead of cry when the dogs freaked out. All the techs were so very helpful and genuinely care. They literally all came to try and comfort the puppies. Even the woman at the front desk took special care to my oldest daughter when her laughter died off and she became concerned. Thanks for being so awesome! "
- Jennifer Gloyd
02/03/2019 12:24:19
"Always great personal service & informative of pet's condition."
- Russell Lyday
02/01/2019 23:24:50
"Everything is great. We have known Dr. Brown for at least 20 years and feel very comfortable with her treatment of our animals."
- Keith Newberry
02/01/2019 21:08:52
"Good experience. My foster dog was well taken care of."
- Marian Keyes
02/01/2019 00:49:15
"We have used the vets at Companion animal Hospital for 19 years. All the doctors and staff provide excellent and compassionate care. They respond quickly to telephone advise and urgent appointments. All of my 4-legged family members find the office a safe and happy environment, even the ornery ones."
- Nancy Patterson
01/30/2019 18:09:56
"I LOVE companion. I talk about you all the time."
- Ellen Beaman
01/25/2019 17:04:09
"I would not take any animal anywhere else in Austin."
- Joe Robinson
01/24/2019 19:05:24
"Friendly staff, Dr. Brown took great care to explain exactly what was happening to my dog and what we could do to help him over the next few days of his recovery. "
- Eric Crone
01/18/2019 20:31:19
"Every single visit has been a good visit. I find the staff caring and efficient. "
- John Matzen
01/16/2019 14:27:46
"All was good. The kitties were seen in a timely manner, and both the technician and physician were very gentle and kind with them. Everything was explained well and all of my questions were answered. "
- Carol Rosser
01/15/2019 17:01:42
"Great, efficient, and friendly"
- Ed Latouf
01/13/2019 15:54:00
"I went in for med refill and had a question about possible reaction to Revolution. 3 people including a vet talked to me about it and also gave me opinion about another med question that came up. They remembered my cat’s health problems without my telling them. I was impressed by quick response and concern. "
- Catherine Sewell
01/11/2019 14:06:15
"Love the staff. Always attentive to my dogs needs. "
- Jay Maffi
01/11/2019 12:49:37
"My family has always had a great experience at Companion Animal Hospital! The staff has always been extremely compassionate, very friendly and quite responsive to our calls or emails. Highly recommend! "
- Cher Montalvo
01/08/2019 16:33:55
"I love Dr.Brown and the care she gives to our pets! All the staff are a great and very personable! "
- Kristie Smith
01/06/2019 14:23:44
"Great experience! The receptionist was great with her recommendations and explanation of changes in medicine. "
- Shirin Mirdamadi
01/06/2019 13:57:52