" We couldn’t ask for a better staff and a better Vet. of Dr Spinks he has always answered and been there for our two horses as well as his staff you are all an asset Thank you Annie and Jerry "
- Jerry Dash
03/15/2020 01:29:43
"Excellent very friendly and most of all treated peaches like one of there own "
- Robert Webbe
03/14/2020 00:55:03
"I love you guys. You always are helpful and willing to work with us for all things:-)"
- Elizabeth Arbogast
03/07/2020 19:23:27
"Love the entire staff!"
- Cynthia Allen
03/04/2020 17:56:54
"They did an excellent job with Conner's surgery and he's recovering great!"
- Joan Check
03/03/2020 15:10:32
"The staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Schott has taken wonderful care of our birds. "
- Laura Rutan
03/02/2020 01:46:43
"Our experience was great!"
- Caitlin Lynch
03/01/2020 03:00:42
"Your staff is very friendly and your facility is beautiful! "
- Alyssa Gould
02/28/2020 23:25:46
"We are always treated with excellent service and care. Our kitties are made comfortable and given the attention they need."
- Donald Traylor
02/28/2020 16:10:31
"Fabulous, I have great faith in your Vets's expertise and abilities. And you treat our animals with great concern when ill, great joy when in for a well visit . The entire office is considerate to clients. Thank you. "
- Fred Space
02/28/2020 03:40:18
"Everything was great. The front desk staff was super helpful and the doctor was extremely helpful and knowledgeable."
- Steffany Torraco
02/28/2020 03:17:41
"We always receive compassionate care from Dr. Courtney Scairpon and the rest of the team. Keep up the great work!!"
- Betty Dow
02/25/2020 18:28:35
"My pets get great care and treatment. The staff is so friendly and loving to my dogs. We are always able to get an appointment in a timely manner. Would highly recommend them. "
- John Oroho
02/23/2020 18:33:06
"Love the health reminders I get for my pets! It’s so helpful to make sure I am giving them the best care possible. The staff is always friendly and supportive. "
- Erica Casario
02/22/2020 15:43:33
"KC and I had a great experience at AHSC! Staff is wonderful and made us both feel at home."
- Jerry Zemaitis
02/21/2020 18:20:28
"love our vet team "
- Glenn Cohrs
02/20/2020 03:42:10
"Great job !! Taco loves the ladies😻"
- John Vesper
02/18/2020 20:10:52
"Love Dr. Courtney and all the friendly staff. They make Jodi feel loved."
- Toby Bork
02/18/2020 18:55:05
"I honestly enjoy bringing my dog here. He’s well taken care of all the time and everyone is very friendly. "
- Jasmine Garcia
02/18/2020 03:07:12
"Staff is very friendly, doctors are knowledgeable, and the store is well-stocked. "
- Sandy Hoover
02/18/2020 02:08:30
"Great! So glad we switched to Ahsc "
- Rebecca Farence
02/17/2020 19:43:31
"Your staff is always helpful and efficient "
- Rich Arnone
02/17/2020 19:00:51
"Excellent care from all staff. Personable. No matter how busy the staff are they all take the time to listen and make sure that questions are answered and any concerns are addressed. "
- Robert Reinhardt
02/17/2020 05:17:28
"You saved my cat’s life. I’m very appreciative of the care my cat received and all interaction I had with staff. I came in desperate and was treated with respect. I’ll be spreading the word of how great your facility is. "
- Amy Hotz
02/16/2020 04:58:28
"I was so happy to have the friendly staff and Dr. Courtney help today with Luna. The entire experience from when we walked into the door until we left was easy. "
- Nicole Hunt
02/14/2020 00:29:04
"You guys are some of the kindest health care professionals that I’ve ever interacted with. The last month was very scary for me and my bunnies, but Doctor Schott, all of the techs, and the amazing reception staff really handled each visit with much care and high professionalism. I’m so grateful that I chose to come to this animal hospital. I can’t thank you guys enough! "
- Jennifer Kim
02/13/2020 03:36:48
"We love the staff and Dr. Lori, you guys are doing an awesome job! We can't think of anything negative to say."
- Mercedes Walker
02/12/2020 19:58:26
"You guys are amazing"
- Edith Pierson
02/11/2020 02:40:18
"The height of professionalism with warmth and compassion. Who could ask for anything more."
- Jennifer Dean
02/11/2020 01:48:50
"We are very pleased that we have found a place where Nova, our cat, can be happy and safe."
- Christine Watry
02/10/2020 21:55:11
"I was very pleased with the time that your staff spent with me. It was so much different than my last vet who was in and out and not as interested in my pet. Thank you"
- Melissa Dean
02/10/2020 21:28:18
"All good everyone is very nice and helpful Morgan thinks Dr Courtney is the besy"
- Aida Dunn
02/10/2020 21:23:19
"Very pleasant experience. From your entire staff from the moment you enter the building until you speak with the doctor Extremely pleasant atmosphere and a great experience."
- Lisa Wolanski
02/05/2020 19:26:02
"Loved your facility and staff! "
- Kristina Koepplinger
02/05/2020 18:51:41
"great service & care. "
- Artie Bastian
02/05/2020 18:03:57
"I appreciate everything you do for my pets!! You do a great job!!"
- Katie Castrovinci
02/05/2020 17:18:46
"Our most recent visit was with the groomer. Jackie is wonderful. The entire staff is friendly and the facility is beautiful. "
- Marion Kopec
01/29/2020 21:20:04
"Our visit with Charlie went well. We got the help we needed to make him feel better and back to himself. The service is always exceptional. Thank you. "
- Grace Gicala
01/26/2020 19:57:10
"I have always had a good experience when I bring Simon to see the vet. You are caring and professional. "
- Carol Cannici
01/26/2020 13:48:20
"You always take great care of my pets!"
- John Clark
01/22/2020 15:27:09
"Love Dr. Walker. The whole visit was excellent. "
- Robin Ersner-Hershfield
01/22/2020 15:27:00
"We had a very pleasant experience. Our cat Rembrandt was very comfortable during her visit:)"
- Carolina Gali
01/21/2020 21:33:33
"The staff is very friendly and helpful. They really care about your pet and always try to do their best."
- John McKeown
01/20/2020 16:34:32
"Jaquai is GEAT and keeps me informed on hoe my dog behaves during the grooming session and the ladies at the front desk were awesome in helping me get the proper dosages for my dog's heart worm & flea meds"
- Dina Oliveri
01/20/2020 15:29:50
"A nice balance of professionalism and empathy. I was left with the impression my pet was in well trained hands. The site itself was very clean. I plan on using their services for a long time to come."
- Lillian Grompone
01/19/2020 21:50:09
"Dr Courtney and your front desk staff are FANTASTIC!"
- Malina Bennett
01/18/2020 01:18:12
"Don’t have anything bad to say the care of Rilee, Bailee and staff. The Vet, Dr. Schott are wonderful, Very caring. . "
- Joanne Kirk
01/14/2020 18:14:32
"Love your facility ! Love the people there also .. They are all extremely knowledgeable and a real pleasure to go up to you for services .. Grooming is also great too .. Blue has so many girlfriends up there .. Thank you "
- Zita aka Sharon Galgano
01/14/2020 17:41:48
"Scooby-Doo doesn’t mind going to see you, as a matter of fact he loves all the attention. Everyone in the office is kind and helpful. All the vets are very compassionate, understanding and very very helpful with all our silly questions. Thank you so very much."
- Joe Bore
01/14/2020 16:42:10
"Even when its been a little chaotic - if I could not be helped right away - someone always would let me know. I believe you and your staff really care for my Sara and Howie...… I have never had a bad experience at your hospital.... I appreciate your kindness you show my two little precious parts of my family. They are very important to me."
- Catherine Mack
01/14/2020 15:39:25
"We love and respect you all!"
- David Upright
01/14/2020 15:36:48
"Always a great experience "
- Debra Hudowalski
01/13/2020 20:44:40
"I love working with all the staff! You are all so friendly, helpful and patient with our fur kids and parents!"
- Jessica Brennan
01/13/2020 20:18:14
"All if our animals have received excellent care! "
- Penny Clark
01/13/2020 19:51:35
"My vet loves my animals. That’s key. "
- Tracy Toth
01/07/2020 17:12:29
"I have no problems with the service and the employees. They take very good care of my animals when I bring them in."
- Anthony Lauria
01/07/2020 15:25:38
"Excellent "
- Dicey McGrath
01/03/2020 10:01:55
"I feel like I always have a good experience when I bring my dogs. They always get good compassionate care. "
- Jeff Mowry
01/02/2020 21:22:50
"We are satisfied with the care our pets are given. "
- Robert Acker
01/02/2020 04:28:50
"Veterinarian was very helpful in explaining the options available for our dog."
- Lisa Napier
12/29/2019 19:35:18
"Our experience has always been great. I especially like that we are given options and that you understand cost is a concern for us, especially when bringing all three of our beagles in at the same time. "
- Patti Bussow
12/26/2019 21:16:11
"I was very impressed! I am so happy my friend told me about your animal hospital. Dr Courtney is very professional and knowledgeable. My husband and I are very pleased. "
- Monique Harlos
12/24/2019 22:59:19
- Nancy Morrisey
12/24/2019 19:15:24
"They did a great job with our old man and us. very informative as well. "
- Dorothy Schafer
12/24/2019 17:43:36
"Excellent service, very friendly staff , and knowledgeable in all areas. "
- Rahkeem Ladson
12/23/2019 14:27:01
"love our vet. New groomer is really nice"
- Glenn Cohrs
12/21/2019 18:06:28
"Very good!"
- Brian Ashman
12/21/2019 00:58:02
"We are always happy with our experiences at Sussex Animal Hospital ❤️"
- Michelle Brennan
12/20/2019 18:30:04
"Good service, good care and very personable staff. Would not go anywhere else!"
- Pat Wilcox
12/20/2019 15:30:58
"Whenever I visit AHSC, my pets and I have always been treated with respect and friendliness. I have been going to AHSC since 1990."
- Luann Festa
12/20/2019 12:52:11
"We started using your office for our cat, Sonic and immediately felt welcomed and well cared for. Your customer area & exam rooms are so clean and inviting. The care we got for Sonic was outstanding. Recently we adopted a puppy, Aspen. The vet tech and Dr. Walker have been so patient with me teaching me how to trim Apen's nails, keep her well groomed, proper feeding habits etc. The receptionists are always helpful and patient. I also like the option of using the website for scheduling or asking questions. "
- Erica Casario
12/19/2019 16:39:22
"Jackie does a wonderful job with our dog Charlie, he always looks great!"
- Janis Woersching
12/17/2019 20:39:38
"Excellent service and friendly "
- Nancy Bombaro
12/17/2019 07:50:13
"Very friendly staff "
- Patty Ferguson
12/16/2019 21:51:53
"As always we had a great experience at our last visit. You have been taking care of Cole since he was a puppy 14 years ago, we tried to 2 other places over the years that were close to home that don't compare to the Animal Hospital of Sussex so we keep making the trip up from Morris County to take care of Cole. "
- Chris Maher
12/16/2019 19:56:00
- Gerry Fazzio
12/16/2019 19:42:52
"very pleased"
- Gail Martin
12/12/2019 16:37:04
"Very helpful , Had a great experience at our visit"
- Theresa Bassett
12/10/2019 19:56:02
"I generally have a pleasant and informative visit. Also the staff is always friendly and caring!"
- Patricia Paternostro
12/09/2019 16:48:13
"Dr. Courtney is the absolute best. She is so kind and patient."
- Stacey Moore
12/09/2019 15:37:24
"I've never been to a vet in all of these years who provides care for the animals like your vet does"
- Judy Ulchinsky
12/08/2019 23:48:34
"I love the way you treat our dogs"
- Michael Insinga
12/08/2019 19:41:06
"Great as always! All my questions answered, you're always there for me and my furry family. "
- Susan Friel
12/08/2019 01:58:36
"It is always a pleasure."
- Lou Frato
12/06/2019 15:58:29
"Always good!!"
- Gerald Melchione
12/05/2019 22:49:34
"Unbelievable, my pet is terminal and the amount of respect and concern goes beyond recognition. I have been a pet owner both dogs and cats over a decade and more and have always been completely satisfied with their care, kindness and courtesy."
- George Earle
12/05/2019 21:42:00
"Diagnosed and treated my dog..quickly. and accurately "
- Robert Bessler
12/05/2019 15:04:33
"We have 5 rescues. Different breeds. Its nice to know that if something happens during the night we can call first thing in the morning and our vet can accommodate a visit asap. We also like how the technicians and the vet take the time to answer any questions we may have. "
- Michelle Terwilliger
12/05/2019 13:50:12
"Dr. Courtney is amazing! She takes the time to listen to all my concerns and questions and addresses each and every one. I absolutely love her and am very happy to have her caring for my pets! All the girls at the front desk are wonderful too. Everyone is very caring and understanding. "
- Lynn Kurczewski
12/02/2019 17:52:22
"I appreciated the care, compassion and honesty with dealing with Shae- she is doing amazingly well and I am estatic"
- Gwen McNamara
12/02/2019 17:35:18
"We had a excellent experience! Front desk works are very professional and pleasant! Groomer fid a excellent job!"
- Deborah Fagan
12/02/2019 14:24:13
"everything went fine and all are very nice there "
- Edward Lindhorn
12/02/2019 03:04:37
"I'm glad I went to Dr. Schott. She always takes time to answer all my questions and make sure I have all the info I need."
- Jennifer Rescigno
12/01/2019 22:26:36
"Staff is always so friendly and helpful"
- Jodi Palmasano
12/01/2019 20:57:21
"Best vet experience yet. Office staff, techs, nurses,doctors, wait time, follow up, ambience, parking!( I live in the Bronx - you have no idea!)"
- Paul Heron
12/01/2019 20:33:34
"Dr Spinks once again came through in an emergency with one of our horses. Thanks to Dr Spinks the horse is doing fine. He’s the best!"
- Louis Ferra (EQ)
12/01/2019 20:33:20
"My experience was great. The doctor was friendly, and easy going. He explained everything he was doing and why. We did not wait long to be seen. "
- Melissa D'Almeida
11/25/2019 13:27:13
"Doing a great job with Morgan the staff is fantastic and Morgan thinks Dr Courtney is the best "
- Aida Dunn
11/24/2019 23:33:24
"I am always pleased with the personal service and attention my girls get when we come in for a visit! "
- Anne Mallozzi
11/23/2019 00:34:20
"Always a wonderful experience! Dr Scairpon is a caring, excellent veterinarian. Very gentle and kind to my cat. She explains everything I need to know about my pets issues. Would not go to anyone else."
- Judy Schroeder
11/21/2019 23:17:49