"Excellent. I came at a time of sadness but they are very honest and considerate. All vets should be like this. I'm very grateful. The best without a doubt. When I have another puppy I will not hesitate to treat him with you! "
- Junieris Ortiz
10/15/2020 21:06:32
"Good experience. Good attention. Muy buena atencion, se ve que quieren mucho los animales. Los recomiendo plenamente..... gracias por la atencion con CHARLIE..."
- Edgar Gutierrez
10/14/2020 22:13:14
"Always have had great experiences. Staff is super nice"
- Karen MacArthur
10/14/2020 11:25:30
"Sunshine Animal Hospital has always been excellent and caring towards my pets, Rusty previously and now Spike. I trust they will care and provide the best comfort for him as they perform the required examinations. Their customer care is exceptional, very informative, understanding and always very nice. Their vet staff is great and always a wonderful experience."
- Paul Vilches
10/13/2020 17:20:24
"Everything was good. I didn’t have to wait very long for someone to pickup my cat and bring him in for a bath. Staff is very friendly and courteous. "
- Susan Medina
10/12/2020 18:05:18
"You always are good with my baby chihuahua "
- Guiselle Andrade
10/10/2020 15:26:05
"Everyone is great "
- Casey Blumenstien
10/09/2020 14:34:19
"Even though we're in the middle of a pandemic you guys have been able to continue offering great service. My only disappointment was that I had to request the results to be sent to me multiple times before I finally got them. Everything else was great."
- Andres Aristizabal
10/08/2020 20:00:36
"Your doing great! Staff is so friendly and helpful!"
- Kelli Beatty
10/08/2020 18:47:55
"I think Dr Moreno and the team at Sunshine care deeply and love what they do "
- Vernella Rankine
10/08/2020 18:00:27
"I really like"
- Flavia Valencia
09/30/2020 20:55:47
"Excelente servicio y calidad humana!"
- Maria Christina Jaramillo
09/24/2020 18:38:09
"No complaints..always exceptional service"
- Donna Indiero
09/20/2020 22:03:39
"I love bringing my animals to Dr Moreno and his staff because not only are they very knowledgeable, and caring, they truly care for the animals."
- Anastasia Schalchakow
09/17/2020 16:48:22
"You are doing a wonderful job! All very sweet, nice, informative and careful. "
- Jeanette Hebra
09/14/2020 00:24:12
"Dr. Moreno and his staff are very loving and nurturing. The overall culture at their office is warm and inviting. The care provided is always in the best interest of our pets. Dr. Moreno and his staff alway take the time to provide detailed info regarding the health and proper care of our pets. I can't really think of anything negative to say about Sunshine Animal. Keep up the great work guys, it is appreciated. "
- Peter Ryan
09/12/2020 18:07:27
"the Curbside is a great feature. Everyone was great. "
- Jacqueline Jessurun
09/11/2020 22:19:41
"Everyone is always very nice, and genuinely care for the animals. "
- Celines Roman
09/03/2020 01:30:07
"Dr. Moreno and staff are simply wonderful and caring "
- Anabel Rawlins
09/01/2020 15:41:44
"good so far"
- Tatyana Severance
08/31/2020 14:31:06
"Doing great "
- Donna Buschman
08/30/2020 23:12:30
"Happy we are taking care if my rescue & eliminating issues to give her a longer life."
- Mary Kay Orr
08/29/2020 15:18:44
"Love that your following all regulations during this pandemic. "
- Maritza Bermudez
08/26/2020 21:22:47
"Nothing bad to say. Staff is very nice and show that they care for pets. "
- Joseph Arley
08/25/2020 14:46:41
"You guys are always so good to my Nina Pooh "
- Laura Panameno
08/21/2020 02:51:44
"the staff is really amazing.. super friendly and during this pandemic the dr and staff still made coming there a pleasure.."
- Jenny Gallo
08/17/2020 12:10:06
"Very friendly and helpful "
- Roy Fernandez
08/16/2020 20:05:30
"I've never had a bad experience. Everyone is very friendly and professional. "
- Tracy Dare
08/14/2020 20:20:13
"It is difficult because of what we are going through the pandemic but it is the safest way to be free of contagion, the day will come when we can resume visits to how they were before."
- Yesica Moreno
08/13/2020 19:42:46
"Due to Covid, I was not allowed into the hospital. They came out and got him. He never seems afraid when he goes to this vet. Nice friendly people."
- Susan Medina
08/13/2020 19:33:48
"Always happy with my experience "
- Karen MacArthur
08/12/2020 13:41:09
"Good staff, friendly and competent. "
- Mitch Mestel
08/08/2020 14:49:44
"It was a very good experience. Having curbside was very easy"
- Sandi Blumenstein
08/05/2020 16:25:03
"The staff is very friendly and always answer my questions no matter how simple. I really appreciate getting a phone call with the estimate of the appointment before anything is done. "
- Madeline Menzie
08/02/2020 02:32:25
- Maria Anaya
08/01/2020 20:17:11
"Everything is good! I like the attention you give to Chico, the Doctor always is very nice and explain everything to me. And you call me to see how’s Chico feeling that’s very kind of you! "
- Guiselle Andrade
08/01/2020 18:46:11
"We have always taken our pets here. The staff and Dr here are friendly and informative. Definitely a vets office you can trust!"
- Enrique Silva
07/31/2020 03:32:54
"Una experiencia perfecta, tanto el doctor como las enfermeras y las asistentes una maravilla. Atencion de primera"
- Sharon Benmergui
07/30/2020 03:51:08
"We’ve been taking our pets to Sunshine Animal Hospital for approximately the past twenty years (both dogs and cats). Majority of the time the service has been excellent especially the past five plus years. We can’t imagine taking them elsewhere. We especially appreciate the care and attention of doctor Moreno and Tatiana (hope I spelled that correctly). Thanks and keep up the good work."
- Joseph Gonsalves
07/26/2020 10:14:02
"Awesome care and customer service "
- Josephine Ugarte
07/25/2020 19:53:34
"I love how you kept me informed about how Oliver was doing and what options we had due to him being a spoiled cat, scared and furious about us leaving him at the vet by himself. You all love what you do and it shows in your strong ethics when dealing with our pets. Thank you for patiently and lovingly caring for Oli. "
- Maria Gomez
07/23/2020 23:56:57
"always have a great experience with doc and the staff but more importantly my pets do as well"
- Donna Indiero
07/22/2020 23:00:33
"Great service and care!!!"
- Ricardo Aguirre
07/21/2020 22:18:15
"The entire process from phone call for an appointment through the end of the physical exam was very professional."
- Mathias Bartels-Daal
07/08/2020 13:31:42
"Henry has been cared for by all staff to the highest level! The drive from Boca is worth knowing he is in good hands. Your response to COVID and safety precautions taken are convenient and efficient! I also appreciate never feeling rushed with all the questions I ask :)"
- Sarah Crow
07/07/2020 21:23:41
"Usually you are never seen at scheduled time. The girls are wonderful and sweet. I personally think the prices are very high and you should give seniors a discount. "
- Debra Garrett
07/04/2020 20:20:56
"Staff are super friendly, caring & very informative."
- Alexis Lopez
07/04/2020 20:02:40
"Todo muy bien, excelente servicio"
- Eduardo Silberstein
07/01/2020 22:12:10
"So warm and careful and great with all of my furry children. Love you all!"
- Leslie Niefeld
07/01/2020 01:04:18
"You guys are doing just fine. I was well taken care of and informed very well."
- Julissa Robles
06/29/2020 16:31:49
"Love you guys :)"
- Cindy Hunt
06/29/2020 13:59:16
"I am glad I could come inside for the appointment . My previous visit I had to stay in the car for one and a half hour . Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I have no complaints "
- Michael Robkin
06/24/2020 15:34:56
"The staff greets you with a smile & always make my dog, Georgia, less anxious....the doc is great with her too....I moved 4 hrs away & I still come down for her appts"
- Valerie Rothschild
06/21/2020 02:45:58
"Lucy is a rescue & With Sunshine and Dr Moreno Im trying to give her the best life possible in a living home with her furry sisters & brothers! 💕💕"
- Mary Kay Orr
06/17/2020 22:06:28
"Sunshine is the BEST !! I have several animal hospitals near Hollywood I could go to , but I prefer Dr Moreno. The staff and the doc are the most caring and loving I have ever seen. My best friend recommended Dr. Moreno years ago to me and I am SOOOOO glad he did. "
- Donna Kuhr
06/15/2020 14:11:44
"Very great experience.. they were very gentle, kind, & professional. "
- Aimee Park
06/13/2020 20:38:58
"What can I say . . . they are outstanding. I will never forget Dr. Moreno's care and ultimate compassion. I feel they are friends. Bravo on a job well done!"
- Patricia Teitel
06/13/2020 14:11:48
"It's always a pleasure to visit Sunshine Animal Hospital, the Doctor and staff is very friendly and professional. I appreciate the followup calls to check on Chanel."
- Althia Bradley
06/09/2020 17:46:54
"Very professional! "
- Sandra Lew
06/08/2020 00:52:32
"We appreciate you very much, I would not take my furry loves one anywhere else but here, because you always makes un feel home"
- Maria Christ
06/05/2020 22:19:15
"My dog Bo feels very comfortable around your staff. He has no issues leaving me to go with your tech's to another room without me"
- Robert Zarrella
06/05/2020 21:52:47
"You guys shine as usual"
- Stacy Vidal
06/05/2020 18:03:42
"Staff was so friendly, expedient, thorough. Handled the curbside visit with care and diligence. Was a wonderful experience and will continue to bring my kitten here. Thank you! "
- Wendy Durham
05/29/2020 20:47:49
"Quick, good service. Friendly staff."
- Susan Medina
05/25/2020 16:11:56
"I have only picked up meds so far during this Covid crisis. Staff has been great."
- Donna Indiero
05/23/2020 19:09:34
"This is my first time there. Everyone was very friendly and nice!"
- Angela Vilches
05/22/2020 20:46:27
"Excellent job"
- Sheldon Apparicio
05/16/2020 15:04:05
"Loved the experience."
- Maria Anaya
05/15/2020 23:38:04
"Good service and prompt response to our needs"
- Cindy Taylor
05/15/2020 23:35:59
"The employees and Doctor are amazing here! They are very attentive to my dog and answer all my crazy questions. So glad to be a part of this 'family'! I would definitely recommend them to anyone with a fur-baby!"
- Laura Kaye
05/01/2020 21:40:54
"Buddy's ears will get the attention needed. I'm glad you are so through. The lovely girls that works in your office are super. As nice and patient as could be. Hope it won't be long before Buddy and I can visit."
- Julia Janigian
05/01/2020 20:17:48
"I always get goid service!"
- Mathias Bartels-Daal
04/24/2020 02:05:24
"Excellent "
- Glenn Cook II
04/19/2020 14:27:33
"I like to be with Lucy during her exams but have total trust in Dr Moreno & all of the staff. She has gotten the best care in her exams. Dr Moreno explains what he feels is necessary in very understandable terms. "
- Mary Kay Orr
04/18/2020 23:34:03
"Great experience as usual. The staff is friendly, welcoming and genuine animal people. "
- Leo Diaz
04/16/2020 17:22:15
"Couldn’t find a better place to leave my dog"
- Roy Fernandez
12/12/2019 21:05:33
"I always have a good experience at Sunshine. Dr Moreno is wonderful, as well as all the techs, they really are great!"
- Jaye Lynn Piselli
12/11/2019 00:07:11
"Great job, that’s why I have my second dog Bella with the sunshine hospital. And I recommend to my family and friends"
- Elena Castellanos
12/09/2019 21:52:53
"We love coming here, everyone is very nice and helpful"
- Elizabeth Fernandez
12/07/2019 17:04:16
"You're doing great, keep up the good work!"
- Marco Nikitovic
12/05/2019 01:54:10
"No issues. Service is awesome "
- Vernella Rankine
12/04/2019 15:30:11
"Everything about this place is great!!! "
- Sandi Blumenstein
11/24/2019 20:41:41
"Your attendance was amazing. I plan to go there for the rest of my dogs lives. All of the employees were helpful and kind in any type of way. Thank you guys for being the best :)"
- Frank Torres
11/21/2019 23:48:07
"I am very pleased with the quality care that Bruno has received over the last 4+ years. The recent house call was a great example of the extra mile that Sunshine goes to deliver excellent service once again. Always a timely response and follow up provided."
- Ronald Jones
11/18/2019 12:49:25
"I’ve been a client for many years. Very happy with the service and care they provide to my pets. "
- Brandie Pannunzio
11/15/2019 16:53:03
"Excellent service, no issues. If anything you’ve all gotten more efficient this year."
- Michael Zorrilla
11/15/2019 10:07:23
"The staff is amazing! Sweet people. Doctor is super nice also, love the fact he sits on the floor with the animals."
- Maria Llano
11/13/2019 21:31:36
"Doing great! My baby actually gets excited when we arrive (Maybe because he knows he'll be eating peanut butter). "
- Michelle Hilzen
11/13/2019 20:26:41
"Amazing service by an amazing staff"
- Krystin Perez
11/13/2019 20:10:53
"Dr. Moreano is the best! His caring attitude has been above and beyond for Rookie, as well as how he's been looking out for me, being pregnant, during Rookie's treatments and this stressful time for us. I can't say enough nice things about him and the caring staff at Sunshine AH. Thank you."
- Melissa Brennan
11/06/2019 21:02:51
"Excellent customer service!"
- Guadalupe Fuster
11/03/2019 19:26:44
"Everything went great! "
- Gabriel Jaramillo
10/31/2019 15:52:01
"Excelente experiencia, el doctor es una persona muy profesional y con experiencia, y tiene mucha sensibilidad que para nosotros es importante "
- Claudia Sierra
10/30/2019 21:42:25
"Pooches in Pines sent us to you to get Roxy Ann Farmin spayed. All went very well and she is recovering nicely. Thank you!"
- Deanna Farmin
10/28/2019 17:45:23
"Professional Service with a warm touch. Dr. Moreno and his staff treat our 3 fur babies with love and is if they are his own. We love you guys"
- Stacy Vidal
10/28/2019 15:40:48
"everything was great except I had to wait too long in outer office 20 to 30 minutes......"
- Jean Ackerson
10/27/2019 19:26:07
"I am very happy with the service that I have received from you all for max. Thanks very much "
- Sheila Ivey
10/24/2019 14:53:51
"Great experiance!"
- Andy Smith
10/20/2019 16:59:09
"Very good experience "
- Calvin Lyons
10/18/2019 16:41:47
- Robert Hodson
10/12/2019 21:07:27