"All the techs are wonderful and the vets are very caring. "
- Leonarda Adams
07/19/2021 00:43:44
"Thus far my encounter was great. My kitten is already feeling 100 times better then when I brought her in. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. "
- Laura Konopko
07/18/2021 16:38:52
"Absolutely amazing experience!!!"
- Kristine St. John
07/17/2021 01:00:03
" As usual, my pet was taken care of perfectly. Dr. Courtney and her team treated him so special. After 25 years of having numerous pets taken care of there I've always been more than satisfied."
- Michael Hyland
07/16/2021 23:22:35
"Dr Gabby was the best vet I've ever been to! She was so nice and took such good care of our very skittish girl!"
- Eric Michael
07/15/2021 17:05:29
"My veterinarian has strictly been Thaddeus Spink, DVM who has always taken the best of care of both my large and small animals. He is more than up-to-date on the most recent drugs, treatments, and surgeries. The staff has always treated me and my pets courteously, efficiently, professional and knowledgeable. "
- Darlene Wiessmann
07/15/2021 16:28:21
"Horse care can be difficult sometimes. We are very comfortable and confident with Dr. Ted. He is thorough and follows up with everything he says he will."
- Martha Dubensky
07/09/2021 18:26:22
"Everything and everyone was great with me and my cat Calvin."
- Ethel Fancher
07/09/2021 13:01:17
"Everyone is so professional and nice to the owners and so loving and comforting to the pets! Great, great place to come and get the care your pet deserves."
- Jessica Brennan
07/08/2021 16:06:15
"You guys are doing great. Bear always looks forward to coming to the vet. You guys take great care of him and must spoil him because he never wants to leave. "
- Jessica Bond
07/05/2021 21:17:18
"We appreciate everything you do! Even when I'm sometimes crabby, it isn't from lack of understanding or appreciation. It's just my moment of worry. But you guys always take wonderful care of our pets and making sure we are comfortable as well. It is so good to know we have found a vet that we completely trust when it comes to our 'kids'."
- Christy Oja
07/04/2021 17:08:42
"You guys are awesome. No complaints "
- Elenore Narel
07/04/2021 16:14:20
"Also professional and caring!"
- Terry Reynolds
07/04/2021 14:13:45
"We have no complaints. We love your staff and wouldn’t trust our “kids” with any other veterinary office."
- Karen Wiley-Acoveno
07/04/2021 11:49:31
"You guys are great, punctual, professional and yet still friendly. "
- Fred Space
07/03/2021 02:51:37
"My last visit went well. The tech was very nice and caring. She helped me get my pig into the building(not easy). The vet was super nice. She explained everything to me before and after her checkup was done. The front desk lady was very pleasant. The building was nice and clean. Overall it was very good. "
- Kylie Balchan
07/02/2021 20:02:43
"Dr. Monique is very thorough, up to date, knows the breed and listens to owners input. Super great communication on treatment plan "
- Judith Kiederling
07/02/2021 19:40:13
"I love this animal hospital, I have never ever had a bad experience with this place. Dr courtney and Dr gabby are amazing, as is all the workers there. It's a pleasure to come there I look forward to it and how they care for my dena"
- Edith Pierson
07/01/2021 21:10:20
"Everyone there was so great with Mosie and super knowledgeable! So glad we chose AHSC!"
- Alison Dietz
06/30/2021 16:19:26
"Lovely staff. Dr Lori could not have been more accommodating, informative and sensitive to our concerns."
- Myra Kamp
06/30/2021 01:29:03
"The vets and staff are extremely kind and thorough."
- Larry Scheer
06/29/2021 03:27:41
"Dr. Courtney was amazing, as usual. The tech and rest of the staff were also very friendly. Great job! "
- Nikki Lacherza-Drew
06/29/2021 00:59:32
"We are always very happy with our visit. Dr. Courtney had an emergency so we had Dr. Gabby and she was great!"
- Kevin Fitzgerald
06/29/2021 00:46:07
"Great friendly, helpful services from all the staff. Felt comfortable and confident with vet Dr Spinks and his amazing staff. "
- Tyann Acevedo
06/28/2021 23:25:30
"Dr. Gabby was absolutely delightful. She explained everything thoroughly and addressed all my concerns respectfully. Smokey loved her as well! "
- Layla Hassan
06/28/2021 19:39:52
"Everyone was very friendly and caring! Dr Courtney was amazing and so was the assistant who came out in the beginning. Thank you!"
- Nicole Kopec
06/19/2021 21:15:14
"We had a wonderful experience and are very grateful for all the caring workers that took such excellent care of our dog Duke"
- Alaina Weiss
06/19/2021 20:38:45
"Terrific, we are pleased with the office & always feel looked after as pet owners. Our cats are in good hands with the techs & Dr Courtney! "
- Megan Soltis
06/18/2021 14:21:30
"Dr. Courtney is awesome, Jasmine and I think she's the best. "
- Paul Mueller
06/17/2021 14:32:04
"Overall I think everyone is doing a great job. They treat my two dogs with love and compassion. I'm happy to have found this Animal Hospital. "
- Carol Myers
06/17/2021 04:42:04
"I was very happy with how my dog was handled and attended to. She was calm, which makes me calm too. "
- Kathleen Gorman
06/16/2021 22:11:28
"Everyone is always pleasant and caring of our pets."
- Tommy Scairpon
06/12/2021 20:54:00
"Excellent! Very friendly & prompt service. Great first time experience. Skittles & I appreciate it! "
- Kassandra Stoebling
06/09/2021 19:09:59
"Always excellent."
- Lou Frato
06/06/2021 23:25:44
"Max loves everyone there and you take very good care of him. I have never had a problem or complaint when he stays there."
- Margaret Veydovec
06/03/2021 22:50:32
"Excellent Staff. Excellent service Honest evaluation "
- John Boyle
06/03/2021 20:48:29
"Great experience! Front desk staff, vet tech and Dr Jaffee were great "
- Nicoletta Quitadamo
06/02/2021 23:48:33
"Casey is a timid little dog! Staff knows just how to handle her.."
- Lisa Tomasula
05/28/2021 23:42:45
"Everyone is very kind and attentive, definitely took the time to answer all my questions not making feel as I was being rushed. A+"
- Sal Cenicacelaya
05/28/2021 19:07:28
"We are so very happy we switched to Animal Hospital of Sussex County! Dr. Courtney is such a caring and compassionate vet and we just love her! We know our dogs are getting top of the line care, no waiting when we have an appointment and the entire staff is so friendly, kind and accommodating always! Thank you so very much! "
- Mary Rose Hosier
05/26/2021 23:02:47
"Everyone here is excellent. I switched from another vet a little over a year ago and I definitely will stay with Animal Hospital of Sussex County forever! The customer service is exceptional "
- Nicole Fabian
05/24/2021 20:42:59
"Best in Sussex County"
- Teresa Gualano
05/23/2021 12:08:25
"Appointment went smoothly and on time, doctor came out and let me know how everything went. An excellent visit."
- Cheryl Snook
05/22/2021 23:24:49
"I am happy with the office staff, the vet and the vet techs. Everyone provided professional care and my dogs were well taken care of. "
- Dina Schweitzer
05/20/2021 22:02:49
"Love Dr Monique, sweet personality and very caring . So happy I changed my vet."
- Kathy Iorio
05/20/2021 21:30:54
"First class, as always. Flawless service through pandemic."
- Jack Cahn
05/20/2021 19:58:40
"You guys are great!"
- John Clark
05/19/2021 18:30:09
"The staff is great. The doctor explains everything. "
- Angela Goodsier
05/18/2021 19:34:49
"Thank you for excellent customer service "
- Katie Ennis
05/17/2021 19:03:23
"Dr. Monique was well educated and informative with Maggie and Deago. Great experience. they loved her as well. Thank you"
- Dorothy Schafer
05/14/2021 14:19:05
"Dr. Courtney is THE BEST!!!!!! She and the technician Diane explained everything about what was needed to be done with my dog! DR.Courtney is a valuable asset to the hospital and is the only one my pup will see there! The whole curbside set up at the hospital worked very smoothly from the beginning to the end!"
- Andrea Dellagicoma
05/14/2021 12:38:40
"I am very happy with the staff and doctors. They always take the time to answer all of my questions and provide the best care for my dog. "
- Will Wheeler
05/10/2021 14:24:10
"Our visit was done very professionally and the safety covid precautions were great.....the staff that came out were very informative "
- Vinnie Fattizzi
05/05/2021 10:46:28
"Excellent care"
- Gene Osias
05/04/2021 23:47:55
"Dr Spinks is an amazing vet! His staff is amazing and friendly!"
- Sharon Donnelly
05/04/2021 20:37:54
"Taco loves Dr Courtney! She takes good care of him that I wouldn’t wanna go anywhere else"
- John Vesper
05/04/2021 18:07:49
"The entire staff at AHSC was wonderful to work with. Everyone pitches in and ensures that clients and patients are well taken care of. THANKS AHSC!"
- Jerry Zemaitis
05/03/2021 17:21:14
"We are so happy with the care you provide to Hunter and Marley. Your customer service is fantastic. You follow up promptly and take special care of them. "
- Kelly Noguerol
05/01/2021 23:14:42
"Everyone is truly interested in all pets coming to your facility. Animal Hospital of Sussex County is my go to place to care for our dog, Daisy. Dr. Courtney is wonderful and totally devoted to all creatures. Finally met her when we came in with Daisy - she actually came out to our car to let us know of Daisy's visit - all was great! Kudos to Animal Hospital of Sussex County - you rock!!!!"
- Maria Pozsonyi
04/30/2021 13:02:15
"Prompt, effective, friendly, informative, and fun!"
- Fred Space
04/30/2021 00:53:15
"Everyone at the hospital is amazing. Speaking for my beloved dogs, thank you!"
- Elizabeth Armenante
04/30/2021 00:49:28
"Good staff, keep doing your best to take care our best part of family ! We like your business ! Thank you very much !"
- Yuriy Dimenshteyn
04/29/2021 17:35:00
"Very caring doctor, technicians and staff, they really care!"
- Monika Talmadge
04/27/2021 22:56:20
"I just love how amazing everyone is. My dogs do not like going to the doctor but I know they are in the best care. Love how the doctor either calls me or comes out to talk to me about my dogs. And I also love how you call the next day to see how they are doing. That to me shows you care! "
- Shaun Grandioso
04/23/2021 16:21:17
"Excellent service from an excellent Veterinarian!"
- Martha Dubensky
04/22/2021 20:54:08
"Love love dr Courtney! She explains things to me that I understand! Always had excellent experience with dr Courtney and the staff!"
- Terry Reynolds
04/16/2021 12:34:16
"Our visit was good. No issues. Everyone was very helpful and friendly"
- Jennifer Decarlo
04/15/2021 00:06:33
"Thank you for assisting with Lola who is very frightened when it comes to the vet. I appreciate your office being able to have a vet tech come out to my car and evaluate her. Thanks again. "
- Lauren Davis
04/14/2021 19:33:55
"Very efficient and courteous"
- Mary Lasits
04/11/2021 18:22:19
"Always a great experience. Staff is so friendly! Love them all and Dr. Monique "
- Kelly Ryerson
04/10/2021 16:28:47
"I've always had a good experience going there. The level of care is excellent. My cats are treated very well."
- Kevin Wills
04/05/2021 17:54:28
"Our visit completely exceeded my expectations. "
- Jessica Bleyhl
04/04/2021 12:38:52
"We are extremely happy with the care you give to all of our pets"
- John Pessagno
04/02/2021 21:25:45
"Very helpful very professional "
- John Vandermeyde
03/31/2021 19:03:54
"Excellent customer service. Couldn't ask for better. Very respectful of our wishes and very kind and respectful to our pets..their patients! Would and will highly recommend them to anyone in need of a vet for their pets. So very happy I found them!"
- Lorraine Petersen
03/28/2021 22:18:52
"You squeezed us in as soon as possible when we called and let you know he was sick. When we brought him in, you were thorough and made us feel very comfortable knowing he was going to get better. "
- Erin A. Sheeran
03/28/2021 17:10:19
"always kind, always knowledgeable, "
- Dorothy Heater
03/25/2021 20:55:21
"I think you guys are all amazing thank you so much!"
- Sheila Cole
03/23/2021 19:57:05
"You guys are great!"
- John Clark
03/20/2021 16:57:39
"I have no complaints, I have experienced nothing but professionalism and I feel very comfortable and confident in the care of my dog, Benny in your hands. "
- Damaris Lerant
03/15/2021 10:53:15
"Great! Always a wonderful experience."
- Lisa Vallacchi
03/14/2021 22:19:14
"We had a wonderful experience with all staff members we encountered during our visits to the vet! The staff treated Broden like a king and he is now on the road to recovery. We can not thank the staff enough for all they have done. Simply fantastic "
- Christy Youngs
03/14/2021 02:31:36
"I like Dr. Courtney she has great passion for her patients. The car side service worked well and everyone I had contact with was very nice."
- Trish Michko
03/14/2021 01:09:01
"Wonderful! Wonderful! Everyone is so professional and nice. I know my Panda is in the best hands possible with your care."
- Ellory Fallas
03/13/2021 20:05:29
"Awesome all around "
- Madison Laverty
03/11/2021 00:23:21
"Everyone is so friendly and takes the time to answer all of my questions. My dog is treated with such love and I feel confident that he is getting the best care. "
- Will Wheeler
03/10/2021 18:52:15
"Every staff member was caring and very helpful. I am super happy. "
- Larraine D'Olivo
03/08/2021 14:17:38
"You are all Angel's. You love and care for the animals like no one else. I highly recommend Animal hospital. You saved our kittens life "
- Kathy Lethbridge
03/07/2021 16:44:09
"Your new veterinarian, Dr. Monique, is absolutely outstanding. "
- Judith Kiederling
03/06/2021 05:33:37
"The office staff is always so nice and helpful and I LOVVVE dr Courtney. "
- Kristina Junior
03/04/2021 17:07:13
"I have had nothing but great experiences at AHSC. The staff is professional and knowledgeable answers my questions whenever they come up. Dr. Courtney is great with my puppy and seems to treat her well. I can't wait to finally be able to go into the office and actually meet the staff. "
- Adriana Galicia
03/02/2021 17:10:24
"Have only had good experiences!"
- Monika Talmadge
02/26/2021 20:56:55
"Although these are difficult times, I appreciate the effort to make things as easy and comfortable as possible."
- Tammy Pastore
02/25/2021 01:31:37
"Doing an excellent job even with the Covid restraints "
- Glenn Cohrs
02/24/2021 17:13:22
"You guys are amazing. Keep up the good work. 👍 "
- Jaclyn Asencio
02/24/2021 07:23:44
"Everyone from the office staff to the doctors have always been professional and attentive to me and my dog's needs. "
- Luann Festa
02/23/2021 17:21:18
"We have always received pleasant and professional service from everyone."
- June Frantz
02/23/2021 16:42:42
"The Animal hospital of Sussex County is an important part of my pet's life. We have been seeing them since 1994 and we've received nothing but the best care. I can count on them for all my pets needs, they are reliable and affordable. The Vets and staff are awesome and I totally trust my furry family with them. I highly recommend a visit!"
- Susan Friel
02/19/2021 07:40:57
"Everyone is exceptional! "
- Alison Boutillette
02/13/2021 17:53:14
"Our pets have been patients of dr. Spinks for more than a decade. I cannot say enough about their caring staff. In difficult and happy times they are so very wonderful. "
- George Earle
02/12/2021 21:57:25