"The Doctors and staff were the BEST!!!!!!!!!!"
- Jefferson County Humane Society
03/26/2017 08:23:09
"We are very pleased with the service."
- Sharon Walker
03/22/2017 21:34:27
"Both doctors and aids that helped me were so nice and comforting! "
- Emma Wangelin
03/22/2017 15:20:16
"As always for years and years we only trust our fur babies to Northwood Animal Clinic. The most experienced, best trained and caring Doctors always treat you like your furry one is the most important patient of the day! Thank you for being there for Tallahassee."
- Ken Roux
03/22/2017 14:49:28
"I love Northwood! They have the best vets for my dogs and rabbits. I wouldn't take my beloved furry family members anywhere else. "
- Lyssa (Lisa) Oberkreser
03/18/2017 11:19:06
"I was very very pleased with the care given to my son's gecko from the reception staff to Dr B. Front desk staff even raced to open doors and offered to carry the gecko tank to my door."
- Kimberly Jackson
03/28/2016 07:59:26
"Everyone was wonderful and responsive and caring, overall an excellent experience "
- Megan Tilley
03/24/2016 12:43:34
"The doctors and staff at Northwood Animal Hospital are so great. They take very good care of my four-legged children. Thank you guys so much for such great care and being there when we need you !!;)"
- Steve Sweet
03/23/2016 19:48:45
"I appreciate everyone answering my questions and taking time to make sure that everything was covered. It was a very pleasant experience and we look forward to coming back for an annual exam (not an emergency ! (: Kasper"
- Anna Smith
03/23/2016 19:35:52
"Great job by all staff members."
- Latonia Isom
03/23/2016 13:05:45
"Your staff and vet's are extremely friendly and very professional."
- Johanna Vogl
03/21/2016 15:08:56
"I've been taking my cats to Northwood (and Southwood sometimes) since 1981 when Dr. Deloney owned it. I like the care and concern the vets and all personnel have shown my cats. It is very much appreciated."
- Sherry Hay
03/20/2016 13:02:59
"Always feel that our dog has the very best care when we see Dr. Brown. Many thanks."
- Tom Friedman
03/19/2016 15:51:28
"I just want to say I was very upset about my Idgie when I came to the hospital . I was relieved to be able to talk to people who really cared about the welfare of my baby . She's part of our family and Dr. Jennifer was very reassuring that she was going to be OK and gave me all the knowledge and tools to help her heal. Thank you so much from me and my fiance, and most of all Idgie who is finally starting to feel like herself . "
- Nancy Buffington
03/14/2016 21:25:00
"Northwood Animal Hospital is the best.. I never have to worry about my fur babies needs.. They go the extra mile in veterinary service and truly care about animals.."
- Timothy Griswold
03/13/2016 01:28:28
"Both the vet and assistant showed concern for my pet's health and wellbeing. I felt confident that I was getting the best care possible for him based on my interactions with both of them. "
- Lynn Hammelman
03/06/2016 07:40:35
"The doctors and staff were very helpful and concerned for my pet (I went on an emergency basis). They were fabulous about calling me and keeping me apprised of my pets progress and what steps they would take next and when to give her the excellent care she received. I am thrilled that a friend referred me to this emergency facility for my pet. Doris D. Bryan. The patients name is GREY ANGEL and she is doing very well. Thank you so much!"
- Doris Bryan
02/24/2016 18:38:12
"Everyone is always very friendly and helpful. Dr. Smith is wonderful!!!"
- Lori Owen
02/22/2016 20:04:37
"Excellent care and service - like always!!"
- Judi Wilford
02/22/2016 16:41:45
"Northwood was recommended to me by Kyleigh and I couldn't be happier with how well Jack was treated and the overall experience. I will be back with Jack no doubt!"
- Austin Gasiorek
02/22/2016 12:17:31
"The staff genuinely cared about my pet. Thank you."
- Jackie Gugric
02/22/2016 07:59:21
"I loved it! It was such a great experience and I am definitely bringing my dogs back"
- Devin Bruner
02/19/2016 17:36:56
"The only emergency hospital in Tally I will go to. Staff is caring, friendly and very professional. I especially like how the times I have called with emergencies, no time is wasted and it is all about the animals. I was in last August with a foster dog from my organization, On Valentine's I had an emergency with a personal pet (Pearlie). A+++"
- Boxer Aid & Rescue Coalition N/A
02/16/2016 21:13:17
"I have always had great experiences with the staff at Northwood. You all are very helpful, courteous and professional. I actually recommend your services to other pet parents. Thanks for always treating my Napoleon like he's your pup."
- Reese Zulinke
02/11/2016 13:18:04
"Dr Brumfield and staff are always pleasant and helpful when I have to bring my pups in. Mitzi recently had dental surgery and they were very thorough in her care and keeping me informed. Nicole call a week later to check on her which is always nice. I know they care about my pets well being"
- Dana McGee
02/09/2016 13:42:45
"Having an exotic pet, I'm always a little worried bringing him to a vet because I'm never sure if that particular vet has experience in treating his species. But at Northwood Animal Hospital, I know he's in experienced, competent hands and is receiving the best care possible! Love you guys! "
- Oliva Bockler
02/04/2016 16:36:42
"Thank you Dr Smith and your staff at Northwood Animal Hospital for your love and care of our pets."
- Joanne Gallagher
01/31/2016 09:15:48
"You all are the best. "
- Carmin Spirnock
01/28/2016 19:23:35
"Excellent service supported by an excellent team....even though there are emergencies you still get excellent service and the doctor truly cares about your pet (s)."
- Judy Doherty
01/28/2016 12:08:21
"Thanks for taking care of my "baby." Spike is doing very well today thanks to you. Jeannette G"
- Jeannette Grenier
01/28/2016 11:27:52
"Dr. Smith and the vet techs were awesome! They handled my cat, Jet, really well. They were really gentle with her and I really appreciated their patience with her. Definitely coming back!"
- Natalie Mousseau
01/26/2016 12:31:18
"All of the Doctors are amazing and extremely accommodating."
- Matthew Arnold
01/23/2016 23:56:53
"I found my visit to Northwood very satisfactory. The prices for the vet were less than I was expecting to spend, and the service was excellent. Everyone was very sweet to both myself and Thela. Thank you so much for making our experience as comfortable as possible."
- Kendall Armstrong
01/23/2016 16:32:11
"Thank you all for being so thorough, and taking very good care of my baby!"
- Hilary Davis
01/11/2016 14:18:15
"I've been bringing my dogs to your Hospital since 1973 so I guess that speaks for itself."
- James Streem
01/11/2016 10:20:32
"Staff is always friendly,courteous."
- Eugenia Coyne
01/11/2016 09:39:29
"I adopted Colin the black and white Shih Tzu.. The experience of the adoption process was pleasant and took less time than expected.. Colin and I will be back for his future check ups and needs.. He is doing very well and sends his regards.. Timothy Griswold & Colin"
- Timothy Griswold
01/10/2016 12:20:10
"Dr, Guoan was unbelievably kind to me and my Cavalier, Oliver. She took the time to explain the disorder, what to expect, treatment options, and honored my financial constraints. Dr. Guoan is an absolute jewel!"
- Carmen Ramirez
11/08/2015 18:08:04
"Thank you for assisting with my questions and concerns for Opal, Lisa Moree's rabbit. Since I am four hours away from Tallahassee and unable to bring her to the clinic, I appreciate all the time and expertise you have exhibited while I am caring for her. Sincerely, Liz Moree"
- Lisa Moree
11/05/2015 10:31:12
"I am thrilled to find an avian doctor who is so forthright and knowledgeable, very thoughtful, involved and approachable. Dr. Brumfield is excellent!"
- Lynne Westby
11/05/2015 05:35:45
"Took my dog in as an emergency after hours. Service was prompt and friendly. Medical care was top-notch. Staff is great."
- Susan Sentenac
10/31/2015 14:19:18
"Could not be happier with the service provided. I did not expect to bring my hamster home again but you guys did so amazing with her. Thank you so, so much!"
- Jamie Lawrence
10/31/2015 12:18:17
"Dr. Brown and the staff continue to be first-rate in every way. "
- Jennifer Kekelis
10/29/2015 12:23:05
"It is always a pleasure to visit the office. They all know what a rascal Scooter is! Fred Williams"
- Fred Williams
10/24/2015 11:06:39
"The staff is friendly and efficient, and the doctors explain everything you need to know. Excellent!!!"
- Brenda Cappuccio
10/22/2015 15:18:13
"You were clearly very busy when we checked in, but the receptionist & techs made us feel welcome and at ease. Great care & great people! We're glad to have been with you for 18 years!"
- Erica McCaul
05/14/2015 16:35:18
"My pet is always well cared for by vets, technicians, and reception staff."
- Elizabeth Platt
05/05/2015 11:21:24
"Every person I have come in contact with at Northwood Animal Hospital has been very kind and professional. A few months ago when I came in with my sick pup I experienced a level of care that exceeded my expectations. Your office is well run with very respectful staff and Doctors. Thanks for being great! "
- Reese Zulinke
05/04/2015 09:29:36
"I really appreciate how friendly and pleasant the staff is and Dr Cavell was wonderful taking the time to answer my questions. "
- Megan Tilley
04/22/2015 09:12:21
"Very happy with the service and the email reminders. We will be back "
- Brianne Beltz
04/18/2015 12:16:35
"Kevin Brumfield has an excellent knowledge base for exotic pets. He was very helpful and handled my pet with care. I am impressed!"
- Rachael Kelley
04/16/2015 21:06:21
" Wonderful service & compassion for all kinds of animals. Friendly & People who know what they are talking about who are behind the counter. Also THANK YOU for being so close to where I work, it is so easy to get to. See you soon. Lynette Sauls "
- Lynette Sauls
04/15/2015 15:08:08
"I have always trusted Northwood anytime I brought one of my pets there. It is important to me that I use the same hospital for emergencies as I do for regular visits. They already know my pets' needs and have all of the information that they need right at their fingertips."
- Peggy Woodham
04/13/2015 15:35:07
"The most recent visit to the Northwood Animal Hospital was incredibly helpful to my dog, and to me. Kathleen Cavell was able to put my fears to rest. She ordered a few tests and we went over the results and set up a plan for checking in with the office after six or seven days to report how my dog was doing. The front office staff was excellent in informing me about being a "walk-in" patient and explaining how booked Dr. Cavell was that day. Everyone helped me, from holding the door for me, to helping bring the dog in his carrier into the clinic, giving me a disposable leash, etc and things went very smoothly. My dog was very anxious that afternoon and not cooperative and staff had to work together to get the fluids needed to do the tests that had been ordered. I could not have had a better experience that afternoon. It was a stressful situation and because of each person doing their job and bring their caring for animals to what they were doing, it just couldn't have been handled any better. Many thanks to Dr. Cavell and the great people on the staff. "
- Robert Craig
04/09/2015 08:19:08
"Dr Smith ROCKED!!!"
- Chris Watson
04/06/2015 06:47:27
"Great professional and caring staff!"
- Emily Hickerson
04/03/2015 10:56:11
"Responsiveness of staff was wonderful! I felt like they knew my pets well. Thank you!"
- Kristi Putnam
03/31/2015 10:03:15
"everybody and everything was superb--will be sending medical records for all three of our mini-doxies to you--looking forward to having you as caretakers of our pets(children)"
- Charlotte Mathews
03/30/2015 20:45:01
"We love Northwood Animal Hospital! We have a ferret and he's been cared for his whole life by the same doctors. Really impressed. Feels like family. They treat my pet like I would - with love and care and respect. Thanks Northwood!"
- Kendra Wendeln
03/27/2015 19:15:19
"Thank you!"
- Karen Loewen
03/23/2015 22:57:29
"I really appreciate that after each visit, I get a follow up call from the vet. "
- Courtney Preston
03/06/2015 21:07:10
"My pet just had a very risky surgery and 3 days post-op, she is doing so much better than I had expected! Very professional and knowledgeable staff who took such great care in handling her. "
- Anya Grosenbaugh
03/02/2015 07:48:21
"Very friendy environment and the staff was excellent."
- Johanna Vogl
02/28/2015 10:13:45
"Thank you for being SO!! close to my work. I wouldn't go any where else. I trust & admire everyone for all the care & outstanding service you have for the community. I love the way the Dr's treat the animals, with Love & caring. Thank you again. Lynette Sauls "
- Lynette Sauls
02/15/2015 10:31:14
"I trust Northwood with Mr Clippers care and I thank you for being so good to him"
- Cheryl Marrs
02/12/2015 12:21:47
"I love Dr. Cavell. She is always great. I can tell she likes what she does and always does her best. Thank you!"
- Christie Jones
02/04/2015 11:23:54
"Thank you all for taking such good care of my Barclay boy!"
- Per Rikvold
02/03/2015 16:49:09
"Keep up the great job."
- Latonia Isom
01/27/2015 17:01:06
"Dr. Brumfield and the rest of the doctors are excellent and always answer all your questions and greet our pet. They have done an excellent job for our dog that has had major medical problems! Thanks to them and their great staff for a job well done!"
- Richard Ivison
01/13/2015 14:34:07
"The doctors at Northwood are fantastic. They provide excellent care to my pets and always take the time to answer any and all questions I have. Scheduling is flexible and staff are very friendly. I highly recommend Northwood to all my family and friends!"
- Ashlee Wright
12/22/2014 10:50:48
"Keep up the great job!"
- Latonia Isom
11/29/2014 23:46:48
"I have a Holland Lop bunny, Buttercup, that is 8 years old now. She has been in the exclusive care of Dr. Cavell, since September 2013. Dr. Cavell's knowledge of rabbits and their care, is by far the BEST experience I have had in Buttercup's life. Her previous care providers were wonderful, but Dr. Cavell's expertise "sets the bar" so very high!! She is patient to answer all my questions, and address my concerns. I have had cats/dogs all my life, but limited knowledge of rabbits, other than my personal research/reading. So in these few visits with Dr. Cavell, I have learned a wealth of information. This precious bunny, is my little girl and only pet. As a single female with no children, her health and well-being is so important to me, in order that she can be happy & healthy, and a part of my life as long as long as possible. From the moment you enter, the staff at Northwood, are a joy to be surrounded by. The gals/guys that assist and administer, are always pleasant, and take great interest in my pet. Their phone skills are thorough and make a great "first impression" of your facility. As a newcomer to Tallahassee, that first phone call was very important. Northwood is also very well respected in the Tallahassee Community. Your sponsorship of community events, certainly puts the bow on top of an incredible package! Buttercup will be boarding with you for the first time, over the Christmas Holiday as I travel to Ohio, and I feel so "comfortable" leaving her in your care. Thank you for all of your kindnesses. Happy Holidays to you all! Paula Sconiers"
- Paula Sconiers
11/26/2014 09:10:56
"I have been with Northwood Animal Hospital for several years. I trust the doctors and staff there to always give my pets the best possible care. I am very happy with them. Thank you. Robin Wagner"
- Robin Wagner
11/23/2014 10:45:16
"Thank you for taking care of our little Tomkat Kaye and being patient with our questions. You guys have been great with your customer service! We really appreciate you being opening 24/7 instead of just regular business hours, as I'm sure a lot of other pet parents do. All you guys, from the front desk staff to the technicians and doctors are AWESOME! Keep up the good work and God bless."
- Adam Kaye
11/22/2014 14:06:22
"Already recommended you guys to fellow FSU students! You guys are friendly and patient and have handled my bunnies extremely well."
- Kateina Calvo
11/20/2014 10:03:10
"I love you guys! I will never use another vet as long as I live here. Everyone is super nice and helpful and all my questions get answered thoroughly. I never feel like they are rushing me and I know they are all super busy!"
- Tara Bragg
11/19/2014 18:11:22
"The Veterinarians and staff are pleasant and knowledgeable. They take excellent care of our Miki! "
- Susan Griffin
11/15/2014 11:25:00
"I am so convinced of the excellence of care at Northwood that I have recommended the veterinarians to people and actually brought in someone whose dog needed better care than he was getting."
- Patricia Stanley
11/14/2014 17:37:18
"I wouldn't trust my pet's health care to anyone but NWAH. It's great being on the other side of the exam table. Dr. Cavell and Shannon made the visit prompt and effective. Great Job North wood animal hospital!"
- Isaac Mitchell, III
11/14/2014 15:57:15