"Was great. Staff was so poliet and friendly. Keep up the great work."
- Lisa Smarro
09/23/2020 16:10:51
"The service is always great. The employees are professional and very helpful. It was very comforting as well when we had to put our cat to sleep. "
- Amanda Marra
09/22/2020 15:54:31
"Love the service from the receptionist to the doctor. No complaints 😊"
- Francesca Daly
09/20/2020 23:44:03
"friendly and reliable service"
- Kim Dolan
09/19/2020 03:36:26
"I think you are doing great, we would not trust either of our two fur babies to anyone else."
- John Veenhuizen
09/15/2020 23:12:22
"Excellent staff and doctors!"
- Doreen Thum
09/15/2020 17:25:47
"The system set up due to COVID-19 was excellent. It was even more impressive to have the doctor call and actually speak to you instead of a staff member, greatly appreciated, during these times I don’t see how it could be handled any better thank you."
- Angel Redmond
09/14/2020 21:14:56
"Always a good experience. The only thing I hate is sending them inside without me...but inknow that's Covid safety!"
- Elena Baltodano
09/12/2020 20:21:51
"Wonderful service, they go above and beyond every time "
- Julie Ullmann
09/10/2020 22:11:34
"My experience at the Animal Hospital Sussex County has been very positive. Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. "
- Carolina Gali
09/09/2020 23:32:41
"you guys are doing great, so appreciate how we're all treated like family. "
- Glenn Cohrs
09/02/2020 19:07:10
"The service is excellent."
- Dorothy Sidnam
09/02/2020 13:18:09
"I was extremely happy with how they took care of my baby Onyx. They were gentle and he loved them.!!!"
- Katherine Deleon
08/31/2020 21:52:13
"We were last there for Leia’s grooming and we are pleased with the way she cares for Leia and always love how beautiful she looks after. Thank you guys!"
- Amanda Alvarato
08/30/2020 18:51:19
"The staff and doctors are awesome, even during the pandemic they have manage to see to all the needs of my babies. much appreciated and many applause to all. thank you"
- Dorothy Schafer
08/28/2020 13:41:50
"Dr. Schott is an amazing Vet, i always appreciate her dedication to caring for my pets."
- Susan Eltringham
08/26/2020 14:38:57
"The best animal hospital,staff and doctors are very caring and always very helpful."
- Mark Wiktorzak
08/25/2020 15:59:05
"Very happy to date excellent staff. "
- Artie Bastian
08/21/2020 14:23:34
"Very caring and efficient "
- Denise Reider
08/17/2020 09:38:10
"You are doing great with curbside pick and delivery of my cats! Thank you for your help! "
- John Clark
08/12/2020 00:16:33
"My dog is a Shiba Inu, and makes a dramatic scene when we are there. Everyone handles her so well and I completely trust the staff with her and her antics. Nothing but positive experiences when I call to ask a question or make an appointment. "
- Josephine Sweetman
08/11/2020 18:58:13
"Always simply the best experience."
- Lou Frato
08/11/2020 17:39:13
"You guys are the Best Thanks for all your positive vibes"
- Anne Bryant
08/11/2020 17:24:48
"The care is beyond exceptional. The Vets, technicians and receptionists really care and are extremely qualified. I boarded my pets and all of my pets were patients of this hospital. I can't stress how we were so satisfied not for a year, however for years. I highly recommend the vets, and their entire staff. "
- George Earle
08/10/2020 19:27:09
"i love the social distancing plan you have in place. Really appreciate not going into the office to sit with others, etc."
- Claire Vansaders
08/08/2020 21:08:38
"Things went smoothly with the Covid-19 safety measures put in place. Everything was handled well and Dr.'s and staff were very hands on. I was very pleased with our visit and the time we were given by everyone. "
- Sarah Ennis
08/04/2020 21:41:44
"We have been bringing our cats to the animal hospital for years! We are pleased with the level of service our cats ha e received over the years! Definitely would recommend your facility! "
- Kim Resteghini
08/04/2020 18:14:58
"Everything was excellent at our visit! Even with the pandemic protocol in place, I had an opportunity to speak personally with the doctor, and the technicians and staff were very helpful too! No complaints here!"
- Lauren Cherny
08/03/2020 15:19:47
"I have no complaints. I've been very happy with my experiences over the years. "
- Bonnie Sterbinsky
08/03/2020 15:00:32
"You guys are the best"
- Gerry Fazzio
08/02/2020 13:14:17
"We love the care and attention that our pets receive from your office. We have absolutely no complaints."
- Maureen McCafferty
08/02/2020 03:50:47
"They are excellent here. They are always super friendly, they are great with our dog, and they are also really efficient time wise. We love it here. "
- Erin A. Sheeran
08/01/2020 14:51:59
"At this time I think everything is being done right considering the COVID issues."
- Maureen Kaman
07/31/2020 14:28:14
"Very well staff is very friendly "
- Robert McNulty
07/31/2020 00:53:55
"You are doing great, Thank you for working through these crazy times so our pets can stay happy and healthy and give us peace of mind"
- Maureen Pollock
07/30/2020 18:59:18
"Staff is always so friendly! "
- Alison Boutillette
07/30/2020 16:06:39
"Amazing every time I bring Daisy in! Jacqui has done such an amazing job on Daisy's hair and she is so caring, she is a great addition to your group!"
- Chris Hatem
07/29/2020 16:08:56
"Very kind and caring staff"
- Mary Rose Hosier
07/28/2020 21:07:11
"Everyone at the hospital was professional, accommodating and friendly. The hospital took very good care of my bunny. Thank you. AAA+++"
- Natalie Delia
07/27/2020 10:47:23
"I am very satisfied with the quality of care at the hospital. "
- Edward Long
07/26/2020 02:18:11
"Thank you for all your work to be able to still take animals in during this time! The process of arriving, calling, discussing in the parking lot, and direct phone call with the vet was very smooth. Payment over the phone and receiving medication when my dog was brought out was also smooth and quick. The tech who assisted me was so kind with my dog and gave a great overview of how to use the medication prescribed. Thank you all so much!"
- Kayla Hall
07/24/2020 15:48:45
"I absolutely love the care that Darby gets and how much support I get as her owner."
- Jessica Brennan
07/23/2020 20:38:25
"You guys are doing a great job considering the circumstances--you've set up a good system. And the fact that you called the next day to check on our birdy was much appreciated!"
- Tracy Campbell
07/22/2020 22:12:13
"I think the veterinarians and techs are very good with the animals and understanding of family situations. I appreciate the Personal experience. "
- Stephanie Verbarg
07/22/2020 19:01:03
"I have no complaints! We love everyone here! The staff and doctors are amazing! Everyone here is very professional and very knowledgeable. I have never had a bad experience here. "
- Judy Vandergroef
07/20/2020 19:14:04
"with Covid-19 precautions, this still was a fantastic visit!! they truly cared about my cat and did everything to make sure he was healthy. going above and beyond i'm glad i made the choice to go here !!!"
- Kali Radice
07/19/2020 14:34:57
"Never disappointed. Doctors and staff are amazing and friendly. Trust all of my fur babies in their care."
- Barbara Giuliano
07/18/2020 18:39:41
"Staff exhibit excellent care for the pets. They also provide excellent communication with the family. This is my first time using your services, and will continue to use your service."
- Deborah Benjamin
07/17/2020 18:47:11
"Dropped Miss Kitty off while we moved. She was very well taken care of and I did call and ask if I could extend her stay. Absolutely no issue with that. Staff has always been so professional and caring. We've had several pets over many years and never have we ever had an issue. Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease while we moved knowing that Miss Kitty was well taken care of. "
- Nancy Luxton
07/15/2020 19:09:34
"As always, pleased with the entire staff!"
- Anne Mallozzi
07/10/2020 22:47:21
"You guys are doing great. No complaints! With everything going on I think we have learned to appreciate things more."
- Lisa Wolanski
07/10/2020 17:46:41
"We always have a professional and courtious visit. "
- Jeff Monahan
07/08/2020 21:27:39
"Great adaptation for pet care during the Covid-19 crisis!"
- Frank Setlock
07/08/2020 21:11:51
"My experience was phenomenal, even during the pandemic."
- Lisa Graham
07/08/2020 21:08:12
"Amazing! Friendly and welcoming staff"
- Nikki Lacherza-drew
07/03/2020 01:17:35
"The visit was a pleasant experience. Doctor and staff were thorough. Definitely would refer you to friends and family. Keep up the good work!"
- Elizabeth Drake
07/02/2020 21:40:29
"I think you are all doing a great job. I trust you with all our pets "
- Karen Gill
06/30/2020 21:49:39
"Always a wonderful experience :)"
- Cassie Griffo
06/30/2020 17:29:17
"We think you are doing fine, we have trusted both our pets to your care for years and would not think of going anywhere else."
- John Veenhuizen
06/27/2020 13:56:02
"The best in caring for pets!"
- Janet Dashio
06/20/2020 12:33:05
"Very professional business."
- Mary Lasits
06/18/2020 19:07:04
"Always the best experience at Sussex county animal hospital. "
- Layla Hassan
06/16/2020 18:16:19
"I had a great experience. I felt like both of my dogs were well cared for, with their needs and safety being the most important thing. "
- Tiffany Zimmerman
06/12/2020 14:51:25
"You’re doing a fantastic job!! I appreciate everything you do for my fur babies! "
- Katie Castrovinci
06/11/2020 21:12:40
"Keep doing what you're doing. I love how compassionate the team is towards our pets."
- Christine Strube
06/06/2020 17:50:41
"Always a pleasure bringing Emerson in for his shot. No complaints or concerns, you guys are the best."
- Marquam Wolfe
06/03/2020 18:21:39
"Fantastic experience with Jackie the groomer. She took such good care of our lab during his stay and offered advice for at home maintenance of his coat! She was super sweet and made me feel without a doubt our boy was smothered with love during his visit. 10/10 will be bringing him in every 6 weeks for grooming and snuggles. "
- Jennifer Tennis
06/03/2020 17:18:15
"Excellent staff, very caring and professional. "
- Valerie Kozma
06/01/2020 17:41:44
"You guys rock!!!"
- Kim Resteghini
05/31/2020 20:11:07
"You guys are doing great. With everything going on I felt very comfortable letting you take my cat and work on him without me inside with him. Dr. Courtney is the BEST!!"
- Lori Sheehan
05/31/2020 19:29:06
"Always great care, thank you dr spinks"
- Gregory Degiorgis
05/30/2020 21:42:18
"Wonderful service "
- Bobby Jo Ledford
05/30/2020 19:42:31
"We love Animal Hospital of Sussex County! They treat our dogs so well and provide excellent care!"
- John Oroho
05/28/2020 18:47:13
"Everything was handled very professionally and safety measures during this covid-19 virus were strictly adhered to."
- Marc Smiraldi
05/28/2020 14:42:48
"everything was great and i'm so glad that they had precautions in place at the time of this Virus"
- Bernadette Patterson
05/27/2020 16:51:40
"My rabbit is recovering from his surgery amazingly! So thankful for the staff who are still working during this pandemic! I can tell he was taken good care of during his stay, and will 100% make the 1.5 hour drive back for check ups! "
- Emily Carpio
05/23/2020 20:51:15
"Excellent service as always. Given the current protocols, I found I received the information I needed and my pet was taken care of quickly and thoroughly. "
- Donald Traylor
05/23/2020 20:01:10
"Your doing a wonderful job, always attentive and caring, would highly recommend to family and friends "
- Elizabeth Poccia
05/23/2020 19:46:38
"I am always pleased with the service and doctors"
- Lisa Vallacchi
05/21/2020 20:33:50
"Thank you guys for always providing excellent service! I love the precautions that are being taken and I felt very safe. Thank you all again for another good experience and I hope you’re all staying healthy and well during this time ❤️"
- Jennifer Kim
05/20/2020 14:46:16
"The receptionists are the BOMB"
- Jess Kus
05/19/2020 18:07:49
"This Doctor's office is excellent. Everyone is so friendly and always very helpful. They treat the pets with great care and are very loving."
- Rita Battifarano
05/19/2020 17:40:50
"my sessions in the office has always been top notch."
- Bill Shapiro, Jr.
05/19/2020 16:59:07
"We love Dr. Courtney and the staff at Animal Hospital of Sussex County!! Gemma is always getting up to mischief and everyone is always there to help and make her happy! "
- Katie Witowski
05/19/2020 14:37:48
"You are doing a great job especially during this pandemic."
- Daphne Teets
05/18/2020 11:57:35
"Always friendly and caring. Dr.'s and staff are so thoughtful and gentle with all my furbabies. "
- Barbara Giuliano
05/15/2020 23:59:55
"I am confident that our pets will always receive the very best care. "
- Penny Clark
05/15/2020 22:46:46
"Wonderfully, we have had only great experiences with all staff. Kind, knowledgeable, and empathetic! "
- Scott Eveland
05/15/2020 20:20:24
"Thanks for doing a great job in the midst of all this craziness"
- Glenn Cohrs
05/15/2020 20:15:11
"Your all doing a Great job. You made changes due to Covid 19 which seems to be working good. Everyone there is so professional. Thank you for doing everything you do."
- Clint Hill
05/04/2020 00:06:46
"I’ve always been satisfied with the service I received. "
- Brian Mahoney
05/01/2020 19:15:44
"I know I can always count on Animal Hospital of Sussex County to do what is best for my pet ."
- Michele Colville
05/01/2020 18:15:45
"We have been very happy with your service and would recommend you to all our friends. Keep up the good work!"
- Mary Card
04/27/2020 23:36:21
"Dr Shott and the staff always take good care of Peanut 😊🐰"
- Anita Dugan
04/27/2020 18:35:11
"We're always happy with the care Copper gets!"
- Kim Miller
04/27/2020 00:31:58
"I love the care my fur babies get from you guys!!"
- Matthew Brehm
04/27/2020 00:09:18
"You guys are doing great! Thank you for working so hard during these crazy times!"
- Elyse Kiel
04/26/2020 15:26:58
"Thank you so much for taking care of Lily. I was impressed how you handled social distancing. "
- Lorraine Ricci
04/26/2020 12:32:26
"I've been taking my furry children to AHSC for over 30 years. They've always been treated with kindness, love, and respect regardless of which tech or vet have seen them. Continue doing what you're doing! No changes are needed. Thank you, The Festa Family"
- Luann Festa
04/24/2020 18:54:58
"Wonderful people. Service with empathy and skill."
- Robin Ignaczak
04/23/2020 04:35:53