"they are ready for anything I came to the last year for the first time with my senior dog and they were great even though I cant afford the care my dog needs they work on what I can afford"
- Marcia Smith
03/21/2017 18:34:54
"Never have to wait very long for my appointment. Everyone is always friendly. Love that you can book an appointment online. "
- Allison Olson
03/14/2017 13:22:03
"Caring hands lives up to it's name!"
- Pamela and Ken Boyle
03/04/2017 06:45:52
"We are first time dog owners and we didn't know what to expect going into this. All I have to say is it is an all around great place. Wouldn't change anything about it, and will definitely refer anyway who ask us about it. Thanks! "
- Bryan Hughes
02/27/2017 10:51:45
"My kitty was dying from congenital kidney disease and when I went to pick her up after a day of iv fluids the staff was running behind. Instead of having me wait in the lobby, they let me into the back room to be w/my kitty while we waited for an important test. That time w/her was priceless as I was told the test results indicated she was fading fast. I will be eternally grateful for those extra moments spent holding her. "
- Linda Falkerson
02/23/2017 16:13:57
"We are so glad we switched to you guys!!!"
- Rebecca Williams
01/06/2017 19:46:18
"We have been with Caring Hands for 8 years and have been extremely pleased with the entire staff in Ashburn. So glad Chloe has such awesome people to take care of her because she is a big part of our famliy. Thanks To all of the staff for making us feel special and loved !"
- Pamela and Ken Boyle
11/21/2016 06:01:22
"I work in a dog store and continually refer people to Caring Hands in Ashburn. I receive excellent care and like the staff--drs, techs, and office. Dr Rouse is "our" dr--we followed her from her previous clinic in Purcellville--but Dr Jarret has also been exceptional and our one time working with Dr B was also good. I enjoy it when I get to work with Hussain, or Dave. I have lived a lot of places and having a clinic where I trust the drs and staff is such a great thing."
- Vicki Storrs
11/12/2016 06:18:28
"We have always been more than happy with the care moose has gotten at caring hands. Thank you!"
- Brenda Wright
11/11/2016 17:52:32
"Madeleine has always received excellent care at Caring Hands!"
- Linda Dattilo
11/09/2016 20:38:55
"Thanks for the excellent care for my pets. I love them and would do anything for them. It's nice to know I have a team that will help me ensure the best health possible for them!"
- Pamela (& Ira) Swope-Bland
10/29/2016 09:32:48
"Great friendly place"
- Susan Kelleher
10/28/2016 11:42:30
"This is the 4th vet that I've been to for Merlin and by far provided the best care for him !!!! Very very happy !!!!"
- Cynthia Burt
10/13/2016 19:02:46
"See previous comments but in addition - I have never had a bad experience with any doctors or employees at Caring Hands - you truly live up to your name "Caring Hands" - you make everyone feel like they are the most important patient of the day and I find your fees to be very reasonable and I never feel like I am pressured to pay for more services than I need. Your model works for us - thank you for caring for our pets!"
- Bob LeFebvre
09/29/2016 15:24:51
"The staff and Doctor were very professional. The technique they used to calm down my dog was perfect. My dog has never acted so well at the vets office. "
- Harmony Ellis
09/25/2016 09:17:39
"Best vet I've ever been too. Worth the 40 minute drive so my cats are taken care of! "
- Kate Smith
09/20/2016 16:14:48
"I've brought both of my cats in and the service was great. My dog will too start coming to you. We've been with Banfield for a few years but you guys are definitely a step above. Thanks"
- Adam Royer
09/10/2016 15:53:22
"My dog was having major hip issues and they were to the point l didnt know if she would make it. Dr Kraut and Angela were so amazing with her yesterday, they were loving and very gentle with her and actually listened to me. I really do appreciate being seen at the last minute and got the medicines she needed. Shes doing better today with her walking and wanting to eat again. Thank you for helping Leah and l will highly recommend this veterinary serviceā¤"
- Cara Grady
09/04/2016 15:41:30
"Dr Kraut & Kaylor were good with Jake. Very thorough and patient with him. And professional kin explaining the several scenarios that we may face if the antibiotics don't work..... Dr B stopped in to see Jake to see what was going on with him - very special - thanks, Dr B!! Jamie did a great job on Jake's nail cut/trim, along with Kaylor holding... Thanks all of you. Bob G"
- Leslie Gerhardt
09/03/2016 20:32:50
"This was our most successful visit yet! The doctor thoroughly examined my dog and explained my options and his recommendations for treatment."
- Julie Kauffman
09/01/2016 18:02:35
"I switched vets last year and am so happy I did. I bring my dog to see Dr. Bruzezze and he is exceptional in taking his time to explain things to me and answer my questions. The girls at the receptionist desk are also so friendly and have referred people to Caring Hands and will continue!"
- Julie Avery
09/01/2016 13:42:08
"We love Dr. B!! "
- Kimberly & Alex Kaczmarek
08/31/2016 18:08:27
"Caring Hands is wonderful and we absolutely love Dr. B! His love of animals is always evident and the entire staff has always been so kind and supportive. "
- Christa Shockey
08/30/2016 20:33:37
"Thank you all for the guidance and encouragement "
- Rosemary Bolton
08/29/2016 19:16:52
"Staff is very friendly, enjoy visiting with Skylar"
- Wesley Russell
08/27/2016 00:05:06
"Always hsppy with Dr, Bruzzee.,very thorough and patient"
- Patrick Heidenthal
08/26/2016 16:15:50
"Love you guys! Thanks for taking care of my Gus!"
- Jan Trent
08/25/2016 09:43:36
"Always caring and professional. We are always sure we will get the care that we want and expect."
- Mary Getter
08/18/2016 17:57:42
"Madeleine has always received wonderful and professional care at Caring Hands, it's the reason we keep coming back!"
- Linda Dattilo
08/18/2016 14:57:55
"Wonderful team! Wonderful experience!"
- Glenn Rushing
08/18/2016 12:02:08
"Friendly professional and knowledgeable"
- Norma Henry
08/17/2016 09:12:09
"Always love the care and attention provided to our furry family"
- Mike & Chrissy Bock
08/16/2016 07:03:19
"I have always loved CHAH!"
- Erin and Edward Heironimus
08/08/2016 20:21:20
"Staff is very friendly and helpful."
- Ken Wilson
08/06/2016 11:03:25
"Dr. Bruzzese was awesome, as always! Vet tech (I believe his name is Hussein) was also wonderful, per usual. My dog can be a jerk with other dogs so he rang up my bill in the exam room and made sure no other dogs were in the waiting room when we left so we didn't embarrass ourselves. Top notch service! "
- Heather McDonald
08/05/2016 19:33:20
"Great hospital, great knowledgeable staff. This is the type of care you want for your pet. Would highly recommend them. "
- Dominic Lewis
08/01/2016 15:12:25
"We have been customers for a long time and have always been very satisfied."
- Paul Vitol
07/31/2016 22:04:32
"Caring Hands has been my vet of choice for over 8 years, as they have always taken great care of my dog. The staff are all incredibly helpful and welcoming, and they truly do care about your pet. I have peace of mind knowing that my little buddy is getting the best care possible with Caring Hands."
- Patrick Little
07/31/2016 06:47:32
"We are SO happy we made the switch! The visit was not stressful at all compared to our previous vet. The entire staff made us and Bradley feel welcome and cared about. I appreciated how all of the charges were outlined at the beginning of the appointment so there were no surprises. And I love how they had me give him treats while he was getting blood drawn! So did he! Thank you!!!"
- Rebecca Williams
07/30/2016 11:16:11
"Love you guys! Everyone is always helpful and friendly."
- Kim Latkiewicz
07/29/2016 18:22:36
"I trust the staff at caring hands with my dog Dakota."
- Rosalyn Wright
07/29/2016 14:37:32
"I trust your doctors and employees with my little dog. Would not take her any place else"
- Rose Stiles
07/14/2016 18:55:39
"Excellent staff and, as always, excellent care for my dogs. All the techs are friendly and give my dogs such positive attention. Dr. Rouse is amazing! She is kind and compassionate. I never feel rushed at the vet. She takes her time and answers all of my questions. I couldn't be happier! Thank you Caring Hands. "
- Heather & Tyson Hess
07/14/2016 15:17:28
"We LOVE Dr. Rouse. Her medical assistant - tall male - is excellent too. We don't know any other vet we would trust our pets with."
- Viki Wellershaus
07/13/2016 17:19:06
"Staff is professional and friendly. They were gentle with my pet."
- Teresa Karcich
07/09/2016 12:03:13
"The staff were very sensitive and comforting with a difficult medical condition found. They referred us to a wonderful facility (CVCA) where we received exceptional care as well"
- Amy & Lance Beahm
07/07/2016 08:54:09
"My dog is anxious and can be difficult. Your staff is consistently gentle and patient with her. I always feel so grateful after I leave for your kindness!"
- Amanda Miller
07/03/2016 15:53:16
"Dr Rouse is always very knowledgeable and pleasant. We trust our cat with her and her staff. The technician David was also excellent. "
- Michael Higgs
06/30/2016 18:28:48
"Clean facility, nice waiting room, personable - warming staff, not over done where as some clinics try to sell you everything under the sun ... Thank you for everything!"
- Paul Uyeda
06/29/2016 22:49:01
"Yesterday was the first time I have ever taken my dog to the vet and not walked out feeling like I had just been through a boxing match. The vet and vet tech managed my high anxiety dog perfectly and I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Kathleen Stitzel"
- Kathleen Stitzel
06/26/2016 13:33:51
"We love all of your staff at Caring Hands. We are always impressed with how thorough your doctors are and they never rush to get you out of the room. I ask a lot of questions and I always get answers. Love your clinic! "
- Andrea Baudhuin
06/23/2016 14:57:46
"Thank you for being so hands on and thorough. "
- Angee Kerns
06/22/2016 18:43:07
"My kitties are treated with TLC. I am grateful every time I bring them here. Thank you!"
- Cynthia Kulenguski
06/19/2016 21:26:58
"Gandalf has always gotten the best of care whenever we have come in. "
- Alison Volz
06/19/2016 17:06:04
"Have referred a couple of people and will continue. Staff makes me feel very comfortable! "
- Jill Ayoub
06/18/2016 10:19:12
"The staff was very caring and knowledgeable. "
- Sarah Marino
06/16/2016 09:35:01
"The staff and vets at CHAH are fantastic. Our pup Murphy has been seeing Dr. Bruzzese for some time now, as well as Dr. Rouse. Murphy has been having some digestive issues, and each time we walk into the office Murphy knows who she is going to see....Dr. B.! It's like Disney for her, and for us we know she is getting quality care. "
- Lisa Kohr
06/06/2016 15:01:16
"For a last minute request, I was happy to be able to come in with my dog to deal with his gastrointestinal issues. The staff and doctors are always very patient and spend time to explain things. "
- Kelly Glessner
05/25/2016 19:10:54
"We are very happy to have found Caring Hands. It is wonderful - a different league than our previous vet."
- Ellen Ashurkoff
05/25/2016 19:10:21
"Dr. Rouse provides excellent care and we wouldn't take our pet to any other vet. I very much appreciated the follow up phone call the day after our visit to see how our cat was doing."
- Donna Roberts
05/23/2016 13:56:54
"We had a great experience, our dog Maulie does not cooperate well at the vet and the patience that both the vet tech and doctor showed with her went above and beyond our expectations!"
- Caryn Biroscak
05/23/2016 08:54:06
"VERY friendly staff!"
- Marjean Stevens
05/22/2016 08:41:53
"You have a great practice. Thank you for having great doctors and support staff in Ashburn."
- Rosemary Bolton
05/21/2016 19:37:49
"Dr B is always so thorough and is great with Max. He knows him so well, he is kind, and explains things very well."
- Marci & Peter Kolitsch
05/21/2016 19:25:44
"Dr. Rouse is wonderful, and is always so gentle and caring. She is a pleasure to work with!"
- Lindsay Lykens
05/16/2016 09:30:00
"Dr. B is GREAT!!!"
- Linda Spirio
05/14/2016 19:10:24
"I love this place. Everyone, from the veterinarians to the receptionist, are so friendly and genuinely care about animals. They call me frequently to check on my cat. I've never met such friendly and caring staff. My cat was very comfortable with everyone from day one. I feel like family every time I'm there. Truly a one-of-Kind animal hospital. "
- Nicole Johnston
05/13/2016 12:22:32
"I've been really happy with Caring Hands Animal hospital. The staff, techs, and doctors seem truly committed to taking care of my cat and want to offer the best possible treatment. I've always been informed of my options but never felt pressured to pay for anything beyond what's truly necessary or important for Taco's health. My coworker (Jamie Kelly, Roxy's owner) referred me to you, and I am really grateful! Thanks so much for everything you guys do to keep Taco happy and healthy :)"
- Molly McCormick
05/09/2016 07:50:57
"Love working with Dr. Rouse, she is one of the most thorough professionals we have ever worked with."
- Amanda Bradbury
05/06/2016 08:25:11
"Wonderful staff."
- Jason Bishop
04/26/2016 19:40:10
"Great visit, the staff was wonderful, helpful and friendly!"
- Doug Corbett
04/25/2016 11:06:29
"Wonderful place to take our dog. Dr. Bruzzese is so kind and caring to our dog. He is very good at explaining everything to us so we are well informed. "
- Diane Whitener
04/24/2016 08:59:27
"We appreciated how quickly Lily was taken in on our last emergency visit."
- Dominique Carmichael
04/17/2016 06:38:34
"I absolutely love how the front desk staff receives their customer/patients. They are so welcoming and handle our pets carefully. We have 2 chihuahuas and they feared the previous animal hospital we went to. Now, they do not hesitate coming in. They do not fear coming to your hospital. That makes us very happy."
- Kym Swank
04/16/2016 09:58:08
"I needed to pick up some prescription food for Skittles. The staff greeted me, helped me immediately, asked after Skittles and the other cats and said how nice it was to see me. Very professional!"
- Pamela (& Ira) Swope-Bland
04/15/2016 14:42:00
"As always, your service is fantastic! Thank you."
- Sam and Alana Sharp
04/14/2016 09:44:42
"Specifically excellent because of Dr. Bruzzese!"
- CJ Ngo
04/13/2016 09:23:54
"We love Dr Jarrett and Dr Rouse ! "
- Christine Hunter
04/11/2016 19:14:50
"Everyone is always so friendly and efficient. Always in and out in a very timely manner."
- Sandi Carey
04/11/2016 11:38:46
"Dr. Bruzzese is the best! Our Golden puppy Murphy can't get enough of her "pediatrician" with each visit. The staff always greets Murphy with enthusiasm and genuine love for all the animals they see on a daily basis. I felt the question regarding "time wait" should perhaps be deleted or given other options. Like any doctors office, you may have a wait....and if it's due to a sick pet, then no one should be complaining. While waiting for Dr. B., apparently there was a sick dog in the other room that needed the doctors time and care. And we have no complaints about that! Keep up the great work CHAH!"
- Lisa Kohr
04/05/2016 14:59:56
"Dr. ROUSE is an excellent vet and we appreciate her attention to our animals's care. She spends as much time as necessary to answer my questions /concerns, and I never feel rushed. She is definitely an asset to the practice."
- Joanne Wierzba
03/31/2016 15:17:24
"Really love Caring Hands. They have been so good to us - and to our dog Ziggy. All of the Dr.'s and staff are sincere with their communication and suggestions. We so appreciate the kindness and attention to our beloved family member."
- Betsy Shaw
03/30/2016 16:03:23
"Dr. Brazzese went above and beyond to assist me and pebbles and made us feel comfortable in a unfortunate situation. The staff stayed open late in order for my dog to be comfortable at night and were available for many follow up calls and questions. I would certainly come back to this practice anytime. "
- Clare Ryan
03/29/2016 13:35:58
"We are happy to have found your practice. All are professional, knowledgeable and friendlyz"
- Ellen Ashurkoff
03/26/2016 07:32:49
"Even though we moved and there are other gets closer to us now we go out of our way to come to Caring Hands because of the wonderful staff and excellent care given to our dog. Thank you!!"
- Megan Kilkeary
03/24/2016 19:02:37
"My dogs like the Vets and I like them also"
- Garnett Wrenn
03/23/2016 19:03:42
"I love Caring Hands. I've been following Dr. Vitulli since 1997! We love the care you provide and the welcoming reception staff. Liz is always a shining star and one of the highlights of our visits. "
- Andria Smith
03/18/2016 11:51:39
"Can't say enough good things about Caring Hands. Absolutely phenomenal level of animal care and human service. I like how low-stress the handling is by everyone involved each visit."
- Natalie Soule
01/28/2016 17:11:37
"Great vet"
- Kimberly Nisco
01/27/2016 11:56:40
"Dr. Bruzeze is an amazing vet. He has always tried his best and hardest to meet the needs of my dog. He has used methods other vets said wouldnt work, yet they have worked without fail. He is an angel among us."
- Amy Vassar
01/26/2016 11:45:23
"It was a show when we visited (4 kids and 3 adults). Everyone from the receptionist to the vet and everyone in between didn't mind the kids at all. Thank you for being so caring to our very old dog and kid-friendly! "
- Pamela Bohmer
01/10/2016 14:30:46
"Thank you for checking on Lola the next day...I did call back, as it was important to let you know she did well after her vaccinations & that I appreciated being notified of her fecal test results (within 24 hours!)."
- Barbara Slivers
01/10/2016 14:03:56
"Always great and warm service from both techs and vet. Dr. Brusezze is caring, calm and patient with both Ellie, our golden and his anxious momma (me). He answers all my questions, and I always feel he knows just how important Ellie's health is to me and my family. He has been Ellie's Vet since she was a puppy, and now at 7, He is just part of the family support system. I wish he were my primary care doctor! We have also had excellent experiences with the other Vets that work at Caring Hands, and have referred friends and family. After 7 years, Ellie still pulls hard on the leash to run into Caring Hands Ashburn as if she can't wait to see her ol' pals. Squealing with excitement she gets welcomed by the staff, who are just that, friends."
- Maria Rondinaro
01/08/2016 10:04:48
"We returned to the Ashburn practice with karoo after being very disappointed with with another vet. after our first visit back with our new dog we are happy he will now be getting the required high standard of care that was given to our last dog."
- Nicholas Hillary-Tee
01/07/2016 14:40:21
"Dr. Bruzzese is so kind and hard-working, and he cares for and loves our animals like family. All of the staff treat us well and are courteous. We receive top-rate care from everyone at Caring Hands. Thank you for caring for all of our pets. "
- Pamela (& Ira) Swope-Bland
01/04/2016 10:02:56
"The entire staff is very caring and comforting! They are knowledgeable and helped me make the right decision for my pet. "
- Kristy Pellerito
01/02/2016 12:40:15
"Always easy to get an appointment. Dr. B. is the best! Everyone is friendly and caring."
- Scott Crane
12/27/2015 19:44:59
"The staff feels like family from the moment we enter the door till we walk out. We love our Vet. Thanks for the continued trust we have in Caring Hands."
- AJ (& Phyllis) Costigan
12/27/2015 07:05:23
"I absolutely love the way you treat my pet with utmost loving care, and allow me to be present in the room with him when he gets his vaccinations, this is very important to me and I thank you for it so very much! Sincerely Barbara Marks"
- Barbara Marks
12/22/2015 02:05:19
"We have always had positive results when we take our cat to see the Caring Hands staff. They are very caring and help with any questions we may have."
- Nancy Swennes
12/20/2015 13:16:45