"I feel confident that my pet is getting the best care from Caring Hands. I appreciate the email reminders as to when Sadie is due for an exam or vaccinations. I would certainly recommend this facility to my friends who have pets. "
- Blanche Steele
02/15/2021 13:57:58
"I am very pleased with the care given to Frankie and the girls are very nice"
- Pat Oneil
02/14/2021 21:29:21
"Very friendly! Quick service."
- Regina Hofstaedter
02/13/2021 21:00:20
"I highly recommend Caring Hands Veterinary Clinic. They are reasonable in price and also very professional in caring for my dog."
- James Kuhn
02/13/2021 18:02:56
"My bunnies were treated as if they were the pets of the staff. They were knowledgeable about rabbits which is a challenge to find vet staff that is. I'm excited that I have a rabbit savvy vet for my fur babies."
- Regina Giuffre
02/12/2021 20:55:46
"Great practice. I am always very happy with the care every time I come!!"
- Evelyn Gohn
02/10/2021 17:15:11
"Always fast, friendly and professional. They take the time to greet me and my dog. They access my needs and address them. Always take great care of my dog. Brittany is always great with her "
- Scott Winks
02/08/2021 17:46:03
"Yes I constantly tell people about Caring Hands and the wonders they have done for my cat."
- Felicia Taylor
02/07/2021 20:58:54
"The staff very friendly great services"
- Sandra Brant
02/01/2021 16:50:26
"Took care of jack well with his first shots will definitely come back for all his vet care "
- Garrison Brown
01/29/2021 05:06:22
"Kayla is a plus to your company she’s friendly & very knowledgeable .very very helpful. "
- Paul Grudowski
01/28/2021 18:37:06
"Everything was great! It's a little hard now with the Covid going on but my wait was minimal & they always take good care of my Angus. I also appreciate the call the next day to see how Angus is doing. "
- Gary Smith
01/26/2021 17:32:48
"Thanks for such great care."
- Melissa Staszkow
01/23/2021 15:30:44
"My cat Kovu needed vaccines which we have been trying to get for a long time from our previous vet. We never heard back from them. My friend referred us to Caring Hands and I am absolutely pleased. The service was exceptional, quick, and affordable. I definitely recommend bringing your pets here. The vet tech, and the doctor answered every question I had to a degree that I could understand. "
- Jennifer Morales
01/20/2021 20:11:53
"This was Zeus' first visit and we were so happy! The staff was friendly and informative. Zeus will be back for all his future care!"
- Catherine Snyder
01/20/2021 20:10:15
"The Dr and techs are all pleasant and answer any questions. Be glad when the cautions for Covid are lifted, although it may be some time."
- Carol Heyer
01/12/2021 21:39:03
"Always a pleasure "
- Noreen Ciamaichelo
01/12/2021 21:16:21
"Staff was informative and friendly and took very good care of my cat. "
- Katlin Jones
01/12/2021 20:10:15
"The vet seemed to really care for my pet and the level of attention was appreciated. He helped me to also understand the best way to care for my bunny's needs at home!"
- Lisa Saier
01/11/2021 20:00:21
"From the scheduling, to the service everything went smoothly, you guys took wonderful care for my Rozee and answered all of our questions. We found a new vet for all of pets. Thank you for everything, and see you in the 3 weeks. "
- Jorge Burgos
01/08/2021 20:59:22
"Love love love how they take care of our dog and us. They know you and your pet, and actually care11"
- Celeste Toughill
01/08/2021 15:03:15
"It’s so hard not being able to come in our babies but everyone made it easier "
- Karen Clopper
01/08/2021 00:40:29
"I took my kitty for a mail trim. I like how the staff is safely handling the service during this pandemic. The staff is professional and my cat doesn’t seem to mind going to the vet, whether it be for a check up or mail trim."
- Patrice Livermore
01/06/2021 17:24:16
"I like Dr.Thomas and his entire staff and so do my dogs.. that is what’s important to me!! Everyone is caring and helpful i rate them a 10!! "
- Debbie Pietkowski
01/03/2021 20:21:51
"Very pleased with the way you are handling things during Covid and by the fact that the doctor called to report on the exam."
- Frances Young
12/30/2020 22:02:45
"Dr. Thomas and his staff are wonderful. They took us on a Saturday when my 14 year old dog's nail was severely severed. They were compassionate and treated us, and more importantly, our dog with such care. "
- Kelly Gilbert
12/27/2020 17:58:49
"I just want to thank everyone for the great care you took of my Alfred. He was quite nervous to be there but they had him in and out and were fantastic with him. Rates were quite reasonable for all they did for him and my wife and are are very grateful to have found you all and will be coming here for years to come! Thanks again"
- Michael Johnson
12/13/2020 00:45:32
"The staff are very kind and caring. Dr. Thomas is so nice, kind and caring, also. They do follow-up calls to check on your animal. My daughter took her dog to caring hands and liked going there."
- Pat Woods
12/04/2020 08:18:34
"Love Caring Hands! Very efficient staff!"
- Bridget Domanico
12/01/2020 23:15:32
"Dr Thomas and his staff are professional pleasant and courteous every time I bring my dog. Caring Hands is an excellent veterinary clinic!!!"
- Paula Picinich
11/29/2020 17:14:50
"Thanks for getting us in for surgery so quickly "
- Samantha Moore
03/27/2020 19:34:11
"Exceptional staff and very caring.Very knowledgeable and all questions were answered "
- Jay Lappe
03/22/2020 17:17:55
"Simple nobody does it better, taking care of our pet children then you!"
- Anthony Council
03/20/2020 03:42:15
"I have told my two daughters they need to change vets and bring their pets to Dr Thomas. Great facility; very friendly caring staff and wonderful doc."
- Evelyn Gohn
03/16/2020 20:34:43
"They are all great and really care about my pet. Love to take my Lexi here "
- Dawn Adger
03/16/2020 12:05:02
"We love Dr.Thomas. I take my Yorkie Bo there. He is so gentle with Bo, as if he was his own. His assistant Monica was great also. "
- Shirley Sullivan
03/14/2020 13:29:56
"Thank you so much Mr. Turtle is now back to himself. I love Caring Hands Veterinary Clinic and would come back again and would tell anyone who had an animal and needed help to come here. The doctor and staff were wonderful. Thanks again."
- Nancy Morck
03/13/2020 01:01:16
"Wonderful. Helped me get my dog back on track. "
- Michelle Prendergant
03/05/2020 20:26:54
"Dr Thomas was thorough and took time to answer all my questions. "
- Beth Mistretta
03/03/2020 21:58:03
"Dr. Thomas and his entire staff continue to give excellent care in a very friendly environment. I am so happy that we take Gus here. They make us feel welcome and appreciated and they really like Gus. I highly recommend Caring Hands Veterinary Clinic to everyone."
- Patricia Paparone
03/03/2020 21:35:03
"They were very good with my dog. Very knowledgable."
- Dina Francia
02/28/2020 23:18:41
"My dog stayed the afternoon for dental cleaning and when I went to pick her up, she was very timid and nervous (still recovering from anesthesia) with the staff while trying to get her out of the cage. The staff recognized that and asked that I went into the back to comfort her and allow her to leave stress free. I really appreciated that instead of just forcing her into doing what they wanted her to do. Always a pleasant experience! "
- Jordyn Plumley
02/28/2020 18:50:08
"Caring Hands does not keep you waiting, the staff is friendly and the doctor's attitude is very caring. I am a first time cat person with questions and he is thorough and listens to and answers all of my questions. Taking my cat there has been a good experience for both my cat and I. I am impressed with Dr. Thomas, his knowledge is so helpful and he will give you options and not back you into a corner to get you to make a decision on treatment. that could be extreme and I really appreciate that and value his advice. I have referred other people there because I believe they live up to their name, Caring Hands."
- Peggie Handley
02/27/2020 14:17:14
"Everyone at the office is so nice to my girl!"
- Jane O'Neill
02/26/2020 20:20:05
"Caring hands is the perfect name for Caring Hands because that is what everyone that works there does. Very comforting and great people that work there. I have never had a bad experience there. dr. Thomas is great!"
- Donna Bellomo
02/25/2020 23:24:00
"Dr. Thomas and his staff impressed us in our first visit. Their knowledge and compassion made us feel confident. "
- Kelly Gilbert
02/24/2020 02:55:21
"Dr. Thomas and his entire staff are completely wonderful and always caring about your animal, my dogs absolutely love them."
- Debbie Pietkowski
02/23/2020 23:41:52
"Dr. Thomas and staff were amazing. They answered all my questions and I didn’t feel rushed. They took the time to get to know Bella. 🙂"
- Tara Sales
02/22/2020 18:23:43
"Dr.Tom and his staff were very helpful and they treat your pet as if it were their pet! My last visit we had Dr.Laura and she was excellent! Keep up the good work 🐶"
- Tim Keeney
02/22/2020 14:04:54
"We've been looking for the right vet for a while and it seems like we've finally found the place! Everyone was very kind and gentle with our two cats and we already scheduled the other two for an appointment. Thank you for being so great!"
- Alessa Abruzzo
02/22/2020 02:23:11
"Close to my home and friendly staff."
- Harry Ballas
02/21/2020 20:23:37
"From out 1st visit 2-1/2 years ago We have been so happy with Caring Hands, Dr Thomas and his Staff. Staff is always friendly, polite, helpful, professional and are great with my dog. The team here truly care about what they do!"
- Toby Strumpf
02/18/2020 00:41:52
"I had an emergency and Caring Hands was able to see me quickly. My pet was given great attention and everyone was genuinely concerned. We received immediate care and advised of any condition to be watchful for . We did have to take her to emergency treatment and Dr. Thomas made sure all the info and xrays were provided. I have several pets and all of them are treated here and this is why, they really do care for the pets under their care "
- Annmarie Cleary
02/17/2020 22:04:58
"I really appreciate how reassuring everyone was and available for any sort of questions I had. It definitely made me feel better, especially after my poor kitty had surgery."
- Yevheniya Hratfon
02/17/2020 21:07:19
"Very impressed. We will be bringing our dogs there from now on."
- Jerry Pedrick
02/11/2020 14:28:03
"Staff kind & courteous...even after Harlee’s excitement with all the attention she received was exhibited by her bladder leakage... the staff was SO gracious and prompt to remove any evidence to keep Harlee from future embarrassment. 😊 5 times 🤦🏼‍♀️... Harlee was so appreciative she made her human buy doughnuts for Everyone! 🐾 Harlee’s got your back too! "
- Jodie Brown
02/10/2020 23:12:26
"Great care! Love the staff"
- Robin Helm
02/10/2020 23:12:21
"Dr Thomas and staff were great! He gave the time and answered all my questions!"
- Cathy Farrell
02/10/2020 23:01:09
"Outstanding staff,care and knowledge. Monica make us feel like home,she adores Belle(my dog). They been taking care of my pet since she was 10 weeks old,now she's 3 year's old and always the good quality of care and service."
- Milton Boscana
01/29/2020 18:43:26
"The staff at Caring Hands is great. Very friendly and great with my Angus. Dr. Thomas is great & answers my questions thoroughly so I can understand. "
- Gary Smith
01/28/2020 20:46:54
"Wonderful experience, Mary our technician was pleasant,and gentle with my Teddy,who was scared and shaking. The Vet.Dr. Thomas was very gentle also,made Teddy less anxious and more easy to examine. He answered all my questions and concerns.We were met with a friendly smile from the receptionist.I would recommend Carding Hands to all pet owners. I'm Glade I found them."
- Barbara Gallagher
01/25/2020 00:48:55
"Love Caring Hands Vet! Always attentive to my doggy’s needs and extremely pleasant office!!"
- Stacie Hasher
01/24/2020 19:26:38
"Dr Crystal Lora was amazing! This was my first time meeting her and she outdid herself. She answered all my questions and really listened to what I was concerned about. Thank you Dr. Lora! We also had Monica helping us and she was wonderful, as always. She was proactive in thinking of how make my dog feel most comfortable during his exam. Always a joy to see the wonderful staff at Caring Hands!"
- Samantha Summerly
01/24/2020 14:50:44
"I love caring hands vet! The only thing I was disappointed about this time around was that the vet didn’t seem to know much about my pet’s history. She asked questions that I believe should be in her chart but she told me she was a visiting vet so that is likely why- it’s just important to me for the vet to know the info especially if it’s been asked before and in the chart. Would expect better but overall she was great with my girl and no complaints about how we were treated! I recommend this vet to everyone. You all have a great staff and we are always in and out. "
- Karlie Wagner
01/24/2020 13:08:28
"Dr Thomas and staft are great"
- William Borkowicz
01/20/2020 14:43:08
- Danielle McSorley
01/18/2020 01:18:23
"Dr. Thomas and his staff gave my 14 year old fur baby a chance at a better life. After my previous vet from another clinic that I went to told me they couldn’t remove a mass in her hind leg that was giving her a poor quality of life, my dear Friend Ann recommended Caring Hands. From day 1 I received excellent care for Roxie. Dr. Thomas also removed the mass! My fur baby is moving so much better now, and seems so much happier! I tell everyone I talk to with pets to go to Caring Hands!"
- Lauren Nucera
01/16/2020 18:05:52
"This was our first visit to your facility. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Our puppy got the care that was needed and the Dr answered all of our questions amd concerns. All of the staff was very welcoming. We had a great 1st experience 😀"
- Ann O'Neill
01/15/2020 23:49:12
"Caring Hands is a first date clinic. My dog has special needs & they treat him like family. I would refer anyone be who wants great vet care given with compassion & sensitivity my"
- Phyllis Kletzman
01/10/2020 20:57:57
"Caring hands staff once again took great care of our fur baby, Prince! Thank you! "
- Gina Burns
01/10/2020 19:52:58
"courteous, professional and efficient. Thank you!"
- John Brown
01/10/2020 19:40:45
"Always a great experience. Such pleasant, kind people. Clean, welcoming environment. Best vet center I have been too in a very long time. "
- Debra Snyder
01/09/2020 18:23:44
"I was so relieved my dog did not have to wait days for an appointment. Thanks so much for fitting him in the very day i called. "
- Janice Mckee
01/09/2020 13:29:25
"I found the experience stress free for my cat."
- Patricia Tedeschi
01/07/2020 18:54:39
"The quality of service and the compassionate service are the reasons to come back and recommend to my friends and family. "
- Jennifer Russell
01/07/2020 18:27:55
"The girls are always nice and helpful. You are in and out fast with your appointment. They answer all questions and concerns that you have . "
- Jeanine Dethomas
01/07/2020 16:46:47
"Our visit was great as usual "
- Kathleen Schreiber
01/04/2020 01:35:32
"Excellent service, staff did everything to ensure my dog received the best care! Couldn’t have asked for more. "
- Edward Maher
12/23/2019 00:40:35
"Very happy with everyone there. Love Kayla!!! She is an a cell engineer vet tech. "
- Kim Garrity
12/22/2019 18:57:49
"Very pleased with my visit . The next day the office called me to see how my dog was. That was the best customer service. Feel like they care about our animals. "
- Jane Stride
12/21/2019 17:16:12
"Everyone very pleasant and caring!"
- Glecia Vakirtzoglu
12/21/2019 16:07:18
"My Mia is a skittish pup. She is a rescue from an abusive situation. She was so comfortable and calm at Caring Hands. She was not scared at all with Dr Thomas and his assistant touching her. By the end of the appointment she was walking around like she owned the place.They definitely live up to their name. "
- Jeanie Keane
12/19/2019 20:39:19
"We love Dr. Thomas and the staff. They are so welcoming, and treat our dog and us like family! Especially Monica!"
- Celeste Toughill
12/19/2019 16:03:07
"Always so very good to us!"
- Sue Tyre
12/18/2019 13:28:52
"I love taking my cats here. I know they are getting the best care. Dr. Thomas and staff are wonderful."
- Adriane Cossrow
12/17/2019 17:37:08
"Excellent service and the Dr was great. I always will take my pet there for whatever reason."
- Stan Komorowski
12/17/2019 10:57:17
"First of all, I am so grateful that Caring Hands Vet Clinic was recommended to our family over 4 or 5 years ago. Dr. Tom is an outstanding Vet. His office technicians are also outstanding. They are kind, gentle and knowledgeable in their field. My dog Chomp is not happy when we come to the office but I sure am! I just had my cat Thor in the other day. They gave me an emergency appt. I expected to be the last seen, but Thor was seen right away. They always go over the charges first before any thing is done. The price is right. I have never had one complaint. I also recommended Caring Hands to neighbors. They feel the same way. Thank you all. I will always recommend Caring Hands to anyone I come across who is looking for a good Vet."
- Nancy McGurk
12/11/2019 15:14:10
"I brought my Puggle Brody there with an emergency situation and we were both cared for immediately by the considerate staff. From the calming front desk (Brittany) to the informative vet tech (Monica) to the outstandingly knowledgeable Dr. Thomas- they communicated, diagnosed and treated my 12 year old fur baby. I am full of gratitude for their quick service and care and will now be using them for all of Brody's needs. "
- Abby Michaels
12/07/2019 17:49:08
"Dr. Black took great care of our new kitten and answered all of our questions."
- Marvette Hunter
12/06/2019 03:35:50
"This was our first visit with a very old cat. From the front desk, the vet tech, and the doctor were so kind, friendly, and took their time to explain everything. I think it was a fair price for the services provided. I would recommend A+++"
- Donna Catto
12/05/2019 20:54:22
"Staff is very pleasant and when calling for appointments they are good with scheduling. Facility is very clean ! "
- Sarah Mcgettigan
12/04/2019 21:23:36
"A very satisfying experience every visit. Dr. Thomas is very informative and answer’s all questions . "
- Donna Bellomo
11/24/2019 21:00:23
"We love Caring Hands! Dr. Thomas is the animal whisperer and has such a way with our super nervous rescue, Buddy. We’ve never trusted a vet more for our dog than Caring Hands. The techs are also amazing, but Buddy’s favorite is Kayla. :)"
- Jessica Dimarco
11/23/2019 00:05:53
"Always top notch care for all of my fur babies! (Archie 2 year old dog, Bowie 11 month old dog, Gray Boy 5 year old cat, and Rufus 2 year old cat) I love that when I am there with one of my pets, the staff always asks how my other fur babies are doing, by name. It just shows how much they care. I know that I can without a doubt always trust Dr. Thomas, and know he will always provide exceptional care. We appreciate you, The Mayer Family "
- Valerie Mayer
11/19/2019 22:39:23
"Everyone always treats my pets and myself pleasantly and professionally. "
- Esther Baker
11/19/2019 20:37:43
- David Gibson
11/19/2019 18:39:26
"Dr Thomas and his staff are the best!"
- Linda Ianelli
11/19/2019 11:54:46
"Our visit was urgent and they were able to give me a same-day appointment. The staff and doctor was very professional and caring. We will definitely be taking all of our family pets there."
- Suzanne Evans
11/18/2019 17:45:18
"Dr. Thomas is a wonderful doctor. He is thorough with the exam, takes the time to explain everything to you and answers all of your questions. His staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They take care of your pet as if he/she was their own. "
- Kelly Serverson
11/17/2019 20:48:42
"Very good service and professional staff."
- Harry Ballas
11/14/2019 22:24:12