"You are absolutely wonderful. Thank you for always helping me when I call and really loving and caring about Nancy."
- Amelia Nicot
10/21/2020 17:47:09
"The staff is friendly and respectful. They have taken extraordinary steps to make routine visits Covid-19 safe. Dr Percival has many years of experience with cats and seems to diagnose intuitively. But she is cautious and recommends lab tests when necessary. My cats like her and are always calm when I come to pick them up. That is really important to me!"
- Georganne Joseph
10/20/2020 17:15:21
"We are happy with our cats' treatment. Since they are getting older, there are more things to do, but we are happy with The Cat Hospital of Austin"
- Dawn/Mike Conwell
10/19/2020 22:30:04
"You care. You’re on time, so i don’t have to wait. It’s important to me that the quality of my cats lives is good, not the lingering that makes them suffer. Palliative care is important. "
- Pamela Eyrick
10/19/2020 20:06:45
"We appreciate the care and cat knowledge that you extended to our two sweet girls who we lovingly two weeks ago from APA. We are especially appreciative a n.v d awed how after only one visit and physical evaluation you were able to discern that one if our two adoptees (XENON) turned to be a female kitten vs. a male kitten as we were told. Thank You. Looking forward to a rewarding,satisfying, very long and awesome Vet family association association with the Dr.Landers family & crew as both our kitties are less than 12 weeks old!!! Thank You f IU r accepting my husba n.v d, Robert Scott, myself and our two pretty kitty sisters, xenon & xanthe into your family. Lynda Hutchinson-Hinderer. "
- Lynda Hutchinson-Hinderer
10/19/2020 00:19:19
"The CHoA is the model for outstanding cat care! We have been bringing our babies here for compassionate and outstanding care since 2002 and would never go anywhere else! Even through Covid-19, the team works well together to handle mutliple crises as well as daily priorities with kindness and sensitivity to individual patient needs. Dr. Percival-Leland has our highest respect for bringing her whole heart and head to work each day! You all make this look too easy even though it’s never been. Keep up the phemewminal work with love for all you do for us!"
- Buffy Burnett
10/18/2020 23:10:14
"I felt listened too and heard. Dr Percival Leland you really allowed me the space to share Bagheera’s behaviors and allowed me to include all aspects of foods supplements etc so that I could give you the most complete landscape to work from. Lauren and everyone I interacted with ( I am sorry I don't remember everyones names ) were wonderful, kind, and compassionate to my distress; and gentle and sweet with my Bagheera. You all helped to answer my questions And make sure I had all information and medications Bagheere might need. Thank you all so very much!! It felt like family. "
- Julieanne King
10/17/2020 00:35:40
"Ya’ll are awesome! Thank you so much for your expertise and attentive care in keeping my cats healthy. Your staff and Dr. Percival-Leland are so empathetic and helpful, I trust no-one more with the health of my furry family members."
- Mathew Wilson
10/14/2020 15:23:45
"I love you guys, and the kitties love you too! You are always so helpful. "
- Holly Aureus
10/13/2020 21:22:24
"Zachery Binx is perfect. Thanks for letting me use the pet carrier. Christy"
- Christy Maddalozzo
10/12/2020 13:29:55
"Appreciate the ability to order needed recurring meds without an office visit So easy to call, drive in and get delivery to the car. "
- Sue Anderson
10/10/2020 17:39:25
"Everyone was very nice and informative, even with the car service due to covid. Thank you!"
- Brittany McFarland
10/08/2020 19:56:56
"Love this office! Always know that my baby is in good hands when he is there; I appreciate the kindness and care my kitty gets"
- Olga Hall
09/26/2020 20:58:48
"always the best and very safe/no-contact"
- Ellen Shelley
09/25/2020 20:23:44
"Everyone from the receptionist, to the assistant nurse, to Dr. Percival were so kind and welcoming to our first visit at the clinic. I was very anxious because my cat has high anxiety when it comes to go to going to the vet but the staff were very understanding and eased my concerns. Dr. Percival was also very patient with me while I asked many questions. The follow up email of everything we talked about was also very helpful and appreciated. I really enjoyed the experience and will definitely move all of Luna's veterinary care to the Cat Hospital of Austin. Thank you so much for your help!"
- Deana Brown
09/25/2020 15:00:33
"My two cats were dropped off and given their annual checkup and necessary shots. Staff is pleasant and called to get recent history before appointment and then called me and gave a full report when checkup was complete. As always I am very satisfied with the level of service received."
- Chris Wilson
09/24/2020 20:34:10
"We have absolutely loved the care we receive for our furr babies. We adopted our two cats from here and would not take them anywhere else for care. I know we are in a pandemic so the staff coming out to my care to get them was necessary but was extremely helpful. Thank you for all that you do. I recommend The Cat Hospital of Austin to all my cat loving friends. "
- Theresa/Edward Kilgore
09/20/2020 17:29:49
"I thought the whole experience was good. I was able to email for an appointment and answer questions via email which was convenient for me. My cat has vet anxiety and they did great with her. I was finally able to get the vaccinations she needed!"
- Michelle VanHoose
09/20/2020 00:50:46
"Fabulous staff! "
- Corinne Rehurek
09/17/2020 15:21:16
"My cat got better under your care! I like the use of wellness products not just conventional medicine."
- Deborah Yao
09/16/2020 21:47:06
"Marissa was great with her phone calls, able to explain everything calmly and in detail. Was a great overall experience 😊"
- Molly Miller
09/15/2020 18:05:06
"We very much appreciate the care that Little Kitty and Josie are receiving at Cat Hospital of Austin. The entire staff has shown sincere concern for their well being and we are very thankful for the excellent care. That is precisely what we were looking for when we made a change to Cat Hospital of Austin and we have complete confidence in the care being provided. Thank all of you very much. "
- Chip Sneed
09/14/2020 04:20:58
"I know that in the new Covid era that taking my cats to the vet would be different. I think it was all handled very well."
- Michele/Marshall Missner
09/12/2020 10:30:54
"We love you and so does Bruce! "
- Amber Rees
09/11/2020 18:20:35
"Sara likes you and co-operated during her visit. she hated my other vet and would not let that vet examine her. "
- Nancy Filgate
09/11/2020 14:53:06
"Everyone is always so friendly, caring and knowledgeable and it gives me peace of mind knowing my babies are cared for by the best here."
- Teresa Wilson
09/05/2020 16:59:47
"I have no complaints at all! We are blessed to have our Finn in your care. Each member of your staff has spoken to us and treated us with the highest respect (no matter how many times I ask the same thing ;) ) and kindness. We truly know that we are receiving the best care available. "
- Dianna Renard
09/05/2020 01:01:28
"We think our fur baby, Lit’l Bit, is in good hands Being care for at your place. We know the food prescribed for her is the best, and it is convenient to get her food and supplement at one place. "
- David Gracy
09/03/2020 19:06:58
"I love the attention to care with Cat Hospital of Austin, whenever I call with a question I'm asked follow up questions about Gizmo's last issue or visit and it feels like they really care about him and his recovery!"
- Rachel Soderberg
09/02/2020 02:07:39
"Each time I call in my concern is handled with great care and importance! We have had issues with our CAT in medicating her. I have called in too many times to count asking questions throughout this process and sometimes confirming what information we have received. Each time our questions are not only answered but also I always feel it is just as important to you as it is to us! Thank you so much for you help, concern, and advise during this process! Sissy thanks you too!"
- Karen Skiba
09/01/2020 19:41:07
"Really like the contact limited service and appreciate that you're demonstrating care for your patients and their humans in so doing. "
- Taylor Frank
09/01/2020 14:11:35
"All the ancillary staff are helpful and great customer service. Dr. Percival takes the time to thoroughly explain treatment options and the actual treatment performed. Just wish I had thought to have them give 1st dose of meds as my cat won't let me put pills down her throat."
- Victoria Bovard
09/01/2020 01:43:23
"You guys were seriously amazing helping me with Lil V! Lauren was so sweet and listened to everything I had to say leading up to the appointment and then I don't think I have ever felt so heard and validated in my life, Dr.Percival was so calming and sweet and thoroughly explained Lil V's cancer to me (when I've had 2 vets and a specialty vet diagnose it and not really give me any guidance or explanation of how to proceed) and I was in awe at the blank treats and giving me the option to get her chemo in liquid form and listened to my concerns about her losing an appetite or weight and suggested more vitamins and supplements! You are all seriously amazing and my kitty family and I appreciate you guys so much. I can't say thank you enough! Looking forward to continue coming here <3 "
- Jade Winston
08/30/2020 19:29:06
"I love the summary of exam detailing any complications as well as all that was done during the exam."
- Laura Murray
08/29/2020 20:22:00
"The staff are always upbeat, eager to help, and truly interested in my kitties lives. "
- Lila Bass
08/29/2020 20:07:12
"Very responsive. Excellent care! "
- Annette/Susan Jones
08/29/2020 14:15:34
"I have used Cat Hospital for all three of my cats (15, 9, and7). Dr. Percival and staff are always helpful! Clarissa's appointment on 8/27 was, as usual, easy for both of us during this difficult time of Covid!"
- Carol Griffith
08/28/2020 17:01:31
"We love the Cat Hospital! "
- Matthew Russell
08/27/2020 14:52:29
"Everyone was very nice and informative, great service."
- Molly Duncan
08/26/2020 22:19:43
"Everyone we dealt with was very responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. We love that you're doing pickup/dropoff, and were able to keep our boy until he was ready to be seen. We'd especially like to call out the woman who reached out to Sarah - I'm so sorry I didn't get her name! - for being so compassionate and attentive to our little one's needs. Thank you for all your hard work!"
- Tom/Sarah Fagan
08/26/2020 16:58:39
"Love The Cat Hospital. ❤️"
- Pam Hallock
08/26/2020 11:43:53
"I love your practice! I feel so strongly that my cats haven't gotten the high level of care they deserve anywhere else. I will always go to the Cat Hospital of Austin to make sure my kitties are well taken care of."
- Marjorie Saul
08/25/2020 21:05:15
"The staff and care are excellent. No suggestions for improvement. "
- Marjorie Dozier
08/25/2020 19:53:39
"All great."
- Kathy Muenchow
08/25/2020 16:52:22
"You guys are amazing and Nancy loves you!!! Thank you so much for everything you do!!!"
- Amelia Nicot
08/11/2020 22:52:30
"The staff and Dr. are the best and they always take such kind care of our Mr. Garth. Thanks guys!"
- Terri Jenkins
08/11/2020 16:11:03
"You are hanging strong. Thank you for bring here"
- Laura Potter
08/04/2020 15:57:20
"All of the staff is friendly and professional. The prices are reasonable and the services are top notch! "
- CJ Woods
08/01/2020 22:38:53
"Your new processes for the pandemic worked well for Mickey & me. Mickey is a handful, especially when he is terrified at the clinic. Maybe he is getting better? I am grateful he has to be knocked out next week so that his claws, glands, UA, and shavedown can be completed. He had a hard time with his vaccination, but came back to normal in 24 hours."
- Carol Neubauer
08/01/2020 11:12:30
"Overall experience was great"
- Marilyn Lawrence
07/31/2020 21:15:06
"Thank you for keeping me updated on what was going on. Butterscotch is like my child, and it means so much to me that you always let me know what was going on, gave detailed reports, and kept her safe."
- Katie Burwell
07/30/2020 21:02:44
"Excellent service. Will continue to bring my cat here. Very conscientious of the COVID-19 situation. Knowledgeable And friendly staff."
- Rob Hammond
07/30/2020 18:28:26
"You're doing really well! My family has been sending our cats to your office for over ten years. With my new adoption, it's always a little distressing to send her into the office alone, but in the Corona times there isn't any way around it."
- Savannah Cervantez
07/30/2020 01:39:41
"I have no complaints about my visit! Soulman definitely seemed less stressed with his ears and I'm glad to have received confirmation that his lungs are okay."
- Elizabeth Cloud
07/29/2020 23:47:54
"I love the care you provide for Mowser and have for years. I remember when I had to move away for 18 months and i was so sad to have to see another vet...they were great, but they weren't y'all. Mowser and Eliza have a very special relationship and I hope it continues for many more years. Thanks for all you do. "
- Leslie Pearlman
07/29/2020 21:11:25
"Murray’s food was on back order and he was out. We were able to pick up a bag same day we called for assistance. The physical distance procedures in place are also excellent. Thank you! "
- Rosemarie Daly
07/29/2020 17:32:09
"Y’all are wonderful"
- Rachel Stanford
07/26/2020 19:53:12
"I appreciate all that you do!"
- Elizabeth Martin
07/26/2020 00:19:16
"Very efficient team and all showed impressive interest in the health of our cat."
- Earl Prochnick
07/25/2020 14:31:10
"As always, awesome! You were following up with a recent call and trip I had to make to see a 24/7 care for Crag, and gave a good recommendation for pre drop off on Monday."
- Brian Toolan
07/24/2020 21:09:20
"Everyone has been so kind. A lot of communication which is what you need when it comes to our fur baby."
- Sabrena Henson
07/20/2020 22:29:51
"My Sphynx cat, Sobe, absolutely loves to come in for her vet visits.... which as most pet owners know is rather "unusual!" The staff are amazing and great with their furry/bald patients."
- Lisa Trombetta
07/17/2020 21:37:43
"Perfect team members! I can really tell y'all treated my angry cat with respect and understanding. I haven't been able to find this level of service anywhere else. "
- Alex Medrano
07/17/2020 20:16:54
"I have a 7 year old male cat who hasn't been to the vet in about 3 years, and I recently got a female kitten. I stopped taking the adult cat to the previous vet after a negative and outrageously expensive experience for a routine checkup. I was nervous about finding someone new, but have had nothing but positivity from Cat Hospital of Austin. After one visit with just the kitten, I already feel at home with you guys and have faith in the care you will be able to provide my babies. I look forward to the end of this pandemic so I can actually meet the doctor and get to know the office! "
- Shannon Drew
07/17/2020 15:14:13
"We were very happy with our Little Kitty's first visit. Everyone that communicated with us was very professional. We feel like the examination was very thorough with Little Kitty's well being at the forefront. We appreciate Dr. Percival taking the time to call and discuss her findings and recommendations with us. This also gave us confidence that we made the correct decision to make a move from our previous veterinarian (very liked and respected) in search of the best care for Little Kitty. We have another cat, Josie, who we will be introducing to y'all very soon as well. Thank you."
- Chip Sneed
07/15/2020 19:51:42
"Dr. Percival-Leland and her entire staff are very knowledgeable, patient with answering questions, and best of all so compassionate and caring."
- Angela Lucca
07/15/2020 16:16:02
"Thank you always for the best care for my kitties! We appreciate everyone and all that you do!"
- Alyssa Naugle
07/15/2020 03:43:06
"It's great. All the instructions have been clear, we appreciate the quick responses, and Jazzie is feeling better. :) "
- Andrea/Justin Wynter
07/14/2020 19:16:27
"Everyone that works at the clinic is knowledgeable and friendly. I have never had a bad experience in all the years you have been caring for my cats."
- Amanda Price
07/12/2020 17:49:55
"I appreciate having a cat only place to take Tico, where everyone likes her!"
- Elaine Jackson
07/11/2020 19:06:49
"You guys are the absolute best, really. I know y’all care and it means so much"
- Amanda Marino
07/10/2020 21:38:49
"It was very easy to get the babies in. CH came to the car to get them. They called later to advise if their exam needed any further action. When it was time for them to be picked up, I checked out on the phone and they brought them back out to the car. EASY!"
- Gayla McMaster
07/08/2020 23:11:19
"I love the staff at the Cat Hospital of Austin - they are so friendly, caring, and attentive. They provide excellent care and I wouldn’t trust my kitties to anyone else. "
- Sara Purdy
07/08/2020 21:20:06
"You figured out what was wrong with my cat!"
- Deborah Yao
07/08/2020 19:53:07
"Extremely impressed with your new protocols for social distancing while still maintaining excellent customer service. Not having to leave my car, but still getting the chance to talk to the vet tech, vet, and receptionist for payment was incredibly efficient and simple (and safe for us all!). As always, it's such a pleasure to visit the Cat Hospital of Austin, and know that we're receiving exceptional care at a reasonable cost. Not being asked to pay for additional tests, blood work, or procedures during a wellness visit is so refreshing. I appreciate everyone on your your team! "
- Lauren Castellon
07/08/2020 01:23:31
"Dropping off Jill was easy in this bizarre time of covid19 danger. I am at high risk, due to my age and asthmatic condition, so it was great that I could get her examined by the only vet she’s had in nearly 17 years, and then returned to me by Chelsea, all in a safe manner."
- David McClintic
07/03/2020 05:27:45
"Attn: Dr. Percival You have a great team working with you! Every single staff has been very efficient, helpful and understanding with everything. I've called a lot and I appreciate their patience with all of my questions. Thank you for getting my senior girl Noodles back on track and healthy again. Tamara Cook"
- Tamara Cook
06/29/2020 16:27:21
"Procedure was clear and easy to follow."
- Kay Payton
06/26/2020 18:46:11
"My visit was great! I love that the cat hospital specializes in cats exclusively, as I feel like they have a broader range of knowledge on some of the specific issues my senior kitties are facing than a traditional vet does. I feel like my cat is in great hands here, and the staff was very friendly and willing to answer all my questions. Thank you!"
- Rebecca Carrender
06/25/2020 14:29:40
"Don't know how you could improve. Everyone is so courteous and helpful and the arrangements for getting my kitties in for appointments is working very well. "
- Marjorie Dozier
06/24/2020 19:40:03
"My cat and I had a 5 star experience here! I was nervous about taking my cat to the vet while COVID was going on, but the employees were extremely cautious and attentive to both my and my cats safety! They were kind and patient throughout the whole process. Very professional, and I would give 6 stars if I could! "
- Macy Gutierrez
06/23/2020 18:22:29
"Dr. Percival is very thorough and we really appreciate the level of care we are receiving from Cat Hospital of Austin. "
- Courtney Vollmert
06/22/2020 20:37:42
"The visit was easy as Juan came out to take Comir inside for her visit and returned her to the car."
- Carol Griffith
06/20/2020 14:41:47
"The appointment was on-time, and an appropriate range of diagnostics were performed and reported on in a timely manner."
- Alex Kinneer
06/19/2020 16:05:30
"Your staff does a good job explaining the situation with my pet, processes for medications, etc etc. "
- Jan Sartain
06/17/2020 19:00:28
"The drop off process and “no contact” vet visit went very smoothly. I love how professional and communicative the staff is and how quickly the appointment went. Thanks for being available and flexible to adapt during the pandemic so our pets can still get the care they need!"
- Molly McGee
06/17/2020 17:58:01
"Very polite and helpful in care of my two kitties"
- Cyndy Fowler
06/17/2020 14:34:33
"Love all the crew. I have been a client since 2001."
- Michelle Robinette
06/13/2020 15:50:57
"We so appreciate the care and compassion of your team. Thank you!"
- Terri Jenkins
06/11/2020 16:04:51
"The staff are handling the contactless processing of patients in and out was seamless and I still felt valued and my pets cared for. Good job!!"
- Taylor Frank
06/10/2020 19:56:00
"Just the best!!!"
- Bonnie Bain
06/10/2020 01:23:52
"Excellent care!"
- Annette/Susan Jones
06/09/2020 21:11:54
"As always, Calvin got excellent care and attention during his recent boarding at Cat Hospital of Austin. I appreciate the new safety procedures in place regarding COVID-19 when I drop off, pick up, and pay for Calvin’s expenses."
- John Fisher
06/09/2020 12:53:47
"Absolutely love y'all!! All the staff is super friendly and helpful. Always willing to answer a question and it is obvious they really care about the cats they see. Wouldn't change a thing!"
- Carlee Perez
06/08/2020 15:57:23
"I love Dr. Leland and all the folks that work there. So thankful we found you all. Kittenman Sam loves you all too!"
- Lynn Cucolo
06/06/2020 20:38:58
"We needed our cat to be seen quickly and we were accommodated. Thank you! "
- Diana And Mark Seerey
06/06/2020 20:02:55
"I appreciate the time Dr. P-L spends on the phone with me explaining Frida's condition and treatments. I also really like the written notes I receive from the Dr. when I pick up my cats. I always refer to them once I get the cat home to make sure I'm following all instructions. "
- LaDonna Castanuela
06/05/2020 17:13:57
"Dr. Leland and al of the staff members who helped me--Lauren, Chelsea, and Eliza--were wonderful. Thank you for taking care of Fritz, and thank you also for allowing me to pick him up after you were closed. I hope it was not too much of an inconvenience. Fritz and I greatly appreciated it! "
- Anne Nabors
06/05/2020 15:06:47
"You guys are the best! You have the best care. I trust in anything you guys do and recommend about my cats. I think you really are the best in town. "
- Dilek Anilturk
06/05/2020 04:03:24
"Cat Hospital of Austin is GREAT!! Dr. Percival and her staff are very knowledgeable and make you and your pet feel like family. They are very friendly and treat you great no matter how busy they are. My wife and I have been taking our pets to Dr. Percival for many years!"
- Dianne/Earl Hensz
06/02/2020 02:49:37