"Excellent customer service, reps are ways pleasant and helpful! Love Dr Lori!"
- Jennifer Benech
12/17/2020 20:43:46
"We travel 45 minutes each way to give Buster the exceptional care that he receives each and every visit! "
- Larry Scheer
12/17/2020 04:25:44
"Dr. Courtney and her staff cared for Nimbus beautifully. I would heartily recommend the Animal Hospital of Sussex County to anyone with cats. "
- Rosa Kasper
12/16/2020 18:24:05
"You all are THE BEST! Thank you for taking such good care of all our furry family members!"
- Robert Reinhardt
12/15/2020 01:44:50
"The Dr's, staff and team are all great. A pleasure to work with. Thank you."
- Patricia Candela
12/14/2020 13:53:12
"Very pleased with care and attention we receive from Dr. Lori Walker."
- Julianne Gerdes
12/13/2020 18:03:11
"Anytime we bring our dogs to you we always have a great experience . Your customer service is always great "
- Stephanie Reinbott
12/12/2020 23:56:56
"We just love everything about you! Needed to order meds for my pet and it was super easy and delivered to my car with a smile. Great staff!"
- Monika Talmadge
12/08/2020 19:33:30
"No complaints here! I trust very few places with my cat, but here is a different story. Everyone is always professional and yet still so caring about my girl. Wouldn't bring her anywhere else! "
- Tiffany Sella
12/08/2020 13:33:30
"We we very happy with the emergency service provided for Marley. "
- Roberta Zavoda
12/07/2020 20:23:37
"We were very pleased with Jacqui the new groomer! This was Gus' first visit with her and not only did he look great, but she was amazing in explaining everything she had done during his appointment. Thank you!!!"
- Jason Boerner
12/06/2020 17:18:24
"Every time I call there's no hesitation with the answers. You are always professional. "
- Lorraine Ricci
12/05/2020 19:13:34
"I am so far very pleased with your over all action you take and do call backs to check up on my pet and emails asking if everything is good. Your pleasant smiles when we pull up to the door .just over all great work."
- Cheryl Gallagher
12/04/2020 20:08:56
"Our experience was great! Levi was very well taken off and we appreciate how much you love our furbaby. "
- Jessica Scairpon
12/04/2020 17:47:47
"Very pleased. You gave Blackie his shot in the parking lot so he wasn’t nervous going in the office without us. "
- Stacey VanHouten
12/04/2020 01:29:27
"Very safe. The doctor called me after the exam. "
- Lois Burmester
12/03/2020 23:46:14
"The Entire Staff is absolutely fantastic! Caring and listen to our concerns. Love Dr Courtney "
- Vera Rumsey
12/03/2020 17:10:49
"You guy are great "
- Nirzaida Negron
11/29/2020 18:46:09
"I truly trust our Pet Patches in your care! Your compassionate about her well being and with your professional guidance she’s still with us after a very fragile predicament we were in . Thank you "
- Caron Toth
11/27/2020 23:26:06
"You guys are terrific. Under these crazy COVID pandemic times. We feel very safe using your services. Our cat Zoe is doing great and looks so cute in her post operation cone head. Your staff is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. "
- Jeff Rothstein
11/26/2020 22:38:12
"You guys were once again excellent "
- Glenn Cohrs
11/26/2020 03:27:24
"We are so very happy with the excellent care and compassion given to our dogs by the doctors and the office staff always"
- Mary Rose Hosier
11/25/2020 21:43:08
"Absolutely Amazing! All of the staff and doctors are wonderful! No complaints from me or my furry family!! We love everyone here at the office!"
- Judy Vandergroef
11/24/2020 15:38:01
"My pup Charlie is very well taken care of at every check up. The techs and vet are very helpful with any questions I have "
- Samantha Stevens
11/23/2020 01:12:32
"Everything was great. Fergus saw Dr. Lori Walker, and she is just wonderful. It's is a nice to know our dogs are in good hands when they are seen. "
- Kay Kostenbader
11/21/2020 23:29:37
"Always outstanding service from the entire team 👏 👌 👍 "
- Maria Limarenko
11/21/2020 23:23:35
"I have seen most of the doctors at your clinic over the many years I've been going there. I have seen so much compassion from all of them. When I cried, I was comforted by them. Mostly, my pets have been saved. Your team of doctors are always professional as are your assistants and receptionists. These are all the reasons why I travel from Pennsylvania to your clinic. Keep up the good work you always do. Thank you so much for caring. "
- Joan Feakins
11/21/2020 10:15:15
"Excellent customer service"
- Frank Gallo
11/18/2020 20:21:10
"I’ve been taking my dog and exotics there for a few years now. I love the staff whether you’re checking in, asking questions, or preparing for the passing of a pet. Always kind, patient and caring."
- Christine Vreeland
11/17/2020 20:09:07
"I have always received excellent service from everyone at AHSC, from the vets to the techs, front desk workers, and assistants!! Service is always professional and timely. Even during COVID restrictions, AHSC has handled car-side service exceptionally well. Thank you for always being there for our pets! You are all appreciated more than you know! "
- Francine Pidgeon
11/16/2020 17:26:55
"Under very difficult circumstances ( a pandemic) your staff continues to be caring and professional!"
- Robin Kaminsky
11/16/2020 05:41:48
"Excellent care was shown during these Covid-19 times to keep us all safe while taking great care of our pets."
- Pat Mitchell
11/15/2020 07:04:33
"Always feel confident my Guinness is getting the best care.staff is caring and efficient."
- Genia Charczenko
11/14/2020 22:15:23
"Always Excellent with staff and Vets Thank You"
- Dorothy Sidnam
11/13/2020 22:36:21
"I was very happy with everything. I was treated so well from my call at arrival to my explanation of the treatment and post op instructions. I was very happy that I could add extra treatments or options for my bunny during his procedure. I know my bunny was treated very well and with genuine concern for his needs. Thank you so much for giving Lucky the best experience possible."
- Heather Breure
11/12/2020 22:10:51
"You rock! The ladies take great care of Taco! He loves you😻"
- John Vesper
11/11/2020 03:18:24
"Great visit. We have an older cat and staff treats him wonderfully. "
- Claire Allen
11/10/2020 15:54:07
"Love the kindness and patience from the doctors and staff!!"
- Katie Leach
11/10/2020 02:59:47
"Absolutely Fantastic "
- Barbara Eastburn
11/06/2020 15:14:40
"Reliable, always helpful, caring, well informed, excellent doctors and staff. Our recent visit helped to get our pet back to optimal health...Dr Spinks knew exactly what was ailing our dog....thank you!"
- Arlene Fritsche
11/06/2020 14:57:44
"I loved the phone call the next day to see how my pets were doing. That is really good customer service."
- Katie Ennis
11/05/2020 15:45:24
"Love the staff and docs! Compassionate, caring and very knowledgeable! Wouldn't trust anyone else with my animals! You guys rock!!!"
- Christine Fletcher
11/04/2020 21:21:58
"You have been our vet service for almost 20 years. Your staff is kind, professional and caring particularly when we have had to put one of our animals down. Your vets are outstanding. They are kind and professional and caring as well. Your diagnoses of our pets have always been spot on. "
- Patty Hefferan
11/04/2020 16:22:42
"I had to pick up food for Lily and it was pouring. Melissa (I think that is her name) brought out the food with a smile on her face. In a downpour. I was very grateful."
- Karen Mannarelli
11/03/2020 18:16:43
"I always have a good experience using Dr. Walker either from a house call or in the office. I highly recommend the Animal Hospital."
- Allyson DiPaolo
11/02/2020 21:38:00
- Joe Liotta
11/02/2020 00:12:56
"Answered all my questions, amazing customer service. Call for follow-up on Mia's surgery. Thank you for everything "
- Johanna Perez
11/01/2020 18:12:57
"So compassionate, so understanding, so patient, and so thorough. It was a joy to chat with the staff and especially Dr. Courtney - thank you so much for your knowledge and expertise in understanding our baby girl. We were so relieved to hear she was in great shape and has hopefully many years with us. Will definitely spread the word about where to go for veterinary care of any animal - you all ROCK!!!"
- Maria Pozsonyi
10/31/2020 23:20:05
"You guys were amazing!!"
- Nicole Dunne
10/31/2020 21:11:43
"I think you're doing the best you can considering all of the covid protocols- it's tough to leave a new puppy with the tech and not be able to go into the appointments with him. Everyone has been very nice and willing to answer all of my questions, which I sometimes forget in the moment and have to call back to ask. Our puppy doesn't seem to mind his visits (from what I can see) and I appreciate the staff calling after vaccinations to make sure there were no issues. Overall wonderful service, i'm very pleased."
- Jessica Dipaola
10/30/2020 19:16:34
"Thanks for looking at Smokey on such short notice. "
- Norman Weiler
10/27/2020 15:21:40
"Staff did their best to fit our appointment in the same day we called. It was very easy to bring Oreo to your facility and the doctor was very caring. He personally explained the problem to us and brought out Oreo's medicine to us in the car. We're glad that Oreo has such good care."
- Allison Erb
10/27/2020 13:45:00
"I appreciated being able to speak directly with Dr Spinks when Pavi was having such important treatment. I know you guys are busy, but in life and death situations I feel this contact is important."
- Susan Nixon
10/26/2020 16:51:49
"I have no bad to report only good animal hospital and doctors and staff have always been wonderful to my pets needs and issues. I can honestly say your doing a great job!"
- Silvia Gallichio
10/25/2020 17:50:21
"While talking with other patrons while waiting for our pets, the consensus seems to be that our pets are well known by their care providers-how comforting is that?!"
- Janet Dashio
10/25/2020 00:22:27
"We are happy with your services! Been using you since I got Sophie 2 years ago! Very pleased! "
- Glen Miley
10/24/2020 18:29:51
"I would not take dena any place but here, everybody that works here is amazing and the quality of expertise from everyone is spot on. If you want the best care for your animal (fur baby) absolutely come here."
- Edith Pierson
10/24/2020 15:20:39
"Our pets always receive the best care and lots of love at AH of SC. The veterinarians and staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and caring - nothing but the best for our cats and pups. Couldn't ask for better care anywhere and for looking out for our furry family! Thank you! "
- Susan Friel
10/21/2020 18:44:18
"It is always very pleasant when we visit. Everyone is so caring and nice."
- Martin Geil
10/21/2020 15:35:10
"Dr Courtney is excellent with my dog Jax! He has a lot of anxiety and she is really good with him! The vet tech was really helpful as well ! She helped me to get him back in the car as well! I always have good service all around!"
- Lisa Wong
10/18/2020 21:57:28
"Felt very confident that our dog was getting the personal attention and care he needed."
- Larry Scheer
10/18/2020 03:49:56
"Staff are wonderful and truly caring. Our family has brought multiple furry family members to you over the years and the care is always excellent."
- Robert Reinhardt
10/15/2020 21:06:46
"We love Dr. Spinks and his staff. We drive an hour and a half so the doctor may care for our fifteen year old dog. We credit the care he receives at Sussex County Animal Hospital to Teddy’s good health."
- Brenda Shapiro
10/14/2020 21:22:00
"Dr. Spinks is always great with my animals."
- Barbara Nabors
10/13/2020 16:04:23
"It’s always an excellent experience at Animal Hospital of Sussex! Your staff is attentive to all of our pet’s needs and show their love and care for our pets. Well done!"
- Ken Schweighardt
10/11/2020 14:10:20
"I love this animal hospital kind caring and knowledgeable "
- John Vandermeyde
10/10/2020 15:16:06
"You're always there when we need you and I thank you. You're doing great in my opinion. Keep up the great work. 👍"
- Bonnie Sterbinsky
10/10/2020 12:21:56
"The service here is excellent. I have a very shy German Shepard. She did not want to get out of the car. They had two people out to help me get her out, and they did it in a way that made my dog more comfortable. I love it here. Best place ever for my dog."
- Erin A. Sheeran
10/09/2020 17:16:54
"We had a great experience! From my first phone call, everyone I dealt with was helpful and patient. Every part of the process went very smoothly."
- Abbey Hirons
10/09/2020 12:21:54
"A great balance of empathy and professionalism. I feel your facility provides a safe and high level of care for my dog Lucy"
- Lillian Grompone
10/08/2020 17:35:26
"Doing a great job taking care of our pets!! All the while dealing with this pandemic!! ❤️"
- Pam Sinegra
10/06/2020 20:34:52
"I am very pleased with the way my pet is being cared for. I appreciate how the staff treats me. My questions are always answered to my satisfaction. So far, I have no problems with your services. I have been a satisfied customer for over 30 years. I trust my pets are getting the best of care."
- Sandra Akerstrom
10/06/2020 19:04:05
"I am very happy with my experiences and pet care at Sussex Animal Hospital."
- Lisa Vallacchi
10/06/2020 18:41:03
"You are all so caring and patient with our furry family members and us. You give us the feeling of peace and understanding of our pets needs and give us any other options when the need arises.We greatly appreciate and trust you and your staff.Thank you soooo much for being there to care for our family members."
- Elizabeth Gerhard
10/04/2020 20:28:02
"I absolutely love the level of care and compassion this office shows myself and my pet. I will only ever bring her to you. "
- Tiffany Sella
10/03/2020 17:51:09
"I have no complaints. The staff is efficient, knowledgeable, and beyond helpful! Thanks!!!"
- Michelle Rivera
10/03/2020 14:28:20
"Although I have only been picking up medication. I like how you are handling the Covid situation. Thank you"
- Denise Kay
10/02/2020 16:37:54
"You're the bestest!"
- David Upright
09/30/2020 18:38:49
"Dr Spinks was very kind and thorough. I appreciated the time he took to discuss my horse’s health with me. "
- Robin Shore
09/29/2020 22:53:50
"Very happy with the care given and warm and friendly staff"
- Mary Rose Hosier
09/26/2020 16:10:59
"Never shy about my experiences with your wonderful overall staff - including the Doctors, receptionists, and your technicians. Especially now that we don't go in with our precious companions, I feel secure that they are being treating with concern and care even if it is a simple well check. I believe that you care...…. that is invaluable to me"
- Catherine Mack
09/24/2020 13:01:49
"Was great. Staff was so poliet and friendly. Keep up the great work."
- Lisa Smarro
09/23/2020 16:10:51
"The service is always great. The employees are professional and very helpful. It was very comforting as well when we had to put our cat to sleep. "
- Amanda Marra
09/22/2020 15:54:31
"Love the service from the receptionist to the doctor. No complaints 😊"
- Francesca Daly
09/20/2020 23:44:03
"friendly and reliable service"
- Kim Dolan
09/19/2020 03:36:26
"I think you are doing great, we would not trust either of our two fur babies to anyone else."
- John Veenhuizen
09/15/2020 23:12:22
"Excellent staff and doctors!"
- Doreen Thum
09/15/2020 17:25:47
"The system set up due to COVID-19 was excellent. It was even more impressive to have the doctor call and actually speak to you instead of a staff member, greatly appreciated, during these times I don’t see how it could be handled any better thank you."
- Angel Redmond
09/14/2020 21:14:56
"Always a good experience. The only thing I hate is sending them inside without me...but inknow that's Covid safety!"
- Elena Baltodano
09/12/2020 20:21:51
"Wonderful service, they go above and beyond every time "
- Julie Ullmann
09/10/2020 22:11:34
"My experience at the Animal Hospital Sussex County has been very positive. Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. "
- Carolina Gali
09/09/2020 23:32:41
"you guys are doing great, so appreciate how we're all treated like family. "
- Glenn Cohrs
09/02/2020 19:07:10
"The service is excellent."
- Dorothy Sidnam
09/02/2020 13:18:09
"I was extremely happy with how they took care of my baby Onyx. They were gentle and he loved them.!!!"
- Katherine Deleon
08/31/2020 21:52:13
"We were last there for Leia’s grooming and we are pleased with the way she cares for Leia and always love how beautiful she looks after. Thank you guys!"
- Amanda Alvarato
08/30/2020 18:51:19
"The staff and doctors are awesome, even during the pandemic they have manage to see to all the needs of my babies. much appreciated and many applause to all. thank you"
- Dorothy Schafer
08/28/2020 13:41:50
"Dr. Schott is an amazing Vet, i always appreciate her dedication to caring for my pets."
- Susan Eltringham
08/26/2020 14:38:57
"The best animal hospital,staff and doctors are very caring and always very helpful."
- Mark Wiktorzak
08/25/2020 15:59:05
"Very happy to date excellent staff. "
- Artie Bastian
08/21/2020 14:23:34
"Very caring and efficient "
- Denise Reider
08/17/2020 09:38:10