"The Dr I saw was so attentive and nice and extremely knowledgeable the whole staff is awesome!!!"
- Shawna Klingensmith
09/16/2021 18:07:35
"Everyone was very friendly and I really appreciated how patient and responsive Dr. DeStefano was to all my questions. The in-office wait time was definitely longer than I expected (I thought it should have been about 20-30 minutes and it was well over an hour) but that wouldn't stop me from coming back or recommending your facility to other pet owners. Thank you!"
- Denise Conn
09/14/2021 17:37:11
"Really liked how much time they spend being thorough to make sure all concerns are taken care of and very pleasant and I didn't feel like I was rushed or felt a tension to try and hurry."
- Renee Hatin
09/10/2021 19:36:05
"Great staff at this clinic...my dog is very nervous at the vet and they always do everything they can to ensure his safety and comfort...highly recommend this group!"
- Kara Wengerd
09/08/2021 21:14:41
"Dr. Destefano was a true lifesaver! Knowledgeable and understanding of the circumstances. The staff was very pleasant and helpful. Overall an amazing visit. If I weren't moving, I would be back for sure! Thank you, thank you!!"
- Sayward Rutledge
09/05/2021 19:53:46
"Everyone is always so courteous and helpful. Chance's rash is already about 50% better and he is not rubbing his belly on the floor much any more. Thank you so much for your great care that you give all your patients and their humans. "
- Debbie Stevens
08/29/2021 02:33:29
"Love all the staff here and so does my dog! I won't go to anyone else!!"
- Sheila Stover
08/27/2021 16:17:22
"Always handles my sweet pitty so well ! Never treats her like she is a scary animal !"
- Jessica Mykel
08/22/2021 22:11:57
"I felt very comfortable with all of the staff caring for my kitten. The way they made her and I feel comfortable through the whole process made me feel a lot better. The doctor and nurse answered every and any questions I had and gave me lots of good advice and information about my kitten. Great people and service. I would recommend Community Animal Hospitals to anyone. "
- Isabela Robles-Goodrich
08/19/2021 19:12:00
"I cannot say enough positive things about Community! The other day was my first with Dr. Brock and she’s phenomenal! As always, Nicole and Leia (dear God I don’t think I spelled her name correctly!) are absolutely amazing and I’m so thankful for them! Thank you for making vet visits easier and a more positive experience for Tabby & Odie. (Who are we kidding… Tabby doesn’t feel positive about anything except violence!) Erin Rodrigues"
- Erin Rodrigues
07/03/2021 16:38:37
"I got my dog about 4mos. ago and have found him to be a lovable 'fraidy-cat. I wished I could have gone in with him. I thought he would be a wreck when he got back to the car. BUT that was not the case at all! He was calm and happy. This is entirely reflective of you! He reflected your calm caring. Thank you for taking such good care of him, medically and emotionally."
- Janet Vail
05/16/2021 19:45:18
"I bring both my pets Levi and Callie to community animal hospital and the staff and doctors at this office are all amazing. Leia is always such a great help when we make appointments or have questions. Nicole is also always so friendly and helpful. Jenny always takes such good care of Callie when she needs to get her nail trimmed. Everyone here is awesome and I appreciate all of you!! Thank you all! "
- Jack Galico
05/10/2021 23:12:41
"My dog is always excited about going, she would make her own appointment if she could. She is always well taken care of while she's there."
- Mary Brenn
05/06/2021 18:23:18
"Unlike other animal hospitals in the area where I’ve had unfortunate experiences, your staff is very kind and knowledgeable. No suggestions, keep up the great work. Thank you."
- Nicholas Chancey
05/01/2021 16:38:23
"I appreciate each and everyone at CAH. They have helped Bonnie on many occasions with kind words and lots of 💘 "
- Connie Kiley
04/29/2021 23:49:58
"I’m very happy we found community animal hospital a few years ago and that you care for both our pups! Although the vet staff fluctuates everyone has always been very kind, helpful and caring from the moment I call, to questions being answered, to our dogs visits. Thank you for being a place we are comfortable entrusting our kiddos health to."
- Stephanie Ostdiek
03/11/2021 18:10:52
"The vet tech was very sweet and knowledgeable. All ran like a well oiled machine"
- Chris Mangels
03/05/2021 21:28:59
"Thank you all for being there for our pets. Keep up the good work. See y’all at the end of the month."
- Deborah Steele
03/03/2021 22:20:33
"You all have done a great job keeping our 16 year old Jack Russel moving. You have been thoughtful, understanding, and non-judgmental in our choices regarding Lucky and yes, we do recommend you to our friends. "
- Bob Albury
03/03/2021 20:52:38
"Always super sweet"
- Angela Tosi
03/03/2021 01:00:22
"It was just a meds pickup, but I was able to order and pay by phone, and once I got there and called, I got the meds very quickly. Thanks for the convenience!!"
- Nancy Evans
02/28/2021 23:36:08
"Very helpful, very informative and timely for us. We appreciate the time the doctor took to talk with us about results from bloodwork which was done on the premises. We just wish you were closer to where we live!!"
- Rita Davis
02/28/2021 20:48:52
"Most of my help was on the phone and at the wait spot 5. As a general rule. I ALWAYS RECEIVE GREAT CARE IN A TIMELY MANNER. "
- Connie Kiley
02/28/2021 19:44:46
"I have been coming to you for about 4 years and I have nothing bad to say about you. Everyone has always been friendly, helpful, and caring. I have recommended you to everyone I talk to. Also, your prices are reasonable and the Doctors have always explained different options. The other vet I used to use was always wanting to do tests that maybe we didn't need. Thank you very much for your service!"
- Debbie Stevens
02/25/2021 06:44:58
"i have always loved it here for my dog. the staff is always so understanding and helpful."
- Jessica Estes
02/24/2021 13:53:14
"Love your clinic and all your staff. Thank you for slo your services and knowing my pets are taking care of. Respectfully "
- Taylor Benton
02/23/2021 18:41:18
"I appreciate everything you all are doing during Covid, and while my anxious baby HATES going alone, I know you are taking exceptional care of him while he is with you! "
- Karen Sorensen
02/23/2021 03:44:40
"Because of Covid-19, precautions are necessary, but communication was definitely not lacking. The staff was friendly and helpful. I definitely appreciate the care of my baby and will certainly be telling everyone who has a pet whom they love this is the best place to bring your pet for their care. Thank you!"
- Vilma Sennett
02/07/2021 20:47:47
"Everyone is always so professional, informative and pleasant."
- Jacqui Baranich-Wolfendale
02/05/2021 18:10:09
"Thankful for everyone’s help and excellent service yesterday even though I’m sure it was rough having to move appointments around. You guys did great!"
- Douglas McGrath
02/02/2021 23:33:00
"Appreciate the friendly service "
- Ashley Wisniewski
02/02/2021 16:47:58
"I had a great visit for my older dog. The staff is very efficient, caring and informative. Dr. DeStefano was extremely great in explaining the diagnosis and detailing the treatment plan. By day two, my dog is already having good results. My new vet clinic!, thank you all! "
- Rosemarie Jowdy
01/31/2021 21:46:11
- Elaine Leonard
01/31/2021 18:47:30
"unbelievably kind caring and professional by the books."
- Love Lozada
01/25/2021 19:44:25
"I know you all were behind because of emergency's.That's okay with me.Some day it might be my dog and I hope other people under stand."
- Ellen Brown
01/15/2021 00:33:33
"I just want thank everyone at the community animal hospital and clinic for everything they do. They're the best!"
- Judy Allen
01/12/2021 19:37:54
"Very friendly work.er .they explains thing about your dogs to real good can stand jenn was very friendly in understanding u have good working Have bless day. "
- Nannette Hinson
01/09/2021 23:53:34
"All the staff is exceptional. "
- Sean Henisa
01/05/2021 22:54:45
"Whenever we call or come to an appointment we always find a very welcoming staff. Everyone truly seems to love what they do, and each of our pets receives individualized special attention. Dr. DeStefano is particularly wonderful. He points out unique characteristics of our pets, and calls me personally with the results of his examination every time. I can't find it"
- Sonia Woodbridge
01/05/2021 22:35:02
"I'm so happy my baby is doing much better and really loved all the attention he received, everyone was very helpful and so pleasant. "
- Wendy Rivera
01/04/2021 09:09:54
"It was New Year's Eve and I was calling around trying to find a vet that could see him same day for a bad ear infection he had. Community Animal Hospitals was the only one that could see him and I was so happy about that. When I arrived and they were finally able to see him after a little bit of a wait, the staff was friendly, knowledgeable, thorough, and didn't push to have unnecessary tests or exams done. They were very budget friendly and gave excellent service. I was so pleasantly surprised at the service my dog and I received that I'm considering making them my new primary vet. Thank you Community Animal Hospitals!"
- Amanda Furgus
01/01/2021 22:35:39
"You folks are AWESOME! Thank you for taking care of our fur babies and us a pet parents!"
- Nancy Evans
12/30/2020 20:37:04
"The Dr's and staff are helpful , and the safety protocol during this year's pandemic.. Many thanks to all of you for being there for our loved pets !!"
- Marie Dapice
12/30/2020 15:45:56
"The staff and doctors are amazing and so caring. They have great attitudes and personalism and always remember my dog's name! "
- Mercy Ameyaw
12/30/2020 13:07:54
"The Dr and staff are wonderful and always available to answer questions.. only place I will take fur babies "
- Eva Thomas
12/29/2020 21:31:10
"This is such a difficult time with the pandemic. The staff has been polite and professional. The doctors are very caring, informative and professional and concerned for the well being of their patients. Easy to contact and get a response. Just a great experience for all around. "
- Richard King
06/23/2020 14:25:34
"The entire staff was very friendly and caring. Due to covid19 we were unable to go inside with titan but the techs made it very reassuring that he would be well taken care of. Very happy with our decision to try this vet."
- Dawn Miller
06/22/2020 17:24:32
"Thank you so much Nichole & Dr. Dorman for taking such great care of our babies! "
- Erin Rodrigues
06/21/2020 20:37:39
"Very helpful and answered all my questions. Sorry Marley was a handful"
- Angela Tosi
06/20/2020 17:58:34
"thank you so much DR.Doormen for saving my dogs life you truly are amazing thank you thank you thank you "
- Kelsey Throgmorton
06/17/2020 18:07:33
"Thank you to Dr Delgado for being so kind to my difficult cat and prescribing meds that will help her, as well as making non-medical suggestions on handling her better. Especially in these times, there are a lot more serious things to be concerned about for our pets, and I appreciate that my issues with my cat were treated with sensitivity and effectiveness. "
- Ellen Garvin
06/15/2020 17:24:04
"Staff,Dr were excellent,from start to finish! Excellent communication,great attitudes and very professional,knowledable! Regards Bob mielke"
- Robert Mielke
06/12/2020 19:12:07
"Leah is the best receptionist "
- Steve Jordan
06/12/2020 14:21:30
"We love community animal hospital!"
- David Widner
06/11/2020 19:05:43
"Ive only been there twice but I feel like the staff always knows who I am when I call. They are very cheerful and most of all helpful and try and find the "best" route for me to take with my dog Murphy's care. They are such a welcomed addition to my community and I have told severval people about this hospital. The prices are very good, and believe me I have checked around! I only wish they had grooming!!!! But can't have everything at your fingertips! Thank you staff at CAH.....you are wonderful "
- Christine Kirschner
06/10/2020 17:47:49
"Sidecar is doing very well. By the way it's Mark, not Marie lol. No worries lol 😃"
- Marie Vinette
06/04/2020 20:00:48
"It was hard not being allowed in the building, not being able to see/meet the wonderful people that helped with my fur baby. But the ones I did have contact with had friendly eyes and nice voices Looking forward to masks going away and being able to see a smile "
- Deb Dove
06/04/2020 18:11:58
"Glad I found this office"
- Micheal Webb
05/31/2020 14:28:13
"I appreciate the check up call on Mateo, and all the advice from Dr. Dorman. I will definitely be coming back here for any concerns and visits needed for my 2 pups! Thank you! "
- Julissa Lujano
05/27/2020 23:49:41
"Thanks for taking Lucky in quickly. Grateful for the wonderful care to offer our dog."
- Bob Albury
05/27/2020 18:18:10
"Dr D spent time explaining pets problem and answering any and all questions I had. Great vet clinic!!"
- Spencer Shaw
05/24/2020 18:08:32
"I appreciate the amazing staff here, how quickly they respond and how they're addressing the Covid-19 issues"
- Nancy Evans
05/23/2020 17:06:50
"I would like to say thank you to all the staff at Community Animal Hospital thank you for taking care of PEBBLES🐕Y'ALL ROCK! PEBBLES SAYS RUFF RUFF!"
- Dawn Taylor
05/19/2020 20:04:00
"Love Dr Dorman and her staff. Very personable"
- April Clark
05/18/2020 04:43:16
"appreciate your care and feedback from both doctor and staff thank you "
- Deborah Raia
05/05/2020 20:43:17
"They took excellent care of my baby and got her in right away when their was a problem. Thankyou."
- D'Ann Fahlsing
05/05/2020 10:48:38
"Nicole was very friendly and brought my dog’s Heartgard right out to car quickly with a cheery disposition. Wearing a mask but I’m sure she was smiling too. Have a great day!"
- T.Michelle Walker
05/03/2020 17:12:09
"I’m extremely happy with the way you take care of my pets."
- Linda Murphy
05/01/2020 00:31:10
"Nice follow up after our visit"
- Colleen Shahbas
04/27/2020 16:56:13
- Maria Negron
04/27/2020 01:14:50
"Hello i dont have a comment but more of a testamony my name is Fawn and my Dogs name is Baxte, when me and my husband adopted Baxter from the pound over 5 years ago we never expected the diagnosis of sharpie fever we did not know what it was or why it was attacking our dog but we went to Nhoas and met a wonderful vet by the name of Kimberly Dorman she was the only one that would take the time to explain what was going on with our pup and made sure we understood everything that could happen when she left Nohas we were devastated so my husband did some detective work and we found out that she moved to a new location right up the road from our house well of course we switched vet offices, if it was not for her we would not be as far away we ar with Baxter and the fact that no matter what she always goes above and beyond for her patients is the reason we will continue to come there and see her because if it was not for her we would have.lost our pup we love her so much thank you for all that you do you and your staff we love you and can not wait to see yall when this is all over Stay safe stay healthy."
- Fawn Mccoy
04/25/2020 14:37:10
- Elaine Leonard
04/23/2020 23:52:13
"The doctors & entire staff were very professional, kind & caring. These are challenging times, but they fully explained new procedures due to Coronavirus. I was apprehensive at first because I could not go in with my Fur Baby. (Understandably). However, everyone was very reassuring & handled things so well! I have full coincidence with Community Animal Hospital! I am very thankful! "
- Cheryl Pfrimmer
04/22/2020 14:54:20
"Very efficient with appointments, pet pick up and veterinarian feedback . "
- Kristy George
04/22/2020 00:22:58
"great place and great people that works there.. wont go anyplace else."
- Frank Pedigo
04/21/2020 23:39:31
"I called as a new patient and the client is fit me in same day. The technicians were awesome and the doctor was very thorough and patient with my girl. I will be a long term customer."
- Lisa Warner
04/19/2020 17:49:04
"This veterinary had an emergency come in while I was waiting. I can’t blame them for taking the emergency care in first. That Is the reason why I waited more than expected. This veterinary is the best vet in town. Thank u all for being there when our pets need you. Keep up the good work. Each and everyone of you."
- Deborah Steele
04/18/2020 21:21:39
"Great job."
- Anthony Guffey
04/18/2020 18:12:34
"Super friendly. "
- Brandon Gogue
04/18/2020 17:09:38
"Happy to be able to keep Cooper on his schedule even during this pandemic. Thank you for making it possible as well as easy."
- Jill Keating
04/18/2020 01:40:31
"Nicole was there from beginning to end. Set up the appointment the very next morning and came and greeted us at the car. My dog Sadie immediately felt comforted by her and let her pick her up into her arms. Wait time was less than I expected which was good, and Nicole returned Sadie to me with zero issues. Nicole was extremely kind and helpful the entire time, and made me and Sadie feel very welcomed and at ease. Sadie got the help and medicine she needed at a very good price and this was the least traumatized that she’s ever been at a vet office. Definitely will recommend to others and will definitely be returning in the future. Thanks so much! "
- Sara Grogan
04/17/2020 17:54:46
"The staff is very pleasant, attentive and caring specially during this COVID19 crisis. Ms. Nicole who answered the phone was very nice and cordial. Can’t wait to meet the whole staff. Once, we are able to visit inside. Stay Safe and Bless Be! Xoxo Ivette S"
- Ivette Sierra
04/17/2020 17:17:34
"Love this office! Dr. Dorman and the staff are fantastic!"
- Dianne Drick
04/15/2020 18:09:04
"I can’t thank the team at this hospital enough for being willing to see Phantom, who is a new patient, and doing such an excellent job of treating him so quickly. I greatly appreciate all that the staff is doing, and I will be bringing my other dog to your office next week. Thank you"
- Sara McDonald
04/10/2020 17:12:15
"Did a good job with mimi"
- Dorothy Horton
04/09/2020 18:25:01
"Really like this office!"
- Angelique Stamp
04/09/2020 12:27:46
"Thank you again!"
- Louise Blankenship
03/30/2020 11:57:51
"Everyone here is a pleasure to work with and show my Maggie as much love as I do. I brag on this office all the time! "
- Sheila Stover
03/28/2020 19:14:36
"Everyone was very nice"
- Brenda Knapp
03/27/2020 20:04:46
"I love the staff at Community Vet Hospital I have referred many people there and a lot of them still go there. Everyone is very nice and efficient and my dog is even happy to go there."
- Maria Lemus
03/27/2020 02:13:40
"Loving, caring, professional staff. Full confidence in their care for my fur babies!"
- Nancy Evans
03/25/2020 00:15:35
"Thank you for seeing Jackson and taking the time to get the treatment he needs for his ears. Special thanks the Bicole who kept me informed while waiting. "
- Elizabeth Tinsley
03/22/2020 18:11:46
"Loki feels great...thank you. I look forward to actually meeting Dr. Dorman. Took a leap of faith to drop off Loki without meeting the vet or being present during the examination. With coronavirus protocols in place, I feel the staff was well-informed, patient, and efficient."
- Doerr Dale
03/21/2020 22:57:43
"Tigger absolutely loved you all!! And me,wow I'm impressed with you alls patience with me. .I wasnt so pleasant yesterday. My baby was sick,I truly BELIEVED n I was totally wrecked!!! Thank u guys,each and everyone of u!!"
- Logan Prescott
03/21/2020 19:24:27
"Doctor Dorman is fantastic"
- Julia Sheff
03/20/2020 05:00:30
"A nice group of people who do everything to help our fur babies ....."
- Dutch Hoffmann
03/19/2020 23:54:47
"You all are so great!!!!! Keep up the good work! Leah at the front desk was awesome!"
- Destiny Elliott
03/13/2020 00:24:43
"I wrote a good Google report :) .I wasn't expecting anything and I got alot of good service.I told my sister who lives down the street from you , but drives to Gulfport like used too. Everyone was exceptionally polite and nice to talk too.Thank you . I hope to continue with you all and I will look to get poppies blood work done. "
- Ellen Brown
03/12/2020 22:25:48
"The staff is very friendly, the service is excellent and the doctor is is the best. I love everything about this place. "
- Hoa Nguyen
03/10/2020 18:38:52
"I was in to pick up meds. I love the clinic and the receptionist is amazing with all the hats she wears. Sometimes though I feel she needs a hand. She handles multitasking excellent but I feel it's a LOT for 1 person. She needs a raise."
- Kimberly Wilson
03/10/2020 18:15:24