"Everyone is very friendly and nice when we show up. Even when they call it is always nice. "
- Scott Meyer
02/02/2019 19:46:10
"You all made me feel like Benjamin was the star of the show. I'm new with puppy care and there were no harsh criticisms, which I appreciate. I could tell you all honestly enjoy what you do. I wasn't sure if you truly felt our puppy was special because staff would likely be encouraged to tell all patients that but it warmed my heart nonetheless. I super appreciated how you rewarded us for adopting from a shelter by offering a nice free initial office visit. Thank you. "
- Michelle Nelson
02/02/2019 04:42:12
"I love how much you care about Sasha and are always easy and caring with her! Don't have any bad experiences to share."
- George Jacoby
01/28/2019 19:52:37
"Nice to see staff who like what they do!"
- Barbara Breuninger
01/24/2019 19:45:29
"Vet tech was patient with my shy girl. I appreciate her taking time to gain Stella’s trust."
- Janell Martinez
01/22/2019 23:05:17
"I always have a great experience at Phoenix Animal Hospital - the staff and doctors treat us like family, and great my dog by her name when we enter the front door. "
- Teresa Rasmussen
01/19/2019 17:38:17
"Everyone at Phoenix Animal Hospital always treat my 4 dogs so wonderful, I love you all there. Especially Summer she is so caring loving and understanding. I have only the best to say about you all and the care that you give to my pets even my Chicken. Thank you "
- Isabel Viescas
01/19/2019 13:22:32
"Everyone knows your name and your pet’s name. It’s a personal experience and everything is based on everyone being onboard with treatment, etc."
- Karen Vansant
01/19/2019 04:25:00
"You all are the most caring, happy and concerned folks who care very much for the health and welfare of our dogs and for us, their humans. Can't think of anything I would ask you to change. Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you."
- Karen Jones
01/19/2019 03:47:02
"I really appreciate your time and caring for a new customer. All parties that myself and my dog came in contact we very Helpful. We will see you again. Thank you. "
- Bridget Merrill
11/21/2018 04:43:15
"I loved how Yong Sa, our German Shepherd was treated. Dr. Johnson gave her time and space to come around and get to know her on her own terms. Few vets allow that. Also, I love Sue in the front office, always smiling and even on the phone you can tell she is smiling. Love this place!"
- Angela Sommers
11/13/2018 02:33:46
"Everyone is easy to communicate with. They are efficient with their work which is always appreciated. You also have some very caring and compassionate staff!!"
- Danny Milich
11/12/2018 20:52:39
"I've been taking my pets here since I moved to southern Oregon in 1992. I no longer live in Phoenix, but I still take my babies there. You are the best!"
- Denise Dillard
11/05/2018 18:05:38
"Seen on time. Everyone friendly"
- John Ross
11/03/2018 20:50:14
"You guys did awesome giving me frequent updates on my baby Hercules while he was being seen, I appreciated that. "
- Alma Flores
11/01/2018 22:05:44
"You all were so thorough explaining everything going on with my pet. You didn't treat me like I was wrong for handling this situation they I am. You were so good with my pet and gave me a detailed follow up plan that included information I would not have received without bringing him to you. Your staff is polite, you make the effort to stay on time with appointments and still don't make me feel like I have to rush to communicate my concerns or questions. I am beyond happy with my experience and I will be bring my other pet in the next time it's necessary. "
- Kevin Brown
10/25/2018 02:32:46
"I always have a positive experience. Front desk staff is always courteous and friendly. Vet techs also have been very gentle and loving with my pets. I appreciate that they don’t push vaccinations on me; yet they do remind me when they’re due and that’s helpful. One thing I really appreciate is that after every visit, they call the next day to check on my fur-baby(ies) to make sure everything is ok and to answer any questions. I feel like they really do care about the animals and it shows! "
- Janell Martinez
10/24/2018 17:18:18
"We Love the Staff, Dr. Winters is a wonderful veterinarian!! "
- Lynn McBee
10/23/2018 14:27:33
"My pets and I always getting treated perfectly! Thank you for always being there for us."
- Teresa Rasmussen
10/13/2018 15:45:59
"I have had only positive experiences on my visits with Sasha to your office."
- George Jacoby
10/12/2018 17:49:24
"Doing great. Have been very pleased with my animals care at your vet hospital."
- Pat Dunlavy
10/12/2018 00:16:35
"Maggie and I think you guys are the best. Maggie came home from her stay happy and healthy. I feel very confident with the level of care and attention Maggie receives while staying with you. "
- Nancy Stavish
10/11/2018 15:46:04
"We have always had a great experience at Phoenix Animal Hospital! The staff and Doctors are knowledgeable and very customer service oriented. They show affection and concern for our pets' health and provide excellent information. Thus we have transferred all of our pets' records from another vet and Phoenix Animal Hospital is our "go to" vet now. "
- Melanie De Sousa
10/07/2018 22:41:09
"Brought my 41 year old parrot in for a nail, beak, and wing trim. Everyone was very pleasant and I even received a phone call the next morning to check on her!"
- Kathleen Gentile
10/06/2018 21:56:26
"I love that the Vets get down my pets level. Everyone is always very welcoming. I never have a problem."
- Tammie Long
10/05/2018 16:31:00