"You are Profesional and aware that pets are family and follow up with concerns and ask how they are doing asking all the right questions and answering my questions in a way that I can be confident my pet is in the right care."
- John Sutter, Jr.
03/04/2023 23:48:51
"We love SacopeeVeterinary Clinic. The staff is great and Dr. Gilliand is the best. They know what they are doing and are patient caring and kind. "
- Melanie Jackson
03/04/2023 16:09:44
"I think you do a good job for what has been going on with harmony and baby girl when i call sometimes you need to explain things in a simpler way, like you have been doing i appreciate the time you give to me and for taking care of my cat family "
- Stacey Berube
03/03/2023 13:51:51
"Everyone was friendly, caring, and knowledgeable; both Killer and I thank you all."
- Stephanie Penek
03/02/2023 21:11:16
"I couldn't ask for better staff to care for my sweet boy! Tori is amazing and the doctor is too! All of the other ladies are great too! "
- Ashley Wildes
01/28/2023 23:36:59
"I called because my dog fell and hurt her back leg, they told me they would return my phone call by certain time and they did, they prescribed an Anti-Inflammatory medication for her and now she's doing great, thank you so much."
- Debbie Blais, Sr.
01/26/2023 14:14:53
"You are all doing amazing. I've brought all my pets to you and I always feel that you truly care. Thank you so much for being a Vetranary office we trust. "
- Elizabeth Luce
01/12/2023 12:59:13
"i am very grateful i live close by; the whole staff are doing great' i know it's a team effort i would like to say this is the best place for animal care. GREAT WORK. "
- Alan Poirier
12/29/2022 03:39:07
"Dr. Gilliland is great he always takes the time to fully explain everything, never makes me feel like he is in a hurry and I feel he authentically cares for animals. I am a huge animal lover and have had many vets over the years. Dr Gilliland is definitely one of the best."
- Angela Pelletier
12/23/2022 02:02:57
"The doctor and the crew are awesome. Thank you for taking care of our fur babies. "
- Bethany Dastoli
12/10/2022 21:15:05
"Our visit with Sammy and Haley went perfect thanks to Kelsey’s obvious love of animals! She worked in perfect timing with the doctor and kept our pups calmer than usual! The doctor was approachable, knowledgeable and ready to supply medications for Haley. Pip Pip on ALL counts!!!!"
- Darby Crowley
12/08/2022 22:42:25
"Henry loves to come to see you all. He is just one big wag from start to leaving. And he always gets excellent care."
- Barbara Pankey
12/08/2022 04:18:34
"The staff at Sacopee Veterinary Clinic never fails to help us with the needs of our pets. Whenever I call about an unexpected issue with one of the pets, I get help, which I'm very thankful for. "
- Sharon Roney
12/07/2022 20:30:24
"We appreciate the conservative approach and are thankful that your advice was so sound and on target and that our Fur Baby has recovered fully. Thanks so much again."
- Diane McElwee
11/07/2022 20:04:53
"No complaints whatsoever!! Staff is very friendly and quick to get the patient in a room. Excellent handling of the patient and very thorough with explaining everything. SVC is a great place to bring your furry family for great care!! Thank you!"
- Lisa Sawyer
11/07/2022 11:53:57
"Was very thankful I could get an appointment the same day I called. My cat was not feeling well and they helped me get started on antibiotics and he is doing much better. Very helpful and friendly staff! "
- Stephanie Mayberry
10/29/2022 15:41:32
"Everything appeared to be clean and tidy in the front counter area and in the examination room. The new paint, trim and decorations are attractive. The staff and vet are friendly, knowledgeable, and caring with my cat. Thanks!"
- Chip Wentworth
10/23/2022 00:24:34
"We had a great experience when we took our dog Zeke on the 19th of this month. Dr. Gilliland explain everything concerning our puppy. We had many questions which he answered at length! The whole staff is very nice and very helpful. We left very happy and satisfied!"
- Walter Stickney
10/22/2022 00:30:26
"Everyone is so nice and professional. I would recommend their services to friends and family!"
- Careyann Hodgkins
10/18/2022 22:02:09
"I am very pleased with the way Scrapper was treated when he went in for his monthly weigh-in. Everyone was very pleasant and praised him for losing more weight."
- Maryann Amaral
10/17/2022 10:55:56
"Very compassionate care"
- Judy Jamison
10/16/2022 13:00:36
"Our dogs Maya and Mookie are very comfortable with everyone at the clinic. 🙂 We are happy with the care our dogs receive. We appreciate them!"
- Mike Gould
10/12/2022 16:12:14
"A+. Rhea can’t wait to go back again. Highly recommended.👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸"
- Kevin Nicholson
10/07/2022 11:32:21
"Excellent, within 2 hours of calling, while not being an existing client, I had a puppy on the road to recovery. Couldn't be happier."
- Joshua Loring
09/27/2022 22:46:03
"It’s never fun to take your pet the vets but they always make the visit as pleasant as possible. I always feel heard and respected and my pets are treated with the best care. "
- Melissa Smith
09/24/2022 21:26:47
"New to the area and everyone there was very nice to us.milo loves going there to see all of you very pleased:)"
- David Lank
09/23/2022 23:20:12
"The girls at Sacopee are so friendly and amazing! They take every step necessary to make sure my animals are cared for! Thank you! "
- Jessica Buzzell
09/22/2022 20:43:53
"My boyfriend and I cannot tell you how much we appreciate you taking Princess on as a patient. We are both very pleased with the way the doctor treated Princess and how he explained everything to us in layman's terms. Everyone from the doctor, assistants, to the front desk were respectful, kind, professional, and empathetic. The doctor explained options and gave us an honest medical opinion about treatment options. If we ever recover from losing 5 of our 6 kitties we had remaining this year and now Princess too and decide to get another kitty or two we will without a doubt bring them directly to your clinic because we have gone to several over the last 16-20 years and by far your clinic is the BEST! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! "
- Kara Rowe
09/21/2022 18:35:20
"I have never had any bad experience since I have been going to Sacopee Veterinary clinic. I would not take my animals anywhere else."
- Wenda Smith
09/18/2022 11:55:06
"Everyone was wonderful and accommodating to our nervous boy!"
- Jen Lundstrom
09/16/2022 22:03:54
"Place looks great and my appointment was right on time"
- Larry Jacobs
09/11/2022 12:18:07
"We are new to the area and many vets are still not excepting new patients. Sacopee Valley was one that did and is only a few minutes down the road. They are all very friendly and attentive to the needs of my pet. I would recommend them to my friends and anyone who needs a great veterinary clinic! Thank you for your kindness! "
- Nancy Talbot
09/04/2022 13:29:10
"Very friendly and helpful answering questions. Took their time with Rosie and was gentle and talking to her as they did her exam and gave her shots. "
- Melinda Elwell
09/02/2022 22:06:25
"We absolutely love everyone at Sacopee Veterinary Clinic. Doc Jeff is fabulous with our fur babies. Doc takes the time to explain everything and he's very personable. Our Scooby has had extensive dental work done and actually doesn't mind going back to the doctors office 🐶. We also want to give a special thank you to Veterinary Assistant Torrie. She is absolutely fabulous as well and extremely attentive and caring. We are very grateful to have found Sacopee Veterinary Clinic. "
- Lisa Batchelor
09/02/2022 20:52:11
"One of the best vet experiences in a while. Very kind people and they let us hold our dog during shots. Made it 10x better for everyone involved "
- Shelby Billsten
09/01/2022 19:49:20
"Great customer service, great atmosphere in office and I love bringing my Jazz to you all"
- Doreen Dibiase
08/17/2022 10:19:30
"Great service and comfortable atmosphere!"
- Kathryn Phelps
08/17/2022 00:22:47
"Took Daisy on time and kept her very calm; she doesn’t normally relax with people she doesn’t know well, quivers a lot. A good experience."
- Maija Ahlquist
08/03/2022 23:23:22
"I am very happy with our experience. They worked with me and my schedule as well as making sure my dog was seen in a timely manner. We were treated kindly and we will recommend to anyone."
- Melissa Smith
08/01/2022 20:48:58
"My dog needs special medication and the doctor and staff worked very hard to find a pharmacy that carries it. He is an older pet and he got a thorough physical exam. I got great advice. Very caring folks."
- Judy Jamison
07/30/2022 11:35:09
"No bad experiences here totally happy with all the staff and the vet. Our Lil Rascal really loves them all too. Very pleasant and clean facility, helpful staff. Very glad my daughter recommended them to us."
- Terri Ben
07/29/2022 19:04:07
"Such an amazing experience Rover loved the place and walked right in with no issues and the staff is super friendly."
- Lauren Dyer
07/29/2022 16:35:22
"I called for a last minute appointment for an emergency cause I was going out of town for work, and they were SO accommodating. They were so gentle and patient with my pup. I got him the meds he (hopefully) needs and was put at ease about his condition. As usual the staff were sympathetic and attentive. Services can be hard to come by these days due to staffing issues, but I’ve never been disappointed here!! "
- Kym Fatello
07/28/2022 20:05:25
"Very pleased. We are from out of state and had an emergency with our dog. We were taken right in and treated as if we had been a patient there for years. Everyone was pleasant and genuinely attentive/concerned. I was also contacted that the doctor was ahead of schedule so we went in a bit early. Thank you so much for such good care of Tinzy."
- Kim Ashley
07/28/2022 14:33:50
"I like that my many questions are answered and I’m not made to feel rushed."
- Holly Pinkham
07/24/2022 09:05:02
"I love you guys. Thank you so much for all the care you take "
- Deb West
06/20/2022 01:14:10
"Everyone there is so nice and not just me but to my boy also. If I have any questions they answer any concerns I may have. Very pet friendly. "
- Scott St Pierre
06/19/2022 16:54:38
"I really appreciate the kind, caring manner of all of the staff at Sacopee Veterinary Clinic. I know that when I bring Pancakes in for a visit all of my questions will be answered, Pancakes is handled gently and treated respectfully. I too and treated respectfully which I really appreciate. "
- Maryagnes Gillman
06/17/2022 16:51:32
"Dr G was wonderful as always. He had to refer us to emergency vet as my dog was in such distriss. The staff are wonderful and call each day to see how my dog is doing. I highly recommend this vet clinic."
- Ursula Vollkommer-Haley
06/14/2022 16:17:01
"Whether you are here for regular checks on your pets or for the final good-bye, the staff here are some of the most friendly, caring and compassionate people I’ve met. They actually care about the pets. I honestly love my vets office!"
- Robin Foster
06/04/2022 11:35:37
"I found everyone to be very helpful and our Rascal loves the girls (techs). Very pleased with the service and the cleanliness of the facility. Very pleased to have chosen this practice. My daughter recommended them and she sure was right."
- Terri Ben
05/27/2022 18:29:43
"We have always experienced excellent care for our pets. And when an unexpected health issue happens Sacopee Veterinary Fits our pet into their busy schedules "
- Sharon Roney
04/20/2022 22:00:50
"The Staff are awesome always very helpful and there when our animals need anything!"
- Tammy Doyle
04/07/2022 12:43:51
"Everything was great! Tootsie got a very quick turnaround appointment. Each person I interacted with was pleasant, helpful and efficient."
- Deborah Flint
04/06/2022 18:01:23
"Our Pancakes was experiencing coughing like she couldn't get something up. I called and asked to be seen same day as we were worried about our pup. They fit us in and the care we received was phenomenal. Your staff listened very carefully to my review of her symptoms. Dr. Gilliland was terrific with Pancakes. She had a through exam and we received the needed treatment for her problem. I really appreciate how much you and your staff are understanding, kind and compassionate. "
- Maryagnes Gillman
04/02/2022 21:07:11
"No complaints from me although I don't think Ivy was too happy with all her shots! Love your fresh new look and that all the paperwork and payment could be handled in the room instead of the front desk"
- Jean Murch
03/31/2022 16:29:24
"I was pleased to be able to go into the office with my pet. That's when I learn the most about his care. I received detailed information about his current health concerns, and was sent home confident that he was on the way to recovery."
- Dan Bonior
03/26/2022 00:52:18
"Both the assistant and doctor were great with Todd. Todd can be a bit testy but they made him want to do the things he needed to do for the physical exam. Thank you! My cats mean a lot to me."
- Pauline Thompson
03/23/2022 18:22:47
"Per usual, everyone was so helpful making sure that our dogs are in good health and feeling good. Receiving two calls after the visit to ensure that our Heuphanie was doing better. I totally trust the vet and his staff to be there for us when our dogs' health needs looking after". "
- David Wormwood
03/22/2022 12:26:57
"The staff was warm and personable, I felt like I was among friends. Everyone was great with my fur babies."
- Debra Miller
03/19/2022 19:08:27
"It's always a good experience at sacopee vet clinic. The staff is always friendly, helpful and engaged. Dr Gilliland is very knowledgeable, professional, always has good joke at the ready and always provides a warm, comforting experience for my dog, Freddie."
- Riley Heath
03/18/2022 22:11:17
"thank you for being so gentle with Cricket! She is a sweet puppy but gets scared easily and you guys did great! Also thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, I know new puppy parent questions are silly sometimes but you've put my worries to rest!"
- Deirdre Gould
03/12/2022 18:02:01
"I have had excellent experiences with each and every visit. One of my 2 pups is very anxious and the Dr's and techs have always been helpful and understanding. "
- Angela Brown-Adams
03/11/2022 00:39:08
"Each member of the staff was fully engaging. Caring and compassionate. I can't think of any constructive comments. Visit went exactly like I expected when dealing with a 14 year old dog."
- Cheryl Stackhouse
03/02/2022 21:20:30
"The practice say my puppy at very short notice and as always did a very thorough and caring evaluation and prescribed a wellness plan and medications. Within 24 hours my puppy is showing a huge improvement. Dr Gilliland and his team do a very good job which is why I drive an hour ea h way to attend his practice."
- Michael Verlander
03/01/2022 17:46:51
"I think you guys are great! Both my dogs and my love you guys. As a matter of fact Mazikeen was crying yesterday when we left…stared out the back window of the car until your place was out of site!! Kinda made me feel like she was a trader lol..thanks for all you do!!!"
- Melissa Grover
02/16/2022 17:04:50
"I appreciate the love and attention you give to Harmony whenever we visit. She loves going to the Vet!"
- Aisha Saidi
02/12/2022 21:28:14
"I had a wonderful experience with both of my dogs. I was very curious how it would work with the new Covid protocol's but Nikki and Dr. F both spent time outside with me answering any questions I had and were both very kind and informative."
- Christine Smith
01/28/2022 22:28:57
"I've never had a complaint. You guys are the best!"
- Sarah Smith
01/24/2022 18:19:48
"Extremely cold out but Tori made 3 trips to car and Dr Gillian’s one on dangerous driveway conditions. Visit expedited quickly. All time needed for questions was given. Totally a wonderful visit. Been our vet since 1996 for 3 dogs and cat. Wonderful people "
- Sharon Kelley
01/19/2022 22:11:46
"Above and beyond! I was at home, recently diagnosed with Covid, and Gracie wasn’t feeling well. Crystal offered to pick her up on her way into the office for a contactless pick up. She then dropped her back off at the end of the day. This is absolutely above and beyond and we truly appreciate it!! "
- Linda Fox
01/19/2022 21:39:17
"I think you guys are a wonderful clinic. You can tell you care about the owners as much as the pets you care for. "
- Samantha Wood
01/14/2022 21:34:42
"EVERYBODY at sacopee vet is always so amazing with all of my fur babies. I will forever bring them my animals "
- Isabel Cote
01/04/2022 21:20:42
"This was our first visit and everyone I spoke with was amazing! I’m so happy to be part of your practice and knowing Luna will have the best care with you guys take a load off my shoulders! "
- Danielle McCoy
12/24/2021 01:52:53
"I am blown away at you guys for all you did for me with Mitzy (My Boy) an Mitzy JR and Emmy who is 5 pounds heavier and plays and runs because of your care and Buddy and his asthma now Buffy!!! Boys!!! You haven't even met the girls yet!!! Thank you deeply for your fast response with Buffy and getting him neutered 4 days after catching him.... THANK YOU for your phone and desk guys who are warm and funny and always wonderful to deal with. The Vets can't be beat. I feel like you are running a top notch place and it is a relief for me to know you are there and here in my town! Thank you for all you do Deb"
- Deb Howard
12/22/2021 19:45:45
"I’ve been taking my pets here for 15 years and they are all so kind and take good care of my pets. "
- Dawn Henderson
12/18/2021 21:27:48
"Everything went smoothly! Called in after parking and someone immediately came out and collected “Megan”. This was just a visit for a vaccine,weigh in,and nail trim. Everyone was very pleasant on the phone and in person. The appt was accomplished promptly ."
- Sue Love
12/09/2021 23:47:46
"I was completely pleased with Charlie’s visit. You guys even cut his nails for me when I asked if you could even though we were only there for a shot! Always caring and professional staff."
- Careyann Hodgkins
12/07/2021 19:15:55
"You are just terrific. Very kind, caring and friendly. We are so pleased with your staff and the care you provide for our dog."
- Maryagnes Gillman
12/01/2021 19:25:14
"My husband and I are beyond pleased with your clinic. The care you show for our pups. We applaud your perseverance combating an ongoing issue with our Luna until we achieved a clear bill of heath. A heartfelt thank you 😊 "
- Angela Brown-Adams
11/20/2021 21:15:34
"Everything was great. Heidi is wonderful 😊"
- Dianne Dunning
11/07/2021 14:50:07
"I have no complains. I was very happy to receive an appointment as quick as I did. Having a new kitten with fleas & an eye condition needed to be checked out quickly & thoroughly & you did that. Thanks so much."
- Julianne Warren
11/05/2021 00:16:57
"The staff at Sacopee Valley Veterinary always go above and beyond to help my animals."
- Doreen Dibiase
10/21/2021 22:17:02
"Great experience, everyone was so nice and knowledgeable. Didn’t have to wait long at at and I felt my dog was in great hands ☺️"
- Barbara Crawford
10/21/2021 20:33:59
"We brought two new puppies in for their wellness check up and the tech that came to car to get them and return them was awesome and Dr.G came out to talk with us and he is also awesome."
- Lisa A. Littlefield
10/21/2021 17:38:13
"The way you all make my dogs feel about coming to the Vet is wonderful. I just have to mention it and they are jumping up and waiting at the door for the ride there. The way you treat me is also a great testimony about your customer service. You always keep me informed and never surprise me with any hidden fees. Thank you for being a wonderful and understanding group."
- Rose Haynes
10/03/2021 13:19:36
"We have been SO pleased with the professional care and attention we get with both your assistants and doctors. It takes a team and we feel you all check that box! Personal and knowledgeable also describe when taking about your veterinarian clinic👍🏻😊"
- Darby Crowley
09/30/2021 17:23:20
"I appreciate the friendliness of staff and the expertise of the care our Pancakes has received."
- Maryagnes Gillman
09/10/2021 19:14:21
"We are very happy with the care our dogs get. The Sacopee Vet Clinic family treats our pups like their own. Kind and compassionate "
- Angela Brown-Adams
08/29/2021 19:55:25
"As always friendly, and professional have been coming here for the last 15+ years always had a GOOD experience!!!"
- Donna Kendall
08/28/2021 01:41:57
"I guess the good service starts at the phone call, your all so nice and helpful.. Every time I take my boy there is a good experience."
- Scott St Pierre
08/22/2021 23:05:45
"I appreciate that the clinic is cautious about Covid and the doctor/assistants seem to really care about my cats. They make going to the vet an easy and stress free experience. Thank you!"
- Caitlin Johnson
08/18/2021 22:00:44
"Your staff exudes cheerfulness, competence, and caring. I am very happy we ended up at your practice."
- Wendy MacDowell
08/12/2021 10:46:00
"I have been bringing my pets there for over 20 years, I have never had a bad experience, when I have a issue or something that needs to be looked at right away they are very helpful. Love the Doctors and the staff!!! "
- Diann Drown
08/11/2021 22:35:53
"You got us in right away to take an xray, and we appreciate that!"
- Kerry Tottle
08/04/2021 16:45:09
"You folks are the best!"
- Maureen Bacon
08/03/2021 20:11:12
"Daisy doesn't go anywhere. She is good about going to the vets because you are caring with her. She's an old lady. "
- Pauline Thompson
07/22/2021 18:12:42
"There is nothing that I can say about improving your service. It is a delight to have my Miss Kitty come in for her exams. Everyone is outstanding is service, especially Dr Gilliland. I almost do not mind paying the bill at the end of the exam. 😉"
- Annette Clough
07/21/2021 02:15:30
"The vet techs are excellent and I absolutely adore the vet, he's so caring and approachable. I have been very satisfied with my experiences here."
- Jackie Trask
07/18/2021 03:15:02
"I am very pleased with your kind care of Opal, you take the time to explain about her health and what l can do to help her! She brings me great joy, she is a comedian for sure!"
- Deborah Peabody
07/15/2021 16:57:50