"Very kind staff and helpful."
- Jacqueline Jessurun
04/15/2021 19:01:07
- Midiala Suarez
04/14/2021 20:13:48
"I felt comfortable leaving Manny for surgery knowing that he was in good hands. Staff was very patient and answered all my questions. "
- Elijah Cohen
04/12/2021 19:10:06
"You always show your truly care for my pets"
- Maria Gomez
04/10/2021 20:43:02
"We think you're doing a great job and being real safe with the animals and the parents :)"
- Jeanette Hebra
04/09/2021 15:43:02
"Overall it was a good visit and I was happy to know that she was okay and well taken care of and appreciated how they got in contact with me after the visit to check on my baby and make sure she is okay "
- Alicia Veilleux
04/09/2021 03:02:08
"had to wait 45 min after apt time to be taken in"
- Debra Garrett
04/06/2021 20:11:34
"You all are the best! Rocket is so well taken care of. I never have to worry. "
- Allison Cohen
04/06/2021 01:04:05
"You guys Rock. That is the reason we drive from Plantation "
- Stacy Vidal
04/03/2021 16:19:53
"I am very happy with your service"
- Maria Gonzalez
04/01/2021 14:38:06
"Every time I take my pet to your place, I am always confident that he will be very well take care. You have a great staff that provide great service. "
- Carlos Rivas
04/01/2021 12:41:00
"Great "
- Francy Hernandez
03/28/2021 01:06:44
"Still waiting for my pets prescription "
- Imara Velasquez
03/26/2021 23:25:23
"Everything and everyone ! The warm welcome and true professionalism starts with the first call. The complete team set the bar very high for all / many others. It’s obvious the Doctor is absolutely Amazing In every areas Ty Tedesco Family "
- Robert Tedesco
03/25/2021 00:49:50
"So far so good "
- Stacy Milan
03/21/2021 21:31:02
"Always excellent service and extremely courteous "
- Tammy Larkins
03/21/2021 20:41:39
"Very happy with everything and I know Greyson was in good hands. "
- Mireya Almonte
03/20/2021 22:29:01
"Having the gastrointestinal dog food available for our pet."
- Earl Scott
03/14/2021 22:36:34
"Everyone who works here is wonderful! We found a kitten outside of our apartment that was lost and scared, so we fed her and waited to see if her mom came back or someone was just missing her. Walked about the complex put up signs hoping that someone would come for her knocked on doors, the whole thing. When no one called and mom never showed up, we brought her in to get her out of the rain and had to quarantine her because we already have two cats. The next day I literally called every animal shelter in south Florida to see if they could take her. No. Not even for a quick check up. Once all the shelters turned me down to take her, I pretty much accepted that she had adopted me, but she still needed to be checked out all the same. I called roughly 30 vets in south Florida that morning and the only one that didn't give me the roundabout was sunshine animal hospital. They saw her literally 2 hours after I called them, it was awesome. They're very covid safe, you wait in your car, so they're super fast and efficient. Plus there's a Starbucks so close you can see it from the hospital to visit while you wait. Very fair pricing and everyone that works there is not only an animal BFF but somehow also the nicest people on planet earth. Highly, highly recommend. They gave our little monster a fighting chance and she is 1000 percent better than when we first brought her in. "
- Catherine Favrot
03/14/2021 17:11:54
"I think your doing an outstanding job! In the middle of this pandemic one thing I don't have to worry about is the care brie will receive from you guys. I'm thankful for your help and patience to work with us."
- Glenn Cook II
03/06/2021 17:58:32
"Never had any problems and will gladly keep bringing my dog here. "
- Joshua Kessler
03/03/2021 21:47:15
"Cat sedated for nail clipping. Went without a hitch. 🙂🙂"
- Mary Kay Orr
03/02/2021 17:55:40
"Your customer care is exceptional and always so welcoming. Every time I leave Spike with any of your wonderful staff, I feel comfort to know he is being taken care and given the best attention. :)"
- Paul Vilches
03/01/2021 16:04:25
"You guys are doing a great job thanks"
- Juan Muniz
03/01/2021 04:52:48
"Doing great, especially with covid-19 precautions in place, and still trying to provide great petVet care for many animals "
- Werner Dorigo
02/26/2021 21:08:04
"Excellent "
- Antonia Li
02/24/2021 12:33:56
"Love love love.... Every one there have been amazing. No complaints "
- Bruce Woliver
02/10/2021 19:34:43
"I like that now during COVID-19 times, the staff was extra safe. All of them wore masks as they went out to the cars to greet customers and deliver or return pets to their owners. They handled my dog very well. The doctor communicated thoroughly via telephone while my dog was inside and provided all necessary information. The only thing I didn't like is that I couldn't go inside with my pet, however, I understand the circumstances 100%."
- Veronica Demby
02/09/2021 22:20:27
"The staff and the doctor are awesome. They call to check how my little baby how she’s doing. No complaints "
- Zoila Ugarte
02/07/2021 16:04:18
"Staff and Dr. Moreno are great! Very caring and compassion. Services are reasonably priced as well."
- Sarah Bartlett
02/06/2021 15:47:59
"The staff and care at sunshine animal hospital is exceptional. They treat our dogs like family. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Dr Moreno is always very loving and thoughtful not only to the prts. Ut to our family as well. "
- Selba Martinez
02/06/2021 02:12:41
"Dr Moreno is the best"
- Frank Torres
01/05/2021 22:37:57
"I miss coming into room with my fogs"
- Jean Dorto
01/05/2021 21:19:20
"Great care. Great communication "
- Sandi Blumenstein
12/29/2020 18:11:50
"This practice is easily the best veterinarians office I have ever brought a pet to. I literally have no criticisms. As long as I have pets, Sunshine animal hospital has a client. "
- Joshua Kessler
12/26/2020 20:04:53
"You all are doing great!! i absolutely love this vet and i am truly said I'm leaving the area. Thank you for all that you do!"
- Keanna Bell
12/23/2020 16:55:24
"Very caring and professional staff."
- Tammy Larkins
12/21/2020 18:56:43
"You are all doing wonderful great staff and great Doctor! Thank you Jeanette"
- Jeanette Hebra
12/20/2020 04:06:15
"The personal was helpful. Doctor listened to my cat’s situation and proposed the solution. I have received a call the next day about my cat’s condition. I have very positive impression!"
- Natalia Paparcuri
12/19/2020 23:03:18
"The staff cares for my pets as much as I do. I’m always treated with respect. My dogs actually like to visit you. When I take out my cat carrier the dogs think that they are coming also. 😁😁"
- Rae Chevlin
12/19/2020 22:48:42
"First visit here. Very easy process with the new covid19 rules, understandable. Everyone was really nice and thorough with explanations. Will be my vet for my new baby and im happy to say so"
- Eranda Liti
12/19/2020 20:20:20
"I find the staff to be very nice. My cat never seems to be afraid when I bring him in, unlike some other vets offices."
- Susan Medina
12/13/2020 17:45:14
"I brought in my cat Buster to get a whole bunch of clumps removed from his back. The service was outstanding, professional, and very friendly. they staff removed his clumps without shaving off unnecessary amounts of hair. and, they brushed him and trimmed his nails as a courtesy. I have also used this vet for my cats medical needs. Excellent care!!!!"
- Jennifer Torres
12/12/2020 17:28:43
"I love your staff and the care you give to all of my animals. On another note please remove Roxy and Nicki from your records they are both deceased. Thank you Melody Paulison "
- Melody Paulison
12/11/2020 22:45:47
"Friendly and honest staff. Excellent!!!"
- Meagan Garcia
12/04/2020 23:24:37
"I was happy and so was Wrigley. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. Thank you. PS. I just keep getting reminders about setting up an appointment after having visited your office. "
- Angel Marquez
11/29/2020 17:29:44
"Everything was great and I feel very confident and comfortable leaving my four-legged son in the care of the amazing staff at Sunshine Animal Hospital. One thing I would like is the option to see daily pictures of him during his stay or a report card with notes on how his stay was. "
- Leo Diaz
11/24/2020 19:26:30
"The service provided by the staff was excellent even under the new C19 situation, that we are all facing."
- Ronnie Alvarez
11/22/2020 23:44:51
"Everyone is so great with my Nina Pooh! They take such great care of her and care about as if she is their family. "
- Laura Panameno
11/19/2020 18:47:38
"Considering the circumstances we are all living with, the visit went well. I can't wait until the day comes I can go in with Suzi for her visits. "
- Roberta Camm
11/19/2020 17:16:37
"Wait was long. Everything else is good"
- Debra Garrett
11/18/2020 18:22:49
"Love your clinic. We always have good service and a friendly staff"
- Amanda Taylor
11/17/2020 16:06:46
"Everything was great. Curbside drop off, a short wait, Doctor communication was very informative & Pet was fast. "
- Charlene Thomas
11/13/2020 01:08:04
"The good: Dr Moreno is great veterinary, I have been taken my Hershey and Bella to his office fir a long time. No complaints. The Bad: I took my Hershey and Bella for a bath and one time they didn’t do a good job for Bella with her anal glands, and another time they forgot to do her ears. Her ears were black inside, and I took care of it."
- Caroline Raymond-Harris
11/12/2020 18:35:49
"I love the fact that the staff is very professional and friendly all the time. The doctor is a life saver for all of our pets. Thank you sunshine animal hospital for being there for Me and Snow. You guys are doing a wonderful job. Please continue to be great. ❤️😊"
- Stephanie Bibbs
11/10/2020 19:06:40
"The doctor was very informative and kind."
- Myrtle Hicks
11/09/2020 22:58:56
"You do an amazing job and Zoey loves everyone there. "
- Sezario Singh
11/09/2020 21:11:23
"Doc is an expert in Veterinarian care and the staff at Sunshine Animal Hospital are so caring and genuinely concerned for my pets wellbeing...but, the prices at the animal hospital have been climbing and its becoming increasingly more difficult for me to properly care for my animals because of this... "
- Jodi Senisi
11/01/2020 17:22:15
"Very happy with everything at Sunshine Animal Vet"
- Donna Buschman
11/01/2020 16:43:44
"Great care of my dog Macho. Never any issues and the prices for all his visits were good."
- Jimmy Williams
11/01/2020 15:56:35
"Very nice people and attention "
- Maria Franco
10/31/2020 21:43:42
"Needed to be shown how to syringe feed & be given or purchase the tools."
- Mary Kay Orr
10/29/2020 14:15:28
"Everything was good except for the fact that I couldn’t get in with my cat while he was being vaccinated "
- Diana/Pablo Cardenas/Gonzalez
10/28/2020 16:05:42
"Everything was good!!! Thanks"
- Silvia / Gabriel Noguera
10/28/2020 02:15:46
"Our experience was great! Doctor answered all our questions and any worry we had. Everyone was very attentive! "
- Stephanie Vidarte
10/27/2020 18:22:29
"Great! Service is great and staff is awesome!"
- Coralie Saintelien
10/27/2020 14:45:07
"The service we receive for our dog is always top notch! All our questions were answered and our concerns were addressed. The exam for our dog provided a diagnosis without performing an excessive amount of tests. Our dog was seen in a timely manner and when talking with the vet we never felt rushed! Thank you for continue to do a great job!"
- Sarah Crow
10/25/2020 18:11:08
"Doctor and staff are very helpful and empathize with you. "
- Sandra Gomez
10/19/2020 20:37:53
"Great service! I don't mind the COVID precautions with the whole pet drop off system, although sometimes I do prefer to be in person to explain everything to the vet I completely understand the reasoning behind this and so I'm happy to see efforts being made to help protect everyone. Wait time was a bit long, waited a little over 20 mins before my dog was taken into the facility and a bit over an hour for him to return, so really that is my only complaint. Pricing seemed fair, and customer service was great. "
- Daniel Venegas
10/19/2020 11:52:51
"Great "
- Rae Chevlin
10/17/2020 23:29:02
"Great clinic, doctor is very knowledgeable, great care!!!"
- Tatiana Loseva
10/16/2020 20:10:14
"Excellent. I came at a time of sadness but they are very honest and considerate. All vets should be like this. I'm very grateful. The best without a doubt. When I have another puppy I will not hesitate to treat him with you! "
- Junieris Ortiz
10/15/2020 21:06:32
"Good experience. Good attention. Muy buena atencion, se ve que quieren mucho los animales. Los recomiendo plenamente..... gracias por la atencion con CHARLIE..."
- Edgar Gutierrez
10/14/2020 22:13:14
"Always have had great experiences. Staff is super nice"
- Karen MacArthur
10/14/2020 11:25:30
"Sunshine Animal Hospital has always been excellent and caring towards my pets, Rusty previously and now Spike. I trust they will care and provide the best comfort for him as they perform the required examinations. Their customer care is exceptional, very informative, understanding and always very nice. Their vet staff is great and always a wonderful experience."
- Paul Vilches
10/13/2020 17:20:24
"Everything was good. I didn’t have to wait very long for someone to pickup my cat and bring him in for a bath. Staff is very friendly and courteous. "
- Susan Medina
10/12/2020 18:05:18
"You always are good with my baby chihuahua "
- Guiselle Andrade
10/10/2020 15:26:05
"Everyone is great "
- Casey Blumenstien
10/09/2020 14:34:19
"Even though we're in the middle of a pandemic you guys have been able to continue offering great service. My only disappointment was that I had to request the results to be sent to me multiple times before I finally got them. Everything else was great."
- Andres Aristizabal
10/08/2020 20:00:36
"Your doing great! Staff is so friendly and helpful!"
- Kelli Beatty
10/08/2020 18:47:55
"I think Dr Moreno and the team at Sunshine care deeply and love what they do "
- Vernella Rankine
10/08/2020 18:00:27
"I really like"
- Flavia Valencia
09/30/2020 20:55:47
"Excelente servicio y calidad humana!"
- Maria Christina Jaramillo
09/24/2020 18:38:09
"No complaints..always exceptional service"
- Donna Indiero
09/20/2020 22:03:39
"I love bringing my animals to Dr Moreno and his staff because not only are they very knowledgeable, and caring, they truly care for the animals."
- Anastasia Schalchakow
09/17/2020 16:48:22
"You are doing a wonderful job! All very sweet, nice, informative and careful. "
- Jeanette Hebra
09/14/2020 00:24:12
"Dr. Moreno and his staff are very loving and nurturing. The overall culture at their office is warm and inviting. The care provided is always in the best interest of our pets. Dr. Moreno and his staff alway take the time to provide detailed info regarding the health and proper care of our pets. I can't really think of anything negative to say about Sunshine Animal. Keep up the great work guys, it is appreciated. "
- Peter Ryan
09/12/2020 18:07:27
"the Curbside is a great feature. Everyone was great. "
- Jacqueline Jessurun
09/11/2020 22:19:41
"Everyone is always very nice, and genuinely care for the animals. "
- Celines Roman
09/03/2020 01:30:07
"Dr. Moreno and staff are simply wonderful and caring "
- Anabel Rawlins
09/01/2020 15:41:44
"good so far"
- Tatyana Severance
08/31/2020 14:31:06
"Doing great "
- Donna Buschman
08/30/2020 23:12:30
"Happy we are taking care if my rescue & eliminating issues to give her a longer life."
- Mary Kay Orr
08/29/2020 15:18:44
"Love that your following all regulations during this pandemic. "
- Maritza Bermudez
08/26/2020 21:22:47
"Nothing bad to say. Staff is very nice and show that they care for pets. "
- Joseph Arley
08/25/2020 14:46:41
"You guys are always so good to my Nina Pooh "
- Laura Panameno
08/21/2020 02:51:44
"the staff is really amazing.. super friendly and during this pandemic the dr and staff still made coming there a pleasure.."
- Jenny Gallo
08/17/2020 12:10:06
"Very friendly and helpful "
- Roy Fernandez
08/16/2020 20:05:30
"I've never had a bad experience. Everyone is very friendly and professional. "
- Tracy Dare
08/14/2020 20:20:13
"It is difficult because of what we are going through the pandemic but it is the safest way to be free of contagion, the day will come when we can resume visits to how they were before."
- Yesica Moreno
08/13/2020 19:42:46