"Personally I believe this is a wonderful veterinary hospital. All the interactions with the staff have been nothing short of superb. And my dog seem to like almost everyone there. "
- Tom Crommelin
10/19/2021 22:04:56
"So impressed with your Practice. Dr. Courtney is thorough and thoughtful, warm and intelligent. Most importantly, our boy feels at ease with her and we feel there is a very high standard in the level of care. The front desk has always been friendly and efficient, and follow up calls very much appreciated. All of these details, in these times, are quite an achievement. "
- Rachael Scro
10/19/2021 19:24:37
"Knowledgeable caring helpful staff . Could not ask for a better experience . Thank You !!!"
- David Vanhorn Jr.
10/17/2021 18:04:55
"Dr Gabby and staff are wonderful! I am so very grateful for their help with my doggie aka my baby Philo! I had an excellent experience with Dr Gabby and the staff. I would recommend them to everyone that is looking for a good vet and staff"
- Tracie Marquart
10/17/2021 17:26:53
"I love curb side visits during this time, I like that you keep your appointment time and not leave us lingering there. I loved that you gave a new kitten welcoming package. The vet is super knowledgeable and friendly. You're doing a great job"
- Jessica Lutz
10/17/2021 09:40:14
"Love Animal hospital of Sussex County. Staff is wonderful & take great care of our dogs. "
- John Oroho
10/15/2021 20:20:39
"Albert and I had a very good experience."
- Christine Anzelde
10/15/2021 18:50:41
"This was my first visit, and I was very happy with the care received, as well as the attitude of everyone from the doctor to the front desk staff. I was particularly impressed with the follow-up call I received the next day. Perhaps a small touch, but theses little things go a long way in my opinion!"
- Greg Hicho
10/15/2021 16:06:16
"My dog is absolutely awful at the vet, she is terrified and makes the smallest things really difficult to do. Dr Courtney doesn't get frustrated at all, she is so patient and kind and understanding and it goes such a long way. I would recommend her to anyone. She really takes her time and makes a stressful situation as best as can be. Thank you so much "
- Nicole Duvall
10/15/2021 14:46:07
"We have had very pleasant experiences each time we've had a visit! "
- Meghan Hornyak
10/15/2021 14:19:36
"everything is satisfactory."
- Paul Tester
10/15/2021 14:17:20
"Lulu loves going there. The staff is great."
- Douglas Herlihy
10/14/2021 00:07:42
"I only have good to say about everyone. I appreciate that everyone really cares about the animals."
- Ellen Byrne
10/13/2021 19:38:18
"Always the best care. "
- Cheryl Drake
10/13/2021 19:21:33
"Dr, Gabby was very concerned and gentle with our new puppy, answered all our questions and was very helpful."
- Ed Banz
10/05/2021 19:28:13
"I had a great visit. All the staff I interacted with seemed competent and caring. They took extra time to explain things and ask me questions."
- Angela Ecklund
10/04/2021 20:37:01
"Everyone was so nice and attentive to Allie… Thanks, Mark"
- Mark Bolovschak
10/03/2021 16:35:56
"you guys are always amazing with my babies so i thank you for that and for always caring for them! "
- Lindsey Ehrman
10/03/2021 16:06:30
"So far , totally content with everyone there and the care given to my pets. "
- Edward O'Keefe
10/02/2021 22:18:05
"We are always pleased with how nice and helpful the staff is...can't think of anything we would change. Dr. Courtney is excellent!"
- Tommy Scairpon
10/02/2021 21:11:04
"The visit was great! The staff is professional and the clinic is well organized and clean."
- Steven Seaman
10/02/2021 00:39:08
"Service was really great. My dog is a scared doggie when she goes. They gave her time and pets to ease her fears. Ty! "
- Dawn Chase
09/30/2021 13:00:47
"We love your office. I travel 45 minutes each way to your facility with Bailey. Your staff is professional, friendly and always willing to share advice. They even carried Bailey into your office...all 45 pounds of her."
- Donna Campbell
09/27/2021 18:04:19
"Always live up to expectations."
- Peter Watson
09/27/2021 03:24:00
"Service was very good. Everyone was friendly"
- Linda Carroll
09/26/2021 00:51:48
"Your staff is awesome. We've always been very satisfied with the care for our animals. "
- Jennifer Olenick
09/26/2021 00:07:17
"Really great experience! Thank you so much!"
- Megan Valenti
09/25/2021 23:50:50
"We had a great experience. The staff was pleasant and helpful. Dr Walker is thorough and efficient (even with a dog who is a big baby). "
- Maureen Longo
09/22/2021 15:44:10
"Dr Monique is wonderful. She has taken excellent care of my cat, and is very patient with her and me. My cat was failing, and I thought she wasn’t going to recover. Dr. Monique listened to my concerns and tried different medications until she found the right combination. My cat’s health improved drastically, and she continues to improve daily. I am so grateful for Dr. M’s care and expertise."
- Jennifer Volker
09/22/2021 01:24:06
"I felt like the vet was very knowledgeable and she answered all my questions and then some!"
- Trish Pecca
09/22/2021 00:09:43
"Personally I am very satisfied and happy with the staff and doctors. They make you feel at ease and are patient and respectful of your concerns for your fur babies. "
- Damaris Lerant
09/21/2021 23:44:09
"D. Lori is the BEST! She is always so kind and caring and I trust her implicitly. "
- Carolyn Swayze
09/21/2021 16:25:01
"Very good . Courtesy from all employees, Jasmine was not scared. ...Good experience for our loving pet"
- Paul Batson
09/19/2021 20:50:44
"I love bringing Luna to this practice "
- Nicole Hunt
09/19/2021 19:41:45
"My first cat has been a patient of yours for a few years, so there was no question where my new kitten would go for her care! I am a nervous pet parent, and you guys make me feel like my pets are safe and sound when in your hands. Thank you for that. "
- Tiffany Sella
09/18/2021 23:11:04
"Dr. Gabby was amazing. We have always loved this vet office, but having a difficult end of life conversation about your dog is never easy, and she was beyond understanding. She even asked about my children and gave me recourse to help them when the time comes. Thank you so much Dr. Gabby!!!"
- John Beirne
09/17/2021 19:05:34
"Dr. Gabby was caring and took excellent care of Olive. She listened to our concerns and came up with a solution for us. So far everything is going well with Olive."
- Jacqueline Millevoi
09/15/2021 22:46:24
"You all are great, you take good care of Max and he like everyone. I know that when he is there I don't have to worry about him. "
- Margaret Veydovec
09/15/2021 16:23:21
"I switched to your clinic because I was so fond of Dr. Monique. She has been Cesar's only vet. We love her and so does Cesar. "
- Mary Hamming
09/13/2021 17:49:04
"You guys are great! My animals are in good care while seeing the staff. "
- Amanda Brown
09/08/2021 19:07:06
"Great doctors and great staff"
- Janice Hernandez
09/08/2021 17:12:21
"Wonderful staff & Dr. Courtney is great!"
- Maria Pozsonyi
09/06/2021 15:17:55
"Saw Dr Courtney for the first time and liked her very much. She was very thorough and explained everything. She was kind and friendly to Teddy. And we are very happy to be able to come into the clinic and be with our dog. "
- Linda Justesen
08/31/2021 20:29:07
"Every time I call or come to the office I feel that your concern for Lily is utmost. Thank you. "
- Lorraine Ricci
08/31/2021 16:35:05
"You group is the best!. My experience has always been stellar. Reggie thanks you!"
- Andy Christos
08/31/2021 16:12:35
"We love Dr. Courtney! She has cared for our doggies for many years. Our experience with the other Veterinarians has also been great. While there are other Veterinary Hospitals within a few minutes of our home, we choose to drive 50 minutes to your facility. The other staff is helpful and kind also. We appreciate the call the next day checking in to see how our fur babies are doing after their appointment!"
- Zoe Aumick
08/28/2021 19:25:57
"Dr. Courtney Scairpon is the sweetest, kindest vet and has the nicest way with animals. She makes our pup feel right at ease when it's time for an office visit. When it comes to the health of our dog, we love how thorough she is in explaining all health concerns such as weight, feeding, vaccines, medication, etc. We are very happy with the care our dog receives from Animal Hospital of Sussex County."
- Jack Delaney
08/27/2021 19:59:23
"I love the caring and dedicated staff and doctors. They always have a smile in their eyes. This time I met with the doctor, she came outside to speak with me. She met my other baby Tinkerbell and she was awesome. She was professional and knowledgeable. She seemed to love her job and it showed in her character. I have had one other vet that was beyond amazing he retired, but this vet was so sweet and just as kind. Keep up the good work and keep the positivity going. Thanks for treating my babies."
- Carol Myers
08/22/2021 19:54:03
"Very friendly staff and great communication "
- Alyson Assadourian
08/22/2021 01:31:31
"Your care and concern for all my cats is awesome! No complaints! "
- Christine Malkowicz
08/21/2021 19:36:07
"Service was amazing as always! I appreciated the updates every so often and how nice the vet was."
- Samantha Morejon
08/19/2021 23:54:38
"Dr. Courtney rocks!! She’s so caring and easy to talk to. The vet tech (not sure what her name is) was wonderful as well!! :)"
- Nicole Kopec
08/18/2021 22:15:06
"Dr Monique is wonderful she assessed my babies problem and offered solutions. She is really good ! "
- Linda Ferrara
08/18/2021 16:28:16
"Everything was great. The Vet Tech was friendly and knowledgeable, the veterinarian was very nice, explained everything very clearly and treated my cat with care and compassion. The facility was very nice, and clean and welcoming. Everyone I met was friendly. I couldn’t ask for a better experience. "
- Kim Fleming
08/17/2021 23:59:54
"Best medical staff and service I've experienced in decades. John Lucich"
- John Lucich
08/15/2021 22:08:37
"Norman had a wonderful experience! Everyone I had interacted with was super professional and the day after follow up call was greatly appreciated!"
- Amanda Trexler
08/15/2021 12:01:53
"Exemplary, efficient and friendly service. "
- Jack Cahn
08/13/2021 11:09:47
"Both the doctor and assistant were very friendly and knowledgeable, answered any question I had and treated both Bubba and I with respect"
- Helen Marcelli
08/12/2021 22:43:48
"AHSC is amazing! The care they provide for our dog, Abby Rose, is exceptional! Dr Spinks and his staff are always professional and helpful."
- Arlene Fritsche
08/10/2021 23:53:46
"Very informative. Doctors are very pleasant and so are the assistants. "
- Evelyn Lopez
08/10/2021 23:31:24
"Couldn’t have asked for a better experience "
- Bryant Grivalski
08/10/2021 22:19:47
"Dr Monique is wonderful. We will follow her anywhere. All staff was very helpful"
- James Ogle
08/10/2021 22:14:41
"There are only positive things to say! The staff is so friendly, the doctors are caring and considerate and always tell me exactly what they think of Molly’s overall condition. Appointments are on or very close to time scheduled and I would recommend this animal hospital to everyone."
- Pat Wilcox
08/10/2021 20:45:45
"Doctor was very nice and professional. Other staffs are very friendly "
- Irina Makhnin
08/10/2021 19:56:21
"Excellent customer service. Caring and compassionate service with regards to pet care and owners concerns. Impressive COVID precautions to keep pets, staff and customers safe ."
- Kim Hurley
08/10/2021 19:24:52
"Great experience considering the outcome of her health. Love your staff 💖"
- Barbara Smith
08/10/2021 18:52:13
"Doing very well, great care to pet, very knowledgeable great communications."
- James Lacherza
08/06/2021 00:14:32
"Everyone is so professional and the level of care given to my dog is amazing."
- Michele Colville
08/05/2021 21:09:22
"Nothing bad to be said. I really appreciate the willingness of the entire staff to come out to the Vehicle/parking lot to assist with older, larger dogs which can no longer walk. I believe its much less stressful on them to be examined in familiar surroundings, even outdoors when possible, than to be carried into an Examination Room. I really appreciate the flexibility of your Staff."
- Bob Kraus
08/05/2021 17:20:51
"Great first time experience! Staff were so nice and the facility is great. "
- Priscilla Borino
08/03/2021 20:20:37
"I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my Fur Baby. Staff is amazing "
- Vera Rumsey
08/03/2021 20:03:39
"Just love you guys! Always there when I need you"
- Linda T. Graham
08/03/2021 18:56:29
"You take excellent care of my pet cat Ash"
- Richard Anscher
08/02/2021 17:57:35
"Everyone was quite friendly and helpful"
- Marie Cirelli
08/01/2021 18:51:57
"You’re all great. When I call, everyone is super patient, helpful and prompt. I moved away a few months ago, but it’s worth the drive over to know my Bruno is taken care of well by people I feel truly care about him."
- Missy Duarte
07/31/2021 19:42:24
"Everyone is very helpful and friendly."
- Trish Michko
07/28/2021 18:28:36
"I am very happy with your office and staff. Although i have Montville vet clinic less than 1 mile from my house, I travel more than 40 minutes for your staff and doctors. "
- Donna Campbell
07/28/2021 01:17:42
"First visit with Doctor Gabby very thorough and personable made us and Bonnie feel very comfortable. We are very happy and confident that our fur babies are getting the best care possible every time we bring them. Thank you!"
- Mary Rose Hosier
07/27/2021 00:27:59
"In the decades we have been bringing our 4 legged family members we have never been disappointed. Our girls are always treated with love and compassion."
- John Veenhuizen
07/25/2021 19:49:49
"The animal hospital is the BEST the techs and the doctors are so kind and helpful. I love how the treat the animals. Keep up the good work."
- Rita Battifarano
07/24/2021 14:25:00
"This was the 1st time I have met Dr Jaffe. We were there for puppy shots. All went well, pup got his shots."
- Dara & Adrianna Vajas
07/22/2021 16:11:41
"Absolutely love this office! Everyone is so kind and considerate! Thank you for taking care of our furbabies! 😁😊"
- Julie Gross
07/22/2021 01:06:44
"Everyone is so nice and helpful! Dr. Courtney is the best! She always takes time to listen to our concerns, doesn't rush you out and explains things to you in ways you will understand. "
- Jennifer Barbato
07/20/2021 19:22:46
"All the techs are wonderful and the vets are very caring. "
- Leonarda Adams
07/19/2021 00:43:44
"Thus far my encounter was great. My kitten is already feeling 100 times better then when I brought her in. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. "
- Laura Konopko
07/18/2021 16:38:52
"Absolutely amazing experience!!!"
- Kristine St. John
07/17/2021 01:00:03
" As usual, my pet was taken care of perfectly. Dr. Courtney and her team treated him so special. After 25 years of having numerous pets taken care of there I've always been more than satisfied."
- Michael Hyland
07/16/2021 23:22:35
"Dr Gabby was the best vet I've ever been to! She was so nice and took such good care of our very skittish girl!"
- Eric Michael
07/15/2021 17:05:29
"My veterinarian has strictly been Thaddeus Spink, DVM who has always taken the best of care of both my large and small animals. He is more than up-to-date on the most recent drugs, treatments, and surgeries. The staff has always treated me and my pets courteously, efficiently, professional and knowledgeable. "
- Darlene Wiessmann
07/15/2021 16:28:21
"Horse care can be difficult sometimes. We are very comfortable and confident with Dr. Ted. He is thorough and follows up with everything he says he will."
- Martha Dubensky
07/09/2021 18:26:22
"Everything and everyone was great with me and my cat Calvin."
- Ethel Fancher
07/09/2021 13:01:17
"Everyone is so professional and nice to the owners and so loving and comforting to the pets! Great, great place to come and get the care your pet deserves."
- Jessica Brennan
07/08/2021 16:06:15
"You guys are doing great. Bear always looks forward to coming to the vet. You guys take great care of him and must spoil him because he never wants to leave. "
- Jessica Bond
07/05/2021 21:17:18
"We appreciate everything you do! Even when I'm sometimes crabby, it isn't from lack of understanding or appreciation. It's just my moment of worry. But you guys always take wonderful care of our pets and making sure we are comfortable as well. It is so good to know we have found a vet that we completely trust when it comes to our 'kids'."
- Christy Oja
07/04/2021 17:08:42
"You guys are awesome. No complaints "
- Elenore Narel
07/04/2021 16:14:20
"Also professional and caring!"
- Terry Reynolds
07/04/2021 14:13:45
"We have no complaints. We love your staff and wouldn’t trust our “kids” with any other veterinary office."
- Karen Wiley-Acoveno
07/04/2021 11:49:31
"You guys are great, punctual, professional and yet still friendly. "
- Fred Space
07/03/2021 02:51:37
"My last visit went well. The tech was very nice and caring. She helped me get my pig into the building(not easy). The vet was super nice. She explained everything to me before and after her checkup was done. The front desk lady was very pleasant. The building was nice and clean. Overall it was very good. "
- Kylie Balchan
07/02/2021 20:02:43
"Dr. Monique is very thorough, up to date, knows the breed and listens to owners input. Super great communication on treatment plan "
- Judith Kiederling
07/02/2021 19:40:13