"I appreciate the friendliness of staff and the expertise of the care our Pancakes has received."
- Maryagnes Gillman
09/10/2021 19:14:21
"We are very happy with the care our dogs get. The Sacopee Vet Clinic family treats our pups like their own. Kind and compassionate "
- Angela Brown-Adams
08/29/2021 19:55:25
"As always friendly, and professional have been coming here for the last 15+ years always had a GOOD experience!!!"
- Donna Kendall
08/28/2021 01:41:57
"I guess the good service starts at the phone call, your all so nice and helpful.. Every time I take my boy there is a good experience."
- Scott St Pierre
08/22/2021 23:05:45
"I appreciate that the clinic is cautious about Covid and the doctor/assistants seem to really care about my cats. They make going to the vet an easy and stress free experience. Thank you!"
- Caitlin Johnson
08/18/2021 22:00:44
"Your staff exudes cheerfulness, competence, and caring. I am very happy we ended up at your practice."
- Wendy MacDowell
08/12/2021 10:46:00
"I have been bringing my pets there for over 20 years, I have never had a bad experience, when I have a issue or something that needs to be looked at right away they are very helpful. Love the Doctors and the staff!!! "
- Diann Drown
08/11/2021 22:35:53
"You got us in right away to take an xray, and we appreciate that!"
- Kerry Tottle
08/04/2021 16:45:09
"You folks are the best!"
- Maureen Bacon
08/03/2021 20:11:12
"Daisy doesn't go anywhere. She is good about going to the vets because you are caring with her. She's an old lady. "
- Pauline Thompson
07/22/2021 18:12:42
"There is nothing that I can say about improving your service. It is a delight to have my Miss Kitty come in for her exams. Everyone is outstanding is service, especially Dr Gilliland. I almost do not mind paying the bill at the end of the exam. 😉"
- Annette Clough
07/21/2021 02:15:30
"The vet techs are excellent and I absolutely adore the vet, he's so caring and approachable. I have been very satisfied with my experiences here."
- Jackie Trask
07/18/2021 03:15:02
"I am very pleased with your kind care of Opal, you take the time to explain about her health and what l can do to help her! She brings me great joy, she is a comedian for sure!"
- Deborah Peabody
07/15/2021 16:57:50
"I love my vet! They are all amazing!!! "
- Ashley Wildes
07/14/2021 21:57:17
"I am always impressed with the professionalism of the staff and doctors. They take the time to understand your pet’s needs and help any way possible."
- Jean Anderson
07/07/2021 17:05:45
"I have been told by my daughter, granddaughter and friends how great it was to come here and how well they are treated by Dr. Gillard and h is staff. We were not disappointed. "
- Terri Ben
07/04/2021 22:46:47
"Great! Always friendly, flexible and kind! Thank you!"
- Heidi Cook
07/01/2021 15:38:49
"Our Pancakes had expert loving care on Tuesday when she underwent her spay surgery. Heidi greeted us and carefully gathered our information, answered all my questions and escorted Pancakes into the clinic. Pancakes needed some extra time following surgery as she was reactive and crying when she woke up and Heidi helped her relax by giving her some pain medicine. Jill discharged Pancakes and explained all of the discharge instructions so that I understood Pancakes post-op care. The staff at the clinic kept us fully informed every step of the way while Pancakes was under their care."
- Maryagnes Gillman
07/01/2021 10:29:01
"We are happy and grateful that you were able to see our new dog so soon, and gave us good suggestions for helping her settle into her new life. We have no doubt you will give her the same excellent supportive care that you gave our previous dog."
- Maija Ahlquist
06/22/2021 17:15:14
"The team was very friendly and caring, with still only parking lot conversations I was confident that Dublin was in good hands. And when the Dr comes out to discuss the procedure and explains everything I knew I had made the best choice to use Sacopee Vet Clinic"
- Lisa A. Littlefield
06/20/2021 20:39:27
"The technician that brought my dogs inside was a pro and got my chicken dogs to go with her with her gentle manner and friendly voice."
- Deb Doughty
06/18/2021 12:40:30
"It was an excellent experience for both my self and Dawson, I look forward to going back and feel comfortable with her health in your hands! Everyone was super friendly and helpful! "
- Rebecca Cole
06/12/2021 23:21:06
"I have no complaints and couldn’t be happier with our visit. They explained everything to me throughly and made sure my pet was getting the best care. I’d recommend anyone to bring their pets here. :) "
- Gail Littlefield
06/10/2021 23:03:23
"! You and your staff have always been there for us. we are very grateful to have you as our Vet. "
- Maureen Bacon
06/07/2021 16:15:21
"Sacopee has always been the best for any of our cats and for the last 7yrs to our grandcat. Thank you so very much.😸"
- Cheryle Feirick
06/05/2021 19:21:32
"It is always a positive experience to interact with Heidi. She is pleasant, kind to my pets and willing to answer any questions."
- Barry Mellen
06/04/2021 23:06:41
"I am SO happy to have found Sacopee Vet for my dogs when we moved to the area two years ago. All of the staff are caring, thorough and informative. I was nervous for my senior dog to have surgery but knew he was in good hands. The staff spent time with me before and after surgery and called the next morning to check in! I am so appreciative of the care that goes into each pet :) "
- Colleen Borys
06/04/2021 22:26:54
"Have had good experiences every visit. My dog gets excited to go."
- Frank Richardson
05/13/2021 19:07:49
"Everyone there are super nice. The doc. explains any issue he thinks you should be aware with. I will always bring Jasper there."
- Scott St Pierre
05/06/2021 22:02:40
"Excellent friendly service, very helpful with any question asked. "
- Christopher Foster
05/01/2021 12:09:53
"Everyone was very helpful and caring. The people are very personable."
- Bethany Dastoli
04/30/2021 20:09:36
"Dr Gilliland came out and talked to me about options for my dog's treatment and was very helpful"
- Tim Kennedy
04/30/2021 16:06:50
"This vet is the clearly best in their area. There is NO second place. "
- Arthur Little
04/21/2021 22:27:13
"This was Dublin’s first visit to any vet and she seemed to handle it well; still not use to not being able to go in with her but the staff’s kind nature and the doctor coming out to car to talk with us after her exam was fantastic. "
- Lisa A. Littlefield
04/20/2021 20:57:02
"As I was stumbling through decisions and changing my mind back and forth, the staff never showed any signs of frustration or annoyance. They were professional and answered every question I asked. I am very appreciative of this and because of the quality of service I have received at SVC, my sister just transferred her dog to this clinic. "
- Jennifer Viernes
04/16/2021 21:32:13
"I love this vet!"
- Elizabeth Hale
04/15/2021 20:57:24
"We always have a great experience with you guys!! "
- Scott Coslett
04/03/2021 20:52:59
"Our visits are always on time and quickly handled. Thanks to all who provide the services as well."
- John Gardner
04/02/2021 21:38:36
"Y’all are doing very well! I appreciate how willing you were to help my dog even though she was not a client yet. I also really appreciate the dedication and quick work you do! Thank you! "
- Hannah Duell
03/27/2021 22:34:14
"Excellent care and compassion towards my sick kitten. Thank you to staff and veterinarian for being so thorough. "
- Katherine Russum
03/26/2021 22:03:00
"Excellent experience from start to finish. It felt very personal having the vet come out to speak to us instead of just over the phone. Kelsey was a joy to work with and took care of everything! She answered all our questions and has an amazing attitude! We will be calling to get our dog in too!"
- Abby Durkee
03/24/2021 16:12:42
"You were wonderful with Squirt. I wouldn't take her anyplace else"
- Wenda Smith
03/17/2021 19:25:31
"Putting an animal down is never easy and my experience at Sacopee Vet Clinic was professional and caring. I Appreciated you giving me as much time as I needed on that day. Everything was ready which made it quick and smooth as could be "
- Sherri Mooney
03/15/2021 16:01:13
"Y'all are the best. Thank you for taking such good care of Dash!"
- Timothy Ruback
03/14/2021 00:53:13
"Really appreciated staff calling me throughout the day to keep me posted on Willows condition and further needs."
- Lisa Sawyer
03/07/2021 02:06:48
"I can not say enough good things about your staff and your facility. I enjoy having my pets be under you care when in need. I know that when myself and my pets enter through the front door we will be well taken care of. The team of providers give nothing but the best of care to my pets and I can't thank you all enough. I have been a long time member of Sacopee Valley Veterinary Clinic and I plan to continue to be so into the distant future. Thank you all for the love and support you give not only to my pets, but to me as well. "
- Melissa Taylor
03/06/2021 17:13:56
"SVC was able to get Reba in immediately and took care of her needs within an hour. They were very considerate of both cat and owner."
- Jean Stanley
03/04/2021 20:29:24
"Even with the COVID restrictions, I was impressed with the efficiency of our visit. I was unable to go into the building but that did not take away my ability to ask questions and get a thorough re-cap from the vet."
- James Black
03/03/2021 18:16:05
"Very informative on how the visit went which meant a lot since I was not able to come in for my pets first visit. Didn’t push or instill fear with recommended treatment. "
- Rhene Brissette
02/28/2021 13:43:42
"Extremely happy that the staff was able to see Toby on a booked full schedule. The alternative would have been to go to Emergency vets. I would not hesitate to use the emergency vet but because of the pandemic and the inability to accompany Toby into the hospital, I was greatly relieved to leave him in the care of Sacopee Veterinary Clinic. Toby is familiar with the staff and I'm confident with their diagnosing procedures. "
- Sharon Roney
02/27/2021 18:38:19
"I think you are all amazing there. I always get prompt, courtois service anytime we need to visit. My dogs are always excited to go. Always informative about diagnosis of my animals. We love you guys"
- Karen Ryan
02/23/2021 16:21:31
"Everyone is extremely kind and attentive. "
- Rhonda Hubbard
01/31/2021 18:48:27
"All doing an excellent job! Very helpful and friendly staff. "
- Scott Coslett
01/30/2021 19:38:36
"We are very pleased with the services that our seven pets have received."
- Holly Pinkham
01/29/2021 21:52:36
"Jasper just had his first vet appointment on January 18 for his Kitten checkup. The staff that I spoke to on the phone, and spoke to in person were so kind and informative. They answered any and all questions I had. Thank you for being such a great Veterinary Office! "
- Emily Hubbard
01/19/2021 23:16:06
"The staff at Sacopee has always been excellent and have always taken extremely good care of all my dogs through the years"
- Jeff Worth
01/19/2021 20:09:24
"I am very pleased with the services we are getting. Staff are very friendly, caring and efficient. All our visits have been routine, “well baby” check ups but feel confident that Gracie would receive the best of care under all circumstances. Thank you for taking such good care of us! "
- Dawn Self-Cooper
01/15/2021 20:05:36
"I really appreciate the fact you all were able to get Toby in so quickly and that you confirmed our suspicions regarding the thyroid issue. Everyone was streamlined and efficient and kind. Thank you so much."
- Arden James
01/11/2021 03:41:28
"It was our first visit with our puppy Ellie , we got a good feeling with Dr. Gilliland ,he took the time to talk to us, and had a nice puppy package to take home for her. It was very reasonably priced. We are happy about our visit!"
- Martin Strode
01/09/2021 22:54:48
"everyone was amazing, fitting my dog in without an appointment , dr calling with check up results follow up calls. thank you for caring "
- Carol White
01/09/2021 15:07:13
"I only have good things to say. You guys are the best I wouldn't take Squirt anyplace else."
- Wenda Smith
01/06/2021 22:28:38
"Covid adds a strain to daily activities. It was as easy as it could be going to the vets. A pick up and delivery setup with the Vet coming out to take to the parent after the visit. This gave me all the information I needed and could ask questions. The weather was the only issue it was too cold "
- Julia Reidy
01/01/2021 17:24:59
"My bf and I bring Millie and Averi here and have only been a couple times but love it here!!! "
- Victoria Blaisdell
12/31/2020 22:09:01
"You guys are great :) Keep up the good and meaningful work."
- Clay Neidlinger
12/30/2020 22:05:59
"We are very lucky to have this great service in our area to care for our pets. No complaints here!"
- Jean Murch
12/11/2020 18:57:48
"Always super nice and accommodating, I trust them with all my animals. Great staff "
- Ashley Auditore
12/11/2020 18:27:36
"I have never had a bad experience here. Everyone is so kind and helpful. I would totally recommend them and I have!!!"
- Rhonda Hubbard
11/22/2020 17:51:23
"The whole staff is amazingly accomodating, friendly and helpful. "
- Christina Matthews
11/15/2020 21:10:09
"The best staff!!!"
- David Kelley
11/14/2020 19:07:26
"Awesome as always, I don't have a bad thing to say. The staff is always so pleasant and hepful."
- Kari Heatley
11/13/2020 21:44:09
"Regardless of this countries public health situation the staff and doctors at this facility are top notch. Everyone is upbeat, thoughtful and take great care of our girl. Doctor Jeff is a geniunely nice vet and we enjoy his guidence and "bedside manner" with our pet."
- Donna Kendall
10/23/2020 12:51:31
"I love bringing Harry and Hannah up because you're always so happy to see them and they know you love them. it makes it a much nicer experience when you know that the dogs are happy to come up. You listen to my worries and you answer all my questions."
- Linda Libby
10/19/2020 12:08:20
"Our experience was amazing! We were so pleased and are so happy to call you all our family pet clinic."
- Rose Haynes
10/17/2020 20:29:50
"Due to Covid restrictions, I wasn't able to go into the clinic but I was very pleased with staff interactions, promptness and thoroughness. "
- Patricia Turner
10/01/2020 01:21:46
"I am very pleased with our cat’s treatment. Thanks for taking care of our kitty April!! ❤️"
- Terry Dann
09/29/2020 15:56:28
"After Moving from Auburn, after putting our house on the market, to Hiram our two unnutered male dogs began seriously fighting, Where other Vet offices were quoting one to two months for them to be seen they got one in the beginning of the following week and the other in the following week! From drop off to pick up everything was a breeze! Thank you Sacopee Team!, Justin "
- Justin Brown
09/18/2020 13:23:25
"Appointments are always on time. Phone calls are always returned in a timely manner if not answered immediately. The staff seem genuinely concerned with the comfort/happiness of my dogs. I have not had any negative interactions since I started bringing my pups a few years ago!!"
- Kym Fatello
09/16/2020 21:50:12
"We felt very comfortable leaving our kittens with the staff. Both the assistant and the veterinarian were very friendly and informative. "
- Tracey Libby
09/14/2020 02:28:11
"We are new to this clinic and during this pandemic process. I am very happy with how polite and sweet all the staff has been. I look forward to our future together. "
- Amanda Rollins
09/14/2020 01:03:27
"I appreciate the time the vet tech took to hear my needs."
- Kelli Manson
09/02/2020 14:14:43
"I’m very pleased with you folks! Everybody is caring and polite! That in itself means a lot to a fur baby’s owner."
- Holly Pinkham
08/29/2020 16:05:44
"I have no complaints. You guys are great!"
- Rick Gowen
08/28/2020 09:59:50
"The most thing I appreciate is getting my pets in Quick so they don't have to suffer with feeling poorly. Everyone is very kind and friendly. "
- Brenda Levasseur
08/27/2020 03:44:34
"The friendly staff really makes a difference"
- Bethany Dastoli
08/26/2020 16:22:02
"my pup received excellent care and the person I spoke to was very nice and patient explaining things"
- Bonnie Laughlin
08/25/2020 15:56:51
"I thought the staff did an excellent job of maintaining care for my cat while dealing with the issues of Covid19."
- Lynda Sudlow
08/14/2020 19:03:56
"Great service and very helpful!"
- Alta Warren
08/13/2020 21:31:12
"I have been bringing my furry friends here for the past 20 years, very caring staff."
- Diann Drown
08/13/2020 14:42:28
"All good. You sent the kittens home with a green mouse toy that they are obsessed with, so I need to know what it is so I can get more! :)"
- Lisa Saffer
08/09/2020 14:10:54
"I'm so glad I called and was able to get an appointment. I was extremely happy with the care that Lilli received. Thank you so much. "
- Tawnya Evans
08/09/2020 13:36:15
"We have always been happy with the care at Sacopee Veterinary."
- Sharon Roney
08/05/2020 13:03:14
"Dr Bliss was Very understanding & Compassionate for our little dog Wolfee"
- Darla Gould
08/01/2020 22:27:35
"Great experience. Very friendly staff"
- Amanda Quatrano
08/01/2020 17:34:05
"All of you are doing amazing! Especially under these pandemic conditions!"
- Karah Anderson
08/01/2020 16:09:13
"Everyone was extremely helpful and kind and made our dog Nala feel right at home! We can’t wait for our other dogs to meet you all! Thank you for taking care such good care of our girl! "
- Cara Singer
07/31/2020 14:47:59
"You are kind, considerate, listen, and answer our questions "
- Susan Barber
07/31/2020 14:31:34
"You were so accommodating and helpful. I can not say enough great things about how you cared for Lucy in short notice."
- Jennah Iggulden
07/29/2020 19:51:11
"It was a great experience! You all took such good care of Tanzen, who got so carsick on the way to his appointment. Everything was explained in depth, and I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone in want or need of a stellar Veterinary Clinic. "
- Matt Sicard
07/28/2020 18:14:22
"Always excellent ! Feel that my dog's health and well-being are important to you. Everyone is pleasant and efficent,despite the current neccessary protocol. "
- Sue Love
07/28/2020 17:26:08
"We had a great experience. We were thrilled To hear the genuine care and connection you made with our beloved kitty. Thank you so much!"
- Heidi Cook
07/24/2020 21:22:22