"Staff and doctor listen and compassionate. My cat liked them."
- Karen Maiorano
06/29/2022 11:47:58
- William Lacy
06/27/2022 22:57:59
"Great! Could see all our cats at the same time. Have each car personal care and worked great to help us avoid the storm!"
- Melissa Barnes
06/22/2022 22:01:56
"The doctor had the wrong chart pulled up.. not a big deal stuff happen. "
- Shannon Capano
06/19/2022 15:46:25
"I called in for Jackson's medicine on Thursday the 16th and they said it would be ready fri and I called in the afternoon and it wasn't ready.so I called this morning and it wasn't still ready I did pick it up at 10:30 this morning but taking 2days for a refill never that long I had to wait.Some girl named Saline? took the messages"
- Susan Gardner
06/18/2022 21:17:45
"Always great customer service. Was completely surprise the pricing was so high this time around. I often take my dog to Ironbridge animal same ear drops were $12 more than usual and the visit cost. Just hoping my dog stays healthy"
- Isaac VanKeuren
06/13/2022 16:35:35
- Levin Smith
06/09/2022 12:24:22
"Always treated with repect and friendliness, My dogs are more calm here than other places I have been and for me that says a lot."
- Sharon Musgrave
06/07/2022 18:15:34
"I'm very pleased with the service you provide. I do think that your prices are high comparatively speaking. "
- Ollie Harper
06/06/2022 11:40:17
"Doing great!"
- Sandra Harris
06/01/2022 00:29:53
"Your ladies are so loving on Sugar Biscuit, and of course, Dr. Bill is so caring about helping me to provide pup with all that's needed to have Sugar Biscuit have a good life."
- Stephen Davis
05/30/2022 19:42:53
"As always the staff was great!"
- Steven Stemple
05/27/2022 23:34:38
"Always have great care and great staff"
- Rebecca Weber
05/27/2022 17:08:53
"I've only visited twice, the first time being when we brought our sick dog in for an emergency visit. Everyone was so kind and helpful. She ended up passing away, and the staff sent me a sympathy card. "
- Laurie Mcclary
05/21/2022 20:50:45
"Buddha is better - now eating. I'm thinking it might have been bad cat food since my other cat refuses to eat it."
- Adrienne Toghraie
05/21/2022 14:37:31
"The staff was able to provide me with a late afternoon appointment on short notice. The staff was great and the Doctor was able to evaluate Bello's condition. They provided immediate medication at the clinic and provided me with a prescription to give our feline ikn the evenings for the next 5 days. Excellent attention and professional guidance has always been available from Iron Bridge Animal Hostpital for many, many years. I haved trusted the Doctor's and staff members of Iron Bridge Animal Hospital and our family pets prefer them! Great people providing community services for all your animal needs."
- George McAllister
05/18/2022 23:02:40
"You and the practice are great. Always great to me and what ever pet I have that literally drags me in there because they love and trust all of you!"
- Ellen Jahns
05/17/2022 19:38:07
"This visit was great, from making sure there weren’t crosses with other pets, to the fresh smell throughout the office. All staff were kind and made my fur baby feel comfortable. The exam room was a little too warm if I had to find something to critique."
- Shanese Babcock
05/16/2022 20:38:06
"You guys are doing amazing!! From the front desk to the exam rooms - we wouldn’t choose to go anywhere else! We feel like family every step of the way!"
- Gary Teeslink
05/15/2022 17:07:38
"I was very pleased with the service that was provided. The cost was lower than I expected. "
- Ted Smith
05/13/2022 12:37:46
"Quick and efficient!"
- Terry S Ruhlen
05/13/2022 01:06:31
"I have been bringing my pets to Ironbridge for over two decades. The service is always compassionate, courteous and professional. "
- Christine Thomas
05/11/2022 19:12:56
"Always very helpful and friendly. "
- Lisa M. Carter
05/11/2022 01:40:17
"I have not had any problems with the service provided by this clinic."
- Miriam E. Perry
05/10/2022 18:27:20
- Howard Bareford
05/04/2022 20:04:55
"I loved the service! Very caring! I would however like to receive a print out of proposed services in the future and may ask for it. This was my first time coming in with 2 dogs and treatment plans got a little confusing. I have already refered another pet owner to your service. Look forward bringing my pets here for their lifetimes."
- Kimberley Prosser
05/04/2022 17:04:01
"I live close by and have a 5 yr old mini Australian Shepherd who is prone to ear infections. I knocked on your door and received a very pleasant welcome inside and was set up with an appointment within the hour. I felt comfortable with the staff, and more importantly, so did Nellie cause she is very shy . I saw the doctor and received medication to insert twice a day. Left so relieved. I plan to make Ironbridge Animal Hospital my veterinary location for Nellie's future care. Thanks to all that helped me!"
- Carol Bratton
05/03/2022 14:33:37
"Everyone is kind and attentive."
- Deborah Sbertoli
05/03/2022 03:58:59
"The vets and vet techs and receptionist are all so patient, knowledgeable and so kind to us and our 3 pugs!! We are so grateful for this hospital and staff."
- Charlene Moss
05/02/2022 16:22:35
"You folks are always so friendly and helpful, my kind of folks!"
- Larry Lamb
04/21/2022 16:57:02
"They’ve taken care of our pets for almost 16 years. "
- Kellen Rose
04/20/2022 13:05:34
"Quick in and out --no snooze time "
- Gerald Mahone
04/19/2022 21:32:46
"Good experience so far They treated my dog so nice,was his first time The staff was very helpful "
- Karla Vasquez
04/18/2022 13:41:30
"Everyone was great. Saw Inkspot on time. She was treated with kindness. The shots were administered so quickly I didn't even realized the 1st was one given. Wish my shots were done as quickly. The place is clean and pleasant. "
- Edward Sizemore
04/02/2022 21:44:43
"Like the staff and my dog los the clinic Profesional and on time "
- Stephany Alvarado
03/30/2022 17:12:35
"I love the care and compassion each person has there. When I dropped Max off, I could feel the genuine love and concern for our fur baby. We appreciate each and every one of you!"
- Alencia Pe'ay
03/29/2022 21:12:44
"Always top notch service"
- Michele A Stoll
03/28/2022 10:25:25
"Was my 1st time visiting and I can say that everyone was was courteous and knowledgeable. "
- Derrell Bowman
03/26/2022 02:44:11
"1st visit was a success friendly staff we were in and out."
- Tonya DeBrow
03/24/2022 14:52:23
"Easy to get an appointment. Friendly, loving staff. Top notch professionals. So grateful for IAH!"
- Barbara Rutherford
03/23/2022 22:07:52
"Consistent great service. Very helpful staff."
- Pamela Zieber
03/22/2022 21:04:05
"itk dr. dunnavant for yearas and are very satisfied"
- William D. Keen
03/19/2022 13:15:58
"Nothing negative to say. We are new to the pet community. We have no experience at all with taking care of a puppy. Our little pup found us. Everyone is friendly, and kind. They take very good care of our puppy. "
- Crystal Jeffrey
03/17/2022 04:44:02
"Dr. Dunnavent and staff are always cheerful, friendly and attentive to Ellie. Dr. Dunnavent consistently takes the time to ensure she stays healthy and does a great job explaining any issues. "
- Debby F James
03/16/2022 21:06:33
"I arrived early but Molly was taken in as soon as I called. The staff was friendly and did a good job! "
- Carolyn Lythgoe
03/16/2022 16:07:55
"Love the staff ans doctors"
- Cyndi Hurdle
03/15/2022 19:24:01
"Doing great!"
- Sara Duran Campos
03/10/2022 10:59:35
"I always have the utmost confidence in the staff of IBAH. They are great and really care about their patients "
- Ben Mize
03/08/2022 19:32:59
"Love the care you give our dog!"
- Martha Taylor
03/08/2022 17:56:21
"Drs. Dunnavant and Sargent have always taken great care of our dogs. The staff is pleasant and friendly and help make our visits as smooth as possible. Keep up the great work!"
- Stephan Klohr
03/04/2022 23:02:54
"I always feel that my babies get the best of care. I get all my concerns answered . Plus my boys like the care they get. If they didn't like to go there they would not go through the door. It would be a struggle. Thank you for caring for me and my furry babies. "
- Toni Finnell
03/04/2022 21:34:16
"You’re doing great as usual"
- Terry O. Lockhart
03/04/2022 19:37:16
"Great visit "
- Michael Austin
03/04/2022 13:07:19
"Staff was very nice and attentive and quick! "
- Jordan Boitnott
03/04/2022 02:19:44
"Everyone is so nice and explained things well and was asking questions showing concern for my peanut and even though he’s not feeling well he trusted everyone I will continue with your office thank you"
- Cheryl Vest
03/03/2022 21:49:34
"The Veterinarians, their Nurses and Staff are all wonderful caring people. I enjoy the experience and most importantly my pets are expertly cared for."
- Robert Saum
03/02/2022 18:09:55
"I was very happy with the care given. I would have liked clearer instructions on how to care for him after arriving home and the medication I needed to give my cat. What I was told and the instructions on the release papers was completely different leaving me slightly worried. I was told to give 1ml of the antibiotic every 12 hours and after the second dose I read the box it came in and it told me to add 14ml of water to the bottle. I was never told this and could be over dosing my cat on non diluted meds. My cat seems much better already which is what's keeping me sane and satisfied but definitely would recommend not telling your client one thing to do to care for their fur baby and the paperwork given to go home says something completely different. "
- Carrie Burr
03/01/2022 20:07:45
"I love you guys!! You all handle my old biddy with care and respect. She is a lot calmer during our trips to the vet."
- Brenda Dodd
03/01/2022 19:52:08
"Just the first visit will elaborate after next visit but so far so good"
- Timothy Olden
02/28/2022 23:19:54
"we have been customers for 40 years and the service is wonderful . thank you"
- Howard Bareford
02/24/2022 19:13:07
"Dr. Dunnevant and Dr. Sergeant and Amanda and the entire staff are professional, patient and knowledgeable. I wish I could remember each staff person's name but everyone is wonderful to us!"
- Charlene Moss
02/21/2022 17:32:57
- William Lacy
02/19/2022 00:02:19
"Yous are all wonderful with the care I always get for Jackson.very compassion.greeting people with there animals. Warm feeling.explaing everything.Thank you all for the card yous give."
- Susan Gardner
02/17/2022 13:28:20
"Great care and I have full confidence."
- Deborah Sbertoli
02/16/2022 17:13:36
"Doing great cause I needed much assurance and support when I had to get my pet spayed and you were there for me my Ezra question and concerns "
- Linda Frith
02/15/2022 23:51:08
"Always receive the best concern and care from Dr D throughout the staff and everyone is always courteous and efficient."
- David Hall
02/15/2022 18:00:52
"I think it is time for the rigid Covid precautions to be relaxed, now nearly 3 years into this mess do we really need all this?"
- Arlie Corbett
02/12/2022 14:40:22
"We always gave great visits!"
- Steven Stemple
02/11/2022 14:45:57
"It is impressive to see how you all all treat our pets as your own"
- Tamara Dingle
02/10/2022 18:35:52
"Today was extremely nice. My dog was comfortable and treated well. Thank you!"
- Sonja Elkins
02/09/2022 22:56:59
"Friendly and helpful staff!"
- Karen Rice
02/09/2022 20:35:19
"It was our first visit with Brix and evertyhing went well."
- Jimmie L Wood
02/03/2022 14:51:45
"Thank you for taking care of Max. "
- Joyce Leatherwood
02/03/2022 04:21:28
"The entire staff was very attentive to our needs and took excellent care of out pet. "
- Carla Graham
02/02/2022 22:09:34
"Everything was very professional, good experience."
- Beverly Henley
01/28/2022 21:43:33
"Great on time with appointments. Giving my Dog Toto excellent care. You don't rush through appointments. I feel confident when I leave the office that my dog's needs have been addressed. Highly recommend."
- Elizabeth Clay
01/26/2022 19:20:20
"Always so caring and thorough! Worked me into the schedule on the same day I called for an issue with my dog. Highly recommend!"
- Krista Lee
01/22/2022 21:46:02
"Very comfortable, and at ease."
- Becky Lynn O'Neal
01/20/2022 20:17:33
"GREAT JOB!!!! I'm looking forward to returning next week for the grooming with sedation "
- Levin Smith
01/18/2022 20:09:18
"The receptionist , Jessica, was very sweet, polite, helpful, and kind. She helped me bring my 2 pups in, and also held one while I checked out! Love her!☺💕 The vet assistant was sweet and loving to my pets as well! You can really tell these employees love and appreciate animals!! Thank you so much for making my experience so easy and great!😊"
- Jennifer Pisa
01/14/2022 17:15:58
"I am thankful for the current precautions and the attention paid to my pets and their needs."
- Mary C. Setzer
01/08/2022 01:32:57
"All went well"
- Michael Austin
01/05/2022 21:07:48
"It’s always a pleasure , Amanda was very helpful during todays experience the front desk staff is always a pleasure. While our blue is very picky he loves Amanda can’t remember the other young ladies name that he likes but overall Nothing bad to be said about this place. "
- Dennis Crayton
01/04/2022 23:05:28
"I greatly appreciate the professionalism and compassionate way Dr Sargent and his vet tech took care of our cat. I especially appreciate being able to get an appointment so quickly. "
- Robert Reed
01/03/2022 22:50:02
"Lower prices lol"
- Lamonte Carpenter
01/03/2022 17:39:45
"The staff were very pleasant and compassionate"
- Brenda Dodd
12/31/2021 18:35:19
"Everyone was friendly and helpful. Daisy got rubs from everyone she met!"
- Robin Oglesby
12/31/2021 06:45:14
"I have nothing but great things to say about our visit today. Everyone from the moment we walked in the door until the moment we walked out the door was amazing.. I truly feel like we have found our forever Care Team for or fur babies!"
- Valesha Mcgowan
12/31/2021 02:53:36
"Dr. D and staff are always compassionate with Hanks visits."
- Stephen Davis
12/28/2021 23:15:22
"Caring staff with smiling faces"
- Terry O. Lockhart
12/23/2021 23:29:34
"I brought my dog, Oscar in for a foot/leg probem that was getting worse rapidy. Him being 10 yrs old, my mind was all over the map as to what was wrong. Nothing was physically showing (scapes, abrasions, etc). The caring atmospere of this facility helped ease my nerves quite a bit. I never thought about how animal parents are treated in such cases, I am so glad, being new here, I saw thier sign and chose them. Luckily it was something that medication can help with. Today (the day after) he is putting some weight back on his foot. I am so relieved and happy. For fur baby parents and themselves, I do recomend Iron Bridge Vet. Thank You!"
- Sharon Musgrave
12/22/2021 21:44:28
"The vet tech and Dr. D were both so awesome with Camie … they took time to pet her as they examined her. They both took time to listen and ask questions and give informative information. The entire staff was very friendly and helpful. Always a pleasure to bring Camie for any and all needs - I trust them with my precious girl 💗"
- Ginny Little
12/22/2021 05:51:56
"The care is good. No issues there. I thought the nail trim was a bit pricy."
- Julia Drakeford
12/20/2021 17:57:15
"Doctors are very professional and knowledgeable and helpful. Amanda at the front desk is so nice, helpful and friendly."
- Charlene Moss
12/15/2021 17:22:23
"It was a great experience and you answered any questions that I had. "
- Stacey Tisdale
12/14/2021 17:29:04
"I have a lot of confidence in Ironbridge Animal Hospital."
- Deborah Sbertoli
12/12/2021 20:54:43
"Compassionate staff and Doctor. Dr D. made himself available to update us and answer questions. Thank you!"
- John Dietz
12/12/2021 13:12:50
"I feel like my dog always gets great care at IBH"
- Ben Mize
12/09/2021 19:56:05
"Thank you for taking great care of Lucy! "
- Lara Crenshaw
12/09/2021 02:17:17
"Almost always outstanding service and care. One notable failure - when Osiris had hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, he would have died if we had waited for the next available time there. Life threatening emergency means NOW, not three hours from now."
- Stephan Klohr
12/07/2021 13:38:12