"Thank you for taking care of Baby. She has had a rough road before we rescued her and we needed a doctor close to home that we could be comfortable with. You took excellent care of our girl and we are thankful! "
- Christine McShea
09/07/2017 01:13:49
"They treated me with respect and professionalism.. I was just dropping off a Dicey sample for a fecal flotation test. Waiting for results"
- Nettie Creane
09/06/2017 20:15:24
"As a first time dog mom, they really made me feel comfortable with everything and answered every question that I had!"
- Mclaughlin Kelly
09/01/2017 12:05:37
"I brought my cat Onyx for a nail trim. I walked in the door, was greeted immediately & within minutes Onyx was taken back for her nail trim, almost before I sat down her technician returned Onyx in her arms. Onyx & I were in & out in what seemed no time at all. I started going to Caring Hands when Onyx was pregnant & liked the care she received & have been going back since. I appreciate the caring attention the doctors & technicians give me & my pets. "
- Roberta Hughes
08/25/2017 23:30:25
"I have recommended your office and have not had a vet that I am so pleased and the staff is so caring--thank you for your exceptional service and help through the years with all my loved pets"
- Rita Wenderwicz
08/22/2017 18:42:18
"We came in for an emergency visit and were accommodated very nicely. They looked at our dog Izzy and were able to diagnose her very quickly. They gave us medication that fixed her right up."
- Teresa Rennie
08/20/2017 21:38:33
"Dont regret walking in,i felt like i was treated like family,monica and keyla,outstandind customer service and treatment. Dr.Tomas was very professional with everything.our concerns and questions. This is a 10+ clinic."
- Milton Boscana
08/19/2017 19:39:58
"It was a great experience. Everyone was friendly, professional and very helpful. We were very pleased with the care provided."
- Clare Murphy
08/19/2017 03:14:46
"I am grateful for the kind and courteous staff at caring hands and so is Lucy!"
- Paul Jones
08/18/2017 22:53:43
"My dog only had his nails clip, but everyone is nice and friendly and the place is nice and clean "
- Dee Posey
08/18/2017 22:32:02
"My cat had his first appointment with Dr. King and she is great - so gentle with him. Always had Dr. Thomas before who is also terrific. So reassuring to have 2 vets I feel so comfortable seeing there. "
- Connie Lamparter
08/17/2017 21:41:08
"The care our pet receives is top-notch and superb! The entire staff really goes the extra mile to explain the issues, demonstrate any required therapies, and assist with any questions both during the visit with follow up calls."
- Andrew Kamnik
08/16/2017 23:24:03
"Great place. Very nice people and great care."
- Rosemary Weber
08/14/2017 12:05:23
"Caring vet staff are always extremely kind and welcoming. Dr Thomas is a great vet. I highly recommend them"
- Natalie Barber
08/11/2017 19:45:46
"Dr Thomas and his vet techs were awesome with our new kittens we rescued. They gave them a complete exam and were pleased to find out the they were already neutered and chipped. We look forward to doing business with them again."
- Susan Nolan
08/09/2017 18:18:54
"The Doctor & his co-workers were friendly and professional. All of my questions and concerns were answered. They took great care of my cat and I'll be returning very soon with my dog. "
- Linda States
08/04/2017 20:03:25
"Another great visit. I've been very happy with Dr. Thomas and his staff. I'm lucky to have such a nice vet so close to my house."
- James Gardner
08/04/2017 17:47:59
"Love the place and the staff. Very friendly and very professional!"
- Brian Morrissey
08/03/2017 20:13:16
"Great doctor and the clinic, but the wait time was long and I think there should not be as much dogs at the same time."
- Maja Wilk
08/03/2017 03:03:13
"Dr. Thomas and his staff were absolutely wonderful, they loved my giant rescued pup almost as much as I do! Dr. Thomas is able to perform a complicated surgery that other vets have declined, and at a mich lower cost than the specialists at UPenn. I am so grateful foe Caring Hands! "
- Bonnie Hopwood
07/31/2017 20:15:23
"2 Christmas' ago my cat was sick and my regular vet could not see him. Thank God for that because that is when we found Caring Hands and couldn't be more happy with them... Dr Thomas is great with my pet and they are so reasonable. "
- Jennifer Mullen
07/24/2017 19:36:06
"Doctor Thomas and Michael were awesome! Couldn't have asked for better help from these two gentlemen. My husband and I are very grateful and pleased we had them when we visited. "
- Jen Heisler
07/20/2017 13:00:37
"For it being my first visit and Circumstances I was there for I loved the clinic and the people that worked there. They have done an amazing job trying to help me and my pet to get him to a road to recovery."
- Tiffany Cruz
07/20/2017 12:54:33
"I switched to this vet after experiencing expensive bills and long waits at another area vet office. all 4 of my dogs are being cared here. THe prices are reasonable, front desk personnel are courteous and efficient, appointments are begun on time and all expenses are reviewed. THe physicians are caring, knowledgeable, thorough and friendly, as is the techs who assist. I am very happy their location is convenient, office is clean and sanitized. "
- Annmarie Cleary
07/18/2017 16:11:02
"I called on Friday, 7/14/17, later in the day and asked for first available appointment on Saturday, 7/15/17. I spoke with Mary who was extremely pleasant and accomodating. My dog was seen by the vet tech, Monica and then by Dr. Thomas. Both Monica and Dr. Thomas spent a good amount of time with my dog and I, getting all the information needed. Dr. Thomas is a wonderful, caring and extremely good veterinarian. Monica, Kayla and all the office personnel who work there always take the time to make us feel welcome and when we leave I know my dog has just received the best care in this area. I recommend Dr. Thomas and Caring Hands Veterinary Clinic to anyone looking for great experience."
- Patricia Paparone
07/17/2017 17:30:58
"We LOVE Mary!!! My dog Monk loves her and trusts her very much. She is always able to clip his nails with no problem. That makes me very happy. Monk loves Dr. Thomas too! Always a positive experience at Caring Hands. "
- Maureen Ogden
07/15/2017 10:41:32
"Never have I been to a veterinarian clinic that is so perfect in every way. The ancillary was staff couldn't have been more helpful. Dr. Thomas took his time with my very anxious chihuahua. The clinic was pristine. It certainly lives up to my adage "Everything Speaks." By that I mean nothing was out of order, no blown fluorescent bulbs out, no magazines and brochures out of place, and no pet smell at all. A most excellent experience. A great big thank you to the entire staff."
- Patricia Cullen
07/15/2017 09:41:19
"We are more than happy with the care our dogs receive at Caring Hands. "
- Diane Strohm
07/15/2017 07:04:02
"Dr. Thomas is wonderful. He was kind, compassionate with my fur baby! He was thorough with the examination and gentle with Sophie. The vet tech, Kelly was so nice and personable, as was the receptionist. I am glad I switched to this veterinarian and office! "
- Kelly Serverson
06/11/2017 08:50:12
"The staff were incredibly compassionate towards my pet Cooper. A little bit of a backstory: Cooper was a former feral cat born to a feral mom whom we took in right after she had her litter. We spayed mom and later had the kittens fixed. Cooper was relocated from my mom's old home in North Philly to her new home in Feasterville along with a few other feral cats we had taken in. We built a cattery for them to be able to enjoy their time both inside and outside. Unfortunately, Cooper was one of 3 cats in our cattery that we had not had the chance to test for FIV or FeLV and he tested positive during this recent visit. While we are heartbroken, we continue to provide him with the best care we can to make him comfortable as he is still active and jumping around as well as using the litter box and eating. When the time arrives where his quality of life has taken too much of a toll, we will make the appropriate accommodations for him. Thank you for providing Cooper and the family with compassionate service."
- Kathyria Rivera
06/10/2017 14:00:13
"Thus was the first visit with Dr.King. I always saw Dr. Thomas. Dr. King was very thorough. She explained things well. The receptionist and vet tech staff were outstanding, as usual."
- Mark Taplar
06/05/2017 10:12:13
"We dealt with female doctor this time and she was really nice and very professional. The male technician was so knowledgeable and professional and very caring toward pets. The female technician, however, I was not fond of. She got a little annoyed because I really couldn't afford $500 for everything she suggested. The male technician the doctor told me exactly what was needed and highly recommended and cut the cost dramatically while keeping my pup healthy and happy."
- Jen Griffin
06/05/2017 07:17:51
"Dr. King was wonderful with Max, and made sure to take the time to answer all my questions. Very personable from all staff, and I felt like Max was in good hands."
- Gwyneth Mooney
06/04/2017 15:43:31
"Ladies that work there were really friendly & made me feel very comfortable!!!!! Doctor was EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!! Prices were BEST in town. Knightswood NOT coming back!!!! "
- Kate Widmaier
06/03/2017 19:30:10
"Excellent care and they gave me comfort leaving my baby Kona with them."
- Christine Bohatiuk
06/03/2017 15:51:34
"Always treat my roxy like there own thank you"
- Joseph Abruzzo
06/02/2017 16:05:21
"I was promised a call back about Buddy's fecal test and never got one. He had his annual exam on Tuesday night and no one has called yet and this is Thursday night."
- Carol Roache
06/01/2017 18:49:46
"I do think 80.00 for a antibiotic is a bit much"
- Helen Pasquariello
06/01/2017 17:28:22
"I find that the entire staff is very polite and professional and also very caring of the both the pets needs and comfort. Also both the doctor and staff do explain everything in detail so that you are well informed of what is wrong with your pet and what the treatment is and what to expexct from the treatment. I also like the follow up phone call the next day checking on your pets condition."
- George Doughty
05/27/2017 08:17:26
"Staff is very personable and treats our dog with care. They called to remind of us our appointment and called the next day to see how our dog was doing. "
- Shirley Meade
05/25/2017 18:05:17
"Dr. Thomas and his staff are always great with our pets. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new vet. Our appointments are always on time , Dr. Thomas answers all questions throughly and you can tell each employee genuinely cares about animals. "
- Lea Zimmerman
05/22/2017 13:27:50
"I love this place. They have been patient and kind to my sick cat who has seizures."
- Felicia Taylor
05/19/2017 10:30:55
"Dr. King was kind and considerate. Her assistant Monica was gentle and very caring."
- Rhonda Massaro
05/18/2017 21:22:31
"Receptionist was friendly, outgoing and courteous. Treatment was excellent, as usual. No need to change a thing."
- Maryanne Donnelly
05/14/2017 17:33:53
"I took my cat in due to a small emergency. the staff and Dr. Thomas were extremely caring and compasionate. "
- Shary Campo
05/14/2017 15:17:17
"I loved this office!!! Everyone was caring and respectful and they were extremely careful with my pet. I plan on returning with Bun Bun every 6-8 weeks for nail trimmings!!!! "
- Theresa Curley
05/13/2017 10:55:29
"Every one is very kind and Caring"
- William Borkowicz
04/29/2017 13:40:10
"Duke has been walking around a lot better and it's just been 24 hours since his nail was removed. Thank you Caring Hands staff and Dr. Thomas"
- Binu John
04/28/2017 16:36:54
"The best veterinarian. Max & Sparky always get excellent care. Thank you.. "
- Julie Klein
04/26/2017 16:00:58
"Very friendley and knowledgable.also the office and rooms were very clean "
- Doug Aster
04/26/2017 14:43:20
"Dr Thomas is a wonderful, caring vet--I have been taking my last dog to him and now my new found family member for over 5 yrs--One of the best !!!"
- Rita Wenderwicz
04/24/2017 17:38:25
"All teem got so much love to work what they doing . We receive high quality service. "
- Oleg Narovchenko
04/24/2017 10:59:04
"Love everyone at Caring Hands. Dr Thomas is the best always takes the time to answer all our questions and we never feel rushed"
- Kathy Williams
04/23/2017 17:01:02
"I have never been charged so much at a vets office before. Two office fees? I understand I had two dogs, but I have NEVER ever been charged an office fee multiple times. Then I was given a spay estimate for over 400 EACH? I was informed it was a private practice, that's why the prices were high. My horses vaccines don't even cost as much. The staff was polite and courteous. The vet was polite and seemed knowledgeable. Most likely, unless an emergency happens, I will be taking my dogs elsewhere."
- Caitlin Logan
04/14/2017 11:46:13
"I am very happy with the way they handle my dog. He is very timid due to abuse and can bite in stressful situations, that is not a problem for them and handle him with care."
- Sarah Palmatory
04/07/2017 15:06:56
"Staff was very caring and professional they truly care about you and your pet and I couldn't ask for anything more you it's like family walking through there doors the staff was compassionate and very attentive to all of my concerns and I will definitely recommend this place to friends and family and neighbors and prices are great "
- Candice Jarvis
04/05/2017 15:05:58
"I am very pleased with your clinic. Dr. Tom is always very kind and attentive. The vet techs are very knowledgeable and informative. I am so glad that Caring Hands Vet Clinic was recommended to our family a few years ago. It makes us feel secure with our animals knowing that we have a good Vet. I never have to wait when I call for an appointment. You can always find out in advance what the service will cost, so it will not be a big shock at the end. Also, the clinic is very clean. Please, keep up the excellent job you are doing. I will be back! and Thank you all."
- Nancy McGurk
04/03/2017 06:20:01
"My dog cookie loves the staff. They are always very nice to her."
- Annette Gittelman
04/02/2017 13:44:58
"I was very satisfied with how I was treated and the receptionist was very knowledgeable"
- Nettie Creane
03/31/2017 19:22:17
"Everyone is so nice to my dog and always take the time to answer any questions . Highly recommended "
- Debra Lista
03/29/2017 15:43:33
"Service in the office is always impeccable. Dr. Thomas is very caring and remembers his patients. He was truly thoughtful in the unexpected loss of my 5 mth old Great Dane puppy, Ruby. "
- Terrie Crowe
03/28/2017 11:29:13
"Dr. Thomas is caring, professional and caring. The Staff is friendly and has great customer service "
- Anthony Handlon
03/27/2017 07:22:47
"Dr. Thomas and his staff are amazing. Very kind and welcoming. "
- Eileen Beyer
03/26/2017 17:02:13
"No suggestions. I've been in there three times to check it out and it's always clean and disinfected. Dr. Thomas was really nice and the rest of the staff was really informative. It was only 308 for my dogs Ducky and Xena. Which was really cheap. The last place i was at charged for every little thing and fluxated their visit prices. Xena also has been scared of certain things since we took her to a groomer, but Dr. Thomas was able to take care of everything and was very gentle with her. Great place! "
- John Osti
03/26/2017 11:11:59
"Dr. Thomas and all of the staff at Caring Hands are exceptionally compassionate in their care and treatment of Prince. I really appreciate the pre-visit reminders and the post-visit follow up. "
- Gina Burns
03/24/2017 10:41:53
"I called the hospital last minute, the staff was able to squeeze us in and treated us wonderfully, thank you very much!"
- Mary Ann Hall
03/14/2017 13:06:17
"I recently switched to this vet and they are friendly with you and your pet. They get you in quickly and no long waits! They are fairly priced as well. "
- Andrea Devine
03/14/2017 12:03:39
"They were unaware of our appointment that I did online and waited to long no one else was in the office "
- Theresa Bryson
03/11/2017 17:32:09
"I called around 6:30 on a Wednesday night to see if they could get me in. I was experiencing somewhat of an emergency with my cat. They were able to take me right away and never made it seem like a bother. The receptionist took the time to show us how to give my cat her meds even though it was late. They have been checking in with me since. "
- Meggan Kole
03/10/2017 07:21:04
"I love how they took my German Shepard and got him acquainted with all the staff and are knowledable about the breeds hesitance in new and unusual surrounds. Made me more relaxed and we were in and out in a breeze! "
- Amara Washington
02/28/2017 19:55:21
"Doctor Thomas and his team are excellent! "
- Heather Costello
02/24/2017 19:43:20
"Love caring hands, best vet I've ever had"
- Deborah Burdsall
02/17/2017 17:20:38
"Staff has ALWAYS been wonderful with me and my pets. No complaints!"
- Stacy Reynolds
02/16/2017 15:55:00
"Wonderful caring staff. Answered all of our questions and took great care and interest in our pet. "
- Melissa Mozitis
02/14/2017 12:56:51
"Love bringing my dog here. Everyone is friendly and the Doctor is excellent. "
- Ivelisse Montijo
02/13/2017 13:25:56
"I had a wonderful experience. We just had our puppy there and they were super friendly and very professional. I will refer to anyone I know I was very happy with my first experience."
- Gina Forilni
02/12/2017 14:25:39
"Dr. Thomas is wonderful and helped me with my cat's behavioral issues. The techs are friendly and knowledgeable. "
- Christine Obst
02/01/2017 11:41:33
"The people that work there are very nice and make my dog feel loved and welcomed. The office is clean and the surroundings are well cared. My dog always love to come here."
- Bonita Mullins
01/31/2017 16:26:04
"The staff is always so good with my dog that is so anxious about being there. It makes the visit so much easier! "
- Jennifer Benner
01/26/2017 12:00:41
"TicTac is very comfortable coming here. The staff is very friendly and accommodating."
- Patrice Livermore
01/25/2017 03:34:00
"The staff and Dr Thomas are great at Caring Hands, even though we've moved about a half hour away we continue to bring our lab their for care. Dr Thomas is friendly, knowledgeable and you can tell has a real compassion for the animals he cares for. "
- Jamie Tromba
01/22/2017 13:32:32
"Everthing was excellent, but i think they forgot we were there because it was an especially long wait "
- Richard Garrow
01/19/2017 19:10:17
"I just would like to get to the root of the problem with my dog."
- Holly Jenkins
01/17/2017 18:35:10
"Dr Thomas and his staff are very kind, gentle and calm with all of the animals and they take the time to listen to all or any questions you have about your pet and give detailed instructions to go with all medications. "
- Susan Nolan
01/17/2017 12:40:34
"I was very impressed by the warm, caring staff, the quality of service, the cleanliness of the facilities and the professionalism of Dr. Thomas in treating Coco. He explained everything, step-by-step during her examination and provided recommendations for follow up care. It is wonderful to have a veterinary clinic so close by that specializes in the treatment of exotic pets such as guinea pigs. Thank you."
- Marcella Wallowicz
01/17/2017 11:20:43
"Best pets doctor, thats how i would describe dr. Thomas. In the past 1-1/2 years i have been so satisfied and very impressed by dr. Thomas, at last after years of serching for the right vet for my fur kids i at last have been blessed to have found dr. Thomas. Not only is he very knowledgeable, he also relates to my pets and he aslo takes the time needed to listen to me, their owners. Hes very patient and truly shows a loveing concern. In my opion dr. Thomas reminds me of the good old times when vets did so. Todays world seems to be a rush rush next patient sydrome, showing the extreme concern and professionalism that us as pet owners really want, need and love to have is finally here in dr. Thomas personality. I cannot thankyou enough for hiring him, he is a wonderful example of what a Veterinarian should be. Also i would like to add that his staff are really very good, pleasant and professional, again i am so glad to be going to Caring Hands, a very, very, satified and grateful customer. "
- Lillian Holden
01/14/2017 11:18:35
"Already recommended Caring Hands Vet to all my friends with pets!!"
- Felicia Taylor
01/13/2017 12:11:13
"Staff and everyone was extremely nice. I have been coming here for a few years now. I love it. "
- Anthony O'Hare
01/08/2017 11:52:51
"The staff was very sweet and attentive, and super kind to my pet! I will definitely be coming back. "
- Marinn Mullen
01/07/2017 17:32:12
"I am very pleased with everyone at Caring Hands Veterinary Clinic. My dog and cat have received the best treatment and the staff is very caring and friendly."
- Anne Gordon
12/12/2016 09:20:22
"The new receptionist and Mary the tech truly care about pets and both of them kissed my little Oreo's head ....and the doctor was sick himself ,but took the time to do a thorough exam on my little boy and offered suggestions to help him"
- Michele Lynham
12/10/2016 15:29:00
"When I called for an emergency for my 12+ yo cat, the vet tech was very accommodating. When we arrived, the space was clean, well lit and did not smell. I was lead to an exam room right away. About a minute went by and a young lady took Leo's vitals and then took him in the back to draw blood. Dr. Thomas was very nice, professional and thorough. The price was expected for blood work, exam and medication. Leo now feels great and his brother Henry doesn't know it yet, but has a wellness check up scheduled for tomorrow :-)"
- Rosalie Fittery
11/29/2016 15:50:52
"We love Dr. Thomas! He is always excellent! His bedside manner, the top notch care the competitive pricing! "
- Julianne Griffin
11/25/2016 10:03:48
"Friendly Staff"
- David Chiofolo
11/19/2016 19:46:57
"Very nice doctor and staff. "
- Anna Hejnar
11/19/2016 13:47:50
"Our appointment was the first of the day and the receptionist unlocked the door to let us in, as we were a few minutes early, and was very pleasant! Everyone was really welcoming and great with Buddha...who is quite an excitable, strong, 50 lb six month old English Bulldog/Pit! He almost upended one of the vet techs when he wrapped his leash around her legs! She was really good about it, though. Everyone that we met with was happy to answer all of my many questions and I definitely did not feel rushed. Overall, it was a great experience. A little pricier than expected for puppy shots, but again, overall a great experience and I would recommend. "
- Brian Morrissey
11/14/2016 07:49:55
"Dr. Thomas and his staff have always provided exceptional care and concern for all their patients and their owners too. I trust them without question."
- Leslee Forsyth
11/13/2016 13:49:50
"Everyone at this clinic — from Dr. Thomas on down — is so very friendly, kind and knowledgeable. You can also tell that they love all animals. (I used to go to a Vet who did not like cats! I left him in a hurry!) They try to do their best in every situation. I also think it's so nice that they consistently call each animal by it's name. They're all wonderful."
- Donna Schneff
11/13/2016 12:00:10
"The office was clean, the wait was not long at all, the staff was polite & informative answered all my questions even gave me suggestions without being pushy, they were so sweet to my puppy & the prices were fair they even offer a 40% discount for the year if you pay upfront which is a huge savings i love it there!"
- Jeannine Smith
11/11/2016 09:33:07
"The computer did not work at the Front Desk. It was very hard for the Front Desk staff. The tech, Michael came out and was awesome with my dog. He answered all my questions and his customer service was excellent. Thank you."
- Josephine McKellar
11/08/2016 17:13:36