"Amazing Dr.s and staff who are knowledgable and accommodating. Trust them 100% with my fur babies! "
- Barbara Giuliano
01/13/2022 18:43:01
"You guys always do a wonderful job. From the tech that came out to the parking lot to get Hudson to Dr. Courtney calling to go over his examination. Everyone is wonderful. "
- Tracy Hopper
01/13/2022 17:06:49
"My wife and I have been going to AHSC( Dr Spinks) for our pet care for 25 years and are very satisfied with all the services provided and the most important thing is the confidence that we have in Dr Spinks with our furry critters."
- John Parascando
01/12/2022 19:27:01
"Dr Courtney and her Asst Tech are wonderful!! With extremely challenging times and not being able to be at the appointment in person, I felt like I received personal attention and they took great care of my cats. Thank you! :)"
- Nicole Kopec
01/09/2022 21:49:02
"We always get the best service. Dr Courtney and Dr Gabby are the best!"
- Cheryl Drake
01/09/2022 19:47:30
"Everyone is friendly and professional and helped us with Max’s ear issue. We love you guys! Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you! Terry T"
- Terry Toomer
01/09/2022 14:59:53
"The staff is great"
- Douglas Herlihy
01/07/2022 19:43:40
"I don’t believe any improvement is needed…. Everything was as it was explained to me and I’m impressed with the timely, caring attention you demonstrated toward Allie and myself."
- Mark Bolovschak
01/06/2022 20:13:33
"Every staff member is amazing! You always try to listen to our concerns for our pets and are available for help during very convenient times. "
- Erica Casario
01/06/2022 19:03:02
"You have no idea how happy am with Dr Gabi She is the best with my dogs. So happy I found her and would recommend Anyone to your place. Thank you "
- Peter Tanis
01/05/2022 18:08:09
"Your team is emotionally supportive, empathetic and are all animal lovers like myself. Your team is a definite asset to the over success of The Animal Hospital of Sussex County."
- Christine Malkowicz
01/02/2022 00:41:48
"Excellent service by all."
- Mary Lasits
12/31/2021 20:28:23
"Very friendly receptionist made you feel welcome and comfortable. "
- Rozsa Csippan
12/28/2021 21:16:56
"Never had a bad experience here. Thank you for taking care of my animals."
- Denise Kay
12/25/2021 03:47:30
"I have no complaints with the level of care that our two fur babies receive; we always feel that we are listened to and that the aides and the doctors care about our loved ones and never feel like we are rushed through our visits."
- John Veenhuizen
12/23/2021 18:48:54
"Facility is clean, staff is friendly. Dr is very knowledgeable, very please with the experience."
- Paola Franco
12/21/2021 21:23:50
"I can't thank you all enough for how kind, caring and thoughtful you all are! Your help with getting Rosie all fixed up means the world to my family and I! Thank you for all that you all do!"
- Julie Gross
12/21/2021 02:25:25
"We feel very relaxed knowing our girl is being cared for by people that care about her. All questions are answered, phone calls are returned when necessary, and my pet is not stressed. "
- Kathleen Gorman
12/18/2021 20:12:52
"I`m very happy with the care that Thunder is getting"
- Paul Tester
12/17/2021 21:08:38
"Very pleased with the tech, she was very nice and the vet was really nice and helpful by answering my questions about Frankie's finiky wet food choices and she recommended an alternative. The receptionists are always nice and pleasant."
- Jean Scapicchio
12/17/2021 19:33:51
"Great, friendly, timely and curbside pick up"
- Jessica Lutz
12/16/2021 00:52:53
"Love the staff! Everyone is so nice, knowledgeable and friendly. They definitely go above and beyond for our pets."
- Garry Colombo
12/14/2021 21:03:35
"Dr. Courtney is awesome "
- Paul Mueller
12/13/2021 02:09:59
"You're doing great! I love that yout facility is feline-friendly"
- Tiffany Sella
12/12/2021 21:27:14
"Dr. Courtney was awesome, she too the time to answer all of questions. She was very caring and very kind when examining Ozzie. She gave us the utmost confidence that Ozzie was in great hands. "
- Kim Amaty
12/12/2021 00:32:15
"All of you are outstanding from From the receptionist and the medical team. Many thanks to all of you, Bailee, Rilee and and their Mom. "
- Joanne Kirk
12/08/2021 19:46:53
" Dr. Courtney is wonderful and so caring! The office staff is very friendly and helpful on all our visits."
- Mary Rose Hosier
12/07/2021 21:12:25
"I was very pleased with Dr Monique and the staff. There is no better feeling, especially when your pet is ill, to see your pet being handled with care and see your pet respond favorably. "
- Valarie Iberer
12/07/2021 17:19:20
"Dr Courtney was very thorough and answered all of our questions. The staff is very nice."
- Anmarie Acocella
12/06/2021 23:17:45
"Every one was great to my girl River at our last visit"
- Terri Miller
12/05/2021 01:55:52
"You guys took in my dog immediately. Everyone here was so amazing and I am so thankful."
- Eileen Sohn
12/04/2021 08:31:00
"Thank you for taking the time to explain everything and in one case twice. Thank you for taking care of my dog, as she means the world to me!"
- Shane Rieger
12/03/2021 17:50:35
"Overall it was a great experience, everyone was very friendly. I know my dog is in great hands at this animal hospital."
- Ashlie Ponce
12/03/2021 16:15:39
"Always great bringing my 2 dogs to you!"
- Casey Mckenzie
12/02/2021 20:59:12
"Very personable while remaining professional....Thorough while responsive....Most importantly, sensitive and respectful with my pets..."
- Jan Borda
12/02/2021 12:06:23
"Your staff are very caring and kind"
- Kathy Rixon
12/02/2021 06:21:46
"The experience was excellent. I'm glad I chose the Animal Hospital Sussex County."
- William Burns
12/01/2021 18:24:29
"New client with you. Experiences that I have had I am very satisfied with. "
- Debbie Donnelly
11/25/2021 22:44:32
"Our dog could be difficult to hand but the vet and staff handled him with such love and compassion."
- Deborah Cooper
11/22/2021 00:00:40
"We are new to the area and I came to your animal hospital by recommendation. I am very pleased with the way the staff treats not just my pet, but us. I’m sure we will get to know each other well because I have a dog with allergies and we get her monthly Cytopoint injections"
- Deborah Frankel
11/20/2021 21:26:59
"We loved the whole experience! We were glad to see our shy little pup be treated so kindly by everyone from the front desk to the exam room!"
- Clarissa Schmidt
11/20/2021 20:15:10
"You are excellent professional and caring"
- Lisa Centanni
11/20/2021 05:45:32
"Always excellent care"
- Janet Dashio
11/19/2021 21:04:13
"You guys have gone over and above with the care of Trooper and over and above of communicating with me. Thank you for everything "
- Dawn Collier
11/18/2021 21:50:47
"Everyone we met were excellent and attentive. "
- Tony Castranova
11/17/2021 00:04:21
"We can always count on Dr. Spinks and staff to be available for an emergency and provide excellent care for our horses."
- Ridgeview Farm Angle
11/16/2021 21:50:23
"We always have the best experience. If I tell Chloe she’s going to DR. Courtney she hops right in the car. She also loves going in your back room a bit weird right ??!! Her behavior shows me that she trusts everyone and you treat her so well she doesn’t fear going to an appointment. "
- Hilary Dambach
11/14/2021 19:09:20
"Love you guys!!!"
- Kathleen Thomas
11/13/2021 02:24:08
"Everything was great, very happy and so was mobey !!!"
- Jeff Gardner
11/13/2021 01:51:18
"Excellent. Very friendly and professional. Caring and attentive to the needs of my cat."
- Gareth Shihadeh
11/12/2021 23:32:33
"No complaints! Top notch service “Everyt time”!!"
- Fred Nye
11/12/2021 21:04:54
"You guys were excellent and really cared about my fur family. Even called to follow-up to find out how Movado was doing. "
- Nelly Schroeder
11/12/2021 18:14:47
"Staff is always helpful and efficient."
- Donald Traylor
11/12/2021 18:03:32
"Test results were quick and the appropriate treatment administered timely."
- Darlene Wiessmann
11/12/2021 17:18:39
"Very positive experience from the 1st call to make an appointment to the follow up call. Your staff were all so friendly, courteous and helpful. We are so happy to be in.your family. Thanks for taking such good care of our baby girl. "
- Sandy Miklush
11/11/2021 23:35:58
"I can’t tell you how productive my visits are at your facility. Dr Spinks couldn’t be more caring and knowledgeable as with the rest of the staff. Dante is a different dog just with one Laser treatment. Better than the orthopedic specialists I was dealing with!!! Thank you so much, and as always I highly recommend your facility to all my clients in need!!"
- Susan Gregory
11/11/2021 13:54:37
"DrCourtney is the best. Always satisfied with this practice"
- Lori Sheehan
11/10/2021 19:02:38
"I feel this is the best place to bring my dena to. Everything about this animal hospital is amazing."
- Edith Pierson
11/10/2021 18:07:11
"Every since I have switched to your office, I have had nothing but great experiences. Every time I have a question and I call it gets answered right away. Every time there is a emergency you do what ever needs to be done to make sure to get my pet in there to be seen. I have nothing but wonder thing to say about this office. Thank You for all the work everyone there does. "
- Jessie Hedden
11/09/2021 20:20:55
"We love Dr. Courtney! The techs and the front office staff are always extremely helpful and caring."
- Karen Wiley-Acoveno
11/07/2021 03:33:22
"Dr Gabby is great. I was allowed to go in with my cat now which made the visit so much better. My cat was calmer and I could communicate with the vet while she examined my cat. "
- Janice Congleton
11/04/2021 22:34:11
"It was a very good experience and everyone was very nice "
- Tim Straway
11/04/2021 20:40:17
"Everyone is always so helpful and accommodating."
- Donna Abrams
11/04/2021 17:51:51
"Our cat has improved dramatically and I am pleased and impressed with Dr. Marni"
- Bernie Cutler
11/04/2021 02:27:45
"Bowser loves the vet! You guys are doing great! "
- Coral Rodriguez
11/03/2021 22:12:47
"Dr. Gabby is awesome. Genuinely loves our Abby. "
- Steven Houghtaling
11/02/2021 22:57:38
"Dr Courtney is the best. She is so kind with my dogs! The staff is great too."
- Maria Limarenko
11/02/2021 22:39:08
"i know my pets get the best care with you guys "
- Katherine Cahill
11/01/2021 10:06:58
"I was very happy with the doctors and nurces the way they explained things to me and the care that they gave to Theo. "
- Afstratios Hadjikonstantinou
10/31/2021 12:41:27
"Love the email reminders. The staff are great "
- Richard Cron
10/30/2021 18:32:44
"Best pet care, great follow up after surgery!"
- Britt Nylund
10/30/2021 18:10:28
"Family members all use this practice and I have heard nothing but great things. The people were very friendly and helpful. The doctor and tech explained everything carefully. "
- Sheila Sugar
10/27/2021 22:36:26
"We travel 35 minutes for our appointments rather than go to the local vet because we absolutely love the staff and care they provide. Dr. Marni Ackernecht and Cindy are the perfect duo. They always treat our dogs with much love and answer all our questions regarding concerns about our pets. We will continue to be clients as long as we have animals in our lives (which is forever). Thank you to all the staff for all the patience and compassion."
- Nicole Marin
10/27/2021 18:15:42
"Dr Courtney and staff are always wonderful with our dogs. Thank you! "
- Andrea Jorgensen
10/26/2021 16:06:56
"Dr. Monique was great! She was caring and cheerful."
- John Villa
10/24/2021 18:22:24
"Have only been there twice so far and both times we very good experiences. "
- Denise Valtin
10/24/2021 16:37:56
"I am always happy with the care (and service) my fur babies receive from the Animal Hospital. I would not trust my babies care to anyone else. They are always treated with care and love by all the staff and doctors. "
- John Veenhuizen
10/24/2021 14:49:13
"You guys are great… your care is always based on the unique needs of the pet … my dog is FAR from being easily treated but you are their for us!"
- Karen Lance
10/22/2021 10:41:46
"I love Dr Gabbie! She is amazing! She takes the time with my little guy and gives the best and most caring advice. the vet technicians are also absolutely the best! "
- Nicoletta Quitadamo
10/21/2021 23:28:46
"Wonderful care, very responsive. Excellent all around. "
- Christine Rotondo
10/21/2021 23:04:38
"Personally I believe this is a wonderful veterinary hospital. All the interactions with the staff have been nothing short of superb. And my dog seem to like almost everyone there. "
- Tom Crommelin
10/19/2021 22:04:56
"So impressed with your Practice. Dr. Courtney is thorough and thoughtful, warm and intelligent. Most importantly, our boy feels at ease with her and we feel there is a very high standard in the level of care. The front desk has always been friendly and efficient, and follow up calls very much appreciated. All of these details, in these times, are quite an achievement. "
- Rachael Scro
10/19/2021 19:24:37
"Knowledgeable caring helpful staff . Could not ask for a better experience . Thank You !!!"
- David Vanhorn Jr.
10/17/2021 18:04:55
"Dr Gabby and staff are wonderful! I am so very grateful for their help with my doggie aka my baby Philo! I had an excellent experience with Dr Gabby and the staff. I would recommend them to everyone that is looking for a good vet and staff"
- Tracie Marquart
10/17/2021 17:26:53
"I love curb side visits during this time, I like that you keep your appointment time and not leave us lingering there. I loved that you gave a new kitten welcoming package. The vet is super knowledgeable and friendly. You're doing a great job"
- Jessica Lutz
10/17/2021 09:40:14
"Love Animal hospital of Sussex County. Staff is wonderful & take great care of our dogs. "
- John Oroho
10/15/2021 20:20:39
"Albert and I had a very good experience."
- Christine Anzelde
10/15/2021 18:50:41
"This was my first visit, and I was very happy with the care received, as well as the attitude of everyone from the doctor to the front desk staff. I was particularly impressed with the follow-up call I received the next day. Perhaps a small touch, but theses little things go a long way in my opinion!"
- Greg Hicho
10/15/2021 16:06:16
"My dog is absolutely awful at the vet, she is terrified and makes the smallest things really difficult to do. Dr Courtney doesn't get frustrated at all, she is so patient and kind and understanding and it goes such a long way. I would recommend her to anyone. She really takes her time and makes a stressful situation as best as can be. Thank you so much "
- Nicole Duvall
10/15/2021 14:46:07
"We have had very pleasant experiences each time we've had a visit! "
- Meghan Hornyak
10/15/2021 14:19:36
"everything is satisfactory."
- Paul Tester
10/15/2021 14:17:20
"Lulu loves going there. The staff is great."
- Douglas Herlihy
10/14/2021 00:07:42
"I only have good to say about everyone. I appreciate that everyone really cares about the animals."
- Ellen Byrne
10/13/2021 19:38:18
"Always the best care. "
- Cheryl Drake
10/13/2021 19:21:33
"Dr, Gabby was very concerned and gentle with our new puppy, answered all our questions and was very helpful."
- Ed Banz
10/05/2021 19:28:13
"I had a great visit. All the staff I interacted with seemed competent and caring. They took extra time to explain things and ask me questions."
- Angela Ecklund
10/04/2021 20:37:01
"Everyone was so nice and attentive to Allie… Thanks, Mark"
- Mark Bolovschak
10/03/2021 16:35:56
"you guys are always amazing with my babies so i thank you for that and for always caring for them! "
- Lindsey Ehrman
10/03/2021 16:06:30
"So far , totally content with everyone there and the care given to my pets. "
- Edward O'Keefe
10/02/2021 22:18:05
"We are always pleased with how nice and helpful the staff is...can't think of anything we would change. Dr. Courtney is excellent!"
- Tommy Scairpon
10/02/2021 21:11:04