"The last visit was to purchase food! We will be making an appt to get his nails clipped and have his checkup this next month!"
- Jerry Bause
01/30/2020 15:36:51
"The staff at All Creatures is a wonderful group of girls that are very friendly and truly care about animals. "
- Tony Roell
01/29/2020 15:23:35
"I really liked how the vet and vet tech examined Annie on the floor. "
- Sheree Rodgers
01/25/2020 22:58:38
"I would recommend to all friends and family...very caring staff, takes great care of our pets "
- David Wolfinbarger
01/17/2020 19:48:49
"We have taken our pets for 30++ years to Dr Hellman and staff. They are always professional and considerate when caring for our pets. "
- Hoyt Brashear
01/08/2020 11:35:34
"The vet knew what to give her right away"
- Trevia Cooke
01/05/2020 00:56:00
"Doing great "
- Malanei Marro
12/19/2019 16:32:14
"Everyone is so friendly and helpful. My fur baby loves her trips to see Dr. Hellmann"
- Karen O'Connell
12/03/2019 00:21:39
"I think the whole staff does a wonderful job. "
- Debbie Hartley
12/01/2019 21:33:43
"Y’all are great! Thanks for everything you do for our Cali girl! "
- Dana Parrott
11/22/2019 15:12:10
"The receptionist knew me from previous visits. She was helpful and friendly."
- Kathy Cummins
11/15/2019 21:22:13
"No problem! Office straff always friendly and efficient!"
- Jerry Bause
11/13/2019 20:54:22
"It is obvious that everyone in the office clearly cares about animals and wants their “people” to know the best ways to care for them."
- Cathy Barwell
11/13/2019 20:20:01
"Everything went as expected. The staff is Friendly and the Dr is very thorough."
- Troy Burkett
10/24/2019 17:33:48
"We wouldn't take our fur baby any where else. Dr. Hellman and all the staff treat us and our fur baby like family. You can't find a better plus caring medical team for your pets."
- Beverly Clark
10/18/2019 14:50:11
"I have been extremely satisfied with all the care Bo has received. Doc and staff are caring and friendly. "
- Bruce Fulwood
10/12/2019 14:32:39
"Enjoyed our visit. Dr. Hellman was very informative on my dogs allergy condition. Will definitely be back "
- Carol Wiley
10/05/2019 23:16:58
"Best vet we've ever had"
- Edward Minkovich
10/04/2019 17:06:40
"Dr Hellman and his staff are wonderful with my girl Naya. Dr. Hellman explained everything to us about Naya's health and how to keep her healthy and happy."
- Karen O'Connell
10/03/2019 23:19:56
"If I wasn’t happy I would not have brought Maggie there"
- Trevia Cooke
09/19/2019 22:18:58
"I have nothing but positive things to say about all the staff here. "
- Fran Clifton
09/07/2019 18:08:42
"Proactive in preventing future problems."
- Kathy Cummins
09/07/2019 14:16:52
"Doing great "
- Malanei Marro
08/22/2019 17:55:10
"We love all creatures! "
- Jeff Davis
08/11/2019 19:56:47
"It's all good. We love you guys."
- Jody Abner
08/05/2019 14:56:13
"Best pet care anywhere!"
- Kathleen Collings
07/26/2019 11:45:17
"Doing great. Keep up the great work."
- Dwayne Corbett
07/22/2019 22:27:52
"Dr Hellman and all the staff are very friendly and upfront about everything for my furbaby's care. I appreciate the honesty and treating her like their own."
- Karen O'Connell
07/11/2019 00:04:14
"You guys have the best crew. "
- Tony Roell
07/04/2019 20:42:49
"We always know we will hear the good, bad, and ugly on our pet's care from Dr. Hellman. He is trustworthy and transparent. All of the staff is always super friendly."
- Hoyt Brashear
06/26/2019 19:05:53
"I called ahead and my pet scripts were ready on arrival. Page took care of me."
- Shannon Boothe
06/25/2019 20:16:13
"Our experience was very good. Everyone was so nice and accomadating. Very compassionate to the animals and we greatly appreciate that!"
- Kim Fisher
06/20/2019 16:35:40
"I would not change anything!! Staff is AWESOME,Dr. Is Awesome as well, i see the love shown to our pet's each and every time we have an appointment!! We truly love All Creatures and would never change!!! Thank you very much."
- Betty White
06/17/2019 11:20:04
"I was thrilled with the amount of knowledge the Dr was able to give me regarding my rabbit. She is my 1st and I took her from a man no longer able to care for her so all the information was greatly appreciated. I will definitely be back for all her care. "
- Janice Kelly
06/11/2019 16:15:54
"Everyone is awesome "
- Malanei Marro
06/07/2019 17:17:52
"You guys are awesome, we love coming here "
- Jeff Davis
06/07/2019 14:11:05
"Doing great. Always responsive to questions and concerns."
- Cathy Barwell
06/06/2019 16:54:03
"We appreciate the personalized care!"
- Bethany Brewer
05/05/2019 18:13:54
"Penny is a stray and is super anxious, we thought we would have to sedate her but Dr. Butler was amazing. We muzzled her and he sat on the floor with her and gave her her shots. Penny did great and I was relieved her experience was much better than last time. Thank you so much. The girls were also awesome and very friendly to Penny and me. Thanks again!"
- Frank Kendall
05/01/2019 14:19:00
"Very happy with the amount of time and examination Molly received. Cost of care seems a little high, but worth it."
- Lois Brockman
04/28/2019 17:22:43
"Friendly staff!! Great doctor who really cares about our dog!! Love it!!"
- Kim Wyatt
04/26/2019 12:02:50
"We have always had great experiences here with our pet. Awesome staff and Dr."
- Beverly Clark
04/25/2019 00:00:25
"The ladies at the counter are very nice and were quick to help pull Jake's medicine. "
- Shannon Boothe
04/24/2019 03:45:42
"Everything has been satisfactory."
- Troy Burkett
04/22/2019 20:12:58
"We love coming to see Dr. Hellman and his office staff. Everyone is so friendly and treat us and Na as family. Dr. Hellman is very upfront on everything for and about Na. I appreciate his easy 'bedside' manner."
- Karen O'Connell
04/18/2019 00:28:56
" Are always ready to help, always friendly, have carried out my big bag of food "
- Trevia Cooke
04/15/2019 15:02:18
"Everything was great."
- Arlene Sparks
04/09/2019 23:20:05
"Nothing but good things to say. The girls up front, super friendly and nice. My babies loved them! Dr. was friendly and very informative. Definitely bringing my babies back!!"
- Jennifer Williams
04/08/2019 17:30:13
"Excellent! I feel very safe and comfortable knowing that the entire staff care about my fur babies and have their health and best interest at heart. "
- Bridget Ziegler
04/06/2019 16:48:10
"All the people at All Creatures have been so helpful, thoughtful and just lovely to deal with. I'm so grateful that you are right up the street from my home. Everyone has been such a blessing to me and my two kitties. "
- Laura Hellrung
04/04/2019 17:25:09
"I am very impressed with Dr. Hellman’s knowledge and professionalism. I feel that my dogs will be healthy and happy under his care."
- Kathy Cummins
04/04/2019 14:23:36
"You guys are awesome"
- Jeff Davis
04/04/2019 14:09:21