"I think that you all are outstanding! Even during the real heat of Covid, we always received the best care and communication continued to be excellent. Besides the wealth of knowledge, I think that communication is a strong suit at Fairwood amongst staff and with owners. I feel very blessed to have such a great team helping me give my pets the best that I can! Thank you!!"
- Lynn Neff
08/09/2022 14:35:45
"I was able to get in and get Stella's prescription in a timely manner with Shasta who is always very friendly."
- Jamie & Daniel Wilke
07/08/2022 22:32:32
"An overall great visit! Friendly, efficient check-in and check out, appointment on time, and a very thorough and gentle exam by Dr. Hart of my very nervous pup. Thank you."
- Deborah Bennett
09/17/2021 11:55:27
"Our dog was quickly groomed by Jessy and she did a terrific job!! We are very pleased with how she looks!! So cute!! 🤗"
- Julie Barringer
09/11/2021 05:24:33
"the groomer was excellent, happy with my dogs look."
- Peter Stout
09/10/2021 19:24:52
"Fairwood has been amazing with all of my animals. When you're there you aren't a number to them, you and your pet are valued and they take the time to show that. Everyone seems to enjoy their job and they are all very kind. "
- Bethany Seipp
09/05/2021 00:40:31
"We appreciate the friendly greeting by Emily at the front desk and the thorough care from Dr. Pat was exceptional. He took the time to call us with details to the blood work that was done on our cat, Ginger. "
- Tamara & Nathan Kennedy-Gibbens
08/26/2021 05:46:46
"Always feel like the care the dogs get is very personalized. Staff is pleasant and easy to work with. "
- Shannon & Peter Reed
08/17/2021 16:12:09
"Wonderful people providing care for my furry family. Dr. Anderson is thoughtful, funny and extremely knowledgeable. Sending special thanks to the entire team!!! Janet, Molly, Lobo and Ringo ❤️"
- Janet Hart
08/14/2021 21:37:07
"Really good experience. Was immediately acknowledged when I walked in the door. Did not have to wait more than a few minutes to be led into an exam room and saw the doctor within minutes of that. The doctor was very good with my cat and very personable towards me."
- Leora & Craig Gendreau
08/12/2021 17:06:14
"The front desk is very professional and caring."
- Elaine Daffron
08/11/2021 21:27:16
"I was very impressed by Dr. Sullivan. He is obviously very knowledgeable and is very open about his findings. The staff have all been very pleasant to work with as well, and have gone out of their way to get me the information I've needed."
- John Bafaro
07/28/2021 16:11:46
"Honestly, I feel better about the way your team treats my Dog’s care than my own Doctor’s care for me. Prompt care, quick follow up and excellent service overall. Thank you so much for your caring kindness!!"
- Jane & Jeff Pope
07/18/2021 12:33:51
"Always compassionate, informative and friendly. I value the knowledge you share and the care you consistently give. Thank you."
- Catherine Cosby
07/16/2021 17:32:23
"I had my Pug Henry in for a nail trim. He hates his nails trimmed and your wonderful groomers were so good dealing with him amidst his screaming and wiggling!!! They are much appreciated! "
- Barbra Morrison
07/15/2021 19:55:00
"I really liked dr feist. She was so sweet with our slightly timid cedar dog. She was kind and gentle. "
- Molly & Gary Coulter
06/30/2021 16:07:59
"Dr. Sullivan was a big hit! Our hyperactive Max was ecstatic when greeted with a fast play session! He calmed down right away afterward and stood quietly for a gentle exam. I really appreciated the caring!"
- Deb & John Ellsworth
06/10/2021 05:02:55
"Dude was very well taken care of and Melody the surgical tech kept me informed of everything and answered all my questions. Dr Hart is the best!!"
- Georgeann Peck
06/06/2021 21:52:05
"Mariah is the best groomer we’ve ever had. She’s amazing!"
- Bette & Kirby Monahan
05/29/2021 17:16:38
"Even during the pandemic, the staff at Fairwood are efficient and caring. Chip had to go in because of an eye problem and even though I couldn't go in with him they kept me updated with his prognosis and the vet took time to talk to me and answer any questions that I might have. I wouldn't go anywhere else for vet care!"
- Regina & Richard Bass
05/31/2020 16:36:55
"Fairwood is our place. You start with our babies when they are new born and have had to hold our hands when we have had to let them go. You take care of all their needs from beginning to end. Love you send reminders for shot dates and check ups and am so glad you have added additional groomers. Thank you for all you do. "
- Nancy & Bill Reeves
02/21/2020 00:48:45
"The whole experience was amazing. The willingness to squeeze our little girl in despite how crazy busy your day was, never seeing her before, and the doors closing at noon says a lot! I will definitely be shifting my pets care to your facility. Every team member was calm, compassionate, and caring especially the Vet! Thank you Fairwood! I’ll be back soon :)"
- Steve Nelson
02/17/2020 20:56:52
"I came in the 13th of February and the first Vet we spoke with was personable and showed genuine care for my fur baby. He was on the ground with her and really gave me options on what to do instead of just wanting me to spend a ton of money. I had to come back the next day because my poor girl was not able to walk. The Vet who came in on that day was the same way as the first Vet. He was caring and showed real concern. Although her diagnosis was a bad one our experience at this office was a great one. I will never go to another Vet again. This will be all 4 of my fur babies vet from here on out. Thank you for the genuine compassion."
- Brianna Ruonavaara
02/17/2020 19:44:06
"We are extremely pleased with the staff and the service we receive at Fairwood. Your receptionists are always very kind and acknowledge us right away, and we have never had a difficult time getting an appointment, even on short notice. The veterinary care is outstanding and we always feel we are getting the best care for our dogs. Lastly, the groomers are great! We have had our animals cared for at other clinics, depending on where we have lived, but given the choice would choose Fairwood every time! "
- Jennifer & Jake Monroe
02/11/2020 16:42:35
"Everyone is sooo friendly and I love taking Loki to you all. The groomers are always awesome as well. Very happy with you guys! "
- Jennifer & Steve Jenkins
07/29/2019 15:48:16
"I recently boarded my diabetic cat at your facility and I am SO thankful for the love and care that you showed her for two weeks. Thank you for taking such good care of her and for making it a comfortable and safe experience for her. The extra effort and love you showed her allowed me to feel at ease while she was in your care. If the need for boarding her arises again, I will not think twice about leaving her in your care. Thank you so much!"
- Brittney Stoyko
07/12/2019 14:28:58
"The way I rate the boarders is the way Gracie acts when I pick her up. Is she happy? And peppy? And how she acts around the people who care for her. My two experiences with Fairwood are excellent. Gracie is happy and seems well cared for. Also she doesn't act up when I take her to you again. She seems happy to leave me. LOL Randi Gortler"
- Randi Gortler
07/10/2019 21:56:55
"Having visited other Vets in the past I can honestly say NO ONE does it better than Fairwood. You are the only Vets I would ever recommend! Your care and compassion is outstanding find has meant so much to me and my family."
- Kathe Cates
06/13/2019 02:39:06
"Maggie says she would always rather be home, but when she has to be away, the caregivers at Fairwood are doggone great and give her tons of attention! "
- Tanya & Tony Marrazzo
05/22/2019 12:22:05
"Always have a positive experience. Love Dr. Hart - we have been going to him since he started at Fairwood and he has taken care of all of our dogs through the years. Love the staff, too, as they are very helpful and friendly. "
- Bonnie Reno
05/13/2019 03:09:21
"The staff is so kind and professional at Fairwood. Kylie was great at explaining our dog's spaying procedure, and she called as soon as it was finished to let us know that Maisie was doing well. We appreciate Fairwood's expertise, friendliness and genuine care for our pets."
- Julie & Garrett Riddle
05/11/2019 15:09:28
" We sincerely appreciate the care given to Cooper & Charley during their trial (successful) overnight kennel stay. We look forward to our vacation next month knowing Cooper & Charley will be well cared for ... thank you!"
- Julie & Pete Jonyka
05/06/2019 16:49:34
"First, Shasta is always amazing every time she answers the phone- kind and efficient, she is an asset to the office!! Second, we very much appreciate the effort to squeeze us in at the last minute when we were worried about Ruger having an infection. That kind of service is so appreciated! And last but not least, both the vet and vet tech provided outstanding service - knowledgeable, caring, explained everything well - we truly would not go anywhere else with our pups! "
- Becky Davis
04/25/2019 16:46:35
"Always very happy with the kind and compassionate care from Dr. Hart, and Dr. Anderson and the technical and reception staff."
- Jane & Jeff Pope
04/10/2019 22:49:42
"Fairwood Animal Clinic is the best clinic I have ever used. Very well run and everyone is so friendly. My little Izzy (cat) loves Dr. Hart. She gives him a hug everytime he picks her up. We could not be happier with this clinic. "
- Cathey Wells
04/07/2019 18:31:56
"I am very tickled with both of the groomers. Since the front desk staff were busy and my pups were shaking I immediately went to the grooming room. When I return to the front desk they already had me checked in. That was nice customer service."
- Shari Russell
04/04/2019 01:16:00
"We brought Max for a grooming visit with Michelle and she is excellent! Thank you!"
- Olga Burtness
04/03/2019 18:30:43
"Fairwood Animal Hospital is always a very welcoming environment. You can really tell the employees like what they are doing by showing much concern about you, and your pets aswell as reasonable prices. I will never go anywhere else for my pets.💗💗💗"
- Rhonda Rigsby
03/30/2019 19:31:10
"The receptionist greeted us and took care of us promptly. The vet techs and vet always treat Penny like she was their own puppy. "
- Michael & Nicole Alley
03/29/2019 05:04:04
"Great office staff as well as vet techs and assistant. Dr. Hart is excellent, takes time with the animals and owner."
- Tammy & John Cook
03/27/2019 21:41:12
"I would rate the clinic at 99.9% out of 100%. We have been clients for about 20 years and in all that time have enjoyed and appreciated the wonderful care givers at your clinic."
- Jana Delaune & Don Fay
03/27/2019 18:31:00
"We always get great service at this clinic. The staff takes care my dog like he is their own pet. My dog loves it there because the staff treat him so special. "
- Larry Boyd
03/22/2019 04:17:29
"I love your boarding area, it is clean and the yard is great for the pets to run around. Your staff is polite and helpful. My shy dog is comfortable with everyone."
- Paulette Fordan
03/16/2019 20:45:59
"Very happy with the sincere care and attention given to our pet. You will be Shep's lifetime veterinary clinic. Thank You!!"
- Robyn & Dan Farley
03/15/2019 15:46:54
"Sincere concern and compassion for our pup, excellent medical care and good communication from staff. Helpful follow up calls and email reminders help keep us on track. "
- Olivia & Fredric Dugan
03/10/2019 15:54:48
"I really appreciated the flexibility of the woman up front- she asked me to weigh Benji, but he got really scared and was just shaking due to a barking dog near the scale and she quickly said not to worry about doing it now and got us right into a room with the pheromone bandana. I appreciated the wisdom of the vet and vet tech and their patience in letting me ask questions and describing possibilities and possible treatment options if necessary. They were also very gentle with my baby and seemed to be present with the task at hand and not rushing through the visit, since it was just a check up, and not a big injury or anything. Very grateful for you guys! "
- Carrie Olson
03/09/2019 21:33:55
"Thomas and I love this office. We are always given a good amount of time to get all our questions answered. We are given options instead of being told what to do. Thank you for great care. "
- Deena & Max Budano
03/09/2019 18:12:50
"We have always been more than happy with the care Dr. Hart has provided. The front desk and technicians are helpful and compassionate to us and our 4-legged kids. "
- Heather & Bill Beeman
03/06/2019 21:43:15
"I was very impressed with the professionalism of every one I came in contact with. The facility was spotless, bright, and the wait for the Dr. to see my pet was short. My dog was treated with TLC from an obviously skilled and friendly staff. Everything was explained in a way that was easily understood. GREAT VISIT!! THANKS "
- Bonnie & Bob Stratton
03/05/2019 04:32:23
"Great! Dr. Hart is the best vet in Spokane, he really has a way with animals. I've been coming here for years and years now, and gotten the same outstanding service from Dr. Hart every time we've seen him."
- Debbie Longo
03/02/2019 20:20:31
"We love the friendly greetings from all the staff and your willingness to accommodate our needs, especially when our pet is in pain. We also appreciate the clean environment and our dog appreciates the variety of treats :)"
- Rebecca & Savanah Danica
02/28/2019 23:59:24
"Your practice is no longer very near where we live, but we will continue to use you because of your friendly and overall excellent staff. I am always greeted warmly and by my name at the front desk, my dog is treated with such care, concern, and precision by the doctors and technicians, and our prescriptions are filled quickly even when I have forgotten to provide adequate notice. And of course my kids love seeing Mr. T. You all are doing a truly excellent job and should be very proud."
- Caroline & Ben Fowler
02/28/2019 21:24:31
"You are friendly and care about my family, and my concerns about my fur baby. You are always honest and truthful about what is going on with my boy. It is a pleasure to have a vet and staff that are dedicated to our family and fur baby. Thank you with all our heart ♥️ "
- Peg & Grant Prouty
02/27/2019 22:00:42
"Very happy with the care received. Kayte Anderson is an excellent vet and very nice person. The rest of the staff was also very kind and personable, taking the time to make my dog feel comfortable. "
- Julia Matusik
02/27/2019 21:49:30
"You’re doing a fabulous job. I feel as though everyone there genuinely cares and is compassionate about each pet that comes through the door!"
- Juanita Donais
02/27/2019 02:44:52
"I can honestly say that I have never had less than a 5-Star experience with your facility, services, and staff. Even Jade, who is usually terrified of other people, calms down and is really mellow once she gets there and sees that she is going to be getting groomed. I will continue to patronize your business even if I end up moving across the city in the future and have to drive an hour to do so. Thanks so much for taking such good care of our baby, Jade."
- Russell Lambeth
02/26/2019 18:11:29
"We love our veterinarian Dr. Ben Hart. He is supportive, understanding, and over all great at his job. His care truly reflects his love for animals. I have never had a bad experience with any of the staff at Fairwood. All our pets will continue to be seen at Fairwood Animal Hospital. "
- Amanda & Heath Wisener
02/25/2019 17:59:57
"I have no complaints. Cinnamon always looks so nice and always seems happy when I pick her up. Thank you for taking such good care of her for us. I have medical problems that make it difficult for me to bath her myself and her clipping is always so lovely."
- Mary Beth & David Snyder
02/25/2019 07:06:25
"You guys are the BEST !!! You always manage to get us in, and take care of Nala's needs."
- Kathy & John McCarthy
02/25/2019 04:33:21
"All of our pets have been to Fairwood. They have saved both of our dogs. You can see that they love animals. Dr. Hart, Dr. Anderson and Dr. Perger are the best. Thank you. "
- Heather & Jon Barnhart
02/24/2019 18:08:17
"My dogs are always cared for professionally and competently. "
- Lauri Woodland
02/24/2019 04:02:20
"Great service and love Moriah for GiGi’s grooming !"
- Melody & Ed Holland
02/23/2019 20:31:38
"We have our Golden groomed with you. She always looks great. "
- Ingrid & Jeff Kinder
02/23/2019 02:15:59
"Michelle loves our dog and it shows! "
- Bette & Kirby Monahan
02/23/2019 00:25:35
"I really enjoyed my experience with our cat Maya. Fairwood does a great job of explaining prices and gives me a way to budget! I couldn't remember her name, but the gal at the front desk remembered that I had cats and didn't want to place us in the cat room due to a cat coming in with an upper respiratory infection. That kind of service is really unheard of. Thank you for taking great care of our fur babies! We can't wait to bring in our older cat Millie!"
- Nicole & Zachary Bond
02/22/2019 19:33:08
"I love the office staff and Dr. Hart is very knowledgeable about my dogs. Thanks for all you do. "
- Val Talgo
02/22/2019 18:58:10
"The staff is always accommodating especially for urgent care or concerns. "
- Alicia & Sean Reis
02/22/2019 00:45:49
"I've never had a bad experience with anyone from Fairwood, other than getting bad news about a pet. When those situations do come up the staff is ALWAYS understanding and empathetic to the situation at hand. Love going here and love taking my dog there! "
- Regina & Richard Bass
02/21/2019 22:01:25
"All is good. I like the reminder emails for upcoming vaccinations needed. Love the reminder phone calls for appointments. The staff is always friendly. "
- Kellie & Tom Frasher
02/21/2019 19:48:11
"You all are great; get us in when we need your help; questions and concerns are always take care of. Thank you. "
- Lisa Mittleider
02/21/2019 19:01:13
"Maui loves Fairwood. While she's wild at home, her Fairwood family seem to genuinely like her! Kelsey always let's me know what she was up to! She's never anxious when we drop her off or pick her up so I know she has a great time!"
- Kristal & Jason Pride
02/21/2019 18:41:01
"I was greeted warmly by those at the reception desk. I dropped off my pet at the groomer. They were busy when I came back through, but they got to me quickly helped me with my financial transaction and then we discussed a well visit for my pet. I was satisfied with my help."
- Erin & Norm Schwab
02/20/2019 23:21:00
"We were grateful for the staff who were friendly, helpful, and professional in their duties. We were so pleased with the care our Teddy received and Dr. Hart who answered all our questions about Teddy's health which helped us better to care for his illness. "
- Rose & Al Messick
02/20/2019 22:28:37
"Taken into exam room promptly. You seem to know and enjoy our pets."
- Gail Newton
02/20/2019 20:55:29
"I love this vet, I drive 40 mins to come to you because of great customer service and care for my animals. I live less than 5 mins away from another vet clinic I could go to, but choose not to change. I love Fairwood Animal clinic, as do all my pets. "
- Susan Cockrum
02/20/2019 18:02:14
"Lilly loves going to your clinic. Her previous clinic I took her to she would try to bite and was very nervous. She is not like that anymore. Needless to say that tells it all."
- Trudy Anderson
02/20/2019 17:10:25
"Dr Anderson was awesome. Glad to see her on board as a vet! Shasta (I think that is her name) at the front was great. She got a very upsetting phone call while I was waiting and she handled it gracefully. Also my dog peed on her (!) and she laughed it off. "
- Paige Halliburton
02/19/2019 17:58:42
"We have been patients here 20+ years."
- Tami & Ronald Peterson
02/19/2019 02:20:27
"Love bringing our dogs to you. We are all treated very well. Your care when we recently lost Kasha did not go unnoticed. Thank you 🌈🐾"
- Becky & Kent Ellenz
02/17/2019 22:36:28
- Tracy Lechelt
02/17/2019 18:12:11
"I feel that the clinic offers very personalized service in ALL aspects from the doctor, to the doctors assistant, to the friendly receptionists, as well as the phone correspondence from each! "
- Anne Simmons
02/17/2019 17:59:44
"Dr. Hart is one of the best vets that I have had. He is very caring if not only your pet but you also. He will talk over options if needed and be sure that you are also comfortable with the decisions. "
- Linda Marie Ward
02/16/2019 17:16:59
"The visit overall was good! I didn't feel rushed. I was able to ask all my questions. The Dr. that attended us seemed very knowledgeable and willing to listen to my concerns. The only negative was the wait time past my actual appointment time was long. "
- Ryan Oltman
02/15/2019 18:24:14
"Appointment was very close to on time, great x-ray results showing Kylie is expecting 10 puppies. Dr. Hart spent time with me showing me the x-ray and sharing information."
- Carol A. Stover
02/15/2019 02:47:23
"We have been coming to Fairwood for many years for our past and present fur babies. We have always been extremely happy with their service and have received above and beyond care many times. "
- Linda Witting
02/15/2019 02:31:40
"We have 2 pets who are patients at fairwood animal hospital. We drive all the way across town just to go to fairwood because we love the staff and doctors so much! Our 10yr old dog recently had a knee operation at fairwood and things could not have gone better! They are always so caring and kind. We would recommend to anyone!"
- Marci & Richard McQuary
02/15/2019 01:31:33
"I am glad to be back at Fairwood after spending months a Dermatology for Animals. D4A just wants you to stay with them, instead of going back to your regular vet. I get excellent care at Fairwood. Thank you"
- Mary & Patrick Coker
02/14/2019 23:59:51
"We have only EXCELLENT things to say about Fairwood Animal Hospital. Every visit has been filled with compassion and professionalism from Dr. Hart as well as all of the staff members. Your willingness to see us on an emergent basis has been truly appreciated. We also utilize your grooming services and have very high praises for them as well. Keep doing what you're doing. We would never think of going elsewhere, and we tell all of our animal-owning friends who are in need of a great clinic that this is the place to go. Thank you for everything! "
- JoAnn Schab
02/14/2019 22:06:52
"I don't have any complaints or suggestions. I like Dr. Anderson's bedside manner with my dog. She is gentle and caring making my dog feel at ease. I would highly recommend her to other pet owners."
- Don Craton
02/14/2019 20:36:28
"Had a good visit with Dr. Hart. With our sick puppy, don't know what we would do without him. He is always responsive to our needs and takes the best care possible for our Rudy. Thank you Dr. Hart. You are a very special person!!"
- Sandi & Stan Howard
02/14/2019 18:22:37
"We think you do a great job. Everyone is so good with Jessica and Bear whenever we bring them in. We have complete trust in the techs and doctors. All personnel are friendly and helpful. Only a few times, out of our several visits, have we had to wait 20 or so minutes past our appointment time. But, that's the norm in any doctors office. We highly recommend Fairwood Animal Clinic."
- Gary Sullivan
02/14/2019 18:05:29
"The doctors and staff are so amazing! My bulldog has several issues and Fairwood has always been there to help me when needed and gives the best care to Adelaide, even when she isn't always the best patient. I am always impressed with the doctors knowledge and dedication to my all my pets. The staff is always so warm and friendly and happy to answer all my questions. I can't say enough about my vet!!"
- Kris Doner
02/14/2019 17:58:51
"Staff has always been friendly and we appreciate Dr. Hart's compassion."
- Kimberly & Christian LiVecchi
02/14/2019 16:38:48
"The tech that administered Volcom's shots was incredibly kind, helpful, and informative. Volcom (AKA Mr. Grumpy Pants) does not appreciate car rides, cat carriers, new people, or sometimes his own tail...so when he started purring and kneading his blanket as he was getting his shots, I was shocked to say the least! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for always being so kind, and gentle with all of my pets. All of you are more appreciated than you can possibly imagine! "
- Jenneh Zacher
02/14/2019 16:29:54
"Great bedside manner and knowledgeable about my dogs heart issues. Very friendly front desk staff and I appreciate the quick response time on my med refills."
- Sherrie & Pete Winkler
02/14/2019 16:27:34
"I am totally comfortable bringing max here...I believe he receives expert care and is genuinely liked by staff... And front office is awesome! "
- Dawn & David Olsen
02/14/2019 16:25:53
"I love your clinic. Staff is helpful. Love the turtle. Always answers my questions. "
- Rebecca Ringo
02/14/2019 15:17:51
"Everyone is always so kind and understanding. The whole clinic seems more organized and happier lately and the technology upgrade seems nice! Thank you all!"
- Mercedes & Ryan Leahy
02/14/2019 15:08:11
"Your staff and front desk people are so welcoming and nice. I wouldn’t choose any where else to bring willow. "
- Amanda Hershey
02/14/2019 15:04:45