"I find the staff is friendly and engaged with the animals. Gentle and efficient."
- Elizabeth Stachura
08/07/2019 14:20:30
"Very friendly and takes good care of my baby "
- Maggie Foor
08/02/2019 20:08:24
"Everything is great. Julie is awesome too!! "
- . St. John Police Dept.
08/01/2019 19:09:20
"you guys were great for copper!! and i loved that you treated him with the best care and took the time to bathe my stinky boy!"
- Emma Ramirez
08/01/2019 19:08:53
"You guys are the best!!!"
- Elizabeth Pitts
08/01/2019 15:41:10
"Love Dr. Norton and his staff. Everyone is professional, friendly, and compassionate. "
- Kristine Shields
07/30/2019 01:19:33
"You guys are fantastic! Can’t think of any improvements."
- Marti Martinez
07/29/2019 20:50:00
"I have always felt like everyone was very caring and welcoming. There is no doubt you are a compassionate group of people."
- Jackie Stout
07/29/2019 18:24:33
"good service glad I came in early, "
- Bill Ozug
07/24/2019 19:31:44
"I love how you love my Cecilia!"
- Patty Szafranski
07/24/2019 00:39:57
"Everyone did a great job and the doctor and nurses truly were concerned about Alpha my dog. Great Job!"
- Adam Porter
07/23/2019 19:12:37
"I love that you love my dog is much is I do! I also love you guys and understanding About financial issues when choosing which care route to go with your pet. The doctor gives you all of your options in a way that doesn’t judge you in case you have to just let things go. I just really appreciate how kind you all are! It helps me to really feel comfortable putting my dog in your hands"
- Amanda Poninski
07/23/2019 19:06:10
"I'm very satisfied with this animal clinic. I also appreciate Dr. & staff speaking clearly and louder because they know I can't hear. Also I'm glad they do the testing with me in the room. Abby has anxiety when she can't see me."
- Pat Polinski
07/21/2019 01:02:30
"Everything was great!"
- Theresa Brown
07/21/2019 00:49:24
"Best care ever!! For fur babies and mom and dad!!!"
- Diane Oslawski
07/20/2019 15:24:40
"The biggest compliment I can give is that Jake loves it whenever we have an appointment. I’ve been going to Bardens Animal Clinic for years and have always been greeted with a smile and have always gotten excellent care. The entire staff is so caring and personable. I have never had any kind of issues and they always listen to what I have to say. I’m never hurried and they take the time to explain everything to me to make sure I understand what is going on with my pet. I would recommend them to anyone and know they would not be disappointed. Thank all of you for everything you have done for both me and my pets!!!"
- Renee Hughes
07/20/2019 02:58:37
"We LOVE your place! Even the dogs didnt seem to be as stressed out as going to the old vet.. Such helpful and friendly faces... All made us and our 3 pups feel welcomed.. And it shows from everyone that you really CARE about our PUPS.. So glad we chose Bardens to be our new pup doctor home!! : )"
- Sandy Cichocki
07/15/2019 16:24:49
"I love Barden's and so do Bailey & Rascal, my fur babies. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Bailey is a GSD so she can be intimidating to other pets and owners. We are always placed right into an exam room so the waiting area can be calm for everyone. I love that! "
- Joni Camp
07/12/2019 22:22:27
"Barden's & their staff are the best!! They are kind, supportive & knowledgeable. I would never considering going anywhere else for the veterinary care for my pets!!!"
- Bonnie Oxley (Funk)
07/12/2019 17:20:58
"Everyone from the top down, showed a tremendous amount of care for Rigby and his well being. He was offered treats and also treated gently. So it was a very good experience. "
- Brian Muth
07/12/2019 14:22:10
"Excellent, friendly, fast service. Also at a reasonable price. No complaints!!! "
- Tim Welter
07/10/2019 15:44:13
"You guys took very good care of Buck , I have nothing bad to say, Iam pleased to do business with you all "
- Vickie Jared
07/10/2019 15:00:26
"I will not take my dog and 2 cats Anywhere Else! All the staff in so caring and patient with my animals no matter what's going on with them. Dr. Norton is the best! He always gives me options of what I can do and what the results will be along with the diagnosis so I can choose what will fit in my budget and whats best for my babies! I thank you all so very much for all your help through the years. I've been going the Barden's Animal Clinic for about 20 years! "
- Kathy Lambert
07/09/2019 20:11:24
"Excellent "
- Tom Ondas
07/05/2019 14:29:26
"fantastic. u guys are the best. always recommend you to others. keep up the wonderful, courteous and professional service."
- Bryan Burger
07/04/2019 22:27:16
"Professional warm experience "
- Lynette DuBord
06/28/2019 12:28:44
"We would never take Pete elsewhere! Everyone there loves him!"
- Gary Dienes
06/26/2019 22:50:51
"Our visit is always a pleasant experience, even when Apollo and Zeus don't think so. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable."
- Pat Andrade
06/26/2019 20:52:36
"Answered all my questions. Taught me things I didn't know. Thrilled overall!"
- Beverly Ginther
06/26/2019 20:11:07
"Tigger loves coming to see you. We also have a great time visiting with everyone and seeing doc. We have not had a bad experience since we started coming there. You guys are great with Tigger even though he can be a pain sometimes. I think you guys are doing everything right. Wouldn't go to any other vet."
- Barb Zukowski
06/26/2019 15:05:27
"Great Staff! Very knowledgeable and professional. Great with my fur-babies and always willing to help and answer questions."
- Jennifer Deveaux
06/25/2019 22:34:02
"Everyone at Bardens really helped my cat in more than one way they made him well and helped him to be healthy and also they helped me with his care. When ever I need anything they are right there."
- Rodney Jenkins
06/25/2019 19:40:37
"I love taking Max to this facility. I feel they do everything to make sure he is healthy. I have gone to manu other veterinarian's offices and none of them felt like they were there for my dog, it felt like they were just pushing to make you spend more. Bardens isn't like that. The staff always gives me options and i really appreciate it. Sometimes i don't have enough money for something. i don't feel judged due to that. They go over other options that might be cheaper and have the same effect. I really appreciate and adore the staff. Thank you so much"
- Erica Saez
06/16/2019 14:56:05
"very quick with getting me in for my appointment, very nice, and everyone showed so much care for my pet and was very knowledgeable "
- Andrea Stive
06/15/2019 04:20:11
"Great! My dogs love everyone there! They aren't always the easiest boys to get along with but the staff are so wonderful with them! Puts my mind at ease"
- Sarah Bakker
06/14/2019 20:38:50
"You guys are the greatest. Wouldn't take my animals anywhere else! I recommend you all the time. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about Bardens. You all take the best care of my animals!"
- Mary Mendez
06/13/2019 21:30:57
"The staff at Barden's always goes the extra mile to make sure our pets have the best care possible. "
- Stacey Stufflebeam
06/11/2019 21:02:05
"My pets and I enjoy coming in because everyone who works there is so nice and makes us feel welcome everytime!"
- Elizabeth Polak
06/06/2019 17:55:41
"Barden's has an amazing staff. They make me feel comfortable with any of my pets. When I had been unable to walk they were so helpful in assisting me to get pets into see dr. and then also back to the car to go home. That is a big deal when every step is with pain and worry is my only thought. "
- Bonita Balla
06/06/2019 04:23:49
"All of the staff have been great to us and our animals from routine to emergency visits. Thank you for everything you have done for Adolph, Claude, Jim, June, and BB."
- Tammy Schultz
06/05/2019 21:38:45
"We love Bardens! They've always been wonderful to me and my furry babies! Reasonable, considerate and generous! Can't say enough how grateful I am to have found you guys many years ago! Thank you for everything!! "
- Jill Helsel
05/26/2019 23:08:51
"Friendly, happy service! Thank you!"
- Patty Szafranski
05/24/2019 00:51:14
"Fantastic care and love for ALL our babies past and present. Keep the good work."
- Diane Oslawski
05/20/2019 18:20:30
"Doctor Norton in staff have always been the best I consider them tops in taking care of Sophie and Elvis."
- David Kusecek
05/16/2019 21:17:53
"Doing awesome!! Love you guys!!"
- Lana Miller
05/13/2019 18:52:08
"Wonderful, caring staff!"
- Janice Grapenthien
05/13/2019 14:26:56
"You are all so helpful & caring. Dr Norton & staff are priceless!!"
- Bonnie Oxley (Funk)
05/10/2019 19:31:23
"Service was excellent and staff very friendly."
- Mary Ortiz
05/06/2019 22:20:42
"Excellent customer service."
- Nancy Tucker
05/03/2019 23:11:56
"Very kind, made us feel at home and the staff were very professional and knowledgeable and my dog was very happy and didn't even know she was getting shots, she left happy...definitely recommend "
- Micheal Konzen
04/25/2019 19:12:33
"Always experience a positive visit!"
- Kathy Krocker
04/24/2019 13:31:12
"You and you staff are not just the vet but are part of our family ( 40 years with Bardens )"
- Gary Dienes
04/23/2019 21:16:45
"Love Bardens and all the staff!"
- Debbie Bohling
04/22/2019 17:37:41
"you guys are awesome. got us in right away, did a thorough exam and gave us a clear plan going forward!"
- Don Deerwester
04/19/2019 02:34:30
"Best vet experience ever!!"
- Holly Duchene
04/18/2019 17:40:00
"Best animal clinic out there... all you guys are great with are fur babies "
- Katie Lemmons
04/18/2019 17:08:43
"Maxwell has been greatly taken care of since we brought him in as a puppy. We have moved out of Lowell but we always bring him back because he’s treated so well. "
- Ken Richwalski
04/16/2019 00:39:14
"workers are very kind and make my visit amazing everytime n take such good care of my animals"
- Tom/Barb Schuljak
04/15/2019 20:20:30
"Dr. Norton and his staff are the best people we have ever dealt with. The staff is very friendly and kind to tigger. Even though Tigger is a nut and they know it they still love him. We will never go to another vet. I don't think you can do any better then you are. Bardens Animal Clinic is the best place to take your pet to."
- Barb Zukowski
04/15/2019 16:49:34
"We love Bardens!! The entire staff is very professional, great with my fur babies and always willing to answer any questions I may have. "
- Jennifer Deveaux
04/15/2019 16:35:07
"Everyone on staff is so friendly and personable. My dog Jake loves to come and visit because he gets so much love and attention. They have always been thorough with everything when we go in and also send reminders of appointments and get back to you promptly whenever you have questions. They love what they do and it shows. I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else. They treat you like family. Just ask Jake! "
- Renee Hughes
04/13/2019 00:43:52
"We love the care we receive at Bardens! Dawson adores each and every person he sees at Bardens. Everyone takes the time to say hi to him and pet him which they don’t have to do but it makes him feel special and welcomed. "
- Kristi Ralston
04/12/2019 16:19:37
"I couldnt ask for a better vet and staff to care for my pets. When I had to put my dog down they couldn't have been more kind and caring. Everytime we come they are great. My dog now loves them all. "
- Crystal Witkowski
04/12/2019 15:55:15
"We have been taking our fur babies here for a few years now and they're always so nice and happy and very helpful with whatever we need!!"
- Nick Owen
04/12/2019 14:36:24