"What an AWESOME Animal hospital! Everyone is so professional, customer service oriented, friendly and respectful to me and my pets; Muffin & Bailey. I'm very glad we are registered and accepted at your animal hospital... Thank you so very much for your time and cooperation during my two days of visits. Sandy Straus"
- Sandy Straus
08/31/2016 13:44:45
"Love this place! Always caring and understanding with our baby"
- Michelle Hamrick
08/31/2016 07:14:28
"In the time we have been Caring Hands clients we have had five cats! All of which were/are Caring Hands patients. I have no complaints about the pet care we have received and are satisfied with their service. Friendly, professional, Caring! "
- John Warzybok
08/29/2016 13:03:08
"I love Caring Hands! "
- Kerry Rojas
08/29/2016 11:55:07
"We've been bringing our cats to CHAH for at least 13 years. We've also recommended you to friends and family. Drs. Dillon and Vitulli have been "our" vets from the beginning (although we have not seen Dr. Vitulli in the past several visits). They are both compassionate, caring and confident when interacting with our cats. They answer any questions we have, and never rush through a visit. The office staff and technicians are always friendly and helpful, too. "
- Karla Donock
08/27/2016 08:49:48
"I have always loved Caring Hands and even though I have moved to Sterling, I still drive to the Centreville location for their superb service."
- Tina Coulson
08/25/2016 06:42:40
"The staff is great, professional and friendly. Dr Dillon is just the best. Would not take our pets anywhere else."
- Beth DeHaemers
08/22/2016 16:13:20
"Dr. Ledesma was fabulous! We are first-time dog owners and she was so helpful and reassuring."
- Lydia Buschenfeldt
08/13/2016 18:44:01
"You guys are wonderful! I came in without a scheduled appointment due to a very nervous cat who defies scheduling. :-) Thank you for fitting us in and providing amazing care!"
- Maribeth Nolan
08/11/2016 20:30:12
"Great customer care; friendly staff; clean facility."
- Kareen Rodriguez
08/10/2016 09:53:00
"Our older dog is not doing well. All of the staff have been extremely caring and sensitive to the situation. "
- Kathy Marvin
08/06/2016 18:22:11
"I love Caring Hands. I moved there from Bandfeild. I perfer Caring Hands because the staff is very friendly and I like how you don't have to leave your dog at the vet all day for check ups. "
- Elizabeth Perez
08/05/2016 14:02:57
"We really appreciate the time and care Dr. Vander Vennet takes to ensure the comfort of our anxious pup's office visits. She is thorough, patient and professional at all times. We appreciate her wonderful "bedside manner." "
- Anita Boggs
08/04/2016 22:17:36
"Dr. Vander Vennet was fantastic! She was kind and caring to my dog, Marley, in addition to being thorough. I appreciated her professionalism and clear understanding/knowledge of her job. She was easy to talk to and very informative. I totally trusted my dog with her and will most definitely request her for future visits!"
- Sue Pangman
08/04/2016 17:27:19
"I feel like Triple is well cared for at Caring Hands."
- Stacy Fiening
08/01/2016 13:40:18
"I appreciate the continued support of the Caring Hands team. They are always wonderful and look forward to Dixie getting to know everyone. Lisa Woody"
- Lisa Woody
08/01/2016 09:04:59
"Friendly, caring staff. Love that information is freely given, usually before I ask."
- Barbara Greene
07/30/2016 11:51:41
"Great place and the people there are very polite and caring. I would refer anyone who asked about a vet to this place every time in a second. Thank you for all the help! "
- Michael Hill
07/29/2016 17:06:45
"Takes great care for my 2 cats, Very great service, Wonderful all around, Thanks so much!!1"
- Carmen Banner
07/29/2016 13:16:59
"I have never had a bad experience at Caring Hands. My cat may not like the process of getting TO the office, but the last few times we've been he has purred through the entire appointment. He's very sweet by nature anyway but he recognizes Dr. Dillon's voice; she and all the techs we've worked with have been absolutely outstanding. It's the reason that I still take him there even though we now live over 35 minutes away."
- Danielle Ellis
07/25/2016 15:23:07
"Everyone at Caring Hands has been absolutely wonderful I really feel that everyone is caring and professional thank you"
- Karyn Peters-Beaty
07/20/2016 14:39:06
"Having been coming to Caring Hands for over six years. Dr. Dillon and staff have taken excellent care of our two cats."
- Kathleen Breeding
07/14/2016 13:53:34
"Amazing team!"
- Mariah Maldonado
07/03/2016 10:12:29
"Caring Hands Animal Hospital is the best for my Bulldog. They treat him as one of there own animals. Every time he has a visit scheduled they provide us with the best service possible. I recently moved & switched Caring Hands location from Centreville to falls church. No comparison Centreville is the better of the two in overall customer/dog satisfaction. I am and always will take my Bulldog to the Centreville location. My Bulldog "Brutus" is well loved by the Awesome people @ Caring Hands Animal Hospital"
- Shawn Terry
06/30/2016 09:24:12
"Once again Tory was treated like a queen. All the employees at the front desk love dogs and are very professional. Thank you to Leslie & Caring Hands!"
- Lee White
06/27/2016 05:23:57
"The veterinarians and veterinary technicians at Caring Hands Animal Hospital of Centreville have been very knowledgeable, helpful, and kind when taking care of my dog Beckett. Most recently, Dr. Ledesma worked very diligently to determine the cause of a couple of chronic health issues. She was able to rule out some causes with tests at Caring Hands and recognized the need for Beckett to be referred to a veterinary internist, which she arranged. The veterinary internist performed some procedures and was able to determine what was wrong with Beckett and develop an appropriate treatment. Dr. Ledesma has since helped me to make some changes to other medications that were necessary due to the treatment plan developed by the internist."
- Barbara Bresnan
06/24/2016 15:14:30
"I had a last minute request and Caring Hands was able to get me a appointment very quickly!"
- Susan Bailey
06/23/2016 13:26:55
"Leslie is terrific! She always treats Bandit gently and with kindness. "
- Susan Skiles
06/15/2016 19:43:30
"Everyone was very caring and kind. The ladies at the reception desk were very nice and Dr. V explained everything to me about Kitty and his care."
- Trish Stelter
06/12/2016 06:15:02
"Caring Hands in Centreville has been taking care of my animals for years and Dr. Dillan is just amazing. I feel like I can ask her any question and not only will she give me answer, but the reason behind her answer as well. Plus, I was very touched by the condolence cards that the hospital has sent to comfort me when a much beloved pet passes."
- Earl Smith
06/07/2016 19:01:58
"Dr. Dillon is always a delight to deal with. Kind, understanding, and knowledgeable. The entire staff at Caring Hands Centreville are a dream team!"
- Janet Wilson
06/07/2016 14:58:53
"We are blessed to have a very healthy 8 year old yorkie and don't often "need" care but on the rare occasion when an emergency arises, as we just experienced, it's beyond invaluable to us to have so many caring staff rush us through, answer our questions, and most importantly, provide the best care possible for our precious cargo. It can sometimes be quite scary but the gentle and nurturing care that Dr. Vander Vennet and other numerous staff showed Harlee during her emergency was such a huge comfort. We thank you all and we are big fans of Caring Hands for life! "
- Wendy Brewer
06/06/2016 10:23:41
"brought our dog blondi in on a short notice because of her feeling ill, they were very caring about her health and were very gentle with her"
- Steven Strosnider
06/01/2016 13:51:54
"I appreciate everything Caring Hands does for me and my pets."
- Melissa Dyniec
05/23/2016 09:48:44
"I was very impressed by the bedside manner of the techs and vets I saw. While a visit to the vet is never a pleasant experience for either of my cats, their anxiety recovery time was significantly shorter than in the past! "
- Jessica Goodman
05/19/2016 16:48:26
"The doctor and staff could not have been kinder and very informative. They alleviated all of my fears. Thank you! "
- Sandra Busey
05/11/2016 16:00:47
"We love Caring Hands... we've had great service for years. Thank you for all that you do! :)"
- Pamela Linne
05/09/2016 17:55:23
"Since coming to Caring Hands my dog has never been better. Toby couldn't walk when I first took him there. He could not use his back legs but now she is running around. They always call to check up and are always concerned I love them and will always recommend them "
- Joanne Jeffery
05/09/2016 16:35:54
"I really enjoyed my dog's visit! The Doctor and the techs were so amazing! My dog Stella was treated like a queen!"
- Dawn Galloway
05/09/2016 14:41:18
"All of my pets have gotten excellent care from the veterinarians and the staff. They are prompt and courteous. They provide that personal touch which I really appreciate. The veterinarian calls to check on the pet and give the results personally."
- Patricia Hunter
05/08/2016 19:29:09
"I love bringing Reese's to visit! Every staff member and Doctor is amazing and relatable. They keep her calm and get to us as quickly as possible. We are so appreciative of the care we get visiting!"
- Megan Stanfill
05/06/2016 20:39:30
"It is great to be able to bring my dog to a place where everyone is really nice, knowledgeable and so amazing with him. They take such good care of him! "
- Janet Kuhl
05/06/2016 13:35:13
"This team is truly amazing! Cheerio and family thank you. :)"
- Mariah Maldonado
05/03/2016 19:15:06
"I just love you guys! Everyone is friendly, thorough, and never make you feel rushed. I couldn't say enough about how great y'all are."
- Brandy Stowe
05/02/2016 14:56:05
"Went here to get a second opinion, on my dogs hip condition. I ended up finding out more than I was expecting and he was diagnosed to Lymphoma, the staff was very supportive and informative during the visit, I will definitely be returning back to this facility with my other dog as well, seeing as my former vet didn't catch this condition. My dog is currently on medication to stay comfortable, I am very pleased with this hospitals care with my dog."
- Ashleigh Robbins
04/27/2016 17:50:44
"Very nice to have Caring Hands to look after my Major, thank you 😊. "
- Belinda Griffin
04/26/2016 17:23:31
"Very happy with service."
- Barbara Toliver
04/24/2016 12:43:21
"Staff is always friendly and helpful"
- Jaimi Taylor
04/22/2016 15:49:59
"We love Dr. Dillon! "
- Jacqueline McDonald
04/19/2016 14:04:01
"I emailed questions concerning Flea & Tick prevention and treats. Angela responded to me and was very helpful. She set aside my items so that I could pick them up later in the day. I really appreciate her helpfulness and professionalism."
- Sherry Nelson
04/18/2016 17:16:50
"As always, Tory was well taken care of this week. The office staff is very friendly, Leslie was wonderful, and I would not take my dog anywhere else! Lee White"
- Lee White
04/15/2016 19:19:39
"Keep up the excellent service."
- Gavin McDonald
04/14/2016 15:24:13
"Great service as always!"
- Rebecca Stone
04/13/2016 16:29:09
"The staff and doctors are wonderful! They are helpful and knowledgeable, and I have, and will continue, to recommend them to friends."
- Kimberly Klain
04/13/2016 13:09:01
"This office has taken care of our dogs since we moved here in 09/2011. I trust my dogs life with Caring Hands, and we will always utilize this facility for our pets needs. "
- Michael Mistick
04/11/2016 12:50:48
"Everyone is wonderful with my pet! They take the time to great her and put her at ease. She is not afraid of going to the vets. "
- Karen Nelson
04/10/2016 20:55:45
"Always have great experiences here! No complaints! "
- Alexis Golkin
04/10/2016 16:05:06
"Our dogs are treated very well at Caring Hands."
- Sue Urban
04/05/2016 20:23:11
"You took care of my very good friend Sasha and I thank you. "
- Harold Ellis
04/03/2016 21:50:08
"we appreciate you seeing our dog the same day i called"
- Theresa Terry
04/03/2016 10:53:32
"We love Caring Hands!"
- Kristi Finn
04/03/2016 10:02:06
"Thank you for taking such good care of my "baby." We appreciate all you do!"
- Kathy Roberts
03/30/2016 19:16:37
"Love this clinic & the staff!"
- Sherry Prow
03/27/2016 19:02:08
"Wonderful customer service from the front desk staff and the care givers in the back. My first experience with you all was amazing & welcoming. I had a bad experience from another facility when I tired to get my dog seen. I decided to go on YELP and you all had GREAT reviews, so I decided to call even though I live in Manassas Park it was worth the drive. My dog had her first seizer/epilepsy and I wanted to get her checked out ASAP. The young lady on the phone was wonderful and understood my situation and got me an appointment right then and there. The place was very nice and neat and had a great setup for complimentary coffee just really great. The name Caring Hands was perfect for this place as they live up to there name.. Thanks, Natasha Lewis & Meme the dog.. "
- Natasha Lewis
03/24/2016 11:37:00
"I am always very impressed with Caring Hands, especially the Centreville location since its opening. I take the health of my dog with the utmost seriousness and want nothing but the most meticulous care for him. Yes, there may be vets out there that charge less. I have been to other vets before I started coming to Caring Hands (as a brand) but never have I felt so comfortable in knowing that the best interests of my dog came first. Thank you for your continued care and love. "
- Adam Davis
03/22/2016 07:42:01
"We love Leslie! She is amazing. And Ida and Wendy are wonderful. So friendly and helpful. You have a great staff!"
- Elizabeth Sibert
03/18/2016 15:19:52
"A lovely experience as always! Thanks, CHAH!"
- Tuquyen Yee
03/17/2016 17:21:48
"I love all the staff at Caring Hands. The Doctors are fabulous and I am so happy with the attention my Dogs get when I bring them in. I always feel that they are special. "
- Sandy McLeish
03/13/2016 16:55:13
"My dog has a difficult and long medical history and Dr Dillon took great interest in her case reading her entire file! She is also brilliant handeling my dog. I also can't say enough positive things about Alexa Vockley. She has been with Ruby through the tough times and is an amazing vet tech! "
- Andrea (Andi) Ottmann
03/13/2016 07:32:18
"We LOVE Caring Hands!"
- Karen Brown
03/13/2016 06:23:40
"You all rock! Shout, Deeks, and Dingo always feel like they are your most important patients! Thanks for all you do!"
- Carolyn Gilchrist
03/13/2016 05:48:29
"Always pleased w/service, highly recommend, thanks so much!!"
- Carmen Banner
03/05/2016 16:25:13
"Keep up the good work. Thanks"
- Judy Milner
03/02/2016 18:06:57
"Always kind when I bring in Simon. Love dr dillon"
- Carol Mansur
02/23/2016 15:24:47
"We have a 12-year-old dog and received some sad news during our visit. The compassion of the staff was beyond measure and so greatly appreciated. Tests and lab results were completed and reviewed with us while we waited and the wait time was approximately 30 minutes, not days. We will (and have) highly recommend Caring Hands to any friends."
- Kerry Rojas
02/23/2016 07:56:51
"A very nice first visit for our sweet pup!"
- Aimee Pierson
02/22/2016 20:05:11
"Bert and Ernie had a great appointment! They really liked the tech that took such good care of them! The doctor answered all our questions and gave us great information on their health issues! Thanks!!"
- Becky Stone
02/20/2016 17:13:57
"great service as always!! Jelly love it!! she love it.. I'm loving it!!"
- Al Gonzaga
02/19/2016 16:47:38
"Dr Campfield takes excellent care of Brodie. It's obvious how much she loves animals and that really means a lot to me!"
- Linda McKeown
02/18/2016 16:03:53
"I am very impressed with the quality of care my cat received. If I had remained with the vet at Pender he would be much sicker now. After being cared for by Dr Camfield he is so much better. Thank you to dr Camfield and the entire staff for being so pleasant and helpful. "
- Sharon Ford
02/16/2016 09:43:56
"I appreciate how friendly your "office" staff is every time I visit."
- Karen Gammon
02/16/2016 09:29:29
"I appreciate the care that I received for Taylor during this visit. Everyone was very professional, and listened and responded to my concerns. Thank you, Sherry Nelson"
- Sherry Nelson
02/16/2016 09:24:48
"Caring Hands has been our family vet for over 10 years. Wouldn't go anywhere else!"
- Cheryl Rorrer
02/14/2016 20:26:22
"We love everything about Caring Hands! The entire team is helpful and friendly. We are so lucky that a coworker recommended Caring Hands when our puppy arrived a few years ago. Now we tell everyone we know about your practice. Thank you!"
- John Cicchetti
02/12/2016 09:51:53
"We're very happy with the care our dogs have received, from puppyhood to end-of-life care. I really appreciate the follow up calls, and being able to ask questions over the phone, to at least get an idea whether a concern requires an office visit or home care. Staff is very friendly, helpful, and takes my concerns seriously."
- Kimberly Klain
02/11/2016 11:05:27
"I am please with the service we receive at Caring Hands Centreville from the moment I walk in the door to the moment I leave! All are welcoming, cheery and helpful. Dr. Dillon is wonderful and I appreciate her caring touch with our elderly cat. Can't imagine going anywhere else!"
- Janet Wilson
02/02/2016 15:30:21
"I've been coming there for about 15+ years and have had excellent experience. They have cared for all my pets through the years, from babies till their death (5 dogs & 2 cats) They show so much compassion for the animals as well as the family. I've had the care from Dr Newman, Streck and now Dr Dillion; all the best. My family has been lucky to have such great care from all"
- Judy Moore
02/02/2016 14:05:04
"Always willing to see us and provide exceptional care. The staff is amazing, friendly, knowledgable, and compassionate. I couldn't ask for a better team to help me care for my pets. "
- Megan O'Donnell (Employee)
02/01/2016 15:23:36
"I am on my 3rd dog going to Caring Hands. I trust them completely. I have referred people."
- Debbie Young
01/31/2016 14:56:03
"I continue to receive excellent care for my dog, Tory. Every six weeks I make an appointment with Leslie to get her nails clipped. I always get an appointment within the week, always excellent care, Tory, for the most part is calm :) and I would never consider taking her any place else. I think Tory is a little high maintenance with her allergy issues and her symptoms have been under control because of the care of Dr. Dillon and the staff at Caring Hands. "
- Lee White
01/29/2016 13:16:38
"I have always been impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. Very happy customer."
- Kristi Finn
01/26/2016 15:13:48
"Awesome customer service and care in a friendly, calm, professional atmosphere."
- Scott Chase
01/16/2016 12:20:33
"Keep up the good work!!! Caring and Sharing!!"
- DeAnne Thornton
01/14/2016 12:01:17
"Always great service from EVERYONE at Caring Hands. Our Cockapoo is lucky to have you all. Thank you!"
- John Cicchetti
01/12/2016 19:39:05
"Even though the reason for our visit wasn't ideal. I am always so happy with the service we receive and always feel confident that my dog is receiving the best care/medical advice! The doctors and technicians are super caring and certainly understand the love we have for our animals. The biggest thing I love about this hospital is that my dog isn't just another patient, the staff truly love her and care about her. Which makes the emergency visits and all day stays there, just a little bit easier. "
- Christine Garzon
01/10/2016 21:34:19
"I felt very comfortable with my visit here. My husband & I really liked the staff and Doctor. They were all very friendly and sweet with our dog who is not doing too well. We will be bringing our other dog here and continue our dogs treatment here. "
- Derin Hathaway
01/10/2016 19:14:48
"The Caring Hands team is always helpful, courteous, and respectful. I have spent more time there than usual lately and their excellent care of Kate (and me) makes me know why they are my place of choice for every day pet needs but most especially when there are trying times. Dr. Dillon is excellent in communicating and helping me make decisions. Kudos to the whole team!"
- Lisa Woody
01/10/2016 09:45:35
"Such kind staff! Thank you for taking care of all our furry babies."
- Lauren Duvall
01/08/2016 15:03:28
"Caring Hands is THE best! That is why we've been clients since 2002."
- Karen Brown
01/06/2016 13:01:37
"Have been a loyal and satisfied customer for more than a decade for our four cats and two dogs! Thank you!!!"
- Anne Cockerham
01/04/2016 18:31:29